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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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larry miller. >> we are keeping a close eye on the accident blocking one northbound and one southbound lane on 95, this is between 216 and 32. sky 9 is over there at this point. you can see the delays on the northbound and southbound side. thankfully traffic is light along that area. no major delays that the area, but this could be a problem as we get closer to the rush hour. for now, over to you. >> it's dangerously cold this morning. good morning, washington. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., breaking overnight, firefighters battle a 2-alarm fire at a montgomery county country club. >> as parents discuss disturbing sexual abuse allegations, more kids are coming forward, saying they, too, were targeted. we head to one business that is looking to warm your hearts on this valentine's day. wake up washington starts right
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happy friday. i'm andrea roane. welcome to wake up washington. >> i'm glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. a busy news day as well as the 20k in 20 days giveaway. stay tuned for that. we start with break news. firefighters have been battling the blaze at a montgomery county country club. >> makia turner with more on a really tough fight this morning. good morning, makia. >> reporter: it was in deed. good morning to both of you. when we first got here, we did get the chance to see the barn. it was a maintenance barn, held for storage, and it was still burning, but right now, it's a controlled burn, and firefighters are down there, keeping an eye on it. they are trying to prevent the whole scene from collapsing. this was a big fire right here, guys, and this barn, it was two stories high, 60o
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sorry, 300 by 60 feet. 75 firefighters responded to the blaze around 11:00 last night, and good news here, no one was injured, and it is very cold out here, as you all mentioned, firefighters have been out here all night, and they are keeping warm for those who are concerned, and a medical ambulance bus arrived a little more than an hour ago. crews are still on the scene keeping an eye on this, but no one was hurt. as far as damage, that will be evaluated when the sun comes up. reporting live for now, makia turner, wusa9. more breaking news this morning, this is the live picture of a fire that has been burning in new jersey for over 14 hours. the flames broke out in somerset county yesterday afternoon, and it's still going. firefighters had to fight the blustery winds there and the cold temperatures as they try to get the flames under control. happening today, the montgo
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the parents of noah leotto will speak out about an indictment connected to his death. lewis lusco was charged with manslaughter. he's accused of striking the officer with his car after a night of smoking and drinking. deputies, patrick daly and mark logsdon were shot and killed on wednesday after responding to a call at a panera restaurant, and the shooter was also killed. this woman drove all the way to pennsylvania to pay tribute to the two men she calls american heroes. >> i just have a hole in my heart for these people and their families. >> the panera bread where david evans fired the first shot remains closed out of respect to the victims, their families, and for those who witnessed the
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police say the number of children victim isled by deonte carra -- victimized by deonte carraway is continuing to grow as now the victim list is at 12. >> he's a monster, disguised as a normal 22-year-old young man. >> this morning deonte carraway is behind bars on a $1 million bond. we are following two stories trending across the country. one is a dog touted as good with children in a newspaper ad killed his owner this week. susan story died as the helicopter was landing to take her to the hospital. she was going to clean the dog's crate. in ohio a woman was found dead in her car, parked outside
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this is this past wednesday. police say brittany russell was shot in the head and also inside of the car was her 6- month-old daughter. police don't know how long she was stuck in there, but she was actually kept alive by the running car which still had the heat on fortunately for her. had just been reported missing around 5:00 a.m. that day, and they were found 4.5 hours later. that was the latest from the live desk. 6:05, and there's a job opening in the metro this morning. the deputy general manager of operations is leaving after a close call incident at the smithsonian station. have your phone ready. yo au'rebout to be $1,000 richer if you're the ninth caller. and our own military service dog goes scuba diving. more about area program that is helping the vets find solace in the
