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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> virginia lawmakers are considering a bill that would bring back the electric chair. the supply of lethal injections across the country is coming up short. >> virginia has an execution scheduled for next month, but no drugs to do it with. derek is live to explain, how that case is helping to drive this law forward. garrett? >> reporter: in virginia, condemned prisoners can choose lethal injection or the electric chair, but very few choose the chair. but the shortage of execution drugs means a death row inmate could choose that it's avenue, but then have it postponed. >> this is one of the most egregious cases in modern history in virginia. >> reporter: delegate mall their remembered the indication of ricky gray.
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murder of a family. gray should be executed march 16. but the department of corrections it's currently doesn't have the drugs to do the job. >> they are scrambling to try to find them, and we have a very violent, very evil condemned inmate that is scheduled to be executed this spring, named ricky gray. >> reporter: he used this case to persuade the colleagues to pass the bill through the house last week, which would allow the stay to execute gray or anyone else with electric chair. >> he is the type of person that most people support the death penalty for. >> reporter: 8 states, including virginia, allow use of the electric chair, something miller, a republican, defends. >> i say the suspect has ruled it's not cruel and -- suspect -- supreme court has ruled it's not cruel.
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>> reporter: among those who disagree. victor glassberg who represented gray. he says the case shouldn't be used to prolong the use of a form of execution, many consider to be barbaric. >> the appeal to the horrible acts that the people are condemned to die have done is not a standard, but which our society should judge itself. >> reporter: the bill moves to the a senate, where a similar bill was defeated years ago. miller homes the ticking clock in the gray case will encourage his colleagues to pass it this time. the fascinating issue! moving on to the forecast, we went to bed last night, it was winter. we woke up, and it was spring. >> quite an unusual weather day. leaving us not sure what's coming next. so let's check in with chief
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>> it's a reality check tomorrow, but a more quiet reality check. tonight, we look at temperatures below freezing in many spots. not so much downtown, and inside the belt way, but in the suburbs. 32 menasas. your drive, if your driveway is in the shade, you have a coating of ice right. now here are the temperature as 6:00 a.m. 30 in gaithersburg, 31 in frederick, 31 in fairfax, and 29 in -- if you want done this already, go to the app store, and download our app free. thanks, tops. the supreme court justice will lie in repossess in the great hall of the supreme court this friday. public is invited to pay
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8:00 p.m. a funeral mass will go head saturday at 11:00 at the basilica of the national shrine. jus scalp i a -- scalia. >> the president said he does not think the current gop frontrunner will make it to the white house. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show. or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard. and a lot of people count on us getting it right.
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back home to the white house right now. you can hear more from donald trump who is calling the president's comments a compliment. you can see more on that after this newscast on the late show with stephen colbert. deputies have arrested a district heights father who was wanted for unpaid chile support payments that date to 1981. investigators say those payments add up to more than $170,000. it's deputies arrested that man moments after he left a home, and climbed into his car. also in prince george county, investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that swept through a how in hyattsville. it broke out along 37th 37th avenue, the house was converted into apartments. one firefighter suffered an ankle injury. no one else was hurt. but the damage has forced five people out of their homes. in month government county -- montgomery county, a boom, a
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investigators say a private ambulance ran off the road, and hit a utility pole around 4:30 this morning near western avenue. that ambulance caught fire and exploded. we are told there was no patient inside. the crew was not injured. there's no word on the cause of the crash, but the roads were still pretty slick at the time. in fairfax county, using music to send a meetings -- message. students say don't let the music die. the orchestra and band students calling for more funding. the executive's budget includes a 3% increase, but they say the schools need twice that, otherwise, some programs could get cut, including music. >> it gives us amazing performers taught at amazing schools by
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that's why we're here for funding funding to sustain our can schools. >> the battle is far from over. public hearings are set for april at the end of that month, the county board will adopt a spending plan. the district has long been a struggle for drivers with uber, and lyft. >> after receiving more than $2000 in fines from the commission, one local driver says he believes they are targeting uber and lyft operators. >> reporter: as the drivers say, dc represents a major chunk of the business, but they claim that once they cross the border into the district from virginia, in this case, or maryland, they say they have a target on their backs. >> we are working -- [ strong accent ] >> no harassnt
