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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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rifle, striking all three. the other two officers are recovering. >> it's just taken a toll on anybody who knows these officers. there are very few dry eyes. >> reporter: commonwealth's attorney, john ebert has not decided yet whether to pursue the death penalty. >> my heart is broken. >> reporter: crystal hamilton's sister says crystal told her everything was fine, until three weeks ago, when she admitted there were problems. >> my pain is beyond measure. but i know -- i know the life that she led. and no one can tell me anything different. i watched her grow up. i watched her turn into such a beautiful young lady. i watched her take the time to raise her son, teach him everything that he needed to know. and in my mind, she was preparing him for what she knew was ultimately more likely to be the end for her. >> reporter: now, the sister,
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hamilton worked for the wounded warrior project and gave everything she had to helping service members recover. she said she was an awesome person who never met a stranger. live in prince william county, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> okay, peg. and hamilton is being -- [ inaudible ] next court appearance is april 18th. tomorrow, friends and family and colleagues will say goodbye to officer ashley genden. >> the memorial will be at 14630 potomac road. public is welcome. but priority will be given to law enforcement and government officials. we're also learning that a go fund me page, looking for donations for genden's funeral is a scam. prince williams county says they are taking care of all of the costs associated with the services. well, the loss of officer genden is being felt especial
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hard in merimac, new hampshire. the school's principal says this is the sixth member of that class to pass away. instead of throwing their hats at graduation students, throw beach balls into the air. and each class hases has its own message. the beach ball for the class of 2005, carried the message, forever young. >> that beach ball carries a lot of meaning, when you think of ashley. because she is, indeed, forever young. only 28 years old. >> today, students observed a moment of silence there. and flags were lowered to half staff in remembrance of officer genden. so tonight, we're learning more about the other person to pass away in this tragic event. crystal hamilton. the wife of the alleged gunman. >> by all accounts, they knew there were problems in the marriage. jan jeffcoat is live in the studio with more on that part of the story. jan, just so sad. >> it is sad. and we learned from one of her best friends, who g
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death, is opening up to us about the signs of domestic abuse she witnessed firsthand. >> crystal is an amazing person. she lit up a room when she walked in. >> reporter: shayna colunga and beth hamilton walked in. they were fifth grade classmates. the two were so close, crystal often told shayna secrets about her troubled marriage. including an affair her husband was having. >> she was devastated that he had done it again. because this wasn't the first affair he had had on her. >> reporter: but it wasn't just an affair that concerned shayna. it was all the other signs of domestic abuse experts say you should look out for. nd there were a lot. br out of a jealous rage, he oke her phone. he would cancel her debit and credit cards. he took her social media down. and he put a tracker on her car. >> reporter: then there was the time when ronnie ha
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her. >> he blocks her car. and he snatches her purse out of her arm. this isn't happening in my home. you're going to take this elsewhere. , she looked at him and said you need to calm down. he's like, no, "f" you, you're not going to do this. i asked her if he had physically abused her. her response was, he never put his hands on me, but he would do things to make me get hurt. >> reporter: shayna saw clear 69 -- signs of abuse. but never could have imagined this would be the scene at her best friend's house, or that this would be the last text she sent crystal. >> that was the last time anybody heard from her. >> reporter: shayna said she did encourage crystal to leave her husband. but she said crystal stayed in the marriage because of their little boy, who just turned 11 last week. a little boy, lesli, who is now th
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>> the two people who were most important in his world. >> we also learned today that crystal's family said her husband tried to isolate her from them, which is yet another sign of domestic abuse. to learn more about how to recognize some of the other signs, you can go to our free wusa 9 app. the other two officers injured in the shooting, david mccohen, and jesse hampton, are recovering from nonlife- threatening injuries at fairfax hospital. we got some breaking news right now, where wusa 9 has learned that the man charged with killing two college students in virginia is expected to plead guilty. >> jesse matthew is charged with murder in the deaths of 18- year-old hannah graham, and 20- year-old morgan harrington. today, the commonwealth attorney announced a plea agreement, which could keep matthew from facing the death penalty. he's due in court on wednesday. he's already serving life in prison for the 2005 sexual assault of a woman in fairfax county. new charges tonight against the ma
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abusing children in prince george's county. a federal grand jury today indicted deonte carraway, on 13 new counts, involving 11 children. police tell wusa 9, while these are new charges, the number of victims in this child pornography investigation remains at 17. if convicted, caraway could spend the rest of his life in prison. to bethesda now, where a high school sophomore is recovering in the hospital. but she lost her mother, her father and her brother in a horrible car crash that happened over the weekend. wusa 9's bruce leshan is live outside whitman high school. students there just struggling with this loss. >> reporter: yeah. and relatives right now, still working on funeral arrangements. the family was headed here to see a play, when another car smacked broadside into their chevy volt, killing the mother, father, and son, and injuring the teenage girl.
