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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now a decorated marine beaten and robbed says why he thinks he was attacked. >> we do not condone the practice of homosexuality. >> the church is getting this wrong . >> finding faith when so many condemn a big part of who your. >> and special ice time with the washington capitols. it's the stuff dreams are made of. >> first tonight we have learned new information about school aid who police say admitted to recording child porn. thank you for joining us. >> a source said that the man passed out cell phones to victims. we have learned that eight to ten students at the elementary school got phones from carroway to take pictures of themselves. police say the 22-year-old confessed to taking videos of students preforming sex acts
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took place on school grounds during the school day. the state attorney would not comment on the case today but did urge parents to talk to their kids and keep an eye on their phones. >> we want families to be aware, to please know what your children are looking at. many of them are walking around with the internet in their pocket because of the phones that we have now and it's dangerous and we really want them to be aware and protect their children. >> investigators say they have evidence of 17 victims and believe there could be as many as 55 children victims. sources say that carroway was convicted of a sexual offense when he was 12 and would have shown up if the school had a police officer do the background check. this video of two men stalking a witness to a double murder, shooting him off camera and then running away. the victim, was set to testify against i had
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double murder that happened in 2011 a jury is just convicted another man of ordering the murder of his uncle from his jail cell. >> you just how straight on and hear me. >> they know what they did to my son is. they blew his brains out and i had to clean up his brains. i don't think any mother or anyone should have to go through that. >> he and two others are all facing the possibility of multiple life terms at sentencing on tuesday. a guilty verdict for a former member of the board of education. lynette monday has been convicted of fraud and theft. police say she lied about her income to steal $1,300 of free school lunches for her child. sentencing is set for april 28 april 28th. she could face up to 49 years in prison. a not guilty plea from the macu
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murders. he appeared in court today. he is charged with 20 counts including first degree murder in the death of four people. prosecutors say he held them against their will inside their home, stole $40,000, kid them and set the house on fire movement a marine veteran beaten and robbed outside a mcdonalds out of the hospital but his health problems aren't over. we spoke by phone with the 30- year-old chris march questions. marques. he said he was attacked by a group of men last friday. he said that the trouble started when the teens confronted him act the black lives matter movement. >> they were trying to have a reason to attack me. they targeted me because of who i was. >> he said that he will have more testing at the hospital and is having issues with his memory. police are looking for the young man. i man who hadn't
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started a go fund me page. we have that information on the free wusa9app. the truck driver killed in a crash that closed both directions on the capitol builtway had a troubled history of safety. the 47-year-old has nearly 50 safety and traffic citations on his record over the past four years. his tractor trailer was toronto piece when is it went out of control near connecticut avenue. the beltway was closed for nearly six hours. a quiet day in the trick as thousands pay respects to justice scalia. this is a live look at his casket inside the united states supreme court where he served on the bench for nearly 30 years. mourners have been lining ultra all day for a chance to pay respects and we just learned that so many people are stopping by and still waiting to view the body that the viewing has been extended by an hour. it's now scheduled to end at
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his funeral will scheduled for tomorrow. 24 hours now another presidential primary will be in the books. republicans blazing a campaign trail across south carolina hoping to swing voters their way. trump is leading the polls but other candidates hoping for an upset. ted cruz has made the gap smaller. he said it's not just the white house at stake but the supreme court at wes. nevada also holds it's democratic caucus tomorrow. clinton and sanders are campaigning there hoping to sway undecided voters. clinton once had a big lead but sanders has closed the gap. the largest labor union chose not to endorse any candidate this year. the state will hold its vote on tuesday. the governor of maryland is asking the feds to help cover the cost of last month's blizzards. larry hogan is asking the president for a federal disaster declarationf. issued would provide help to
