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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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this is wake up washington on wusa9. one last moment of remembrance. today thousands will attend the funeral of justice scalia. we are litake a look at this. what a breathtaking start to your saturday. it'll be spring like this weekend. one day is a lot better than the other. we will get to the details on wake up washington. >> what a difference a week makes. this time last week it was 14 degrees. >> terrible. it was so is cold last week. we are going to see much different weather this weekend. we are talking 60s. spring like weather. >> you dressed accordingly. >> i thought why not. little bit of rain tomorrow. we are
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being a little better. nice start a few clouds a few high clouds throughout the day but sun mixed in there, especially during the afternoon. little bit of sun. southwesterly winds. we are headed to the 60s. everybody is above freezing. that's a good start. wipeds will stay at the south and be breezy at times. ten to 20 miles an hour gusting up to higher than that, 25, even 30. temperatures, look at that. this time last week, this time yesterday we were about 20, 25 degrees warmer. 45 for fairfax. 41 springfield. only a few 30s out there. the high clouds will stream in and we will stay dry. can't say the same for tomorrow. a 56 by noon. near 60. more for some areas in to the lower 60s. we will track those coming up in just a bit. allison politics has been put on hold this
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man who helped shape the legal landscape. the justice set to be laid to rest after a funeral mass. we are there live and you were there at the supreme court and really witnessed a powerful tribute there with people lined up to pay respects yesterday. take us through what will happen now today. >> reporter: today the funeral begins at 11:00 here. this today will cap off two days of official mourning for the late justice. you know this is the nation's largest roman catholic church it's where the pope came to visit last year. other popes have come. many people and millions come here to pray. more than 3,000 came to pay respects yesterday at the supreme court. among the visitors the president, the first lady and former law clerk.
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people in a line that wrapped around the building all day long and night. the court had to extend the public viewing areas. the 79-year-old died unexpectedly during a hunting trip in texas many people said regardless on if they agreed with the man who had such influence on the high court they wanted to come to respect and honor the man and what he stood for. again things get started at 11:00 here. 3500 seats are available. they are suggesting to come here early. live here in northeast. wusa9. >> a quiet day in dc. we appreciate it. we have special coverage of the funeral throughout the day on wusa. you can't be near a television we will live stream it starting at 11:00 a.m. and today family and friends will pay final respects to a harper
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deputy killed in the line of duty. funeral services for mark logston are scheduled to start at ten at the credit una renea on the campus of hartford. he was shot and killed last week by a 68-year-old brian evans. theanother deputy was killed also, he was buried thursday. hitting the campaign trail. the road to the white house goes through nevada and south carolina later tonight. clinton and sanders lay their cards on the table in nevada whe republicans hold their primary in the palmetto state. trump at last check has a slim lead going into the primary. some anticipate a ted cruz upset. he wrapped up his campaigning in south carolina reminding people that the next president will most likely have a say in who is on the supreme court. >> we are one justice away from a di
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liberal majority that will strike down every restriction on abortion and mandate unlimited abortion on demand. >> and again on the other side democrats in nevada hold their caucus today. last check secretary clinton had a lead over sanders in a new national poll but nevada different story. looks like more of a toss up. the diverse population should test their broad appeal. numbers we will check on as this night unfolds. we have you covered with the latest on the race for the white house. you can stay on the pulse on the mobile app. after years of planning construction and testing, street cars in dc are finally ready to roll. dc's street cars will be in full operation one week from today. rider also be able to hop on the street cars for free. the district is still trying to figure out how
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free health screenings today in recognition of heart health month. customers can receive blood pressure, glucose and chol esterol screenings. and the district's largest landmark will be closed all weekend. washington monument could remain closed even into next week to repair angel evacuate -- elevator control box. it was stently damaged by a contractor -- accidentally damaged by a contractor. once the repairs are done a reopening will be announced. >> looks like a perfect day to go to the top two. still to come update on apple and the department of justice going for a legal showdown. >> and rg3 to the rim? the latest from the rumor mill. we will take you there. >> and 60 to 65 degrees. some clouds but we will see sun, little breezy. can't complain about today
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you were mentioning this weekend's forecast has something for everybody. >> we will be really nice today and a little bit cooler tomorrow but still well above average. there is been a lot of questions about the storm and its been unpredictable. we are still fine tuning the forecast. each model run looks different. sometimes there is snow, sometimes not. sometimes the timing changes and there is tuesday verses wednesday. looks more like a rain event. you with always find the details on the app. >> let's get to this weekend's forecast a few high clouds out there this mog.
