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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin of breaking news of active shooters in a high school in west texas. alpine high school is still in critical lock down. officials say one student has been wounded and authorities now tell us one of the high school-aged shooters is dead of
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gunshot wound. it's believed another shooter remains on the loose. this school is within a remote part of texas, about 220 miles south of el paso. it fits near the border with mexico. we're continuing to follow the breaking story and we'll have much more information on the u.s., wusa 9s mobile app. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. big cuts are coming to metro. late-night service is on the chopping block in an effort to make more fixes to the track. the plan is facing new pushbacks. transportation reporter pete -- [ indiscernible ] live where the unprecedented changes are being laid out like the first time. i heard from people already. they don't like this. >> riders are angry about this and they wanted to
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rock and hard place and metro's board approved moving forward with cutting late-night hours. the agency wants to cut back service because metro's stopping trains at midnight and that time is not enough. there are four options on the table. metro's gm said he needs 8 more hours of work in the week for his workers to do things not just limited track work all over the place in metro stations, but the fourth issue was just the fourth possibility was just presented today by metro board's care jack evans. he wants later service starting on weekends going later on weekend nights. now, this is just the beginning of this process. final approval might not come un
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as craig bosswell reports, donald trump doubled down on his praise of vladimir puttin'. >> reporter: hillary clinton came out swinging at donald trump the morning after they attended a televised commander- in-chief forum in new york. >> how totally unqualified he is to be president. >> reporter: at the fore know you, she admitted it was a mistake to have a personal e- mail account as secretary of state, about you she defended her handling of top-secret information. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. >> reporter: her comments came the same day house democrats released a 2009 e-mail exchange between clinton and former secretary of state colin powell. in it, he described how he had a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line to avoid going through state department servers. donald trump appeared separately where he said
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u.s. military needs new leadership. >> the generals were reduced to rubble. >> reporter: he went on to praise russian president vladimir putin. >> in that system, he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> reporter: president obama hit back during a press conference in laos. >> listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory orup informed or -- uninformed or outright whacky ideas. >> reporter: libertarian candidate gary johnson released a statement saying he does understand the conflict in syria after this appearance on msnbcs morning joe. >> what would you do if you were elected about alepo. >> about alepo. and what is alepo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> reporter: johnson said he thought it was an acronym and blanked. craig bosswell, cbs news, the white house. >> johnson is trying to reach 15 percentage polling to the national polls. that is the threshold he needs to meet in order to participate
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debate, which is scheduled for september 26th. and president obama is heading home from a six-day trip to asia on his final day in laos and became face-to-face with philippine president rodrigo duterte after canceling an earlier meeting. he publicly threatened to call president obama an s.o.b. if he questioned his human rights record. when questioned about that, president obama did not seem ruffled. >> i don't take these comments personally because it seems as if this is euphrasies used repeatedly. >> the president is leading asia with a win. china signed on to a global climate change deal and mr. obama repaired a vietnam era rift with his historic visit to laos, aimed at building up u.s. power in china's backyard. and a-type ager is dead after being
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morton. it happened in the -- at 10:30. the victim is 17-year-old maurice anderson berger of virginia. when officers arrived, they found him dead on the sidewalk. detectives say they're still searching for the killer at this hour. >> that is tragic. that is a child. that is still a child and awful to hear someone like that happened to someone young here. >> and i heard what sounded like two loud explosions. it was so loud and it shook me. >> and berger attended bryant in marefax. they asked anyone with information to give them a call. when the weather has been this hot, the storms are inevitable. howard bernstein is tracking what could be heading our way, including record heat in one part of the viewing area. >> and looks like the better chance of storms may not be until saturday. we had big ones last night and toda
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high. the heat is the problem, potential heat. many temps, dulles, 91; joint base andrews, 91; 85 in upper marlboro. when you look at the bigger picture, the 93 in washington. we're one of the hottest temperatures in the eastern u.s. at this hour and feels like 99 when you factor in the humidity. lots of sunshine here. we're not seeing much other than a few high clouds in pennsylvania. we will see that slight chance of a storm this afternoon. really, the story is going to be the potential record. the record is 100 in d.c. the same in baltimore; dulles, 93; marl lipsburg, 93 and -- marlinsburg, 93 and forecasting a high of 97 in washington. that is only 15 degrees above average. we will get some relief through the weekend. we posted that on the wusa 9 app and if you download the app, of course, you can take us with you and watch the newscast and get the latest weather forecast
