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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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affect the metro area through the next hour, hour and a half. >> that's waverly, topper. >> this is where the storm occurred about 2:30, 2:35 this when we got word that have tornado is, southeast of petersburg and south southwest of williamsburg. >> big storms. >> monster storms down 95 past petersburg, big storms there. let's go back to the radar and there is the good line of showers and thunderstorms. good news, montgomery county in good shape, heavy rain northeast pushing eastward and light rain into southern maryland but don't let your guard down just yet. rainfall rates 1-2" common in the metro, and you can see the flat screen and --
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you know you have several inches of rain. we have severe thunderstorm warnings, and that's bad but better than a tornado warning. we'll keep you posted and make sure they don't turn into a tornado warning as the storms move eastward, and we'll zoom in more. his -- this is heavy rain in college park and walker mill and lighter rain toward old town and also alexandria and arlington as well. this is moving off to the east. so get ready in bowie and queen anne and kettering. heavy rain is on your way and you are under a severe thunderstorm warning. >> top, looking at the lightning -- oh, i'm sorry. lesli? >> let's get you caught up at the metro station with our colleague eric lee there, and a lot of lights behind you, eric. what's
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>> reporter: yeah. what we are hearing is there is obviously, you can see here that if i switch the camera around -- >> eric, i'm going to cut you off. it's really hard to make out what you're saying. i think -- yeah. and--we can see fire crews there. it looks like they're trying to go into the station. it sounds like there was a report of fire and that they are single tracking it. chris, our producer, did i hear what i thought i heard? friendship heights? >> reporter: this is friendship heights. >> do we know if anybody is hurt in. >> reporter: no reports of that yet. i've only been
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time -- >> eric, i late to cut you off. sometimes, technology gives us a few issues from time to time and with the weather we are having. and er sick telling us about a fire there, so it could be a very long night. >> we couldn't hear him well but we could see the video, and that is still available, it could be an arcing incident, an equipment malfunction in the tracks that could have sparked a potential fire, and we have heard of all these incidents, power lines down on the innerloop of the beltway, and so folks who aren't driving thinking they were in the
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the red line towards shady grove, not going so well for folks tonight. let's kick it back to you as we watch the powerful storms. yeah. that's what we were concerned about southwest of southern maryland and these still bear watching. they are still heavy and we have a tornado warning for richmond and north umber land for 7:15 in the northern neck. so technically, this is a severe thunderstorm warning. but these are nasty storms. and we have a little more lightning now. i think this is a new one. essex,
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middleton and richmond. grand reed, get ready, you could see a tornado for 60, route 3. i would take cover, interior rooms. >> that's warning for a storm way out there, north of williams between richmond and williamsburg right now. that's a storm that will potentially affect the lower part of the northern neck. >> that's the one currently on until 7:45. and i don't see a reason it wouldn't cross the river and get in southern maryland. it's at your doorstep. you are not technically under the warning yet, but north umber land, westmoreland, take cover and newland and around 202 and even to the east where there is nothing going on in here. we have the arrow but you are under a tornado warning until 7:45. that's the latest on the storms tracking south
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town. >> that's just crossing into the river now and it could send up a waterspout easily and they could become tornado -- tornado when is they make land. >> hopefully, not the bay. >> oh, no, not the bay. >> and river springs, white point beach in st. marys and leonardtown is the way this appears to be tracking. >> we are going to follow this. we are not convinced it won't spin up a tornado but the northern neck, take cover. >> thank you, leslie, and i'm seeing on twitter they are single tracking and trains are getting through and it's an arcing insulator incident. >> the most high profile incident we had of arcing about a year ago where one person died and metro is working to improve
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issued a tornado warning in effect for calvert and st. mary's county and show you the big picture and go over to howard in just a second but not surprising. it's the strongest signature we've seen and put me in key, please. between southern calvert and st. mary's county. take cover immediately. hopefully you have been going over this. but we'll go over again, basement, interior room, and most of you do not have basements, the interior room and stay away from windows and stay away from debris. this is the route, laurel through route 50 into southern maryland. this is heavy rain toward 450 and bowie pushing off to the east. right now, no hail or tornadic activity. and down to the south, a tornado warning in effect that includes our friends in southern maryland and the northern neck. so this is