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11 in germantown and also in laurel. even south, waldorf, 17. bundle up. it's a cold friday, but it's even solder for -- colder for saturday. we have an image of how things are shaping up on the beltway, between kevin john's parkway and the american legion bridge. this is blocking two lanes with the accident involving the truck. you can see how slow things are going this morning. 'sthat not the only issue we are keeping an eye on. more issues on 95,
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it's just about 6:09. a frigid morning, but winds gusting in the 30 to 35 range and maybe 40. skies have cleared out, light winds and a snow pack. temperatures have dropped off. 20 in dc, and cumberland is in 9. a few spots, isolated have fallen to the 0 mark. looking at lighter winds this morning, and they will stay lighter until tonight and saturday, and upper 20s, low 30s for lunchtime, and watch out for the late day flurries and snow showers. we will talk more about the weekend chill and then next weekend's wintery threat at 5:19. we have slow areas allock the beltway and 95. the accident is really the biggest culprit for those two. moderate conditions on 66. volume as you make your way into fairfax. we are doing
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the maryland side, areas like crossland and bowie and mitchellville, and you are getting closer to dc on 295. we have single tracking on the red line from silver spring to forest glen, and delays in both directions because of an earlier train malfunction. over to you. >> thank you, larry. we still have a lot to come on wake up washington at 6:00 a.m., but looking forward to wusa at 11:00, expose the deadly dangers of keyless vehicles. it's been called the world's most dangerous game show. why some are calling for this competition to be canned. no games here. just a face-to-face battle for the democratic nomination. we will have more on last night's debate. could lock boxeses to park your dog be
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stay tuned as well. we will be giving away another $1,000 in just a few minutes. taking a look at what is trending this morning, we are talking about the world's most dangerous game show, feline fitness and kfc for valentine's day. >> what? that's hysterical. >> and it's been dubbed the most dangerous tv show in the world. this is only two episodes in, and one contestants actually broke her neck. >> we asked the question yesterday about the 3 weeks people spent behind bars. >> you're like i always wanted to try that. from one extreme to the
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other, this is the situps on the floor. and this is -- [ laughter ] cold that! and done! okay, well the video has now been shared thousands and thousands of times. >> i love that video! >> valentine's day is sunday are you all prepared? there's a kfc in england trying to help everyone's romance in their chicken game. they are launching a fancy date night table, complete with waiter service and all the fixing including linen napkins, and someone to pour your pepsi. >> how about that? >> nothing says love like a bucket of fried chicken. >> you would think it would be sterling as opposed to card board chicken. >> i just appreciate
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outside of the box. >> outside of the bucket? [ laughter ] if you have seen something trending you would like us to talk about, hash tag us with #wakeupwashington. nikki burdines live this morning with all the flowers. >> reporter: this is where all the flowers go out to everyone for valentine's day, and a big part of that is david here, but it's not just about when you get your flowers putting them in a vase. >> there's a lot more to it. >> it's important to have room temperature. a lot of people say cold weather is best, but i believe in warm water. it's easier for the water. start off by
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tighter sit so when you do put the roses into the vase, they will not move around too much for you. >> reporter: should you cut your flowers before you put them? ? >> always. >> no leaves in the water it increases bacteria, and it doesn't let the flowers last long. make sure no leaves are in the water, always cut stems on an angle, and that will make the flowers drink the water easier. you can see i'm taking the leaves off the steps and giving it a nice clean cut on an angle, and you can see, with putting in the greenery first, it allows the roses to go into the race and you're not getting them moving all around on you. >> reporter: it looks beautiful. thank you so much, david. we will keep young with this, putting the roses in here, and maybe i will bring it ck
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you. mike hydeck, take note. >> i'm expecting you will show up with those at the tv station very soon, nikki, thank you. >> he's not the only one who needs roses for his wife. what an amazing sunrise this morning it looks just beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> what it feels like is different. >> only in the teens in most spots, and some are barely in the double digits out there. very cold morning, and the key this morning, the winds are fairly light. that's not going to be the case tomorrow. we will give you another beautiful shot of the sky here to the east of reagan international with sunrise not quite an hour away here, and that's coming up at 7:03, setting at 5:02. the clouds will chicken up. late afternoon, if you're out to i-81, you will see a few flurries or snow showers, and we will see those this evening. as the arctic air is moving in, more snow showers during the day
