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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 27, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, june 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new political and market turmoil after britain decide to leave the eu. today, members of parliament will try to plot a path forward. here in the united states, hillary clinton and donald trump sharply disagree on the impact. a passenger jet bursts into flames after an emergency landing. video from on board shows an entire wing on fire. west virginia braces for more downpours after a deadly week of historic flooding. we are on a rescue mission with the national your world in 90 seconds.
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the days ahead butet l me be clear. you should not underestimate our results. >> the brexit sparks picolital chaos. >> the shocking british vote to lethave e eu unleashed a wave of fiscal panic and political uncertainty. >> president susan mcginnis is absolutely convinced that we will be able to work through this. >> in the day after the vote, americans lost $100 billion from our 401(k)s. >> areas of west virginia face more flooding rain. >> california is dealing with the massive wildfire. two people are dead. thumat nber could rise. >> people clashed outside the capital state capital. at least seven were stabbed. in lascotnd, eight children and two adults were injured when a roller coaster derailed. >> oh, my god. >> singapore airsline jet caught
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airport in singapore. all pargssengers were evacuated >> all that. >> chile is the winner of copa! >> the crash on the track gets physical. >> they are going at it. this is going to be good here. >> the fans are loving it. >> all that matters. >> the 2016 b.e.t. awards. ♪ >> jennifer hudson brought down hothe use. ♪ >> on "cbs this morning." >> internet star of the weekend. a spectator at a college baseball world series game looks right at the camera when he realized the camera was on him. >> stare down. >> how long can he go? it's tough right now. it's tough. >> come on, blink. >> the nostrils are trying to lock in. >> he is not blinking. >> take that, perez!
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." british leaders are trying to quiet growing fears of economic disaster after the vote to leave the european union. stock markets in europe continue to fall this morning, led by britain and germany with losses of more than 1%. but asian markets gained ground. >> that follows a weekend of turmoil after the prime minister said he will step down. the government is in chaos. the world is wonder whog willin britain's next leader. charlie d'agata, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. last week the word was brexit. today is regret with britains wondering if anything can return this decision. the dow plummeted down 10% and the lowest it's been in more than 30 years. . trea
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job this morning was to be bland and reassuring. keep calm and carry on. >> it will not be plain sailing in the days ahead, but let me be clear, you should is not underestimate our results. we were prepared for the unexpected. and we are equipped for whatever happens. >> reporter: a whole lot has already happened and markets hate instability. david cameron, the lame duck prime minister who if fell on h sword has to run this country in crisis but has to be the leader until october. the rain clouds is former mayor boris johnson but he led the campaign to leave. >> all of the people want to see is a system fair and impartial and humane to all people coming from around the world. >> reporter: then there is the opposition leader jeremy corbyn. he is facing calls to step down after nearly a dozen members of his cabinet resigned in nothing ss
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on his way here from rome, secretary of state john kerry, whose diplomatic skills will be pushed to the limit, helping to manage the fallout. >> we will continue, the united states, to have a very close and special relationship with great britain. we value that relationship. that does not change because of this vote. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron is meeting with his cabinet today. he wants to delay even the start of the withdrawal until his successor is in place. some european ministers aren't being so sympathetic saying the decision is binding and final. >> thank you, charlie d'agata reporting from london. jericka duncan is on the floor of the new york stock exchange which had its worse day in months. >> dow futures now down currently about a hundred points, more than 100 points actually. now,
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industrial average plunged more than 600 points. at closing it was down more than 3%. financial and energy companies were some of the hardest hit. investment management company invesco was down more than 13%. e-trade loss more than 11% and citigroup fell nearly 20%. analysts are not surprised by the short-term volatility because of that decision last week. workers here are hoping for a better outlook this week. >> thank you. the fallout from the brexit vote has become a flash point in the presidential race. two new polls show hillary clinton building on her lead. one poll has her up five points nationally over donald trump. another gives her a 12-point advantage. a new nbc news battleground tracker poll shows clinton with a slide edge in colorado and wisconsin and north carolina. clinton is campaigning today in another important swing state, ohio. nancy cordes is in cincinnati where clinton is set to
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with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. this is their first joint appearance since warren endorsed clinton a couple of weeks ago. you can expect to hear a lot more from both of them about trump's jubilant response to the brexit vote and call his reaction reckless for suggesting that a weak uk currency would drive more foreigners to his scottish golf course. >> in the day after the vote, americans lost $100 billion from our 401(k)s. >> reporter: a mayor's conference in indianapolis, clinton criticized trump's cheery reaction to economic turmoil in the uk. >> when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnburry. >> reporter: she suggested those comments were self-serving and unpresidential. >> we need leader who put the interest of the american people ahead of their personal business interestses. >> reporter: meanwhile, her
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new ad. >> stocks tank around the world. >> sprinkler system to the highest level. >> reporter: that will be airing nationally this week. >> in a volatile world, the last thing we need is a volatile president. >> reporter: paul manafort said it reflects a hunger for change. >> hillary clinton is ignoring the reality because she is part of the establishment. she can't get away from the fact that she is part of the problem that is being rejected. >> reporter: a new cbs news battleground poll shows in florida and elsewhere trump is considered far more likely than clinton to bring change. though, she is more widely scene as prepared to be commander in chief. over the weekend, both candidates argued they would be a better friend to the uk. >> people wanted their independence and want to have their country back. >> our alliances and partnerships are among our greatest nationase
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clinton will be laying out some of her economic policies and the fact that she is doing with elizabeth warren is a bid to win over progressive voters who went for bernie sander in the primaries. but polls show, charlie, that many of those voters are already moving clinton's way which is a big part of the reason that she has been gaining on trump in recent surveys. >> nancy, thanks. mark leibovich is a chief national correspondent for "the new york times" magazine. mark, good morning. >> hi, charlie. >> what possible impact do you see in this presidential campaign coming out of the brexit vote indicating how people might vote here? >> well, i mean, i think that is the 64,000 dollar question. i mean, no one knows if this is actually predictive or instructive. i think what was interesting the first little wave of response. i think hillary clinton actually putting a very tangible price tag on this actually emphasizing that americans lost