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warning, 7:45, calvert, st. mary's county, and again, that's right in here and this is the old tornado warning for 7 minutes or so, 7:15. i would not be surprised if that were extended, and notice the increase of lightning strikes? it could indicate that the storm is strengthening. they will ebb and flow and now it looks like it's intensifying as it crosses the river. so a tornado warning until 7:45. >> i want to talk about the velocity and -- okay. okay. we'll go back to -- howard, keep talking. we'll go to 18 in a second. we're watching the circulation now which is getting right over the river and starting to head off towards the northeast again and that's the problem here as we --
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you can follow it as it's moving forward and almost east northeast. it's also from here. >> yeah. >> that will put it maybe toward white point beach or valley lee or lexington park and leonardtown. let me back this up and show you what's been going on with this in the last half hour. can u see how that is inching off from newland? maybe it took a bit of a right turn we were talking about, but on this path, i'm going to put a track on this and i'm looking at something maybe going in that direction here. so lexington park at 7:24 and as far as the amount of shear, the spin that we keep talking about what we start looking at it, the value is just a broad circulation and not nearly as tight as it was. but it's like an ice skater pulling their arms in and out. they can get loose or tight and when they ge
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better chance but definitely a broad circulation here, so you can imagine the winds going something like this in that particular area. >> and let's see what happens as it gets into southern maryland over st. mary's county. it was on land for a longer period of time. it could tighten up again. >> remember the la plata tornado didn't do much medical ithit the river. the winds were channeled east and southeast. i'm just saying when thri get -- they get over the open water, they can spin up and do something. it became super, super intense as it went into charles county, so a tornado warning, no longer
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warning. it's a tornado warning. please take cover and remember. any time of day f we have breaking weather or breaking news and you have the app, you can watch it on our phone, and that's a good way to stay up to date. >> and reedville, you are earned a -- under a tornado warning as well. waldorf is left of me and this is just to the south of waldorf. probably in good shape, cal -- waldorf, and more than anything, st. mary's and calvert's county is where it was posted. lightning around
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this is the activity we have been tracking for a while, calvert and st. mary's county until 7:45. can you take off everything but the tornado warnings? actually, take off the radar, the reflectivity. include solomon and the little area there and it includes leonardtown as well and across the river into the northern neck, hollywood under the warning. so if you're in the area, take cover. >> another warning. >> the warning for the northern neck between reedville, that's a separate storm. >> that's way back here. >>that is coming back from west point there. >> which means they're giving you a pretty good lead time here for the one around 2:02 around reedville. they are giving a pretty good warning on that one. so take this seriously. thke cover.
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this is the newest one for calvert and st. mary's county and the other for essex and westmoreland will expire shortly at 7:15. we'll see if they let it expire or if they extend that one. >> the circulation looks more like it's on st. mary's between leonardtown and white point beach. >> let's see what's going on. >> it looks ragged. >> it does. it's a good thing. but, yeah. that's have circulation. >> look at that one. >> so certainly we're looking at the potential -- whether we get a tornado or not -- pretty strong winds. >> more than likely, that will be the case, and i'm going to switch to get a different view from the north. white point beach and leonardtown. >> so the tornado warning for essex county, we got a
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of multiple structures damaged, possible tornado. >> that's the 1 with the 145 -- sad but not a surprise. >> right. the secretary. >> the tornado warning in st. mary's county and calvert, hollywood, california, and the naval air station, all those areas. if you are in the area, take cover immediately. do not fool around with this. lesli, you had a question? >> i want to give perspective to what you are have been talking about with downed wires and lights out and dominion virginia is reporting 300,000 plus customers and mostly ann arundel and baltimore with under 3800 power outages. >> that's quite a fair
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>> the good news is it's warm. that's some good news and howard just showed the gate to gate. what was it? 71? >> i saw 70 a moment ago. >> 70. okay. so 65. certainly strong winds with this. and whether or not there is a tornado -- >> if you're in leonardtown or red gate or solomon, please take cover. a tornado warning is in effect, and a warning means it's current. >> thank you, and we're going to get out to scott broom, a report of someone trap inside their car on the innerloop. scott, what do you have? >> reporter: i'm in the outerloop, and it's completely unsafe to get out of the vehicle with the beltway traffic. and you can see the flashing lights. let me describe what's going on. this is just west of colesville road, between
