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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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terrace. >> this torrential downpour. with the hail coming down. this stuff is coming down in buckets, topper. >> whoa. >> i'm not going to be out here long. i don't have waterproof pants. we'll put it to you that way. but we have at least pea-sized hail coming in at the moment. >> get inside. we can hear the rumble of thunder. i don't want you out there. >> was that lightning, too? did we see lightning? >> yeah. there's a little lightning. i'm zooming in now where howard was. and there's a little bit of lightning. so -- >> can we put that hail in context, too? have you ever seen anything like that this time of year? >> well, good question, adam. i don't think i can remember hail in february. not that uncommon to get the rumble of thunder. as a matter of fact, we had rumble of thunder sunday morning. so here's where we are now. here's the storm moving through right now. wisconsin avenue. fox hall road. beach drive northwest and western. these pr
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per hour. in fact, we'll kind of zoom in. mclane gardens, getting hammered right now. as howard showed you, we have hail. yeah, rainfall rates, 3, 4 inches per hour. we'll put the hail on. and the hail is still catching up with the radar. remember, this is live radar now. these storms are exactly where we're showing you. >> if you don't have waterproof pants, don't go outside. >> that was impressive. >> wow. they really are wet. >> so, okay. that was -- that was impressive. now, we've got heavy activity. wheaton, silver spring. and up toward rockville. we're going to take a break here and reset and give you a little more on the big picture. no, we're not. we're not out of the woods just yet. we're really not. the good news is, i don't think we'll see the likelihood of seeing tornado warnings anymore, seems to be a little less likely. >> but wind damage -- >> wind damage, flooding, lightning strikes, all a real possibility right now. >> let's go into the shear here.
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lightning. and there's a fair amount of lightning here. so the shear -- yeah. howard, was right in here. and let's see what we have for a little amount here. boom, right around 1:20. >> well, we had to have gusts at least 30 or 40 when i was outside. i'm surprised the umbrella didn't turn inside out. >> i'm surprised you didn't break the umbrella. wind gusts, shear rather of about 28. yeah, these are 30 to 40-mile- per-hour winds at the surface. and they're going move, essentially, right through silver spring. right along east-west highway. head toward college park. and right out route 50. >> and getting a report now of some trees down in route 15, north of leesburg. near salma lane. no doubt with this line and these winds, and that 60-plus, we have been getting. we're seeing damage here. i think there will be isolated power outages, too. that would not be a surprise
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>> good news is, they're moving pretty fast. but we could also see flash flooding. i'm going to zoom out of radar and see -- it's still a pretty good line. a little solid line. from olney to rockville, all the way down into waldorf now. and we have garrett haake around accokeek. and he'll be traveling into charles county. >> and ackeek -- accokeek is getting hit pretty hard right now. looking at almost 50,000-foot tops coming through the area. >> i don't know. did you hear adam's question? i can't remember hail in february. >> the freezing level is not that high. but the storm high is over 40,000 to 50,000 plus. >> kind of insane? >> yeah. that would be a good word for it right now. >> severe thunderstorm warning anotherren 10 minutes for the district. and i gotta believe that will be extended, well, already is extended further east, into
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6:15. and probably extended past that as well. there we are. centered over the district. and until 6:15. but again, thankfully only a severe thunderstorm warning. still, we've got hail. >> and a report of 62 miles per hour. first was 64. >> i'm very confident that winds, 60, 65 in that line that is coming through right now. r. >> good news is, we'll widen this out. and you can see, that's the red. the tornado watch until 11:00. but the yellow, hardly anyone is not under a severe thunderstorm warning. >> and topper, i don't want to let our guard down, even though it's coming through here, it's our friends off to the south now. those storms approaching port royal. to the west of port royal, there's a tornado warning on that storm that could come up 301 into southern maryland. >> picture y
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bottom left-hand portion of your screen. college park. site of the radar and also a lot of lightning right now. the watch in red goes until 11:00. but the severe thunderstorm warnings covered up most of mont gomery -- montgomery county, the district, arlington. a little bit of fairfax. >> and germantown had a report of 70 mile an hour gusts. >> so the shear was about right. they were to the ground. heaviest rain now, silver spring. around college park. fact, this is live. college park right now. and you can see the lightning. and lightning is as dangerous as anything else. so you hear thunder. you can can be struck by lightning. that's how we pull howie back into the weather office. and really, another hour or so. before crosses and clears prince george's county. as howard mentioned -- that's the -- driving toward d.c., on 210 in the shehe m
