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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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question body his electability during a debate. >> you talked about the polls. i'm beating him awfully bad. >> but you're not beating hillary. >> if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you? >> riding high after a strong performance, senator marco rubio spent the day slamming the billionaire businessman. saying trump is the one sticking it to the little guy, putting him on the defense. >> once a choker, always a choker. it never ever changes. >> reporter: governor hogan was asked if he would support trump. he said he is staying out of approximate the -- of presidential politics. let's give you a quick snapsot of -- snapshot of what we saw. lauren wrote, wow, trump train unstoppable now. everyone better get on board.
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and >> here's one from matt. chris christie single-handed loo stifled marco's momentum. and finally, this newt gingrich. saying they better begin thinking about trump as the future. republican ted cruz will hold a rally in virginia beach. registered voters in virginia can cast ballots in either the republican or democratic primaries. the latest polls show trump and clinton with considerably leads in the commonwealth. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking toward saturday's south carolina primary. clinton is targeting voters and is expected to win south carolina easily. sanders is meeting observe heading to south carolina for tomorrow's race. and for breaking news, leading up to the super tuesda
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wusa 9 app. could go down as one of the worst planned and costly projects. but after two years of delays, the long awaited street cars ready for the first passengers. numerous inspections, delays and changes. our surae chinn got a preview. >> can you believe it? we are riding on the d.c. street car. and it is moving. and it's moving very smoothly. still, a tight squeeze here between the parked cars, saying it took long enough. is an understatement. >> i mean, things happen. take a long time in d.c. >> it's good. but it don't go far. i think it should go further. >> reporter: the complaints are with good reason. the late, overbudgetted two- mile system wasn't safe enough to take passengers not too long ago. a street car caught fire last year.
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parked, others not. drivers had to fold in their side mirror because there wasn't enough clearance. >> so he wouldn't take it off. >> these safety issues nearly forced d.c. leaders to walk away from the costly project. >> i think that was too much money spent. for it just to be just a short distance. >> reporter: the h. street line runs from union station to benning road, with hopes of expanding many more miles. >> they had gone to k street into georgetown. we'll see how that goes. >> took long to get it running. >> but shoppers are optimistic. >> it would help me and others who work for me to get down to this side of town. with no fair box in the cars. questions remain. >> i don't know how much it's going to cost. how you're degree to pay it. >> we're crossing our fingers and hoping for
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will ride for free, for at least the next six months. riding on the moving d.c. street car northeast. surae chinn, wusa 9. cars can go up to 50 miles an hour. that will get you a ticket. they'll average only 10 miles an hour. passengers can begin boarding, following the inaugural ride with mayor muriel bowser. chicago-based utility. the commissioner said it was not in their best interest. today's action doesn't necessarily kill the deal. maybe just delay it a bit. they offered recommendations that if accepted could see approval of the merger down the road. all parties plan to review those recommendations. virginia governor terry mcculloch.
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will allow people to carry firearms. anybody named within a protective order, though, will be banned from carrying any type of a gun. this would allow that state police be present at all gun shows to conduct background checks. credited with chasing, shooting and killing a gunman in a deadly workmace shooting. ford was served a protection of abuse order, 90 minutes before he opened fire on coworkers at an excel industry plant last night. three people were killed, 15 others injured. chief doug schroeder took control of the situation and saved lives. >> authorities in mesa county, washington, say a man killed four people inside a home, then shot and killed himself inside a standoff with police. the sheriff said he had shot and killed his family. police surrounded that home. and the gunman stepped outside and shot himself. a girl who survived has been taken to the hospital. a massachusetts teenager who raped and murdered
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sentenced to at least 40 years in prison. phillip chisholm was 14 when he murdered. because he was 14, he could not be sentenced to life. the mother of his victim today called chisholm pure evil. a deadly police shooting of a man brandishing a shotgun was justified. last july, when police confronted a man, howard gwen said 23-year-old cawanza beatty ignored officers' commands. the second officer shot and killed beatty. investigators later discovered that shotgun was not loaded. coming up. a cease-fire goes into effect across syria. >> first, the cdc is revealing details about several pregnant women in this country who have the zika virus. it is a gorgeous sunset. just so
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still, winds are gusting up to near 30 miles an hour. we had gusts of nearly 31. looking ahead into the weekend forecast coming up.
