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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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know, real out going. like that's what he wanted to do in life. >> reporter: who is the 22 year old beyond the charging documents? sources tell us and family confirms he attended tree years special education in high school. we stopped by the home to try to learn more. his brother told me the family is not ready to talk but they did release a statement saying "we do not condone the behaviors that have victimized numerous families and brought unimaginable fear and sadness to our community." we can tell you that school leaders including the members of the school board will all be at the school meeting with parents at 6:30 tonight. we will have a crew here inside and no doubt we will bring you any developments as soon as they happen. we're live in
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arden. >> we know parents have concerns about story and about protecting their children. safe shores d.c. which supports children who are victims say all of us need to talk to our children about this issue in a loving reassuring way. we need to talk to them about body parts and boundaries. we need to teach them that they have the right to say no to unwanted touching. ask them if someone touched them in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. demand accountability from places that care or keep children. they should have a code of conduct in place and be trained in how to prevent child sex abuse. we are following breaking news. a montgomery county grand jury has indicted the suspected drunk driver who hit and killed 24 year old police officer noah leotta in december. andrea. >> reporter: the details will be released at a news conference tomorrow. this evening we
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the suspect luis reluzco has turned himself in. the suspected drunk driver whose actions led to the death allegedly of noah leotta faces two charges, manslaughter by automobile and failure to make a lane change or slow upon approach of an emergency vehicle. police say reluzco had been drinking for four hours at a hooter's on rock ville pike and had smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel on december 3. the police report revealed he was so intoxicated he was unable to stand up when another officer arrived. >> killed by a man who decided to smoke some dope, drink for four hours, and get behind the wheel of a car. >> reluzco had been arrested for drunken driving twice re
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to urgent pleas for ignition interlock devices in cars of all convicted drunk drivers in maryland as well as a national database. that would alert local law enforcement to the impaired drivers previous out of state convictions. i spoke with noah's father this afternoon. he described the indictment as a relief and says he is grateful reluzco has been arrested and charged. he told me he had a lot of tears when he was notified this afternoon. it's an emotional roller coaster, he said, that does not stop. tomorrow at noon, montgomery county police chief and states attorney john mccarthy will hold a press conference. officer leotta's parents will be there as well. >> yearning for justice they deserve. thank you. an indictment is not a finding of guilt. instead it is a formal charge that comes ahead of judicial proceeding. authorities releasing more fo
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at a maryland restaurant that left two sheriffs deputies dead. mark albert is where the two men are being hailed as heroes. >> this one has hit us hard. >> reporter: the sheriff of hart ford was shaken as he talked about two veteran deputies gunned down at a panera restaurant. one served 30 years and the other for 16. >> deputy daily, first to arrive at the scene. >> reporter: authorities say 68 year old evans shot daley in the head after he so the at a table and asked how he was doing. >> deputy pat daily never unholsterred or had a chance to respond. >> reporter: the other deputy was shot as he approached the suspect's car after the shooting. >> mark was able to return fire. other deputies opened fire on the suspect and killed him. >> reporter: evans had warrants for his arrest. his son describes him as a heavy drinker with emotional problems. he says
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police from the restaurant because she believed evans was there to hurt her. people are leaving flowers at a growing memorial outside the restaurant. panera says it will remain closed for now out of respect. >> reporter: melissa sellers placed flowers. >> paid the ultimate sacrifice. we are eternally grateful. >> reporter: did he inspire you? >> he did. i want to become a police officer one day. he has opened my eyes to want to become one even more. >> the sheriff says he does not think evans was targeting law enforcement officers, but he did not want to be arrested and they think that may have led to all of this. the man accused of shooting at a hospital center is facing several charges. police say the 52 year old william brock had a self inflicted gunshot wound when he fired two shots into the hospital. no o