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beautiful sunrise. it'll seem mostly cloudy at times, especially during the morning. as we head through the afternoon, see more and more sun. it'll be great. temperatures in the 60s and then with that southwesterly wind it'll help us get there. it'll be breezy at times. 44 degrees. feels about 39 because of that nice breeze out of the south. nine to 12. temperatures we are pretty comfortable. it's a little chilly if you are going to stay out. it's pretty nice for relatively speaking for february. frederick at 41. the temperatures right now are very similar to the average highs for this time of year. minus a couple of degrees. that's a sign of how warm it'll be this afternoon. 45 for waldorf and 46 for annapolis. you will see on the future cast the southwesterly wind wills bring in a few high clouds. if will seem mostly cloudy at times but they break apart during the afternoon.
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the evening tonight will be relatively mild again. many places not getting below the upper 30s. by first thing tomorrow morning a few clouds, partly cloudy but they become mostly cloudy by midday sunday. 12 on sunday we are dry. temperatures in the 50s. here come the showers for culpepper and orange. spread across the area during the afternoon and linger for the evening. heaviest rain south of the district a little lighter up to frederick. along 270 and toward martin bug you may see a few spotty showers. most of us farther south are getting rained on pretty good. between four and eight the peak. after one you will see the showers come on through. some will linger. few lingering showers before the sun comes up. by the time rush hour starts we will have no problem. winds out of the north on monday and that will keep the temperatures cooler than
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weekend but right about average. 61 degrees today. 57 for tomorrow afternoon and evening. 48, that's not a bad day on monday. for the rest of the week we are track that storm. could bring isolated showers on tuesday. timing has shifted just a bit to wednesday and thursday. some heavy rain airtimes ending with a few flurries mainly for areas off to the north and west. over to you. nothing like sitting down to your favorite plate of pasta. >> love pasta. >> and topping with a healthy amount of wood pulp >> that's what we ar
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cold and congestion area accepted in winter but not all one expert said this time of year most have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. if a person has a dry cough which ends in a rattle it may be asthma. when the cough is wet with colored mucus that could be a sign of p something worse. >> the doctor said that you also need to watch out for a dry confuse which gets worse whou
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and a severe hacking cough followed by a whoop could be whooping cough. coughing up blood or experiencing pain when trying to breathe is a need for immediate medical attention. when you eat shredded cheese are you eating wood pulp. two to 4% is considered acceptable in the industry. bloomburg news reports it found higher amounts in super value's value's every every dray. it was 8.8%. according to that -- one expert -- said that it's not a health problem. >> it's a plant fiber. the fact is that when you say things like wood fiber it gets a lot of attention. >> i would say so a representative for super value said that they hadn't en
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questions and concerns about our product seriously and are doing our own investigation into this matter. super value said anyone who isn't happy with the cheese can return it for a refund. another product you may want to know about which registered high at 7.8% was great value 100% found at wal-mart stores. cutting waste with labels was the goal of a meeting in connecticut. state lawmakers and food businesses met to clear up misleading food labels. they want to stream line them with terms like sell by, use by and best by a connecticut senator said people don't know the meaning of all the terms. the etched result they throw away food before it guess bad. >> the hungry in america would be greatly benefited by food that is
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be donated to them. it's forbidden by laws of 20 states. >> one survey found more than 90% of american consumers throw away food when the date label has passed. most believe it means the food is no longer safe to eat. it's estimated 160 billion pounds are wasting each year. there is no such thing as breakfast food or dinner food for that matter, especially on this shaw. you can eat anything you want any time of day. from salad bars to sushi. does that sound good? >> it's what is for breakfast? i don't know. cold cereal any time, any day, any place. now there is a place dedicated to that. >> reporter: as an athlete kim green learned the benefits of a healthy diet and wants to make sure they passes that onto her
7:19 am
they eat. having them be a part and having healthy choices is very important. >> reporter: kim is one of a growing number of moms throwing cereal parties. instead of pizza or chips and soda or snacks and sleep overs she sets up cereal bars including fresh fruits and whole grain mixed with low fat milk and yogurt. >> it's take that breakfast cereal. that traditional meal and making fun and the way you want to eat it. >> reporter: karen is a registered dietician with the american dairy association. she said that cereal bars can be healthy and educational. kids often try new foods and learn to take ownership over r theidiet. >> when when we can make it and design it ourselves we are more likely to eat it. >> reporter: in some cities cereal rest
7:20 am
with spices like mustard, garlic and even chili powder.  >> you can do a hot or cold one and use some different kinds of herbs. you can use lemon rh ind mint, herbs to infuse the different flavors. >> reporter: it's a concept kim appreciates. it helps kids form healthy habits. >> they love it. they love milk, they alwaysv. i want them to know that their bodies are like machines and if you don't feed your body well it won't work well in school and sports. >> look out for the growing trend. there are restaurants in new york, texas and richmond havev. there is also one at penn state there was. i don't know if it's still there. when i was there a few years ago. >> stop by the cereal bar. >> there was one. >>won't say how long ago.
