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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good morning, several cars stranded in baltimore county.
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take detours to get to work today. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. the worst of the storm is hopefully behind us now. but the winds could be an issue, as thousands try to clean up from the storms yesterday. howard bernstein joins us with a look ahead. howard? >> we are talking about winds gusting 30, 35, maybe 40 miles an hour. and with the cold air following the storm, now we have snow showing up in the mountains and a little bit of rain and snow shower activity, getting east of the mountains. and over toward the blue ridge and even north of us and one area, it looks like some wet snow, or some cold rain showers, and the temperatures here hovering around 40. and some of the higher elevations, certainly could be seeing some flakes from hagerstown, all the way through to westminster, to northern baltimore county. and a couple of light sprinkles showing up in montgomery. and louden county. so certainly, you can see the snow and the rain showers that are coming through. from the mountains, over to the shenandoah valley and so over the skyline there for us. and culpepper, you have to watch out for these areas that may
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snow showers sooner than later. we may even see a few in the metro as we get into the afternoon. the other thing, mike, look at all of the circles. these are different types of storms reported, from a tornado that touched down, funnel clouds, winds reported. 95 reports just in this red box right there, and you will notice, it is a bad one for them, for the actual tornadoes. we know the damage they did to the south. loce ry in the metro, you can see all of the rain reports we have, the flooding, the wind gusts, up in montgomery county, we had a gust to 70 miles an hour, and there was were trees down, flooding and that was a real mess. thankfully that was yesterday. i will come back in a few minutes with a seven-day forecast that i hope will put a smile on a lot of people's faces. mike? >> thank you. the storm made an impact on every county as you saw in the viewing area. davis mil road and clarksville, maryland, one of the hardest hit in montgomery county, right off of route 27. and if you know the neighborhood. scott has a look at the conditions there. scott? >> reporter: the address
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it here as cedar grove. typical damage behind me. and fearly missing a house and the cars. let's go upstairs to sky 9. looking down on the king's valley road near preakness drive. you can see a car on a house over there as well. this is the kind of damage that is widespread around this corner of montgomery county. and take a minute and just list ton some of the people we have spoken with this morning, in this neighborhood. >> it is a mess. >> we were actually in the great room right there. and we were watching the weather. and all of a sudden, the wind started picking up, just a little bit. and i noticed that this little tree here had fallen. and by the time, my husband got to the front door, they were all up and gone. it was, i swear, it was that fast. >> sometime between 5:30 and 6:00, there was a tremendous wind that came through. and we were downstairs. it blew our back door of the
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started coming over the floor. but we didn't realize until a little bit after that, about the trees coming down,. >> numerous, numerous trees came over and landed on our power lines of course. we had five broken poles. and we have 800 or so customers out of electricity and we have them back up now, except for eight. >> the power, the power poles, it snapped the poles and ripped the power off the side of the house. i guess we will have to wait and see what they do with that. >> it is the worst thing we have ever seen and we have been here one other time, really, really hard. and this is overwhelming to us. >> all right. you heard her say it. the worst thing they have ever seen. it is all about cleanup today. you have a big old maple tree like this one, the area here swarming with power crews and tree crews trying to clean it up. i will be interested listening to howard
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whether this was some kind of a micro burst or what. it concentrated in a pretty close area, all of the trees laying down. generally pointed to the northeast, all in one direction. and boy, there is a lot of damage here. reporting live, in cedar grove, jermingz, montgomery county, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, howard says straight line winds, 70 miles an hour was the report. just so you know. it appears last night's storms were too much for this house. in the q street of northwest dc. no one was hurt but the home did partially collapse. once the building is secured, inspectors will go in to determine if it can be repaired or the whole thing has to be torn down. in northern virginia, parts of fairfax county, really took a beating from this storm, too. high winds, snapped trees there and knocking down power line, there too and road closures have been in effect for hour, while crews get everything cleaned up. mikea turner has more. >> reporter: it wasn't what anyone expected. this storm was so intense last night, that it uprooted several huge trees, and the front yard of this home, and when this one fell, it evoo