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hospital. when he is released, police say that he will be transferred to fairfax county jail. the blast of arctic air is dropping our already frigid temperatures. a live look outside where the mercury didn't make it past the 30-degree mark. this is just the first of several days where that's going to happen. topper shutt is in the weather center. we have snow on top of this tomorrow? >> i think so. outside it looks inviting but it is some kind of cold outside. the good news is the winds will subside but the bad news is round two will roll in over the weekend. it is 19 in hagers town, 20 in fairfax. by 6:00 am, generally clear to partly cloudy skies. 16 in buoy, 17 fairfax. by lunchtime clouds begin to roll back in and by 6:00 we do see a
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developing essentially along i- 81. i pretty much guarantee you will see a coating of snow by this time tomorrow night. how much makes it into the metro area, that's still a question. but we do have showers in the forecast tomorrow night. if you have plans for friday night, be advised that snow showers are possible. it won't take much to make roads slick. by 9:30 tomorrow night, temperatures in the 20s. we'll probably see the high temperature saturday the midnight temperature as temps plummet on saturday. we'll talk about the possibility of a storm monday into tuesday next week. >> with that frightening frigid forecast comes a series of warnings from public safety agencies. >> scott broom is in prince georges county to tell us more about it. >> reporter: you're right. reminders are being issued that range from protecting pets in all the cold to keeping kids away from ice covered ponds. st
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responders in montgomery county have been practicing scenarios they hope never happen. who you to rescue kids or pets that are tempted to venture out on thin ice in places like this, gunner lake in german town, a fall through thin ice described as a death sentence without quick rescue. in prince georges an advisory issued on the potential for frost bite and hypothermia. >> it's not cold yet but i hear saturday will be a freezer. they say eight degrees. i will have to come out just to feel it. >> reporter: walkers in green belt getting steeled up. >> mom has many, many layers. more skins than an onion. >> reporter: this is judy and her faithful pal max. there is a reminder that when the walk is over leaving pets out in severe cold amounts to animal cruelty. at this home depot, insulation is selling well
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frozen pipes. >> same people that complain about cold will be complaining in the summer about heat. >> cold? it's winter. >> it's not cold out here. i run in stuff like this. i spin too. i spin in stuff like this. look, look, look, you know. >> reporter: spinning. i guess that's one way to stay warm. maybe a better way is to look like the lady i met who said dress like on onion. we can't say it enough, keeping kids and pets off the ice in weather like this is a huge priority. you may have noticed out in german town, we saw an ice covered lake. in green belt, not so much. that means as it gets bitterly cold conditions on ice will change. the bottom line is you just can't let kids or pets or yourself on the ice. the only safe ice is where they play ck
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scott broom, wusa9. >> that is so true. hopefully you have a lot of layers. scott's warning is not just one to be mean by keeping you off the ice. two boys have died in the last two years after falling through the ice in maryland. health officials confirm a case of zika virus in maryland. we don't know where the patient lives but he or she traveled to a country where the illness is active and ongoing. it is linked to serious birth defects. the illness has caused centers for disease control to issue tramel warnings for pregnant women. >> a springfield man facing murder charges for the death of a teen in fairfax county. police say he is being held for the death of 19 year old philip who was stabbed yesterday in springfield. he was rushed to the hospital but doctors weren't able to save him. police have not released a motive for the murder. human error
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communications break downs. that's what metro investigators believe led to a near collision last wednesday. metro board members got an update on the investigation this morning. they heard that an orange line train was instructed to reverse its direction from mcfear son square to federal triangle because of single tracking. the train conductor said he didn't understand the command and instead headed towards smithsonian. on the way, the conductor ran a red light signal and came within feet of a train station at mcfear son square that was carrying passengers. >> human error elements are something that every property deals with, and we are being very transparent is what i will say. we are being very transparent about all these instances that we have. >> both were suspended. metro board members expressed frustration over yet another safety issue at a time when ridership is at its