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who sometimes think of themselves as immortal, it is a stunning reminder of the fragility of life. >> there's a big paper -- [ inaudible ] and a lot of people sign their names and their prayers. [ singing ] >> reporter: scores of students and teachers gathered for a candlelight vigil sunday night. their principal was barely able to contain his grief and anger. >> we've lost somebody, and i'm sad, and i'm mad! >> reporter: father michael baularked of bethsaida, their mother and friend were all killed as they turned left to head up to the school. a bmw hit their chevy volt broadside. sophomore helenna, and the bmw driver are the sole survivors. an uncle spoke at the vigil. >> our family is deni
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and we appreciate the support that everyone has given us. >> reporter: 18-year-old tommy had big plans. georgia tech or columbia. his friends on the debate team say he was going to change the world. >> incredible seven years, knowing you, tommy. and i know you're watching from somewhere. just know that we all miss you. >> tommy was more than just a teammate of mine. he was a very good friend. and i had -- i'm sorry. i know i can do this. >> reporter: her friends are already making plans for helena when she finally gets out of the hospital in her aerospace engineering class here. she said she always wanted to fly in a 787 dream liner. her friend told her, we're going to do that. it is going to be a great time. live at bethesda, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> so much
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people have been raising money online to help helena. at last count, they had already raised $2,000. coming up, we'll take a look at the intersection to see how fast people are driving and examine how dangerous it might be. prince george's county police are looking for two suspects this evening, after a shooting near duval high school this morning. two schools went into lockdown because of the violence. scott broom is in atlanta now, to bring us up to speed. and scott, what do you know? >> well, according to witnesses, should shooting right before 8:30, at this intersection in front of a school, appeared to be over a helihansen jackson. and the witnesses feared that the suspects fled toward the high school. >> reporter: a critically- wounded young man rushed to the hospital. four lanes of green belt road shut down. >> officers are looking for up to two suspects. >> reporter: nearby, duval high school on lockdown. and the students tweet being video from da
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then i saw two teenager boys running. >> and witnesses describing suspects, running from the scene. >> they were young kids. they had backpacks on. >> one of them had a jacket. and the other had books in his hand. >> reporter: and what a friend of the victim told bystanders. >> that the boy was shot over a helly hansen jackson. >> late today, investigators say they do not believe the shooting has a link to the high school. and they believe it was the result of an ongoing personal dispute. snow arrests have been announced. the shooting started with an encounter at the bus stop, here at 8:40 in the morning. and ended with victims across two lanes of traffic. down at the guardrail, dividing green belt road. >> it's crazy to me. it's senseless. >> stupid. violence. it's a shame. >> reporter: the identity of the victim has not been released by police. he almost died on the way to the hospital, we are told. and the students
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school nearby goddard middle school, turned out to have no problems with this. the lockdowns at the schools were described as just a precaution. reporting live in lanham, scott broom, wusa 9. >> precaution, though. but nobody wants to have to take it. scott, thank you. [ inaudible ] police have asked drivers who might have seen this, give them a call, 1-866-411-tips. students were sent home early today because of a bomb threat at mcclane high school. a spokesperson said that threat came by e-mail. students were evacuated to the football field, while bomb units performed an initial sweep. nothing was found before officials decided to cancel classes altogether. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 news. a robbery and assault in fairfax, leaving lingering fears. we talked to one neighbor who left her home, while police search for suspects. and ll
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pains -- campaigns in northern virginia. well, it's going to be really nice evening. and we'll talk about tomorrow. we have primary in virginia. march is going to come in like a lamb. there's no reason not to vote. by 10:00, it's going to be in the 50s. it's going to be 61 by 2:00. and 56 by 6:00. most polls close by 6:00. showers therefore. -- thereafter. we'll talk about showers rolling in. we'll talk about why we have flakes on the seven-day. bad. and then there's this. an e. coli scare forces kids' exhibit to close at the national zoo. as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down.