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road. >> this is pretty shocking, first thing in the morning. >> it is ed mar's first time seeing the damage up close in his front yard off walker road in great fall, virginia. massive trees uprooted and overturned. fallen power lines. dangling over the property. he wasn't home when the storm came through but his wife tony was and she took cover in the basement. >> it was so loud. it was so intense. that she was scared by herself. >> reporter: the high winds did not stick around for so long, so they were surprised to see this amount of destruction. >> you hear people talk about the force of wind like this, but these are monster trees, and it ripped them out of the ground. broke this in half. >> the mars have much cleanup ahead. a process that started early for crews with dominion virginia power, who spent hours trying to fix downed power lines along georgetown pike. road closures were in effect at lawton street and springville road, ahead of morning rush ur
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mill road and chesapeake drive, where neighbors like noria la teef and her sister lost power. >> the candles came out. the flashlights came out. the kids said no homework, because we didn't have electricity and couldn't get on the computer. >> pete's birthday. and it started out like she expected but now she is hopeful for the best. >> things happen in a good way, i'm sure. >> reporting from fairfax county, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> and there is a state of emergency in essex county, virginia, right now, in tappahannock, the high winds and rain stroyed homes there and the shalls reported see -- residents reported seeing funnel clouds. dozens. people were injured but no one was killed. nikki burdine toured the damage. >> reporter: dozens of homes were destroyed in tappahannock. this is all that is left of a home right here. neighbors tell me they saw it getting picked up and thrown back there into that pile of rubble. unfortunately, a family of four was also thrown along with it. >> we got here, we could hear somebody yelling. come to find out, it was
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little girl. >> reporter: that's what danny mercer heard when he came out to check on his brother. >> we moved all of the rubble. >> he rescued the family, including a 22-year-old girl am and got them to the hospital. stories like that are everywhere. near misses, close calls, miracles, like in st. john's church. >> they are supposed to have bible study last night and the pastor was in the hospital for something else. >> church members stopping by today to see what is left of the 140-year-old building. not much. >> we can't have service here but we can get together. >> we will survive. we will get over this. >> and the usual february storm, it is unlike anything they have experienced before. the national weather service will be out today to determine if it was indeed a tornado that touched down here. about 30 structures damaged. some a total loss. and dozens of people hurt but no one killed. >> the houses are over there. and i'm like how in the world? how did anybody get out? >> dennis campbell knows his family is lucky to be alive. >> my son was, well, he was telling me when we went to th
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hospital, it threw him over here, to the road, on the other side of the road and he got up and started running. and my mom was in the basement, got her out. and my brother was halfway across the field. >> his 6-month-old grandson got out with just a cut. and even though they have nowhere to call home now, they still have a lot to be thankful for. >> surviving. >> nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> and now secondary search crews and rescue crews are out in tappahannock today and officials are confident that everyone is accounted for so far. >> reporter: don't forget you can get the latest weather watches and warnings any time, just download the wusa 9 app, all right there at your fingertips. a grim discovery today in frederick maryland, the body of an adult man was found lying in a creek. sky 9 was over the scene. and this morning, the discovery was made, near willowdale waparky and will doedale drive. frederick city police are nd
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as if it is not enough for the flooding and the storm damage to deal with, dc water crews are testing a valve that triggered this geyser at 14th and k street in northwest. officials say they were doing a test while the shock valve, they do it from time to time, but the geyser is not supposed to happen when they do this. the republican race for the white house takes yet another interesting turn. donald trump has some harsh words for the last republican to represent the party in a presidential race. >> but first, the man who reportedly attacked an uber driver, goes before a judge today.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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welcome back. will he get out on bond? we are talking about that man charged for attacking an uber driver in arlington. just in norcon, woodbridge, is charged with malicious wounding and mob simple assault. officials say the uber driver picked up six people on south washington boulevard last saturday, when the driver asked him in the back to stop drinking a
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fight and then the driver was attacked. two of the suspects were facing misdemeanor charges now. about 100 migrants, many of them children, were rescued from a rugger dinky in the aegean sea today. the italian coast guard staged six different rescue operations. many of the mig grants were suffering from hypothermia because of the bad weather there. they have since been taken to the port of samos. forecast time. a big sigh of relief but getting colder. >> wind chills in the shenandoah valley, upper 20s and low 30s. and then rain and snow showers that we are tracking for the afternoon. but on the second half of the seven-day forecast, you will be able to put the gloves away for at least a few days. we will have the forecast coming up, in a few minutes.