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entered digital age. a new taxi app will let people hail a ride through their phone. -- available for both iphone and android phones. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. fairfax county makes changes in the way they deal with suspects who are mentally ill in the wake of the natashamckenna incident. >> insight into hillary clinton's possible strategy. >> after break, a family says it may have been divine intervention that saved them from a gas explosion that rocked their home. >> it doesn't get any easier. all you have to do is watch wusa9 tomorrow beginning at 6:00 am for your chance
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washington gas is checking for more leaks in the neighborhood where a family narrowly escaped a gas explosion in their home. on sunday, they ran out of their house minutes before the basement blew on franklin street. the search is on for more potential trouble spots with a strong message from this family. surae. >> reporter: this family says you don't have to have gas services in order for a close call like this to happen to you. you can see that basically washington gas has taken over this street. they continue to dig and survey the area. they did find two leaks. they are still continuing
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the family believes they are alive today because angels were sent in the form of a firefighter and policeman who came knocking. maria grabbed her elderly mother. >> they left just in time. >> reporter: there was a house full of people. >> as soon as they were crossing the street, the basement blew. >> reporter: the explosion ripped the ceiling and dry wall to shreds, blew out basement windows and doors leaving debris everywhere. the blackened area near the water heater is where maria minutes before was washing clothes. investigation revealed the home has no gas service, only electric appliances inside but still the family sounded the alarm days before the explosion remembering washington gas was working on their street. but the gas company brushed off their urgent concerns instead pointing to their gas grill as the problem. only after calls from neighbors did a firefighter and police ofr
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her family. >> reporter: maria returned to her home for the ifist time since this happened. >> it's something i can't forget. >> reporter: the family says no matter if your house is on gas or electric, if you smell something unusual call the gas company and fire department. >> i am angry and frustrated but it's all up to god, i guess. >> reporter: now you can see that they are going to continue to dig. the washington gas company says the neighborhood is safe as they continue to check for more possible leaks. washington gas could not speak on how this situation was handled. they said that the investigation has to be complete in order to do so. the family says that if they had not ventilated the house earlier that day, that the pl
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sooner. >> thank goodness for those angels that came to the door. thank you. washington gas says they are working with the family to rebuild that home. to campaign 2016, a high stakes debate in milwaukee. coming off of his big primary win in new hampshire, senator bernie sanders will be looking to gain more ground when he faces off against hillary clinton. observers say the former secretary of state needs to connect with key voter groups. passionate about what the voters she's losing care about. she can't just be knowledgeable about the policies. she has to show she's in touch with the young people, african- american vote, the women. >> on the republican side, gop candidates are trying to turn on their southern charm. the next primary is in south carolina where donald trump has a demanding lead. >> if we could just get three extra degrees and three more and three more, we
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so cold. >> true. but it's not going to happen. once we get through this looking ahead, it doesn't look so bad. >> right around the corner. >> let's start with the three degree guarantee. i feel pretty good about this, a high of 31. we'll see how we did at 11:00. you can keep track by downloading our app. i don't know why you haven't yet. it's free. go to the app store and search wusa9. it looks inviting outside but it is only 28. outdoor relative humidity is 30%. indoor relative humidity is probably 5 to 8% so for the next five days it will be super dry. your hands will crack. you will get a back itch and you can shock your partner as you walk along the carpet. headlines, bitterly cold, bus stop temperatures 12 to 25 but no wind chills to worry about. snow showers friday night. we will track that for you. i think