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friday makes this more real for people. so i think we will see. i think donald trump had sort of a troublesome reaction that the clinton campaign seized on and i think we will be seeing that more in the next few days. >> do you think his response to the brexit vote is going to hurt him? >> i think it will hurt him maybe in the short term. again, if this is seen -- not much to do about nothing but if there is no long-term economic impact on the west and if there is not a lot of concontagious i don't know out of this this could be seen retroactively' a protest vote that could be well for donald trump in november. on the other hand, if you have several weeks or months of real economic pain, the clinton campaign can use this as an advertisement for the instability that a donald trump election could bring. >> what about the efforts by secretary clinton and elizabeth warren campaigning today? i imagine it's going to be a one-two punch not only on the on
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idea they are painting donald trump as reckless and a volatile president? >> i think we will hear volatile a lot more in the next funew months. clinton campaign the last few months has been nimble in taking these sort of moments and these remarks that donald trump has made in the aftermath of this and making really quick ads and sort of driving this narrative another couple of days. if you look at the last couple of weeks, donald trump has had some pretty problematic reaction to things like orlando and this. and these are presidential moments. these could have potentially been moments for donald trump to assert himself as a presidential figure and someone who can handle crises and i think these are two of the more lingering images that could really dog him. >> yet, while hillary clinton may have widened her lead in the national polls, if you look at that cbs battleground tracker it looks like trump is staying pretty much even with her. >> yeah. i think the cbs poll, i'm not
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cbs, but i think it's more state-by-state polls and e are battleground states. i think particularly florida and wisconsin in the cbs poll, you have hillary clinton winning by 1, 2, 3 points. that is -- these are really, really big states. these are not big leads for her. and if she starts losing those states she is in some trouble. so we will see. >> mark, real quick. yes or no question. does the effort to do something at the convention to stop trump has legs? >> maybe. no. as a practical matter, probably not. as a visual and optic matter it could be a real problem. >> maybe always works. thank you, mark leibovich. always good to see you, sir. passengers are describing terrifying moments aboard a singapore airlines plane that caught fire. the engine and the wing burst into flames overnight after an emergency landing in singapore. an apparent fuel leak forced flight 368 to milan,
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turn around after two hours in the air. josh elliott shows us the scary moment. >> reporter: based on that description can could have been a lot worse. a check oil message that prompted the crew to turn back to singapore. despite the frightening pictures you're about to see, everyone did escape unharmed. this video, shot from inside the boeing 777 shows the right wing of the plane engulfed in flames as it sat on the runway at singapore's busiest airports. onlookers watched as black smoke billowed from the jet as passengers remained inside. rescue crews doused the fire which had started in the plane's right engine and then got all 241 passengers and crew members off the aircraft and back to the terminal. these pictures show the plane's burnt-out wing as it was towed from the tar mark. -- tarmac.
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inside the plane posted a message saying we were so close to death! i thank god i'm aalive. earlier this morning, singapore's prime minister said they are looking into the cause of the fire and will get to the bottom of this matter. again, fair to say, staggering pictures. >> they want to know what caused that immediately. thank you, josh. west virginia is bracing this morning for more rain after historic flooding killed at least 25 people. those floods in the past week swamped hundreds of homes and cars and roads. the national weather service says an event like this only happens once in a thousand years. kris van cleave is in clendenin, where a community lost everything. >> reporter: good morning. this is a scene you see entirely too often here in west virginia. there used to be three homes here. right now just one is, sort of, still standing. the house over here, some of it ended up here. the rest of
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sucked into the creek here and ended up about a quarter of a mile way. damage assessment teams out across the state to get a sense of the scope of this damage that as the entire region is under flash flood watch because more rain is coming to west virginia. >> i don't think reality is even set in yet. >> reporter: this is what reality in clendenin looks like. melissa and several generations of the sanders family lived side-by-side, right in the path of the rain-swollen jackson creek. >> my mother-in-law's house is ruined and my brother-in-law's house is ruined and my other brother-in-law's house washed away. >> reporter: bill sanders did not make it out of one of those houses. diana is his widow. >> 37 years right here with that man. this was my life. everything is gone. i feel him here. >> reporter: the damage from thursday's flooding is far worse than first thought. over 500 homes in one county alone have been badly d
7:16 am
in clendenin, at least one home is gone. crews working around the clock to clear debris and get the lights back on, as volunteers have brought food and supplies to those in need. nearly 100 roads remain closed. soldiers and first responders have been going door-to-door in hard-hit areas. a woman desperate to rescue a litter of puppies trapped for days in this house flagged down the national guard. first out of the house is private first class jay meadows caring a scared and hungry pit bill puppy through the waist-deep waters. inside that dox is the pomeranians and chihuahuas. and ali, the pit bull, all carried to safety. president obama has declared this a disaster area. that means fed
7:17 am
fema are available to help with the rebuilding and the discovery. firefighters in california this morning are struggling to contain the state's largest wildfire. erskine fire covers 43,000 acres and killed two people and burned hundreds of homes. the fire is among ten wildfires burning in california. mireya villarreal is near the fire line in south lake. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the erskine fire is actually burning away from homes right now, but not before devastating nearly half a dozen communities like this one. i'm actually standing on what used to be the roof of someone's home. there are electrical wires everywhere. debris makes it difficult to walk and the ground is still hot in some areas which is why e evacuates are kept away from these neighborhoods. the most destructive fire in kern county's history is devastating since break o
7:18 am
nothing but ashes. officials have not get given evac wees the all year to return but she needed to see what happened to the place she called home for years. a moment sifting through the rubble when fuller says the impact overwhelmed her. >> when i got to my grandmother's rocking chair, i lost it. i was the first baby she rocked in it. then my brother and my kids and it's gone. my kids' babies won't be rocked in that chair. >> reporter: he and wind caused the erskine fire to explode thursday. dozens of homes were burned within hours. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: lindsey wilson and ryan dupuis captured this video as they drove through smoke-filled roads trying to escape the flames. >> i didn't see anything. i'm hoping i didn't hit anything. >> i don't know if my family made it!
