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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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three people are dead after what is leaved to have been a tornado -- believed to have been a tornado in virginia. in d.c. the high winds, thunder and lightning and people running for cover instead of heading home they were scrambling for shelter and trying to keep their cars out of the water and a rescue after a basement collapsed trapping one man inside. thank you for joining us. it has been a rough light. >> a lot to get to tonight. 6,000 customers are without power across the area. flights delayed or canceled at the airports and many people had a tough time getting home tonight. if you were caught in the storm we have reporters all across the area with the look at the impact. d.c., fairfax county and montgomery county but we begin with everything still out there right now with chief meteorologist pp
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like this in the month of february. an incredible severe weather outbreak if it was april, may, june. the storm reports, all the symbols represent tornado, hail, flooding, wind damage. this was a tornado, funnel cloud spotted. closer in. look at the winds, 70 miles per hour winds in germantown. trees down. just about everyone received over an inch and a half of rain and this may be on the slow side. that lead to flooding and water rescues. flood warnings, all these green boxes are flood warnings. this expires at 11:15 p.m. but this one continues, fairfax, prince william till 2:00 a.m. in the morning. please don't try cross a flooded
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40s. nothing crazy cold but quiet. 47 downtown. 45 leesburg. 8:00 a.m. 40s. blustery with temperatures in the 40s but dry. we will be windy. 10:00 a.m. upper 40s leesburg. 47 in fairfax and silver spring. we will come back and talk about how long it will last. >> the governor of virginia declared a state of emergency in response to severe weather. the were reports of a funnel cloud in waverly where three people were killed. the governor plans to visit the effected areas tomorrow and that include waverly. 45 minutes south of richmond. >> reporter: this facebook video shows the path of destruction after a tornado ripped through the small town of waverly. south of richmond, virginia this afternoon. police confirm three people have died. >> everything
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unbelievable. i mean, unbelievable. >> the debris is spread across three miles. he photographed this mobile home ripped open, cars flipped over. >> and we have learned the child killed in the storm was a two-year-old boy. the other victims were a 50- year-old man and a 26-year-old man. their bodies found 300 yards from their mobile hood. the news brings the death toll to six. to montgomery county, two families are homeless. one because of a house fire unrelated to the weather and the other because heavy rain caused a basement wall to collapse. wusa 9's alison barber is live with the details. . >> reporter: when that wall collapsed the man was underneath it, trapped till firefighters could pull him out. >> when we found him he
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right there. in that pile. sitting in the remains of the chair. and all the concrete blocks were pinned up against his knees. >> reporter: firefighters responded after 7:00 p.m. >> the gentleman appears to have gone in the basement to check his pump. there was water on the floor and there may have been a water intrusion issue. >> the man left the scene in a ambulance but his injuries are minor and only on his legs. considering all of the damage he is lucky. >> 2 by 12s are no longer attached. so the only things holding the weight of that is that post right there. >> reporter: according to the fire chief all of it probably happened because of one thing, weather. >> the heavy rain that all the
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weather forecastsers identified. >> the water is the big contributing factor. >> reporter: lucky to be alive? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: a man and woman live in this house, both are being helped out by the red cross because no one can move back in till had structure is rebuilt. this was the most serious weather related incident that happened here but it wasn't the only one. emergency personnel had to rescue three vehicles after they got stuck in water. 80% of their units were out on calls. reporting live, ellison barber, wusa 9 news. . >> thank you. across the river, fairfax county, virginia an area used to flooding gets hit again. live in a community that is cleaning up but feeling very fortunate tonight. what are they dealing th
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receded. earlier today the street was submerged in this neighborhood where rain brings worry. >> these homes are not usually water front properties but they were tonight thanks to the storm that rolled through the area. >> doesn't bother me. >> reporter: this time, you see, homeowners have seen worse. >> we have been through many of these when it has come up before. this one minor. it will be gone in a couple hours. >> this is really miner for us. it is a reminder. >> reporter: in 2006 dozens of homes were submerged. >> we decided to evacuate. by that point it was over the fence there. we swam out. the whole family. and a cat. and the dogs. >> reporter: tonight crews were blocking off roads and monitoring water levels. >> the cops are always
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here. emergency management is prompt. >> reporter: one less things on their minds. after all they have enough to worry about. >> reporter: difficult to see because it is dark outside bartender of the street, that is what floods -- but at the end of the street, that is what floods. there are plans to build a lovey but that work -- levy, bullet that work -- but that walker hasn't yet -- that work hasn't yet begun. >> thank you. in d.c. the storm was inconvenienced and a danger, swamping commuters and washing out the afternoon and evening. garrett haake with that story. >> reporter: if you set aside the temperatures today, this storm felt like a june event when it hit d.c. at the start of rush hour. >> reporter: the line of storms
