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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the crippling cold, wind chills and dangerous weather tonight. hello. we're going to have more on the cold weather in a moment. but first, we have breaking news out of west texas where the supreme court justice has died. texas newspapers say the 79- year-old was attending a private party at a ranch near bernie sanders. when he didn't show up for breakfast, concerned guests found him dead in his room of apparent natural causes. he was the longest serving supreme court justice having served on the high court for nearly 30 years. he have nominated to the supreme court in 1986
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president ronald reagan. and now we have our live team coverage of the dangerous cold. but we're going to begin with howard. what's going on, howard? >> got wind chill issues with the wind chill advisory in effect overnight until tomorrow morning. some of the wind chills in the 10, 20 below range. and this area in yellow west of i-95, that is a winter storm watch. and we are expecting snow by monday morning before it transitions to rain and freezing rain. and monday even, maybe 1 to 3 or locally higher than that. gusts over 30 miles per hour. washington, d.c., 3 1 . that's and that's the early or the first concern before we get to the monday event. as far as temperatures right now, they are in the teens, low 20s, 19 in the district. 1 above in oakland. and the wind chills now are an issue with minus 4 to plus
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so if you are going out tonight, you need to bundle up and take it easy because temperatures will be pretty much in the teen, slowly falling to the single digits ask teens overnight. as far as -- single digitses and teens overnight. sunday, most of the clouds hold off until tomorrow morning. in teens in the morning. mid- to upper 20s for highs. i have have a snow fall map and timetable. looks like a messy start to the week. >> thank you. in the district, the cold emergency plan is n effect with 17 -- is in effect with 17 different warming centers for people who need them. are there a lot of people out there with you? doesn't look like it. >> reporter: there are people out here over by the lincoln memorial, they are all bundled up. not like me. i wish i had my hat. but the night tours are still going. if you come out here, make sure you are dressed warmly. we did see a couple other events altered because of the concern for the ld
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not even in the summertime do you see people like this but on saturday, the day it felt like 1 degree or less outside, hundreds of people ran in their skimpies, it's the cupid's undie run. >> it's cold. >> reporter: these parents ran for their son. >> it warms our hearts to know that we're surrounded by family and friends who are together with us. >> reporter: organizers cut the run a short this year because of concern for safety. at least they were exercising. we ran into tourists from california who were hardly prepared for the weekend. >> good thing most of the museums are inside. >> i didn't expect it to be the like this, no. can't feel my nose. >> reporter: and others started outside and quickly decided to change their plans. >> go to a movie where it's nice and warm. >> the cold is hard -- warm. >> the cold is hard. >>
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and games. the department of human services has 24 buss and vans working around the clock to bring in anyone who may have nowhere to go. >> to spend the night outside is putting your life at risk. >> reporter: all right. now if you see anyone out here that you do not believe belongs out here, please call 31 1 . if you are out here, look out for your symptoms, confusion, slurred speech, those are symptoms of hyperthermia. on the mall, wusa 9. i'm going go get a hat. >> i'm hoping so. please get inside. and looks like a lot of people in virginia are going to be staying home tonight. not much traffic going on here on route 66 near 23 5 . vdot says they are monitoring the weather and the road crews are ready. changing gears now. virginia power says it's to blame
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potomac river this morning. and. and now they'll have to d this month. and now they'll -- river this month. dozens of birds were affected by the spill and 21 died and another 32 are being treated by a wildlife rescue team. today a young mother and daughter are laid to rest. friends and family packed the church to say a final good-bye to the 26-year-old and her 2- year-old daughter. the two were shot to death february 2nd outside their home over what police say was a dispute over a $600 a month child support payment. >> very, very emotional. very, very emotional. to the heart. it's to the heart. a little person has passed away. and a mother, as young
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was, very, very hard. >> her father, the 25-year-old confessed to killing the child and her mother. he has been charged with two counts of first and second degree murder. republican candidates taking the debate stage once again. what should we expect tonight? we are live in college park, maryland getting set for the number two in the country take on wisconsin. they are trying to stay in first place in the big 10 and ma
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in central pennsylvania, a passing snow squall is being blamed for a deadly pile hup up this morning that left three people dead and more than 70 people hurt. pennsylvania state police say more than 50 vehicles were involved in the crash. it's about 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. interstate 78 was closed in both directions while police tried to the clear the scene and assist those who were injured. tonight at 9:00, right here on wusa 9, it's the ninth gop presidential debate. and six candidates will take the stage in greenville, south carolina. craig boswell is there and he reports that donald trump and ted cruz are the ones many will be focusing on. >> reporter: john kayic and jeb bush continue to work the campaign trail in south carolina. the state has been good
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bush family. both his brother and father have won here but bush and the other republican candidates are all trailing donald trump in the polls. the new hampshire primary winner will be center stage with the iowa winner, texas senator ted cruz. the two men continue to attack one another. a consultant says marco rubio must do better tonight after faltering during the abc new hampshire debate. but he says the pressure is not just on rubio. this debate could be a make or break moment for any of the accounts with the primary just a week away. >> four years ago, newt won this debate in myrtle beach and four days later, he won the primary. it's very important in the presidential primary to do well in the debate. >> reporter: candidates with a poor showing in the primary could be forced to drop out of the race. craig boswell, greenville, south carolina. >> and you can watch that debate right here beginning at 9:00 tonight. and we are keeping a close watch on the dangerously cold temperatures. tonight, howard has the full outlook next.