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81. we'll see how many make it through the metro area. light snow monday. right now i am favoring rain tuesday. i know you snow lovers are dying. i am too but this looks like a rain event tuesday which could end as snow tuesday evening. at 10:00 tonight, 21 21 manassas. by early morning at 6:00, 15 in gaithersburg and frederick. by 9:00 notice the clouds beginning to develop down to the south, 23 in culpeper, clouds on the increase, 22 manassas. by lunch clouds roll back in, maybe 31 downtown. then by evening about 24 hours from now, you see a line of snow showers developing essentially along i-81 from hagers town and i think we will see a dusting to a half inch. how many
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metro area? i think we will see some flakes friday night. it's not a huge problem. we'll keep you posted. temperatures will be cold with only 29 downtown at 9:30. as we mentioned earlier, i think the high saturday will be the temperature at midnight saturday because temps will fall throughout the day. let's talk about the wind chills. at 6:00 am saturday it will feel like 1 below in hagers town, 7 downtown. it will be 3 lonely degrees in d.c. super cold wind chills saturday. that's going to be the coldest day and most uncomfortable day. no doubt about that. on the day planner, 20s to start just barely. 23 by 9:00, 28 by 11:00. by 1:00 we are up to 31. saturday, gotta keep a snow shower in primarily north of town near frederk,
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temps falling, cold but clear and 26 for valentine's day. monday i think we will see light snow and maybe light snow sunday night into monday. we have upper 30s wednesday and sdthuray. after next thursday and friday, we may see a big pattern change. >> let's hope it's the right kind of pattern change. coming up in consumer alert, a dire forecast for sears and what one congressman is doing to stop airlines from shrinking your seat. >> the nightmare is over but the investigation is just now underway. new details
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the national transportation safety board is in new jersey inspecting damage on a storm- battered cruise ship, that luxury liner with thousands on board that got smacked with 30- foot waves a of sailing right into a winter storm. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa. >> my sisters and brother were
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that was good for her. >> i don't know, all the rocking, mini bar might not be a good call. passengers got a full refund and certificate for 50% off of a future cruise. >> what's the chance they'll do that again? tonight's consumer alert, sears hopes that recent store closings and asset sell offs will make a leaner e-commerce company with a few small stores but with sales tanking $25 billion last year and falling stock price one analyst says sears is no longer viable as a retailer. the industry expert believes it is just a matter of when, not if, sears goes out of business. another auto maker, another recall. subaru is calling back 82,000tribeka suvs. this impacts those from 2006- 2014. subaru has not re
5:27 pm
reports of injuries related to the defect. a tennessee congressman wants faa to put a limit on how far airlines can shrink the seats on planes. his seat proposal, if passed, will prevent air carriers from packing us in like sardines. apparently we're telling you about vegeburgers even carnivores are craving. >> i got a problem with that, >>t a happy camper. a grandma with strong words for the crooks who tied up her family. >> the death of mckenna, shot with a stun gun, galvanized methods to get people with mental illness help instead of jail time. one man's success story is on
5:28 pm
now a man with aspergers has found what makes him tick. it is bringing his
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kevin early was also tased. >> i think it scared the police more than it scared me because when i was tasered i was in a manic state and able to break free
5:32 pm
realized he needed help and he got it with the support of family, friends, and a treatment team. >> i know first hand that recovery for people living with mental illness is possible because i am proof that it is. >> reporter: he is telling his story at a county event highlighting a new feature at the fairfax community services board. >> all the phone calls come into a centralized office. >> reporter: the facility has a crisis respond center at the heart of the diversion first effort, where a police officer can bring a low-risk offender who is experiencing a mental health crisis instead of taking them to jail. >> it takes a tragedy for peopleo pay attention. >> fairfax county sheriff kinkade says the death galvanized support for diversion first. hundreds have already benefited from the diversion first program but this is the fist step. crisis response center is not a residential facility. the sheriff says
5:33 pm
funds, not more beds in the jail, but more treatment facilities. >> it sounds like it truly did change kevin early's life. he is now a peer counselor helping others with mental illness and has not had a single episode or hospitalization during the past nine years since he has been taking his medication. the discovery of human remains has turned into a homicide investigation in prince william county. bones were discovered last month in a wooded area off barrett drive in manassas. police are trying to determine the victim's identity and how he died. this is prince williams' county's first homicide of the year. a woman describing a home invasion robbery as 15 minutes of terror. >> two masked men came in armed and told me to get back in the bed. he tied me up and told me if i did anything other than what he told me to that he would kill me. >> she and her ten ar
