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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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%c1. right now at 7:00, do you know these guys? the as much is on for the young ma caught on camera attacking a decorated marine. >> what did the pope say? if it's good, i like the pope. if it's bad, i don't want like the pope. >> donald trump did not have kind words for the pontiff. we'll tell you what the pontiff said and the warning that trump gave him. >> and a simple life of prayer and a look in the abbey where monkses dedicate their lives. and students on theamherst campus have been ordered to shelter in place. >> a hostile person with a gun was reported on the scene. and a second tweet
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does is you -- suggested that a second person may be involved. we'll keep you up to date. thank you for being here. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. >> reporter: a week ago wednesday, osama el-atari was alive. thursday, his family reported him missing. saturday, his body was found in his pickup along this road. police believe she was dead the whole time. two men, eric garra and taqwa muhammad are charged with murdering el-atari. say they it's a botched robbery and that the killers
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atari's rolex and other items before they took him to a remote road and shot him. >> last i heard, he was going to a meeting. >> reporter: he was a convicted in a ponzi scheme, and jail in jail, he turned informant. he helped to solve several horrific crimes. a marine was attacked by a group of young man in northwest. you can see a teen in a white tank top follow chris marquez outside and hit him from behind in the back of the head. while still on the ground, someone digs through his pockets and kicked
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marquez told police he thinks this is a racially charged incident and he is in the hospital suffering from memory issues. he is known as being one of the marines to carry an injured soldier out of fallujah's infamous hell house. that earned him a bronze star. this is the most viewed story on the wusa 99 -- 9 app. you can share it and help to track down the suspect. police are searching for a gunman that shot and killed two men on 58th one block from charles drew elementary school. police responded to reports of gunfire around 1:00 and found one man dead in the house. the other man died after he was rushed to the hospital. and disturbing new details in the case of deonte carraway, the teacher's aide accused of taping sex with children inside the
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when carraway was 12, he sexually assaulted a man. police say when he was 10, he himself was sexually assaulted. police believe this man, anthony chambers of southeast was involved in last week's double shooting that left a toddler and his dad wounded. two other people are in custody. chambers is considered armed and dangerous. u.s. marshals slapped the cuffs 35-year-old an ton bird in an attack that left one man dead and one man injured. new video of a gaithersburg teenager charged in the death of two of his friends. sam ellis was with his lawyer today as the two headed back to a montgomery co
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horrific crash last year that killed two people, and el cyst now charged with negligent homicide. police say that alcohol and speed played a role in that. lawyers have a variety of motions, and the trial is set for november 11. donald trump is now in a war of words with pope francis. a reporter asked the pontiff about trump's pledge to build a wall at the mexico border. and it didn't take long for trump to respond, blaming the mexican government for turning the pope against him and fired off a warning. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which, as everyone knows is isis's ultimate rovey, i can promise you that the pope would
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only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> donald trump added it was disgraceful for a religious leader to question someone's faith and he is a very good crist man good -- christian and is proud of it. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders stopped by to meet with leaders of several civil rights groups including al sharpton to discuss what was important to african-americans like voting rights and the criminal justice system and vowing to block anyone that president obama nominates to replace justice scalia. >> i am a little tired of my colleagues talking about the constitution, their love of the constitution. not
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>> sharpton will decide by this weekend whether to endorse clinton or sanders or neither of them. and streetcars in d.c. will begin full operation saturday february 27. the benning road line is scheduled in northeast, and riders will be able to hop on for free for a while which works out great because the district is trying to figure out how to collect fares. there is no fare box on the train. all trials in the freddie gray case are on hold. what is delaying the officers from their day in court. colder tonight and a pretty nice finish to the week. 47 for the high downtown and 45 in silver spring and 45,
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fairfax. we'll become back and talk t abouthe clouds rolling in and look ahead to next week's storm. >> i expect it to be doing some good in the world. >> a lifetime dedicated to helping and praying for others. a catholic monk shares his quiz -- wisdom for
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almost from the start, joseph wanted to be catholic. he would sneak out of the thousands attend mass. since then, joseph has dedicated his life to god. in tonight's faith in our town, it's been a very long dedication. >> reporter: before most of us wake up in the morning, the
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monks in washington, d.c. are already praying for our souls. their day starts at 5:00 a.m. >> we all meet together in the chap toll pray together several times a day. >> reporter: father joseph jensen is 91 years old and lived at this abbey for 70 years. >> it's something i can't explain. if you have your conviction, this is what god wants you to do. >> reporter: he lives with 16 other monks. >> god expects us to be doing something good in the world. >> reporter: life is not complicated. >> we are giving gifts, not for ourselves but for the people and we should be using them for that. >> reporter: throughout the years, father scro -- joseph has written four books and taught but never collected one paycheck. for 70 years, every cent has gone to his faith. he owns almost nothing. >> you can e
