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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 28, 2016 2:05am-3:06am EST

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okay, get her up. now, you made the ransom call. where is she? i don't have her anymore. i gave her to this guy. what guy? the guy who hired us to do the kidnapping. rodrigo sanchez. h, that's the ma?tre d' at the restaurant this morning. you're not going anywhere until the police get here! they took my baby! miss! wolfe: they made it look like he was trying to stop the kidnapping. caine: what was your connection to him? he caught me and marty scamming plastic at his restaurant. okay, you're good. hi, there. can i help you?
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can have you both arrested for credit card fraud... or you can do something for me. do what? kidnap a baby. what? we can't just grab a baby in broad daylight. the mother walks past this place every day with that kid. pretend you're the baby's parents. i'll do the rest. what's in it for us? $100,000. when did the exchange go down? ocean walk park, 15 minutes ago. okay, where was he heading? i have no idea. i've heard enough. take her. okay, i'll go to sanchez's last known address. we got to seal off this city. we got to find this kid. before fibromyalgia, i kept on top of things. i was a doer.
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it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven.
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so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. rodrigo's locker is right over here. that kidnapping this morning really shook him up. i'll bet it did. manager: seriously. said he couldn't shake it. quit on the spot. he quit but he didn't clean out his locker? there reason for concern? yeah, a child's life. rodrigo was a no-show at his apartment. guy's clearly on the move. let's see what we can find.
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some... toothpaste, some deodorant. not much. (hollow thump) tripp: whoa. is that hollow? yeah. well. rodrigo has got a few secrets back here. that's jill walsh; that's the mother. yeah, and it's a picture of the missing girl, too-- antique style. okay, everybody, smile. we know delko found some developing liquid that had traces of sepia toner.
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how'd rodrigo end up with this photograph? i think garland and rodrigo are in on this together. time to go take down a photographer. thank you. we know you gave this photo to rodrigo sanchez. caine: he used it to have sophie kidnapped. you lied to me, mr. garland. you told me that you didn't know sophie was yours. jill and i did it one time. three months later, i see her at a barbecue, and she's showing.
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a home dna test proved it. ened? then i went and saw a lawyer, and he told me that i had no legal right to my child. my own child? husband of the mother is the legal father on record. so then you had her kidnapped. i did what i had to do. most kids, i got to jump through hoops just to make them smile, but sophie, she just lit up as soon as she saw me. she couldn't stop smiling. it's like she knew.
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live with my sister and her family. be a single dad-- i could've made it happen. i... we could've had a chance. what was the plan? i'm supposed to meet rodrigo at his restaurant... in half an hour. i was gonna let him keep the money. all i wanted was my child. nah, it's too late. why? rodrigo's gone. he's disappeared with the money. what about sophie? he... has her. wolfe: rodrigo never had any intention of bringing sophie to you. but he knew. he knew why i wanted her. i trusted him. oh, my god, he's... he's got my daughter. what is he gonna do? is he... is he gonna kill her?
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get him out of here, please. calleigh, listen to me. what did we get on rodrigo? i've got his journal. it's full of information about jill, there's information about sophie, details of the kidnapping, money exchange. there's something in here about a guy named bruno. who do you think that is, a possible customer? so it's some sort of a code. i'm gonna access that number via my wireless and see what it gets us. man (recorded): it's me again. we're coming in on a g-4 from south africa. can't wait to take our baby back to cape town. make it quick, brother. he has got potential clients flying in as we speak, on a twin-engine. that's because he's planning to sell sophie.
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from cape town-- i'll be waiting. you got it. she's beautiful. she's ours. as soon as we complete
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$750,000. woman: we've already got the nursery set up. i can't wait for her to meet her new cousins. i can already tell you two will make good parents. can we have her? you made good on your word. (siren whoops) hey! hey! what the hell is this! no, wait! (siren wailing) the baby! (tires screeching)
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(tires screeching) rodrigo. hang on, sophie.
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? ? (sirens wailing) jill: is she okay? (sobbing): please tell me she's okay! sophie!
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lieutenant... (sobbing) oh, sophie, honey, are you okay? lieutenant, how can i ever thank you? you already have. (sobbing) oh, my baby. oh, baby girl. oh, my baby girl.
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our weekend special inside celebrity homes. >> come on over. >> our tour of christy brinkley's hamptons mansion. is she online dating at 62. >> i'm free this saturday night. >> then dancing's real life lecoup gives us a tour of their new love nest.
