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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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if you are reporting gunshots but a naval medical center on lockdown the latest on the investigation in san diego on hot pursuit from chesapeake in turn north at the suspect is still on the run after a police chase last week the little man making his mark in getting a lot of love standing up for veterans. the news that four starts right now the breaking news is coming from lawrence indiana outside indianapolis several students are hurting and an adult is dead and the school bus crash. you're looking at live burials from the sea that the new elementary school police say it's a one vehicle accident no word yet if the adult killed was on board the bus or not or what may have caused the accident i totally enjoy the weather while it lasts we had some
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temperatures today highs in the sixties that a bad way to get rid of all that remains now to try to see some of it still sticking around in your county but just things warmed up very quickly today unfortunately they're going to go right back the other way starting with tonight. in fact the high temperature for tomorrow is going to be just after midnight tonight i'm going to slide downhill. so earlier i saw number of people taking advantage of the nice conditions out there walking on the boardwalk but right now as you can see just a few seagulls out there know people are there some people way down there by the water but anyway as we go through as i mentioned it will get colder. there's nothing on radar here locally but as i zoom out to see two different areas. this is what will bring us a few isolated from ab scattered showers late late late tonight it's going take wanna move all the way here into the eastern parts of virginia north carolina. there's another weak little system sitting just offshore. bring a couple
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as we go to the evening so you're watching us from again okok some of those places kay patterson chance of a shower then you'll get a break and then everybody will see a chance of that rain moving in later but talk about nice temperatures today up eleven fourteen sixteen degrees compared to yesterday at this exact time your watching evan for this evening and looking even the lows as we get down there still going to be around fifty at midnight so we start out we drop into the mid to upper fifties and then after midnight. i'll be on high for the date around fifty countries tomorrow afternoon will be considerably colder than that. i'll tell you what that means is they drop coming up in just few minutes i thank you very much a report of possible gunfire at naval medical center san diego is now ruled a false alarm. well with ms whitman has made the report after hearing something that sounded like three shots in the basement of building twenty six officials are investigating what may have caused the noise but they say
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over prepared in the situations we take all reports like this very seriously. we do a lot of training to help people recognize what they're supposed to do in the event of an active shooter obvious who's been numerous events that occurred throughout the country and tool around the world we take this all very very serious authorities did not have to remove any patients from the building no one was hurt but the investigation into the report continues that is fighting for is life after an accident in hampton it happened just after ten this morning on wells courts and the hampton cove condominium complex. officers f fnd a twenty two year old man from yorktown with a possible work related injury. they believe he was working for a contractor the complex when he fell from a balcony medics took him to the hospital with life threatening injuries the state department of labor is investigating tonight in
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the virginia beach city council will vote on the appointment of a new city manager. this comes after the retirement of jim spore who served as city manager for twenty four years for leftists seats at the end of december. tonight's vote will happen during a special session console will also approve a contract and now it's time to take a look at traffic across hampton roads for the most part the interstates are moving pretty well we do a few spots of red no dualism and those and talk about that will start with a look at the midtown tunnel on our camera just you can see how traffic is moving there is going to be a bit slow on both sides of the midtown tunnel around three thirty this afternoon traffic was stopped in both directions at the midtown due to a breakdown as you can see it's moving now but we do have a decent delay there on both sides and the traffic network maps the rest of the spots we'll see delays starting to pick up six sixty four south headed to the monitor merrimack six sixty four north at sixty four west support ongoing road work out
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four the hr bt slowing up just a little bit and also expect delay sixty four east between gulfport and bay avenue as you head in the direction of five sixty four also want a few crashes on the secondary. i'll post that info to facebook and twitter. i'll be back in just a few minutes i demand is still on the run after a wild chase through two cities the police pursuit started in chesapeake and with the suspect crashing into an orphan home got out ran and police haven't seen him since elise brown spoke to the homeowner whose front yard turned into a police scene. the homeowner tells me she was terrified she said she's lived here for thirty years and it is the second time someone has slammed into her home. i joined drama that went to my cakes are a few years ago so our fellow know now to get a police chase that started in chesapeake ended up with a car crashing into linda moore's home in norfolk with both her height is one carried out by oh about a half hour before chesapeake police say at the intersection of berkeley