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well, campaign 2016 is
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right here from george mason university in fairfax, where hillary clinton is out there, rallying supporters. somewhere in there, among that crowd of cell phones and folks with signs, she holds a comfortable lead right now over challenger bernie sanders there. one of 12 states holding those super tuesday contests tomorrow. our own garrett haake is there. he'll have much more in a live report from george mason, coming up tonight at 6:00. sanders, meantime, hit the campaign trail in minneapolis. the senator, focusing on the danger of climate change. and announced his opposition to two pipeline projects that would affect the state. sanders has another rally scheduled for tonight. in delegate-rich massachusetts. on the republican side, black lives matter activists targeted donald trump in rat ford, virginia. the billionaire is coming under fire after he refused to disavow former kkk leader david trke on a talk show.
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clearly because of a bad ear piece, but his opponents are not buying it. >> i don't care how bad the ear piece is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clear. >> he plays footsies with some of the ugliest out there to build support for his candidacy. >> ted cruz, winning his home state of texas. a member of the elite seal team 6 is the latest recipient of the medal of honor. >> edward byers received commendation for his courage as part of a team that rescued an american civilian being held in afghanistan. in 2012, he threw himself on top of that hostage to protect him from gunfire. then neutralized his taliban guard. >> with his bare hands, ed pinned the fire to the wall and held him until his teammates took action. >> going to continue doing my job at navy, continue being a
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seal and doing the thing i love. >> reporter: byers is the first living active duty member to receive the nation's highest military honor in four decades. >> well deserved. work is still not complete on a three-day water main break in hyattsville. the rupture of the 90-year-old pipe presented so many problems, they had to call in a crew from new jersey to help. the wssc delivered boxes filled with hyatt water to residents whose taps ran dry. the utility says water service to the neighborhood is now restored. but crews will have to come back tomorrow to complete repairs on that water main. what a mess. i guess the good news is, we don't have freezing temperatures today. >> that saturday good news for us on so many level -- is the good news for us on so many levels. for travel -- had. >> -- >> and for our psyche. >> for our psyche. march will come in as a lamb. i'm a little jealous. there's a tiny pile of snow in
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bit. >> just look at it. >> i wouldn't mind scooping it up and putting it on my driveway. feeling pretty good. we went for a high in the low 60s. 62. how did we do? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. and you can always find us and check us out via the app, download the app. isit is free. live look outside. at our michael and son weather cam. temperature, dison. that's good -- 61. that's good. winds out of the west at 12. they will continue to calm down. winds gusting over 30 miles an hour today. breezy but not windy tonight, bus stop temperatures, 35 to 48. breezy. so kind of chilly. then march comes in like a lamb. temps around 60. and showers primarl tuesday night -- primarily tuesday night. i don't think we'll need the yellow alert with this system because it should be out of here by wednesday morning. 56 in gaithersburg, 45 in manassas. and we're looking at 44 in frederick and 45 in fairfax.
