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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello. thank you for watching wusa 9 at noon. i'm andrea roane. in july of this year a metro train derailed. inspectors new of deteriorating wooden ties in that part of the track for more than a year.
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what inspectors new and when. >> reporter: good afternoon. metro leaders went face to face with a pair of congressional committees this afternoon to talk safety. the plain focus was on the new report which came out yesterday raising serious questions. remember this scene back in july. 63 people had a scary ride when a train derailed by east falls church. nobody was seriously injured but another blow. now metro leaders were called to the capital to answer for that derailment and give an update on safe track, all of this as a new report was released yesterday showing inspectors had known about deteriorating equipment in the area of the derailment for years and no repairs were made. >> this is the fourth year. i am tired of hearings. i'm tired of excuses. i'm tired of us going back and forth to look at these issues and say if you just give us a
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get it fixed. it is not a fine wine. it does not improve with time. >> reporter: the report indicated some workers may have falsified inspection reports copying old ones instead of time-consuming new measurements. paul wiedefeld was asked if punishment was on the way. >> what i did immediately was once i basically got informed about what we were hearing and what we were seeing, i started a criminal investigatio prosecutors. that investigation is still open. i do not want to comment further on that. >> reporter: so, obviously, there is a lot of inside at that hearing but a lot of people at home are fired up. i want to show you a post on our facebook. brett davis said, quote, the inspectors that did this should be arrested and charged with endangering the lives of the metro riders. we want to hear from you. if you want to join the conversation, send us your
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president-elect donald trump picked retired u.s. marine corps general james mattis to be the defense secretary. to be confirmed first congress will have to grant the general a waiver. marley hall is outside trump tower in new york with more. >> don't let it outside of this room. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump leaked a secret during a victory tour rally in cincinnati thursday night. we are going to dog matis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: james mattis, the 66-year-old retired marine corps general served 41 years in the military and lead expeditionary forces in iraq and afghanistan. madis, who retired in 2013 will need a waiver from congress to take up the role. federal law says the pentagon chief must be out of uniform seven years. president-elect donald trump
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he has been interviewing candidates here at trump tower. sources say there are four top contenders for the position including former new york mayor rudy giuliani, former general david petraeus, senator bob corker of tennessee and former presidential nominee mitt romney. general matis told president- elect donald trump he prefers to work with petraeus. >> we know who makes the ultimate decision. it does matter the council of who is in the cabinet. >> reporter: general petraeus interviewed with trump monday. >> general petraeus resigned as cia director after pleading guilty to hand -- mishandling classified information. he is still serving his two years probation.
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must register for the draft. a spokesperson says the obama administration remains committed to an all volunteer military. the pentagon has supported the idea but republicans and general matis, president-elect between nominee oppose it. >> yes, equality for our daughters. they must have quality opportunity to get traumatic brain injuries as our sons. and jacob sense in requiring our mothers, daughters, teachers, nurses to be required to fight. that's a man's job. while president obama hasn't said anything about the dakota access pipeline, president-elect donald trump supports it. and that's not sitting well with protestors targeting banks funding the project. dozens demonstrated at a wells fargo in portland, oregon. they are asking people to pull
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claiming it funds 10% of the controversial pipeline. >> we have to realize that that is where true power comes from, the votes that we make with this money. that's why we are taking a new approach, new strategy pulling the funds. collectively we have a total of $1 million that has been withdrawn. >> wells fargo released a statement saying it's one of 17 financial institutions involved in financing the pipeline project. their loans represent less than 5% of the money involved. the company says it's invested more than $52 billion in environmentally sustainable businesses. fans in the football world are mourning the death of a former nfl player killed in a road rage incident in louisiana. his alleged killer is free for now. joe mcknight was shot dead by 54-year-old ronald gasser yesterday following an argument
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the 28-year-old player for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs -- he played for them during his career. overnight gaston was released from custody without being charged while the investigation continues. the bolivian civil aviation authority is indefinitely suspending permission for the airlines to operate after a plane crash killing all but six of those wildfires ravaging the south killed at least 13 people in tennessee making it the deadliest u.s. wildfire since 2013. roxana sabarry shows us what crews are up against. >> reporter: residents returning to gatlinburg, tennessee, will see the city's downtown mostly intact. hundreds of homes have been