7:19 am
>> reporter: the emotion you have in that video is so raw. you thought at one point you were going to die. >> part of you just has to think is this it? is this how this is going to happen? am i going to be trapped? >> reporter: their home did not burn, but hundreds are still waiting to see what the fire left behind for them. parts of the burnt area are still without power and are possibly unsafe because of hazardous waste. two people have died because of this fire. 250 structures have been destroyed. 75 more damaged. no word yet on when evacuees will be let back in. >> it's hard to see those pictures. >> very hard to watch. california state capital becomes a battleground. ahead, what triggered these clashes that led to stabbing and
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale. bringing new life to senior living.
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a roller coaster ride turns into horror as it falls from the track. >> ahead how the theme park faced safety problems in the past. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! four bandits ws as their getaway car, a new development: prius owners from all over america have descended on the chase - hi! to play what appears to be an automotive shell game with authorities. ♪ it's total confusion down here. the prius 4 have literally vanished. they're just gone. [laughing] i don't think anyone could have predicted this. toyota. let's go places. is better for your skin
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messi puts argentina in front, he misses it! >> you can see the pain! you can feel the pain in argentina super sock lionel mess inchts after he missed a crucial kick last night in the copa final. after the defeat, messi reportedly said he is quitting argentina's national team. the third year in a row messi's team lost in the final game of a major international tournament. i know some people from argentina who were there and they were literally crying. >> yeah. oh, my gosh. >> do they take him seriously that he will quit? >> he is still staying with his team in barcelona but
7:31 am
you know you athletes. you say something you don't mean so we will see. >> right after you throw your clubs on the green? >> well said. . welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, a bloody brawl erupts between white supremacist and protesters outside the california capitol. ahead how bystanders and news crews got caught up in the violence. a thrill ride turned into moments of terror at an amusement park. cars on a roller coaster derailed and injuring several children. ahead why it's not the first time the ride has been in the headlines. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. >> "newsweek" reports on a case. at issue is a 2013 texas law the court must decide if it placed an undue burden on women exercising their constitutional right to abortion. the law requires abortion doctors to have, quot
7:32 am
hospital within 30 miles. "usa today" says thousands of rich republicans who gave money in the last two election cycles have not backed donald trump with donations. 29 people who gave to a super pac to mitt romney four years ago had donated to trump's campaign or other committees supporting his bid and only 23 people who supported jeb bush had given to trump. declining health of legendary basketball coach pat summitt. the former university of tennessee women's coach is 64 years old. she is has the most wins in the history of men and women's division i basketball. >> she is handled this with grout courage. >> thinking about her today. >> absolutely. "the new york times" reports weapons meant for syrian rebels were stolen and sold by jor jordanian intelligence agents. the
7:33 am
of the weapons were used in an attack that killed two americans. a jordanian spokesman says intelligence operatives were not involvement. the israel prime minister netanyahu told secretary of state contrary today, will stabilize the middle east. ani netanyahu thanked joe biden for trying to close the rift. ten people are recovering this morning in california after a stabbing at the california state capital. the texplodexploded into on vio. john blackstone is there this morning. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, it's calm here now. but for several hours here yesterday, the state capital was
7:34 am
employees and visitors hid in the basement as some 400 counterprotesters brawled with about 30 skinhead and their sympathizers. i should warn you that some of the images you're about to see are graphic. wielding flag poles like clubs, throwing punches and hurling objects into the air, the counterprotesters made clear to the white spremisupremacists the not welcomed. the angry mob cornered two skinheads in the state capital within view of mounted police and came out with streams of blood gushing that their head. >> i'm not aware of any arrests or detentions have been made at this time by our officers. >> reporter: the traditionalist worker party, which the southern poverty law center calls a white national group and along with golden state skinheads called for the rally in part to protest violence against donald trump supp
7:35 am
san jose. a white supremacist seen here in a red trump hat organized the sacramento protest and once boasted about shoving a black lives protester at a rally in march. on sunday, one of his allies quoted him as saying they got one of ours. we got six of them. six. on the way to the hospital. >> there are people on our side who were attacked and they clearly are not here just to meet and talk. they are here to attack us. >> reporter: during the free for all, the counterprotesters went after news crews and even bystanders. >> were you next to them? >> i'm not even white. i'm 25% native american. >> reporter: colby came with his 15-year-old son. he told reporters he was a nationalist and a republican, but not a nazi. >> apparently, they don'tscentig at things without resorting to violence. >> reporr:
7:36 am
