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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now for a possible sexting scandal and a virginia beach high school thirteen is now learn police are investigating a child pornography case involving students at ocean lakes high school according to court documents a seventeen year old male student admitted to police he sent and received nude photos of female students. police are now looking at his cellphone which contains an ad that looks like a calculator but was used to store multiple nude pictures we know that they are at least eight female victims in this case and are jimmy lee will have more on the exclusive details on thirteen years now if i know from police are investigating a drive by shooting that left three people heard it on those victims just thirteen and sixteen years old the shooting happened at a basketball court at the corner of the legion road and partridge street in the northview area just after three thirty yesterday police say a blue suv drove by and shot at people on the basketball court then sped off today classmates of
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victim told thirteen news now the boy returned to school today is doing okay. they say he told them the bullet grazed his head would be really good i can even tell they haven't known who to who he was i who chose the third victim is a twenty year old man in all three suffered non life threatening injuries coming up at five o'clock and thirteen is now she knew her will have new developments in the investigation. what a gorgeous day here in hampton roads is so warm outside you might wonder wonder if it's winter or spring. i hope winter is over i just can't wait for the groundhog to weigh in on this one i think packing i declare that i had the well now what about those numbers and you know we still have february to go through in margins member biggest nose and in their lives certainly something that will be watching but let's enjoy right now temperatures are in the seventies all across
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across the eastern shore down to the outer banks of north carolina we said spot on forecasts some spots we hit seventy just about everybody did. currently sitting at seventy three degrees and often seventy five in williamsburg and chesapeake sixty six of the wall of silence sixteen of sixty four down towards many of which will notice that the colors sort of change orders and greens and blues out towards the west as a cold front approaching and it's actually bringing a few showers up to northern parts of virginia just north of richmond airport staff to hand it has been sliding year off towards the east again in advance of that cold front will slide through dropping temperatures for groundhog day tuesday notice a few showers throughout the richmond airport ashland over toward stevensville on tap the handle towards the northern neck so sweet on things out you a future cast at four o'clock news a couple showers out there off towards the northwest. what you might try to pop up ahead of the front but i think that most of the activity will hold off until we go through the later evening into the early overnight hours of my ten o'clock. certainly some scattered showers to the region and falling temperatures will see high temperatures to about twenty
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this afternoon will warm right back up to seventy degrees on wednesday i'll have more on that in the seventy forecasts coming up in a few minutes in seven today a judge sentenced a lumber liquidate years to five years' probation and handed the company a thirty million dollar fine the company needed to hand over most of that fine today thirteen years now has followed this case closely breaking the news about the indictment and plea deal this goes back to charges of the company illegally imported wood manufactured in china and illegally logged in eastern russia but put endangered species address lumber the crusaders pleaded guilty back in october. much of the company's fine money will go to environmental groups this case really shows that the us won't stand for companies that profit from
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endangered species thirteen is our partner marcel of robertson was in federal court for today's sentencing har full import. along with our interview with a lumber liquidating his employee is coming up at five o'clock the suspect is on the run after a shooting at a hampton shopping center. it happened last night on the town center way near big bethel road police tell us someone with a gun walked up to a parked vehicle with a hampton woman and two men inside the suspect told the three people to hand over their belongings but they refused the suspect then shot the woman in the car. she's recovering in the hospital you know anything about the shooting contact the crime line and now it's time to talk about your traffic troubles across hampton roads we start with a look at the monitor merrimack we are dealing with trouble if you're headed from the south side to the peninsula so let's give you a live look as you can see here this is right before the bridge on six sixty four north traffic is stopped right now due to a breakdown
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about fifteen minutes overseeing a one half mile back up already. if you're headed to the peninsula your best route is going to be the jr be a teacher bt as another route on the traffic network map also seeing delays on six sixty four south both sides of the hr bt and around the downtown and midtown tunnel so we are busy on this monday afternoon will have the latest in just a few minutes the sounds of freedom ringing loud and clear in williamsburg for the moment this morning one of only the beginning of a monthlong celebration of remembrance with the first baptist church is so loyal brave the bell for the thought of black history month many hassles liberties and civil rights leaders can't hit the road to be part of the celebration elise brown has the story it was a lecture here at church people were clapping