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>> at home with new dad nick carter. what's he reading in his baby? >> then eight real housewives and eight lavish mansions from beverly hills to new york, the home tours you won't see anywhere else. >> whoo. >> also inside the private estates of two music legends. >> come on, let me show you around. >> how priscilla presley is expanding graceland. >> there's a bit of elvis everywhere here. >> and for inc we're going where no cameras have ever been. >> i remember that eand know so well. >> chip j andoanna gains with their new season. >> he's ten times crazier in real life. now, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us on had holiday weekend. as you open your homes to family, we are going inside a few homes with style. >> first up, the ultimate uptown
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mellencamp. how does she like the single life? we found out when we visited cristy at home in the hamptons. >> bhas your dating life like? have you been seeing anybody? do you have time to put your yourself out on dates. >> it's not bad. >> are you on any dating apps? >> no. hi, i'm cristy. i've got my -- i'm free this >> two months after her split with john mellencamp, the 62-year-old is ready to date again. it's not a first priority. that belongs toler quids kids, alex ra ray is 30, jack is trying out actor and 1-year-old sailor is a model like her mom. >> she looks like me when she's smiling. when she's not, she's 100% her. you know? she just has like her own look like she's her own category just
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stunning and you know in certain poses i always say, she reminds mef pin he will me cruz. >> it's comparisons to her mom that caused the college freshman at internet trolls who posted hateful comments like she's nowhere near where her mother was. >> you can't compete and compare because that just sets you up for unhappiness. if somebody wants to look or she's, you know, it's like that's their problem. not hers. because she knows where she's coming from. >> all three kids pretty much grew up here. >> yeah. >> we got a personal tour of cristy's 20-acre home worth almost $30 million where she's adjusting to life as an empty nester. she's keeping busy, having fun launching her new line. >> what who.
2:28 am
opportunity to kind of taste test? >> sailor's not old enough. but she gets to sip it at home and loves it. alexa just wrote on my instagram yesterday, mom, i haven't gotten any cases shipped to my house yet. >> cristy hopes with the bottle's design inspired by venus, the mythical goddess of love. >> she represents to us like the beauty in feli. >> she's actually had a passion for mixed drinks datingk the '80s when she was married to billy joel. ? updowntown girl ? >> back in the day like in the '80s, i often kept a blender in my bag. >> you never know when you're going to need a margarita. >> party. >> it's that attitude that keeps her young. maybe cristy col teach some of her famous neighbors a few things. the real housewives of new york city. >> yeah the season finale was epic with some drama between
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luann. she's getting married next month despite bethanie revealing a few piks that showed the fiance kissing another woman. bethanie and her fellow housewives welcomed us into their hamptons mansions. >> we are here at the house that skinny girl built. it even has a red door, of course. >> in the sprawling bridge hampton home, red is the color of success. five bedrooms and 31/2 spread across almost 4,000 square feet. it's where bethanie escapes with her daughter bryn. >> i'm just happy here. i feel i'm more suburban than city. i think that new york is where i work and here where i really live. >> she paid around $2 million for the home upstairs it's cozy and very pink. thanks to her 6-year-old daughter's bedroom and who knew this millionaire housewife is crafty. >> this is all her original clothes.
2:30 am
pajamas, her first baby blanket. another first blanket. instead of getting rid of clothes, i sewed them into a quilt. >> being being frugal is her style. >> in in house is a bargain item. this was probably $50. the chandelier was $100. nothing is not a bargain item. >> next stop, backyard complete with pool and a bar. >> this is the yes bar. >> stocked with plenty of skinny girl. >> christina aguiler partied till 5:00 in the morning here. i've had jamie foxx, like his pos i came here and all were dancing to bell biv due vo. >> this season's real housewives reunion special. >> the reunion was definitely not fun. >> i believe it. i do. no, i do. >> you know what. >> if i did, i own it. i don't remember. >> i totally believe it. i'm not harboring resentment about it. >> despite the drama, we're thinking she will be back.