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>> reporter: his job takes him into dc, maryland, virginia, but only in dc does he get harassed by the commissions on a nightly basis. they are regulated and subject to fines if they break regulations. >> they don't know who we are picking up. they don't even ask where the customer is going. sometimes they even harass the customer. >> reporter: just last week, the commission hit abdul with $2600 in fines. >> they just give us tickets from lift to right, it's out of control. unlicensed vehicles? well, we don't need a license to be here. we are electronicsed in the state of virginia. -- licensed in the state of virginia. so this is not legit. >> reporter: the taxi cab commission has specific rules for black
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driving when he was issued fines. >> they need to follow their own law. >> reporter: they claim the commission is targeting the uber operators in the district. in an e-mail statement, the dc taxi cab commission said they don't target private operators. the commission says they welcome abdul to appeal the finals, which he confidently said he will do. >> i'm sure, they will be thrown out. >> reporter: but he says, it's not just about the fines. >> it's the harassment. every night. the customer has a choice. they call us. if they are not interested to ride a taxi cab, that's not our fault. [ loss of audio ] >>
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customers who prefer to choose between uber and taxi cab drivers. >> what are you? >> i am -- [ inaudible ] >> that's a description that includes more and more children these days. tonight, bruce johnson takes us to a place where local interfaith families can worship together. >> and they are popular drugs used to fight heartburn, but tonight, they have a lot of people worried about something more serious. dementia. >> the competition is fierce! thousands compete but only one will walk out of the ring a champion. we wi
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>> who important is it for your spouse to
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>> reporter: people who marry between 2010 and 2014 were twice as likely to matter -- marry outside of their faith. in our continuing series, faith in our town. >> reporter: typically, enter religious couples do one of three things, one or both spouses opt out of their faith. one converts, or both pick a new religion. some couples are now practicing both of their faiths and raising the children this way. >> reporter: it's game time at the plume that yous. >> they have have been -- the fact she was catholic, and he was jerusalem, never registered. >> i thought he was italian. >> reporter: once that was
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faith, religion and marriage. >> i knew it weighed more heavily on you. >> reporter: they decided to break both, and then -- practice both, and they he exchanged vows with a rabbi and a priest. >> you do have to force yourself to decide which one when we had children. we decided to raise them both. >> reporter: the interfaith family project, or iffp. every sunday, hundreds gather at albert einstein center worship. they recite a jewish prayer. and the christian lord's prayer. >> i can't imagine this happening 50 or 60 years ago. >> reporter: iffp is left by zain, and ju
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>> one of the things we're doing in this community is repairing part of the world that has felt excluded. >> is this jewish or christian holiday. >> reporter: but they say this creates confusion. >> another common criticism of giving interfaith children interfaith education, is you will stay on the surface, it won't be deep. >> reporter: susan has written a book caed being both. >> the idea of families i claiming more than one religion is still threatening, especially for religious minorities that fear being asimulated out of existence. >> reporter: feeling guilt over that issue, but in the end, sharing both the faiths with their children -- was the only
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>> i didn't want to give up my religion, and i wanted my kids to know their religion, with the jewish affect, or know both. i didn't think it was right for jenny to give up hers either. >> so you might ask, what do they do about the holidays? they celebrate them all. bruce johnson, w usa 9. >> pretty good! >> absolutely. the iffp welcomes everyone to their gathers, including atheists. >> you go to our mobile app, we have the raw interview with the author of being both, who has done research about interfaith families and raising children. >> and fast forward to tomorrow night at 11:00, when bruce will introduce us to the people who go to the second largest mosque in in the united states, in northern virginia. bruce will get their reaction to recent
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that's tomorrow night at 11:00. in tonight's health alert, a study suggests a link between a popular class of heartburn medications, and a higher risk of dementia. the medicines are called proton pump inhibitors. and they include nexium and others. researchers found that people 70 and older that take them regularly have a 75% higher risk for dee men that. they found just a social -- doe mannish, they just found a -- dementia, and they -- >> the dog show has just awarded the best in show. the winner. cj, a german short haired pointer. nearly 3000 dogs entered th
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standing. i think horses gallop. it's the second oldest sporting events in the country surpassed only by the ken derby. >> kentucky derby. >> would you take gibby. >> i pull for a lob to win. >> they had the beagle last year. >> that's right. they are find. >> he they don't behave -- they don't behave very well. >> they have a mind of their own. let's talk about 3-degree guarantee, probably one of the hardest taste with temperatures in the -- days with temperatures in the 30s and 50s. i went 50, the high was 53. ten in a row. we didn't show the number last night, we did make it last night went for a high of 31.
