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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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especially meaningful to me to be here in front of you to say thank you and to tell you that i truly feel that need to thank you. ( cheers ) because-- in all honesty, we all know that none of us, especially me, wouldn't be standing up here if it weren't for you tonight. so thank you, and give them hell, betty sue. ( cheers and applause )
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2 days a out from inauguration day, and two very different scenes for the incoming administration. one group is marching through the streets of dc, and the other is dancing. let's start outside of the trump hotel where we believe the president-elect was inside for a -- awhile with the protesters inside. >> john, how did that work out? >> reporter: for the third night in a row, protesters hit the road in washington, dc, showing their distrust of the president-elect. tonight their goal was different from
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past. instead of marching towards trump hotel, they headed to capitol hill to let the country's lawmakers know how they feel. >> people need to wake up to the reality of what trump is all about. >> reporter: dc police escorted them down pennsylvania avenue. offers wanted to give them the space they needed to practice their 1st amendment rights safely. once they made it to the intersection of 1st and constitution, just a few hundred feet away from the capitol building, things quickly changed. >> reporter: the protesters ran into the u.s. capitol police who would not let them march any closer to the capitol. >> the police blocked us from going to the capitol. that's an outrage. >> reporter: capitol police control the area around the building, and while certain demonstrations are allowed in the streets, capitol police have ultimate say on what goes on around their jurisdiction that said the presence of the officers was not enough to stop protesters who immediately after that held
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demonstration depicting trump as a klansman, and in the end, they are not concerned with snarling traffic or offending people with views different from theirs. >> the only way we can beat trump is by gathering the millions in the street. >> reporter: they said their message must get out, no matter what. >> obviously we are having technical issues there. we apologize to that. and now where protesters were dancing their way to the home of mike pence. >> ellison barber has more on the message and the music. ellison? >> reporter: guys, since this house is just up the hill, over my shoulder, the street that is right behind me is where hundreds of people dance for about an hour and a half, and they had very specific messages for the vice president-elect. da we are here, and we will
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he organized the event. >> mike pence will take the second highest office in the country. he has taken staunch stances against the lbgt community, and we are not okay with that. >> reporter: the then governor of indiana signed the religious freedom restoration act with controversial and wildly considered discriminatory law against lbgtq individuals. for the people here, their complaints about pence's political position throughout his career go beyond one thing. >> he's an advocate of conversion therapy. >> mike pence may be overturning our right to marry. >> reporter: tonight they came to air out their grievances and dance with glowing hula hoops, face paint, glitter, flags, and of course music. ♪ [music] ♪ >>
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a really powerful push for the lbgt community. it's a form of healing, and it allows us to tap into our bodies and use our body's movement to promote a movement for peace, love, and self- acceptance. >> reporter: it was a protest, but for most of these people, it seemed to be a happy moment of unity, a chance to show the world exactly who they are. >> reporter: what do you hope they will see? >> they see a bunch of loving people, and they will see a bunch of happy people and a bunch of people who are comfortable standing up for what is right and what is reasonable. ♪ i wanna dance with somebody ♪ >> this is who we are! >> reporter: about 20 minutes before the dance protest or party started, we saw pence leave his house. and he left here about 6:30, and while it was going on, he wasn't actually home, but his neighbors
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reporting live, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> some party! all right, according to our partners at the washington post, we can expect to see more military parades during the inauguration. mr.trump says as he builds up the military, he's going to display them, and he suggests parades down pennsylvania avenue and flyovers in dc and new york. you can add virginia congressman jerry conley to the lawmakers not attending the inauguration. on tonight's off scripted with bruce johnson he said he made the decision over the way the president-elect handled criticism from congressman john lewis. the central figure of the civil rights movement. lewis said he was not a legitimate president, and trump fired back in a series of tweets. >> to say he's all talk and no action, a man who was incarcerated for civil rights for everyone and ha
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bashed in all talk, no action? >> the number of democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration is now at 60. tonight it's not just the trump family getting ready for a big move to dc. the new administration will still need to fill thousands of jobs, and most of those people will be moving to dc from somewhere else, and tonight garrett haake introduces us to one of dc's newest residents. donald trump gets the big house and headlines but it takes more than the president to make the administration to work. he will be hiring thousands of people, most of whom will relocate to the dc area. ivan vanguard is already here. >> reporter: on friday afternoon, the sound of north columbus high school band will play for the new president. [instrumental music playing] today they marched to the fi
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for the staffers who are trying to make the trip to the white house go off without a hitch. >> i drove on down to south carolina. >> reporter: few have been working longer or harder than austin browning. he started for candidate trump last february and worked his way into a paying job. after election night, the inaugural committee. >> watching him walk on stage and give his victory speech was one of the greatest moments of my life. >> reporter: browning rents an apartment a few block from the water front in southwest, and he has come a long way from beaver creek, ohio. population 45,000. how do you compare your old hometown to your new hometown of dc. >> it's busier here, but i like that. i like the feeling of bustling and lots of people and feeling like you're just part of the big picture in