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to hear this symbol of freedom bell rings after more than fifty years of silence at first baptist church in williamsburg i can hear my answer speaking to me was ringing the bell for them and also for my beautiful sons. the church has owned the eight hundred pound steel bell since the nineteenth century founded in seventeen seventy six first baptist church is one of the oldest black churches in america the day to help celebrate dionne warwick and valerie simpson belting out songs people grabbed hands and shed tears making the world a better place a message echoed
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will learn to look all known must learn to live together and by the church's pastor reverend doctor reginald davis the cia to commit ourselves to the unfinished work of freedom justice and equality we get together for events and the separate after that some holding that is the moment that we not only together holding hands today we continue to hold hands every day end make a difference for generations to come in williamsburg. elise brown thirteen years now generations worth of history all came together at today's bell ringing today was a symbolic gathering of descendants in american history descendants of thomas jefferson and sally cummings was a slave on a cello attended the event the reported affair between jefferson and happenings as a widely debated topic in american history and here in hampton roads more than sixty people today believe they are
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jefferson and sally him it's right now preparations are underway to remember the lives of a beloved family tonight the community will gather at deep creek baptist church in chesapeake for the duly family's memorial service. those who knew the delays are still in shock that six family members are dead after a heartbreaking murder suicide last week lisa abraham g has details on how the community will remember their lines tonight janet people are still finding ways to honor the dooley family online between the go fund me account on line pitcher tributes and just general well wishes for the family and friends. the posts are everywhere facebook twitter they're everywhere. tonight there is a memorial service event for the community church members and public safety family to gather and remember the family a free shuttle service will be provided from deep creek high school to deep creek baptist church beginning at five thirty p m the service will be provided by the chesapeake fire department and community faith based groups again the memorial service will be
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two hundred and fifty mill creek parkway in chesapeake back to the deaths. thanks liza hill virginia tech students connected to a missing thirteen year old found dead. both stern's face serious charges the details on what happened in court today and did some major day for the presidential candidates it's iowa caucus day. abc political analysts cookie roberts breaks down what to expect tonight the college of william and
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i this is entered the final push candidates are in i like using the last few hours to get as many supporters as possible out to the caucuses and tonight we may get a clearer picture of who the frontrunners are in the presidential race with voters. reporter my getting
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analyst cookie roberts about the race for the white house said liu who comes in second and third matter a lot but i wouldn't i wouldn't go all the way to inevitable about trump is certainly the man i would die would be surprised if he loses on the other hand many of his voters according to the polls would be first time caucus goers and then not reliable you can't count on them to show up in a caucus the same way you can of people who have made a habit of going to caucuses over the years so we'll say i think he's likely to win but it's not it's not a sure thing about the setback would be for hillary clinton if you would lose my ever be a setback is that there's no question about that she could lose both iowa and new hampshire the only thing that protects her there is that she's now ban was prepared for that and so her campaign is working hard in the states to come to
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is doing well in places like south carolina and nevada and then in the huge number of states that come up on march first. so if she loses that's obviously a blow but is not as big a blow is aware that than a couple weeks ago and the turnout tonight's gonna be what do based upon the weather could be modest it could be enormous once again a bit. well if it's nobody has the essence of that but if it is jain or miss i then that means that bernie sanders and donald trump with if it is a modest are somewhat in between them was still in this neck and neck position. coby robertson thank you so much for joining us looking forward to talking again. what is this person thinking ok maggie thank you now the presidential primary elections in virginia are a month away that means the deadline to register to vote is quickly coming of
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to vote in the precinct where you left that means you need to register to vote or submit a change of address no later than close of business next monday for mari and mailed applications have to be postmarked by the eighth. you can register to vote on line there is a link on thirteen years now dot com and the pentagon is pushing a budget that would give troops a one point six percent pay raise next year. defense officials say that's a historically small increase is because that increase will keep up with estimated private sex sector sector wages will likely increase more than three percent next year know if the proposed pay is approved by congress it would be the fourth consecutive year military basic pay hasn't kept pace with civilian wages the national transportation safety board released evidence from that fatal train derailment in philadelphia last may documents include transcripts of two interviews with train engineer brandon