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and visibility not great right now. i don't see too many flashes of lightning. don't hear any hail. but not great. let's go back to radar in a second. and we'll show you where the heavy rain is. it is right through e district. eastern sections of montgomery county. and now into prince george's county. and stretching all the way down toward waldorf and la plata. what howard was making reference to was that little area of thunderstorms to the southwest of us, that were still prompting tornado warnings to the southwest. it could imimpact southern maryland, a little later on, perhaps in the next hour and a half to two hours. we're watching that carefully. right now, big-time rain, silver spring. now on the east side of 270. and big-time rain through 270, and bowie, and annapolis and still, 95 now is more of a mess, northbound toward baltimore. we'll zoom back out. and the line goes all the way down into charles county. good news, fredericksburg, you're in better
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a lot of lightning still with those storms. in fact, that lightning hasn't caught up with those storms now. if you're on the west side of 270, you're in most of fairfax county. certainly west of mclane. and loudoun county. out toward prince george's. you're done. you're done with the severe weather. >> topper, just track it on cg18, that storm coming out of ladysmith. i'm looking at that one, toward dahlgren. waldorf around 7. and brandy wine, 7:07. we gotta watch that line here until maybe about 8:00, 8:30, before it completely clears through. and even stuff by richmond could take aim toward the northern neck of parts of saint mary's county. >> yeah. i don't think they'll be out of the woods until 8:00, 9:00. that's the storm mentioned. negotiate of richmond and south of fredericksburg that howie is tracking. that co
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and north humber land. reedville, too. and st. mary's city as well. so the good news is, we're not seeing the prolific tornado warnings we saw earlier tonight, earlier today. so that's good. this whole area is now is moving off to the north and east with the arrows. and that is heading toward our friends. now, we do have the tornado warnings south of fredericksburg. we talked about this earlier. and these were the storms we were concerned. we know they're intense storms. ask they're moving into warm air. and unstable air. that indicates to us, they could spin up a couple of tornadoes for southern maryland in the next, say, hour or two. so that's certainly worth watching. all right. we'll look at the future cast. and straight-line storms pushing through. get on that. and then we advance it. 7:00.
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still around 95. fredericksburg, you're okay. fairfax, you're okay. but now, serious. prince george's county. almost all of you will see something heavy in the next hour. okay? and east side of 270 as well. >> yeah. we're getting all sorts tfcof reports. once it moves through, you will clear out rather quickly. >> all right. thank you for filing this report a moment ago. >> about a mile north of potomac mills mall, just off of i-95. coming down pretty hard now. has been for the better part of 35, 40 minutes. rain, black clouds. dark clouds overhead. thnl thunder, lightning. really all there is. really, we're right in the middle. right in the heart of rush hour. traffic making things a little tougher. visibility
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obviously, the road condition. very wet out here. really just a mess out here for drivers as this storm is passing through. and as folks have to deal with really the worst that we've seen so far today in woodridge. i'm olan lang for wusa 9. >> good news is, that part of prince williams county is done with the heavy downpours and severe weather. >> we still have the tornado watch in red, which does include leesburg, manassas. they'll probably start trimming this shortly. the threat is over here. the yellow, that's still serious. that's a severe thunderstorm warning, which covers eastern montgomery county, all over the district. d.c., prince george's county, and the northern half of charles county as well. this is a severe thunderstorm warning. across most of the metro area. the watch goes until 11:00. but as you said from the get- go, i think 9:00 and 10:00, is going to be about the oaks tent -- ex
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heavy in silver spring. into howard county and prince george's county. nasty going out route 50. and also nasty going down to the south of 95. adam, you have something to add. >> it's blowingun right now, with people out to the west. we're talking about leesburg, percyville, social media. media pictures all over the place. extremely vibrant. central and eastern parts was district, getting ready for what's to come. >> as we mentioned, howard did mention, it would be spectacular, if you're lucky enough to have some when the storm ended. >> we have pictures now on our facebook and twitter page. and if you're in the position to see some of this powerful weather move through, or perhaps you have video or pictures, feel free to upload it to our facebook or twitter. >> we always like video and pictures. it really tells th
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try to put something next to it, like a penny or dime, so we have some sort of reference to scale. we're going to move back out a little bit. good news, frederick, you're in pretty good shape. >> this is out there. heavy downpours they had. flood warning in the balenger creek area. -- ballenger creek area. somewhere else around the corner. >> and i think we can confirm that. yeah. there's the green here are your flood warnings in effect. even loudoun county is under a flood warning at this hour, as is most of the district. and the yellowed box there, the arrow, that's the severe thunderstorm warnings, until 6:15. my hunch is that is going to be extended a little bit. and there's the area to the south. south of fredericksburg. that's a tornado warning around ladysmith. and that's kind of what we're concerned about. >> that goes until almost 6:30.