2:31 am
countette luann desupers. both live less than ten miles away from bethanie >> nervous. meeting the countess. >> welcome. come on in ? money can't buy you class ? >> lew anne reportedly dropped a little over $3 million on this home question w sheas single three years ago. the property has become a home for two. >> every time we wake up in the morning, it's like this beautiful view and this is the whole reason why i renovated the her fiance wouldn't be her mr. right. >> bethanie just sent meet picture. you have no recollection? what does that mean. >> you were so wasted you don't remember. >> their happily ever after was put in jeopardy during the finale after bethanie dropped the bomb that tom cheated. >> what was it like having that play out on camera? >> it was awful. she was giving you a kiss. you were making out for an hour.
2:32 am
being in love. >> it was a really tough moment for me. tom and i love each other and we're getting married. i'm not going to let a silly kiss ruin the rest of our lives. >> shooting did end ramona's marriage but she got to keep the 1.4 acre estate after the plit "pix bedrooms, six baths, swimming pool and a tennis court. >> you could get a pretty penny for this house. >> i love this house. >> my daughter wants the house. roof. with her new york squad in a tense situation, is singer taking sideses? >> i think bethanie was put in a very hard position. it was right she told lew anne. >> listen, it's hard being the messenger. you got to expect a little bit of backlash. we've got more housewives homes ahead. first here are two newly engaged celebs. emma slater who danced with rick perry yes this season said yes
2:33 am
celebrating the holidays at their new hollywood home. >> hello, "e.t." >> welcome to our house. >> come on in. >> i saw it and was like we have to get it. i didn't even go inside. >> the second we walked in, it was like this is our home. >> we just loved the fairy tale look of the house. it reminds me of hachbsal and gret. >> and speaking of fairy tales -- will you marry me? >> yes. >> just one month before this epic engagement in september, the couple moved into this 1600 square foot cottage style home. >> right here is where it comes together. >> we've already choreographed all our routines in this room. reroll up the rug and i choreograph my paso. >> the million dollar l.a. hideaway is also a hangout for their cast mates. >> we probably had derek and
2:34 am
it's cool to come here after rehearsals or whatever we do and chill especially outside. >> this is going to be the party house. >> emma is from england. sasha was born in russia but grew up in australia. they're now planning a wedding. >> up next, welcome to my home. >> forget the hamptons. we're inside a new york housewives five-story manhattan home with an elevator and wait until you stuff she's hiding up in there. >> i have shoes that are anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000. >> plus her fellow housewife $12,000. >> plus her fellow housewife gholidays are about joy again. e where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales.
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dorindaing. > blue stone manner. >> i like manor. >> welcome back to our holiday special going inside celebrity homes.
2:37 am
have a home in the hamptons. socialite door rinna medley. >> the widow of a former partner in a hedge fund company and worth a reported $20 million but she spent all her big bucks on a country home in the berkshires. >> welcome to blue stone manor. . >> whoo. >> it has nineed brooms. and i would say it's about 11,000 square feet but who's country home has been her sanctuary. >> what is it, an interrogation. i want to light my house on fire right now. burn it down. >> her sanctuary when the rest of the housewives aren't visiting. >> i made it nice. i d decorated. if you can't believe, you can go home. >> we have our drama. they leave and i let all the energy leave with them.
2:38 am
bedroom -- >> every once in awhile we film up here. the producers found i snuck away and laying in my bed watching tv. >> to the guest room sometimes occupied by lew anne and ramona. this real housewife of new york has found her paradise. during this season's reunion show it was pair dries lost as she faced nasty accusations from sonia. >> everybody knows you do drugs. >> i don't do drugs. >> everybody knows. >> how could i do all these drugs when hannah >> i think it's hilarious. poor sonia is trying to be relevant. >> beth nay made the comments and poor sonia had to run with something. what does she have? consider the source. >> bethany hurt my feelings. >> listen. >> all of us have barely spoken since the reunion. it was a tough reunion. i've been laying in bed thinking how can you go back in the fall and all sit together and have
2:39 am
anything because horrible things were said about persons based on nothing. based on no facts. just if you want to say it, throw it out there. and i never saw the housewives go to that level. so i think people are really damaged. >> those ladies would have gotten put out of my house a long time before that. we haven't shown you you where this housewife star lives sonia morgan but we will. she's about to give you a tour of her unbelievable home in the middle of manhattan. >> welcome to my home. >> a 4500 square foot house with five bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms. >> what i like about this house is all the jute door space. living in new york, i've been spending a lot of time here. that's been a godsend. >> she kept the house from her ex-whose family founded j.p. morgan chase. thmee ho is worth an estimated $8 million. >> everyone likes to see the
2:40 am
city, sonia always knows where the party is. >> and the party, well, it's usually at her place. >> let's get the most action. have i board meetings here, fashion meetings. i can having friends over. cocktail parties. >> the elegant feast goes down on the second floor. the dining room leads into the mahogany kitchen. >> i have great views. >> the third floor or should we say master suite. >> did i lock these this is where i keep all my good stuff. >> her teenage daughter holds down the fourth floor. if you're a guest, it's a five star service with the fifth floor to yourself. >> you can take the elevator straight up. >> what'ser h lavish item in the home? >> i have shoes. you know anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000. i've had christian die or shahs i put down for a second on the bar and a housewife puts their purse on top of it.
