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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we astre ngarti with breaking news about the pepco exelon merger. moments ago by a 2-1 vote, dc regulators once again rejected the merger. worth $6.8 billion between the two companies. officials do say they are willing to reconsider a deal, provided the companies adhere to
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pepco and exelon have 14 days to accept those conditions. if it is approved, this would be the final hurdle for this merger, and it could create the largest energy company in the united states. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. the 10th and final republican presidential debate before super tuesday is more like a heavy weight fight. nick giovanni with the score card. >> reporter: mark this down as a significant shift on the campaign trail. as far as debate strategies go, for marco rubio and ted cruz. instead of trading shots at each other, in what has become essentially a battle for second place, the two had more of a tag team effort working against donald trump. >> donald, you can get back in the line. >> a lot of fun out here, i have to tell you. >> thank you. >> donald, relax. >> i am relaxed. >> you're like a basket case. go ahead. don't get nervous. >> tension ran high in houston. ted cruz, and marco rubio took
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attacks on donald trump in the 10th g.o.p. presidential debate. >> here is a guy that inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherithted at, you know where he would be? >> and rubio took up immigration. >> he would be using illegal immigrant labor to build the towers. >> and cruz talked about the ability or inability to defeat clint glfn talking about the poll, i am beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> you're not beating hillary clinton. >> if i can't, if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you? >> on foreign policy, trump says the art of the deal might work in the middle east. >> the palestinians are not -- [ station audio trouble ] >> the republican front-runner faltered at times but eventually found his footing and landed hay ma. kers >> first of all, this guy is a choke artist. and this
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>> i know you're embarrassed but keep fighting, keep swinging, swing for the fences. >> and the candidates are running out of options other than swinging for the fences. can't afford striking out come tuesday. nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> as the remaining candidates fight to be the last ones responding for the republican nomination, more and more of the ones who left the race are now starting to comment about just how bruising this battle has become. here is one-time presidential candidate, south carolina senator lindsey graham who was at a roast of sorts at the washington press club foundation dinner and talked about how much ted cruz is liked among his senate colleagues and decided to endorse, sort of, tunneled donald trump. >> if you killed ted cruz on the floor of senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> i ran for president. and i had to get out. i
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and he had to get out. and the dr. kevorkian. the republican primary. tonight. [ laughter ] >> i endorse donald trump and hope that the graham magic still exists. thank you for having me. >> and it was nancy pelosi who handed him that hat. the washington press club foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote equality and education and excellence among journalists both in print and broadcast media. well, texas is the biggest prize on super tuesday, with 155 delegates at stake and a reminder the democratic primary takes place in south carolina tomorrow. we have you covered. 24/7. with all of the results. all of the campaign 2016 news avla
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the free wusa 9 mobile app. other news now, investigators in kansas city say a shooting suspect, was served a protection from abuse order just 90 minutes before he opened fire on his co-workers on thursday. it is believed that order helped to trigger the attack that killed three people, and hurt 14 others inside that lawn mower fract ry in newton, kansas. jesus ferros survived the shooting. >> people were just running, saying, somebody was shooting, and next thing you know, i felt i got hit in the leg and that's when i turned and started running. >> the officer who shot and killed the gunman is being hailed as a hero now. dc police are looking for an attacker who stabbed a man at a mcdonald's near verizon center this morning. it was the scene that looked like this just before 7:00. and f and 6 -g9 streets in northwest. the victim conscious when paramedics rushed him