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tone in -- ten in a row. we go's going -- we're going to 6 tomorrow. dew points around freezing, winds from the north note west at 7, that -- north/northwest, there is a chance of a sprinkle south of town. just a cold start, chilly finish on wednesday. bus stop temperatures 28-40. dry, miserable morning waves today. colder on thursday. and then just chilly on friday. milder with sunshine over the weekend, weekend still looks great. back temperatures off a bit, but system looks great. the overall forecast has not changed. 6:00 a.m., you see the clouds down to laplatta. north of town, clear, and kind of cold, flirting with freezing. 30 in gaithersburg, 31 in because which, 32 --
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32 in cape. and 9:00 a.m., we're getting above freezing about everywhere else. still right around freezing in cumberland and romney, and hagerstown, by 1:00, low to mid-40s, partly sunny, clouds from time to time, and by 5:30, 6:00, back in the mid-40s, low 0's south of town, and around 40 north of town, 38 in gaithersburg, and 5:30, and 6:00, tomorrow night, we will be colder. fall a little quicker, so 31 in gaithersburg, 31 in albany, and 33 in silver springs. so look at the temperatures on the day planner, we start above freezing downtown, 37 at 9:00, 42 at 11:00, and 44 at 1:00 p.m. now, it's going to be great on thursday. just cold, low 40s, and then chilly on friday. 46, which is about average. and again, the weekend we have a change, mid-50s, okay, upper 50s on sunday. and
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and colder on monday night, looking at something on tuesday, and wednesday next week. >> okay. thanks, topper. >> redskins are so far apart on their contract negotiations with him. what is going on between the burgundy and gold and their quarterback? two sides
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the washington caps welcome one of the breast teams from the west, in what -- best teams from the west in what could be a preview for june. that's not the caps game! but that's kirk cousins. let's talk about him and his contract. both sides are a little far away, you know, the fun kind of begins now, the window for in the in the teams to use -- nfl teams to use the franchise tag starts now. i did speak with cbs insider, and he told me the two sides. [
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washington can use the franchise tag, which would cost them about $20 million. let's see what story we're going to next. we talked about the washington capitals, they hosted the l.a. king, there's the cow bells! it took a while for washington to find the back of the net, but burakovsky swings the puck and decides it up. and then two minutes to go, the youngster, kuznetson, with his 16th point of the year. caps beat the kings 3-1 the final. some high school hoops tonight. i should say, just five days ago that wcac competitors played each other.
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tonight looking for another victory. the dmv's all american selections going head to head. one guys, king, would save the panthers in e thmid-of the third quarter with the pickup, the dish, and look at this. there was a quick answer. that's pretty, right? stags 8 listen 0 lead. -- 48-40 lead. >> happy at home on seniors night. >> it's been a big accomplishment for here, with all the work i put in. and we came out with a "w." and it's always good. >> maryland terrapins take on michigan. we will be live from college park. join us sunday at 11:30.
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invest with confidence. local community mourning the loss of a couple whose short lives made an impact. >> dan and kala amos were driving when another car crossed into their lane. allyson has the story. >> she had a very quiet confidence, and was determined but together, those people were so much more. >> kala and dan aim most met in high decrease amos -- amos met in high school. >> he told me he loved heroine a month, which was i thought was crazy. but he did. >> reporter: two years later, he proposed. >> they were a match, the perfect match. so great fo
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>> reporter: they perch most of their time at this -- spent most of their time at this church. >> god was first with both of them. >> reporter: kala worked behind the scenes, and dan on stage, but it was cut short in an instant. >> i wanted to hold dan's kids, i wanted him to be the best man at my wedding. i wanted them to be there for
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with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause )


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