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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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violence,28-year-old ashley glennen. it was her first day on the job. she and two other officers were met at the front door by hamilton, who fired a rifle, striking saul three. >> the other two officers are recovering. >> it's taken a toll on anybody that knows. >> officers. and there are very few dry eyes. >> reporter: commonwealth attorney ebert has not decided yet whether to pursue the death penalty. the arrest warrant says this hamilton has confessed to killing his wife. crystal said everything was fine until a couple of weeks when she admitted there were problems. >> i know the life that she led. and no one can tell me anything different. i watched her grow up. i watched her turn into such a beautiful young lady. i watched her take the time to raise her son, teach him everything that he needed to know. and in my mind, she was preparing him
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was ultimately more likely to be the end for her. >> reporter: we know there have been counselors at the school, where that 11-year-old boy attends. as far as the officer, her funeral will be tomorrow. viewing at 10:00. and the service will be at noon, at the hilton memorial chapel. the public is welcome. but space is limited. reporting live in prince william county, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> thank you, peggy. and hamilton is being held without bond. his next court appearance will be april 18th. we also spoke to crystal hamilton's best friend. shayna met her when they were classmates and they became best buddies. shayna said she saw signs of physical abuse in crystal's marriage. >> i asked her if he ever physically abused her. her response to me was, he never
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on me, but hoo -- he would do things to make me get hurt. >> she encouraged her to leave her husband, but she said she stayed because of their son. for more details, can you go to the -- you can go to the wusa 9 app. nearly a dozen states head to the polls tomorrow, with virginia, with the biggest prizes. they say hillary clinton could sweep the crattic nom -- the democratic nomination. senator clinton just wrapped up an early evening rally. >> that's right. clinton just left the building a short while ago. most of the polls have shown hillary clinton with a fairly commanding lead in the last couple of weeks. but this final swing through the state tonight, shows the front runner, taking no chances in the state that is so important. not just super tuesday. but critical. we heard what sod
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general election speech. she focused on policy. pointing all the ways she differs from republicans who have been attacking her for months. she avoided reference to bernie sanders, but did allude to him in one issue, higher education and how to pay for it. clint clinton needs to -- clinton needs to fire up young voter fist she's going to win in -- voters if she's going to win in november. now, talking ugly personal insults at one another, on a nearly hourly basis. >> i really regret the language that is being used by republicans. scapegoating people, fingerpointing, blaming. that is not how we should behave toward one another. that is not how we want to be treated. and we're going to demonstrate, starting tomorrow, on super tuesday, there's a different path. >> reporter: tonight, for clinton, that differ
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she can take that tack, after essentially demolishing sanders on saturday. they hope for another big win here in virginia. part of what clinton hopes will be a series of big wins on super tuesday. and potentially wrap this nomination up sooner rather than later. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> all right, garrett. thank you. >> thanks for that, garrett. meanwhile, democratic socialist bernie sanders campaigned in minnesota, which holds its caucus tomorrow. he's campaigned in the states three of the past four days. sanders told the crowds, he could win there if turbout -- turnout is large enough. on the other side of the aisle, republican front runner, donald trump, also made a stop in virginia. he was at the university, south of roanoke. the photographer tried to get pictures of protests, but on the video, he's seen kicking a
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here's grabbed at the neck and taken down. he was not seriously injured. registered voters can cast their ballots in tomorrow's primaries. you can also find a guide to virginia's primary on the wusa 9 app. and you can also use the app for up-to-the minute results. turning to other news tonight. police in atlanta, maryland, in a morning shooting which caused a lockdown at two nearby schools. a man was wounded. witnesses say two young attackers fleld fled with the victims' jackets. >> they were young kids. they had backpacks on. >> of wothem had a -- one of them had a jacket. and the other had books in his hand. >> reporter: police say the shooting had nothing to do with the nearby duval senior high school. investigators say it appears the attackers and the victim had an ongoing personal dispute. now, this is
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hasn't happened in some 10 years. today, supreme court justice clarence thomas, stunned the high court, when he posed a question during oral arguments. the justices were hearing arguments, involving a federal law that would ban people convicted of domestic violence, from owning a gun. justice thomas asked whether the violation of any other law would suspend a person's constitutional right to own a weapon. breaking news in the legal fight between the justice department and apple. >> yeah, new york judge just ruled the government cannot force apple to help unlock an iphone in a case. this ruling comes a week after a judge ruled that they help. but now, the judge has overreal -- overruled. headlines being discussed all over social media. also, new revelations ever abuse -- of abuse, by high- ranking vatican officials.
