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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good morning and welcome to a special early edition of wake up washington. temperatures are right around the freezing morning, and that means many of us may face an icy mess just walking to our cars. >> in deed a bit scary this morning. once the roads return to normal it will be awhile before the bridges and sidewalks return to normal. >> and the cancellations are piling up at the airports. good, and welcome to this expanded edition of wake up washington. look at the cars gently moving on. i'm andrea roane. that's going to be your problem. >> good morning. i guess i
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below freezing this morning. the warm air will arrive ahead of schedule. the main roads seem to be doing okay for the most part, just slushy out there, and it's getting to main roads that seems to be the hard part. look at harrison. we are expecting the warm air to move on in, but it's an icy mess out there, and the parking lots, anything unstreeted, it's just a sheet of ice. my sidewalks and parking lot were an ice rink, and it took me at least 20 minutes, and i never did get the ice off the windshield this morning it will take you 30 minute toes get things ready to go. freezing rain for martinsburg and around. temperatures are abuzz. we are seeing the warm r
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into harrisonburg there. it's warmer for southern delmarva, but we have a north easterly wind edging in the cold air. the cold air does not want to budge. the overcall dynamics of the will win out. we need to get the temperature up. i would day by seven o'clock. 50degrees, this afternoon, and very icy, and then flooding potential from the rein that is out of here by 1:00, we are looking okay, and even by this evening, looking okay. >> reporter: good morning to you at home. you will be in
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commute this morning. get let i did. accidents reported all -- get ready. accidents reported all over the place. vdot is trying to get to the side streets and the tertiary roads this morning. we are good in that regard, but it's just getting to the interstates that will be the problem. live look at i-270. the northbound side near west diamond, and trying to bring out the cameras, and you're dealing with fog, ice, and slick conditions on the roads. prince george's county, we will continue to do well. the vw parkway, and inbound on 53, and no issues. we are back on the 9s. >> you just heard b careful, it's a mess out there the deep freeze is in effect ro
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>> especially the sidewalks that are covered in ice. mike hydeck was trapped in his neighborhood. he posted to facebook about that. check it out. we are in your neighborhoods, and nikki burdines in your neighborhood driving around. nikki, how are things going? >> all right, frozen is what it is out there. [ laughter ] but if you have to go out, take easy. you be slipping and sliding all over the place if you don't. >> many side streets and sidewalks frozen this morning. be careful. m car accident ia turner with the live look at conditions downtown. >> reporter: hey, guys, so the main roads here looking decent. i n see the salt plows that have still been going through and laying down salt on the pavement. as allison mentioned not long
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the main issue this is just an example here. i brought out the hammer to just show you how thick the ice is in some places. in other place, you have to give it a few whacks. china town, still some icy layers here, and you can actually see the pavement, which is something we did not see when we were passing the residential areas headed to this point in town earlier this morning. you do want to be careful. a lot of slipping and sliding, and i almost ended up like mike this morning, trying to get down my driveway was a task in itself. trying to open the carer door was difficult, too. when you head out this morning, expect everything to be frozen over. if you can stay join doors, do so. makia turner, wusa 9. knows the cliche it's
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instead of cats and dogs, it was cows walking along interstate 61. >> the trailer carrying the cattle ran off the road and overturned. six kims were killed and six escaped the trailer. >> up on the over side, we found one in the woods, and they put it to sleep, and then we drug it out of the woods, and we waited on a trailer. >> once captured, they were tranquilized until a new truck picked them up, and state police called in a vet to help. the driver has been charged with wreckless driving. in some cases, area emergency responders found themselveses in need of a rescue. a volunteer ems crew from middle river called for help after getting stuck on an ice- covered river. it's
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you're behind the wheel, people clearing their sidewalks found hazardous conditions. >> people are going to hurt themselves out here. that's all it is. this man shoveled the snow off the sidewalk in front of his home, and then he came back out after dark to find it was covered in sheets of ice. >> be careful out there. driving and walking is dangerous. we are all over the place including in montgomery county. >> nikki burdines live. how is it going out there? unfrozen a bit? >> reporter: the camera may have unfroze, but we are frozen out here, as well as the streets. you may notice mike hydeck is not in the studio. he's stuck in his neighborhood. we came out to rescue him. good morning, mike hydeck. how are you doing? >> good, good, good. you have 4 wheel drive, but it's not 4 wheel stop, and when your neighbho