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walk after dinner. and by 6:00 in the morning, there will be some 30s. 37 in gaithersburg. 40 in silver spring. and 39 again in fairfax. 39 also in fredericksburg. but by 9:00. not bad. temperatures back in the upper 40s, almost near 50 in la plata and downtown. and then by 1:00, 59 downtown. 59 in la plata. and we're looking at 56 in frederick. and 59 in leesburg. so we're headed for about 60 once again tomorrow, before temps start to taking a tumble. on the day planner. 40sto start. 55 by 11:00. and near 60 by 1:00 p.m. next three days. wednesday, chilly. it will be a midnight high wednesday. dress for the 40s on wednesday. breezy and chilly, only about 51. maybe, maybe a shower early in the morning. rest of the day is fine. cold on thursday. temperatures in the low 40s. now, friday, we have been talking about this. rain and snow showers possible. 42. kind of a clipper-like system that will eventually get offs
5:20 pm
nor'easter. model the not exactly coming into any kind of agreement. we'll just say rain and snow showers for now. you folks in southern maryland, probably going to be rain in any event. and 50 saturday. 52 sunday. lots of sunshine. and we're back to 56 on monday. so once we get through this little friday system, we may not see much after that, in terms of winter weather. >> he allegedly attacked a young woman and tried to sex yulg -- sexually assault her. tonight, arlington police say they have arrested santos efrain vasquez. the victim was able to get away. but police are looking into the possibility that vasquez- lopez is responsible for a series of assaults along a bike trail. the kids farm at the national zoo is closed tonight because of an e. coli outbreak. the zoo vets made the discovery recently in goats at the exhibit. so they have been moved to another location. and apparently the kids' farm is under quarantine.
5:21 pm
affected there so far. so an adviser to pope francis admits to the church's enormous mistakes in the child sex abuse scandal. >> the irs data breach affects even more taxfayers -- taxpayers. and we'll tell you about apple's new curvey iphone. that's coming up in tonight's consumer alert.
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a top adviser to pope francis said the catholic church made enormous mistakes, dealing with the priest child abuse issue. >> he told commissioners in sydney it's a scandal that the church allowed thousands of children to suffer at the hands of catholic priests. >> that the church is, in many places, certainly in australia, has mucked things up, has let people down. i'm not here to defend the indefensible. >> reporter: he is the vatican treasurer, the highest-ranking church official yet to testify about the pedophile case.
5:25 pm
in tonight's consumer alert, the data breach at the irs is bigger than we first thought. hackers stole sensitive information, using the agency's get transcripts program. in may of 2015, the irs reported cyber criminals accessed some 114,000 taxpayer accounts. but then the number grew to 334,000, three months later. and now, the irs says as many as 324,000 victims may be out there. an audit found that one out of 13irs-approved tax prep companies failed to provide adequate security to their customers. we're often our own worst enemies. because there are times that we don't use proper passwords. don't use proper security. >> the irs is notifying taxpayers who used that get transcript program to check their tax history online. and the agency will offer one year of free identity protection for people who may have been impacted by that breach. apple's nest
5:26 pm
appear to be identical to the iphone 5s. but it will have a smaller, four-inch screen and curved edges. now, the device will not be equipped with the 3d touch feature. but according to tech experts, this could satisfy users who like smaller apple iphones with a longer battery life. the debut date is somewhere around the end of march. you'll pay about 24% more to visit the home of mickey mouse and friends on certain days. disney is raising prices. the prices will surge on single- day tickets on busiest days at parks. the company is hoping this will change and help control and cut down on the crowds there. straight ahead. the supposed confession from a uva student, being detained right now in north korea. and we check in on d.c. street cars on their first day of the workweek in service. but right after the break, a woman says she was so frightened, after a sexual assault in fairfax county,
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[ no audio, please stand by ] fairfax county's police chief says that suspect is behind bars, a week later. all thanks to strong community support. and good police work. wusa 9's stephanie ramirez has more on where this crime took place.