many other people were injured beds the ten who were hospitalized. the california highway patrol, which is responsible for security here on the capitol grounds, says they expect to make arrests soon. gayle? >> thank you very much, john. investigators in scotland this morning want to know what caused a violent crash of a roller coaster. ten people were hurt yesterday when the ride just flew off the tracks and plunged to the ground. the accident happened at a theme park in the town of motherwell, that is near glasgow. don dahler shows us how an afternoon of fun turned into a terrifying scene. >> reporter: good morning. witnesses describe hearinging the initial sounds of screaming children but they could tell these weren't the normal yells you'd expect from passengers on a thrill ride. this was something far more menacing. several people are hurt but they are expected to survive. this nightmarish crash. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: amid the chaos, the shock and horror in the voices of those nearby is clear. a witss
7:37 am
moments after a roller coaster, carrying nine people, derailed and flew off the tracks in scotland sunday. >> oh, my goodness. >> not emotion but the emotion that just cannd to the you hear the screaming and the fear of people. >> reporter: images from the scene show bystanders rushing to help kid trapped upside down following the crash. at least ten people are injured, including eight children. >> they are injured. >> reporter: police say five cars on the tsunami roller coaster at this theme park detached from the rails as it rounded a curved portion of the track. the cars hit the side of the structure before plummeting 20 feet to the ground. the tsunami reaches speeds up to 40 miles per hour and is scotland's only inverted roller coaster where riders hang below the rails. this isn't the first t
7:38 am
ride has experienced trouble. in 2011, a broken lift chain stranded passengers for eight hours. >> i feel sorry for the people what was involved. every one of them. >> reporter: in march, a separate coaster at m&d's malfunctioned and firefighters were needed to rescue eight people who were stranded. the theme park will remain closed until further notice. we have reached out to m&d's for comment but yet to hear back. >> they got issues over there. good thing people are all right. >> i'm surprised no one was killed. >> very lucky. a new court hearing today on prince's estate. the fight over dna tests as a judge determines who gets a share of prince's fortune. and if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app our digital device. mellody hobson is in london with the latest on the financial impact of the brexit vote and what it means for yound
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i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what they give me.
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♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ i only want to see you in purple rain ♪ ♪ i know i know i know >> that voice! oh, wow. jennifer hudson honored prince last night at the b.e.t. award and many celebrated his legacy, the fate of his vast fortune is still unknown. a judge this morning will hold a second hearing to determine who qualifies as heirs of the late singer's estate. questions remain how an estimated fortune of $300 million will be divided. jamie yuccas is outside of minneapolis where the hearing will take place. >> reporter: good morning. the probate hearing is
7:44 am
microphones and artists and they are start to divide his assets and paying his debts, including a huge tax bill. ♪ >> reporter: more than two months after prince's death, artists are still mourning the loss of one of the music industries's biggest stars. but while the music world pays tribute, prince's relatives are just starting the long legal battle. >> come on, guys, let us through. >> over everything he left behind. with no known will and no known children or living parents, prince's estate was placed into a trust under the control of bremer bank. prince's sister tyka and half-siblings could share the estate and other peo
7:45 am
come forward claiming to be an heir to the musician. a colorado inmate has been ruled os as prince's son. susan smith is the attorney but not directly involved with the prince's estate. >> any of those people have had to submit, they had to submit affidavits to the bank and the bank is now making a determination who they are asking to receive dna tests. >> reporter: how those tests will be conducted is one of the things discussed this morning in minnesota probate court. another major issue the heirs need to figure out how to pay prince's estate tax. >> if prince had a 300 million dollar estate, you're looking at having to come up with 150 million dollars in nine months. >> reporter: the value of prince's state is also difficult to determine. for example a guitar once owned by prince just sold at auction for more than $137,000. also reports that prince left behind a vault of unreleased muc.
7:46 am
whoever his heirs may be have to determine what that is worth and what they plan to do with it. gayle? >> jamie, thank you very much. another good reason on why you should always have your will up-to-date, regardless of who you are and how much money you have. a violent crash involving a high profile comedian is ahead. video shows jay leno announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by .oyota let's go places!
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7:51 am
>> urbandale. >> anything hurting you right now? >> my name is boib bb riggle anm 80. >> you can see jay leno still has a sense of humor. close call for him. he was taping a segment for his cnbc car show. he was riding in a drag racing car he had long ghiadmired. the 2500 horsepower engine. 80-year-old stunt man bob riggle was at the wheel. the hemi is located in the back. it's famous for popping its front tires up in the air. both are very lucky in this. >> wow. >> everybody knows jay loves cars. he's a big, huge car aficionado. that didn't look good at all. >> notice they have advertising on the bottom of the car? >> did they? >>
7:52 am
because it's used to flipping over. pope francis says gays and other groups deserve an apology from the catholic church. we will have that story ahead here on "cbs this morning." i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses.