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shopping cart dangers. are your kids really safe riding around in the store? we exposed the serious injuries caused by shopping carts and how to protect your little one. tonight at 11:00. and the news at noon continues with our campaign 2016 report now. mitt romney chose not to run this time around. but he is having an impact with a bomb shell remark he made on wednesday, as weija jang reports, of course, donald trump quickly fired back. >> mitt romney is calling on donald trump to release his tax returns. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. every time he is asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays and says well, we are working on it. >> trump took to twitter this morning, calling romney one of the dumbest and worst candidates in republican history. and he said he will release his returns when he is ready. >> my returns are extremely le
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determination at the right time. i am in no rush to do it. nobody is bringing up except mitt romney. >> but romney is not the only one pushing for the release. ted cruz chimed in on the presidential candidates forum hosted by the kelly file on fox news. >> i do think mitt has a good point, that the voters are entitled to know before you vote because you better believe the democrats, if there is anything in there, the democrats will go to town on it. >> ted cruz and marco rubio have the most to gain from a trump stumble. both plan to be the best alternative to trump who they say is not a true conservative. >> the front-runner in this race, donald trump, is actually eluded to the fact that obama care is pretty good. >> and cruz is leading in his home state of texas by 15 points. while trump leads rubio in his home state of florida by 16. weija jang, cbs news, the white house. now, texas is the biggest prize in super tuesday, with 155 delegates at stake and a
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primary takes place in south carolina, this saturday. we have you covered 24/7 with all of the results, all of the campaigns 2016 news available right at your fingertips on the free wz 9 mobile app. well, we are hearing now from the ceos of facebook and twitter, following the release of a new isis video that targets those tech moguls. the video includes photographs of mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey targeted by bullets. the extremist group says it responding to growing efforts by facebook and twitter to suspend accounts that are promoting terrorism. and apple is now working on new security measures to make it impossible for the government to break into the iphone according to the new york times. the news comes as apple continues to battle the fbi, for unlocking that phone, and used by one of the san bernardino shooters. so far, apple is winning in the court of public opinion. >> if we allow this to happen, then we are going to -- everything from now on, will be an open book to every governme
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>> apple's ceo tim cook says he is prepared to take this to the supreme court. take a look at some of the devastation from a tornado in pensacola, florida. the images captured from a drone, are heart breaking. jim johnson, flew directly over an apartment complex, on the old spanish trail. the tornado ripped through that complex. cars and trucks and suvs flung. and wiped out entire apartments. >> it looked like they have gone in and they have cleared everything to make sure everybody is in there. and that is typical of any type of natural disaster. >> we saw it during katrina. and disasters after that. >> after the tornado cut through those apartments, it hit a g. e. plant. the damage there is minimal, compared to those other areas. in illinois, the problem for drivers there, snow drifts as high as three feet, up to 40 cars and semis were stranded overnight on grant park roadway near the illinois/indiana border. crews re
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and some drivers in parts of indiana were forced to abandon their cars, because of all of the snow. the cedar lake area got about 13 inches, and blizzard conditions, prompted the sheriff's office to declare a state of emergency, the good news is, the worst of that storm is now over for them. just up the road, in harrisburg, pennsylvania, dealing with widespread flooding now. and many of the government offices and businesses, forced to close, all while the crews clean up the massive mess there. and it is believed that the tornado damaged dozens of buildings east of that city. in philadelphia, those same strong winds took down this burger king sign, and the huge sign slammed into the restaurant, full of customers at the time. and fortunately, no one was hurt. the city inspectors heading to that scene today to make sure the building is sound. and it was balmy when we came to work this morning. temperatures in the 50s. and then all of a sudden, the cold wind is blowing now. >> yes. >> and the clouds are out. we don't have the sunshine