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universe, and dc is a very special place. >> reporter: browning hopes to find out soon if he will get a permanent job here. >> i would love to help the administration in any way possible. >> reporter: and an achievement for him and thousands of would- be new dc residents like him, worthy of the marching band. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> moving trucks all over the district with plenty of people coming and going and some are new neighbors. i snatched this picture around 4:00 this afternoon, and this is the house that ivanka trump and jared kushner are going to move into. there's a lot of activity there. walk down the street and hang a right, you're at the obamas' new front porch. plenty of dudes in dark sunglasses as they were moving, secret service agents, of course. the obama family will fly out to palm springs after the inauguration for a
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else moving into town, rain. >> we wish it would go away, but chief meteorologist topper shutt says it's here to stay. we cannot avoid it, huh? >> the silver lining, it could be snow or colder. for january, not so bad, and here it is hour-by-hour. yellow weather alert on friday. inauguration day. 9:00, clouds and 43, and 11:00, showers, especially west of town, and for the swearing in at noon and also at 1:00, rain, and rain at 3:00, and rain at 5:00, and temperatures generally holding in the upper 40s, and that's seasonably mild. like i have been saying if you're sitting outside or standing outside for any length of time, dress appropriately. no umbrellas in secured areas. we will come back and talk about saturday's forecast. we are lucky to have a great shot to show you all the inauguration and festivities, the rooftop of the canadian embassy. we are just blocks away from the west front of the u.s. capitol building where donald trump will take the oath of office at noon on friday
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then following a luncheon there will be a parade and flyovers for each branch of the u.s. military. we look forward to bringing you coverage here on wusa 9. >> if you have not already, download our wusa 9 app. you do not want to be out in the crowds of the people dealing with it then. it's your one-stop shop for all things inauguration. it has a list of road closures and what is happening around town. george h.w. bush and barbara bush will remain overnight in a hospital in houston. mr.bush was admitted to the hospital on saturday, and today he was moved to the intensive care unit. a spokesperson says he has pneumonia, and mrs. bush was admitted today as a precaution after several days of fatigue and coughing. tonight we have a killer caught on camera. dc police have just sent us the surveillance video, and you can see the shooter through the trees, chasing and firing at a
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moment, vivian marrow, the innocent 68-year-old grandmother who neighbors called the candy woman because she passed out sweets to all the kids. as the killer keeps firing at the target, the wheelchair bound grandmother crumbles to the ground behind him. it was just after 10:00 a.m. on monday morning on alvin road southeast. the shooter's face is fuzzy, but if you recognize his stance, clothes or the way he runs, please call police. tonight the commonwealth of virginia executed death row inmate ricky gray, convicted of killing a richmond couple and their two young daughters on new year's day in 2006. all four of them were found in their burning home, tied up, beaten, and stabbed. and tonight gray was given a lethal injection at the greensville correctional center. when asked if he had last words we quote here "nope." your city, your voice, concerns grow over what will
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president trump. tonight, new information. >> president obama is not the only one about to make a major move. check out what is ahead for this popular dc resident with pretty amazing approval ratings. [instrumental music playing] imagine performing with your school band and this guy
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only two more days until president-elect donald trump is sworn in, and leading us to the inauguration, we are talking to you. we call it your city, very voice. it's simple. wusa 9 is hitting the streets. you tell us what is on your mind, and we listen to all sides. >> jeffrey fisher is from oxen hill, and he's worried about the affordable care act, mr. trump wants congress to
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it with a new plan. >> what's going to happen with the affordable care act. are they really going to repeal it without a plan in place? are the democrats going to let them do that and not participate in, you know, what i will call fixing it? >> tonight there's new information about what could happen if the health care law goes away. >> pete muntean is on our your city, your voice team. >> reporter: this keeps coming up in our booth. we are talking about obamacare. people are worried about losing coverage, and a new report says it could happen. this is from the congressional budget office a nonpartisan group that says congress repealing obamacare could leave millions without coverage, estimating 18 million people will lose coverage within a year of the law going away, almost double in 10 years. it's known formally as the affordable care act that requires everyone to have health insurance. the president-elect
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a disaster. he tells the washington post his replacement will mean insurance for everybody. >> people who have worked on health care for decades don't understand how this is going to work. >> reporter: we are still listening to you. mr.trump said he is working on the replacement plan, and it will come out some time after inauguration day. pete muntean, wusa 9. >> so many of you are weighing in on the issue right now on our wusa 9 facebook page, and melissa says no to repealing it and yes to tweaking it. the program is not perfect and has room for improvement. and melanie says affordable care act? affordable for people who didn't have insurance, maybe, but not affordable when the price went up and the coverage went down. >> you can join the conversation that is happening right now over on our wusa 9 facebook page. as one president prepares to leave office, another one of the most popular figures in the district will also be leaving. get ready