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sheet of ice, there's no way we could make it out of our neighborhood. it's impossible this morning. >> reporter: you can't get to work, so you decided for experiments. >> we tried to do facebook mentions, and i fell on my rear end at least two or three times this morning b. careful, you can fall and get really hurt. my knee still hurts this morning. show us your experiment. please don't fall, mike. >> okay, so here it is. that's my road. that's my road. still going! still going! still going! >> reporter: oh, that's really painful to watch. >> that's now at the bottom of my street, and that's probably 150 yards from where we are right now. >> reporter: that's a good example to show if you would have pulled your
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your driveway and gone down the street that could have been your car. >> right. imagine something that is 2,000 or 3,000 pounds and doesn't stop. i could have ended up in my neighbor's living room down there i know you guys had your drives to work from dc and virginia, you said not as bad, but defending on where you are, it's dangerous. >> reporter: many side roads looking yike your neighborhood. unfortunately this is not the exception. it's more of the rule this morning. will see a lot of this this morning. mike, any advice to people? >> stay home if you can. topper, allyson all said there's going to be a significant change this afternoon. there's no way to get a bus or vehicle down the side streets like this. again, wait if you can. i came out knowing it was here, and i still fell. that's ho
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>> hopefully you can get to work today. >> yeah, storm tracker 9 will get us to work. you saw how far that went. >> reporter: let us know how the roads are in your neighborhood. montgomery county, you have been warned this is what you will see when you go outside this morning. >> we are glad that mike didn't fall on his bum again. he had a flashlight on his pocket, and that would have been awful. stay tuned. we will have much more on any cancellations or delays, and you want to log on and get our free wusa mobile app. we will have the latest conditions for you. just check out our app, and we
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all right, and welcome back to wake up washington. it's very icy out there. like we have been saying, the main roads seem to be okay, but some of you may not be able to make it to the main roads because it's just a sheet of ice. we are seeing the warm air slow to rise. look at the temperatures, below freezing, and we will stay that way for another few hours. i don't think we will get above freezing across the board until day break. we have seen the temperatures increase rapidly. they increase 4 degrees, and then an hour and 90 minutes, we will see the temperatures jump, but it's going to be awhile. until then, freezing rain out there, and it will continue, especially for the areas to the west. you will have a sheet of ice on top of your car if it's parked outside. we will go through the future cast in a bit, and we will time out the heavy rain that will cause flooding concerns on
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of this. larry, over to you. >> thanks. we are calling for icy conditions all around the metro, including the beltway, 95, 66, the 50, and the vw parkway. watch out for that. one of our traffic watchers, john baker setting this up on twitter. he talked about particularly florida avenue and new york avenue being pretty clear in terms of the main roads, but he says the side streets and some of the sidewalks are horrendous. you need to watch out for that a live look from 270 showing us how things are shaping up. traffic is slow because they are being cautious. the fog is a factor as well. much more coming up shortly. back to you. breaking news from overnight, police in prince george's county are searching for a suspect who shot and killed a man. >> it was near
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manden roads. police arrived to find a man suffering from gun shot wounds, and no motive or suspect has been identified. this morning a person connected to the 1975 disappearance of the lyons sister is expected to plead guilty. leslie angleking is facing charges, and his brother-in-law has been named a suspect in the disappearance of the sisters nearly 41 years ago. he is one of several relatives charged with impeding the police investigation. we are hearing from a friend of the late antonin scalia. ron said he met them when they were both law professors 40 years ago, and their families have been close ever since. he says he doted on his children and grandchildren and enjoyed being the life of the
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who was rough and gruff, certainly he had that character, but he was also very soft, very sweet, great with kids, wonderfully loving to his friends and family. >> family members have not spoken to the public. they are hoping to plan something for the public on saturday. as mike hydeck showed us in his live shot, his street is a skating rink it will be a mess for some of us. >> the good news is, once the
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we are not alone. severe weather is threatening people from the west coast to the east coast. in greenville, south carolina, one person was killed and a police officer was hurt there. that officer was investigating a crash when another car hit his police cruiser as well as
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the initial crash. one of them died at the scene, and the other, hospitalized with serious injuries. >> police had to work into the early morning hours to clear a serious crash near charlotte, north carolina. there were several wrecks along i-77 including one where a tractor trailer jackknifed. the wreckage was so widespread, police had to shut down both sides of the interstate. earlier we showed you the wreck on i-81 at the fridge of the viewing area, but all 300 miles there are a mess. a few determined drivers kept slowly crawling down the highway, and mandy duncan is driving her family from new york to duncan, and crossing state-to-state she hoped the conditions would improve, but they didn't. >> we couldn't even see out our lights. we had to crack the ice off the headlights. >> we are trying to
