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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a yellow weather alert tonight. you're looking live at an overcast tonight and many of you are under flood watch facing another wet and chilly morning commute. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. let's get right out to chief meteorologist, topper shutt for a look at what's ahead. we are hearing thunderstorms. >> the evening commute will be worse in the morning commute. let's start with a flood watch. everyone is under flood watch with the exception of our friends and southern maryland. charles county. heavy rains, so you might see flooding down there as well it goes through wednesday as well. for the morning through midnight thursday. mainly concerned about heavy downpours tomorrow afternoon. there is also a freezing rain advisory for greater county, and hagerstown, back into the panhandle of west virginia and maryland. i'm not real concern bubble point that out to you. also back into oakland and rummy as well until 6:00 a.m. in the morning. i know temperatures above freezing na
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here we go, 6:00 a.m. temperatures upper 30s, low 40s with light rain and showers across the board. not a pretty start tomorrow, and then by 8:00, 39 frederick, 42 downtown, 48 and hagerstown, 41 in frederick with more rain on the way. reminder, track all of this on your smart phone. download our app, go to the app store, search wusa9, you get radar, 3 degree guarantee and extended forecasts. then we come back we will say when the line of storms also the area. to prince george's county where there are new developments in the case of a school volunteer accused of committing horrific crimes against kids. >> a grand jury indicted deonte carraway on charges related to sexual abuse. the federal government announced their own plans to charge him with eight counts of producing child pornography. ellison barber brings you the latest. >> reporter: the federal charges are staggering because if convicted it means that carraway could face a victim of 129 years behind
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the documents are also helpful because they shed new light on the case against carraway. mention this man's name in quentin arden and usually elicits one response. outrage. >> this man is -- he needs to be under the jail. >> he is a monster. he is a monster in disguise. a normal 22-year-old young man. >> reporter: police say deonte carraway admitted at least in part to producing child pornography, but until now, the details of his confession remained a secret. police say deonte carraway provided a written statement after they confronted him about a student at judge sylvania words, sunday, noon photo through the kick app. it's time i called the truth, carraway reportedly told police. yes, i have videos. and yes, he will find some on my orange phone. i know it was wrong, he wrote. i'm a bad person. i am no child of god for doing this. i know i'm grown. i made a lot of mistakes are carraway lat
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recorded themselves in the others. investigators say that is not true. and they claim to have the videos to support it. according to the federal complaint of the 60 plus videos they were covered on two different phones, at least for videos show carraway engaging in sexual acts with minors. some were filmed at the victim's homes, but police say parents didn't know. >> we have no indication that there was negligence on the parts of parents or custodians. >> reporter: according to the documents, carraway told students they would be a part of the group called the a.k.a. club. police say carraway threatened at least one student when he did not want to take off clothing. reporting in glen arden, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> now the state and federal investigation is expected to continue for the foreseeable phone. investigators say they are still trying to determine whether or not carraway shared any videos online. or with other adults. two prince william county virginia where police arrested a basketball coach on
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that he had sex with a 16-year- old girl who attended the school where he worked. he is 43-year-old george logan the third. he has been fired from highland school, that is a private school in warrenton. police say logan began sexting with the grow in january and later had sex with her at his home in manassas. right now, in the district, we're learning more about teco teenagers wanted for shooting a man on a metro chain. this is the most recent act of violence that has a lot of commuters understandably concerned. but tonight, metro transit police say they feel confident they have the suspects. the takedown happened just the way it was supposed to. wusa9's garrett haake life for us at the anacostia metro stop with a look at how the accused were caught. >> reporter: the metro transit police chief today said in 20 years on the job he can't remember an incident like this. in fact, the rarity of what we saw today, a shooting on a metro train, is part of the reason you won't see additional or increased se
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investigation and arrest today were pretty much textbook. within four minutes of the shooting on board a green light rain this afternoon, mpd and transit police received photos of the suspect. metro says technicians at the security operations center quickly reviewed security footage from the train, platform and station and distributed images to please. among them, this photo obtained by wusa9 shown the pair leaving the station. the 16-year-old suspect on the right, wearing bright silver headphones and a distinctive faux fur hood. on the left, andre broadie easily identifiable in a red ensemble. metro released a booking photo of broadie tonight, and agency spokesperson says prosecutors will ask the 16-year-old who police say fire a single gunshot be tried as an adult. back at the anacostia metro stop, metro riders we spoke with seem to see today's incident in the larger