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lines down which is -- some of them are still live. you got propane tanks leaking. >> you can see the burn lines right here. >> reporter: in the nearby mountains, they made it home. >> everything around us is burned. the cabin it stopped. >> reporter: their neighbors was not. >> everything gone. >> reporter: firefighters are still working to contain the flames spanning more than 17,000 acres even after two again. that's why we are here, trying to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: the wildfire forced more than 14,000 people to evacuate, injured dozens and killed at least 11. to help families recover, dolly parton, a native of the area announced the my people's fund. >> to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all the families that lost homes in the fires until
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search for survivors and victims will likely be completed today. >> what caused the fire is still under investigation. officials thing it may have been caused by human activity. an environmental group is offering a thousand dollars to anyone with information about what caused an oily sheen on the potomac river. the environmental protection agency is leading the investigation but the potomac river keepne they are treating the case as an environmental crime. sunny and breezy today. chilly tomorrow. meteorologist melissa nord joins us with your first alert forecast looking forward to the weekend. >> it looks like it will be a mainly dry weekend, andrea, but feeling more like december. getting you in the holiday spirit. temperatures will be hovering around 50 degrees both afternoons. we are starting off the weekend on a bright note with sunshine
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the winds gusting about 20 to 30 miles per hour. wind gusts in gaithersburg the last hour, 28 miles per hour. for this reason, even though the temperatures are climbing right now, from the 40s to the 50s for a lot of us, we have to talk about the windchill factor. it feels a couple of degrees cooler than the actual temperature is outside. in d.c., 51. gusts to 22 miles per hour. this high pressure continues to let the cooler air spill west, we are in the 50s here. 40s through pittsburgh, cleveland and 30s in chicago. the cooler air settles into the area into the weekend. the big three things to know for the upcoming forecast is breezy and cool. your weekend stays cool but overall pretty quiet. next almost guaranteed chance of rain returns tuesday. we will talk about that coming up and, of course, you can always see our full forecast on
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andrea? >> thanks, melissa. less than 24 hours away from the trip of a lifetime. when we introduced you to the beacon house football program, we never thought we would get this close to the fund-raising goal, ambitious raising $70,000 in two weeks. the cash will cover the cost of a trip to the league championship in florida for all 104 players ages 6 to 14. they are just $2,100 away but the team ll live when they take off. if you would still like to donate, we have a link on the wusa 9 app or go to beacon house this time of year, santas are popping up at malls around the country. coming up, why social media has so much to say about this one
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welcome back to 9 news. today is a solemn anniversary. it marks one year since the san bernardino terror attack that left 14 people deed and 22 others wounded. when the isis inspired husband and wife stormed inside a san bernardino county building, there was horror and panic. but those inside somehow managed to call 911. tom waite is in los angeles and has more on the 911 recordings. on the tapes gunshots could be ar were made. >> 911, operator 7. >> we have an active shooter. >> ma'am, listen to me. take a deep breath. have you seen the person with the gun? >> yeah, they are dressed in black. they have a gun. >> listen, i know, ma'am, we are on the way. is he still shooting? >> oh, my god. >> ma'am, listen to me. listen to me, please. the police are driving there. >> reporter: in the same call
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how shots are fired. >> is he still shooting? >> i don't know. >> how many rounds did he fire? >> oh, my god a million. >> ma'am, how many were there. >> i only saw one, i don't know. >> stay inside, we are on the way. >> reporter: the calls kept screaming in. >> people with machine guns, a.r. shooting at my work. we opened the door and they started shooting >> shooting inside which rooms. >> [ inaudible ] [inaudible]. >> they actually came inside building 3. >> yes. >> do you know if anyone has been shot. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: in new rei released security video you can see the couple driving the black s.u.v. away from the scene of the horrific crime. at one point they even passed police on the road who have yet
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reporting. later today there will be a moment of silence to remember when the first 911 call was placed. a brief memorial service will be held later today. caught on camera, a pedestrian is nearly killed when a vehicle collision sent a car careening her way. a traffic camera at the intersection in central poland shows it. the car slams into each other then one heads for the woman in the red behind the utility pole and suffered minor injuries from the flying debris. lucky woman. it's snowing in paradise. a winter storm warning is in effect for parts of hawaii, specifically elevations above 8,000 feet. snow began accumulating on two summits. up to a foot of snow is expected to fall through the
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snow reports. >> can you wear a hawaiian shirt in the snow. >> why not. >> well, it looks like fun. i will stick to the beach, though. well, it's starting to feel more seasonal holiday time weather out there for this weekend. it will be a little cool each afternoon, breezy as well. it will stay dry for those of you who have still got to put up your christmas decorations outside with the that. we are running in the 50s. winds are breezy out of the west to northwest sustained about 15 miles per hour and gusting more than that. so, we got these feel like temperatures that are a couple of degrees cooler than the actually temperature outside. jacket is a good idea for the friday afternoon and date night plans as well. 3:00 p.m., 52. that's the high temperature for today. temperatures 4:00, 5:00 starting to fall. the sun is setting.