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the controls. a federal accident investigators said the engineer was an extremely co operative after the accident. boston previously said he had his hand in the crash and doesn't recall the accident the derailment killed eight people and injured two hundred others certainly felt more like him a first in february first year across hampton roads attempt as well up into the seventies but i am tracking ako from the drop temperatures tomorrow also bring a few showers to the region as we had here through the later evening and the overnight by radar showing no showers off towards the north right now mainly from the brown farm bill richmond over toward staff and everything is lining here off towards the isa will for a few showers as we had here to the later evening hours and this is all part of much larger cold front will be sliding through that line of showers stretching all the way from canada back down to parts of the deep south showers popping up through parts of georgia and here's
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roll through here little bit later on tonight. that's the first systematic system is out here on the four corners region bringing quite a bit of snow to parts of colorado and parts of kansas and nebraska and it's this storm system that will bring us some showers and possibly even a few thunderstorms as we head into wednesday afternoon and wednesday evenings less time in all of you a future casts of the clock looking at partly cloudy skies temperatures around sixty degrees here are some showers rolling through by nine o'clock showers moving into western parts of hampton roads by rubble of a clerical person showers and even a few possible heavier downpours across north carolina notice with this from sliding through temperatures will start the fall will be in the upper forties as we head to the eleven o'clock hour with winds coming in the north and northeast tomorrow will start today with mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the forties will see some partial clearing us to move to the afternoon highs only topping out around fifty to fifty two degrees so some twenty degrees cooler than when we were today with highs well into the seventies we head into tomorrow evening
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the clouds soar to rotate back around to see those winds start coming out this out of my seven o'clock wednesday morning back up to the upper fifties to near sixty degrees we should see temperatures back up into the low seventies on wednesday and accessible approach from the west and look for some evening showers and thunderstorms to roll through by six o'clock moving to the richmond area as we head towards eight o'clock moving to the rest of hampton roads and everything should clear out by midnight but certainly looking at another chance for showers and storms on wednesday enquire whether to end the week sore spot on forecasts for today i was saying some spots we hit seventy degrees many locations seventy or higher than six forecasts in a row are spot on forecasts for tomorrow afternoon temperatures twenty degrees colder than we are out there right now by skyview often happen partly cloudy skies seventy three degrees was coming on the west southwest at eleven mph seventy five in chesapeake seventy one in her new seventy four in gloucester sixty six of the lot on sixty one and many a sixty six and at seventy two important and seventy five in williamsburg so the forecast for tonight
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evening showers forty three for an overnight low into mar fifty two mostly cloudy skies early in the morning then partly sunny skies for the afternoon fifty two marnie forty seven partly cloudy and mild as we head towards wednesday mostly cloudy with afternoon showers and thunderstorms around seventy degrees in the seventy forecasts of isolated showers possible in thirty degrees and back into the forties for friday forty three forty nine saturday fifty two sunday and fifty three on monday. i think seven. well you definitely need them. if your car breaks down on the interstate. you bet region of the golf or ride wi across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins...
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welcome back everybody he ever gets stuck he could be your highway hero haven't seen those the dot safety service patrol truck drivers helping others who have car trouble on the side of the interstate and it is said that i came to rescue one time anyway this talk about
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really need a helping hand by janet yet ready to go for a ride with mr teacher of the era's clark making his mark with service and smile the morning he starts every day with safety for the key to a great day the love for his job the job and a drive to help others reach theirs clark watching the roads like the right thing the main news that of a job as a proud member of the dots a tea set was mitchell's the disabled vehicle in a mason in case you know those crews who come to the rescue when you're in trouble on the interstate mechanical issue he got to go out the good men to me today he would say that somebody
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will pay thirty eight hours every day back in a row and the jobs that we argued with the gas and then we did not meet our changes in happen when they come to the rescue of the happy motorists people and those of the fun times on the job the big decisions because last week when a snowstorm hit. they were pushed to the limits of what time it was smashed in and he responded to the scene adjusted the fatality is the sixty four started to freeze the casing will not behave like that but they get that behind the wheel day after day to be there when we need them. well you know that the un the au and mr t for governor the agenda has had