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colesville and the inner loop of the beltway, a bit of a low spot, and that has filled up with water, and it appears as though 3 or 4 lanes of the beltway are closed by the water and traffic is pushed with cones and flares over to the shoulder to the right side. this is a huge puddle of standing water. there are a couple of tow trucks over there, and it appears they are working on a disabled vehicle, probably a vehicle with a bunch of water under the hood as it went through this big puddle. where i am is where the exit comes down from colesville road to the outerloop to the west and a huge puddle here and people trying to merge on the highway running into the deep water there, and this is just another example of the inability of the drainage system to take the huge amount of water. this location here in silver spring on the beltway, heavy rain that has lightened
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so let's hope if the drain over there isn't clogged out right at least it will start draining water away, and if it's clogged, we have highway guys on the other side there, and presumably they will be able to work on that and get that cleared shortly. so another example of what's going on here on the beltway. here from the dashboard camera from the mobile newsroom, scott broom. back to new scott, i imagine as you look at the delays, just headlights as far as you can see? >> reporter: yeah. i mean -- okay, beltway this time of day and interloop after george george and colesville, everyone knows what the volume is there, bumper to bumper and stop and go and now it's down to one lane. it's just one of those nights. >> stay safe on the road, scott. thank you. and we have been telling you about river sc
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people rescues. 2415 riggs road, someone is trapped with water flowing until the basement and we are working to get more information on that and we talked about goldsboro and massachusetts, an area that typically floods in times like this and rock creek is prone to flooding. >> and the franconia springfield metro stop, we'll show you pictures of what that looks like and just a raw evening. and you can see significant flooding and there is a lot of video and pictures on social media, and there is video on my facebook page right now of george mason university from a couple of hours ago as the heavy rain is pouring in, cascading like a waterfall down a series
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but we're seeing seens like -- scenes across the area. >> and we have been talking about waverly where a 50-year- old man and a 26-year-old man and a 2-year-old boy. their mobile home was destroyed in the storm and they were found about 300 yards from the mobile home. the cars toppled, debris scattered, all the signs that a tornado has left a calling card there, and that community is trying to deal with, you know, what happened late this afternoon. and we are talking about a home where there was a building collapse at riggs road, and we are hearing that an interior wall collapsed and a man is pinned in. and we have a crew on the way with more inform -- more information there. and it's a tough night with
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get to them and the uncertainty of the elements trying to flare up. topper, what do you have your hands on? >> reports of trees toppled in damascus, montgomery county, and winds, 60, 70 miles per hour winds there and pea-sized hail from annandale and columbia pike. that's the latest right now. scotty, i'm sorry. hold on one second. i want to get to the big picture first and we have thunderstorm warnings in affect but primarily east of i-95 and tornado warnings in effect in the south in southern maryland. this is where the circulation is. >> there is a kink. >> not as ragged. hollywood, lexington park, take cover. sometimes, they make a right turn. if you
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area, hopefully they are off the road and away from hollywood and we're looking at winds probably 50, 70 miles per hour. so, again, treat it as if it were a tornado. you are under a warning. so an interior room and say away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris. gate to gate is not crazy. >> no, but the twisting of the wind itself and i'll remove everything -- >> that is straight next to each other. >> the shear in montgomery county, the red was there. the green was there, and now we have a possible rotation. back to 17, scotty, and the big picture. and thunderstorm warnings through parts of prince george's county and through the in the yellow
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torning torn -- tornado warning for calvert county, and treat this seriously. stay away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris. here is the big picture with the radar, heavy rain from bowie down 97 to route 50 and across into calvert county and into st. mary's and calvert counties. heavy rain in bowie and 301 and deal, heavy rain as well. and we'll widen back out. this is the tornado warning and this is the thunderstorm warning. this is a dangerous situation in southern maryland. you are either under one of the two. and we'll take everything off for you. this is the tornado warning. this is the severe thunderstorm warning. if you are anywhere around