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hospital. 18 years behind bars, for darryl best, the former pastor and dc police officer who pleaded guilty to sex abuse and child pornography last year. a judge says best took nude photos of two teenaged girls and molested one of them in his church. best, who was very emotional in court today, apologized for his actions, and the victims were not in court. their families were there. a bit of drama broke out when the father of one victim had this reaction to the sentence. >> it ain't enough time for what he did. >> i don't condone what he done, but i still love him and god loves him the best. so he has a lot of family support. we feel for the victims. we love them, too. >> now, the judge says he had a tough time believing that best is remorseful because the incidents happened several times. best will have to register as a sex offender for life. and will be on a supervised release eventually. it is cheap. it is everywhere. heroin is becoming more and more of a common problem across the dc area, and first
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everyone from soccer moms to attorneys getting hooked on it. and as nikki burdine reports, montgomery county maryland is getting hit especially hard. >> reporter: heroin use is far from a new problem, but it is a growing one. one that is far exceeding the typical socioeconomic boundaries here in montgomery county. >> they just -- we ran another one, and they have noticed it. >> that's the reaction montgomery county fire chief mike hamilton said he gets every day, from his crews, another call for a heroin overdose. >> it is above what we would normally run. and the stations are running several a day. >> reporter: the exact numbers are hard to pin down. but a good indication is how much narcan firefighters are using. it is a medication given to counter-act the effects of overdoses. narcan use is up by 9% compared to this time last year. to be fair, it is also used on people with other medical issues. but compare that with what firefighters see on the streets, it is clearly a problem. firefighter nate stoner says he has
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months now. >> cheap and easy to come by. >> it is everywhere. the stigma around the drug is gone. >> we used toen used to run to folks in the back alley or the flop houses that were homeless, down and out kinds of folks. now, we are seeing heroin as being used by high school students, heroin is being used by soccer moms. >> there is no typical drug user these days. not surprising, to the people we talked to. >> when you get like students who are willing to try anything, that is not really surprising for me. >> and it caused a change. >> reporter: on twitter, dan, who is a nurse, says he is living this epidemic daily. it is getting worse. in montgomery county, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> and last year, governor larry hogan announced $2 million in funding for a statewide heroin treatment program. well, it is definitely not going to be the warmest day, but that is not far away, however. howard bernstein joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> today is tco
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the next seven days. that is a good thing. because it is really nippy out there. winds gusting over 40 in spots. some flurries this morning. and that is all gone. and with more sunshine now. and most of the clouds and the flurries are going to stay in the mountains. and the gusty winds, come down a little bit. but we are still gusting well into the 35 mile-an-hour range, here in town. and leesburg, bwi, and andrews gusting to 37, 38, at pax river. the winds will be with us, high for the next few hours and start to subside toward the evening hours. keeping it cold. mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. and near 40 in town. and pax river. and look at the mountains, in the teens. that means some really cold wind chills. most wind chills in the 20s. for the afternoon, sunny, 41, 42, and that's all we will make and the average high is 50. and 37 by six and the wind speed is coming down and only 7 miles an hour. and that will allow temperatures to drop off. here is the weekend preview, hang in there, because tomorrow, less wind, and 46, and yes, mike, sunday, that
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we will be back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. and show you how long the milder stuff is going to be around. >> tee it up. thanks, howard. the navy looks like they are going old school to navigate the seven seas now. who needs gps when have you one of these. more on what that is, coming up. >> first though, it is sentencing day for a teenaged killer, coming up how much time he is now facing for killing
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it is sentencing day for a convicted teenaged killer, philip chism. back in december, a jury convicted the 15-year-old boston area teenager for the rape, robbery and murder of a high school math teacher. prosecutors argue chism should get a life sentence. but he is eligible for parole in 25 years. a free trip simply not enough for some passengers aboard a cruise ship that sailed into hurricane force winds earlier this month. >> i was wondering who had control of the boat. and the boat seemed to be out of control. a ship that big,