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see them full of mail i got roads and a lot of people have seen them pull up because since january first they responded to more than six thousand incidents in the us and the gassing thousand and be extra careful when you see them out there helping others in the side of the highway because of the sauce in that story can be very dangerous when cars are zipping by at least fifty five mph not a lot of space in the sun what move over a month now. yeah be careful as there are times of global concerns about the z virus
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. more as a cold virus cases are popping up in the last just a day health officials confirmed four new cases and taxes and just hours ago the world health organization declared an
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of its students apparently contracted the virus during winter break when traveling to central america. this team is we take out has the latest developments out of respect for the student college officials wouldn't specify and the student traveled abroad for a leisurely purposes oral for a school sponsored trip. well right now both the school health department and the cdc insists that no one else here is at risk of contracting zeke a virus. the good liars the talk of the campus on monday interstate in our cities like thousands of other students freak walked out the alert over the weekend officials making students aware that college of william and mary students contracted the virus while visiting abroad are as shocking as a guide we just heard about it coming like to america and then it becece really close close proximity so it made me kind of nervous despite the gunfire is now considered as a global health
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virginia urging parents and students to not be on high alert very important to us that the campus community be aware that we have been in contact with both our health and wellness team and the cdc and that there was no helpers to canvass says insert and a spokesperson for college of william and mary tells me that so far no school sponsored trips to central america have been canceled students are encouraged to learn more about the virus but not to panic. he is good that my middle and then mine i don't think they ever actually not too concerned now the presence and seek a virus my no worries some students but mothers we talked to today who lives in williamsburg told us they really are worried here for their reasons for concern about an hour christians were taken thirteen years now i'll warm weather continues today from the weekend with temperatures reaching the lower seventies check out the sunshine hitting the water from the non because skyview can and evan
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forecast we're looking at some changes as we go here to the evening and overnight hours with a cold front will slide through will bring an end to these unseasonably warm temperatures at least for one day anyway. currently seventy three degrees and often in chesapeake seventy four and a week of seventy five in wins for the color on the eastern shore in the sixties and sixty one degrees down towards many of her solo showers in advance that coal from their sliding eastward moving to areas north of richmond in north of sixty four towards the tap and a carry over toward salute a sliding eastward so we will look for a few more showers as we had used for the evening and the overnight hours and time that all of your future cache what to expect as we head towards the seven o'clock hour line of showers out towards the west line eastward by nine o'clock moving into western hampton roads from newport news james city county williamsburg sliding through the area by eleven o'clock so to nine eleven we're tracking some of the showers rolling through cooler temperatures though behind this cold from highs to moore about twenty degrees colder than we were this afternoon will be back up near seventy on wednesday
4:28 pm
showers and thunderstorms on details on that in the seventy forecasts coming up a few anime that is in the traffic department the monitor merrimack the star of the show today and went around the bridge or tunnel and today we are saying that so we had one accident at the monitor merrimack sign traffic for a while that was just cleared up so you're kind of moving but the kind of not because we have another accident a mile before that that's now causing even more traffic trouble and now d toward traffic off the interstate so now let's talk about it bob yet it's going to be a big issue at least until that accident wraps up in it does looks to be your number to dig into some details here in just a moment and i headed that way you see are out behind me so i can kind of make out with the other delays are but let's dive right into this trouble around the modern era back so again you are moving at the eminem but it's been hard for you to get there because as you can see this actor right here block the two left lanes right before college drive and actually want to get a shot devin steward because he saw that cameron said that look like an
4:29 pm
there so we call state police just to make sure and yes that is overturned vehicles left me going on for a while again trap and eat or nap the western freeway take jeremy to the peninsula and i'll be back in just a little bit with the latest around the monitor and my days ashley searching for justice and the murder of a thirteen year old girl to virginia tech students tasted does today. both charged in connection with the girls got this as a young teen is remembered by friends as quote an angel on earth meghan hughes has the latest on the investigation eighteen year old virginia tech engineering student david eisenhower appear in court today charged with premeditated murder of thirteen year old nicole lovell police haven't said much about the motive. we have determined that eisenhower and a coworker pointed prior to their her disappearance as now use this relationship did manage to go out and then killer nineteen
4:30 pm