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officer tried to pull over the driver of a black infiniti a spokeswoman for the police department says the driver refused to stop in a chase began and continued on to sixty four into norfolk the car chase ended on the side of moore's home at the intersection of stony point north and john hancock asset this whole row of townhouses after the accident the driver bailed out of the car in rain and more with a guard on the big boy by her side wanted to see what was going on and when i start fading fad of the house and there it is right next to my family along with the norfolk k nine unit to speak in virginia state police searched the neighborhood he added the fast while police say the driver is a man according to the police report given to more the vehicle is registered to a woman chesapeake police say they haven't had any report of the car involved being stolen are investigating
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is related to the vehicle's owner. the driver of the car has not yet been found in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now the boys are searching for a man who robbed a convenience store this happened around eleven last night and the hoppin shop on jefferson avenue near green grove lane were told the suspect pulled out a gun and forced the clerk to hand over cash the suspect ran off across jefferson avenue after taking the money. no one was hurt if you know anything about this case call the crime line when he beat you up. new surveillance pictures show the man police believe robbed a skinny dip in virginia beach. it happened at the providence square shopping center around nine o'clock last night were told the suspect had a gun but fortunately no one was hard again did he know anything about this case call the crime right now a hampton man is sitting in the hampton city jail charged in a carjacking when i show you twenty five year old james drew police a druid another
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two year old victim on michigan dried two weeks ago both men pulled out guns and demanded the driver get out of the car the suspects drove off no one was hurt and police charged her with one count of carjacking one count of use of a firearm and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon the law by a new billboard up on the interstate and hand it might look something like this and you'll see it along i sixty four isn't bad for bill for property restoration thirties now first told you about the billboard in office last week. it includes a smoke machine and a three d display take a look that made it look like a burning house in fact many drivers thought it was an actual fire and called nine one one so the fire department told the company to turn it off but that's not stopping the company for putting up new billboards were told new billboards go up in chesapeake in the coming months in office newest recruit class will graduate
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community a true class ninety seven collected two hundred and fifty blankets over the past few months take a look at his grave though they are during our recent cold snap they passed out those blankets to the homeless by the way those new recruits graduate thursday night guys com well then why don't run game some new support days for janine university president gives the gop candidate his nod of approval new recommendations for depression screening how a new report to change the way we take action with mental health and a stage of the way
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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the high profile endorsement for donald trump jerry falwell june we're just jumped on the bandwagon endorsing the real estate mobile for president. falwell is the president of lynchburg christian college liberty university. analysts say this endorsement will play well with evangelical voters a new abc news poll released shows
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percent support nationwide among evangelical christians senator ted cruz is not far behind with twenty eight percent support from the good news for virginia workers governor terry mcauliffe just announced virginia's employment level as at its highest in history the commonwealth's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dipped to four point two percent last month december was the twenty first consecutive month of year over year employment growth right now virginia has the fourth best employment level east of the mississippi river. governor mcauliffe said he is proud of virginia's success. president obama wants at least thirty million more people that have a retirement savings account and rolled out a new proposal in the company doesn't offer a retirement plan it would have to automatically enroll their workers and a four oh one k style plan in exchange for a three thousand dollars tax credit in the company
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have to extend plans to long term part time workers the president also wants to make it easier for companies to pull retirement plan as well depression is one of the most common mental health conditions and the united states today and affects an estimated fifteen point seven million americans each year for the first time a top panel of experts is recommending doctors screen all pregnant and postpartum women for depression the experts drew on recent evidence that the medications and counseling treatment used and depression may have a moderate level of benefit for these women and low level of risk adds up if you drive a ford ranger ford is recalling about three hundred and ninety one thousand pickup trucks the driver's airbag and flavors could explode with too much force and hurt you. this recall covers trucks from two thousand forty two thousand and six a south carolina man died when
