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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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now is trying to determine if deontae caraway shared any of these brutal child sex videos on the internet. they are also trying to determine with the police, whether he had any help. although at this point, there is no evidence that he did. >> reporter: prosecutors say if deontae caraway is convicted of the federal child porn protection charges, they have just launched against him. he will spend a mandatory minimum, a minimum of 120 years in prison. but many more charges may yet be coming. they say they have already found some 38 graphic videos. of caraway, forcing children into sex with him and with each other. a total of eight victims so far, over the course of at least five months. much of the abuse inside judge civilania -- sylvannia woods' elementary school. >> it is hard to convey to
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the children in these cases to be interviewed by us, how devastating and difficult and painful it is for the parents. proz prosecutor -- >> reporter: prosecutor his no explanation for how caraway could get away with the abuse for months, even as parents were reporting their suspicions to principal michelle wlsz, who re -- williams, who remains on paid leave and is under investigation for possible failure to report. but we did get a sense of how the teacher's aide wielded power over the kids ages 9 to 11. one of the kids said cara way took hem out -- caraway took him out of class and told him to pull off his pants. and when herefused, -- he refused, caraway threatened to call the cops on the child. so the child submitted. >> the first report by an uncle of one of those victims. at that time, they
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caraway had confessed. today, we got? new details of that alleged confession. in a written statement, caraway says, i know it was wrong. i'm a bad person. i am no child of god for doing this. live in greenbelt, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and by the way, it is the law in every state that teachers and principals, with a reasonable suspicion of child abuse, report that suspicion to police or social services. police insist there is training going on right now in prince george's county schools to ensure that they do just that. and that this kind of thing never happens again. >> turning to politics. 30 republican presidential delegates up for grabs in tonight's nevada caucuses. and front runner, donald trump pulls a double-digit lead over his nevada rivals. but senators marco rubio and ted cruz have invested a lot of time and money there. they're now battling for second place, it would appear. but both are
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a surprise win. >> i'm asking you to vote for me tonight. because i will win. and the democrats know i will win. they spend more money attacking me than any other republican. >> now, it's our time. the men and women of nevada who decide. >> cruz apparently is under the most pressure. after a disappointing show in south carolina. and the recent embarrassment surrounding his firing of his communication director for tweeting a false news story about rubio. both rubio and trump accuse cruz of lying and running a deceptive campaign. super tuesday. one week from today, and voters in virginia will be among those using a presidential nominee. peggy fox travels from arlington to manassas. and she's asking the question, can anybody beat trump in virginia? she's live in manassas. peggy? >> reporter: well, you know, bruce virginia is a battle ground state. and gop leaders are quick to point out that if you want
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win virginia. and at this point, if the polls are correct, looks like trump will chalk up another win here in virginia. >> reporter: donald trump leads the pack, heading into super tuesday. and the critical primary state of virginia, where it's easy to find loyal supporters. >> what do you like about trump? >> he's honest. he says it like it is. he says what all of us are thinking. he just has enough balls to do it. >> but marco rubio's points are surging. and ted cruz is a few points behind him. >> can trump bring his less- educated supporters to the polls in a sufficient way to beat the marco rubio tie? >> trump is not going to win fairfax, the largest voting place in virginia. but not just because it's very well educated, it's also diverse, even even