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and say it won't affect how they use the service. >> it's unfortunate that it's you can't hire enough police to be able to patrol the city but what you can do is make sure that the residents are safe and policies are construct it. >> reporter: if you are following the story throughout the day today, you may have seen photos of two persons of in -- interest involved. those persons have been cleared in any involvement. they are not looking for them and did not have anything to do with this. the teco suspects will appear in court tomorrow. police say the only outstanding piece of evidence they are still looking for tonight is that gun which has still not yet been recovered. porting life of the anacostia station, garrett haake, wusa9. >> no information from police on a possible motive for the shooting or if the victim knew the suspects. a short time ago we did get some good news about the victim, the 24-year-old man was released from the hospital late tonight. stil
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veteran. chris marquez was beaten back on the board 12, just outside of mcdonald's in dc's chinatown. police charged the 17-year-old boy with aggravated assault and a 17-year-old girl with robbery. and, they are looking for a third person. marquez is out of the hospital, but still recovering from serious head injuries. and some short-term memory loss. also in dc, police arrested the driver in a deadly hit and run that took place in the early hours of new year's day. the victim was 36-year-old ian jerome buttes. he was walking in a crosswalk when a driver hit and killed him at the intersection of minnesota avenue and c st., southeast. today, police arrested 31-year- old sophia palmer. palmer is charged with involuntary manslaughter. tonight in fairfax county police are investigating a homicide in the falls church apartment. an employee of the skyline terrace apartment found the victim around 2:30
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afternoon. police say the man had been shot. the victim's name has not been released, no word on suspects or a motive. new information here in last month's murder of a blacksburg virginia teenager. the medical examiner telling us that 13-year-old nicole lovell die from stab wounds to the neck. teco virginia tech students are charge in the growth death, 18- year-old david eisenhauer is charged with murder while natalie keepers is helping eisenhauer plan the killing and dispose of the body. both are in jail awaiting trial. you're looking live at republican caucus is underway right now in nevada. and, we are getting reports that some sites ran out of ballots and other problems because they just weren't expecting the crowds to be so big. no results, get. the caucusing still goes on for another hour. since donald trump is expected to win big, other candidates have set their sights on next tuesday. super tuesday.
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caucuses are underway as republican voters try to sway their neighbors into supporting their candidate. >> have you decided who you are caucusing for tonight? >> we sure have. >> who is it? >> trump. >> before i knew that trump was running i liked rubio. but i have to go with trump, this is the fourth contest in the 26 in presidential race. donald trump has a substantial lead in the polls but warned supporters that his rival might try something funny. >> watch out for the dishonest stuff. dishonesty cannot get a poll very quickly. that's the only way we lose. >> reporter: ted cruz is betting on nevadans bringing their friends to caucus. >> you know that if everyone of you here brings another people to show up tonight, each of you will have voted 10 times. >> we have to nominate someone in the republican party that has a chance of winning the election. >> reporter: marco rubio who lived in las vegas as a child has yet to win a state. he is already contending in minnesota and michigan which hold their primaries in
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upcoming weeks. >> the caucuses are just starting to wrap up and we should see some results coming in soon. you can check the wusa9 app for the latest information. democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, took part in a town hall meeting tonight on cnn. tomorrow, former president. bill clinton will be in alexandria and in richmond campaign for his wife out of the march 1 primary. coverage of the countdown to super tuesday continues tomorrow. we took a look at the coveted millennial vote. if they show up at the polls, who will they pick? our special coverage on wusa9 starts tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. to tonight, demonstrators rallied outside fbi headquarters in dc to voice their support for apple. >> apple, apple, what do you say? >> keep the fbi away! >> apple is refusing to help the feds unlocking iphone that belongs to one of the san