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well as public safety partners who help during that storm. winter will be in our rearview mirror the next couple of days. >> we are tracking near 60- degree weather. can you even believe it? >> 20 address warmer tomorrow. just like that. let's go through the weekend. this 7:00 saturday morning. we have partly cloudy skies but not as cold tonight. 40 downtown. 37 in fairfax. now by one, look at that. upper 50s. 60 down in fredricksburg. that's one on saturday. then by evening maybe a you have plans, mileller than tonight. it's still 52 downtown tomorrow night at tenement that's crazy. 49gaithersburg. 51 silver springs subpoena by morning on sunday it's still mild. 40 -- 43 in leesburg. 42 sterling. that's not bad and check this out. by lunchtime on sunday, yes clouds roll in but we are still in the 50s. i will say this. after about one some showers are
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i think the better of the two day also be saturday but i don't think we will get complaints for temperatures near 60 with a few showers on sunday. we will come back and talk about next week's storms. >> no complaints over the weather. some of this freeze, thaw stuff just caused big pot holes. it's so bad right now that it's warning drivers to take it slow or take public transsit. this winter has been bad but the pot holes are worse. >> try to avoid areas with the pot holes. it's not good. it jars you and it's hard on the car. >> i come on one i try to line it up in the middle of my caruso it goes under me. you try to go around it you could go in to the other lane. >> drivers in dc and maryland can call 311 and get virginia drivers -- should get ahold of vdot to report a pot hole. crews will work to patch up the craters with in three
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how they are working to be accepted in the church after the break. your only local news at seven. ♪
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one of america's most treasured authors has pass away. harper lee was 89. her book to kill a mocking bird has been a must read for decades. it's loosely bases on lee's life growing up in alabama. her later years lee live aid private life but was thrust back in to the spotlight last year when the public issuing of go set a watch man. it set a one day sales record for adult fiction. it's the law of the land. same sex marriage but for many the law of their religion says it's still a sin. tonight faith in our town segment deborah takes unshipped the struggle with
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methodist church and the count down to the fight that is stirring up controversy. >> >> love at first sight. it was our case. no doubt. >> reporter: when they met and fell in love they looked for a church to not only marry them but also to call their spiritual home. enter foundery a united methodist church holding down the corner of 16th and p street northwest. leading the charge to preform same sex marriages and welcome lgbtq people but to change the rules. >> it's harming real people. loved children of god are being harmed by the ways that the methodist church policies continue to discriminate. >> we affirm sexual relations only with in heterosexual marriage. >> reporter: the executive secretary of th
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bishops who seven the methodist around the world. >> we don't condone the practice of homoseality. >> reporter: gingev a senior pastor at foundery a leader among a growing network of what -- every four years about a thousand delegates vote at something called the general conference. in 2012 votes to change the rules on same sex marriage failed. >> its been digestion vice -- divicise. railroad the pastor is the spiritual leader at wilderness community church? virginia. he is also on the board of the good news movement a group that seek associate up hold scripture. >> jesus did address what is marriage. he said marriage is to be between a man and a woman. >> to you the bible is clear. >> on this one, yes. >> reporter: eo
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said he respects what he considers god's word greatly. to be clear both marcus and the pastor say they struggle with this issue and the church is open to their gay brothers and sisters to worship alongside them. >> they aren't condemned for being. nobody is condemned for being. there are circumstances with respect to doing. >> i think pre-- >> i think that's a dangerous message to send out that if you are gay there is something wrong with you. >> we are committed to what we believe is right. the people on the other side believe they are right too. >> [inaudible] >> quake. >> reporter: they are bringing up their daughter as a united methodist. they even baptize her >> we are gifted with hope. >> we have our 3-year-old right now that our hope is
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happy, >> well adjusted. >> doctor. >> geriatric doctor. >> reporter: wusa9. >> even though the church is getting smaller it's growing in other parts of the world the pastor said 45% of its members live outside the united states. he said that many hold more traditional views. in the next general conference where the issue will be discussed that's going to be in may. tonight at 11 a former drug abuser and drug dealer. he was raised jewish. he is now a preacher talking about jesus christ. one of the largest churches in the area. we will take you inside the mcclain bible church tonight at 11. you can watch all of the faith in our town stories on the app. enjoy the outdoors while you can. it'll feel like spring this weekend but winter is a
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again, we are tracking the next chill. >> and this 5-year-old girl is a hero. she led her blind grandmother from their burning home and got neighbors to call for help. so many are impressed her. this has been one of the top trending stories on the app since last night.