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start. saturday, today will be better than sunday. if you are enjoying the warm spring like temperatures today is your day to get outside. we will see some showers arrive tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. nothing to heavy but they could bring inside at some point. especially farther soup. that's where the higher amounts of precipitation will be. for monday it's not a bad day a pleasant cool start. temperatures in to the upper 40s which is normal for this time of year and tracking system for midnext week. it's a mess with the models all over the place but looking to be more rain than anything else. we could see snow in the higher elevations. snow lovers don't get excited just yet. we are watching it. it's nice and comfortable a few cloud wills stream in. we will see more sun during the afternoon. temperatures headed to 10's. 's -- to the 60s. enjoy it. allison here is what you will find. taxpayers in new jersey spent more
7:22 am
on legal fees for the governor's administration. it's related to the bridge gate scandal. two former allies are accused ever orchestrating lane closures on a bridge to punish a local mayor for not endorsing the governor. this case is still pending. the justice department is going ahead with its legal fight with apple. they filed a motion forcing the tech giant to comply appear order to help them unlock the i- phone belonging to one of the california shooters. tim cook has said implications of the government demands are chilling. far beyond the legal case at hand. the government has told a judge it's willing to allow apple to retain possession of and later destroy specialized software it has been ordered to design to help the fbi hack into the phone a hearing is scheduled in federal court on march 22nd. still to come the fate of rg3 is in the air . >> and
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with purina one. is there was once a tim jeff fisher sent six of his guys out for a coin toss. all six picked up because of a trade for the number two overall pick in 2012, rg3. call it fisher's not so subtle way of flaunting the better end of a deal at that time. soon it could be one sided. here is why. rams are moving the franchise to la. they want a quarterback and more than a few reports suggest they are clearing cap space for a quarterback like rg3 who has possibly cleaned out his locker for the last time. he has one more year on his contract but he is due $16 million next season. all science point to him being released. whether he lands in
7:26 am
rumor for now. the wizards possibly spent the break doing recon. last night morris rocked the wizards uniform. quiet first impression. six points, 22 minutes. john wahl took it from there. the wiz kids win their second straight. 98-86. down a level its desperation time for georgetown. today at noon bishop to redo what they do to xavier. georgetown 2 2 doctor 6 since then. they need to pick it up in a hurry. as do the terps. the big ten crown in their reach but they let it slip. tomorrow all about bouncing back. maryland hosting michigan. we are going to be court side at college park. hope you join us for a special
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then there is this again. pitchers and catchers reported to nationals spring training this week where choke gate was revisited once again. jonathan said is he would talk about the past one last time. he owned up to the drama in the dug out at the end of last season. moment of implosion when he choked out the mvp of the national league. here is what he had to say. >> me and bryce, we are good. like we both said. i think -- i have apologized to him. i have apologized to my team. with what happened last year. i was in the wrong. still ahead, potential prison time for a school board official. facing up to 49 years in jail. and why some key labor unions have decided to watch the race for the white house from the sidelines. >> we are talking temperatures in the 40s and a little bit of a
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the next thing i know it's tempur-morning.ntour- with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. my cloud feels like somebody's hugging you. (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. and now through february 28th, save up to $300 on one of our most popular tempur-breeze mattress sets. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. welcome back into the saturday edition of wake up
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to be a fantastic saturday shaping up here. you think about what happened last week. we had snowballs fly away to flirting with temperatures in the 60s. >> so goes the month of february. when you have that transition getting it closer to the spring months normally your weather will go back and forth and back and forth. that's exactly what we have this weekend. spring like and you know i had someone say are we done with winter? you always will --. >> can't write it off just yet. >> no a big storm for next week but right now looks to be just rain but could end with a few flurries a lot to question for next week. stay tuned we will keep you up to date day by day. you can always get the details on the app on the latest thinking. as of now look like you will need the umbrella. temperatures are comfortable out there. we are into the 40s. very close to the typical highs. we are headed to the 10's. first