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♪ good morning. it is monday, june 27th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there are is more real news ahead, including backlash to britain's vote to leave the eu. mellody hobson is in london and looks at how american investors should respond. first, here's a look at today's >>ye opener" at 8:00. t lasweek the word was brex brexit. today is regret with the brits wondering if anything can be done to overturn the decision. >> analysts not surprised by the short-term volatility. workers here looking for a better outlook this week. >> expec ht toear more from both of them about trump's jubilant response to the brexit vote. if you have several weeks,
8:01 am
pain, the clinton campaign can use this as an advertisement. >> this could hbeave en a lot worse. it was a check oil warning message that prompted the crew to turn back to singapore. >> the house over here, some of it endped u here. the rest of it sucked into the creek here and ended up about a quarter mile away. >> the erskineir fe isua actlly burning away from homes right now, but not before devastating nearly half a dozen communi.ties employees and visitors hid in the basement as counterprotesters brawled with about 30 skinheads. >> online petition pressuring david cameron to overturn the vote. >> be great. >> you actually are in luck because it turns out incredibly there is going to be another vote coming up. and it's happening one week from an event that was [ bleep ] it was a brexit vote and that was it! ♪ >> i'm charlie rose with gayle kingnd
8:02 am
appearance this morning with senator elizabeth warren could stir speculation about the possibility of an all female ticket. senator warren will hit the trail alongside clinton for the very first time and they will appear together in cincinnati, ohio. >> two new polls are positive news for hillary clinton this morning. one, she leads donald trump by five points. another gives her a 12-point advantage. donald trump took aim sunday at that one. he tweeted, quote, the dirty poll done by abc and "the washington post" is a disgrace. >> britain's government is trying to put a lid on economic turmoil after the brexit vote. members of the british parliament meet today for the first time to leave the european union. prime minister david cameron will speak to lawmakers following the announcement he will resign by october. >> 11 top officials of the opposition labor party have resigned and this morning britain's finance minister insisted the economy can survive
8:03 am
brexit. >> it will not be plain sailing in the days ahead, but let me be clear, you should not underestimate our results. we were prepared for the unexpected. and we are equipped for whatever happens. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet today with officials in brussels and london to discuss this crisis. >> cbs news financial contributor mellody hobson is in london. good morning. >> good morning. >> there is already a petition by some 3 million with signatures calling for a second vote on brexit. what do you think will happen? >> well, this is a big one, because there are over 3 million signatures in just two days. no one expected that. the sense of regret. you only need a hundred thousand signatures for this petition debated in parliament and likely will be debated and asking the parliament not to sign article 50 which is we want a divorce. this is dicey. you're then asking a democratically elected ve
8:04 am
people and a political hot potato not a lot of people are going to want to touch. >> which should we be most concerned about at this point? >> a domino effect. is this the first country to go is in the headlines here initially, i've been in europe all weekend, were the uk, the first to go out of the eu? i thought that was very, very startling. there have been these movements in other countries like france, like denmark and the netherlands saying neighbor we should have a referendum and go to. so that is the big thing to be worried about that the whole thing falls apart, which is not good news in a global economy. >> now that we have had sometime to look at the results and look at the voting, what do you think drove this vote? >> clearly, it was around immigration. i have to tell you i've been asking everyone i see were you in or out? what did you vote? the cab driver on the way here, an african born in the uk said i voted to exit. i wanted out because of immigration. then he
8:05 am
i didn't understand the economic implications. i think a lot of of that going on right now. immigration was the headline. and i don't think it was really well understood. >> is this a remorse? >> no question about it. there is shock here. it's palpable. you can feel it. it's amazing to be here after something like this has occurred because it's not quite something you can describe unless you can see it up close. >> then so surprising to hear that the day after the vote, the most thing googled in britain is what is the eu the day after? >> that's right. i think it's a sense that people really didn't understand what they are voting for and what the eu really means. it's not just about open barters and free immigration. it's about trade policy. you know, there is a lot wrapped up into this state, this group of states. you could call at the time united states of europe that came into being after world war ii. and people really didn'tnd what it means to undo this. th i
8:06 am
estimates over a hundred thousands pages of treaties in countries around the world that have to be amended. the british government is focused on this for two years. i don't know how they will get anything else done. >> so what will be the impact? let's assume it goes through and let's assume it goes through as quickly as some members of the european union would like to see it go through, even though chancellor west of germany has said would like them to act not so rapidly. assume it goes through and reasonably quick. what is the impact on the global economy? >> i think the best thing is to understand we are in an unprecedented scenario here. the impact -- we can't fully anticipate it. i think, initially, the thing i'm going to be watching to see is slowing economic growth, not only in the uk, but in broader europe and ultimately does that catch on to rest of the world? initially, you might see a recession. here they are acting as if a recession is a foregone
8:07 am
will slow down and suggest a retreat. ultimately, i'm a believer in what warren buffett says. effec he is the greatest investor of all time. he says markets are stronger than government. i think ultimately that will be true. these markets will prevail around the world but it's going to be volatile and bumpy. and i think, right now, i would tell people as they say in britain, stay calm and carry on. you want to make sure you're not doing anything rash in this environment even though it will probably be very bumpy. >> it dropped 600 points on friday and expect a little more today. but you're saying don't do anything right now. >> don't do something stand there. a famous line from vanguard ceo jack vogel. stand still. not a time to panic. it will be rough but we will get through it. >> right. >> thank you, mellody hobson. >> thanks. the first lgbt national monument in the united states
8:08 am
york city. the stonewall inn was the site of a police raid targeting gays in 1969. the riots that followed launched the gay rights movement. >> millions honored over the weekend the gay right movement. one group wore orange t-shirts with one pulse written across the front. the security was tight despite an appearance by hillary clinton. she walked with new york officials. >> the b.e. techt. awards last proved to be so much more than than celebrate iing achievementn music. alicia keys acted as her own band during the performance of her new song "in common." one of the powerful moments. demarco morgan shows us the night's speeches. >> reporter: we have seen the alss of the greatest athlete of
8:09 am
musicians. last night, the b.e.t. awards aimed to pay tribute to those giants. >> we miss him dearly. so, tonight, b.e.t. awards is going to celebrate the rich legacy of this remarkable genius. ♪ i can't discuss punish the pou pounding of my heart ♪ >> the celebration of prince, he wasn't the only legend remembered. ♪ i only want to see you >> he believed in evolving in his beliefs and his ideas. i'm sorry. my father always said the man who views the world at 50, the same way as he did at 20, has wasted 30 years of his life. >> reporter: powerful tributes and speeches anchored the night. >> there has been no war that we have not
8:10 am
front lines of. >> jesse williams who has been a part of the black lives matter movement, received the humanitarian award and gave a passion call to action. >> if you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do. sit down. the thing is that just because we are magic doesn't mean we are not real. >> reporter: beyonce's surprise performance had them roaring. ♪ freedom freedom where you ♪ >> reporter: beyonce wasn't the only surprise. as kendrick lamar rose from the floor to his version. >> open the streets and watch police. i pray forever. ♪ freeman freeman i can't move ♪ ♪ freedom cut me loose >> reporter: oh, what a night! beyonce won four awards which her mother accepted on her behalf and she said
8:11 am
performance to fly to london for her concert. you know you got it going on when you can just show up, perform and then jet leave before the show is over. >> tina said it was important for her daughter to be there and wanted to be there but had to get on a plane. i thought jesse williams stole the night. his speech is worth going online to read what he had to say and jennifer hudson, of course. >> phenomenal. >> goose bumps. she sang right here at the table. demarco, thank you very much. the pope's latest comments on gay people goes beyond who am i to judge? now he says the catholic church should apologize to them.