5:30 pm
mount vernon bike patrol, officers that spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle, not too far from here. they investigated, immediately noticed the suspect. and were able to make a quick arrest. i think a lot of people don't appreciate until you talk to the neighbors here at the mounted court apartments. >> i've just been pet petrified over the whole ordeal. [ crying ] i haven't been able to sleep. >> reporter: still scared, this neighbor asked we not identify her. she broke down, saying she knows the victim, and has been staying with family. >> i was very happy that the police were on the job. >> reporter: police police release friday, edward oncee martinez, who they say in the early morning hours of saturday, february 20th, broke into an apartment and raped a long-standing resident in this community. it happened near the 8400 block of blankenship street. >> we had to be in our houses after dark, and ke
5:31 pm
ourselves in. it made it feel unsafe here. >> two days later, police were able to identify the man they were on the hunt for. some said they had seen him in the area before. it's those tips the fairfax county police said led them to martinez. he thanked the bike patrol officers for their thorough work and someone else. >> i just want to thank the community for helping its police department. >> reporter: now the concern is on the victim and making sure she gets the help she needs. >> she was really nice. i don't know how somebody could have done that to her. >> >> nobody should be a victim of such a violent, horrific crime. my heart really goes out to her. >> reporter: and police tell us this was a random act. the victim and the suspect did not know one another. oncee-martinez now faces rape, burglary, and providing police with false id charges. in fairfax, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> none
5:32 pm
that shooting have been charged in connection to this assault. years of delays. millions over budget. but hey, d.c. street cars are finally rolling down the street in northeast washington. it was the first time passengers were able to ride the street cars during a weekday rush hour. passengers we talked to didn't have any complaints. leah mes ner said she looks forward to the impact the now- operating street cars will have. >> being able to get parking spaces. it will just be so nice. >> reporter: for now, it's free to ride the street cars, until a pay structure is figured out. police in prince george's county are looking for the gunman, connected to a double shooting. the victims were wounded on swinden terrace and upper marlboro. it happened around 9:30 last night. and police have not released a motive for the shooting or a description on the suspect. >> we're learning more now about the annapolis fire. that blaze cost $9 million worth of
5:33 pm
report, by the annapolis fire department. investigators say last december's fire was sparked by a heavily-decorated christmas tree. but the report does not say whether the yacht club's building can be salvaged. a confession of sorts from the uva student being held in north korea. >> before today's news conference, 21-year-old otto warmbier hadn't been seen since he was arrested at peongyang airport on january 2nd. here he is, has d mitted to -- admitted to trying to steal a propaganda sign. >> i took the important political statement from the staff area at the hotel, aimed at harming the work ethic and motivation of the korean people. >> our editorial partners at the washington post called this news conference, highly orchestrated. warmbier also went on to say,
5:34 pm
he was impressed by north korea's humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself. and the indictment of a teacher's aide there has sent shock waves through our communities. tonight at 11:00, we'll have a special report for parents and families. i recently sat down with three adult survivors of child sex abuse. one of them is a former nfl player. what they have to say is frank. and it is helpful for so many of us, raising children. or entrusted with their care. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you can commit on a kid. it's almost -- it's just like murder. you are killing -- you're murdering that kid's heart. >> airs tonight at 11:00. but you can join us, starting at 9:00 p.m., on our wusa 9 facebook page. we'll be answering questions live, with help from experts, safe shores advocacy center, based in d.c. trending now, fashion awards, and controversy during
5:35 pm
plus, the tweet about oprah's tattoos that has a lot of people scratching their heads tonight. just chilly tonight. in fact, everybody remains above freezing. here are the low temperatures. 35 in olno. olney. and about 35 in fairfax. 37 in sterling. we'll come back and talk about when the winds subside. we'll also talk about how march will come in like a lamb. but the week may go out like a lion.