7:32 am
little taste of springtide. few clouds and is breezy. we will see more sun through the afternoon. those high clouds will make it seem mostly cloudy through the midmorning. it's 43 in gaitresburg. 41 for martin burg. here tim the clouds, we will stay dry and see showers arrive tomorrow. for the arch and evening. we will go through the future cast. time out the showers. by noon 56, by four in the afternoon 60 degrees and tonight relatively on the mild side. he was a giant a legal titan in the words of his colleges on the supreme court. today they will pay their final respect as long side thousands of others. it's set for around 10:30. we are
7:33 am
we were there -- witnessed the powerful with people lining up to entertainment >> reporter: today the vice president will be among the people who will be here attending mass which starts at 11:00 this morning. the casket will arrive shortly before the service. 64 family members are expected to go with the casket. i will remind you scalia was a father of nine children. served on the high court for nearly 30 years. yesterday it was a quiet ceremony at the court where the late justice served. his body lay in repose for 12 hours in the great hall . more than 3,000 people came to pay their respects. the president and former law clerks. the 79-year-old justice died unexpectedly during a hunting trip in texas and today will cap off two days of official mourning for the late justice.
7:34 am
roman catholic church and -- so many people come here. the pope came here to visit last year. many, millioning of people come to pray. 35003500 seats are available. wusa9. >> a quiet day in dc. of course we will have special coverage throughout the day. if you can't be near's television we will live stream starting at 11:00 a.m. a company based -- is raising reward money to help track down the people who attacked a marine. the 30-year-old was -- he left the mcdonalds. the honor brewing company is matching the police department's one thou
7:35 am
leading to arrests. and the man charged in the dc mansion murders has pleaded not guilty. he appeared before a judge charged with killing four people last may in the family home. prosecutors say that he held the family hostage, murdered them and then set the house on fire and left with $40,000 in ransom money. and we have new information about a school volunteer charged in a child porn case a source said that deante carway gave cell phones to many of his victims. he would then tell them to take videos of sex acts and then would collect the phones. police say he has confessed to recording students preforming sex acts. and a former member of the board of education
7:36 am
convicted of fraud and theft. prosecutors say that lynette mundy lied about her income to steal $1,300 worth of free school lunches for her child between 2011 and 2015. she could face 49 years in prison. the maryland governor is turning to the feds to try to declare last month's blizzard a disaster. if approved they would be eligible for federal money. is and what was once a 16 point lead for trump is now down to just five. >> the tid may be turning. is he at 28%, cruz at 23%. based on the latest poll released by the wall street journal. they tell a story that may have a more
7:37 am
some may have anticipated. >> reporter: florida senator rubio dashing out of one campaign appearance on his way to another as he and the other republicans try to woo south carolina voters ahead of tomorrow's primary. senator tim scott said to expect a strong showing >> we are going to see a good response tomorrow. i think we will be surprised by the result. >> reporter: one surprise could be an upset by ted cruz whos have narrowed the gap with trump in the latest poll. cruz who plans to attend justice scali a's funeral is reminds people that the supreme court is at well. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice liberal majority that will strike down every restriction on abortion and mandate unlimited abortion on demand. >> reporter: kasich hopes for a strong finish he closed his rally with a simple message. >> if you don't like me
7:38 am
tell anyone. >> reporter: as the campaign enters it's final hours candidates hope to sway undecided voter was speeches and calls from campaign offices. and in some cases voters swaying awayful >> reporter: are you decided now in >> no i'm still in between wolf >> reporter: father john zimmerman said that trump's temper spent a problem. >> if he wishes to be a leader he needs to learn humility and how to speak peacefully to people >> reporter: traits trump hasn't needed at his rallies. craig boswell. democrats in nevada hold their caucus today. at last check secretary clinton had an eight point lead over sanders in a new national poll but nevada looking like a different story. the state's diverse population should test their broad appeal to latino voters and labor unions. clinton and her 9,000 volunteers have spent months
7:39 am