rain today is facing charges of transporting or concealing a dead body after police arrested eisenhower saturday morning for abduction they found levels body eighty miles away in north carolina her family said she pushed a dresser against her door and possibly climbed out of her window wednesday levels mother told the washington post or daughter was bullied online at school she was a liver transplant recipient who needed daily medication she was always the cutest will thank the investigation continues with police searching a pond on the virginia tech campus for a second day in court documents. eisenhower reportedly claimed i believe the truth can set me free eisenhower was a high school track star with big aspirations his high school principal is shocked very pleasant young man very goal driven folk songs academics but also with a focus on on on running. eisenhower's parents live in a quiet maryland neighborhood neighbors say they moved to
4:31 pm
state within the past few years there are still a lot of questions about how leveling guide to court documents indicate the suspects did not use a bow on it is the number one reason why your child may struggle with reading and spelling in school one in five people has dyslexia to be so common a few teachers even know how to identify it is like the advocacy group is trying to get that changed and they will be in richmond tomorrow lobbying for two bills before lawmakers. and joining us is kathy abbott of decoding dyslexia virginia at the kit thanks so much for coming on to welcome thing is i have a nice big issue we've talked about it before one in five kids and a lot of people may think you know i'm not may my child is not focused saying but it's really dyslexia. yes tell me what dyslexia dyslexia is a neurological based disorder
4:32 pm
is it just causes them to learn differently and take it they have trouble with reading with language with processing however excuse me with the diagnosis of dyslexia doesn't mean that their iq was below their iq was perfectly fine most of them are fine or higher rate and so it just shows you a difference between a functioning level and in knowledge and were looking at video right here these are the faces of dyslexia in for julia that i guess are going to show tomorrow while they are in richmond that the idea is to get students or teachers trained in this mess that that that really helps and teachers are really treating them right. it's the ongoing him aphids which is multi sensory structured language based learning strategies and so if they learned right from
4:33 pm
of third grade to be all set with their reading their writing their spelling and teachers can be trained on it it's a program that you need to diagnose the lesson plan for each student and so it works. yes these are like you said these are generally bright student. yes yes right and just mean the extra help the other thing that you advocate for is to at least maybe get a specialist yesterday trying to get a dyslexic special a dyslexia specialist in each school or at least each school district so that they can help with the teachers they can train the teachers they can observe them and help them when they need the most help and they can help the students if the teachers are doing the lesson plan with the students the dyslexia specialist can oversee it and make sure that if there are problems that they can step in and help them absolutely
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your estimated time of year i have a nice and i trudged down and coming up an update to the flood water crisis continues now brings you continuing coverage of local efforts to help flint residents and to parlay back
4:35 pm
this atc is a carrier and declaring that if only eco lie outbreak officially over the whole i feel this linkage prolly restaurant sick and about sixty people back in november the chain close forty three of its restaurants in washington state in oregon the most recent illness reported to the agency was on december first and the source is going now is more muscle needed in the fight against isis that's one of the headlines were checking on foyer right now on usa today dot com the commander of military operations against isis says there's a good potential. he will need more u s and
4:36 pm
against isis extends across iraq and syria army lieutenant general sean mcfarland tells pentagon reporters he may need more troops on the ground to assist iraqi or syrian forces today marks thirteen years since the space shuttle columbia disaster the shuttle broke apart during its return to earth over taxes. turns out tiles damaged during liftoff allowed super heated atmosphere gases to penetrate the shuttle's wing during re entry causing the shuttle to become unstable and quickly disintegrate and that's according to an investigation all of the crew members passed away and the michigan department of environmental quality look at this picture is proposing a five part strategy to determine whether florence water is safe to drink that's what it looks like now. it involves testing the water homes schools and restaurants also involves blood samples decision to switch where flint gets its water supply. cause the water to become tainted with lead
4:37 pm
outpouring of support though from communities all of the country including hampton roads right now pastor john moore from suffolk is in flat donating bottled water for a drive over the weekend i think joe flanagan cover that story and friday if you are with us here for you saw for l williams' mother donated several hundred cases of bottled water and we followed a group called partners in the community during their trip to flat giving out two thousand cases two thousand cases of bottled water to residents that their father only one hundred cases allow an as yet we all are and people stepping up to help you best by seeing how well president obama will ask congress for seven hundred and fifty five million dollars for cancer research in next year's budget bringing the total price tag for vice president joe biden's cancer initiative to a billion dollars the funds are expected to support research and you know therapy combination therapy early detection and vaccines to prevent viruses that cause cancer. the vice president
4:38 pm