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volunteers return to the arlington national cemetery for the annual receives across america clean-up day. tens of thousands of wreaths that were place before christmas were picked up today. and even the cold didn't keep volunteers away. >> far cry from last weekend. >> i know. >> yeah. >> reporter: it may have felt like the arctic tundras they made their way into arlington cemetery. but volunteers such as kristin came prepared. >> i have four pairs of pants on. >> reporter: and with a purpose. >> i think it's a special time to honor the troops so that their loved ones can lay flowers tomorrow in honor of valentine's day. >> reporter: two sailors said it was an honor to be here. >> just to help. it's near and dear to my heart. >> paying respects to the people who served our country and have
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here and respect them. >> reporter: back in december, thousands came out to lay the wreaths after nearly every tombstone. retiring them now also serves as a sign of respect. >> it's important to remove them as it is to place them. >> reporter: volunteers are clearing more than 240,000 wreaths from arlington national cemetery. this tradition has expanded to more than a thousand locations in 50 states. >> the least we can do is come out here on a cold day and pick up some wreaths. >> reporter: the tradition helps teach the next generation. >> it's a way to support our community and to appreciate the beauty that is washington. >> they died for us so we could have the freedom that we have now. and i'm happy to take the wreaths off of them. >> reporter: at articling national cemetery, w -- at arlington
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wusa 9. you're always tracking all right. you have more that you will be tracking in the upcoming days. >> yeah, the snow showers that came through. but left a little coating and made it interesting for a few minutes. but we're going to get more interesting weather into monday. >> i don't like that word, interesting. >> yeah, we got to deal with the cold first. let's take care of that and then talk about the snow for monday. we have wind chill advisories through tomorrow morning for much of the area. the wind chills could be less than 20 below, maybe 20 to 30 below. the rest of us zero, 5, 10 below is what we will be deal with. the feels-like temperatures, you can see tonight by midnight are running zero, 5, 10 below, 15 to 20 below in the high country. and overnight, stay below zero and towards sunday morning at 7:00. so if you're an early riser tomorrow, low single
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they'll get back into the teens to even low 20s as it looks like we will be milder tonight with a lot less wind. and the next concern is monday. all of these counties in yellow west of i-95, not in the baltimore area, but montgomery, fairfax, west, winter storm watch, the national weather service does that when they think we can get 5 inches or more and also there's going to be sleet and freezing rain on top of that. what i'm thinking right now is a general 1 to 3 for the metro. north and west suburb, 3, 4, maybe 5-plus if you can stay cold long enough. and that's the difficulty many a forecast like this one, this is going to be before the change over. and then mixed to rain with follow the snow. and it will happen first down south and east. and that's why they have the lower totals down there but i may be changing that tomorrow. and right now, temperatures in the teens to low 20s in fredricksburg. and it's be
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so current wind chills run 4 below. and 4 above in dc. it's, well, good visibility at least on the pike. awfully cold and awfully dry. dew points at 8 below, a sign of the arctic air in place. and indoor relative humidity, probably in the 5% range right now. very, very dry air. and our weather maker for monday. here it is starting to take shape here. just coming out of montana, that piece of energy is going to ride the jet stream toward us and bring us that wintry threat as we get into really late sunday night. and tomorrow with high pressure around, no problems here. the clouds out to the west, they're not going to be moving in until late in the afternoon and evening. but look at the snow from kentucky back through chicagoland here. and some of that will be approaching us by the early morning hours on monday. so if you head to the work before daybreak, assuming you're work,, i know
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people have the day off. we could pick up several inches here. the pick is the sleet/freezing rain mix. and the green would be the rain. even 5:00, west of 95, dealing with frozen precip that will eventually goes over to all rain later on monday night and how long that process takes can be a couple hours, could be six, eight, 10 hours in spots. 5 to 15 tonight, wind chill zero to 20 below. generally, a cold night. tomorrow morning, clear, cold and teens and single digits. and then in the afternoon, mid- to upper 20s. not as windy. so wind chills will make i think low 20s in spots. all right, monday yellow weather alert, the snow to mix to rain at night. and tuesday, early rain and look at that, up 40s. the rising temperatures monday night and the rest of the seven- day forecast. wednesday, 48. thursday, 44. and maybe 50-plus next saturday. but really cold tonight. and looks like sloppy on monday. >> yeah, a little bit to go through and then the break. excellent. thank you
