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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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pope suggests donald trump is not christian. it is a political feud no one could have predicted and tonight it exploded in south carolina, shaking up the republican race just 2 days before the primary. donald trump and pope francis trading words today after the holy father attacked trump's desire to keep out immigrants by building walls, not bridges. more on this unbelievable story. >> it really is incredibly unbelievable. when you think about it, pope francis might be one of the most popular figures on the planet right now. today donald trump took him on. he expanded those comments tonight. >> i didn't think it was a good thing for him to say frankly. he was talking about the border
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strong on border security. as you know we are talking about building a wall. we are going to build a wall. >> donald trump tonight on cnn addressing what has become the most bizarre. >> this morning reporters asked pope francis about trump's immigration position. a person that thinks the pope responded kicking off a political fire storm. trump called the remarks disgraceful and issuing this cryptic warning. >> if in fact the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> with only 2 days
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make their pitches, trump's rivals were dragged way off message today forced to dodge another trump controversy. the news cycle effectively hijacked. >> i like the pope. end of story. >> we have a right to control who comes in, and how they come in. vatican controls who comes in, how they come in and when. >> about the papal issue, trump seemed to have backed off a bit. perhaps realizing that a pro tracted battle with the bishop of rome may not be. to the democratic side now. touching down in dc's shaw neighborhood today. bernie
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several civil rights leaders. those readers shared their views on subjects like voting rights and criminal justice reform. >> hillary clinton is in nevada tonight preparing for saturday's caucuses. paying a tribute to a laundry room to speak to a room of union housekeepers. new polls showing clinton and sanders neck in neck. the primary is march 1st and the school board has voted to close schools that day. the board saying voter turn out is expected to be historic and it would cause disruptions at the schools. tomorrow thousands of people including president obama and first lady will pay their respects at the supreme court as the late justice antonin scalia
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repose. it is expected to be a powerful seen t. day begins with a private ceremony at 9:30 in the morning as the casket is placed in the great hall on the lincoln cat a caulk which has been loaned to the court. the public will be allowed to pay tribute from 8:00 until 10:00 at night and then saturday family and friends will gather at the national basilica. scalia's son, a catholic priest will give the -- you can watch throughout the day. have wondered how a school volunteer have the opportunity to abuse students and film sexually explicit video on school grounds during
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school day. facing a number of charges and tonight the board of education met to discuss ways to keep that from happening again. joining us live with the latest, allison. >> says they plan to join a task force to evaluate policies and procedures. the chairman didn't say when and if they would make changes but we learned there is no specific policies preventing them from being alone with students. >> there is not a procedure that i know of that says explicitly that no volunteer could be alone with a student. but that's how they he abused a number of children and now the the school board will now reevaluate. they say he underwent a background check. >> we know we did
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check. >> but sources say he had a criminal background. experts say it could have picked it up if it was performed by a sworn law enforcement officer. >> why not make a change now? >> we are behind the scenes looking at all of those things but we can't launch a public investigation. we can't talk about a lot of things. >> do you really need a task force to tell you that the background check failed here? >> the answer the task force is going to answer, holistically the whole processes that we have. >> and if they determine that his alleged actions didn't come to light because the system failed, he promises to admit it. >> i will stand up here and say expleas explicitly what we are
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clearly based on what happened, something failed. what that failure was we need to find out. but it is abundantly clear that something failed in a major way. >> i asked the chairman how long they thought the investigation would take once the task force is officially formed. he told me they wanted it to be quick and it would not be a month's long process. reporting live. quick solutions here is what everyone is looking for. staying in prince george's county where police have arrested 2 men for the murder of an informant. police believe he was shot during a robbery. they have arrested 2 people. altary was serving prison time when another inmate confessed to