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the wind chills are down in the 30s. and in some cases, some upper 20s. so yes, it is brisk quickly here. and a lot of snow in eastern ohio. the mountains of western pennsylvania and west virginia. and right now we are seeing rain and maybe some snow showers mixing in. especially for the higher elevations, and out to pittsburgh, and coshocton and far eastern area here and carol county as well. and spotty sprinkles here and there, from fairfax and charleston. this is where we have the wet rain with the wet flakes possible. and the shenandoah valley and the park. seeing some snow showers coming out of the area here to woodstock and straussburg and front royal. everything is moving to the east. so these quick mover, not a lot going on here as far as any accumulation. i wouldn't be too concerned unless you're in the high elevations and the western- facing mountains, and they will pick up several inches of wind- driven snow and that's why there are winter weather advisories
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but you notice woodstock, straussburg, a rain/snow mix and there could certainly be more snow than rain here with temperatures 40ish. i think any problems are very minimal. lots of clouds around. the case for much of the afternoon. temperatures are not moving much from where they are now. maybe a few degrees up, and i am starting to doubt we will have much south of town. some clearing tonight. partly cloudy. and by the morning, we will be in the 20s and low 30s. so the wind obviously, a big factor, today, and gusts already to 35, in frederick. and we are gusting to 25 in manassas. and 29 in fredericksburg. and 37 in the mountains. we are gusting up to 40 at times. that is bringing the colder air. you already see at the higher elevation, freezing at the mountains. and we are 47, leesburg, frederick, 43 and the wind chills will make it feel like it is in the shenandoah valley anyway, upper 30s and low 40s. in town, 47, feeling like 41 with the south/southwest wind at 15 miles an hour. l
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storm. which brought the weather yesterday. and behind this, it continues to bring in the cold westerly breeze, bringing the mountain snow showers. and that is going to be with us this evening, anyway, and some clouds will start to thin out later on, and then tomorrow, a cold blustery day and by sunday, our fortunes will turn around big time. 52 today. and i think that is even that is something where we are lucky to get back to 50 the way we're going with the stray snow showers in spots. mid-20s in town. and 40 tomorrow. blustery. dress like it will be in the low to mid-30s. and think about the wind chills for friday. but saturday, mid 40s. with a lot less wind. and very nice on sunday. looking at 60. isolated chance of shower monday and still very nice tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will be back with more in just a moment.
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er. switch to better. switch to fios. coming up tonight on wusa 99 news at 5:00, emotional decisions that go along with prosecuting a teenager in prince george's county in the child porn investigation. we also going to be live in waiverly virginia where the tornado claimed the live of a 2- year-old boy and two men. we will have the latest on the cleanup across the area after last night's severe storm. >> we still have a couple of rain or snow showers passing through this afternoon. you can track them with first alert doppler on the wusa 9 app, if you don't have it
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waiting for? >> and the warmup comes for the weekend. >> starting today. >> that will do it for the news at noon. we're back at 5:00. i'm mike hydeck. he is howard bernstein. have a great day, everybody.
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>> victoria: dad, you held a gun on luca santori. oh, my goodness. >> victor: sweetheart, i had to make a point. and i did. okay? sometimes that's the only way. and adam had to make sure that luca left town. >> victoria: do you have any idea how this makes me look? i had defended you to nick and sharon and everyone. i insisted that you had a reason for dealing with noah the way you did. >> victor: my sweet girl, i appreciate your loyalty, but i don't need defending. >> victoria: why? because you'd do it all over again exactly the same way -- is that what you're saying? >> victor: i do not deal in hypotheticals. i only deal in realities. >> victoria: you make threats. you inflict terror. >> victor: listen, that luca -- that pompous ass -- needed to understand what's going on. the same thing happened to natalie. she needed to know what's at stake.


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