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>> and across the river into southern maryland. >> maybe going up 301. or charles. this is serious. you have to take it very seriously right now. and watch that situation very carefully. >> yeah. even though it's not bad right now in all of saint mary's county. you're in good shape. don't let your guard down now. >> heavy rains in alexandria. oldtown, heavy rain up 29. out to college park now and walkerville as you head east of town. and also 50 toward bowie, some pretty heavy rain as well. future cast, 6:30. there's the line of showers and thunderstorms. moves by about 7:30. so an hour and 15 minutes from now. it will be hammering, essentially, prince george's county, and our friends into southern maryland. we saw heavy rain earlier in college park. and we're going to go live there now, with scott broom. scott? >>
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you're looking at the dashboard camera on my mobile news van now. we're looking at what howard got hit with on live tv moments ago. driving rain. a lot of wind to be rocking the car right now. i'm not outside of the vehicle because of so much lightning around me. i'm in one of the high-ground parking lots at the university of maryland here. so we've got a good view of the horizon. it's waking over me. but moving quickly. wind gusting maybe up to perhaps as high as 35, 40 miles per hour. but nothing looking like a tornado out there at this point. just a severe thunderstorm crossing over. that's the way it looks in college park right now. back to you. >> and the same storm that hit us here. just a little bit ago. i believe we have an update on waverly? adam? >> yeah. thanks, top. >> we're still getting new information on this torn
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in sussex county. state police reporting several things to us. >> yeah, apparently the damage is extensive. it's severe. there have been mobile homes ripped apart. cars overturned. roofs shear said off. i think our deborah debra alfarone has been following this. we'll try to get to deb as soon as we can, with some additional information. but i know she's been tracking to find out the death toll. what we've seen so far is that there have been three confirmed. but virginia state police said the death toll might be up to 6. so we are, of course, being trag this. it's a fluid situation. and you're looking at pictures now from waverly. >> what's making it more difficult to ascertain the true situation going on there, with the latest reports we have, is the two main roads leading into that town, route 64 and 40, are completely shut down because of debris in the roads covering that area. authorities are doing their best to get to folks and get to the other houses and buildings that have been damaged. reportings of as many as six structures within the town
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waverly that were considerably damaged, tops. >> and this occurred around 2:30, 2:45 this afternoon. it is off south and east of the richmond area. okay. big picture here. we have big warnings in yellow. prince george's county. northern sections of charles county. and frederick, you're okay. although there's flooding in frederick and leesburg, you're in the under the tornado watch. but that's going to be changing. a -- as we get into the 8:00, 9:00 hour, we're in pretty good shape. and those of you sending in pictures of rainbows. you're done with the storm. >> flood warnings for frederick county, virginia, has been canceled. but we got a lot of high water across with this system moving
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and i don't want to ignore the folks down south. if you are in colonial beach in southern maryland. this is coming your way in the next hour, 90 minutes. >> this might be a new one. >> the richmond viewing area. some of our friends in the northern neck. going to have to launch that this morning. >> king george county. be prepared. because much more than a warning. it's just to your south and to your west. so newland. and as howard mentioned, they cross the river and go into saint mary's county as well. i brought this up to show you the green. those are your flood warnings that go, in some cases until 9:00. ground was pretty saturated. some of it was thawed. we were under a
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for the entire metro area. now, heavy rain. d.c., back down toward old town. but now moving off to the east a little bit. now it's starting to hit, prince george's county. heading up 214. down route 5 and 301. it's a mess. upper marlboro and clinton. reston, light rain. tyson's corner, light showers. you're done with the severe weather. you're okay right now. future cast will take this essentially into the eastern part of our viewing area by 7:00. so another 45 minutes from now. and it will take a little longer to get to our friends in southern maryland. notice by 8:00, still have showers in the northern neck. see the red there. so that indicates that some of those storms that are prompting tornado warnings south and west of us just shy of the northern neck could affect our friends in the northern neck and southern maryland, until 8:00, 9:00. but then after ,