8:12 am
nancy gibbs is the editor of "time" magazine and in our toyota green room right now. hello, nancy gibbs. we will ask her if the same emotions behind brexit
8:13 am
accelerate donald trump's campaign for president. we will be right back. ♪ when my chronic pain got bad, my doctor prescribed medication-an opioid. it really helped! but it came with some baggage: opioid-induced constipation-oic. sooo awkward... you sound like you're ready for the movantalk! opioids block pain signals. but they can also block activity in the bowel, causing constipation. movantik can help reduce constipation caused by opioid pain medications. do not take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. serious side effects may include a tear in your stomach or intestine. and can also include symptoms of opioid withdrawal. common side effects include stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, gas, vomiting, and headache. tell your doctor about any side effects and about medicines you take as movantik may interact with them causing side effects. i'm so glad i had the movantalk with my doctor!
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8:16 am
♪ hope francis is speakingut
8:17 am
the pope says the catholic church owes an apology to gay individuals and others mistreated. refer to christians, quote, we are sinners. he angered turkey's government by describing the mass killing of armenians a century ago as genocide. seth doane is in rome with more. >> reporter: this is the strongest support of the gay community we have heard from this pope so far. the first we have heard him speak publicly on the issue since that shooting in orlando. pope francis made the apology on poured his papal flight saying the gay community should not be discriminated against answer should be respected and pastorally accompanied. these wide ranging press conference on board his flight have become a signature of pope francis. in his comments on sunday, he referenced his nowou
8:18 am
who am i to judge? referring to gays which he made during another in-flight press conference in 2013. >> i think this is significant. >> reporter: reverend robert odero is an american theologyist. >> this is sander catholic doctrine a long time to determine between persons and act. but what the pope is saying, no, we have to do more than that. we have to actually apologize. as catholic christians, we have to apologize to groups of people, homosexuals being one of them, whom our language and behavior has hurt. >> reporter: following the mass shooting at that gay nightclub in orlando, the vatican had released a written statement about the dreadfully high number of innocent victims which has caused the deepest feelings of horror and condemnation. hole sea was criticized for not specifically noting that many of the orlando victims were gay. while the pope's comments have set a different tone, the church
8:19 am
stance on gay issues, teaching homosexual acts are sinful. back in april, a report on the family titled the joy of love, wrote they are absolutely no grounds for considering home out sexual unions. the pope often gets credit for being a reformer but church doctrine doesn't change here. >> no, it doesn't change but what changes is tone. and tone is very important. it may be as important as doctrine. >> reporter: so then is this all public relations? >> if i were only public relations, though, would that be such a bad place to start? >> reporter: the pope also extended an apology to the poor, to exploited women and also, gayle, to child laborers. >> all right, seth doane. he certainly goes places where other people don't. i like what we just heard that tone is very important. >> yeah. >> but equally important what he said about
8:20 am
armenian. a longstanding battle for them and long resistance by the turks. >> he doesn't seem to go in and speak what is he thinking. a young baseball fan stares down sudden fame. he stares down. watch when show you this video later. this kid does not blink. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." >> he knows he is on camera. >> he is the best. ♪ lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it.
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♪ >> there it is. stare down. >> how long can he go? getting tough right now. getting tough. >> blink. >> the biggest deal in saturday's college world series happened in the stands. this unidentified little boy grabbed the spotlight. not breaking eye contact with the tv camera or even blinking, even busting a few moves with his face. he and the woman we assume is his mom got drawn into this side show. he finally took a break after she showed him her phone. perhaps giving him a preview of his internet fame. >> he is so cute. >> he has got two. i like that. >> look at his eyebrows. >> i like it. >> and eyes! a mamma bear apparently stands up for her cub. yet another wild animal captured on video walking like a human. >> is this more common than we know?