to cure cancer after his son died of brain cancer. well getting stuck in traffic is never fun especially for those traveling and some parts of nevada a major interstate is back open after a twenty five vehicle pileup catherine van has the story use a sheet of ice. he's missed the news who is already snowing in the cue sheet of ice last couple of hours. those looking to make him a trip that would have taken jed freeman three hours double. i don't know how the wheels turned into sunday's non stop storm in a lot of cars in the ditches lot of accidents one rollover with people that we are now in skating and fish tailing part of i eighty was shut down its state line and was fourth after having more than
4:39 pm
four big rigs pile up and the other main roads weren't that much better or worse three men find into the nose it was gorgeous the snow was relentless throughout the day but so were the crew was working to keep the powder off the roads. also the drivers had been summoned we've gotten out there working more than twelve hour shifts and their overlapping and some of the trucks never turn off so we're switching people. the nevada department transportation says black ice will be the biggest hazards drivers will be facing until the afternoon the storms going to continue soaking in as not to let up so we're not going to love it and euros will be back to the conditions of black prima conditions until the storm stops and were able to finish the cleanup in northwest reno catherine be in kuwait and powerful winds lashed southern california at the tail end of a winter storm that slammed the west coast with rough heavy rain and mountain snow. officials
4:40 pm
five leading in and out of northern los angeles because of blowing snow and icy road conditions wind advisories remain in place after strong gusts downed trees and power poles and ripped off rooftops higher elevations can expect as much as a foot of snow i almost feel guilty or have the right is getting a break from the winter weather. take a look at this beautiful picture of the skyview at the dq and seventeen and atlantic just an awesome awesome shot of hampton roads less taken out of a stuart try we're looking a very warm temperatures out there temperatures in the seventies right now will see a big drop as we head to the day tomorrow. all because of a cold from that set the slide through later this evening is bringing a few showers were tracking those on radar as well. buzz of activity still off towards the north and west but the notice around fargo are picking up where the mater rain showers of port richmond happen and everything here sliding off toward the subtly a slow go before eventually slides here across hampton roads little later on this evening in
4:41 pm
will be working away and tomorrow though still will be about two or three degrees above normal for tomorrow here's the bigger picture you can see a line of showers out towards the west as the showers back here across western virginia. so watching the slide eastward a little bit later on this evil tanah lot you a future casting a moment then a big storm system that can and regina were talking about bringing snow to parts of the four corners region house and heavy snow up around denver and that's pushing her off towards the east northeast eventually bring around a foot of snow through parts of kansas nebraska even up towards iowa was that storm moves north and east and when cold front through here on wednesday and will see some afternoon showers and a few thunderstorms in the sun everything i do a future castle to know what to expect starting here with this evening seven o'clock so partly cloudy skies temperatures around sixty but here's the line of showers working its way eastward from nine o'clock move into part of the peninsula western hampton roads the southampton county pushing eastward as we head towards the eleven o'clock hour showers in some pockets of warm water rain
4:42 pm
those temperatures also falling so mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning winds coming out the northeast temperatures in the upper forties a normal high is forty nine so pretty close to those normal highs to the morning hours into the afternoon was so much cool with what we're looking at out there today. skies becoming partly sunny through the afternoon winds tomorrow night circus which background towards the south and southwest and a warm things up again on wednesday as temperatures at seven am in the upper fifties to near sixty will see high temperatures up into the seventies as we head into wednesday afternoon and then here's the next storm system approaching from the west the line of showers and possibly few thunderstorms rolling through as we head into wednesday evening and a washer and some cooler weather for the end of the week but we're looking at a couple chance of rain coming up here over the next few days in july sky view looking over parts of downtown office in portsmouth we are looking at mainly clear skies few clouds out there as well. seventy three degrees was communal the west southwest at eleven mph seventy one franklin seventy
4:43 pm
two in syria although cooler in richmond that colder air starts to work its way in fifty nine richmond sixty kept hannah sixty nine west point seven five in leesburg city one hampton and portsmouth seventy and sixty seven duck and sixty five and watch a parade so for tonight look for mostly cloudy skies summer's evening showers rolling through temps are dropping back into the forties with those winds which run to the north to fifty mph gusting up to twenty and into more northeast winds mostly cloudy skies in the morning partly sunny skies by the afternoon a much cooler high temperature fifty two forty seven degrees tomorrow night with partly cloudy skies and then on wednesday seventeen mostly cloudy skies with afternoon showers and thunderstorms and gusty winds out of south fifteen to twenty mph and the cooler weather as we round out the workweek fifty degrees on thursday with isolated showers and forty three on friday when to the weekend back up to the upper forties to around fifty degrees saturday fifty two sunday and fifty three monday with a few
4:44 pm