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december. metal shrapnel went to was met in the recall is part of the massive to kata airbag recall a task force has new suggestions to decrease america's prison population that rawls calls and task force and federal corrections wants action from the justice department congress judges and prison officials. panel members won an overhaul of mandatory minimum penalties. they also said just probation and sent to prison time for a low level offenders right now there are more than one hundred and ninety six thousand convicts in federal custody. the panel believes that number could be slashed by sixty thousand in the next decade of changes are made the doomsday clock is ticking it sounds pretty ominous and is actually calculated by a group of scientists a leash abraham g has more on what this clock is in today's announcement about it. while scientists revealed today whether civilization is any closer or farther from
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measures the likelihood of a large scale global event think along the lines of a nuclear weapons and climate change. the closer the clock is to midnight. the closer we are to something major happening last year we were three minutes to midnight and we found out today that this year it's staying the same scientists say the world is still under a grave threat though. but there is a silver lining researchers say the iran nuclear agreement and pears climate talks are good news. so here's to next year being a little bit farther from him and the economy in several states that they hit thanks to the huge east coast storm economist at moody's analytics say in the lost economic output is as much as three billion dollars however researchers say those numbers are relatively small businesses such as
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hit the hardest. all right a moving out of here over the next oh four days or so to start out with the one that can move through later tonight into tomorrow. you can see it's causing a few showers will show them earlier out here in the western parts of virginia little bit down just out of this picture the south will see this again in just a minute but obviously nothing in our media their eleven wins the southwest with twenty one mph as a result temperatures soaring all the way up to date above sixty. evan had said close to sixty but just a little bit higher so going to reset and start our streak over here as we look at our spot on forecasts beautiful sunrise this morning and then lots and lots of sunshine a little bit sort of a dim sunshine every once in awhile with a high thin clouds coming in and again combine the sunshine with south westerly winds and that's all it takes to get those ratings to warm up and warm up quite nicely captures out there right now still forties and fifties and some of the far northern areas but most of
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in north carolina is still at least in the lower sixties and a number of spots here still in the mid sixties as well look at sixty eight in virginia beach. there's a sixty one on the peninsula and sixty in hampton look like most of you were in the fifties so it sort of a mix up their tempers then this evening dropping back already back in the mid fifties or mid to upper fifties by about seven o'clock so drop pretty quickly get a little bit cool when still at the southwest though and that gives a chance of a couple of showers again off the outer banks but here comes our best shot across the metro areas of hampton roads and it's a weak line but it should not be strong enough to give us at least a few isolated showers maybe a couple of scattered showers late tonight and early tomorrow and then in the afternoon one of the big difference in temperatures by afternoon falling through the lower forties in the upper thirties a big difference from the readings will find in the morning as you wait the bus stop or head
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you'll find when you come home and then a northeast wind keeping it a rather chilly here for couple of days another system comes through thursday chance of a few showers best chance is probably a cross series in northeast north carolina but mike just sort of brush parts of the southeast virginia as well. here is that front again not a lot of moisture with a forecast for tomorrow spot on says falling temperatures to near forty by late late afternoon early evening from high probably around fifty during the middle of the night just after midnight sunday night forty four. increasing clouds a shower possible late wins at the southwest early shifting northwest and then is going to the next seven days best chance of showers in the morning tomorrow and again maybe fifty percent of us and then forty four in the morning but falling to thirty eight to forty by afternoon. best chance of showers thursday will be in north carolina with a high of forty four in the blood that ran back to sixty almost by
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hit sixty we think by next monday nights are i think she looks right. well up next a
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the welcome back everyone there is a man in virginia beach and just about everybody loves this or do rally around them and that's because of how much he loves our country and how much he loves our veterans he's making his mark caring about those who went to battle for us. we salute smitty a true yankee doodle dandy. i who remember america the window the food that meets many a walking billboard of american pride wearing his service like a badge of honor pride in our country back in the day in nineteen sixty seven and now it was a lean
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is small in the day he still has that same old fight for veterans veterans the way the city runs vets house a nonprofit in virginia beach it helps veterans with housing food clothing cleaning the to hear his impact you have been a blessing to me listen to air force veteran. this emotional i didn't intend to get emotional today when the bombs common in women will fight for their lives when they come all the respect they don't exist she says many is a hero for caring and keeping the south doors open. he's out there constantly panhandling begging rings top of a