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andrea. >> thank you. we're hours,way from a historic mission to space. week have a close encounter with an asteroid. >> and first, how a malicious picture posted on social media could land a model in jail. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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. welcome back to wusa 9. controversy continues this afternoon over how to fight the zika virus in florida. officials in miami-dade county have delayed aerial spraying until tomorrow after some residents voiced concern over what is in the chemicals. experts say the chemicals only harm insects and not humans. congress continues to argue over how to get the zika spending plan in place before lawmakers head home to defend the seats ahead of the november elections. and a camera woman videotaped kicking and trying to slay migrants in hungary is under indictment. this is the footage from last year
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happened. at the time, she said she at first fell under attack when the refugees broke the police barrier along the border with serbia. she was seen kicking children and tripping a man carrying a little boy and has since apologized. she's charged with breaching the peace. and going where humans can't go, italian firefighters set to deploy drones in robots in central italy to avoid the need for emergency crews to go into unstable buildings. last month's quake claimed 300 lives, injured hundreds more and left thousands of residents homeless when several towns were devastated. on monday, high-tech robots were gathering information from a 15th century church and other damaged historic buildings. hord's next with the forecast. relief from the heat could just be days away. >> and so many days away, unfortunately. with the storms yesterday, you know, we're in the middle of
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numbers have come in. and below. the weed pollen is high and the mold spores are very high. that could be the culprit. and we'll talk about it again, the heat and when it's going away in a few moments. you're watching wusa 9 news at noon.
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. trending today, a well- known playboy model could find herself in jail over a snapchat and the new iphone 7 facing some backlash. barry miller looks at those stories and more. >> i just wanted to acknowledge the photo that i accidentally posted here on snapchat earlier today and let you know that that was absolutely think where. >> reporter: the 2015 playboy playmate of the year,
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mathers, facing intense back lash for facing a photo of the nude woman in her 70s and taken in a locker room gym and posted on snap chat. on the picture she writes if i can't see this, you can't either. after the post, l.a. fitness where the woman works out was indefinitely. the los angeles police department found the woman in the photo and mathers could be charged with a sensation of private images, that can land her in jail in six months. twitter is weighing in on the controversy and one writing that first, danny mathers, you need to admit your apology. the snap was made public and that is the truth and you know it. #, own it. are you ready for the release of the iphone 7? there seals to be some that are -- seems to be some eye angry about the new headphones. it does away with the analog head phone jack in favorite of the own digital connector and headphones. in addition to more memory and a faster processor, the front and back cameras were upgraded and one twitter user writing i
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funny. can't we make it at least visually please something the new phone is said to be released for sale september 16th. >> how are you feeling this morning? >> and closer to home, a robot that gives birth. her name is victoria and she is a new patient at the university of virginia school of nursing. they're helping prepare future nurses for unpredictable situations that can a rise during childbirth and that is a look at what is trending. i'm larry miller, wusa 9. >> and we told you earlier this week that megan rapi in, o took a knee during the national anthem. she said it was in support of the protest by san francisco quarterback collin kaepernick. her team, the seattle reign, played here in d.c. last night. >> you hear the national anthem but no players and she doesn't get a chance to protest. that is bee
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the washington spirit moved up a playing of the star-spangled banner and did it before the atms took the field. the statement explained that we decided to play the anthem in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than subject our fans and friends to the disrespect we feel such an act would represent. the entire statement is on our sports page at and social media was very quick to respond to the washington spirit's move. travis m. tweets seems like megan rapino went deep to the punch last night. no issue with the washington spirit owner standing up for what he believes in. and barb wrote unreal. what about the disrespect washington spirit showing for black lives matter movement and people of color? and elliott tweeted one hopes more athletes take a stand against racism by kneeling during the american national anthem. and finally, justin lewis posted i like how the washington spirit moved the anthem ahead of schedule see she could