courting latino voters like immigration and racial equality. she addressed it at a town hall thursday. >> i will immediately begin working on the priority legislation that i want the congress to deal with right away and immigrant grace reform will be among those issues. >> secretary clinton had a big lead but senator sanders is closing that gap. both have also been courting members of the labor unions who work on the las vegas strip. the culinary union isn't endorsing a candidate this year they backed senator obama in 2008. that year clinton won the caucuses. we have you cover with the latest on the race for the white house. you can stay on the pulse of campaign 016 on the mobile app. and turning to some other things making news right now. the state department has released more than
7:40 am
documents related to the hill hillary clinton e-mail scandal. portions were ruled to be classified but none of them released yesterday were ever marked classified at the time that they were sent. and one person was killed and at least 78 others injured during protests in northern india. hundreds of soldiers were called into subdue angry members of a lower caste. they were demanding benefits on federal and state levels a number of lawmaker homes have been attacked. the final member of the angolia three is free. he was released yesterday. more than 40 years after being convicted in death of a prison guard. he and two others were convicted in the 1972 murder which happened during a riot. all three eventually had the convictions overturned. judges ruled that none of the evidence in the case tied them
7:41 am
former new york city mayor is being treated for an illness. the 88-year-old is the first and only african american mayor of the nation's largest city a spokeswoman said he is expected to recover and be fine. this is the second time in two years he has been treated for. he served as a one term mayor of new york from 1990 to 1993. workers at the largest retail store in the world just got a raise and volvo made sure you will never be locked out of your vehicle again. >> we are looking at a nice day today. take a look at your town and high temperature. 60s. you bet? 61 for dc. 64 from -- culpepper at 65 and fredricksburg 66 degrees. showers tomorrow we will track it
7:42 am
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this thumbing up. i have one boppedy of mine going skiing. another said he is going canoeing. >> it's really nice. they have seen a lot of snow up through the mountains. the ski resorts loving that it's warm today. we are going to stay dry and really nice, really breezy. difference for tomorrow. so boating may not be your best bet tomorrow. we do have the high clouds. we have a nice day. high clouds, mix of sunshine. we have seen worse. this is a good-looking day for saturday. get outside and enjoy. normally we don't make plans to be outside in february but might as well. four degrees shy of the normal high for this time of year at almost eight in the morning. it'll be a nice day with the help of the southerly winds. temperatures in to the 40s. only a few spots in to the 30s. rs
7:45 am
we are headed to the 60's today. everybody should be above that 60-degree mark. though we had the clouds streaming on in they will thin out during the afternoon. we will see sunshine and the southwesterly winds will kick in getting the temperatures up. if you have evening plans you won't need the heavier coat we will drop down to the 50s by tenement southwesterly winds continuing by midnight. let's check the showers for tomorrow. they will interrupt the second half of the day. here are the clouds, they thin out. temperatures in to the 50s by nine. tomorrow we will start off with a little bit of sun. clouds increase though. 12:30 cloudy skies and shower as living for areas farther south of 66 through culpepper. you are first to see some of the source, come on through. notice how the heavier pockets of rain are farther south. spotty toward the north. after one here come the source. it ticks through your dinner and through
7:46 am
kind of lingers through the over night. even through first thing tomorrow morning before the sun comes up by the time the rush hour starts we should be dry and temperatures will be back to average by monday. not a bad day. 11 today. 57 tomorrow. 48 for morn. as we head through the next seven days we are looking at temperatures staying in to the 40s. that big storm system we are watching for next week looks to be into the mostly rain. we could end the day with flurries come late thursday night and into early friday morning. consumer news. wal-mart workers are getting a race. today minimum pay goes from nine dollars to ten dollars an hour. pay for full time worker also jump 3%. it's day it would have a massive pay increase announced last year. and the way you get your cable could be changing. the fcc voted to move ahead with the proposal that lets cable customers buy and rent cable boxes from companies other
7:47 am
a google or amazon. fcc head said that it would help bring down costs and give customers more options. and how about this? never loose your car keys again. don't you hate trying to find them? volvo is creating an app that replaces a physical key with a digital one. car owner dear sir even send it to a friend or family who is borrowing the car. they hope to have it available next year. and a big shake up in the executive offices at sea world the park announced the departures of the chief parks operations officer, and park director. as part of a continuing effort to improve the theme park they stayed it would end its killer whale shows last fall following public scruting and pressure. you know what
7:48 am