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stab them were probably wondering it's jesus instead of up to pursue a career in cybersecurity have to give back enough to bring home the bacon are all doing great out of one of the bed so that's got saved that small studios right mix those in the indie world the result on those jets flew by beautiful sight of the city does have a real name he's mr willard c smith the formatting that sells for twenty three years now and is picked up many awards for his dedication including andy said it was okay to name drop here from president obama and former governor bob mcdonnell on the other hand then that sells in virginia beach very
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. a virginia based organization
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trafficking. the general assembly is considering several bills right now that would do just one bill would make it so teachers and police officers get training in human trafficking in order to become licensed. marcella robertson has a story that we're not speaking for them and who our true to themselves judge mccann days with the virginia beach justice initiative the organization's goal is to crack down on human trafficking a partisan issue this is something really that affects all of us right now the virginia general assembly is considering several bills that would help combat the issue. one bill if approved would require teachers and police officers to receive training in human trafficking in order to become licensed dealer know the signs to recognize and then over to call what to do the educator student empower them with more force met with medical people whether in science educators because they're often the first people to come in contact to see something is out of the war began also believes creating more uniform laws
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the problem just be passed along to light that gives police more leverage to crackdown on illegal activity in massage parlors that led to a massive raid with fourteen arrests. it's a law mckenna believes should be statewide. i think that is something we get on the state level is our forces in place but there are laws in place i think we can make a more effective. marcella roberts in thirteen years now. well i was in the snow sticking around to close some schools today so take a look at this picture of a day with snow from earlier today gloucester thanks mark wall for this picture if you have weather pictures you can post them on the thirteen years now facebook page or send them to share it now and jeff has more on tonight's forecast yet and i were actually talking about an approaching front it's giving us the warm temperatures out ahead of it like today. it'll still be unusually mild for this time of year. overnight it's going to start falling already the system out in the western parts of virginia
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again to get this out ahead of the system either se southerly or southwest winds in this case they're out of the south and they've been pretty gusty today twenty six mph right now even in or fax twenty one in chesapeake as result that really can bring that stream of mild air in from the south. not so bad back around conway doc also relatively mild but the overall picture is obviously for those warmer readings were here's what happens though is we go through this evening and the overnight quickly dropping this evening so that it will be chilly already by nine pm down near fifty degrees and then we sorta steadily drop so the high for tomorrow officially is going to go down probably upper forties to near fifty and then as you can see we just continued down in the morning will be around forty four and then we should drop slowly throughout the day to near forty or even in some spots by about five o'clock i think we'll have some upper thirties so that is the trend
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colder air to move in here but it doesn't last terribly long about maybe two days at the most and then we see some moderation and i think unlike the rest mike's than forecast the pee stick around a few minutes. hi thanks so much right. traffic is moving along today. yet not bad you know was nice this morning i said i really hope its nice after uh some delay the one that they could see what traffic is great everywhere but nothing unusual no accident working right now is on the interstate someone a secondary that will talk about that but for the most part not a bad way to kick off the rush hour so we'll dive into what you do need to know that there are a couple of spots that are a little bit slower to do that here on the maps for yourself but i do want to focus a little bit more on those areas and give you more specifics as you plan to ride around town this afternoon so we'll start with a look at thirteen years now track the camera and six sixty four southbound has the monitor merrimack these lanes right here. notice as you get closer to the eminem
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as we approached the tunnel and you're headed to supper but other than that delays are not major as you can see traffic network maps a few other spots seeing some minor delays. i was to have about a one mile delay six sixty four north headed to sixty four west of course the ongoing roadwork. we're still seeing heavy traffic on both sides the midtown tunnel due to the earlier breakdown before four o'clock but things are even any out there a few delay sixty four eastbound of the hr bt picking up a bit sixty four west but again it's not too bad because notice a lot of time to track back the only grammy or nothing those delays we do a few accidents the secondary is all rentals quickly in norfolk are all in norfolk actually tidewater and back johnston's at auburn and i've been at terminal so cute things to watch out for the rest of the area doing well. i will keep posting on facebook twitter and thirteen is now back home. i thank you very much air travel is now beginning to return to normal at norfolk international