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cold this morning, westminster, 3, cumberland is at 9. gaithersburg at 12, and waldorf at 17 below. the windchills are the same in many areas a sign of the light winds on this very pretty but cold friday morning, and the camera is really showing the beauty out there. 20degrees, feeling like 12 th the north wind at 6. and humidity, 52%, but indoors low single digits without a humidifier. there's snow to the south of richmond this afternoon. our threat will be this evening. certainly cold enough that this will stick on untreated surfaces, and tomorrow a few snow showers, and then monday, we will get a little snow before it turns to rain on monday and tuesday. 33 today, and late snow showers, and teens to 20s tonight. the winds will wick up, and the cold will move in 16 to 22, and windchills to plus 5 for most of
6:20 am
brutally cold on saturday. monday, some light snow could develop. we will see an interest before it turns over in spots, and tuesday looking warmer and wet with highs well up in the 40s, and good morning, larry, happy friday. >> happy friday to you, howard, and happy friday to our folks at home if you're traveling northbound on 95. you're in for a slow one this morning. an issue between 216 and 32, blocking one northbound and southbound lane, and is this is a tractor trailer involved in an accident. sky 9 has been over the seen for 15 minutes or so, giving us a live picture. you can see how things are shaping up. that's the southbound side, and it looks like they just opened up the lane on the southbound side. for folks traveling from the areas, or coming from the areas north, baltimore and laurel into town, i think you will be good to go. traveling northbound, that's the biggest issue. a 15 minute backup at this point. we are keeping
6:21 am
the outer loop from the american legion bridge and the cabin john parkway. here's the traffic land camera, and you can see that delay is in place. traffic getting by on the right hand side, and i think the backup at this point, only about 5 minutes. it's not significant, but still i think it will cause you to add a few extra minutes to your morning commute. an update shortly, but now over to you. you could be a lottery winner and not even know it. two local counties have big cash prizes that have gone unclaimed. >> where did i put those tickets? >> a basher's close call
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. welcome back, a local organization has discovered a unique way to help ease the wounds of combat veterans, scuba diving. we are introduced to diving with heroes. >> reporter: danny figueroa whats
6:25 am
career as a professional soccer player, and hen 9/11 happened. >> i just wanted to do something. danny became a united states marine. >> i just wanted to maybe go instead of a mom so they wouldn't have to leave their children. >> reporter: deployments changed her with injuries that are visible and some that are not. >> diving helps me with transition, just from being in uniform to being out of it. >> reporter: diving, like the military gave danny and other veterans a mission. >> it is the freest i have felt maybe ever. >> reporter: it's like you're floating or flying, and it's just so different than anything you have experienced above land. >> reporter: diving with heroes takes five veterans on
6:26 am
trip. all expenses are paid to have them certified and to go on a trip. >> they really connect on a different level, and i think it's really unique. >> reporter: underwater the divers become a team. >> seeing them light up, the joy that is on their faces when they come out of the wear, and when they tell their stories about the giant fish they saw or the shark or the turtle they swam next to. aboveground, they are wounded warriors. 60feet below the surface of the water, they are just warriors. andrea mccarren. we are continuing to follow breaking news from overnight, fire rips through a montgomery
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we start this half an hour with a check on weather and traffic. >> it's a check that will make a big difference for you this morning. howard bernstein has more on just how cold it's going to get. >> michael - - mike, relatively mid-30s today, but tomorrow it
6:30 am
dangerous to be outside. the snow showers well to the south, and the virginia, north carolina border and temperatures at 5 below or 9 in easton, and only 14 in front row. stunning sty this morning, just after 7:00, and we will see the sunrise, and clouds there increase, and maybe a few snow showers well west of washington. now to larry with time saver traffic. >> reporter: this is the scene of a tractor trailer accident. closing northbound and southbound lanes, and it's actually just one northbound lane at this point. between 216 and 32, and you have to watch out for delays this morning. i think the backup is only about 10 minutes, and it's not too bad. if you want to use route 1, that's open and available. we are also closely keeping an eye on a water main break that has the westbound area closed