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>> a woman from daytona was pulled over at a rest stop relaxing in her suv. it's big, but it's smart. officers are worried about drivers starting to hydroplane once it starts to melt. there's a little relief on the way? >> there is. we have to go through a couple of rough hours before we get there. this afternoon it will be fine, and it's really nice, and we need to take a deep breath. even a hint of spring. the next 3 hours are going to be icy, and then the following 3 hours are going to be soaking rain with that hydroplaning
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in, a delay. >> i think that's a smart delay. the winter weather advisory has been extended for more areas seeing the freezing rain at this hour. temperatures are still just below freezing. we will not get above freezing until at least the sun comes up. after that happens and we do see the heavy rain headed our way. we will have a flood watch in place, and we are going to see a lot of rain that will bring at a very short amount of time, and that's going to cause flooding concerns, especially on the sides of the roads, rivers and streams, along with the snow melt. temperatures are below freezing. that's ice. it will be very slippery again, and we have been saying the main roads are okay, but your parking lot and sidewalks are nothing but ice, a nice glaze. i just kind of slid across my patio and over to my sidewalk to get to my car this morning. i never even got my car unfrozen. first alert doppler, warm air to the soh
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going to be here, and it will bring the heavy rain. let's time it out on the futurecast. you can see the temperatures jump. still mid-30s by 5:30. rain showers are approaching the shenandoah valley. we are getting warmer, and after 7:00, not only are we going to see the temperatures jump, but after 7:00, the heavy rain will head our way. even a rumble of thunder is possible. during the afternoon a westerly wind, and westerly winds are typically a warming wind for us. we will head to 50 degrees. 50degrees today, 46 for tomorrow, and cooler on thursday as the north westerly winds bring in cooler air, and after that, here it comes, friday, 49 degrees, and there you go, the weekend, making plans, and it will be good. >> 4:22 is your time right now, and it looks like an
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the inner loop of the beltway, an issue for folks traveling on the vw parkway and 450. folks are being cautious of the icy conditions this morning, and that's exactly what you need to do this morning. smart train riders, no issues there, and if you're traveling southbound on the vw parkway, starting at fort mead, working your way down to east capital street northeast, you're looking at a 19 minute commute. all things considered, it could be longer. traveling i-66 to 20th street northwest a30 minute commute, southbound on i-270. remember, we are watching for the fog in this area. it's pretty significant. all the way down to the capital beltway. it's going to be a live look to show you how things are shaping up out at route 5, and you can see traffic flowing slowly. andrea? k
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back in, no mexico city. he returned late last night after a trip to the mexican southern border, and the crowds there chanted "long live, pope francis" one teenager shared his efforts to struggle with muscular distrophy. >> i know god blessed me with this. i trust in him. >> reporter: the pope walked over and kissed his forehead. tomorrow the holy father will travel to just across the u.s. border from el paso, texas. we had an early wakeup call, and i didn't get to watch much of it, but i heard great things about the grammys. artists used more than just the spotlight to pay tribute to the kegends.
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trophies, but taylor swift got the most prestigious awards. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift opening the grammys and ruled the show, winning the top prize. her 1989 earned her her second career grammy for album of the year, and she urged young women not to let naysayers get in the way. >> just focus on your work, and don't let those people side track you. >> up down funk won album of the year. >> reporter: best new artist, meghan trainor couldn't hold back her tears as she thanked her family. >> reporter: others used the mic to make a statement. kendrick
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message about racism with his rap that won him five grammys. the audience was brought to its feets for the tributes, include the one for b.b. king. >> reporter: and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work to life. kerry okeeta. north america alabama shake and justin bieber were among several artists who won their first grammys last night. >> the bieber finally got one? >> finally! this expanded edition of wake up washington just getting started. >> we will get the latest on what is moving in and
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it's a yellow alert morning, and roads are treacherous as we wait for enough rain and temperatures above freeze to start things melting. >> once the rain does finally melt the ice in a few hours, we could get so much rain that flooding could be a serious problem.
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>> it's the yellow alert tuesday for ice, rain, flooding, and you name it. good morning, i'm andreabroken, and -- andrea roane. >> and i'm in for mike as he is stuck in his neighborhood. you asked what all is included this in yellow alert, and you can pick one. it's very dangerous out there if you're able to get to the main road, it's going to be okay, but not until then. very icy. temperatures are below freezing, and this warm air is slow to arrive it will come about day break but not any sooner. with the pink color a lot of freezing rain out there, and just adding on to the ice on top of your


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