2:41 am
kelsey grammer's ex-. kamil grammer's $75,000 bathroom remodel. >> the square footage is around 6,000 feet. >> i'm at lisa vander pump's $12 million pad that's gone to the dogs. plus antonio sa pa bat toe tours kyle richard as a mansion. >> this is my treem room. >> inside an oc housewife's
2:42 am
2:43 am
"e,t, welcome back on then holiday weekend to our celebrity home special. you've seen where the new york housewives live but what about the ladies on the other coast. >> kelsey grammer's ex-camille is a beverly hills housewife who moved into a new malibu pan. lorn zee ma got a tour.
2:44 am
house. >> camille calls her $3.2 million malibu mansion a steal. >> the square footage of this house is around of thousand square feet. >> the new digs replace the home she live inside for more than a decade with kelsey grammer. their divorce in 2011 was anything but amicable. >> how would you describe your current relationship with your ex-? >> unfortunately, there isn't any. it affected the kids for a very long time. but now, they're getting stronger and my daughter's in therapy to empower herself. >> her 14-year-old daughter mason and son jude gave input on the home renovations which added up to more than $300,000. >> yes, my kids wanted a pool and a jacuzzi. >> this is my small bocci ball court right here. this is a picnic area. trampoline. my kids had to have one. i did that. i need to have my garden.
2:45 am
>> the inside of the home is filled with contemporary touches. and here's my new bedroom with my new floors. and my new bed. ta-da. the reveal. >> and very expensive art. >> how much are we talking? >> around $500,000 and above. >> another jaw dropping price tag, the $75,000 bathroom renovation. >> tishis a retreat of a bathroom. oh, my god. >> th. anks >> look at the size of the show. i went for the double sinks. >> do you picture somebody else being at one of these one day? >> one day. not yet. but one day. >> while she waits for prince charming, camille is happily enjoying all this. >> come over anytime. >> her house is beautiful. right? my gosh. get this, before moving in she had two estate sales which netted her more than $40,000. >> fancy garage sale.
2:46 am
that to the foundation for women's cancer. >> i love that well done. her co-stars lisa vander pump and kyle richards. we got to tour their homes. let's start with vander pump's beverly hills mansion gone to the dogs. perfect for a woman who knows her way around a catfight or ten. >> thank you for inviting us into this sctpearacul gorgeous home. >> you're welcome. it's my zoo really. >> lisa gak m home villa rosa which includes swans, miniature horses and eight dogs. >> can you name them all. >> lollipop, pink doug, snooki, grumpy, avery, chicky and harrison. >> i almost wore this today. that would have embarrassing. it just under 9,000 square feet and includes an infinity pool. lisa lives a few miles away from her co-star kyle richards. this summer the couple finished
2:47 am
their 7,000 square foot bel air home. >> this is my dream home. it's a little big. it's deceiving when you see the outside. it looks cozy. it's seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms. >>sley and her mus gave antonio sabato junior the grand tour. >> thank you for inviting me in your home. let's check it out. >> we love this. i'm very proud of all my bottles. >> you remodeled this house. >> it was an modern. not at all. i didn't love that, but i love the home and the energy. >> the design that goes behind all these rooms, is it done by both of you together as a team, done by you? >> we have a designer, our close friend, faye resnick. she knows our taste. >> so this is our media room. we love it. this gets used a lot in the center of the house. all of the posters around here are all kyle's movies or the housewives here. that's actually from your book.