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of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: has had an effect. >> would you vote for trump or not? >> i am muslim, no. >> reporter: cory is trump's campaign chair. >> do you have a problem with what he said about banning ban -- banning it everywhere. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> he was absolutely right. when he said a lot of the people who are coming here illegally, they're convicted of crimes, and the federal government still won't deport them. >> virginia republican party chair john whippet says the gop will stand by the nominee. >> we will support the nominee, whoever it may be. >> that moons raising money -- means raising money and knocking on doors. >> john kasich and ben carson will also be on the ballot. the virginia primary ballot, come next tuesday. but co
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chair in virginia, says trump is going to win by a comfortable 5 to 10 points. reporting live in manassas, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> democrats also holding a presidential primary next tuesday. you do not have to be registered in either primary by party to vote. but you do have to have a registered voter id with you. and you need to bring that id to the polls. polls in virginia will be open from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. tomorrow, bill clinton will be in northern virginia, campaigning for his wife. he has begun running ads in virginia. rival bernie sanders headline a campaign rally today in norfolk. he went from the usual theme, wall street's end little supply of money. and his view that clinton is too close to her campaign donors. meanwhile, they are having a field day with bernie sanders' twitter account. it was swampled with corrections
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tweeted greed, fraud, dishonesty, arrogant, these are just some of the adjectives that we use to describe wall street. the problem is, these are not adjectives but nouns. >> you can check our free wusa 9 app. after our wet day today, our weather could even get wetter before it gets better. >> that's right. topper shutt tracking doppler. >> not a good site out here. good news is, nothing heavy tonight. but by it time tomorrow evening, we could be looking at thunderstorms. first things first. most of the metro area is under a flood watch until tomorrow evening. until tomorrow, late at night, actually. that includes frederick and gaithersburg and leesburg and sterling and rockville and all the way to manassas as well. in terms ever winter weather. we mentioned this earlier, there were advisories north of us. now, it goes to
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hagerstown, washington county, jefferson county, until around 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. just sort of keep that in mind. cumberland and romney, also under the drizzle advisory. here's the radar. nothing crazy heavy. but look at the showers pushing through d.c. and pushing across montgomery into the county. we'll tell you when winter returns again. a 24-year-old man listed in stable condition. >> it happened before 1:00 this afternoon, on a green line train. police have made two arrests. a 15-year-old who is said to be the shooter, as well as a 19- year-old. two more people are wanted for questioning. police believe the suspect shot the man while trying to rob him. also, two teens have been arrested on an attack on a marine veteran at a local mcdonald's chris marquez was beaten and robbed outside of
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a 17-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault and a 17-year-old girl with aggravated robbery. marquez now suffers serious head injuries, including short- term memory loss, as a result that was attack. >> all of the support i've been getting, it's really really hard to stay there. i know for every bad person out there, there's like -- like a hundred good ones. >> police are looking for a third male teen, who was also seen kicking and punching marquez on videotape? >> a jury wanted for cutting a stranger's unborn baby from her womb. prosecutors say they lured michelle wilkins to her home. lane hit and choked wilkins and used kitchen exiefs to cut out -- knives to cut out the fetus. wilkins says she has forgiven lane and hopes she can find some way to forgive herself for
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>> she has interest are -- answered to the state of colorado for the heinous crimes she's committed. and i hope she does find the time to reflect on what she did and why, and find the opportunity to find inner peace. and find a way to pay the spiritual debt she's accumulated. >> prosecutors say they could not charge lane with murder because they found no evidence that the fetus ever lived outside the womb. lane faces anywhere from 16 to 120 years in prison. investigators say they may never know what drove a man to kill four of his family members in phoenix. they opened and they responded to a report that four people wered in a burning home. officers returned fire. when the shooting stopped and the smoke cleared, three adults, a gunman and a 6-year- old were all dead. still ahead tonight. president barack obama unveils his s
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at guantanamo bay.