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bowbow. >> reporter: is anyone more beloved than bowbow? in this poll i completely made up. 99.5% approve of the panda, and just less than 1%. he or she? yeah she, she arrived in washington 4 years ago, youthful with bounce in her stumble, and while her inexperience led to missteps on the global stage, she learned quickly how to will the power of the people. >> i'm really excited. >> we are excited! >> i just want to take her home with me. >> reporter: after 4 years she is leaving visibly older, her fur a little whiter with bumps and
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battles, but she has done what most fail to do in the nation's capital, bring people together. >> it's a great achievement of what we can accomplish together. >> reporter: unity. it feels like a rare thing today. with 2,000 t gianpandas on the planet, her existence is not rare. sooften awkward and clumsy, performing simple tasks like the time she trampled all over her first birthday cake. she touched all our hearts and the ground, hard in this epic fall from a tree, and she played in the snow with the grace of a rolling stone and painted like a bear, but here's the truth. we never needed her to be good at that tough. we just needed her to survive and be cute. plan -- perhaps it was her
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brought us to her. perhap that's why it's so hard to say bye bye. >> i'm sad she has to leave. >> reporter: it's hard to say the words one after another, bye bye bowbow, but it's hard to say good-bye to the panda. >> very nicely put together. the approval ratings we will not see anything like that any time soon, and certainly your amove a-- approval ratings are plummeting. >> i'm afraid they are. we are talking about the forecast again, hour-by-hour for the inauguration in a secured area, no umbrellas. take a poncho. 43 at 9:00, and showers by 11:00, and noon, swearing in at 1:00, light rain and showers. upper 40s at 3:00, and more rain and showers and upper 40s by 5:00. 5:00, things will be tapering off. the following day for the women's march, milder, better, and a few
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maybe 54 at 1:00, and 55 by 3:00 p.m., and a slight chance of a shower in here, but very slight, and clouds will roll in late in the day, and a better chance of showers. the 3-degree guarantee. we thought we may have a bull's- eye today. i thought. we went for 59 for the high, and we made it to 60. we are one off, and we are looking at the high of 56. more sunshine and less wind. 48 right now, and the winds are calming down a little bit, and in fact, it's hard to believe the bus stop temperatures, and middle of january, and you know it's going to be below freezing, and now a light jacket and still probably a good idea. not as breezy tomorrow, beautiful. yellow weather alert for showers, and only light rain and showers, and we will try to narrow down the critical time frame, and it looks like when most of the rain will fall, and a slight chance of a shower late in the day on friday, and for the women's march, warmer, and all right, tomorrow morning, waking up, upper s,
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bad. we are at 50 downtown, and 6:00, we are still at 50. 49 in fredericksburg, and 49 in fairfax, and we will advance into friday morning, and a lot of clouds, and generally dry. showers back to the west, and look what happens by 11:30 or 12:00. temperatures in the 40s with rain and showers, and most of it is gone by the time we get into the mid-to late afternoon, and i don't think we will quite hit 50. low 40s to start tomorrow with sunshine, and 48 by 11:00, and 52 at 1:00, and it's a darn nice day. yellow alert on friday. nice on saturday, and 58 with showers possible late, and isolated showers during the day, and then just plain old fashioned rain on sunday and monday. good for the playoff games, and then back into the 50s on tuesday and wednesday. >> going back up. >> uh-uh. the wiz? >> they are going up. they are going for 13. could it be unlucky for the
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the -- thirteen is known for bad luck, but the wizards are trying to keep their number climbing, looking for the 4th straight victory, the wiz, get this, final home game for the obama presidency. kicking the ball to beal, and drives to the rack for the dunk, and that's 12 points for beal, maybe an all star reserve. huge night for otto porter. burying the career high 6 3- pointers, 25 for the wiz, and another big night for john wall, finishing with 25-13 on the beautiful move, and the wiz win 104-101. 13 is the lucky number after the victory for the wiz as they keep on rolling, and the college ball, 16th ranked virginia at dc, and devin llha, leading the calves with 13, and they roll as expected, 71-54, and a big upset
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and it would go into overtime. oklahoma, oklahoma, oklahoma. and 2 seconds ago, that's a game winner, and 7th ranked west virginia stunned at home by 2, 89-87. he will probably not go into the hall of fame as a national, but a one-time national is headed to cooperstown. pudge rodriguez made 14 all star teams is and won 13 gold glove awards. notably with the rangers and tigers. he ended his career with the nationals in 2011. cavs are getting set for the 2-game road trip in which dads will come along for the ride and participate in everything but playing with their kids. >> it's the funnest 4 or 5 days of the year because it is an appreciation. everything you did for us you come and enjoy it. >> i think they have a blast, and dads are sy
11:29 pm
couple of cases of beer, and away they go. >> and that was started in the late '90s in nashville, and now everyone is doing it
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music legend smoky robinson is giving kids in los angeles a million reasons to smile. >> 1 million-dollar reason to smile. >> he presented a check for that amount, and the money comes for a pair of nonprofits that promote music education in schools it will pay for instructions for thousands of kids and instruments. it also gave them a chance to perform with a legend. >> you really have got a hold ♪ you really got a hold on me ♪ >> oh, w cool
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congress to put public education back into classrooms. >> that's pretty special stuff, and we are in great shape tomorrow, sunshine, not much wind, miss 50s -- mid-50s, and yellow weather alert. nice on saturday, essentially. slight chance of a shower, and plain old rain on sunday and monday. still warm next week. you're welcome. >> not too cold. we will take it. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great night, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. bye.
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