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departure cancellations to the northeast including newark new jersey and washington d c but is nothing close to what we've dealt with over the last few days you can check out your flight schedules with our flight tracker of thirteen years now but come under the traffic tap today the world bank announced its oil price forecast and thirty seven dollars per barrel for twenty sixteen meaning there will be a gradual rise in oil prices due to low global economic growth. joining us now to talk more about how this will affect you as business professor peter shaw thank you so much for joining us what does this mean for the homeowner well for the average homeowner gas prices even when they rise up to about thirty seven dollars a barrel still very very cheap you have still money in your wallet which is a very interesting phenomenon typically we have seen one has been dramatic drops in prices of oil consumers ago announced and we're not seeing that being much more
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they're doubling down and putting more money in savings and they're also doubling down paying down more their debt but it's a definitely a benefit for the household having extra cash by speaking of making money what if you have oil stocks in your portfolio. well the stock portfolios. you know the oil companies have been dramatically slashing their capital projects around the world to the tune of over two hundred billion dollars so they're cutting costs dramatically. therer they get plenty of supply so you can see that it is a very low growth of your oil stocks not in the growing dramatically and some cases they may have been cut back as a result of the cut in prices for last eighteen months. remember the last eighteen months oil barrel of oil drop seventy five percent but we did enjoy that when it comes to airfares professor shot. i'm hoping to see a drop in if person that wasn't me for the business climate. well
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buy futures contracts and no hedge their price and contractor well and they may have bought several years in gas and locked into a higher price. i guarantee you airline companies did not see the dramatic drop in oil prices haven't done so they were bought in contract much less but the longer this stretches out clearly that the airline companies sold price is going to be coming down hard. professor john thank you so much for joining us. well here today us secretary of state john kerry met with cambodia's long serving prime minister kerry praised cambodia's booming economic growth but also expressed concerns about the nation's human rights record. kerry also met with other top cambodian officials and opposition leaders. he discussed the possibility of a us cambodia trade and investment treaty time now for the headlines on usa today dotcom we begin with the tragic rescue attempt in california police now say a woman to parachute off
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so did the man who jumped in to try to savor. there she is the two base jumpers were reported missing on saturday a is an acronym for building antenna span earth a reference to the four types of objects thrill seekers jump off of with parachutes or wing suits. police say video from the helmet camera shows one jumper to sending roughly three hundred feet and that her companion jumped off of that bridge to try to savor the pope met with reports i was a cordial discussion that involved the recent nuclear accord the vatican also says pope francis talked about iran supporting role to combat terrorism in the middle east iran has also urged to help fight gun trafficking and want to take a look at this a cargo plane skidded off the runway happen in chilly chicago this morning at chicago executive airport in wheeling illinois the plane slid into the runways engineered materials arresting system not the better materials of the end of the runway to stop any aircraft that moves on to it. two pilots were on that
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not her but scared tomorrow yeah. now what makes a virginia tech professor killed in the big snowstorm his teachings described by his friend and colleague ahead and the president of liberty university endorses donald trump a former new york governor and former
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i was just six days left until the first caucuses in iowa the presidential candidates are pushing hard to reach voters in the final stretch but donald trump says he might sit out of the last gop debate before the first votes are cast. abc's boss economics in washington with the latest the tight race in iowa where polls showed barry sanders doing better than hillary clinton with first time caucus goers. sanders
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out to my mind. we will win here i will if the voter turnout is high. clinton rolling back the clock in a new ad the responsibility showing voters the proof of what she calls her a lifelong fight for children and families during the season and i'm always approve this message on the republican side a day for endorsements texas governor rick perry campaigning with ted cruz former new york governor george pataki throwing his support behind marco rubio and jerry falwell junior the son of the late televangelist officially endorsing donald trump fall wells not it could help cut into cruz's support among born again christians but a nebraska senator is questioning trumps morality on twitter senator ben sasha asked about trump's admitted affairs with married women have you repented to harm to children and spouses do you think it matters. trump has not responded. instead
4:37 pm
attend the upcoming republican debate telling gma he has not resolved his issues with fox moderator meghan kelly know i have no fear i don't think he's a good professional i don't think his profession at all she is very biased against me now on twitter and on top is asking his supporters to wait and whether he should attend this week's gop debate meanwhile bernie sanders says he is depending on voter turnout the weekend storm claimed the lives of at least thirty seven people one of them acclaimed filmmaker and virginia tech professor jerry she'll or she'll or plan to retire sometime this year but died from a heart attack friday while he was shoveling snow. annie anderson spoke to his friend and colleague to learn more about me to sew them together and sat around and we told stories about scary cuz he's been here
