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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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right now dignitaries and just regular people from all walk of life are pouring into the supreme court to pay their respects to late supreme court justice antonin scalia. we will have a live report from the nation's highest court in just a minute. but fi
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beltway, a deadly tractor trailer crash on 495 at connecticut avenue caused major backups. good afternoon. i'm mike hydek. larry miller has been covering this story all morning long and joins us now live from the seminary overpass. is it finally moving, larry? >> reporter: well, mike, traffic is certainly getting back to normal right now. you can see right over my shoulder traffic is flowing freely both in the inner and utter loop. i spoke with several us from -- outer loop. i spoke with several frustrated motorists this morning that were certainly crawling on the beltway. how much extra time is it taking you to get where you need to get going? >> probably 45 minutes to an hour. >> reporter: pretty frustrating, right? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: a slow drive on the beltway near connecticut avenue and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. a tractor trailer overturned before 5 a.m. this morning causing all lanes to shut down of the beltway. the crash was so powerful they put up a concrete traffic barrier. are you going to work today? >> i have to find a different
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delays extending miles both directions. 355 in chevy chase had much heavier traffic than normal. and one motorist that we talked to also told me that he just decided to pack up and leave and actually head back home and telework today because he was frustrated by the morning commute. we understand that a 47-year- old driver was the one that lost his life in that accident. we'll have anime for you tonight on the evening news. -- a name for you tonight on the evening news. if you're going to be traveling on the inner or outer loop of the beltway, you're good to go. larry miller, wusa9. remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia, here's a live look inside the nation's highest court where he is lying in repose. justice scalia died suddenly last weekend at age 79. dignitaries and members of the public are coming to pay their respects and surae chinn joins us live with more on today's service. >> reporter: well, mike, there is a line you can
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me. people are waiting to get inside the supreme court for the viewing of the late antonin scalia. people are paying their respects to a man who was an enormous force on the supreme court, eight supreme court police officers carrying scalia's flag draped casket up the steps into the great hall this morning to begin a private ceremony. law clerks to the justice are serving as honorary pallbearers. the private ceremony was for scalia's family. current justices and law clerks, at 10:30 this morning the public allowed to pay their respects. >> such a historic moment and i'm just telling evan here, this is his first trip to d.c., one day he will remember. he'll tell his children that he actually was here to the witness this event and i hope he remembers it because it's just so historic. >> there have been trips to washington in the past our school has been bout nothing really has happened quite like -- but nothing really ha
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>> reporter: flags in front of the supreme court are at half staff right now, will remain so for the next 30 days in his honor. scalia's body will remain here at the supreme court until tomorrow morning until his funeral at the basilica the national shrine of the immaculate conception in northeast washington. viewing here at the u.s. supreme court continues until 8:00 tonight. live at the supreme court surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. we are streaming the scalia event live online. you can just download the wusa9 app. that way you can see it wherever you are today. we're following breaking news out of monroeville, alabama. author harper lee died at age 89. her 1961 novel to kill a mockingbird became a defining text of the 20th century as it spoke about the racial troubles in america. she released a 2nd book just six months ago called go set a watchman, harper lee dead at
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years old. montgomery county police say they have a man wanted for a string of sex attacks in a local grocery store of 21-year- old william brown of wheaton is in custody now accused of sexually assaulting two women at a safeway on georgia avenue and a third woman at another location. police set up a sting and arrested him after he allegedly bumped into a woman. he's now held on $100,000 bond. it looks like america's war on isis is heating up. u.s. war planes bombed an isis camp near libya's capital overnight killing 40 people. a u.s. official said the airstrikes likely culled a senior tunisian operative linked to isis attacks in tunisia last year. president obama said just this week the u.s. would go after islamic state fighters in libya whenever there was a clear target. the defense department believes over 3,000 isis fighters are operating in libya right now. well, campaign 2016 is down to the wire in south carolina. voters are lining up at the polls tomorrow in a pivotal
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the six republicans left in the race for president are scrambling for last minute support right now and the latest poll shows donald trump's lead is getting smaller. donald trump's war of words with pope francis seemed to soften, though, a bit at a town hall on thursday night. marco rubio has five rallies today, the first one in columbia where some voters are waiting till the last minute to decide. >> i think a lot of people will make up their mind tomorrow morning. i frankly do. >> there could be some surprises tomorrow. >> there could be. >> there could be. the latest major polling shows the race is tightening. trump still has 28%, cruz now just five points behind, though. the polls open early saturday morning. if you would like to live like the president without the headaches that come with the job, there is a chance. this is a white house replica for sale in mccheney, virginia, only -- in mclean, virginia, only $3 million with
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floors and an oval office. it was built as a tribute to the united states by a vietnamese immigrant. we are past due for warmer temperatures and they are on the way. >> we've got to wait 24 hours or so. tomorrow get ready for a taste of spring. right now some clouds overhead keeping a lid on the temps and some snow showers up in pennsylvania. most readings haven't moved much from the morning, now clouds this afternoon, some sun, 42. three-day forecast, tomorrow 61, maybe a shower sunday. next week still have that threat for some rain, maybe a little bit of snow. >> thanks, howard. still to come here at noon, hanigan paradise, find out what caused this helicopter to slam into the water near pearl harbor. >> but first how you can help a marine bring a group of bad guys to justice. >> he was
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and was raised jew wish and now is preaching about -- jewish and is preaching at one you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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hey candidates, answer the call already.