6:31 am
randolph road, and it's affecting several metro buses that travel in the area. for now, over to you. it may not look like it, and in fact, this weather shot is beautiful as the sun is coming over the sunrise there over the potomay. >> good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. makia has the latest details on a fire at a clubhouse this morning. >> reporter: i'm in the 1200 block on rossville hike. the woodmont country club is behind me. if you travel that road, about a mile, you will come across the barn that was covered in flames. it's been that way since
6:32 am
night. right now there's a fire that is still burning, but it's controlled. firefighters are doing their best to keep the building from crumbling. look at the video of the scene overnight, and the blaze broke out about 11:00 last night and the barn held storage, a maintenance barn, and it was two stories high. 75 firefighters were called to battle the flames here. while they were trying to knock out the fire, the roof collapsed. crewses have been here on overnight watch to make sure the building does not collapse. no one was injured here. right now firefighters are keeping warm in at least two medical ambulance buses. they were sent out earlier this morning, and because of the frigid temperatures, firefighters are keeping warm and safe. as far as the damage down the road, no telling how much damage was caused, and that will evaluated once the sun
6:33 am
comes up. reporting live, makia turner, wusa9. >> jury deliberations will resume in the case of the nurse charged with sexually assaulting a patient. jared kline assaulted the woman at the bowie health center. while kline was administering an iv, he placed his groin in a woman's hand and forced her to touch him. just in to the live desk, an update from the world health organization on a possible zika virus vaccine. basically it sounds like there won't be one for awhy the u.n. response is responding quickly, but they are 18 months out for that. they also added a link from the zika virus
6:34 am
abnormally small head is more and more likely. yesterday afternoon police responded to a shooting on james farmer way, which is right by martin luther king jr. highway. once they were on the scene. officers found marcus fog in a house with a gun shot wound, and he died at a hospital nearby. police have not released details on a possible suspect. >> we vowed to never go back, and we want our money back, but a woman in san diego tried to shoot her basher because she was unhappy with the her haircut. adrian swayne's gun was loaded but luckily it malfunctioned. smoking with children in the car may soon be a crime in virginia. under a new proposal from house republicans, if you're caught, you could face a
6:35 am
preliminary approval was given to the bill that would make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under the age of 8. check your couch cushions, your old jeans, no matter what, try to find your ticket. >> maryland lottery officials say there's a few unclaimed second and third tier winning tickets for the 1.6 power ball drawing. they were all sold for the january 13th drawing. $1million tickets were sold at the 7-eleven in blakesburg, and a $50,000 ticket was sold at the slygo beer and wine in silversprings. winners have 182 days from the draw date to claim their prize. still to come, are you ready for valentine's day? we will head live to silver springs to introduce you to people who can help you out. cruising your contacts? we will tell you about privacy concerns with ted cruz's newest app. i'm howard bernstein, the
6:36 am
friday, and the temperatures 10- 20 and light winds. a couple of snow chances coming up in the 7-day forecast. we will talk about that later. i just put a call in to rockville police, and they are telling us more about the accident on the outer loop, apparently a car was traveling, trying to bypass a tractor trailer when it got wedged, and it's blocking two lanes right exw. pect delays as you travel on the outer loop. more issues on 95, and we will tell you about it
6:37 am
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6:39. winds are light now, but that will not be the case for tonight and tomorrow. i will show you the future cast on the windchill. the windchills into the teens and 20s this morning. 20s this afternoon, and temperatures will be 30, maybe 35, and now late tonight, i want you to watch west as
6:40 am
and you can see the white showing up. that's the sub zero period. saturday morning, 5 below to 5 above. 10 below potentially in the mountains, and the windchills are not that much better by 3:00. single digits to just below 0, and cold saturday, and snow next week. we will talk about that at 6:49. larry? >> accidents as well as volume working against the commuters this morning as we get ready for the weekend. still slow around the beltway, on the outer loop because of an accident. and also slow on 95 on the maryland side headed to baltimore. for our metro riders, the only line that is running on schedule is the silver line. we are delays on the red, yellow, green, and blue lines. that's because of train problems or train issues this morning. sky 9
6:41 am