4:38 pm
at telling stories he had quite an amazing life montana native jerry schiller started working at virginia tech back in nineteen seventy one in that time colleagues say they can even begin to count the number of students he impacted scores and scores of his former students have been making posts on facebook about he changed their lives and about. he was their favorite professor and he was their mentor some posted a touching tribute to schiller this was his favorite movie others like former student an academy award winner jeff can see leo rolled out their feelings saying news my film that my coach my champion my inspiration my source and was home with folklore and every film from now on his fourth year she looks still talk occasionally but in recent years the transition to university relations making videos like this for
4:39 pm
mind he just moved into the pool in his retirement home and is just gonna take a leading travel and have fun dr jack perkins of the storm working in the art trillion roanoke memorial hospital. he says it was a weekend he'll never forget the color work two nights on friday and saturday we had freed us from people who are shoveling snow and now we have some pictures to show you from northwest washington d c you can still see snow on the sidewalks and residential roads washington mayor marion browser says officials were left in the city's snow emergency at six thirty tomorrow night workers are in the process of removing snow from the streets and bows or encourage residents to park in legal spaces are well warmer temperatures and the oceanfront and clear skies people of earlier walking and biking on the boardwalk take a look now at our dq cam that's
4:40 pm
lawson has more day and we're going to see very warm temperatures for this time of year still as we go into tomorrow like after midnight and then it's quite literally all downhill from there as i should be a few minutes go by in case you're just joining us as you can see there's nothing out there on radar median area but here a little bit west of us we certainly are seeing some of the showers and they're moving to the northeast but the entire line is making very gradual project progress east of the mountains and it will little bit later tonight again a few high thin clouds nothing that's going to present a kind of precipitation this evening as we look alive in our sky view there from town center for this evening dropping only to fifty three degrees under partly cloudy skies on a call that breezy and chilly once the sun goes down if you're out there it's going to feel more like the mid to upper forties with that breeze that's a little bit chilly and then a lock as we go through after that here we go with those countries i said a
4:41 pm
that swipe chose fifty three sort of an average year the numbers and then later tonight dropping but not terribly quickly. it's late tonight and tomorrow that we see that when shift out of the north. that'll give us temperatures of only mid forties by tomorrow morning and a few of these isolated from any scattered showers coming through i deftly make sure i have the umbrella as you head out there in the morning to wait for the bus or just look our weather app going to be out there few minutes certainly nothing's going to pop up that wasn't on the app but taken just in case you don't have a chance to check out the radar and then as we go into the afternoon will see some clearing moving in a temptress continuing to fall back down the rue the forties and up late afternoon near forty in here we go by thursday morning temps will be definitely chilly mid thirties and with the wind it will feel colder than that and then we stay rather chilly again during the day as well before things improve there the wind chills these
4:42 pm
these are the forecast to how it will feel on exposed skin out there because of the win and by morning mid forties for temperatures near forty through the mid forties in terms of how it feels and then it'll feel like the thirties again as we go a little bit later in the day and into the overnight hours here we go down to thirty four by late in the day in terms of that wind chill some twenties for a wind chill wednesday night into thursday morning. so definitely a snap of colder air coming in behind this system again not a ton of precipitation with that. so for tonight forty four increase in clouds showers possible late tonight southwest winds shifting the northwest tomorrow failing to thirty eight highs going to be fifty or forty nine or fifty at midnight the daytime temperature high will still be in the mid forties in the morning. this is an afternoon of slash early evening capture as we fall a few showers are likely
4:43 pm
blustery and cold tomorrow night very bleak cloudy thirty one for the low when still at the north and northeast and then another little weak system comes to on thursday not quite as cold forty four best chance of shower and be in north carolina and would rule one out here and then look at friday not bad fifty saturday's fifty two degrees and sunday sixty are close to it and then by monday we are at sixty with just a fifteen percent chance of showers especially late in the day and then fifty four for a temperature on tuesday with twenty percent chance of showers so yup it's going to be called least in the short term and then we warm up it doesn't last all that long so we warmed up pretty nicely guys thanks to space of social media all of you can mind on the seattle fans i'm going on the record is called a cam up band for the super bowl the way no way
4:44 pm