cue up the pet pictures. how we get our saturday started. >> it is. >> yeah. start us off. >> this is thank you for that. >> then chester. look at this one. >> cute. i like that. we had a lot of cats last week. we have a bunny. >> cap it off with a bunny resting after breakfast a good meal. >> that's a good-looking bunny. th
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two veteran police officers with the lapd have been indicted charged with raping four women over a three year period. officers james nickels and -- assaulted them while on duty. both have been suspended without pay since 2013. they face life if convicted. parents just outside little rock arkansas are not happy about an anti gang assembly held at a high school. it was labeled blacks only. it was part of the cord ordered des, egregation. parents want to know why only black students were singled out for the anti gang assembly. the school said it regrets that it's program was
7:52 am
available to all students. i will make him an offer he can't refuse. that from the godfather. motive made the author a famous man a single fan paid $625,000 for an archive of papers from him. it included multidrafts of the godfather novel and movie screenplay. some of the notes were handwritten. it also included papers details his cooperation with the movie director. someone is jealous. next week the music of ray charles will be celebrated at the white house. usher, and perry will preform some of the greatest hits during a performance special the program will be broadcast next friday. and virgin galactic is back in the race to be the first major private company
7:53 am
into commercial space travel. >> their founder revealed the new space craft yesterday. more than a year after a deadly crash destroyed the first model and killed one the test pilots. >> very more from virgin ga lactic in the desert. desert >> reporter: spaceship 2. >> when i saw it for the first time it brought a lump to my threat and tears to my eyes. >> reporter: this latest model, with the help of branson's 1- year-old granddaughter and her milk bottle could be the rsfit to fly tourists in to space >> what we aim to do is something that's never been done before. we are opening space to people from all walks of life. >> reporter: the unity looks nearly the same as the first space craft. it crashed in october 2014 during a test flight in the desert killing one pilot. branson questioned if they should carry on but the team stood firm in it's resolve >> they picked themselves up re the end of 2014, they
7:54 am
craft has now safety measures in place including a device to prevent pilots braking to early it seats six and can fly 62 miles above earth. they said that 700 people are already on the wait list for a trip into space at a cost of $250,000 each. branson's friend harrison ford was there to support the project. >> that's the wonderful thing about the bold adventures. these incredible achievements. they move all of our lives forward in ways we could never anticipate. >> reporter: there is no timetable set for the first commercial space flight. cbs news. and it'll start various stages of test flights. >> there is exinclusive companies that -- some companies like space x
7:55 am
origon to fly people and cargo into space president that's it right now. happening today, at 11:00 is the funeral for the late justice scalia. things get started. the casket will arrive shortly before the service. the vice president is one of the people, one of many who will attend. 64 family members will be going with the casket. yesterday it was a quiet ceremony. three thousand visitors came through the united states supreme court where the justice served for nearly 30 years. people say who came -- whether they agreed with him or not, they said that they wanted to come to honor the man. today cap its off two days of official mourning
7:56 am
justice. live here at the basilica. you can watch throughout the day for special coverage of the funeral. if you can't be near a television make sure you down load the wusa9app. we will live stream. also today family and friends will pay respects to a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. funeral services for him are scheduled to begin at ten this morning at the apg federal credit union on the campus of hartford community college. he was shot and killed last week by a 68-year-old brian eve evans. another deputy was also killed. he his funeral was thursday the washington monument will shut down all weekend long. the national park service said a contractor accidentally damaged the control box for the elevator. . we are waiting to find out when it'll reopen next week.
7:57 am
not a bad day to maybe walk around it >> it'll be beautiful out. i'm sure there will be a lot of people around the national mall. whatever have you. it'll be great. 61 degrees many breezy at time but if we can get to the 60s with the help of that wind i don't think a little wind will bother anyone tonight not so cold at all. not going to need the heavy coat. maybe just a light jacket. tomorrow we will see showers and watching the storm next week. >> get outside and enjoy this saturday. we can't thank you enough for starting with us. >> we will be back tonight and tomorrow morning. join us at seven. >> indeed and we will leave with you this shot here. hours away from a final good- bye to justice scalia.
7:58 am
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
7:59 am
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