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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tragedy in virginia tonight. sources say a man shot his wife then shot three police officers in woodridge. you're looking at one of the officers who died tonight. she was just sworn in yesterday. hello, i'm debra alfarone. prince william county police confirm officer ashley guindon died of her injuries. police have one man in custody. the scene unfolding at 6:00 tonight. matt is live for us at the scene. what's the latest? >> neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots leaving multiple officers down and one woman. it was, these neighbors say, the woman's husband who did it. you can see the scene behind me. i'm going to step out of the way and describe to you what's going on right now. you can see dozens of police here. some have cleared the area, barricaded the neighborhood. if you look down the road o
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left-hand side you'll see one light on in the upstairs. neighbors tell us this is the house where the incident happened. neighbors described a man coming out of the front door and surrendering, going down to his knees in a sense and giving away to the cops. they also describe one officer being on the front lawn and another being wheeled in a stretcher where we're located right now coming to you with this story live. multiple neighbors say they're shocked to see this. this was a neighborhood they felt safe in. very close knit neighborhood. one where they'd have block parties. everyone knew each other's names and the kids played together. we spoke to a number of the kids who knew each other on the playground. we spoke to the son who lived in this home. they say the son was fun, they liked to play with him. they're not sure where he is tonight or if he's safe. but police have told us it is child custody who has come and gotten him
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him at the moment. these officers haven't confirmed the condition of the other two officers who are wounded other than to say that they're being treated right now in the fairfax hospital. we'll continue to follow the story and keep you updated. right now we're live in woodbridge. >> matt confirming that that one officer from prince william county has died and also that there was a shootout with police. two other officers at the hospital at this moment. we'll have lots more for you on that story later on. turning to a different story right now, hundreds of people with serious water problems today in prince george's county. stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: at one point this vehicle started to dip in to the massive hole spewing water. the good news by then it was already on a tow truck line. the neighbors who saw this this morning say they're grateful it wasn't worse. >> i was soaked. we know the activity
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over there. >> a spokesperson tells me he thinks a main split blew and this happened as a result of that. for dennis wilkins in the prince george's apartments next door, this meant no laundry could be done saturday. he also had a hard time bathing. >> this morning it was coming, it wasn't even dripping that much. >> but they still had water which is not necessarily a good thing. wsoc spokesperson said water poured for 10 hours because crews couldn't get the nearest water valves to shut off. they believe it's because of the system's age. some of the pipes are said to be around 90 years old. they can't start repairs until the water is shut off. >> i didn't really want to say frustrated but concerned. concerned for my residents. >> reporter: she spent the day trying to alert her 165 units the water could go out once those valves are secured. >> good
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that section always full with cars. >> reporter: cars and other vehicles getting by is also a worry since police shut down hamilton on either side of the water main break. >> that's my main concern. can i get out and come in? >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> they tell stephanie [ inaudible ] meteorologist howard bernstein. >> it looks really fine tomorrow. not a bad day today. we got in to the 40s today. mid to upper 40s although harrisonburg, 52. and oakland at garrett county, 32, where they're skiing. pretty good day for that. better day tomorrow. right now it's kind of chilly. we're down in the upper 20s. 30 in gaithersburg. 39 in washington. light winds, clear skies, dry air. we're going to be down in the mid 20s, cold spots but we're going to recover quickly. so tomorrow, get ready for a
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we've got sunshine, 30s and 40s in the morning. mid 50s by lunchtime. we're going in to the low 60s. i think some areas south and southwest of town, they could be in the mid 60s. but don't put away the jackets just yet. we've got colder air for the second half of the week. i'll have the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. make it two in a row for hillary clinton. with overwhelming support from african american voters, the former secretary of state won the south carolina democratic presidential primary beating vermont senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> reporter: exit polls showed 84% of african american voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women