8:25 am
we will have more about this ahead after your local news.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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♪ a neighbor's video shows how a bear walked off with a bag of garbage near seattle. the female bear holds the bag as she walks down the driveway on her hind legs. when she gets to the curb, she drops down on all four's. the bear was apparently getting a meal to go for herself and her cub. last week, a bear reemerged. we will have continuing segments on this program on walking bears. stay tuned, every day, of the rest of the summer. >> because the news is back this morning. petals is fascinating because he looked so light. they had his front paws hurt. >> i think it fallsnd
8:31 am
everywhere. >> everywhere. >> and walking bears everywhere. >> we can get a lot of these images and we got it. >> we have names for every one of them. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the editor of "time" magazine, nancy gibbs is here in studio 57 to talk about brexit and the presidential race. who is she talking to? >> that is tony shalhoub from the new cbs series "brain dead." we will talk to him and what happens with politicians and out of this world bugs become f bedfello bedfellows. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" remember big cunningham who worked for "the times" nearly 40 years. cunningham died saturday in new york city. he chronicled high society to street fashions. he was often seen bicycling around mid-town with his early camera around his neck. bill cunningham was a friend. he was 87 years old. >> he was a force
8:32 am
he was something else. >> one of my favorite section was the sunday style. >> he always had a twinkle in his camera. >> he worked so quickly and quietly. he would come take a picture and walk away. >> the great thing was the editing. he didn't take them all. whether the color red or whether it was mink coats or whatever it might be. >> he was the best. >> he did it himself. >> everybody loved him. >> they did. they did. >> we will miss him. "the washington post" reports on the opening of the newly expanded panama canal. the first ship successfully sailed through the canal yesterday. it was a chinese vessel carrying more than 9400 containers. the expansion project costs more than 5 billion. the canal can accommodate newer ships their too big for the old canal. the orange county register reports on a dramatic rescue off newport beach, california, caught on video. a couple on a personal watercraft tried to outrun a 20-foot wave saturday on their jet ski but they got swallowed
8:33 am
a spot popular for big waves. lifeguards jumped into action. the couple were happy to tell you, they made it ashore and they were not hurt. the philadelphia inquirer reports on kenny chesney's telling the crowd has a delco cop had died. chesney apologized and said he got caught up in the moment. >> the officer said i'm still alive but chesney said they are getting together. >> i'm sure back stage passes in the work. >> something good for "time" magazine. we have been talking about hillary clinton and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren are campaigning together this morning in ohio. campaigning together. clinton leads donald trump by five points in one new poll. and 12 points in another. she also made comments yesterday about britain's vote to leave the european union. nancy gibbs is e
8:34 am
"time" magazine and we are pleased to have her. welcome. >> thank you. >> tell me whether you and all of those reporters at "time" magazine believe that there is some real connection and what the brexit vote shows that perhaps something the clinton campaign should be worried about? >> well, we have heard a slightly changing response from her with each day, but i think it's so easy to overread that somehow these populace theories have been unleashed and the forces that have been driving the trump campaign are now going to have similar revolutionary output here. the united states and the uk are very different countries. i would even say the eu makes a perfect faceless villain that is, you know, determining how bent your bananas can be and the uk is not withdrawing from nato and from the u.n. and not giving up on a global power. >> the point is immigration. we just heard
8:35 am
what drove the brexit vote was grags. wh gra immigration and what is driving the trump campaign is immigration. >> they are but the whole environment in europe and here are dramatically different. the nonwhite population in uk is 13% and twice as high here. >> are the fears different? >> i think the fears, we have seen this all through history. you can play the specific individual fears, but i don't think -- it's a very long time from now until november. >> do you think either candidate benefits? >> benefits from the brexit? >> do you think either candidate benefits in this country? >> well, right now, it's interesting listening to the clinton campaign almost saying, you know, we are going to dare to be boring. we are going to promote experience and stability and frame everything that trump said in the wake of the vote. since then, as being this is about risk and revolution and rebellion and do you really want all that much change?
8:36 am
markets continue to be very wobbly and that this looks like something that even a great many in the uk may have second thoughts about, that they are positioning themselves, that he was, you know, he reacted instantly and thoughtlessly in saying this was a great thing and maybe this much change isn't a look as appealing to people here as they watch out it unfolds in the weeks to come. >> politico is reporting, after interviewing some 50 prominent republicans, house members, senators, governors that almost nobody wants to speak at the republican national convention. we have covered these conventions for decade and they are also to highlight the new stars to the party and give them a prime time exposure. it turns out many are not even at this convention. >> it's remarkable. you remember that barack obama got his start at the 2004 convention with one big speech. >> and bill clinton did as well with a very long speech. >> with a very long speech and not as helpful to his career at the time.
8:37 am
but, you know, why would we think that this convention is like past conventions when nothing about this campaign has been anything at all like past campaigns. you knew that no matter what the rnc imagined going into cleveland that trump was going to want to script and orchestrate and stage manage this from beginning to end. if he end up speaking every night, would we really be so surprised? no. >> he is planning to speak every single night. monday, tuesday and wednesday. thursday night he is planning to, you know, appear from somewhere, maybe from the battleground state. it will be four straight nights of broadcast coverage of donald trump. >> i think with, you know, the idea that maybe he could reveal a running mate on live television in prime time. nothing about this will be -- >> he does know good tv. >> he does know good tv. >> let's talk about hillary clinton and elizabeth warren campaigning today. what do you make that have? they say she is on the short list for vp. >> doesn't it tell you this is the first time they will be campaigning together? it also tells you a lot this is hillary clinton's third trip to ohio in asy
8:38 am
donald trump just named his campaign manager in ohio last week. he hasn't been there since march. hillary is back for the third time. >> dead even, if not the republicans a little ahead? >> i think it will be fascinating to see the two of them together. i think the notion of her, there is no good political or policy arguments that i can see why hillary clinton is not on the ticket. it isn't like she need to win the state of massachusetts. the personal chemistry between them, the fact that it took warren so long to endorse her, i think rubs her the wrong way. i don't think she ever wants to read the sentence that many -- we often read about, you know, wishing the ticket were flipped and that the other person were on top. i think there are a lot of reasons and not least, one of the things that hillary clinton has going to her is that, so far, wall street has not exactly opened up their wallets to support the trump campaign and the one way to guarantee a
8:39 am
consolidation of opposition in that sector to hillary clinton is if elizabeth warren were her running mate. >> a lot can happen between now and nevada and we got a front row seat. thank you, nancy. actor tony shalhoub's new comedy could make washington, well, a little buggy, you could say. he's in studio 57 with a look at his new politic
8:40 am
8:41 am
40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city.