2:48 am
moving their gym down stairs too make a dressing room for kyle. >> shoes on this. >> bags. >> this is my actual closet. you know what? >> i can see how neat you are because you have like skinny jeans, skinny design. >> yeah. >> i try to keep it very organized and color coordinated. >> next >> hi, heathering. > hi. >> thank you for having us in your wonderful home. >> you're welcome. >> antonio met heath dubrow last year while her new mansion was under construction. >> how many bathrooms do you have? >> there are 14 bathrooms. >> 14 bathrooms. why do you need so many? >> okay, look, the key to a successful marriage i hate to tell su separate bathrooms. >> there's a beauty salon, underground garage, infinity
2:49 am
theater in the floor plan. >> this honestly is the star of the house. >> look at the view. this is really unbelievable. >> this is what we could not accomplish in our old house we did get to accomplish here which is the kitchen family room. you can understand the depth of this roop, i think it's about 90 feet. >> oh, wow. now, all the women in the united states and the rest of the world want to know about your closet. >> beak i've had lights put in every corner of the all of my accessories go here, my shoes. >> are we allowed to come back for the reveal. >> bring your family and i can bring all them, too. >> be back in the spring. >> we don't live there. >> heather shared a few house photos but she admitted to "e.t." bryce sander there was still more work to do. >> there's been a few little snafus as you can imagine. i would rather wait until we're
2:50 am
think just a few more weeks. >> we got a glimpse of the incredible space before its debut. heather told us about her new youtube series haeg's closet. >> it's so fun. we'll have champs. we'll pull things out of the closet. i'm going to tell sfoerpz. >> now, that is going to be one spectacular house. >> it's already spectacular even though it's not done. come on, there's ridiculous. >> now take a look what's up next ? >> back street bo n we're at home with lis wife and their baby. their shocking home birth. >> 30-hour labor. >> then david cassidy tells us why he ripped into a fan. >> target off and target out now. >> i got to a point where i was really angry. >> and inside his past struggles with alcohol. >> i'm seriously one of the lucky ones. >> closed captioning provided by
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? i want it that way. ? >> welcome back, everyone to our special going inside celebrity homes. this year singer nick carter joined the back street boys dad's club. all the band members had kids but on april 19th, nick as a wife lauren welcomed a son they named odon. i checked on the new dad at home for his very first interview after baby. >> oh. >> look at you. >> he's really >> 30-hour labor. home birth, eight pounds 11 ounces. >> yeah, 20 inches. he was long. >> 20 inches. he's a big boy. >> tell me about the significance of that beautiful name. >> we've been watching the showish slicks" a lot. obviously odin is very powerful name. >> odin rain carter.>> i wouldn't have wanted to
2:55 am
ro>> fm this adorable photobombing to a horse and seven chickens, it's a sweet home life for this dad and wife lauren. don't expect to hear any nursery rhymes before bed. nick reads and sings will you be buys from a 12-00 page lord of the rings book. >> in the wind from the sea. the white lilies sway and the golden -- >> i'm done. >> geez. it's nice of you to start easy. some people >> i'm determined to make sure he's an intelligent child. >> i love that. changing the diapers, feeding him. and you're loving it. >> i do not mind at all changing diapers. >> he likes to pee all over the place when he changes him. he's like, all over the place. ? i want it pa that way ? >> a lot has changed for nick since the back street boys first album 20 years ago.