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by nearly 50%. anne bolton hopes they give clinton a chance to be president. >> the main thing on her mind is see the americans have what they need to have. >> reporter: with more than 800 delegates up for grabs next tuesday, sanders looked past south carolina and is focusing specifically on vermont, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, and colorado. voters are telling cbs news that political experience is important to them and analysts say that helped clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina. >> for those 24/7 updates on the race to the white house, just go to our wusa 9 app. in arlington today supporters of hillary clinton gathered at a latin nightclub with virginia leaders to show their support for the democratic presidential hopeful. senator tim cain was among those at today's latinos
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rally. those attending the event say it is time the latino voice be heard. >> i feel like to make it part of such a big community in arlington and throughout northern virginia, it's vital to do and i feel like being latino and making my voice heard for hillary is something -- the least we can do. >> a lot of talk about how bernie sanders has been outside of the political establishment but still able to get things done. hillary clinton has the experience and knowledge and know how to play the dc political games and will be able to get things done. >> senator tim cain says so far 40 out of 46 democratic senators are backing clinton in the upcoming presidential election. after congratulating hillary clinton on her south carolina primary win, bernie sanders hit the campaign trail in texas today. his northern virginia supporters held get out the vote phone banks and canvassing events. on
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friends will hold a burritos and bernie event at district taco before canvassing virginia voters ahead of the march 1st primary. three people are dead following a multi-car crash. this all happened before 7:00 on river road near pyle road in bethesda. outbound river road shut down while accident reconstruction teams are on the scene. traffic is slow and no word yet on the cause of the crash. tonight the search is on for as many as seven suspects wanted in connection with a carjacking this afternoon in wheaton. that carjacking happened in the 11900 block of claridge road. montgomery county police say five to seven suspects strong armed the victim and took his car. that car, a golden honda odyssey with maryland tags. a man is in custodyig
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after a barricade situation in alexdr man held his estranged wife inside a home in the 2300 block of fair view terrace. that's in the huntington area. the woman eventually managed to get out of the house about three hours later. she was being treated for some minor injuries. the man walked out of the home a few minutes later and was taken in to police custody. the recent child porn scandal at a prince george's county school has sent shock waves through our communities. monday night at 11:00 we'll have a special report for parents and families. we recently sat down with three adult survivors of sex abuse. what they have to say is frank and helpful for so many of us raising children or entrusted with their care. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you could commit on a kid. it's just like murder. you're murdering that kid's heart. >> our special report on surviving chi
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monday night at 11:00. we want you join our facebook page wusa 9 because we'll have an expert on hand to answer questions monday night. we want you to have a chance to join that conversation. finally, the dc streetcar rolls down h street northeast with passengers onboard. what they're saying tonight. >> and a big budget battle over education funding in fairfax. what some parents
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it's lin -- it's been a long time coming but dc streetcars are eagerly up and running. they packed for the 2.8-mile route in northeast washington. there are eight stops starting at union station and ending at oklahoma avenue. >> we can jump on this streetcar, go where we need to go, jump back on and go home. >> it's been a long time coming but i think it's going to be good for the community. >> free for six months. >> they say they can take 30 minutes to ride it. i can walk it in 30 minutes or less. >> maybe he wants to do that then. the streetcar project went over budget and a start date was