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maryland's highest court has agreed to take up a key charge in the death of fredy gray. gray died of injuries last april. so the court has postponed all trial proceedinguns til it can make a ruling. at issue is an officer whose trial ended in a mistrial can testify in other trials. so plans on memorializing mary berry. possibly for renaming a high school. but the possible renaming of this southeast high school is facing some stiff opposition. spoke with the alumni and current students to find out what's behind the fight. >> those that oppose changing the name said it has nothing to do with marion berry but it h
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pride. >> what's in a name. >> in the battle over ballew high school, everything. >> like the term google, it meant for an infin it number. how it's a way of thinking, it's a way of being and that's what being a ballew knight has been. to a. >> that disservice says karen luck as would come in the name of renaming the school to marion berry senior high. >> that's just a whole new legacy. we had a lot of accomplishments in sports and band. >> many are behind the renaming, including his widow. on facebook berry's son touts his father's efforts. >> we love marion berry and we miss him greatly but we think he should be honored
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and not by taking from someone else. >> was the school's superintendent. many believe ballew was a racist. >> i don't know who frank ballew was. >> for marcy, it's not a black and whitish. >> i think it's irresponsible to rip apart a school that was constructed. you're talking about -- commissioned art work, in a statue. >> and for so many it's simply about pride. >> it isn't about marion berry. ballew that become something different over the years and that needs to be respected. >> so far the name change is not set in stone. she plans on including funding for the name change in he
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budget, however, it's unclear if this opposition to the name change could. an issue we will be following closely. the search is on for young men attacking a decorated marine. dc police releasing new video. 3 men wanted for attacking bronze star at a mcdonald's along e street last friday. one of the suspects wearing that white tank top in the hospital right now suffering from some memory issues. if you know anything, call dc police. police are investigating a double homicide in northeast. the victims, both men were shot, both died at the scene and the search is on for the suspect tonight. >> he just kind of shook his head and he said, you can't be >>server at mass.
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because you're a girl. >> breaking barriers, how local women are working around the rules of their religion. that's up next in faith in our town. a heavy coat probably a good idea at the bus stop tomorrow. clouds on the increase, 20s at 5:00 but some teens at 7:00. thankfully no wind chills to talk about. we'll come back and talk about the weekend and look ahead to next week's storm. and president obama meets with civil rights leaders here in dc today.
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a chilly start for your friday while many of the largest denominations allow women to pastor, the
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only 11 percent of congregations are led by a woman. >> and that statistic has not changed in more than a decade. >> if you're a woman, you can't be ordained in many faiths, jewish orthodox and roman catholic to name a few. but some are working to change that and some are finding ways around it. >> yes, i did. >> this home in maryland may not look like your typical place of worship. >> our bread is home made. >> some of the pews are folding chairs and the priests. >> for the first sunday of lent. >> oh officiating this mass to a living room of catholics is a woman. >> he just shook his head and said, you can't be a server at mass. well, why not? because
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>> that was the called hard slap of reality to barbara and 9 years old. it took her more than 50 years to realize her true calling. she is one of 50 women by an organization called -- challenging that only a man can be a priest. >> it made absolutely no sense to my 9-year-old mind and here i am nearly 61 years later. >> obviously there are women that feel this way, but they weren't ordained in conformity to the teaches of the church so would have no official standing. >> the secretary for pastoral ministry. she and -- say millennials don't seem to
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issues that some in the older generation may have. >> the younger generation are serving the poor, they are teaching in schools. they are serving the church in other ways. >> certainly men and women are very valued in the mormon church. right now i see the role of women in more of a supporting role. >> suzette smith and -- are mormons. in their faith only men can be priests. >> i don't see an inquality. i believe i am able to serve in ways where i don't need the priesthood. >> we're struggling now. we are struggling about young people who are not connecting. >> reno attends the national synagogue in northwest dc. she says one draw to her