the race for the white house is officially on starting today social media is buzzing about the iowa caucuses alicia is tracking this because it's trendy now it's very interesting to see on social media has really shaped what the candidates doing and follow yet constant yeah definitely after every debate we see as social media lighting up with all the cable yet so iowa caucus is definitely trending right now it has been since this morning lots of people posting candid sightings on social media and lots of eyes in anticipation for this our sister station in des moines has a handful of social tools that they're sharing with us to help keep you in the loop and we have all those under ten years now not come free of sin are taking a look at some of these right here there's a candidate tracker and a calendar we can find out which candidates were making a peep will be making appearances for live updates followed emr is on twitter snack check instagram there's even an iowa caucus out for i phone in to eight devices as well and at gov twitter account day of course
4:45 pm
so lots of ways to really stay connected here and it looks like the hashtag people are using right now is i a caucus so be sure to use that as well right switching gears here a dying boy's wish to become famous in china is being fulfilled right now by thousands of people on line hashtag be strong is trending we're in that they are for you. it's funny because eight year old dorian gray from rhode island his spinal cancer and has now chosen to stop treatment. not long after his family made a facebook appeal to make dorian famous in china the first few posts from the great wall started pouring in. despite these since then tweeted been pouring in online from all over the country people pledging their support using that hashtag the strong from all corners of the country and today we found out he's even getting a license plate dedicated in his name really great story there and check this out take a look at this
4:46 pm
went viral after wearing a jersey as his hero was pretty ordinary right but take a closer look. the jersey was made from a grocery that you may have seen this picture circulating on social media for the past couple of days but here's the update. messi himself lionel messi has seen this picture and this little boy and he wants to meet him for the afghan football federation said on its website that they were in contact with lionel messi and so they're going to try to arrange for a meeting for the two of us the way the yankees waiting to see how that turned a year thanks lisa. well coming up tonight on abc and all new episode of the bachelor starts at eight o'clock followed by the bachelor live and ten and join us again for thirteen years now that's a lot of next gen ed reed's big decision on those compact fluorescent lamps light bulbs will they keep them or will they get rid of them and other team is now at five how once virginia beach high school student found himself
4:47 pm
case plus shot while playing
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the electric will stop making though his curly compact fluorescent lightbulbs the company's ge lighting division confirmed reports on facebook that it's saying goodbye to those spiraling not those right there but the spiraling mercury filled cf al's reports indicate the company will stop producing the ball by the end of the year and the company will continue to sell the incandescent and halogen bulbs like that when there are a people living in hampton have a new option when it comes to recycling the city has three new recycling drop off sites for people who don't get curbside recycling service can take their household recyclables acceptable recyclables include metal and aluminum cans glass bottles and jars
4:50 pm
cardboard. the locations are the hampton yard waste site briar field park in gaza knowles ho park or the countdown begins a super bowl week in the company that makes the video game madden if al and mili predicts the winning team and this time is the panthers. if the game makers are right beat the broncos by just four points twenty four to twenty and the company has correctly guessed winners and nine of the last twelve years bless all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now with more on the lumber liquid gators sentencing a seventeen year old student is at the center of the child pornography case involves a so called ghost and that your child could have on his or her phone and drive by shooting them or the basketball court the youngest victim just thirteen years all a person
4:51 pm
still on the line owned by her question was from a family who after years of investigating in federal court hearings lumber liquid gators finally paid the price for some questionable business practices. and we start with a story ballot to grab parents' attention of virginia beach high school student at the center of a child pornography case janet court documents obtained by thirty news now so the seventeen year old admitted to sending and receiving nude photos of at least eight high school girls the documents revealed this to and use an app a regular cell phone app to hide the photos. demille is digging deeper into the case it was unlike high school according to this search warrant this tune was using an app on his phone that looks like a calculator but he was really using it to
4:52 pm
me how far cars will go a technology these days. a seventeen year old ocean lakes high school student at the center of an ongoing child pornography investigation. thirteen use now got a hold of court documents that reveal the student was sending and receiving photos of multiple female students just terrifying to me isn't actually went to his home i found the school became aware of it back in december when someone complained to a math and science academy teacher a search warrant revealed that the student was hiding these photos in a so called ghost app like this one. it looks just like a calculator when you open it but after you type in your pass code unlocks the hidden photos if any of my friends had that happen to notice feel so horrible and it even happen to myself that would be so embarrassing the teacher who was alerted confronted the student who then showed the teacher the secret app and the explicit pictures in it the student then wrote a
4:53 pm
received nude photos of at
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