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fire. some crashed in to moving and parked cars during testing. critics say this may be one of the district's costliest projects. music, language, and sports. it can all be off the table if fairfax county doesn't come to an a agreement about it's $2 billion budget. superintendent says the money will go to increasing teachers' salaries, reducing class sizes. the board is requesting about six times more than the county is ready to give them. at a meeting today parents said the kids' education can suffer because kids are working with out-of-date computers and textbooks. >> as a community we need to support those who need us most, our children. our businesses benefit from our children. we as parents benefit from their education. if we can't give them their basic foundation, we're at a disadvantage. >> i don't necessarily want additional pennies added on to my
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richmond highway but i feel like that's important. >> that budget has climbed by about half a billion dollars over nine years. both sides say they agree it's not enough to keep up with the rising costs. words cannot express how excited i am for tomorrow. >> saw some folks running out there with just a shirt, no jackets. only in the 40s. >> let's talk about your favorite number. >> 3. 3-degree guarantee time. topper was a little under the weather so allison was in last night and she forecast a high of 47 degrees. we tip our hat to ms. ray because she had a bullseye today. hit 47. good job, allie. that's a bullseye. that's went out of the last 21. my 3-degree guarantee number for
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got 20s and 30s, couple 40s. low 40s when you get west of the mountains. but locally with the dry air in place it's cooled off rather quickly. freezing in damascus and germantown and fairfax. buoy at 31. waldorf, 34. a cold night but the winds are light. so that's a good thing. air is also kind of dry. dew points in the upper 20s in town. this is sort of a number. if you're away from the body of water you can get down to this temperature, maybe a few degrees cooler than that with the light winds. south wind at 5 with clear skies. at 39 feels like 36. but the winds have gone dead calm. our weather headlines, a gorgeous sunday. low, possibly middle 60s for most spots tomorrow. if you stay in the 50s, you're probably right near the bay or near the potomac where the water is a little bit colder. an early shower monday with a front. nice and mild again on tuesday. back to 60 to 65. tuesday night, wednesday mng
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moving in with a bring some colr weather for the second half of the week. in the short-term, it's really quiet. high pressure down toward huntsville, alabama. that's going to be moving in. our winds will start to come out of the south and southwest. mild air moves in and moves in a big way for the next three days. overnight, pretty quiet. chilly tomorrow morning. when you wake up, probably in the 30s in most spots. unless you're a late sleeper then you'll get those 40s on sunday. in the afternoon, boy it's going to be nice. nothing but sunshine. maybe a passing high cloud. temperatures, low to mid 60s. not nearly as chilly tomorrow night. we're going to stay in the 40s because we'll have wind, clouds coming in in advance of this cold front which by 2:30, buffalo to pittsburgh to charleston producing showers. we'll see if it can hold together enough moisture to squeeze out an early shower on monday. here we are 8 a.m. with the front coming through. a few mountain showers. tuesday will be
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gather itself here on later tuesday. it will be bringing snow showers up to new york state with rain showers. looks like wednesday we'll have to watch for a possible yellow weather alert day. i think the morning commute wednesday could be a wet one. clear to partly cloudy. cold tonight. 24 to 34. winds light to southwesterly at about 5 miles per hour. kind of chilly in the morning but it will warm quickly. 30s and 40s. by lunchtime we'll be in the 50s and a really beautiful afternoon. 58 to 66. spring like. south southwesterly winds. a little bit of a breeze at 10 to 15. as we head toward monday, early shower, breezy, 60. nice and mild tuesday. again, above 60. warm spots in the mid 60s. looking ahead to that 7-day forecast, and the primary, by the way, in virginia is tuesday. no excuses not to get out and vote. thursday, chillier. friday, watch a possible storm. i think
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south of us. back to 40s on satda range i mu. but i'll take it. >> late winter, early spring to do to you. >> i'll take it over those 60 degrees. trending tonight, one night ahead of the glitzy oscars, the film independent spirit awards in los angeles. spotlight took home the best picture. bri larson won for best female lead for the film "room." history was made when trans actress maya taylor became the first transgender person to win an award for her work in "tangerine." oscars are tomorrow. march madness is almost here. stretch run for the maryland terrapins basketball team as they try to stay in the big 10 race. maryland at purdue. could the terps pull off the road win? came down to the wire. we'll find out about
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we're almost to march and that's when you want to be playing your best btb