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wednesday night turning streets anto creeks. d creeks into rivers. on the national mall lightning and rain sent walkers scurrying for cover. high winds made umbrellas mostly useless. spots around the city in northwest, the winds brought tree limbs down on to power line. plunging neighborhoods into darkness. >> my mom called me, you know how moms are, freaking out. >> reporter: and while storms like these don't hit d.c. often in february, some folks took it in street. >> reporter: what did you think about this for a february storm? >> just a storm. i don't think of it as -- except getting out of them. >> we don't see storms like this in february. i don't know where it came from. was there hail today? yeah. that blew me away. hearing it pelt the window and, like, what? >> reporter: the good
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tonight about that hail, if you missed the hail, it missed you. we heard no reports of damage tonight. garrett haake, wusa 9 news. >> the lucky ones. thank you. the storm knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses across our region. crews have restored electricity to many customers but there are still thousands in the dark. 4,428 power power outages in montgomery county. and 2,471 customers in the dark tonight. you have been sharing your weather photos with us on social media so let's look at the moments you caught on camera. >> have a look here. cassey shared this on facebook from virginia. you see the clouds hanging over there. >> wow! derek
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this out of hagerstown. a stunner. >> steve sharing another great rainbow shot. this one from hagerstown. katrina took the photo. nice picture there. double rainbows as well. >> very nice. and aaron caught hail coming down in virginia. there is the hail they were asking about. >> today is the day that shows you how important having the wusa 9 app could be. you can always get the latest from our app. you can watch us live so if you lose power, dam, you are good to -- bam, you are good to go. radar, and extended forecast whenever and wherever you need them. well, only on 9 tonight the story of another marine attacked and left for dead. >> we have been following this story of chris. it turns out another
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attacked that same day in a separate incident. stephanie ramirez smoke with the victim and his family. >> reporter: laying in the cold between two cars with his head bashed bleeding and with no cash, that is how police found him in the neighborhood. thank a fell a dad -- thankfully a dad and son spotted him and called called police. >> reporter: she cries recounting that phone call, her son was missing all day. he suffered a fractured skull, concussion, fevers, he could hardly speak. >> he could have died that night. >> reporter: the worse part is, his family doesn't know what happened. >> i wasn't trying to find trouble. i was trying to walk home. >> reporter: that is the last thing he tells me
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he was drinking with friends at night. you see him near wisconsin avenue before 2:00 a.m. cutting through a parking lot. after he turned, ambulance lights. >> it is hard for me to understand because it would have -- there would have been zero reason for it. >> reporter: his brother believes he layed there for an hour and according to doctors his injuries are consistent with someone attacking from behind. >> assault or attempted robbery but it should be looked as attempted murder. >> this isn't funny. this isn't a joke. this is a serious matter. >> the family wants the word out there so they could warn others and they are hoping they could catch whoever did this. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> police haven't determined a suspect yet but there is a good
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for his medical expenses. we have the link on our wusa 9 app and extra money raised will go to the recon and sniper foundation. dogs used to sniff out drawings, bombs and bodies, what about porn? the new way cops are tracking down child predators. >> bill clinton and donald trump were both in the area today. their messages to the voters of virginia. >> and while we were talking about tornadoes, some people were stu
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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new tonight from drug sniffing dogs to bomb sniffing dogs they have a nose for the no good. and now some police agencies are using dogs especially trained to sniff out evidence in child pornography cases. >> reporter: this is the new weapon against those who pedal in child pornography. there are only a hand full of these k-9 crime fighters in the country. >> in the back is a ha
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to sniff out an adhesive found in electronic storage devices where child pornography is often hidden. >> there have been storage devices in safes in the slab of somebody's home. they hide it very well. >> reporter: it is what happened in the child pornography case of former subway spokesperson jared fogle. >> they collected things and didn't find what they were looking for. that is when they called in the k-9 dog to assist. on the second round he found the devices that they were looking for. >> the dog that helped nabbed jared fogle is working with detectives in the seattle police department. training for these crime fighters could cost $17,000. a check on the race for president. the virginia primary is march 1. next tuesday. former president bill clinton came to rally