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leonardtown or hollywood, please, hopefully, you have already done this. take cover. and i said this earlier, if you have your app, you can watch our coverage safely on the smart phone. it's plea -- free and it will keep you safe, and any time we're on, a scheduled newscast or breaking weather news, you can get it. i've used it. it's pretty darned handy and powerful. this is a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warning. the severe threat will be over probably by 9:00 and 9:30 but tell take a while for the flood warnings to go down. it may take as long as midnight or 1:00. you are thinking, maybe you're still at work and okay. i stayed and waited for the severe weather to pass but you hit the road and may have road closures and high water. if you have an empty tank of gas,
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you never know which route you are going to go. all right. here is a look at futurecast and if we get in the midnight hour, everything is essentially across the bay. and 9:00, 9:30, we'll be okay. but the flooding will continue until 11:00, midnight and maybe in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, and just keep that in mind. again, yellow and a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado warning. >> i was just looking at the velocities here on the storm that
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and this is more ragged looking and we're looking at the lowest level of the atmosphere where the circumstance slaigz -- circulation is on the ground. and we're looking at a higher portion of the storm -- >> can we go to 17, please? 18? >> yeah, 18. >> we go. >> so we'll start low and there is a definite line of wind coming out, and that's moving into calvert county and i am not seeing anything that is impressive getting higher and higher in the atmosphere. the lower levels don't seem to have the circulation that we were noticing earlier. this thing had a monster circulation. it was damage reported earlier back in towards virginia and it does seem to have weakened a bit. i'm sure
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torrential rains. but as far as the tornado, i don't think see the concern with that have as we did a while ago. >> we had the dangerous storm and flooding component and gusty winds at 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. so, let's still take this seriously. and they trimmed the watch. the watch is now gone. >> except for howard county. >> that's the warning down to the south that goes until 7:45 for calvert and st. mary's county and a tornado warning south of that. >> and a severe weather thunderstorm warning that is not with the tornado warning. >> you are under something. it's a rough night and flooding is a big issue as well. it looks like in prince george's, the worst of the weather is 301 and annapolis and shadyside. at least in the metro, we'll be dealing with flood warnings here for several ho
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the place. some of them are going until 11:15. >> one is going until 1:00 a.m. if you haven't left for work, good. you won't drive home but don't think it will be clear sailing with the traffic caught up in the storm and there will be problems with road closures and floodings. a tornado warning, calvert and st. mary's county until 7:45 and north of that, calvert, ann arundel a severe thunderstorm warning, and @4kin and queen near reedville and the nowhere neck and southeast of newland. they're stacked up. >> and this is training. these folks have had down
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after -- downpour after downpour, and you are talking about really to terrible downpours for this time of year and this is why we had all the flood warnings and water rescues and other things going on for the area through the afternoon and evening with more and more damage reports coming in, from all over, really. >> yeah. and the good news is it's weakened somewhat and the bad news is there is still a tornado warning for st. mary's and calvert counties and back to the south and west, training. >> portal drive and poplar in dc, the national weather service is reporting downed power lines, so a lot of hazards. >> we'll take a quick break and get caught up on news. if anything changes, we'll come back. if you're in the area, want you to take cover in st. mary's and southern calvert un
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take cover. now over to lesli and adam. and topper, we want to show you video that we have been getting overnight, this is from alexandria. incredible amounts of hail coming down not only there but across the metro area and including when howard stepped out on the weather terrace for an hour ago and was out for 2 seconds and got completely soaked, pounded by hail and he was lucky that the umbrella didn't break apart in his hands. >> and in prince george's county, same thing, and you can see the weather really coming down. >> and woodbridge, you can see that it was a soggy night for folks there as well. they were getting the majority of the action during the daylight hours not that there was much daylight to be seen when it was happening but you had localized ponding and flooding on
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quickly cleared out as it moved into the district and maryland. >> lightning and thunder and driving rain became the landscape and the backdrop for the monument and incredible scenes in d.c. this is the national mall. all the lightning really kind of spicing things up on the way home. >> and we have been continuing to follow developing news out of southeastern virginia, waverly, sussex county where the severe thunderstorms turned deadly. >> state police are confirming three people have been killed, one of the victims, a small child and the damage extensive. we have more now. >> reporter: lots going on, and we have been looking at everyone's tweets to the reporters on the ground but to recap, three people have died and eight people are injured. a severe storm, a possibly tornado in waverly. if you are not familiar with


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