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not the case as thauv not been sharp lately. a -- they've not been sharp lately. a chance to get things back on track. an awful start by maryland. lay-in in transition. 24-8 lead in the first 7 and a half minutes. this game would be really good down the stretch. makes it a 3-point game. bench is a little pumped up. two and a half to go. maryland down 5. trimble had another poor shooting game but not here. 3-pointer makes it a 2-point game. rally would fall short. johnny hills with the defense for the lay-in. maryland loses 83-79. indiana clinches the big 10 regular season title with a win over iowa on tuesday. here's the head man of the terps. big hole early was a defense. >> you look at purdue this year, they jumped on michigan state. they jumped on iowa. they jumped on us. they're good at home and they
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i never felt like we were out of . to play better. we just could have rebedound, might have had a different outcome. smith-rivera and georgetown taking on butler. a little over a minute to go. devonte smith-rivera. his final game at verizon center. isaac copeland gets the hoyas a little bit closer. makes the 3. it's a two-possession game. time winding down in regulation. georgetown down 3. butler fouls copeland on a 3-point shot attempt. copeland would make all three to force overtime. but in overtime, butler made one field goal but that was it and it was enough. butler wins 90-87. hos fall a game under .500. tony bennett and virginia trying to make things interesting in the acc race. last week i pointed out how big a role he was playing. today wa
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that. 17 early points forenior. second half, more brogden this high. a game high 26 points. down the stretch virginia was able to keep north carolina at arm's length. they win 79-74 and pull within a game of first in the acc. gw and the abc sports jacket. looking to imp half, tyler cavanaugh gets the ball. throws it down. colonials trail by two with under 4 to go. they get the ball to jordan burgess who buries the three. gw loses a tough one, 69-65. his nickname is the z-man. mr. walk-off. recently you can call the nats' lifer mr. glass. talking about ryan zimmerman. his injuries derailed what was a very solid career in dc.
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still a young 31. he switched from 3rd base to 1st but he hopes he's got a lot more left in the tank for the nats. >> the community of dc is kind of where i grew up. i was 20 years old when i got here. 20 to 30 is pretty influential time in everyone's life. a lot of things happen that make a mark on the rest of your life. brooks laich has been a capital for over a decade but he's probably best known now for being engaged to dancing with the stars star julianne hough. capitals putting laich on waivers today. could get picked up by another team or head to the minor heagues soon. 's been with the caps since 2004. he could play tomorrow against chicago. jay beagle who's having a solid season before he hurt his h
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for the caps to very good blackhawks tomorrow. >> in hockey, in any sport, there's a lot of injuries. so it's definitely test of your faith, that's for sure. but usually come out stronger for it. and finally, why are these fans going crazy in charlottesville? here's why. the fan won $18,000 by burying the half court shot. he's a student. he had 18 seconds to try to win $18,000 with the half court shot and he made it on the very first shot. all in the legs and use the glass. >> what are the odds? >> not good, but for him, a thousand percent. >> he was going back to get another ball. >> that was brilliant. tomorrow should be a great day to get out
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updating our breaking news. a rookie police officer is dead. two others are wounded. police officers wounded after a domestic-related shooting in woodbridge. a civilian, a woman, was also shot. tonight that woman's husband is in police custody. this all happened in the 13000 block in woodbridge. officers called to the scene for a report of a domestic dispute. three officers were originally taken to fairfax. officer ashley guindon died a short time ago. she was just sworn in yesterday. today her first day on the job. what a sad, sad story, breaking news here at wusa 9. we've been following this all night. >> prayers to her and their family. a tough, tough night. very sad. >> absolutely. weather-wise we're looking at a cold night tonight. a good day tomorrow. we'll have temperatures low, maybe even mid 60s. a slight shower chance early monday. tuesday, primary day in
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get out and vote. weather will be good for that. nice andd in the 60s. morning rain for the most part on wednesday. that might be a yellow weather alert day. then colder for the second half of the week. potentially for something on friday, a little chance with highs in the 30s. lovely tomorrow though. >> it looked like tomorrow is absolutely the day. we'll have to get out there. you can get updates any time on our wusa 9 app. tune in tomorrow morning for wusa 9news at 7:00. goodnight. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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