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bernardino killers. the fbi says the phone could hold key information. apple says decrypting that phone could set a precedent that makes our personal devices far less secure. >> this is not just an issue of privacy, but that cyber security is something that protects our online communications from criminals. from terrorists. and, from people who just want to steal our credit card numbers. >> protests like this one in dc were held with cities across the country. graduation at the naval academy is going to look a little different this year. the academy has announced a new policy regarding what midshipmen can wear. no more skirts or heeled shoes were female midshipmen. they will where females identical to the men. now, this new policy affects on the graduation. the naval academy says the graduation ceremony is about uniformity, a team concept and tradition. maybe what we continue to ed, we can continue to do
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>> he is talking about edible marijuana in dc. tonight only on 9, the infamous man and his plan to get it back in business. tina fey has a brand-new movie, it's a comedy based in a war zone. i'm tommy mcfly. we talked over all about a coming up on wusa9. as we wait for storms to hit our area, ú
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we have another yellow weather alert wednesday. join us tomorrow, i'm tracking the storm's hour by hour with the weather on the 9s.. now a store you will only feel 9. you have probably seen these cars around town. the marijuana
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hard to miss. dc cops say they have shut down the infamous curse god's back in december. >> tonight, the man who wants to sell weed on wheels is talking about his plan to get back out on the street. wusa9's mola lenghi spoke with that man, nicholas cunningham after his court appearance. what is next for them? >> reporter: that man is still on the dc streets. you might even recognize his unmistakable car driving around the district every now and then with a slight change to his operation that he hopes is only temporary. >> we are doing things they really have never been done before so we are going to have these problems. we have kush all over the car, nobody has advertise like that here. my quit nicholas cunningham and his company, kush gods are advertising is marijuana, pretty obvious. until his arrest, he had been using
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the kush gods mobile app to deliver food laced with thc in exchange for donations. finding a way to work around dc's initiative 71 which legalized small amounts of recreational pot but does not allow for the sale. police say undercover agents brought hundreds of dollars in edibles and looseleaf marijuana from cunningham and his employee, ivan little. since his arrest, he agreed to stop operating. ivan little but pled guilty to distribution. cunningham's attorneys say they are close to reaching the plea deal. >> at this point we're working on something where we can continue to grow into business because we do more than just edibles. >> reporter: cunningham exists darshan says kush gods has diversified, now dabbling in music and a clothing line but he admits he is buying time to >> marijuana will be legal federally this year, hopefully. we have been hearing some things. right now i'm pretty comfortable with where the company is here in the city. >> reporter: in the meantime, cunningham is still accepting donations and driving around in an unmistakable kush gods carbonyl edibles on board. >> we are trying to figure out a way to work within the loss to make everything absolutely legal so we don't have
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problems. >> reporter: now, cunningham insists that kush gods are more than just weed on wheels. he gives some of these edibles to folks suffering from illnesses and diseases, things like cancer and epilepsy and sickle cell, serving as a sort of medical marijuana. certainly, but not an exact science and the way he's doing it, but he insists he emphasized that he is certain it will help these folks. live in the district, i'm mola lenghi, wusa9. >> cunningham is said to be in court for status hearing march 21. by then, he says he hopes to have an agreement worked out. a big night for politicians and celebrities in dc. vice president biden, secretary of state, john kerry, and tina fey all went to a movie together. >> only in washington. our own tommy mcfly was in the middle of it all on the red carpet. let's check in with him at the navy memorial. >> reporter: tina fey's new
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correspondent who went to afghanistan to shake it up. we asked if it was okay to do comedy in the war zone. >> her book was really funny. that made it be okay. >> it gave us permission, i guess. >> reporter: to think they are ever going to get rid of tina fey? >> i'm not really sure i want to. she is, i think, this is the best she has ever been in a movie. >> the first license female driver. that sucks. >> reporter: where is the war zone that you start? >> that breaking bad war zone of albuquerque, new mexico. a lot of movies actually double new mexico for afghanistan. >> when sarah palin does something ridiculous, are you, lex, gosh, darn it, again? >> no, it has been eight years. it is pretty manageable. >> reporter: if you could put your self into any tina fey will, which one would you want to be? >> [ laughter ]
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sarah palin? >> i don't.your space is very important. >> this is excellent. >> i think it's her best movie. and i think i'm really, really proud of it. >> reporter: whiskey, -- "whiskey, tango, foxtrot" opens march 4. i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> we talked of his top of the newscast about starting weather heading our way. >> fantastic. i know you're thrilled. the system has done damage in all seriousness down south. take a look, a tornado tore through an rv park in louisiana. one of seven twisters that officials say hit the state and mississippi. at least three people have died, rescue teams are using dogs to search piles of rubble. that is the system, topper,