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welcome back to the news at noon. he risked his life for our country and today a decorated marine needs your help. police are trying to find a group of men who attacked him. d.c. police released this new surveillance video of three men who are wanted for attacking bronze star recipient christopher marquez. this happened last friday at a mcdonald's along e street in northwest d.c. one of the suspects is seen wearing a white tank top. marquez is hospitalized right now suffering from memory issues. if you can help find these suspects or identify them, please call d.c. police. a 5-year-old is being called a hero in one louisiana neighborhood because chloe woods led her grandma to safety during a fire. the child had just learned a lesson about fire safety a few months ago. if there's fire,
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house. >> she was running and telling the neighbor call 911. i said what's going on? she said the house is going on. i said what? >> it could have been tragic. >> chloe's mom said the 5-year- old jumped out of her bed, ran to her grotandmher's room and told her it's time to get out. by the way, her grandmother is blind. howard is up next with the weekend forecast. saturday sounds fantastic. >> sure does. i've got the heavy coat and gloves, but tomorrow maybe just a light jacket or wind break are as we make a run toward the 60s. however, sunday i got a question about and next week we're tracking a storm that could bring us a little wintery weather. i'll break down
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. liand ke many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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welcome back to the news at noon. here's another live look inside the great hall of the supreme court where great justice antonin scalia is lying in repose. we will have complete coverage of his memorial service and we are streaming it online through the wusa9 mobile app. we'll also have a complete wrap- up on wusa9 news on television at 5:00. seven more months before the opening of the national museum of african american history and culture. as we mark black history month, the center's founding director lonnie bunch says he is hoping the museum can make a lasting impact on the people who visit. one of the items he believes is truly special is a piece of wood salvaged from a slave ship that wrecked off the coast of south africa. >> the tribal chieftan from that community told me that when you go back to where that ship is, if you could take soil from mozambique where most of the people came from and if you could sprinkle that soil over the ship, then for the first time since 1794 our people will sleep in their own land and
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>> the national museum of african american history is on 15th street and it is very close to the washington monument. you can't miss it. the national transportation safety board investigators are going to hawaii after this helicopter crashed in the water near pearl harbor. the video is unbelievable. five people were on board. one of the passengers is now in critical condition. we'll see how witnesses caught the whole thing on video. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the helicopter hovering in the air shortly before plunging into the water feet from the shoreline. almost immediately it overturns. >> oh, it just fell out of the sky and crashed right in front of us. >> reporter: shawn winrick was taking pictures on his phone and switched to video when he noticed something wrong with the aircraft, the tail rotor appearing to stall in the video. >> we all ran over. a bunch of people jumped in the water and we tried to help the survivors. >> reporter: chris garner said he tried to free those
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inside the wreckage. >> somebody said there's somebody still inside the aircraft, so i dove inside and saw them twisted. >> reporter: firefighters and members of the navy raced to the scene. all five people on board were rushed to the hospital. >> we heard what was two loud bangs. we thought it was gunshots and saw people running which obviously made us scared particularly in such a high profile destination. >> reporter: the chopper came down near the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor, a popular tourist attraction on the island of oahu. the faa said the helicopter, a near 40-year-old bell 206 is owned by jeffrey gelbert, founder of genesis helicopters what offers tours around oahu. >> obviously it's something no one ever wants to see. it was just tragic. >> reporter: vinita nair, cbs news, new york. time for our health alert, if getting a go
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is in important to you, a new study find one in three adults do not get enough zs. experts recommend adults 18 to 60 years old sleep at least seven hours a night to maintain good health. the centers for disease control says residents in south dakota get the most sleep. hawaii, they get the least. some new warnings out today about the dangers of common sedatives, a new study finds overdose deaths from sedatives have quadrupled in the last 20 years according to researchers from einstein college of medicine. they found in 75% of fatal overdoses the sedatives were taken along with opioid painkillers and/or alcohol. if you get a stunt put in or have surgery, your result will be equally effective when it comes to lowering long term risk of stroke from a narrow carotid artery. researchers from the mayo clinic did a 10 year study and say both in older and younger patients and whether le
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results from either procedure. it's a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough. colds and congestion can take over in the wintertime, but as don champion reports, not all coughs are the same. >> reporter: muriel felix has had it with her nagging cough. >> i've been ill for a week or so now and i haven't gotten any better, bronchitis. >> reporter: so what exactly does your cough mean? mount sinai urgent care doctor judith fearsteen says this time of year most patients have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. >> what starts out as something like a cold with nasal congestion and a mild cough, it gets deeper into the upper part of the chest and causes a drawn out illness. >> reporter: if a person has a dry cough that ends with a rattle, it may be asthma. when the cough is wet with colored mucus, that can be a sign of pneumonia. >> coughs that are particularly concerning that should prompt someone to go to