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not know what kind of waters it was cruising into? >> that was passenger frank deluca, he is suing along with 75 others, attorney mike winkleman alleges the captain knew the forecast, even announcing to passengers he was planning to outrun it. and when the ship docked back in new jersey, royal caribbean said it would review the storm avoidance policy. a chilly start to the weekend. howard is up next with the forecast. but it is changing later. howard? >> yes, it sure is. wind chills right now, 20s and 30s and don't expect them to get much higher today. but hang in there. at the t-is going to get nice around here -- it is going to get nice around here by the end of the week end. the forecast on the other side
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kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. busted. drunk drivers. with six, seven, even eight convictions, and still getting behind the ee
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creating a -- the lenient laws creating a drunk driving epidemic, tonight at 11:00. some graphic video here, a deadly drive-by shooting caught on camera in suburban philadelphia in wednesday. you can clearly see a minivan pull up next to the car and the van door opens and the shooter unloads. they are still looking for the killer. the driver was dead when they got there. one arlington neighbor is fired up about a store that hasn't opened yes. nova armory will be a gun store, the largest gun store inside the beltway. >> these people are not a menace to arlington and we have to drive to chantilly. >> i don't want to run into somebody walking down the street in my neighborhood who has a gun. >> nova armory
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next month on north pershing drive. for the 200 hospital patients in new jersey, they had heart pounding moments earlier thisweek after being told they might be infected by hepatitis. this happened in summers point, arlene was told that a former hospital pharmacist had tampered with medications. >> i get this letter in the mail and i'm freaked out. and they want to test me for hiv, hepatitis b, hepatitis c. >> the good news is she tested negative for hepatitis. the former pharmacy is facing charges including drug tampering and theft. also a new cooling technique used during brain surgery could be beneficial for patients. neuro surgeons say it could help protect the brain and the patient's ability to speak. doctors at nyu medical center say -- [ station audio trouble ]
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biscuits are fine. but hold the gravy please. the national zoo panda cub is experimenting with more solid foods. the national zoo posted this video, munching on leaf eater biscuits. as the name suggests, they are fed to leaf eating animals. they are full of extra vitamin, protein, fat and fiber. all of the items a growing panda cub needs and it seems bay-bay cannot get enough of these. and a pony makes people's dream come true by posing as a unicorn. it is back where it belongs. the 20-year-old pony poses as a unicorn in photo shoots and birthday parties and got loose in fresno california this week and people who are living there and the highway patrol tried to catch her as she ran dangerously close to traffic. eventually though, someone with a horse that julia was familiar with managed to bring back the unicorn/pony. well, the u.s. navy has stopped teaching sailors how to use the stars to naviga.
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cyber attacks, it is now bringing back celestial navigation. mark albert reports. >> reporter: every degree is equal -- >> lieutenant caleb handy is teaching midshipmen something he never knew when he joined the navy. celestial navigation. >> the students have a blank stair of i am not understanding? >> you do get that a lot. a lot of it more, wide-eyed, what is this, look? >> this is a sex tant created in the mid 1700s, named for the scale which extends 60 degrees. one sixth, or sextant of a circle. it uses the stars to determine a navigator's location. >> it is a core competency of a naval officer to be able to navigate by the stars. >> but the navy stopped teaching celestial navigation more than a decade ago when gps became widespread. now with high-tech threats, the navy is bringing it back. a sextant unlike gps cannot be tampered with electral
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in this age of cyber attacks and cyber warfare? >> i wouldn't call it a fear but i would say it is a potential threat. >> it is not just the naval academy. the navy is bringing back celestial navigation, fleet- wide. including at navy rotc units, at college campuses. >> i had never done it before. i never seen it. i never imagined i would be doing it. >> these midshipmen told us they are on board. >> you never know what will happen and you want to be there for the worst case scenario. >> is there ever a day in the future you think the navy will eliminate it again? >> i hope not. >> it is a maritime tradition that could be a life saver in this brave new world. mark albert, cbs news, annapolis, maryland. >> now the naval academy midshipmen get three hours of instruction and classroom in the lab and get to practice on the water. they will be loaned the sextants to use. they won't have to buy their own. the quality sextants can cost about $2,000. and as you were saying, solar flares can