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>> reporter: his room is 12 by 12 and he spends most of his day here. >> at least 14 hours, probably more than that. >> reporter: these monks have made more than a vow to god. they made a vow to each other. when their work is done to earth, they're all buried together in the backyard. father joseph jensen is positive his lifetime of prayer will someday day off. >> certainly it's been a rewarding life. i am doing what i came to do. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., scott rensburger, wusa 9news. women have broken through glass ceilings but in worship? we'll take a look at the role of women as leaders in the church. and you can catch up
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our stories from this week on the wusa 9news app. pope francis suggested that women threatened by the zika virus could use birth control. it is linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with ab morally moral -- abnormally small heads. the pope said there is a clear moral difference between aborting a fetus and avoiding pregnancy. he said abortion is absolutely a crime. and apple is fighting the fbi. >> and another warm up coming our way. topper is tracking how long we will be in the 50s. >> and you might be shaking some woo y
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of the most shared stories today. see why there is wood in your
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give us a plan. maryland's highest court has agreed to put on hold all trials in connection with the death of freddie gray until the courde
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required to testlify against fellow officers. he went to trial last december but a hung jury caused a mistrial and he faces a retrial later this year. the court of appeals is scheduled to take up the matter next month. a prince george's county school is on the chopping block and parents are fighting back. low enrollment is one reason that the school could close. enrollment dropped once the county stripped the school's military academy. >> it appears that they strategically want ed it to be under enrolled. >> i feel defeated like i couldn't make a decision for my child's life. >> the community can comment on the proposal at a school board meeting next tuesday night. that vote is scheduled a week from today. apple is getting surprise support from google with the phone encryption battle saying that apple is
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judge's order to unlock an iphone used by one of the shooters in a terror attack saying it's one thing to give law enforcement access based on valid orders but is far different to enable the company to hack a customer's phone. apple said they are prepared to take the case to the supreme court. all right. colder today, the 3-degree guarantee. i think we'll be all right. we went for a high of 41. and remember, guidance is all over the place. one model went 38. one went 36, and one, 41. we'll see how we did tonight at 11:00. down to 34 and the dew points are low and relative humidity, 40% outdoors and 12% inside and winds north northwest at 13 and will settle down tonight. because of that, we stay clear early tonight and colder and
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no wind chill to speak of, just chilly on friday with a lot of clouds in the morning and milder over the weekend. we could hit 60. i didn't put it on the 7 day but we could hit 60. in the 20s across most of the areas. 28 in manassas and 20 in martinsburg, and it's a cold start. 9:00, most of the metro area is cloudy, no blobs rain or snow, just clouds and temperatures in the 20s to low 30s, still cold and then clouds will thing out. 40 downtown and 30 towards li
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with more sunshine west later in the day as we begin to clear out. by midnight tomorrow, going out, it's friday night, after all, not that cold. i think everybody holds in the 30s tomorrow night but tonight, clear to partly cloudy and colder, 18 to 28 and winds will be light. on the day planner, downtown, even 20s to start downtown and 30 to start 9:00 and maybe 40 by late morning or afternoon. saturday, warmer and near 60, near 60 and sunday, the clouds rolling in and showers again and highs near 60. the next 7 days, monday, still pleasant, maybe showers left over in the morning and 52, and cool or -- cooler on tuesday and clouds in on tuesday night and maybe morning snow on thursday. but the models are no confluence. so we have models that
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weaker. and this is one, farther east. demolition of the old st. elizabeth hospital got underway in washington. the mayor sat at the control of the construction vehicle to help to knock down part of the hospital's entrance. the site will be turned into a 5000-feet arena that will be home court for the mystics and a practice president -- practice facility for the wizards. if the wizards are going to play there, will they be good in making the playoffs? only three shots out. they are not that far out of the postseason race and hope to start building towards a run and the site from
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a breaking news update at the university of m assachusettsamherst. they have lifted the slelter in place. police have not id
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report of a important camps with you a gun was a false alarm or not but good news nonetheless. it's time to start thinking spring. one sign? the nationals pitchers and catchers reported to florida today. check out the beautiful sunset at the nationals' training facility. pretty soon, there will be players donning the curly "a." and trying to forget the disappointing 2015 campaign. the washington wizards may have had an under whelming first half of the season with the 12th best record in the league but are only three games out of a playoff, and they are hoping for a fresh start and perhaps a boost as they come back from the all star break. they got down to business before the trade deadline in exchange for a first round
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pick, hump reese and blair. for tonight, a game make up with the wiz and the jazz. so it's very early right now. of course, highlights at 11:00. also in action, it is maryland terrapins looking for a bounce back win, this time on the road in minnesota, and they will have to deal without their second leading scorer, diamond stone but it may not make a big difference. the coach said he is focused on mental training instead of film watching to get his guys in the right mindset, and join us at 11:00 for game on live from the xfinity center to preview the big game with johnny holliday and jerry williams. >> mental training, that's what i need. >> we
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tonight did kanye sen taylor swift send kanye west over the edge? >> you'll want to hear what he's saying about taylor now. then blake lively's new york fashion faux pas. find out what has style experts so up in arms. and cindy crawford's rocking bikini body at nearly 50 years old. and we have former soprano's jamie-lynn sigler going public after her m.s. battle. >> and teresa


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