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the cdc says, the zika zika virus has affected pregnant women. two pregnancies ended in miscarriage, two were in
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terminated. it is usual spread by mosquito bites. bur two cases have been confirmed spread through sex. u.n. task force will monitor nasituation. and the -- that situation. and the u. n. says there was activity in the hours leading up to the cease-fire. isis is claiming responsibility for a pair of suicide bombings today in a baghdad neighborhood. the bombers targeted a checkpoint. 15 people were killed. islamic extremist group, shabab is claiming responsibility for a attack in somalia. police say a suicide bomber blew up a security checkpoint. gunmen killed at least nine. four were eventually killed in a shootout. four minors are dead tonight. 26 missing after two explosions caused a coal mi
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in northern russia. investigators say the explosions were triggered pie a meth -- by a methane gas leak. 80 were rescued. searchers are still trying to establish communication with other minors who still might be trapped. coming up, a prince george's county pumping station with a history of trouble, suffers another sewage spill. up next, a betrayal of tuft. former pastor and d.c.
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he was their pastor and a police officer. and he betrayed their trust. >> darrell best was sentenced to 18 years behind bars. for sexually abusing two church- going teens. debra alfarone has the story from d.c. superior court. >> former cop and pastor darrell bets shed tears today in the courtroom and said, quote, i cry myself to sleep, every night, thinking of the pain and hurt i caused. but one of the father of one of his victims was more emotional. >> the father of one of the victims was taken out of the courtroom after he cursed at best an
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baby. >> it ain't enough time. >> what your relationship to the victim? >> my daughter. >> reporter: best's two victims were 17 and 18 years old. police say they attended the god of second chance ministry in southeast d.c., where best was head pastor. they say he sexually abused a 16-year-old inside the office at his church and the 17-year- old in the inside has office at mpd headquarters, both times, wearing his police uniform, badge and gun. best was also sentenced today, on a child porn charge, for snapping seven pictures of the 16-year-old's naked body. best had support inside the courthouse. two retired police officers spoke on his behalf. so did two members of clergy. these women wore t-shirts, supporting the former police sergeant, scripture on the front. and hashtag, team best on the back. >> what was it like to hear from the victim's
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>> it's hurtful. it's hurtful. because i'm a mother. you take into consideration when you're a parent. it hurts to hear that someone did something to a child. but god is a forgiving god. so he can forgive him. >> one of best's sisters said that -- said that one of his victims still lives with that pain every day. >> when best gets out, he'll be on supervised release and will have to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life. a drunk driver, with his side view mirror. and kept going. prosecutor john mccarthy said if he had veered just a little further over, he would have killed officer michael murphy. look at it in slow moge. -- slow motion. it fractured his ribs. but murphy was still able to climb into his cruiser and chase saunders down. >> you hit me with
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i had to chase you down. >> no, no. i heard the noise in the living room. >> you heard a noise? i apologize. you almost killed me. your mirror hit me in the back. >> reporter: a district judge just sentenced saunders to three years behind bars for drunk driver asking cocaine possession she handed him the maximum prison term since he is a repeat offender. focus back on a troubled pumping station in fort washington. nearly a million gallons overflowed after wednesday night's heavy rain. they say it's the latest in a long history of spills there. plans to upgrade the station as part of a $139 million project to fix the system in the fort washington and accokeek areas. construction is under way. michigan's embattled governor just authorized residents to help pay for their water bills. some children did get sick by
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drinking the lead-tainted water, after the state decided to get it in from the flint river in an effort to save money. michigan's governor, rick schneider answers questions about the case. environmental, releasing coal ash waste water into the potomac. the virginia department of quality -- department of environment is also named in the suit. because it issued the permit. dominion power says the wastewater is complying with state and federal laws and that the permit is, quote, appropriate, properly issued, and consistent with all regulations. . >> how are you doing. >> good. how are you guys doing. >> it is going to be a really nice weekend. it's still really cold out there tonight, though. and for tomorrow. feeling like winter. but not for long. we're going to have a nice, spring-like sunday in store. let's take a look at our 3- degree guarantee. feels good about this one. we went with 42. and right