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8:43 am
♪ excuse me. what are you doing? >> making them even. >> but you're mixing regular with the decaf. >> but they are even. >> but they are mixed together. >> they are even. >> but they are mixed together. >> they are even. >> i love that show. that is emmy winning actor tony shalhoub. monk, do you remember him? >> vaguely. >> i remember him well. >> everybody loved him. >> he now is a senator on the new cbs show called "brain dead." this series follows a young woman who learns that bugs are eating the brains of members of congress and their staff. in a preview of tonight's episode, shalhoub's character gives his legislat
8:44 am
pep talk about their next move. >> why did you come to d.c.? >> to get something done. >> what did you want to get done? >> low government. more access to small business and smart use of taxes. >> have you accomplished any of those things? >> no. >> me neither. you know why? because colleagues keep arguing for patience. let's get our ducks in a row, first! you know what? ducks are in a friggin' row! even if i have to haul a machete to thank you throats the ducks are lining the hell up, do you understand? >> yes, sir. >> then help me line the ducks up! >> tony shalhoub, good morning! >> this is good! >> it is so fascinating and so creepy! that is after the bugs have gotten into his head? the senator's head. tell us about how that all comes about. the meteor crash lands in d.c. and bugs crawling into your brain. >> bugs coming out of it. my character
8:45 am
republican senator from maryland. he is a guy who is a career politician and he's become a heavy drinker, chases women and is kind of throwing in the towel in terms of his job, his career. until the infection or as i like to call it, the enhancement of bugs go and eat part of his brain. it turns out he didn't need any more and the part holding him down. he stops drinking and cleans up his act and becomes much stronger, much more politically savvy and just he was a republican senator. he is a republican senator but he moves much, much further to the right and becomes a hard liner. and it ups his game. >> it's graphic, tony. you got a scene where your brain literally comes out of your ear. what is the direction you're told on the set and how do you pull that off? >> that was a tricky scene because it was all
8:46 am
know, with that. the director who happens to be one of the cocreators, robert king in that scene, ed your head is having a bowel movement. i mean, there is no other -- no better way to put it. and so it was -- it's a scene unlike any i've ever done in my life. >> do you like playing a republican? >> i do, actually. it's fun. i get to channel, you know, when we were -- in this particular election cycle, for example, we got to see a whole array because we started the show back when there was still 11, 12 people on that. >> we didn't know who was going to be the nominee. >> the republican debate. hi a lot of people to draw from. and, you know, i do like this character a lot. he's a bad ass. >> he has some donald trump qualities. >> he has some donald trump
8:47 am
yols. >> you're connected to the real events in terms of the store line? >> absolutely. we were talking in the green room. the director put flat screen tvs on our set and green screens so they can map in current news cycle. >> i think so cool about it because you see hillary clinton and donald trump talking in the background things going on in the news. they had they wanted to do something to capture the dysfunction in washington. do you think the bugs, is that what the bugs are supposed to represent? >> yes. this parallels our current political situation. i think it's a slightly twisted, somewhat distorted view, but maybe not really that distorted. if things seem to be moving in a
8:48 am
very bizarre direction. >> more identified as "monk" than any other character you've ever played? >> it depends on who i'm talking to. if i meet someone -- people -- it depends on -- sometimes people recognize me for "men in black" let's say or "galaxy quest." or "wings." >> i forgot about that. >> but "monk," sort has been sticking even though it ended six or seven years ago. i think red wheat is -- out his brains and might be the image that changes in people's mind. >> you see similarities between the two characters. they different but you see similarities between the two, "monk" and the senator. >> do you? i suppose. >> you say they are both come c comedic. >> they afford me to opportunity to play comedic and dramatic moments. >> great to see you. >> great idea, tony. >> it's great to shake y
8:49 am
head. i'm sure people say is it okay to touch you? >> i'm not so sure it's okay to shake your hand. >> what does that mean, tony? >> nothing. >> i didn't get that joke. tony shalhoub, thank you. i think! you can watch tonight's new episode "brain dead" at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. we will be right back.
8:50 am
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good morning. >> i feel good this morning, chris. >> why do you feel so good? >> i spent all weekend outdoors. >> you did? >> the weather was so nice and perfect. >> i didn't notice that. what did you do, yard work? >> my husband, yeah. no, right. luckily i married somebody, he does yard work, cuts the grass. i just enjoy it. >> you enjoy watching him work? i bet he enjoys that, too. >> is that rihanna, work, work, work. no, i love having a pretty yard and he does that. i was outside with the baby. we bought him this huge plastic truck, little dump truck. then we went to a spray park where the kids push a button and water -- >> awesome. >> yes, i spent the whole weekend outdoors. the sun does something for your spirit i think. >> so do spray
9:00 am
and go have a drink. you're baby-sitting now. many of you last night you were probably watching the bet awards. a string of superstars hit the stage, including a surprise performance from beyonce and kendrick lamar. they opened the show. stevie wonder, jennifer hudson and more took to the stage to honor prince beyonce's formation video took the award for best video. bet coming from the d.c. area, i know all of you guys were watching. look at that. >> wow. >> look at that production values. mama t, i like to call her mama t, she accepted the award on her behalf. it was held at the microsoft theater in los angeles.


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