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the supreme court justice has died. the 79-year-old was found dead in his west texas room of apparently of natural causes. he was the longest serving supreme court justice having serve on the high court for nearly 30 years. we will have much more at 11:00. changing gears, trending today, he didn't go to work for six years and frankly, no one noticed. this desk story comes from our partners at the washington post. in 2004, a man was reassigned to another position at his job. he is from spain. and then he stopped showing up. he kept collecting though his $41,000 a year salary. fast forward, six years and his work anniversary comes up and the bosses try to find him to give him
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he has been fined $30,000, about a year's salary which is the maximum under the law and he is now contesting it. let's go over to live to college park where it's a big game tonight. sounds great over there. >> reporter: yeah, you know it's a big game. and we have celebrities in the game. we're going to talk to him about this game and the nat's season coming up. plus maryland in a big one
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we are live in college park. and to see the maryland terps take on wisconsin. mary hair has not lost at home all season long. the last
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a three-point shot to get them out with a victory. and. >> wisconsin is a greedy team. they're going to keep fighting to the end. they're a well-coached team. they have a lot of players who are really good players and that can put the ball in the basket. and it's going to be a tough game. we got to come out here and be focused and use this environment to our advantage and follow the game plan that the coaches are going to give to us. >> reporter: gm of the nationals is in the house. you know it's a big game when mike is here. how are you man? >> doing great, thanks. >> reporter: break down the game for us. you see you a lot at college games. >> i'm a big big 10 fan. and one of the best teams i have seen all year. a great mix, height, size, defense, shooting, they're all set. >> reporter: a good chance to cut down the nets in a couple months. you guys in a couple days are headed back down south. can yo
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just a preview of the nationals for us? >> yeah, looking forward to it. spring training is an exciting time. we are looking forward to getting camp started and see the roster that we assembled in full force and looking for dusty to take the team and really get to know them and start the season out on the right foot. >> reporter: before i let you go, i need a prediction. >> maryland is going to win, probably, they win the big 10 also. >> reporter: nat's gm in the house. enjoy the game. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks for stopping by here. all right, coming up in a matter of second, maryland and wisconsin. we will have a full wrap for you at 11:00 here on wusa 9. back to you. >> thank you so much. pretty exciting night over there. >> yeah. yeah. he got a good seat. >> we, he's frank, of course he does. he's inside too which is good because it's bitterly cold. >> wind chill advisories in effect overnight. it will be zero to 10 below. ifu'
6:27 pm
out, i mean the businesses depend on you, if you have plans, but dress for it and prepare for it. >> you need layers for sure. >> right. and try to limit the amount of time outside. so there's a winter storm watch which is in effect along and west of 95 for most areas for late sunday night into tuesday morning. looks like the big time frame for us is going to be maybe starting 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 monday morning and through the day on monday and monday evening. we will get snow to be developing and depending on how quickly the snow develops will determine how much we get and how long does it stay as snow? three-day forecast. tomorrow, less wind, still cold, 27. snow and mix to mix to rain on monday. and then tuesday, early rain and then breezy and mild. and we will be on the upper 40s. a good look there. here's the snow fall forecast map. people are asking. a general 1 to 3 but north and west where it stays colder longer, more time to pick up the snow, 3 to om
6:28 pm
transition to sleet, freezing rain and then rain and depending on how long that takes to happen will determine whether or not we get a little bit of ice. but i'm thinking more snow than ice and then over to rain. the seven-day forecast, after we get past the start of the week, pretty good shape here. >> yeah. >> wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures in the 40s. and saturday potentially 50- plus with a passing shower. so just check out the app. check out the website. a lot of information for you. >> gop presidential debate on wusa 9 tonight.
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>> axelrod: breaking news, supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at 79. the high court's conservative anchor found inside his room at a resort in texas. the stage is set in south carolina for tonight's cbs news republican debate. the final six candidates in their last face-to-face showdown before a crucial primary. a deadly pileup on an icy interstate as temperatures in the northeast plummet toward record lows. and why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." i'm jim axelrod. we begin with breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at the age of


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