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health officials investigate more than a dozen new sexually transmitted cases of the zika virus. busy but -- but up next, members of
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president barack obama getting stiff opposition for his plan to close guantanamo bay. >> is that plan would fulfill a promise president obama made in 2008. part of it comes from the president wanting to move them from their current facilities to facilities here in the u.s. >> reporter: president obama announced tuesday, his latest proposal to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay in cuba. >> it's counter productive to our fight against terrorists. because they use
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propaganda in their efforts to recruit. moreover, keeping this facility open is contrary to our valleys -- values. >> reporter: there are 91 detainees left at guantanamo. with a third to transfer, 56 would be moved to the continental u.s. including khalid sheikh mohammed. the white house says it would cost as much as $475 million to move them and build a new facility. but it will save $185 million a year in operating comforts. >> we can ensure our security. uphold our highest values around the world. and save american taxpayers a lot of money in the process. >> the administration has identified 13 locations in the u.s. including in south carolina, kansas ask colorado. but lawmakers from those states have opposed the moves, along with republican leaders. >> what he is now proposing to do is in direct contradiction with the will of the american people. >> it
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current law to transfer foreign terrorist, at guantanamo into the united states. >> reporter: the white house is urging congress to act before obama leaves office. mark albert, for cbs news, the white house. >> house speaker paul ryan issued a statement, saying congress will not change the law to allow terrorist detainees be held on american soil. bill gates is trending tonight on twitter, for siding with apple. the microsoft founder said apple should help the justice department break into the iphone. and that the case provides the opportunity to find a balance between security and privacy. apple claims creating a program to access one iphone would put other iphone users' privacy at risk. head of companies like facebook and google. centers for disease control. investigating four poss
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involved men who might have infected their female partners in the u.s. after they visited areas with zika virus. scientists have believed this to be extremely well. but if these 14 villain confirmed, it would have more for the virus. nearly half of all gay and bisexual men will be diagnosed with hiv. the chances are highest in d.c., as well as states in the southern part of the country, including maryland, among heterosexuals, blacks are far more likely to be infected than other racial groups. for example, one in 49 black women, compared to roughly one in 49,000 white women. and topper joins us with dry, wet weather. but you said it's going to be wetter before it gets better. >> i mean, by
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can rain -- we can rain some warmer temperatures. let's start with a 3-degree guarantee. kind of a miserable, raw day. high of 46. i think we're going to be okay. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. i think we're 15 in the last 16, actually. >> live look outside. to our michael and son weather cam. down to 43. that's within three degrees. that's good. winds out at 10. no worries about going freezinged in the metro area but radar, not a lot going on. it's not picking up the drizzle. heaviest activity to the east of us, into prince george's county. going out 50 bowie, annapolis. light rain showers. but everybody has wet roads. so not the greatest commute home. >> yellow weather alert tomorrow. for rain and showers tomorrow 31 and 34. wet and cold again. both commutes
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in fact, tomorrow evening's commute looks rough, with maybe thunderstorms. warmer tomorrow by wednesday evening. with thunderstorms and some produce lev heavy rains. -- produce heavy rains. we're not going to shake the drizzle. 43 downtown. 41 in silver spring. and 41 in fairfax. by 6:00 a.m., some showers began to reappear. temps don't matter much. still 41 in manassas. and by 9:00, a little heavier activity, develops out toward leesburg, and hagerstown. and by 1:00, we see heavier showers and thunderstorms around charlottesville. and that could roll through the metro area, between 3:00 p.m. and about 7:00 p.m. get ready for the rumble of thunder once again. day planner. rain, rain, rain. 48 by 11. maybe we climb to 50 by 1:00 p.m. by thursday, 60 is the high at midnight. temps will fall during the day. breezy and chilly, maybe showers. cold on friday. only 43. next seven days.
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mid40s on saturday. but then, upper 50s on sunday. so a dry weekend. 54 monday. perhaps some showers. cold again next tuesday, with
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now, wusa 9, game on sports, with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. >> nationals infielder, ryan zimmerman has embraced being one of the faces in franchise, while maintaining his privacy. doesn't each have a twitter account. but zimmerman is willing to forego all of that. they will talk about the allegations that he used
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named in a documentary, produced by al-jazeera. their source has since recanted all the information. zimmerman said he has never used ped and has tile decided to file a lawsuit. >> me deciding to open myself up to everything filing a suit openings you up to, -- opens you up to, i don't think there is really a stronger action for me to take than saying, here you go, come look at me. >> the nfl combine begins tomorrow. while redskins brass are assessing the draft. one area to address is the wide receiver. the team top two receivers are under contract through 2016. but both guys carry large cap hits. so could they be trade bait? jason lacaforra says they won't be herein the long run. but the team needs them now. >> i'm not sure that either of those guys are
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point that this organization completely turns it around. but they're playing in a division that is pretty poor that was evident last year. they are not going to do this entirely. but i wouldn't rule out a trade. i don't see them cutting it. >> and president bruce allen may have tipped his cap. in a radio interview, allen said he doesn't see griffin on the team roster this coming season. but does expect him to get a great opportunity with another team. of course, they will they have until about march 9th. >> my question is, what team? >> got time for the seven-day? >> but maybe being in texas. >> maybe houstonful. >>
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>> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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