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well, after being overlooked for years, lenarrow dicaprio -- leonardo dicaprio took home an award. >> leo won for best actor in "the revenant." >> brie larson won best actress for "room." throughout the show, chris rock addressed the oscar-so-white controversy. >> wl,
5:39 pm
academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. [ laughter ] why this oscars? why this oscars? it's the 88th academy awards. 88th academy awards. [ applause ] which means this whole no-black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, after the event, superstar elton john used his annual afterparty to raise awareness for hiv and a.i.d.s. and oscar night would not be complete without this question. >> who are you wearing? you look gorgeous. >> thank you. so do you. marina renaldy. >> that was patricia arquette. best actress brie larson, sophia vegarra. they all wore red carpet in shades of blue. they owned the red carpet, we should say.
5:40 pm
with plunging necklines and low backs and high slits. you can see all of them here. it was a marvelous for all of those dretszed up. -- dressed up. and whoopi goldberg channeled hollywood. speaking of whoopi, a fashion company somehow thought she was oprah winfrey. in a tweet. said, we had no idea oprah was at that timed and we -- was tatted. and we love it. they showed a picture of whoopi. they took a picture of oprah's reaction. she didn't seem to mind. a memorial. >> a lot of people pointing out that ava vavehicle vagoad a. his -- vagodda. so far, no response to the academy as to where that was. you may have noticed
5:41 pm
february. >> it really blew my mind. i was surprised that kids get away with things like that. >> this appears to be the tease for fight club. >> on the way next. graphic videos
5:42 pm
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i'm andrea mccarren on river road in bethesda, at the scene of a tragic crash that killed three family members. ironically, i've stood at this very intersection twice before, as residents lobbied for traffic light here. so what happens? we asked state officials for answers. and we have a very interesting development to tell you about. coming up at 6:00. meanwhile, an investigation is under way into an alleged fight club at a high school. >> now, we have to warn you, this video is graphic. and it shows students wearing boxing gloves, but no protective gear. pummeling at each other, at a school north of sacramento. the fights have apparently been going on for more than a decade. and they happened in a dilapidated school schoolhouse or clubhouse, we should say. the school superintendent says she only learned about this fight club recently. we immediately ed
5:45 pm
we've shut down the location where the fight has taken place. >> current and former students say this fight club has been going on for years, with kids getting knocked out, receiving bloody noses and black eyes. the story has drawn comparisons to the movie "fight club" about a recreational fighting league for adult men. that district in california is investigating whether any school personnel should face discipline. relief is on the way for drivers in prince george's county, with a pothole glitch starting tomorrow. they will dedicate all of their maintenance personnel and resources to filling those craters left behind by the cold weather and the snow. we've got information on how you can report potholes to the county, on our wusa 9news app. today is leap day. and it only comes around once every four years. it's significance -- its significance, of course, makes it pretty popular for weddings. >> interesting, if you were born on
5:46 pm
wusa 9 stephanie gale hard is live to talk about this. steph, you had to have fun with this. >> yeah. and to put it simply, people are tying the knot today, because of the cool factor. 13 people got married in the d.c. courthouse. many more than a typical day. >> i'm realm -- really, really excited. really excited. >> i'm feeling pretty good, actually. i have a really hot wife now, and i'm ready to start a new life. >> his new bride fell in love with his dry wit. >> i picked today because i wanted to save 75% off anniversaries. >> and what did she say? >> sly said, -- she said, no way. so we'll have to pick weather we celebrate on the 28th or the 1st. >> it is about 365 and a quarter da
5:47 pm
get married on leap year, i thought, wow, isn't that the coolest thing? when will you have the chance to do that again? >> reporter: it may only come around every four years, but this couple agreed, their love would stand the test of time. >> it's a great story to tell. everyone asks. you only celebrate every four years. [ laughter ] i said, no. so we have to come up with creative ways to get around it. but we get to have something huge every four years. we can save and go on trips and things like that. so i think it works for us. >> in greece, it's actually unlucky to get married on leap day, but the couples i spoke to said they're not buying it. and they're looking forward to a lifetime of happiness and love. and we certainly wish them all the best tonight. reporting live in d.c., stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. now, if any of those guys actually think they're not going to be able to celebrate their anniversary, but every four years, forget about th