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wife democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. he took a swipe at donald trump and his slogan, make america great again. >> i got news for all those republicans, america never stopped being great. what we need to do is make america whole again so it works for everybody. >> during the rally he spoke about hillary clinton's support for immigration reform, family leave assistance and help with college costs. fresh off his win in nevada republican presidential candidate donald trump made a campaign stop at regent university in virginia beach. he sat down with pat robertson the ceo of the school. donald trump blasted his republican rival ted cruz over support for john roberts as supreme court justice. he noted he supported keeping obama care in tack in court rulings. >>en
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he wrote an edatorily. you have to have roberts. >> donald trump said if elected he could be trusted uphold republican values. the remaining candidates are preparing for the final primary debate before super tuesday. it is tomorrow night at the university of houston in texas. donald trump, cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and ben carson will all be there. we are still recovering from the spring like severe weather that hit us hard. >> but to the west it is still winter. look at the situation here in illinois. the blizzard hitting the chicago area. expecting 15 inches in some places. we know what that is all about. o'hare and midway canceled a thousand flights and more than 220 crashes. a winter storm warning is in effect over night. we just learned there ha
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another fatality in virginia. they have found that person deceased. their home was destroyed by one of the tornadoes down there. that ups the death toll. >> you have never seen anything -- [ talking at the same time ] >> in april, back in 2009 or 2008. not seen it in february. the snow in chicago, which is why we harp on this, which way the snow will go. they had snow. went to our west. we are on the warm side. big difference. same storm. the 3-degree guarantee. sweating this today. tough forecast today. we went 62, it was 65. >> nailed it. >> pretty close. within three. 16-18. 57 tomorrow. a midnight high. 52 during the day. blustery. live look outside. 61 now. no. okay. we may have to revisit that. may ha
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midnight will be the high for tomorrow. winds southwest at 14. they will become strong tomorrow, 30 miles per hour. windy and cooler tomorrow. we will make 50 during the day. bus stop 44 to 54 and windy and dry. cold and dry on friday. and on saturday. warmer on sunday. highs near 60 on sunday. nice. future cast, 5:30, 6:00, 50 downtown. 46 gaithersburg. 44 monases. 45 sterling. few clouds come back in in the afternoon. we have a passing shower tomorrow. and couple of snow playing thes fly west of the divide and -- flakes flying west of the divide. 48 fredericksburg. winds 30 miles per hour. 10:00 p.m.
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most will get below freezing tomorrow night. 6:00 a.m., winds, a gust, forecasted gust. 29 miles per hour 6:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 26 miles per hour frederick. 6:00 p.m. still 34 miles per hour winds. day planner. 40s to start. up to 50 by 1:00 p.m. clouds in the afternoon and a sprinkle. breezy and told on friday, 43. -- cold on friday, 43. and 45 on saturday. back in the upper 50s on sunday. and looking at a nice day on monday. maybe a sprinkle and tuesday, march 1, upper 50s and mid-60s next wednesday. >> winter being over. but there is still ice and still skating on it. >> still skating in june. they are good. really good. tonight home ice wasn't the advantage it has been al
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back and more
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to
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dawn lot -- done a lot well this season. 17-2-1 in the last 20 games that verizon center. the caps looking to continue their amazing run this season. however this would be a game they would like it forget. down 2-0. making it 3-0 montreal. caps try to rally late in the third. making it 4-3 but that is as close as they get. caps lose tonight by one. wizards and bulls. good to see allen anderson. he would contribute off the bench, scoring 9 points. cuts the deficit to three. chicago pulling away. gibson with the dish. slams it home. bulls win
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trying to improve their tournament hopes. a must-win game and the colonials took care of business against richman. he led with 16 points. they host vcu this saturday. d.c. high school hoops. woodson and roosevelt playing for the title. good ball movement. he buries the triple. warriors rolling along. later more good ball movement here. walker. woodson wins the championship 68-57. also the wilson girls won their championship game. congratulations to both schools. in a disappointing 2015 season there were plenty of bright spots for the nationals. bitter sweet moments in a sower season. today he was back at it taking his first spring training
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he introduced the chocolate syrup shower. she focus -- he is focused on having a better year. >> you want to have that type of pressure. you have to win. that is what makes competing so much fun. that is what it is all about. and just because, you know, we weren't able to achieve our goals last year doesn't mean we don't believe this year. if we all play good at the same time we can do good things. >> baseball could be a long game as we know. this is george washington and delaware state. they are jousting. they are bored during a rain delay and this is how they keep themselves entertained. i am surprised coaches allowed them to do this before a game. watch, he goes down. george washington won that game. >> it
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>> rain delay. make up tennis. trying to pass the time. >> i like seeing max surer happy and smiling. . >> he is you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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all right. dose of reality after the 57 tomorrow, cold on friday and saturday. upper 50s sunday. mid-50s sunday. march near 60. >> that is it for us. have a great one. see you tomorrow.
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