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the boston archdiocese wins best picture at the academy awards. march is going to come in like a lamb. no doubt about that. look at the highs tomorrow. 61 downtown. maybe 63 in leesburg. 61 in silver spring. 62 in fairfax. when we come back, we'll stalk about when it goes back to
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spotlight, winning best picture. certain to keep the catholic sex abuse scandal in the headlines. sunday, the top adviser to pope francis said the church has made enormous mistakes in allowing the abuse of thousands of children at the hands of priests. cardinal phelps looked into an inquiry in the 1970s. >> the church has been many places. certainly australia. has marked things up. has let people down. i'm not here to defend the indefensible. >> he testified the video link from rome to the royal commission in sydney. the testimony came just hours before spotlight won best picture at the academy awards. the film highlights the work of journalists at the boston globe, who exposed a ring of pedophile priests and a cover- up by catholic bishops. a political sign stole fren a hotel.
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appeared at a news conference today. it's the first time he's been seen in public since his january 2nd arrest. north korea said he tried to steal a sign which promote the, quote, the north korean people's love for the system. >> i understand the severity of my crime. and i have no idea what sort of penalty i may face. but i'm begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. and i am praying to the heavens, so that i may be returned home to my family. >> he had been visiting north korea on a tourist visa. few recipients of the medal of honor live to tell the story of what earned
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learns more information in a tragic story from montgomery county. police continue to investigate the deadly crash which unfolded on river road saturday night. >> the 20-year-old driver of a bmw was headed westbound on river road toward the beltway. a family of four was headed east in a chevy volt and attempted to make a left turn on the pac way, when --
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>> the intersection has been scrutinized for safety in the past. >> ironically, i've stood at this intersection twice before, when residents were lobbying the state highway administration, for a traffic light here. in 2003, and 2008, the state determined there was not enough traffic, turning from river road, onto this street, to warrant that. >> a family gets wiped out right in front of you. it's just horrible. i mean, i can't believe it. >> betty drove past the devastating crash, moments after impact. she's visiting from new jersey and doesn't know the victims. but still felt compelled to bring flowers. >> we are just destroyed. and we live 200 miles away. but it's a family, no matter how you look at it. >> betty was not alone. >> as students of the community, we wanted to show that we really cared and that we are aware of what happened. >> reporter: the intersection is so dangerous, said these teens,ager that whitman's high
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students to avoid it. >> there have been a lot of accidents here in the past. not just this one. and there is a lot of, almost accidents, frequently happening in the morning. >> we return to the scene with a speed gun. abiding by the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit. most were not. we clocked speeds of up to 63 miles per hour. >> people on river road, driving river road, tend to speed a little because they try to time the lights. >> reporter: the crash site is at the bottom of the hill. police are now investigating whether speed, alcohol or drugs played a role in this tragedy. >> the state highway administration says it will now review the montgomery county police report and conduct a new study. andrea mccarren, w wusa 9. >> no charges have been filed at this point. police say it will take a month before it will turn the results of the investigation over to the montgomery
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investigator's office. four people are recovering after a shooting today in ohio. a gunman opens fire at a cafeteria of a high school in cincinnati. investigators say it's unclear if the shooter actually attends the school. but we know he bolted into nearby woods before a k-9 unit caught him. the other injuries appear to be more serious and not life- threatening. he risked his life to help save an american doctor, being held hostage by the taliban. and today, president obama gave a metal of honor to chief of special affairs operator, edward biers. he served nine combat tours, multiple times in iraq and afghanistan. after the ceremony, biers said his brother in arms, neck check, also deserves national recognition. >> he was a national hero, and he was a hero of that operation. he was killed during that operation. he died a warrior. and he died to bring back another american.
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>> biers is already a highly- decorated sailor. he's been awarded the bronze star, with combat valor five times, as well as two purple hearts and two action ribbons. congrot grates to that -- congrats to that hero. windy. nice. a lot of sun. >> i thought it was nice. >> kind of got spoiled over the weekend. we'll spoiled one more -- be spoiled one more day. march coming in like a lamb. but the week could go out like a lion. still feeling pretty good about the 62 we forecasted today. i think that's going to hold up. auto going to be close. i did read 66 coming in. but that's kind of a false reading on the pavement. live look outside. to our live michael and son weather cam. dew points below freezing. winds north/northwest at 9. notice, there are no gusts. they're calming down a little bit. it will be breezy. but not windy. and the bus stop temperatures, 35 to 48. still breezy.