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are associated with real difficulty breathing. >> reporter: other coughs to watch out for, a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats can mean reflux disease and a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched whoop could be pertussis or whooping cough. muriel suffers from asthma, a chest x-ray ruled out pneumonia and determined she has bronchitis. >> unfortunately that's not uncommon for bronchitis. it typically lasts two to four weeks. >> reporter: dr. fearsteen recommended an asthma medication to open her passageways and dark honey to soothe her throat and cough. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> and doctors also say coughing up blood or experiencing pain when you're trying to breathe indicates the need for immediate medical attention. now this story keeps getting stranger. remember the teenager who is charged with pretending to be a doctor in west palm beach? he's now insisting he was just
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>> i've had some great supporters and i've had some people who have said some negative things, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and once again, i am not upset and i would simply ask if you could please pray for us in this time in everything that's happened that we get the truth out of it. >> okay. malechai love-robinson said everyone is entitled to their opinion, but according to police, he performed an exam on an undercover agent and took thousands of dollars from an 86- year-old woman seeking treatment. on his facebook page love- robinson posted a certificate claiming he is a practitioner of alternative medicine. as we get ready for some spring-like temperatures this weekend, drivers are dealing with whiteout conditions in the sierra nevada mountains. trucks with chains had the best chance of making it up and down this mountain unscathed and as highway officials warn, truck drivers need to put their chains in place with plenty of lights before they themselves end up in trouble in a remote area.
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first alert weather time, the weekend is almost here. >> it is, it is. i'm a skier, so that's a great scene for me, but we're going to be a little springtime tomorrow. >> chilly friday and tomorrow? >> tomorrow will be great. if you have a little contact in fever, want to get -- cabin fever, want to get out and wash the vehicle, you could do that. sunday is another day. the clouds are hanging tough keeping a lid on temperatures. >> you know why? i just got new sunglasses. >> it's hydeck's fault, everybody. maybe you'll get to use them a little later today. only upper 30s to low 40s, potentially 20 degrees warmer tomorrow. you'll notice the temperatures and i've got a cough right now in the story we just watched, temperatures don't drop off much tonight. we'll hold in the 30s as opposed to this morning when we had teens in spots. other weather headlines, a chilly friday, perhaps a little breezy at times as we get through the weekend, 50s and 60s, especially tomorrow. tomorrow will be the
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on sunday a little storm system will give us some clouds, maybe a shower later on in the day into sunday night and then next week still tracking a system for tuesday, wednesday. some of the ingredients are there, not all. there's not a lot of cold air. so it will struggle and i'm thinking rain is more likely than snow at this point for most of us. still really cold up across areas of new york state and new england, 20s and 30s, but look out west. these are current temps, 62 in lexington, 71 in st. louis, memphis 68 and that warmth is headed our way. right now locally it's only 34 in germantown, d.c. and waldorf, bowie 33, haymarket 37 along with leesburg 36. not the greatest day, but for february it's not terrible, could be a lot worse. 34, cloudy, feeling like 26 with the south wind at 10 miles an hour, but that south wind will bring in some milder air coming in
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we'll see another storm system they're, but notice the clouds here moving with the jet stream southwest to northeast. so all the warmth that's here in the central and south central part of the country gets pushed east and northeast. that's why we'll see this nice warm-up over the weekend. a few clouds around now, thinking they're going to thin out some this afternoon. so we'll see some sunshine, partly sunny later on, tonight not nearly as cold and then tomorrow with southwesterly winds looks like we'll have a decent amount of sunshine here and that's going to boost temperatures upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow, really enjoyable saturday. sunday it's still mild and we're talking about lows saturday night probably staying above 40. so sunday we'll be in the 50s but more clouds sunday and as the afternoon wears on, clouds move in, notice the showers western maryland, west virginia, southwestern virginia virginia, some of those around late sunday night before they get out of here more than likely before we leave for work or school monday morning. let me break down th
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in the upper 30s, breezy at times, a little sun, 36 tonight. tomorrow sunny, 61, really nice, upper 50s sunday with a chance for a shower later in the day and sunday night. heading towards next week not bad monday, 52. tuesday and wednesday rain or showers and maybe mixed in a couple wet flakes wednesday. again, i think this is mainly a rain system and thursday cold and dry, low 40s. we'll be back with more in just a moment. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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news at noon. our production assistant, courtney, this is her last day. we're trying to sneak and get her on camera. >> she's hiding. >> there they is. >> we wish her the best. >> don't forget 24/7 the wusa9 app. have
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>> nick: hey. good. you're awake. thank god. >> noah: what -- what happened? what happened? >> nick: hey, listen, don't worry about it. you're gonna be fine. they had to give you a sedative before you got on the flight. that's why you're groggy. >> noah: flight? >> nick: yeah, noah. you're home. [ handcuffs clink ] >> dylan: and you're under arrest for the hit-and-run that almost killed billy abbott.


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