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well-done. won't to hear from you as well. in today's health alert, a warning from grieving parents who hope their story can save a life. gary and the stacy pope say their 11-year-old son garrett jr. died last week playing the choking game. it's when kids cut off oxygen to the brain to get a sense of euphoria or a high. the popes say their son's death was a tragic accident, and they want to tell his story so others can learn from the dangers. >> and somebody is not going to do this as a result. we won't know who that is and as long as that happens, that is what matters. >> and from 1995 to 2007, 82 deaths were connected to this game. about 86% of those killed with an average age of 13 years old. and a new study shows how weight impacts different types ofro
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overweight or obese women may be at myer risk of having the most common kind of stroke called isocheimic -- ischemic stroke but leave weight women might be at lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke, which is deadly. getting enough exercise may reduce the risk of had,s and diabetes, it may save you money. heart patients spend an average of $2,500 less on healthcare costs, according to new research in the journal of the american heart association. people without cardiovascular disease who exercise regularly also saw healthcare cost savings. nasa engineers are getting ready for the launching of an anvicious billion dollar asteroid chase, to the nearby space rock that is an untouched relic composed of the same raw materials that went into building the sun and planets. heather daniels has a preview of the first of its
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mission. >> reporter: scientists believe the asteroid holes the keys to our solar system and life on earth. tonight, nasa will launching what they call a robotic asteroid hunter. >> osyerous rex will be the first to retrieve a sample and return to earth. and it will be the largest sample return since the apollo era. >> the trip will take two years and then the suv spacecraft will cruise around the asteroid and map the surface. >> we're going to spend a couple of years mapping it in great details globally to understand what areas of the asteroid are safe and where is the most specifically valuable material. >> and then comes the robotic high five of sorts. when osirus rex extends the arm and vacuums up gravel and soil samples is to bring back to earth. >> we'll go down for a five- second contact, grab that material, bring it back on another 2 1/2-year cruise back
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the size of the empire state building and it's on nasa's list of potentially hazardous asteroids. meaning it could one day possibly collide with earth. the mission was a billion- dollar price tag will take seven years if successful. heather daniels, cbs news. the launch is scheduled for 7:05 tonight from complex 41 at cape canaveral. last week b a mile away, a fully fueled spacex rocket exploded during a preflight test. while the explosion destroyed the $62 million falcon 9 rocket and the $195 million satellite payload, engineers say the atlas5 and osirus rex nearby were not affected and launching preparations were not interrupted. meeting up with the rock is in our words, we use a lot here, awesome. >> it is pretty awesome. it shows how much we don't know. >> exactly and how much more there is to learn
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about this. >> definitely. i would love for it to be cooler, though. i have been outside a few times. i don't want to go outside again. it's warm. the heat is up and humidity is up and that is what it's like the rest of the afternoon. i would recommend something at this point. and we're talking in the low 100s and the 80s this evening. 82 by midnight. if you're going out to the nats game, it's a warm one there and in the center, hotter air. in the upper 90s by sunday and monday, the end of the heat wave and temperatures back low to mid-80s, closer to where they should be and 93 in washington. win chester is 91 and 89 at the naval academy and 89 also in hagerstown and waldorf, quench; and fairfax county in
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and low 90s. and and low 100s and bright sunshine. and for september now, this looks more like a july afternoon and the humidity, this is relative to the temperature. 47% and that doesn't sound bad. when you look at the dew point is 70 and you step outside, you focus on the dew point. seventys is a sticky number. above 70, really sticky and right now, there is nothing showing up in the radar and across missouri out of kansas and into illinois and that is your saturday and sunday. and in the short term, looks out with the blueridge and west and that is looking like a quiet afternoon. north and west of washington tomorrow night and saturday looks
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again, back in the mid- and some upper 90s, a better chance offy couple of storms and 97 this afternoon and close -- closer to 103 and 104. 77 being the low, tomorrow 93 and 97 on saturday. very hot, humid and some lady storms in the afternoon, saturday -- late storms in the afternoon, saturday night. sunday, 74 and monday, the skins should look good weather- wise and then seasonably warm tuesday and wednesday with highs
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
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always on 24/7 at wusa 9. have a great afternoon. >> howard bernstein, don't forget, where is that?
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>> victor: there are some things you don't know about adam and what happened to him. things that need to be said. some people think that he and i were enemies. and in some ways, that is true. and i think it was mostly due to the fact that he was very much like me -- full of ambition, drive, sometimes ruthlessness. but he had a big heart when it came to his family. he'd do anything to fight for you and for connor. in that, he was like me. some people believe in destiny. i don't, really. life has taught me to write my own story. a man writes his own story, really, based on his experiences. and someone like me and someone like adam, we believe th


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