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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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we're working to learn more about how two people died -- hear the information neighbors shared with us tonight. --------------------- a word to wise from residents to thieves -- c1 denise bradley cochran 03:11:19 "i'm gonna give them a warning. don't come in our neighborhood cause we will see you and we will call the police." plus -- --------------------- developers close the lid on a big box store -- the end to a controversy we've been following for months. thanks for joining us. i'm tom schaad. i'm nicole livas. the chance for rain-- and even a little snow the next 24 hours-- means we're starting with weather. don slater joins us. don -- what's happening out there now-- and what can we expect for the morning? tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the
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10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw
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tomorrow, n-c-d-o-t plans to see how n-c- 12 held up during last night's storm. this stretch in kitty hawk has fallen prey to strong wind and waves before. the mayor tells us, there was some overwash, but the structure held up over the weekend. even though there's no rush, he says a road expert will check to see if it needs any repairs. we can show you some of the flooding that storm caused on the outer banks. this is video from hatteras -- at the cape hatteras motel in buxton. sunday, we reported heavy rain and 50- mile-per-hour winds in parts of the outer banks. it left flooding and beach erosion behind. hyde county officials say the water has receded in ocracoke, but pockets of water remain in some spots. they say drivers haven't been having any issues getting through. emergency
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washed out part of a dune on hatteras, and crews have been clearing overwash from the n-c 12. an update to seawall repairs in portsmouth. city officials say construction is coming along. in may, they closed part of the wall in olde towne -- because of structural damage. they say contractors have started emergency bracing. the city is also reviewing plans to replace parts of the wall. it expects to re-open the area between admirals landing and the renaissance hotel, by the end of spring. tonight, deputies in southampton county are trying to figure how two people died -- investigators say they found the bodies about four miles west of courtland. 10 on your side's liz palka has been following the story -- she joins us in the newsroom. tom - southampton county investigators wouldn't release specific details related to this case. we know two adults were found dead at a home on southampton parkway. neighbors confirmed to us police were focused on this house for several hours today. one neighbor was so upset - she could
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her tears. another neighbor said a couple lives there. major gene drewery said a family called deputies to the house around 12-45 this afternoon. he would not say who that family member was or under what circumstances they made the call. he did say, they are not looking for any suspects. there were family members at the house when we arrived. they told us they didn't want not yet released the names of the two people dead. drewery said the medical examiner will be the one to determine how they both died. i'm liz palka, 10 on your side. new information about a traffic stop involving a portsmouth city councilman. councilman danny meeks tells us, police body cam video of the stop does not show the moments the officer was rude to someone else. the video shows an officer after he pulled over near meeks' business. councilman meeks says a neighbor had stopped him in the street to discuss his concerns with the area. meeks says the officer yelled at that person and ordered him
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courtesy portsmouth police (2:44 from feeds picked them up. you just drive around on expireetags. yes that's what i do now are you going to write me a ticket. i am not going to video does not include audio recording for the first 30 seconds -- exactly when councilman meeks says the rude behavior occurred. meeks got two tickets for december's incident. he will be back in court april 5th. norfolk councilman andy protogyrou has officially kicked off his campaign for mayor. he held an event at the annuciation greek orthodox cathedral. family, friends and supporters all turned out for the speeches, food and entertainment. of the three candidates running this year -- protogyrou says his experience stands out. what sets me apart is the oaths i've taken in my lifetime -- vmi cadet -- army national guard -- lawyer -- councilman -- substitute judge & now
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mayor. protogyrou says he's focused on open government, business development, schools and building up neighborhoods. the election is in may. republican congressman randy forbes is running for office -- in a different district. for more than a decade, he's represented the fourth district -- and lived in chesapeake. but now he says, re-drawn district lines make it impossible for a republican to get re-elected there. he hopes to fill the second district spot that will open when congressman scott rigell retires. forbes shared his vision for those parts of hampton roads and the eastern shore today -- c0006 - rep. randy forbes (r) 4th district 5214 it's more than jobs. we want to make people be proud. i truly believe we can make this area the epicenter of national defense for the world. 5221 state delegate scott taylor and attorney pat cardwell are also running for the seat. we're just one day from the new hampshire presidential primary -- and the candidates are taking last minute shots. (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate): "donald trump, you're the loser."