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today a judge tacked on another eight years of probation for the a tfl, enza teen. the court also ruled he will seven his probation as an adult once he turns 19 in april. and that he could spend four months in jail. he gain add -- gained attention forgetting probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four. the victim's families expressed frustration. >> it's not right. 20 days, 128 days, so when i did that. that's nothing. look at my brother. he is doing more than a 28 day period, 128 or whatever. is he doing more than ten years on probation. >> in december couch and his mother took off to mexico after a video came up showing him possibly violating that probation. couch became known as the a affluenza taken after his attorneys argued his wealth impaired his
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during a huge grass fire yesterday. this all happened in kansas city. a firefighter took this video and posted it on facebook. nobody was hurt but the flames burned some 1500 acres and damaged two barns. it's believed a spark from a lawn mower caused it. and turning to weather right now. all of us happy it's friday. especially happy because it'll be a great weekend. >> it is. haven't changed temperatures much. we have showers on sunday but not a disaster. if you want to do something i would recommend getting done by one or two. tess start with a three degree guarantee. felt good about this. love the final numbers in at 11. we went for a high of 43. the high -- let you know. again the models are even all over. they can'te green on temperatures right now. let alone the storm on tuesday and wednesday. one model went 39, one went 49. live look outside. the weather cam a. upper 30s. temperatures won't fall like they did
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dues coming up. winds kicking out of the south- southeast at nine and will become southwesterly by dawn. not that cole. mainly in the 30s tonight. some areas could be around 40. warm weekend. outdoor plans safe. we don't often talk about doing stuff outside in february on the weekend. saturday will be better. afternoon showers and evening on sunday. even a better chance of light rain sunday night. rain on tuesday and wednesday. yeah we could see a couple flakes tuesday morning and maybe wednesday evening. looks like a two pronged attack. models not in greet agreement but appears to be more than rain. ten tonight we still have cloud around that will also in part keep us warm. 36 in gaithersburg. we are still looking at 41 in winchester and 42 cumberland at ten tonight. tomorrow morning a lot of sun. most temperatures haven't changed much. 37 in sterling. 37 in silver spring and 36 in
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fairfax. by ten, maybe some clouds coming in. maybe a weidel bit over done. temperatures despite the clouds upper 40s to near 50. by lunchtime we are near 60 and 60 in fredricksburg. 59 culpepper. 58 in winchester. then more sunshine. you could grill out tomorrow if you wanted too. even by six temperatures still in the mid to upper 50s. still 54 in frederick and still 57 all the way down to fredricksburg. midnight mild night. temperatures in the 40s believe it or not. that's the average high. association 40 on the day planner at seven. 44 at nine. 51 at 11 and 58, almost 60 by one. there the afternoon showers on sunday. 59, not a wash out. pleasant on monday. 51. next seven days, again there is the rain. tuesday and wednesday and -- all weekend. we will have new information at 11 in case it shifts and then chilly on thursday and
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terps nation is in a funk about their team's loss. they lost astrict straight game last night and lost to a struggling team. maryland was ranked sixth and the gophers had been on a 14 game losing streak. they hadn't won all year. they lost 68-63. the head coach didn't have to much to say. >> there is not a lot of fun. you know, i just want us playing better. that's what i will try to get going.
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hopfully we will start playing better sunday. >> they play michigan sunday. sports teams often make an effort to reach out to those who can use a little help or attention. today the washington caps invited 100 children to the ice plex for hockey fun. the children you see here don't always have the ice to themselves. they did during this hockey clinic with help from volunteers including caps players like tom wilson. >> it's special for us to kind of know that we can have the impact on their lives and make sure they are having a good day and make sure they are having a fun time. >> reporter: zackery ward has cp. this is his fourth year taking part. his mom said that it's the highlight of her 7-year-old's year. >> it's just such a great to see how happy is he to bee here and see the caps here. you know it's -- we are big fans. >> reporter: this is the sixth year that they have teamed one
7:28 pm
hockey clinic. my gosh. so much cuteness i couldn't stand it and the parents who have been there are like get in there. unnetted a shot of you. >> exactly. >> all right. >> that's all for us. we hope have you a great weekend. >>
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tonight, new beyonce outrage, cops calling for a boycott. >> we're not going to put up with her anti-police messag get in formation ♪ >> her music video and super bowl halftime show enraging police. will they refuse to show up at her concert? her inner circle fires back on "e.t." >> and the supernan abuse controversy. she called child protective services after cameras caught this. what joe frost is telling "e.t" today. lady gaga unrecognizable. her new york fashion week runway debut. >> what beautiful model, huh? ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> dealing with desipreson, what you never knew about the '80s icon. >> jesse's girl is something i didn'ge


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