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pretty good shape. i think after by 10:00, it moves across the bay. and we're in pretty good shape. >> topper, let me just cut you off a second. let's go to cg18 for a second. in advance of those storms now we have severe thunderstorm warnings, until 7:00 p.m. and that is just the northern part of st. mary's. we're also watching that other severe thunderstorm warning across anne arundel, howard, and prince george's county. and that goes until 7:00 p.m. we're just dealing with now. we've gotta get this line through. once you get past, 8:30, 9:00. yeah, we'll be able to lower our guard. but the next hour. 90 minutes, still going to be rocking and rolling in many areas. especially now east and southeast of washington. >> yeah. i think that's [ inaudible ] pictures of the rainbows. then you're in pretty good shape. i want to do a couple of things here. if i can. i'm going to try to put on -- i think radar off fo
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we don't want to play this down. also want to put on some of the flood warnings. because these are important. you can see a good portion of the metro area is under a flood warning. and you don't want to cross the flooded streets. you've got this area out here. you've got this area in here. and down into fredericksburg. they're all under flash flood warning. some are until 8:00. some are until 9:15. >> 1:00 a.m. thursday. >> obviously still experiencing creeks. from leesburg, back to martinsburg. and northern faulkier county, as well. as well as loudoun. gotta watch that as well. and then just these general flood warnings, right up and down 95. fredericksburg, into bethesda. and -- >> we have a couple of water situations that we can tell people about. there's a water rescue, apparently going
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goldsboro and mass avenue. that's an area that is prone to flooding when there is a lot of water coming down. there are swift water rescue crews on the way there. we've got a crew on the way there, too. also, we can see that 495, on the beltway, near or before i- 270. there's high water there. and all lanes are blocked. so you've been telling people to kind of stay off the roads and wait this out if you can. that's really good advice. >> yeah. maybe even see some problems in parts of rock creek park as well. scottie, cg17. i got a report of a tree down in chantilly, 5:45. we know we had hail. >> and one of our photo journalist spotted an inch of hail reported. in iceberg, a weather aficionado. >> we had reports of hail and storm damage. tree routes on 15. north of leesburg. so that just a little earl
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today. and you're okay in leesburg. i'm just showing you the storm reports of what the storms left in their wake. and fairly impressed with trees down. shows the trees down. also, at leesburg, down route 15. north of leesburg. and the other -- this is hail. and we know we had anywhere from dime-sized hail to quarter- sized hail from west springfield, northward through the district. and now, even up into southeastern montgomery county, prince george's county line. not too far from -- actually, not too far from laurel. almost an inch in hillendale. we also have to the north of montgomery county, let's see what this one is. this is to the north. up 270. this is now -- this is now, germantown at 62. 75mile% hour --
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hour wind gusts. >> all right. garrett haake is live with us. on the beltway. garrett, what part of the beltway are you on? >> hey, topper. we're in oxon hill, eastbound now. in prince george's county. and you can see, traffic is just absolutely crawling. we're going less than 20 miles an hour right now. heavy winds. lots of lightning. and particularly on some of these overpasses, on-ramps and exit ramps, we're experiencing quite a bit of pushing winds, started moving us around in this suv. miserable driving conditions for folks who miscallulated on leave -- miscalculated on leaving work tonight. >> you're in oxon hill? is that correct? >> that's right. heading east now. >> we've got more heavy rain ahead of you, too. as well. no hail, right, garrett? >> no hail. just rain so far. bialready, some of it, you know, starting to puddle up here on the roads, particularly in the right-hand lane, where we are pretty
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>> okay. yeah, it's just going to be a mess. all right. thank you. we'll check in with you in a little bit. lesli. more water rescue. what have you got? >> this is also in montgomery county. another water rescue. this is on east-west highway, in sundale road. it says vehicles are in high water. the occupants are trapped and stranded. so crews have been out everywhere. and this is a tough one. i mean, this hits right around the time of rush hour. and if people weren't able to get your alerts before now, and they headed out, you know, this is one of those unfortunate things that can happen. >> give me the cross street again. >> east-west highway, and sundale road. and this is from montgomery county fire and rescue. and they're saying that there are vehicles in high water. and there are people trapped in stranded there. so we know that they've got the swift water rescue crews headed to that location. >> right. >> where thers