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"jeb is a lightweight, let me tell you." the latest c-n-n poll shows trump is leading with voters ahead of the first primary. rubio and ted cruz round out the top three. on the democratic side -- vermont senator bernie sanders is holding his lead over hillary clinton -- and he traded jabs with former president bill cliton today. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "what people will be asking is not just who wins, but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution." (bill clinton/ former president): "when you are making a revolution you can't be too careful about the facts." get the results of the primary as they come in both here and on new tonight -- a big name company will no longer set up a store in poquoson. 091715-2kpy0qma mayor gene hunt confirms "cres" will no longer look to put a "walmart neighborhood market" in the small city. hunt said the local developers sent the economic development authority a letter saying
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we first told you about the proposal in the fall. it had residents banding together to keep the project from moving forward. norfolk city council plans to talk big business at their meeting tomorrow. on friday, we reported: a-d-p data processing may move thousands of jobs to the city. a spokeswoman could not discuss the specifics of the possible deal. workers downtown tell us-- they're excited about the potential economic benefits for the area -- (clip 0016 4:56 i think that the restaurants on granby street would love that i think it will do amazing things for the downtown area including macarthur mall 5:07 we'll let you know what happens when this issue goes before city council tomorrow. you can find documents related to the deal, on wavy dot com. new tonight. a former norfolk college student has pleaded guilty to crimes involving children. prosecutors say he spoke to a 12 and 13- year-old girl on facebook -- storing photos and videos of them. in november, they say a federal grand jury indicted 26-year-old dylan jeffries from western virginia. he
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when he's sentenced in may. prosecutors did not say which local college he attended -- or whether he was in college at the time this happened. new tonight. the wife of a dead islamic state leader now faces charges in the death of an american. kayla mueller died in february of last year. prosecutors now say a 25-year-old iraqi citizen who goes by umm sayyaf -- supported terrorism, and helped keep mueller in custody. she's currently in iraqi custody for terror-related activities, and could spend her life in prison if convicted. mueller was working as a humanitarian near the syrian city of allepo, when militants captured her. a bus driver ended up hurt -- breaking up a fight between students. portsmouth public schools says it happened on a bus headed to douglass park elementary today. police say two girls were fighting -- so the driver pulled over. about 30 minutes later, they say he called 9-1-1 for a shoulder injury. police
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the disciplinary system in virginia beach public schools may change. a task force has made recommendations on ways to help african-american boys avoid suspension and expulsion. they include: increasing school psychologists and creating an office of opportunity and advancement. one member of the panel says: addressing the issue now -- will help students in the future. the message "in god we trust" now has a prominent place in some neighborhoods. hear a local sheriff's explanation for the display. neighbors tell us they're dealing with thieves -- stealing from vehicles. see the surveillance video of the suspects they're sharing with us tonight. conflicting accounts of a local police officer's use of deadly force. what a 10 on your side
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new tonight. police in elizabeth city say a vehicle hit a pedestrian, who died from his injuries. they say it happened last night on halstead boulevard -- near east rich
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58-year-old louis white was walking in the street -- when a vehicle hit him. the driver told officers, he didn't see white until it was too late, and the weather was bad. officers say they do not plan to press charges at this point. new tonight - a thief is caught on camera in portsmouth - searching for unlocked cars. now - the neighborhood watch group has a message for him - and other criminals. 10 on your side's liz kilmer is live at the police station with that warning from residents - liz? the coordinator for the green acres, sterling point, pinehurst neighborhood watch says neighbors are united and on the look out for thieves. many have video cameras out -- including victims we spoke with. their report - police say - is among six in the area in recent weeks. (surv. video 1:30) as the car lights turn on - seemed like he was taking his time, wasn't really suspect searches through this car in nancy and
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sterling point drive. the vehicle is their son's - whose studying to be a paramedic. the thief grabs costly textbooks and a stethoscope - before moving on. (surv video 4:05 -- cover bite) c17 03:26:50 "and then he walked on over to our other cars to see if they were unlocked and they weren't so he went on down the street." the police say it's one of six similar reports in the area since january 24th. neighbors have a message to anyone planning to strike again: c1 denise bradley cochran 03:11:19 "i'm gonna give them a warning. don't come in our neighborhood cause we will see you and we will point pinehurst neighborhood watch. she says the group formed about a year ago after a rash of home burglaries. c1 03:09:25 "just like the burglars that were invading our homes, we ran them off and we plan to run these off too." with newly-added signs - regular meetings and a block captain on nearly