2:56 am
looked like the 36-year-old beat his drug and alcohol demons. then this alleged bar brawl in january and his arrest for misdemeanor battery. >> our baby moon. she's like go out and have some fun. do what everybody else does. obviously i couldn't do an what everybody else does. especially having a child now, it was an awakening moment for me. ? >> nick is now balancing fatherhood with life on road. back street boys are vegas residency begins parch 1st but there's still time for father/son bonding with little odon. >> i'll put him on my chest sometimes. he'll try to crawl over and get my nipple. this is getting awkward. take him. >> as nice of a guy as he seems on tv in person. he's even nicer. adorable family. another singer out on the road,
2:57 am
very well recently for the 66-year-old when he had a meltdown on stage that went viral. he only told us what happened when we went inside his florida home. ? i think i love you that's what life is made of ? >> playing line for my nans has been the things that has been motivating me. >> last month, one of those fans at a concert in upstate new york shined a light at david as he sanging. > target off and now. please an have an usher remove this person i could have fallen off the front of the stage because i couldn't see. get them to turn it off or i'm not going on anymore. >> i got to a point where i was really angry. >> i can't take it. >> david who spoke to us near his fort lauderdale home has had eye problems for decades. >> it's been highly publicized
2:58 am
starting in 1962. >> i am highly sensitive. this nice light is extremely bright for me. i could hardly see your face. i mean that. >> but david has faced other challenges in his 48-year career ? ? i never felt this way ? >> david's first admitted a substance abuse problem to us in 1949. >> i was a closet alcoholic. i would go homend and drink into in 2010 came his first duies arrt captured on dashcam video. >> what's wrong with your eyes? >> another dui arrest came three years later. the former heartthrob told us one problem was losing the limelight. >> suddenly the world that i knew was gone. and i sat in my room for nine months. i don't know what to do. just going to sit here till
2:59 am
driving conviction. he's now sober and hard at work. >> i still have a job to do that is here and here. that makes me want to continue to inspire people. >> his tour all across the states will continue through next year. >> i feel grateful, grateful that i live with a disease and i have it every day under control. >> david's also been working on an album incredibly personal to him taught me," and dedicated to his dad, jack cas sid. >> that's very nice. here's what's coming up. >> i'm at home getting down and dirty with hgtv's most popular couple chip and joanna gains. inside their fixer upper empire. >> what you see is censored. >> he has tricked out cars, massive brnls and a pool.
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?music? runners on your mark! ?you're rolled out at the dawning of the day? ?heart racin' as you made your little get away? get set! ?it feels like you've been runnin' all your life? ?but why? oh why?? (sfx: starter pistol shot) ?so you've pulled away from the love that would've been there? ?you start believin' that your situation's unfair ?but there's always scars, when you fall back far? ?we lose our way, we get back up again? ?it's never too late to get back up again? ?one day, you're gonna shine again,? ?you may be knocked down but not out forever? ?we lose our way, we get back up again? ?it's never too late to get back up again? ?one day, you're gonna shine again,? ?you may be knocked down but not out forever?
3:02 am
?you're gonna shine again? ?it's never too late to get back up again? ?you may be knocked down, but not out forever? welcome back, everybody to our celebrity home special this holiday weekend. here's a couple who you know has had an amazing thanksgiving. chip and joanna gains from the hugely popular show fixer upper. >> two big fans right here. they've gotten more than million viewers per week making it the nuer one home improvement show on the air. i thought i would meet the couple behind the phenomenon.
3:03 am
>> casting did a heck of a job making it look like we knew each other. >> what you see is what you get with the gains. the most down home real people you'll ever meet. they laugh, argue, and he's always kidding around. >> is he like this at home. >> what you see on tv is censored. he's ten times crazier in real life. i'm the lucky lady. >> chip, fix your hair, bud. >> we take the worst turn it into our clients' dream home. >> for me it's a dream come true because at the end of the day, what we're passionate about the is creating homes for families. >> you always thought we would be successful but did you think it would be anything like this. >> never a tv show and never on a national platform. >> based in waco, their company has remodeled well over 100 homes and counting. they're becoming an empire.
3:04 am
bed and breakfast, a moving company and the retail store gets more than 25,000 visitors a week. >> we transform the houses for a beautiful family on the other side. that always just stays fresh and fun for us >> they invited me along on one of their jobs. this couple never stops. >> look at these, man. gorgeous. >> i love these doors. >> do you think we need to any more dogs? >> yeah. we need to five more. >> the kids with the most important thing to us. anything we do whether it be work or whatever decisions we make on back to that and how how is this going to affect our family unit, our kids. we have to keep it there so this doesn't get bigger than what our biggest priority which is our family. >> home is this 113-year-old farmhouse where they're raysing four kids but they have to watch fixer upper at a friends house because they don't own a tv. >> we joke when we go on vacation, we make up for it. >> we'll sit in the 40e8 hotel
3:05 am
plorings, we'll binge watch. >> who needs tv when you live on your own picture perfect 40-acre farm. >> all the kiddos. >> we're the prototrip cal american family. middle class, hard working but not really the silver spoon in your mouth type. >> goes, chickens, horses and texas longhorn cattle that chip herds on his atv. >> it's almost like the american dream supply couldn't leave without getting my demolition derby. >> three, two, one. chip, hut. >> now you're getting it. >> first head through the wall wins. >> did i win? >> no. where are you? where are you? >> you win. >> good way to use the old -- >> you saw me with the hammer. chip used his head to break through the sheet rock.


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