again this is close to 32 and 216. you're looking at 10 minute backup at this point. we will send it over to you. >> we are giving away $20,000, and we are about to give away another $1,000 check to the 9th caller who can answer our word of the day correctly. today's word, pentagon. now you can be the ninth person to call. 202-895-5899, and you could be the $1,000 win wither. (202)895-5899, and andrea is in the control room to start answering the phone. >> i'm with caller number 3, telling them you're caller number 3, you have got to give us a call back. phones are ringing off the hook
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welcome back. we are about to give away $1,000 to the ninth caller who can answer our word of the day correctly. andrea? [ laughter ] >> mike, i am on the phone with an excitedded debbi gray. she is from maryland. she has never won before. she is so excited. she can't even tell me what she will do with the money because she's so overwhelmed. she is
6:45 am
phone. debbi gray, congratulations. >> we still have a lot more to give away. you watch on monday for the word of the day, and you can be the 9th caller to get your share of $20,000. >> now, let's have fun with stephen colbert. >> you're like, why did you build the city here? >> i always thought chicago was founded on like lethal, and the person was like this is lovely, burn the wagons. are you sure you don't want to burn the wagons? and then october 4th they are like what did you do with the wagons? we burned them. we are so screwed. new this morning, there appears to be progress when it comes to addressing the intense situation in syria. john kerry said diplomats
6:46 am
work with the syrian parties, and their goal of making that happen within the next week, number two accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid immediately. secretary kerry says the two fronts have the potential to implement the daily lives of the syrian people. that's the latest from the live deck. >> thank you. >> time now to see what our partners at the cbs morning desk are covering. happy friday, norah. highway friday to you. we will look at the democratic debate and preview tomorrow night's debate with john dickerson, plus how donald trump is taking aim at the pope ahead of the holy father's trip to northern mexico. and jan crawford goes on a international journey. the country superstar
6:47 am
grammy nominee can. we will see you right at 7:00. have a great weekend. >> you, too, norah take care. we will be watching. the rush is on, guys, everyone needs to get their flowers. valentine's day is this sunday. >> you know, you remember yesterday nikki burdine was doing jumping jacks to stay warm, and now she voluntarily went into the cooler. >> reporter: i would like to thank the academy for the roses. these guys have been working for probably 3 hours now to try to get the deliveries now the time for valentine's day. tell us about your other popular and out of the box ideas. >> this is what started with us. there's beautiful tulips, and they are in season right now. >>
6:48 am
>> calalilies. i heard some people really like these peonies from south america. the hiasins smell unbelievable. >> not only are they beautiful, but they will bring the smell straight into the home. >> you don't have to go with roses. ladies like colors, and we like a lot of different things, maybe step outside of the box. >> be unique, why not? >> reporter: and there's 500 different types of flowers here? this is just one of the coolers, plenty to choose from. it's not too late for you procrastinators here. they will get to work to make sure your significant others get to work on this valentine's day. back to you. >> those are gorgeous, nikki. thank you so much. now to the campaign 2016 trail, bernie sanders and hillar
6:49 am
debate before the nevada caucuses, and both will turn their attention to immigration and criminal justice reform. one of the more heated exchanges came when hillary clinton challenged sanders of being overly critical of president obama. >> that kind of criticism we have heard from senator sanders about our president i expected from republicans. >> madame secretary, that's a low blow. >> now she has worked to set herself up as the candidate who will continue president obama's legacy, something they say appeals to the democratic base but in maybe not the millennials, we will see. protecting the privacy of the citizens is a push for ted cruz, but his app is gathering detailed information from the user's phone it tracks your
6:50 am
contact information of your friends. >> that's kind of creepy. >> yeah t is. >> that's too much. >> it doesn'ter matter who is doing it. >> right. >> either side, i don't want to be tracked that much. 6:50, and it's friday. that's bonus, and it's not going to be nearly as cold today as tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be brutal. i urge you if you have to be outside, to take the precautions and bundle up and take your warming breaks. if you're going citying tomorrow -- skiing tomorrow, you have to warm up. high clouds mixing in right now, giving a great dispersion of the cold. lower 30s, and increasing clouds, and we will see snow showers late out west towards maybe i-81 by 4:00. this evening, we have a chance for snow showers
6:51 am