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>> not just cyber security but a big enough geo magnetic storm and boom, we could have all sorts of loss of communication and other things. >> we have seen it to our cell phones from time to time. >> yes, we have. >> and hey, if you are sniffing a little bit today, it is the tree pollen. the moderate category. the early maple pollens. >> and the wind is blowing it all over the place. >> it is not enough but enough to push into the moderate category. a nice sunny afternoon, at least. after the morning flurries that were going on. yes, just a couple of flakes, and nothing really to talk about there. and we are going to have a windy cold afternoon. and the temperatures only making it a few more degrees. maybe 41, 42. in town. and some of you are going to stay in the 30s. and clear tonight, and the winds, which are a gust over 40. see that in a moment. look how they relax in the single digit wind speeds by midnight. and i think some will be calm overnight as we dip into the 20s. those gusty winds, still a lot blowing at 37 miles an hour and the gusts, at andrew, at pax river, near 40. and even in the mountains, 20s
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leesburg, 33. and bwi, 35. so a windy afternoon. and when you are looking at the temperature, which are only in the 30s, and a couple of low 40s, south, those wind chills are way down. mainly in the 20s right now. and around the mountains, very cold air today. but it is a good looking afternoon on the weather camera. not just nearly as warm as some of you may like. that 39 feels like 28. now the air is pretty dry. the dew point is at 16. we are gusting to 35 miles an hour. that is some sort of gust. so the cold air is in place. in the northeast and new england. and you can see the highs in the 20s. and the 30s. and even down south, only in the low 50s from atlanta, and memphis. that is today, look what happens tomorrow, to the west and southwest. as the warm air starts to move in. chicago, in the 50s. st. louis in the 50s. portsmouth, 72. and that warmth is moving toward us. not so much, with us, in the 40s. but as we get into sunday, i think we will poke into the lower 60s. it is that quick of a warmup. and then we are going to be on the mild side for at least the start of next week. see the cold northwesterly winds, and u
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the winds, but you see the result of the wind obviously with the snow streamers coming in the northwesterly flow. very cold air in place now. and that again will, as i said, will be leaving as we see the future cast, pretty quiet, and the winds will relax tonight, some and the high pressure passes to our south and once it passes, those northerly winds are going to go southerly, and southwest and bringing up the warmer air as we get to the second half of weekend. so we will be a little bit chilly still on saturday. and in the 40s. planning on going skiing this week, i think saturday is going to be better conditions than sunday. because sunday will be warmer. then on sunday, we will get the cold out of here with the southwesterly winds and we will jump into the low 60s. and a weak little front comes through, sunday night, into monday morning. and sprinkles in the mountains. look, it falls apart monday morning. so all it is going to do is cool us down a little bit. to start next week. today, 42, and windy and cold. and feeling like in the 30s. 28 tonight but low 20s, some of the out irsuburbs. tomorrow, 46. and upper 40s in a few spots. less wind. it should feel a t
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and even better on sunday. with a high of 62. monday and tuesday. still mild. upper 50s to around 60. and wednesday looks like it is potentially welt. with showers, and maybe rain. with a storm on wednesday before the front cools us down back into the 40s on thursday
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coming up tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00, dc streetcars rolling intorv seice today. hear what the people living on 8th street are saying about the new service coming to town. plus, we will tell you about a new measure to keep parents from throwing alcohol parties for teenagers. >> and you will also meet a courageous teenager with a debilitating disease, who is still helping others. great story there. >> a little chilly this afternoon. but hey, if you don't have outdoor plans for sunday, make them. and then i
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monday, that is a great day too. >> the winds die down this afternoon? >> this evening into tonight. >> that will be it for the news at noon. he is howard
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>> jack: i missed you at home last night. >> phyllis: yeah, it was weird for me, too. being here alone. i needed the time. >> jack: you gonna need much more time? >> phyllis: you hurt me. >> jack: i know that. and you know i'm sorry. i was just hoping that... >> phyllis: that i'm over it by now? >> jack: that maybe we could talk about it. >> phyllis: go ahead. talk. >> jack: i apologize. i apologize for breaking your confidence, for telling neil your story. >> phyllis: and nikki. >> jack: and inadvertently nikki, yes.


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