5:48 pm
that is over. a british tradition says leap day is the only day that a woman can propose marriage to a man. >> interesting. topper is back from death's doorstep. >> yes, i am. good to be vertical as it other than. >> you look and sound a -- it were. >> you look and sound a whole lot better. >> sunshine and temps in the 60s. and we're looking at really, one more nice day. march will come in like a lamb tomorrow. and we have a little winter lurking. live look outside. it our live michael and son weather cam. still 61. dew point low 30s. comfortable air mass. winds are calming down. they were howling earlier today. in fact, gusting over 30. last hour, gusting to 24 miles per hour in hagerstown. and also martinsburg. again, these are actual observations and a 29-mile-per- hour wind gust in annapolis. winds will be breezy tonight and tomorrow. but not as windy as they were today. bus stop temperatures, 35 to 48. march will come in like a lamb. temps around 60.
5:49 pm
good news is, they're mainly confined to tuesday night. and the real go news is, i think the showers come in after the rush hour tomorrow. and get out of here before the rush hour on wednesday. that's pretty convenient. it will usher in colder air, however. >> future cast. still 50 downtown. still mid- to upper 40s. still 49 in fred ricks burg. -- fredericksburg. 45 in manassas. and by 6:00 a.m., some 30s but everyone is above freezing. 38 in hagerstown. and 38 also in sterling. but looking at 40 in silver spring, 41 in bowie. by 9:00, midmorning. temps were close to 50 inside the beltway. and by lurp time, look -- lunchtime. look at that. 56 in hagerstown. even 59 in winchester and manassas, and leesburg and manassas -- everybody is warm. by the -- tomorrow evening, a few clouds come in. late in the da
5:50 pm
day, even with the clouds, still 56. about 24 hours from now, downtown 57 in manassas. and by 10:30, low to mid-50s. but look to the west. here comes a cold front. here comes the showers and storms already into cumberland and romney. but again, the good news is, most of these just blast through overnight on tuesday. and are out of here in time for the wednesday morning commute. so tonight, partly cloudy. breezy, just chilly. 35 to 44. winds out of the west at about 10 to 20. so still breezy but not as windy. on the day planner, 40s to start. 55, by 1:00, with sunshine. and 59. almost 60 by 1:00, even with southeasterly winds. now, beginning -- getting into wednesday, a slight chance of an early shower. gotta put 51 on for the high. it will be the midnight high, dressed for the 40s. temps fall during the day. chilly. and then cold on thursday. sunshine, yes. temperatures only in the low 40s, though. next seven days. rain or snow showers on friday. low 40s. this could be
5:51 pm
as it were. and 50 on saturday. 52 sunday. now, we got spoiled last weekend. that's still a pretty decent weekend for the first weekend in march. then back in the mid-50s, a little milder next monday. now, game on sports with kristen berset. throw up the middle. right down randall street. touchdown navy. >> napoleon mcculom, all soms -- synonymous. the only three midshipmen to ever have their name retire. but now, they are welcoming a new number to -- member to the fold. right into the record books. and now, no one at navy will ever wear number 19 again. reynold's number is
5:52 pm
retired, making him the fourth member of this group. this season will go down in history as one of the best ever. his 88 career rushing touchdowns are not just the most in meaf history -- navy history but the most ever in the sbf. congratulations to reynolds, much deserved. at the top of the show, we saw the outpouring of support for two women who lost their lives. hamilton and police officer ashley quinden. one is offering his own support in his own way as well. maurice cana day, a former standout cornerback for the cavaliers, during his 40-yard dash at the nfl combine. they say officer genden, 2-20- 16, never forget. one cleat will be given to the family. the other will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the memorial fund. a paratrooper undercover operation said they will donate as well. kennedy's cousin is
5:53 pm
remember -- prince george's county police department. he wanted to pay his respects today and hopefully help them out in the long run. >> it's a terrific tribute. >> had a good 40 today, too. it was out there. support. maybe she was with them. >> all right. thanks, katie. coming up at 6:00. three members of the same family, killed in a car accident. we talked to residents who spent more than a decade, arguing for a traffic light at a dangerous intersection. no more hate. black lives matter protestors, interrupting a trump campaign stop at radford university. and we speak to friends of crystal hamilton. the first victim in the prince williams county police shooting. they say the home she shared with her husband are was the same place she was repeatedly abused and tortured.