5:34 pm
got tied up while crooks stole cash and a gaming system. her mother is furious. >> she tells me "the fools have a gun" and they tied up my grandson. i am done. we need to get these fools off the street. >> police believe the house was targeted for drug activity but lucas claims any possible connection to narcotics ended a month ago when her boyfriend got locked up for distribution. steve hudson says he will retire at the end of next month. he has been on the force for 34 years and been the top cop since 2013. until a replacement is selected barry bernard will serve as acting chief. some customers can anticipate changes on upcoming bills. utility says the recent blizzard made it impossible to read outside meters and many bills will be estimates. the billing cycle for some customers will cover
5:35 pm
customers will be given another 45 days to pay. long standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge is over. the last four occupiers surrendered today. they were the last remnants of the group that seized the complex january 2. the leader cliven bundy was arrested yesterday after urging the hold out not to give up. a story many of you are reading on wusa9. police in california are trying to figure out whether the body of a 22 year old woman who was discovered in a car had been there for months. the discovery was made last week. she was first reported missing november 14. security footage reveals her car had been in the same parking space for at least 60 days. the cause is death is not revealed but a sister of moss said she left behind a note and a drug needle was
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andrea and our service dog in training show us how wounded warriors are dealing with adverse effects of combat. >> a video game comes to life inside a mall. >> who is the real father? this baby can't figure it out. >> the winds will die down allowing the temps to fall even further. we'll have 19 downtown, 16 sterling, 17 fairfax. we'll talk about if we see snow tomorrow night with the next blast of arctic air. we'll look ahead to the storm on monday and tuesday. >> as we head to break, you know something is in the air this weekend, 14 million. that's the number
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a local organization has discovered a unique way to help ease wounds of
5:40 pm
bunce introduces us to diving with heroes. >> reporter: danny was racing toward a career as a professional soccer player and then 9/11 happened. >> i just wanted to do something. >> reporter: danny became a united states marine. >> i just wanted to maybe go instead of a mom so they wouldn't have to leave their children. >> reporter: deployments in iraq, afghanistan, kuwait changed her with injuries that are visible and some that are not. >> diving helped me with transition just from being in uniform to being out of it. >> reporter: diving like the military gave danny and other veterans a mission. >> it is the freest i have felt maybe ever. it's like you are floating or flying. it just is
5:41 pm
anything you experience above land. >> reporter: diving with heroes takes five veterans on each trip. all expenses are paid to get certified and go on an adventure like this one last spring. >> it goes beyond having a dive buddy. it goes beyond making friends on a dive boat. they really connect on a different level. i think it is really unique. >> reporter: under water the divers become a team. >> seeing them light up, the joy on their faces when they come out of the water, when they tell stories about giant fish they saw or the shark or the turtle they swam next to. >> reporter: above ground, they're wounded warriors. 60 feet below the surface of the water, they're just warriors. next tuesday diving with heroes will premiere a documentary entitled 60 feet of freedom. it follows three veterans who became certified open water divers and explore the under water world
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find all the details on our wusa9 news app. a man revolts over high ticket prices leading to this scene over the weekend. we'll explain what that's all about in sports. >> brand new
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it's a discovery some say will revolutionize astronomy. according to usa today, scientists made the first direct observations of gravitational waves. got that? these are bizarre ripples in space time fore seen by albert einstein a century ago. scientists say this is the type of advance that happens only once or twice in a lifetime. you can read more about this fascinating discovery and what it means on our wusa9 news app. >> popular science says if we detect them it could mean a lot about the universe so we believe what they say. >> yes, we do. never before seen images from the first spacecraft to land on the moon were on
5:46 pm