sister also a washington state man has launched an online petition calling for north carolina for carolina panthers quarterback cam newton to be banned from centurylink field which as we all know is home to the seattle seahawks to collect new has become a target for many non panthers fans for his demeanor when celebrating on the field demeanor some have described as class places haven't find the new has come under fire from fans believe white for his emotional celebrations so as of this afternoon in this petition you're seeing right here on change network has gotten thirteen hundred signatures. now this isn't the first petition a fan has launched trying to ban someone from seahawks games his new position will likely have the same result and the nfl will stop you from playing in seattle. the sun just this interesting story i do go stir crazy in your home or feel a surge of adventure during a blizzard i know i did well in their bmt at listing posted on sunday would have sparked
4:45 pm
enough to catch it before it was pulled out single into right here. a new yorker in brooklyn's greenpoint neighborhood promised a boutique winter igloo for two at two hundred dollars a night. built in a backyard following the historic blizzard that dumped almost twenty seven inches of snow in new york city. dad promised the snow apocalypse is most desirable get away but it only took air bmt a few hours to catch on to the man's humor e mail from the comfort company informs him of the pows had been deleted shortly after one out but it was so kind interesting to take a look at that and finally a story everyone is talking about on social media right now. a group of transit officers in ecuador ran into an unexpected visitor while driving down a highway in los rios last week. you know what i'm talking about this adorable slot was trying to cross a road the lady was found clinging on to a traffic median for safety
4:46 pm
ecuadorian police department's facebook page officers had this last checked out by a veterinarian who said their animals healthy enough to be returned to his habit at all so photos have been shared more than fourteen thousand times already this loss and many people are thinking the police you know for going out there and taking care of the four saw this cute story is coming up at eight o'clock fresh off the boat to the buffet at eight thirty and an all new marvels. agent carter starts at nine o'clock then ten o'clock and all knew what would you do and join us again for thirteen years now and eleven imax able to go to his death remembering the legendary actor and a serious school bus accident leaves several people heard
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was a neighbor's an i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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. i checked out this new video some cliff side residence in pacifica california are forced to leave their homes as the ground outside their back doors balls into the sea the city declared a state of emergency last week amid concerns that streets in some homes were at risk due to erosion. el nino powered storms with high surf and heavy rains have damaged much of the california coast in that area. big mountain skier angel collins and says she had been a bit of fear before starting down an alaskan mountain that would ultimately ended her tumbling more than a thousand ft collins and was filming for the movie paradise weights in alaska last spring when she said she had an icy patch that caused her fall she says once you realize the speed of her defense she immediately went into self protection mode and collins an amazingly suffered only minor injuries to her fingers. hollywood has lost one of its longtime
4:49 pm
ago died today at the age of ninety four is known for playing detective phil fisher the nineteen seventies tv series barney miller and the mafia soldier in the godfather his daughter says he died in his sleep and was never say a marine corps recruiter involved in the chattanooga tennessee armed forces career center shooting now has a purple heart. sergeant them on teh sze li was awarded the medal as he paid tribute to the five brave men who lost their lives that day she lee was injured in his leg when a shooter opened fire on the recruiters working there and that's all we have for you today and for new and five virginia beach city leaders are choosing a new city manager of seven men charged in a gruesome murder that happened hundreds of miles away. new tonight we're learning about that suspect was cooking up a healthier
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time. see the navy's new meal plan for sailors. an update on breaking news from indiana where a school bus crashed at an elementary school we know at least one adult is dead and a number of students are heard in the town of lawrence medics rushed to kids to the hospital officials have not said how old those kids are or if there are any other people for it at that scene police say this happened when the bucs jumped the curb around two forty five it's not clear why the driver lost control and we will stay on top of the story and update us new information comes into the newsroom doused with gasoline then set on fire that's what happened to an attorney and his song in houston police say a man from suffolk is responsible curtis holland is charged with murder after one of them and i'd imagine the lady went to
4:51 pm
where curtis grew up. jenny from home for us man cave you know i'm an autumn online on nobility do in a dialect that it started with an argument and ended with two men being burned alive in their houston home. sixty seven year old kirby taylor survived by his forty six year old son dexter to make it. we heard the screaming how free are a prosecutor says thirty two year old curtis holland and was talking to the tailors about some family problems when he felt they were laughing at him. hollow man reportedly told the men quote you think that's funny. got something for you the prosecution says he then left the room came back with a plastic squeeze bottle and a lighter and set the men on fire. we saw this mr. taylor the dad out on the board to the water has said it looked like he was trying to put out the fire column in curl up in this quiet neighborhood in something he moved to houston and was living at the taylor's home neighbors
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