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open orthodoxy is -- >> the synagogue is thankfully growing and it's wonderful and warm and welcoming. >> but still there are limb limitations. >> i do not count toward the quorum of 10 men that is required to have public prayer. >> we open our hearts to god. >> my job is to bring people to god, not to make them feel like they are excluded or they are not wanted or precious. >> among denominations that generally allow women to be ordained, the american baptist church, buddhist, presbyterians, unitarians and the methodist church. tomorrow night at 11:00, he's a former drug abuser and dealer. he was raised jewish but
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an evangelical preaching about jesus christ in one of the largest churches in our area. takes us inside the mclain bible church with this leader. president obama met with civil rights leaders today at the white house. >> one key item on the agenda, education. >> we want to insure that we break this school to prison pipeline and start creating a college pipeline. it has to start early. >> the group also talked about criminal justice reform. the white house billed this meeting the first of its kind because it had several generations of black lives matter. chicago declined the invitation calling it a photo op pho the president. a little chilly tomorrow but it doesn't change much over the weekend, right? >> yes, of course. >> do you
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section? >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. feel pretty good about this one. high temperature officially at national was 40. 12 in a row. really torn about tomorrow, we're going to go 43, may be warmer than that. live look outside, down to 32. low so far today is 32. winds at 7:00. they are going the turn and become southeasterly tomorrow. it's a pretty dry air mass. it will be colder tonight and a chilly finish on friday. a fair amount of clouds, too. but dry. bus stop temperatures, 18 to 34. warmer over the weekend, close to 60 both days. and then some afternoon showers are possible on sunday as well. so future cast 6:00 a.m., 21 in
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26 downtown, but at least 22 in manassas. clouds come in pretty quickly tomorrow morning. there's no blue blobs or green blobs. 30 downtown, 31 in fredics burg. by 1:00 we're back in the upper 30s, 38 at bowie. 41 in manassas. temperatures still in the 40s and probably holding in the low to mid-40s pretty much across the board with some 30s in cumberland. 20s to start. clouds increasing, 36 by 11:00 and 41 by 1:00. saturday warmer, 59, clouds come in on sunday but still 59, some afternoon showers are possible. i tell you what, the models are all over the place for the storm next week. something is going to roll in here tuesday or wednesday, but it will be in
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some rain. we'll keep you posted. >> kind of mixed there. >> yeah. sorry, man. sorry about your turf. >> it was ugly. >> did you hear him grunting. >> yeah, i heard him upstairs. >> terps playing. they are rolling right along. but the terps suffer their worst loss your daughter wants to stay organic.
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know better sleep with sleep number. now, wusa9 game on sports with christian, brought to you by xfinity. go back to february 4th, the washington capitals beat -- and since then the caps have won 6 are their last 7 games, looking to keep that mojo going tonight. taking on the islanders in brooklyn. check out this pass from behind the net. turn around, ob is right there. easy for him. less than a minute and a half
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later, on the power play. washington takes the lead islanders would take the lead but with less than a minute to go, justin williams, caps win. big one for them. signs of spring, the washington nationals are days away from training. their first practice is saturday. additional players report february 23. the wizards are back from the all-star game and they got 3 games in 3 nights thanks to that lovely snowstorm we had a few weeks back. against the jazz tonight. trailing on the play. nice pass from jared. easy dunk. third quarter wiz to john, another easy dunk right there. later another fast break play. to bradley beale for another dunk. john walsh scored -- wizards
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win. they were busy at deadline today as well. in return the wizards send a protected first round pick, chris humphreys to the sun. mar keefe has a career average of -- but has had some behavior al issues. hoping that is all behind him. >> we felt like we he needed a jolt. we feel like we have been inconsistent this season. defense hasn't been like we want it to be and we feel like he gives us verse versatility and flexibility on the court. >> ugly first half for maryland sets up the dunk by jordan murphy. 2nd half, terps hanging around. hits the 3 pointer. he had 28 tonight. with time winding down in regulation, maryland down by 1.
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forced a turn over but turns it right maryland goes on to lose 68-63 and the fans storming the court. can't blame them for that one.
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>> but you need a game like this to regroup and come back advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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pnc wealth management team. a little chilly tomorrow but then 5 on saturday and sunday and the better of the two days will be saturday. >> gorgeous. we like it. >> have something to look forward to, thank goodness.
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that's it for us tonight. >> have a ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours.
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