display today. >> apollo 11's command module, many haven't been seen in years and in months they will be available online for the world to see. >> reporter: columbia has been on display at the air and space museum since 1976, seven years after the command module took armstrong and aldrin to the moon. but we have never been inside until now. >> basically anybody will get to know what it feels like to be inside the command module. >> reporter: using high tech scanners, curators found clear handwritten notes from the astronauts even a calendar they kept. it can tell us something about what life was like on the way to the moon and back. >> i think it would be pretty cool because then you can probably see what's inside of what the astronauts really saw when they were in space. >> it allows them to explore something that, for example, people from my generation did not have the chance to explore through the internet when
5:47 pm
with audio transcripts of communication between columbia and houston to suggest who wrote them and it will be a i available online start -- available online starting in july. tonight, it's all about the video. it never gets old being a twin, right? >> i don't know about that, but sure. >> watch what happens when a dad who grew up in silver spring introduces his baby to his identical twin brother. >> daddy. >> you want dada? who is that? >> dada. >> who is that? >> dada. >> who is that? >> dada. >> it's not making much sense. >> two dadas. >> apparently this was posted on youtube and they never made it clear who is the real dad. more than 1.5 million
5:48 pm
since that was posted online a few days ago. >> i bet they try that on other people too. >> could be. also getting a lot of love, mario cart flash mob. pranksters dressed as famous characters and raced around a shopping mall on motorized scooters and like the video game topper there is even some banana throwing involved. you could get down with this, right? >> yeah. where is security? you know they're ready to swoop in. that's fine. >> they're on a cart. >> that is cool. >> watch out. >> i like that. you want to be indoors the next few days. we have the coldest air of the season on the way. a live look outside, it looks inviting but it is cold with 28. winds are gusting to 21 miles per hour, wind chills in single digits, dew points are zero. your indoor humidity is 8% right now. headlines borizov like this. -- go like this. it will be bitterly cold. winds will diminish and
5:49 pm
temperatures to fall lower. bus stop temperatures, 12 to 25, no wind chills. light snow monday and maybe even sunday night into monday. i just saw new information. believe me, i am trying to -- i can't wish for it but it looks like rain tuesday. it could be our last chance for a big storm. we will send out a tweet and show the differs in the models. at 10:00 temperatures upper teens to mid 20s, clear skies, 24 downtown, 21 manassas. by 6:00 am we are in the teens with 16 in rock ville, 17 buoy and fairfax. by 9:00, a few clouds are to appear down to the south and west with 23 in culpeper with high clouds, 22 in winchester with high clouds. clouds over spread the area tomorrow by 1:00. you do start to see a little bit of snow shower activity toward luray,
5:50 pm
indication that we will see a line of snow showers develop along i-81 in gaithers town through martins burglars, winchester, luray. that will roll through the area. how much makes it through? futurecast is drawing it out. we shall see. by 10:00 tomorrow night, temperatures in upper 20s and it looks like the high saturday will be the midnight temperature of tomorrow. let's talk about wind chills. by 6:00 am saturday, it will feel like it is 3 gaithersburg, 1 below hagers town. at 10:00 am, not better, 1 below in gaithersburg and 2 below in frederick. we got call and a couple e- mails about don't abbreviate it as g berg. it's either gburg or it will go away. it won't fit on the map. we have a reason sometimes. on the da
5:51 pm
out barely 20 downtown. these are downtown temps, 23 at 9:00, 28 by 11:00 and 31 with clouds increasing by 1:00 p.m. saturday, bitterly cold with wind chills in single digits, 25 for a high. that's a midnight temp. temps will fall during the day, maybe a snow shower north of town near frederick at i-70. cold but dry for valentine's day and still in the 20s. next seven days, i still see light snow monday, 35, primarily rain tuesday maybe ending as snow and snow showers wednesday, cold but clear next thursday. wusa9 game on sports. >> maryland has had success on the baseball field and now they're looking for the same success on the softball field. the terms will have a new look. they will be led by the new head coach julie wright from idaho. she was
5:52 pm
tournament. we'll have maneuver the big ten with without the ace pitcher and two big bats but she's up for the challenge. >> we don't have win-loss expectations. what we have are we are not going to worry about who is over there. we are going to play our game everyday. one of our themes is every pitch, every moment, everyone. that's really the focus. each and every one of those games is going to prepare us for big ten play. >> i am a city kid so this was a great move for me. idaho's got a lot of animals and not a lot of people. >> and potatoes. washington nationals sent their gear to the sunshine state and in ten days spring training will begin when pitchers and catchers report. in order to get everyone excited, nationals have released some of the year's promotional give aways. fans will be able to get their hands on a bryce harper chia pet. that's right. i know you are excited. you get