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hour running in the mid-40s for your friday evening plans. by 9:00 p.m. around 44. still going to be breezy outside for this evening and the start to your weekend as well. but it will stay dry for the weekend. this area of high pressure keeps the sunshine going for your saturday. we will see increasing clouds on sunday but it's staying dry. the next good chance of rain is from this system gathering its energy down to texas and mexico. ment this is going to lead to a flooding threat down it tracks northeastward and that will bring the return of rain chances to our forecast. this weekend looks like it will be mostly dry. your holiday decorating forecast includes breezy conditions for saturday afternoon climbing to around 50 degrees. that's just a degree or two below average. with the breeze outside, it will be feeling about 47 tomorrow afternoon in the 3:00 p.m. hour. as we go to sunday, sunshine,
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the next rainmaker coming this way. here it is toward monday morning. we are looking mainly dry. from there to monday night and tuesday, all this green is showing where the rain is going to be with this come cuomo dell. into tuesday morning, rain overspreading the area and rain showers continuing on and off into tuesday afternoon as well. association it looks like showers will be likely at some point on tuesday. until night of a stray shower. for most of us, dry until tuesday. enjoy the quiet weather. breezy and cool today. overall a nice start to the weekend. i-81 corridor stuck in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow chilly, breezy again. 50 degrees. increasing clouds throughout your sunday. eventually becoming mostly cloudy. we will stay dry, though, for
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afternoon. showers likely on tuesday and milder for wednesday. more wusa 9 news at noon after
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the santa experience inside the mall of america is bringing a unique experience to twin city families this year. for the first time since it opened a black santa claus will spread the christmas tree. larry jeffords is playing santa
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video over the weekend. he said children get a kick out of seeing a santa that looks like them. >> it gives the kids an opportunity to see santa that looks like them and something to identify with. but santa is still santa. i was doing a party for an event. one child said santa, you are brown. and i said, yes, i am. i said but santa comes in many different colors. and he just said oh. i gave him a y ran off. >> great beard, too. >> the kids think it's great but not everyone is pleased. they were talking about it on a social media. but given the season we will accentuate the positive. this to say about people complaining, america is where you will find people angry at the depiction of a fictional character. another says about time.
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should. joseph wrote this makes my heart happy. we would love to hear what you have to say. log on to any of our social media pages and join the conversation. we will have one final look at the weekend forecast when we
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tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00 a homeowner shoots and kills an intruder in northern virginia. plus, we will have more on what metro is doing to keep riders safe after a grilling on capitol hill. people displaced by the wildfire in gatlinburg return to their homes. these stories and more at 5:00.
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side. showers return toward tuesday. >> that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00 and see you again on monday. have a great afternoon and a great weekend. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson
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>> nick: all right. christian is down for his nap, which means i am all yours, beautiful. what do you want to do? you want to play some games? we could, uh, do a little, i don't know, father-daughter mani-pedi. what do you want? >> faith: you didn't tell me everything that happened in >> nick: why would you say that? >> faith: gc buzz. mom and dylan can't be around christian or they could get arrested. it's because you think they'd steal him? >> dylan: we walk into the courtroom, try to get visitation of a kid that we love, and i know that he loves us, and we walk out unable to be within 500 feet of him. >> paul: granted, it's not what anyone expected. but that is before we all heard what happened at chelsea's place. >> kevin: i know chloe thought


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