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march in like a lamb tomorrow, with temperatures around 60s again. and showers roll in with this next front, primarily fall tuesday night, after the tuesday evening rush and getting out here before the wednesday morning rush. looks pretty nice, actually. it will usher in colder air, it will snap us back to reality no doubt about that. 10:00 tonight. still 50 downtown. clear skies. upper 40s, just about everywhere else. 46 in leesburg. 45 in manassas. pretty nice for a walk after dinner. and by other mornings there -- by morning, there will be a breeze. 37 in gaithersburg, 37 in rockville. and 38 in silver spring and bowie. and by midmorning, back in the 40s. temperatures rebound pretty quickly, actually. still 46 in manassas at 9:00. and 47 in sterling. and by lunchtime, everybody is pretty close to 60, with pretty much full sun. 59 in leesburg. even 56 in hagerstown. even 59 for our friends
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cumberland and romne. at that's a big deal. temperatures still in the 50s. looking at 57 in manassas. and still 60 down into fredericksburg. and then we turn our attention to the west. by late tomorrow night, showers begin to move in to the metro area. the bulk of which, still west of i-81, and that will roll through overnight on tuesday. tonight, no worries. partly cloudy. chilly. 35 to 44. winds still westerly at about 10 to 20. and a little gusty. but nothing like our 30 to 35 miles per hour. 55 by 11:00. almost 60 by 1:00 p.m. now, behind the front. maybe an early shower on wednesday. going to go 51 on wednesday. it's a midnight temp, dressed for the 40s. temps will fall. and look at this. on thursday, we're back to reality. cold. highs only in the low 40s. next seven days. friday, rain or snow showers. we're still looking at the possibility of a
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like system, kind of diving south of us and reforming off the coast. we'll see how much moisture is available and how much cold air is available. timing is quicker now. and 50 saturday. sunshine returns. 52 sunday. gorgeous. okay, not as nice as yesterday. but still pretty nice. and 56 with sunshine again on monday. we'll be right back after this
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child sex abuse. it's an unstep speak -- unspeakable evil. talking to adult survivors of similar crimes, a must-see story for parents. tonight at 11:00. doctors are calling it a
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and turns out the bacteria that live in the gut could be key to treating all kinds of sicknesses. doctor tellman says it is a lifestyle that is scientifically proven to restore a healthy gut. >> the reason we are suffering from obesity and why so many people can't lose weight is because they're forgetting about the microbium. >> the diet includes fermented foods like saur kraus and -- sauerkraut and kim chee. includes things like jicama, artichokes and radishes. the washington capitals made a few moves. but we're fairly quiet, heading into today's trade deadline. then there was the news that came just before midnight. that the caps have
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it was the longest tenured player with the team, 12 years in washington. but what he was providing on the ice this season wasn't enough to justify his $4.5 million salary. and in the end, it was a business decision. probably one of the most difficult, considering this team is the franchise's best shot at a stanley cup. i mean, i was part of scouting them in the beginning. so it's hard. you know, he expressed that he really wanted to be part of it. and win a stanley cup here. >> it probably hurts a lot. it's hard to do to trade a player like that. but in the end, it's hard to do for our organization. >> and speaking of deadline. final day, nfl teams can use a franchise tag on a player or not. here on the dmv, all eyes are on the burgundy and gold. and quarterback kirk cousins. it's been reported numerous times that they will continue working on
6:26 pm
of course, we'll see what happens tomorrow. but we now know exactly what that decision could cost them if they do. if they franchise cousins, he'll get $19.95 million. of course they could use what is called a transition tag. that would be about $2 million less, but other teams can still make offers. the redskins, though, would have seven days to match any offer, could end up paying more. the pros are that the team could get cousins for less money than a long-term deal with no team comes after him. but he could end up losing money or paying more if there is that bigger offer. no players want to lose money on the table. but some want to help bolster their playing power. ian desmond turned down a deal. he had great years. but after a disastrous 2015, he decided to test free ag
6:27 pm
all desmond was able to get for woee agency was a one-year deal rth $8 million with the texas rangers. and infielder will play left field with texas. not a good one for him. the orioles, we all loved this last year. this became the team tradition. the pie in the face, started by adam jones. it was fun. but now the team has decided to ban the pies in the face for player safety reasons. so they didn't want to see a player go out with an eye injury just because of a pie in the face. but adam jones did more. and you might see it every now and then coming up. >> tons of money out there. free agency. >> that's the news at 6:00. cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back with your only local news at 7:00. see you
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>> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an ameran hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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