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and now, they've got to head out to another area. >> oh, sundale. that's it right there. >> uh-huh. >> so this is where the water rescue is taking place right now. sundale. that's the current radar. of -- still raining pretty hard there. going to go back and see if we can't put onmuch rain fell in this area. and this is going to be an estimate. but my hunch is, probably, you know, 1 to 3 inches. let's see if. : okay. hang on one second. so this is not that impressive. it's going to show about an inch. maybe two. maybe two. again, probably hasn't caught up and filtered in yet. but that's not good. ure want to avoid 410 and sundale drive. mr. broom is back with us live in -- where are you, scottie? >> yeah. 193. college park, headed towards
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wires, trees, flooding. also widespread reports over the line from prince george's county line. in montgomery county. a lot of that think right now. you can see outside my dashboard camera. mobile newsroom. exactly what garrett was just reporting. thwhich is essentially, -- which is essentially, gridlock traffic. it's a lot of standing water on the roads. still heavy rain coming down from the sky. occasionally lightning strikes that sort of unnerve you because they're close and allowed. just a lot of people sitting in their cars, hoping to get home. i was at the university of maryland. so you know, a huge number of employees and students stat tight through the storm. and they're now releasing at one time. to get out as if a huge university of maryland, versus michigan game just ended. you can see, i'm starting to move now. lots of rain still coming down. looks like the worst of the heavy weather has passed through. this little microreej region where i am. but as i was analyzing th
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hardly any of the expertise you have, i saw what appeared to be much heavier stuff. let's say north of beltsville, towards laurel. and burtonsville. and that's, in fact, where we're starting to hear some reports with the flash flooding, beginning and some trees down. so i'm headed up in that direction. not sure if there is any severe impact just yet. >> yeah. that is correct. and the heaviest activity is probably just a little north of you and moving away from you. so berwyn heights, heavy rain, going to be pretty heavy rain. i'm going to kind of move back over to where the other water rescue was. lesli. that was mass and goldsboro. >> and that's at the bottom of that hill in massachusetts. ailing stream that runs right with goldsboro right there. >> you can see that explodes right now because was high water. they
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water rescue. also, to update you on montgomery county. emergency conditions there. they're saying because they have such an intense call volume right now. they're moving to something called condition red. all units are committed on cold water rescues, wires and poles down. here's a report of wires down in the 8500 block of connecticut avenue. got wires and trees down. georgia avenue and brookeville road. traffic lightings are out at river road. and tiny meeting house road. just a number of high-water debris. lines down across the district. and up into maryland. >> it's going to be another tough ride home. if you can get home at this point. but of course, what we have been telling people, to try to stay off the roads until this passes. at least some. >> okay. yeah. i just went ahead and put this on. this is water rescue, goldsboro and mass avenue right here. that's where the water rescue is. and some of the roads are closed now. so it's not going to get better. 's
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-- going to take a while to get home. if you weren't with us. we apologize. told you to stay off the roads. we are going to zoom back out. and we can see that the heaviest activity is now out of montgomery county. still stragglers here. over toward fairfax right there. but the bulk of the activity is pushing to the east. in fact, we'll storm track this. waldorf get ready. and friends out in calvert county, get ready as well. in half an hour. heading toward annapolis, 6:30. easton at about 7:21. should be across the bay at 7:21. >> and for folks, top and howard, still trying to make your way out of the district and
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>> if you're not having any success on the road. >> could if be any worse? -- it be any worse? it's not even snow. hard to believe. >> heart of the rush hour. timing couldn't have been worse. >> so there's live radar. what you see is what you get. live in college park. spot. this is now -- this is -- hang on a second. good news. if you're in fairfax county. you're okay. right now. leftover showers. eastern fairfax county. leesburg, you're dry. olney, you're dry, you're fine. but st. george's county, it's going to be rough going for the next couple of hours. really will be. we'll zoom in a little bit. templetemple hill, heavy rain. fedex, heavy rain. these are rainfall rates, 1 to 2 inches per


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