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tell us is heading our way. >> it will be severe, we've got reports of 23 unconfirmed tornadoes not only in alabama, but mississippi and louisiana. we may hear the rumble of thunder and heavy downpours in a flood watch but we will be all right in terms of severe weather. let me show you where that is pretty still a huge area covered by a tornado watch and through much of alabama, mississippi, the florida panhandle. this is where the action is overnight. that little fan that you see, that is a tornado warning in southeastern sections of alabama. this whole system is heading our way bring this note to chicago, severe weather southeast and the rumble of thunder in the metro area. here's the radar. you don't feel about going on, bob and rizzo going on. that's it. amateurs, 36 frederick, 39 gaithersburg, 43 downtown. look outside, wins not a factor, north northeast at 10 good humidity is way up and the winds will eventually become southeast tomorrow and could gust over 30 miles per hour. by tomorrow evening. we will be rocking and rolling tomorrow evening. three geeky guarantee, how do we do? pressure is on. 46 forechi
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are 16 of 17. tomorrow, forecast high of 62. i know that sounds crazy but i'm going to do it. yellow weather alert market busstop temperatures, 34 and wet. delightful. both commutes will be went to market critical times, 3:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. thunderstorms. some of those will have gusty wind, some will have heavy downpours. thus the flood watch. at 6:00 in the morning, light showers. 40 gaithersburg, 41 manassas, low 40s downtown. by midmorning, more concentrated area of showers. nothing heavy. outdoor leesburg sterling, 43 in sterling and 42 in dale city. by 1:00, 10th in the 50s at least south of us, maybe 50 in silver spring. the real warm stuff while heading late tomorrow afternoon and evening. with that will come storm spirit meantime, 40s to start. the loverly. 50 by 1:00 p.m. all right, thursday, midnight ,
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a couple of showers possible. very cold friday, only 43. that might be high. the next seven days, cold again saturday but he cannot stay cold long. we're running out of february. that to the upper 50s sunday, mid-50s monday, and march 1, coming in like a lamb, called the 40. >> nice. >> springtime weather. when you think springtime weather, we think, spring training. >> spring training. you know, all of the players are getting down there. pitchers and catchers have been there. but of course, first it was harper and proper bond, today, zimmerman npd. plus, wizards tonight, firing on
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with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. tonight's wizards game against new orleans picked two former kentucky wildcats that both went first overall in their respective draft classes. anthony davis and john wall. after pulling out a big lead at the end of the first half, jared dudley came tgh
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knocking down three from beyond the arc in less than two minutes, six total on the night, wizards up 71-57. after scoring 59.2 days prior, pelican, anthony davis, held to just 9. but, the other kentucky alumni, john wall notching his fifth career triple-double tonight with this jumper. washington walks out the big wigner, 109-89, the final. washington capitals added some depth, acquiring defenseman mike weber from the buffalo in exchange for a third round pick. the capitals have more wins in 57 games than any team in nhl history. they are cruising right along this season with a roster chock- full of talent. but, are looking to avoid their habit of early postseason exits. >> we are always improving ourselves to be successful in the playoffs. we are trying to find that extra step, that extra bit to give us an even better chance. >> we kno
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desperation. we know there are things that need to be done for other teams and this is an important time of year. >> championship teams just have that it factor, the intangible. things you can't really put a stop on. you can just feel it. and, this team just keeps on winning, pushing forward. and we're going to see how good we can be this year and i'm loving it. >> it's going to be fun to watch. national infielder ryan zimmerman is a beloved face of the franchise. imagine his and many others people surprise when he was named in the documentary last december alleging he used performance-enhancing drugs. zimmerman along with fellow ballplayer, ryan howard, file date defamation lawsuit against al jazeera network, as their reporters spoke about the report for the first time once again, denying he says ever used -- and is willing to forgo privacy to clear his name. >> me filing suit, and me opening myself up to everything thfi
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to, i don't really think there is much of a stronger, i guess, action for me to take other than saying, here you go, come look at me. >> players begin practice tomorrow. we've got frank down there and will you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. yellow weather alert, no surprise there. flood watch. critical time, 3:00 p.m.
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