5:54 pm
5:56 pm
many of us have meddley bedroom closets or a bathroom that is a disaster. >> a new book to help people who want to tidy up their lives. >> reporter: petite japanese, declutterring guru, mar yea condo is becoming larger than life in the world of ohinizing. -- organizing. at a packed book signing, people seem mesmerized by her
5:57 pm
folding method. >> they call you the beyonce of declutterring. what do you say to that? >> i call myself a professed freak. >> cleaning up physical and emotional. it always follows a specific order. first clothes, then books. paperwork and miss -- miscellaneous items. then moving onto things like photographs. >> the idea may be a simple one. but many people have a hard time letting? -- letting go. >> a saw your room. you needed this book. >> i desperately needed this book. >> the goal of my message is not to discard everything around you, but instead really figure out what makes you happy. >> reporter: and she urges people to quietly thank the things she throws away. >> it's not
5:58 pm
it's about what you want in life, what your priorities are and having a joyful life. >> her followers believe, once their homes are in order, their lives will be, too. jamie yuccas, cbs new york. >> she has thousands of views on her youtube channel. >> and she's starring on a declutterring show and will launch an app to help the rest of us clean up later this spring. right now, at 6:00, the army staff sergeant accused of murdering his wife remains in jail, as two family members are forced to deal with the loss of loved ones. hillary clinton and donald trump, making last-minute campaign stops in west virginia to try to sway undecided voters. and something we don't see often in the cland -- land. what justice clarence thomas did that he has not done in decades. >> good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. we begin with the prince williams county shootings. leading to questions
5:59 pm
domestic violence. >> army staff sergeant ron hamilton went before a judge. our peggy fox is live where this straj eddy happened -- tragedy happened over the weekend. >> it apparently weaponed a fight. -- happened with a fight. she wanted to go out with friends, but her husband said no. when police arrived here for a domestic call, he apparently knew they were coming. and they said he opened the door and started firing. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the fire department cleaned up the crime scene, while mourners stopped by. >> i'm sad for the 11-year-old. i'm hoping he's going to be okay. >> reporter: a somber memorial for crystal hamilton. a young mother gunned down in her own home. her husband, 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an army staff sergeant and i.t. at the pentagon was charged with her murder. >> she was only 29 years old. and probably just too afraid to tell anybody. >> also killed in
6:00 pm
violence,28-year-old ashley glennen. it was her first day on the job. she and two other officers were met at the front door by hamilton, who fired a rifle, striking saul three. >> the other two officers are recovering. >> it's taken a toll on anybody that knows. >> officers. and there are very few dry eyes. >> reporter: commonwealth attorney ebert has not decided yet whether to pursue the death penalty. the arrest warrant says this hamilton has confessed to killing his wife. crystal said everything was fine until a couple of weeks when she admitted there were problems. >> i know the life that she led. and no one can tell me anything different. i watched her grow up. i watched her turn into such a beautiful young lady. i watched her take the time to raise her son, teach him everything that he needed to know. and in my mind, she was preparing him


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