through. windier and colder. right now, the teens down to 20. a few spots are pushing 10. cumberland, and 1 in westminster, and notice the windchills. they are not that bad this morning, relative to the temperatures, and the winds are fairly light, and the beautiful looking skies. that's a beautiful view of the potomac river. the arctic air is really dry. if you don't have a humiditier, you will really feel it. snow in the afternoon for the north eastern north carolina, and then the arctic air is just pouring in overnight into saturday morning, and that's a couple of snow showers. windchills tomorrow morning, minus 5 to plus 5. 33 today. tonight, 20 in dc. the windchills are charges to below 0 on saturday morning. 16 to 22 tomorrow. 21 in dc. mid-20s with less winds. monday, light snow
6:52 am
and there could be minor accumulations before the turnover of rain monday into tuesday. look at the tuesday temperatures, larry. 48, but it will be wet. >> that's like 70 in the winter. all right, everyone, we started to keep a close eye on the water main break that has the road westbound reduced to one lane this is connecticut avenue to randolph road. all lanes of traffic are open, 32 to 216, and it looks like you're clear and free to go there. you get ready to head out the door, and around the beltway, it's still an issue, again, for the accident blocking two lanes on the left. traffic getting by on the right. for those of you traveling inbound on 50, no major issues for you this morning, making your way to kendall street, and northeast, now a 17 minute commute, and northbound on the 95 of the virginia side, working your way up to 395, a 15 minute commute this morning. eastbound on i-66, it's been
6:53 am
doing really well. that's a 25-minute commute, and southbound on i-270, no issues as you make your way into bethesda. remember to watch out for that accident. on the inner loop here, a 1 6- minute commute. the pope is embarking on a 5-day trip, and he will bring hope and solidarity to the victims. the border city has been trying to reinvent itself after years of drug-related bloodshed, scientists have detected what is called gravitational waves. it's created when two black holes slide, and get this. this is something that
6:54 am
einstein predicted a century ago. dark parking boxes? they are popping up all over the big apple, and tommy mcfully has the -- mcfly has more. >> it's a pay by the minute dog walker like you would see at the bus station or any locker you would put your bag in. you can use it for your dog as you're running around doing errands and you don't want to tie it up to a tree. there's five locations in brooklyn, and people are freaking out about it. everyone is talking about it. there's plans for the company to have expansion. they say it's totally safe, and there's a membership card. the only way to unlock your dog is with your membership card. there's a lot of perks to this and a lot of questions people ask, and of course this is in the big apple. >> you're worried someone would steal your dog first
6:55 am
to a tree, maybe that could happen. >> we will be watching that. thank you for telling us, tommy. >> you got it. >> i'm makia turner reporting live from montgomery county. i have been keeping up with a barn fire that happened across the road at the woodmont country club it broke out around 11:00 last night. 75 firefighters rushed to the scene, and the roof collapsed while they tried to knock the blaze out. good news here, no one was hurt. crews remain on the scene to keep an eye on the burning. crews are waiting in a medical ambulance to keep safe. reporting live from montgomery county. nikki to you. >> reporter: i'm in potomac floral. it's not too late to get your
6:56 am
they have been delivering since 3:00 this morning. they have a couple of long days ahead of them. you still get your orders in to make sure your sweetie gets them for valentine's day. back to you. gorgeous skies ahead of the sunrise. as far as the 7-day forecast is concerned, not too cold today. late snow or flurries, especially west of town. we will see snow showers this evening and overnight on saturday, arctic air tomorrow, and that's going to be 21. windchills minus 5 to plus 5. still cold on sunday, and monday, light snow before it turns to rain monday night into tuesday. on metro, delays really all over the place. every line, except the silver line has a delay at this point. watch out for that this morning. from a live look at the traffic lens camera, the biggest headache is as you approach the parkway. then you will be good to go. cbs this morning is next. they will talk about a university president who was planning to weed out
6:57 am
students to improve the standings. >> that happened right in our area. is valentine's day more about money than love? >> we are back in 25 minutes with more local news, weather, and traffic. you can download our wusa 9 app, and and if you can't watch us live on air, watch us on the app. have a great day. >> and happy friday, happy valentine's day!
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, .2016 welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the kind of criticism that we have heardro fm senator sanders about our president, i >>pect from republicans.


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