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pretty in the upper 30s. join us tonight at 11:00. we'll get to that 3-degree guarantee. you're still going to need the winter coat tonight. still pretty cold out there. it's going to feel into the 20s if not with the teens. with winds still gusting. and tomorrow morning, still pretty frigid. winds will let up. and it's not going to be as deceive. not going to kind of blow you away during the afternoon. the sunshine will feel pretty good. much warmer by about 15 degrees monday. get outside, enjoy it. some spring weather. it's actually going to stick around for the first part of next week, until we see showers arrive on wednesday. then the winter temps are going to come right back at us. it's not going to stick around for too long. 36 degrees. winds gusting to 30. highest wind gusts were at 41. very dry air in place. with a dew point at 13. temperatures are into the 30s. we're going to quickly thaw. not that the sun has gone down. and temperatures still feel into the 20s out there this evening. 19 for he
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feels only 26 for fredericksburg. we had a lot of sunshine in store for us. we're going to see temperatures just climb. high pressure is going to move off to the east. we get the southerly winds come saturday night and into sunday. that's how temperatures are going to jump. saturday afternoon, sunshine across the board. the only difference between saturday and sunday are the temperatures. sunshine both days. if you're one of the people holding onto the weather. saturday is going to be pretty comfortable for you. 30s for tonight. a few clouds. breezy at times. wind chills into the 20s. some places into the teens. tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold. 23 to 35. but it's not going to be too windy. winds are pretty light. 5 to 10 miles per hour, out in the west. and later in the day, they'll turn more southwesterly. 44 to 50 degrees. not a bad day. temperatures are usually about 50 degrees. that's going to be for fredericksburg and areas south of the district. into the district, a high of 47 degrees. lots of sunshine. and it will just be beautiful out there. i think everyone's for
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62 degrees. by monday, we're looking at 58. so still pretty nice and comfortable out there. for tuesday even. then on wednesday, here comes showers and temperatures return for lower 20s. kind of chilly there for thursday and friday. >> redskins? >> we're talking redskins? what? >> come on. what's happening. curt cousins aside. >> here's the thing. it's quarterback drama. >> oh, okay. >> we got through the season without quarterback drama. but the off season, not so much. we'll try to make some sense of it, coming up. plus, up close and personal with the almighty righty. sports is next. busted. drunk drivers, with six, seven, even eight convictions, ask still getting behind the wheel. we uncover the lenient laws, creating a drunk
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there is more to steven strausberg than just a 95-mile- an-hour fast ball. nowern entering -- now entering his season, he knows this is a big pick for him. frank hanrahan joins us live, as he went one on one with the formers a of staff. >> it's hard to believe it has been six years since that spectacular debut for steven strausberg. it's been up and down for him since then. this is a guy, who i talk to him at the end
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hates to lose. he just does not want to not succeed. this could be the final year as a washington national. he's a free agent come 2017. but for now, his focus is on the task at hand. he's a very imposing guy on the hill. at about 6'5." but i got a bit of the softer side out of him. as he spoke about his 2-year- old daughter and how it puts perspective into his life. >> definitely puts everything into perspective. this game is going to be here. and you have to enjoy it and have fun. but the impact that is more important to me is the type of father that i want to be. the type of husband that i want to be. and if it's not baseball, if it's not a sport, i still want my daughter to have those memories as well. >> and he says that his daughter right now actually likes to play golf. strausberg plays golf in his spare sometime with his daughter. says he's about a 7 or 8 handicap. you notice he shaved off that
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goats -- goatee. he said he likes being able to walk around town and not be noticed. that's the latest. >> thanks so much. i know i still don't recognize him. we went a whole season without that goatee. we are only a couple of weeks into the nfl season. offseason. and already, the redskins curt cousins situation has become somewhat of a circus. the deadline for teams to apply is tuesday. so of course, several conflicting reports came out today, regarding what the burgundy and gold will do. one report says washington will place a tag on cousins by the deadline. and continue working in a long- term deal. another says there are no plans to tag cousins by tuesday. and another even says, washington brass are keeping all of their options open, which includes trading cousins. so are the redskins leaking information? or cousins' agents? at some point, it's probably been both. these rumors will
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what what about the only quarterback on the espn payroll now? washington has been in talks with at least two other teams, interested in trading for griffin. since griffin is under contract, he would have to agree to the new terms. this is what happens as we get closer to the deadline. everybody just wants to be first with their report. goand it could be redskins. >> hopefully they keep strausberg. they drafted him. he's home grown. >> it will be interesting to see what kind of year he has. obviously he brought the team as well. final check on the forecast am. >> it's going to be a cold one tonight. but looking ahead to sunday. tell be near 60 degrees.
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>> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner get an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women in the u.s. one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him. and steve hartman with the special bond between child and duck. >> i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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