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neighbors are standing together, and keeping close watch. c1 03:11:36 "we are taking our neighborhoods back, we are staying together very strong, united, with local law enforcement, and we're not gonna tolerate that behavior here." as for the six reports of cars being rummaged through - no word on whether or not they are all connected. police are actively investigating. anyone with information is asked to call the crime line. live in portsmouth, liz kilmer, 10 on your side. you may notice something new posted on patrol cars from the york- poquoson sheriff's office. it's a motto printed on the back the dollars in your wallet sheriff danny diggs says decals saying "in god we trust" aren't meant to urge religious support, only saying it is honoring how god blessed him and his department. he says displaying the national motto also shows patriotism -- even if it draws crticism. super=sheriff danny diggs/york-poquoson
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community it think there will be very little religion who will make their voices known and that's this country is all about" diggs tells us he used no public money paying for the decals himself. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw
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an early morning fire caused serious damage to part of a home-- hear the questions we're still working to answer tonight. (show high waves from ship) and this is not a page from a hollywood script, but a scene all too real aboard cruise ship in the atlantic. i'm bruce rader and coming up in 25 minutes on the sportswrap, so he won the super bowl last night, so what's next for peyton manning? he isn't talking retirement just yet, but he did go to disneyland. i'll wrap up the super bowl. big news for the old dominion football team. and a couple of really good high school basketball games, highlights at 10:45 on the sportswrap.
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r ouprenesidayts de salis ap hpe nningow. cfromiclassco to pontemryra,
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fire investigators in newport news say they're looking into an arson. they sent us these pictures of the suspects from two weeks ago. investigators believe they may have something to do with a fire on madison avenue in the seven oaks apartment complex. they say it caused about 25-thousand dollars in damage, but no one was inside at the time. if you can help investigators-- call the crime line at 1-888-lock-u-up. firefighters in nags head say no one was hurt when a fire damaged two homes. they say it started early sunday on south old oregon inlet road.
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fire badly damaged the flames to another house nearby. they're still looking into the cause, but suspicious. firefighters in portsmouth say two people made it out safely when a home caught fire this morning. crews found the garage in flames on heather road near churchland park. we're still working to learn the cause. a local family has questions about why their son had to die -- during a confrontation with police. hear what we discovered about the shooting during our investigation. super bowl 50 is in the books -- but the set up to make it happen is anything but finished. see the work it takes to make
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tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening
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mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw 10-15mph. tonight: evening showers taper by midnight. lows in the mid-upper 30s. wind: se 5-10mph. tuesday: mainly cloudy with a few evening showers. highs in the mid-upper 40s. wind: wsw
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winter weather has been hitting people in different ways across the u-s -- from the midwest to the northeast. we're getting some video from those areas tonight. the national weather blizzard warnings for crews closed some highways in the southwest due to white-out and accidents. snow and flooding left a wintry mess on the coast of new england.
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the island of nantucket in massachusetts. some schools and businesses are closed in anticipation of more snow. the governor is also suggesting people stay off the roads. a similar situation on the jersey shore -- which got hit with snow and coastal flooding. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch from tonight into tomorrow. meteorologists are also expecting the weather to cause high waves and beach erosion. a cruise ship on its way to florida ran into this storm over the weekend. forecasters reported waves up to 30 feet and winds more than 100-miles- per-hour. passengers on royal carribean's "anthem of the seas" shared pictures of the damage caused inside. the rough weather toppled vases and decorations -- tables and chairs. officials decided to turn the ship back -- for passenger comfort and promised full refunds for people on board. no one was seriously hurt.