5:53 pm
hair. he's had fun with hair styles and now it is your turn. i will be curious to see what it looks like. soccer may not be as big in the united states as across the pond but some fans sent a message that they don't like the sport to be messed with. during a liverpool game saturday, over 10,000 fans walked out of the stadium in the 77th minute to protest a price increase in tickets. it signifies the 77 pounds in increased ticket fare that will send season tickets well over 1000 pounds. the message was received but the owners agreed to freeze ticket prices after the walk out. the question is should fans here do that with the nfl? will they take some keys from that? >> power to the people. that's great. >> it worked! >> another idea for a nats promotion. maybe they can bring some of the florida weather up here for at least a week. >> maybe a
5:54 pm
ening day is usually cold. >> that would work swell. >> we would love that. >> we would. at 6:00, we'll go live to a local mobile home park where managers are evicting residents who can't produce their social security numbers. >> a high ranking member of congressional black caucus questioning bernie sanders' claim that he was an active participant in the civil rights movement. >> up next, where is the beef? vegeburgers are popular
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meat consumption is apparently down in the u.s. but that doesn't mean people like lesli don't want a good burger. >> after a generation of bad hockey puck type patties venguswamyy burgers are having a moment. jamie yuccas looks at a trend even carnivores are craving. >> reporter: a vegeburger is no longer a bland patty masquerading as meat. >> that is really good. >> the texture is very important. >> reporter: this chef opened by chloe last summer in new york city. everything on the menu is vegan. >> i think there is still a lot of work to be done in of making them fun and accessible everyday so that's part of our mission. >> reporter: customers are embracing the veggie trend. in three years menus are up 66%. chloe's vegetarian menu has clearly won over this neighborhood. it opens at 11:00
5:58 pm
it started at high end restaurants catering to foodies but is expanding to fast food, even white castle and wendy's have vegeburgers are menus. >> people are more mindful and open to it now. >> reporter: more than 35% of americans say they eat vegetarian meals at least once a week and more than 60% of americans actually like to eat their vegetables when going out. food trend expert michael whiteman says it's not just vegeburgers that have come a long way but people's appetites for them. >> they were not likeable for a generation or two. they were awful. now you are eating it as a matter of pleasure because it doesn't taste as if it were run over by a bus. >> reporter: true success is still all about taste. >> it's kind of like the burger experience. you have the good bread and the good pickles and onions or whatever with fries. >> reporter: an alternative being served in places you
5:59 pm
at least one of us is. food experts say this can be cost effective for a restaurant to add vegetable dishes. >> they keep longer than fruit and can be used in other menu items. at 6:00, parents are getting their first chance to confront administrators about a child porn scandal at a prince georges county school. >> managers of a local mobile home park take steps to evict illegal immigrants from their community. >> new details about that shoot out at a maryland fast food restaurant that left two sheriffs deputies dead. good evening. >> we have learned another victim has come forward and a class action suit is filed in the child porn investigation. in just a half hour parents at the prince georges county school will get their chance to sound off on the scandal. alison barber is live at the school where people are starting to arrive for tonight's meeting. >> reporter: they're starting to arrive. i will show you that in a minute. first let's talk about
6:00 pm
this lawsuit is filed on behalf of students at the elementary school who have been impacted by caraway's alleged actions. it was a lawsuit initiated by parents of a 5th grader at the school. it's been released by the same firm representing a victim who filed a lawsuit yesterday as well. this is initiated by a different victim. again we are told he is according to the lawsuit in the 5th grade. they say caraway used his position to be able to get children in different locations at school and then sexually assault them or take videos. the have economic tim says caraway used the kik app to get in contact with him. you see a lot of cars and parents are arriving at the school for the meeting. this is set to take place at 6:30. the administration and parents are going to sit here and talk. the principal who is on


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