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police shot and killed a suffolk man, his family still has questions about why he had to die. it started in december, when police responded to reports of a man chasing children with a gun. an officer shot and killed corey achstein on causey avenue. his parents reached out to us -- in hopes of figuring out why. 10 on your side's andy fox has been through court paperwork, witness accounts and more -- searching for the answer. (46 47:41 )((this is actually the first time i have walked down here. it's hard)) runs: 06 ginnie kinsey is the mother of 28 year old corey achstein (ach-stine) (46:47 46)((this is where my son's life ended right here))runs:06 corey was shot by suffolk police officer james babor december 28th corey's father steve achstein (49:05 46 dad steve panning right )('get more questions want more answers))runs: 03 they want answers and we started digging the autopsy report confirms what a source first told us corey died from a "gunshot wound entering the right back." officer babor's bullet entered
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and exits the right chest here (24:42 3) ((he has his back facing you and you shoot him in the back why why?" runs:08 our source also confirms corey was actually sitting on the ground when he was shot in the corey was shot "upon actions of the suspect and concern for safety" (32:04 5)((he's already on the ground and you shoot him in the back why there's no other word for it other than murder)) runs: 10 corey's friend drops him off 5pm at his apartment. shortly after that corey is on the street following three juveniles. neighbor candy holland sees corey with a gun calls police to the scene. (from jason's report) 05=9:44:43 "and he started screaming a whole lot of profanity and then he started threatening that he was going to kill why but says corey had a gun. (53:58 1) ((what kind of a gun was it. and then what happened "we ran"))runs:04 at 5:15 officer babor shoots corey in the back after he is ordered to the ground, corey dies two hours later after corey was shot his parents wanted answers. they claim all they got
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cut this byte down ((and he says he's been shot. of course my first question is who the hell shot him? and his answer to me is and this is why i have no respect for them we have two suspects we're looking for))runs: 14 2 suspects? corey was shot by officer babor (18 6:13) ((i feel like they are hiding something."))runs:03 they want to know why suffolk police were already in corey's apartment before they got a search warrant accusing corey of malicious wounding. (26:45 3 her then him cut down ) (to my knowledge he had anything from corey's apartment. there are conflicting eyewitness accounts (2 56:42)((and when he went after the cop did he have a gun in his hand that you saw? yes.")) there are evolving police explanations police first claimed on the warrant "officers arrived and found a subject in the following search warrants to "officers...encountered the suspect who was causing the disturbance." no mention of gun in hand ( from jason's report 9:46:01 "he was just beyond anger he was screaming and hollering at the police officer all of the
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and that was it") we found a neighbor close enough to hear corey's last words after officer babor shot him. he does not want to be identified (13:03) the young man said to the cop 'hey bro you just fing shot me bro))runs:04 (13:10 ) ((i heard a female voice say i found a gun and that's when the young man who was shot say it is not a real gun it is a fake gun)) runs: 08 police did find "a realistic style pneumatic bb gun...found in "close proximity." police don't define "close proximity" but it appears corey had dropped the gun before officer babor fired his gun. (picture of corey) (5:09 5) ((i come here to talk to him appropriate to meet corey's parents at the gravesite of their son. (7 16:52)((we want to see see that as well. i want to know what happened to him. and i want to know the why of what happened to him. we want to know
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andy fox toys when we asked the suffolk police department for a response, they emailed us that they're still investigating. both officers involved are on administrative duty. it took weeks to setup a super bowl city in california -- how long it could take for crews to break it all down again. we're on your side with the latest news, weather, and traffic as you get ready to head out the door every morning. tune into wavy news 10 today - beginning at 4:30. and we're on the air
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it could take weeks for santa clara, california to get back to normal. thousands of fans poured in for super bowl sunday -- now once busy parts look like a ghost town. our sister station reports it took two weeks to get all the tents and security systems in place. some contractors say it could another take two weeks to break everything down. there are scaffolding and concrete barriers to direct traffic -- tents and stages to put away. some roads are still closed as well. catch up on every aspect of super bowl 50 -- with our special coverage on wavy- dot-com. there are highlights from the game, halftime show and more. we got some high school hoops on this monday night--- two of the state's best face off in virginia beach--- plus old dominion adds
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its football schedule--- and was super bowl 50 indeed peyton manning's last rodeo? we'll hear from him next on the fox 43 sportswrap. again! again! again! again! again?
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