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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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female students. he also said he spread some of these pictures without their consent. i went to chalet i am pretty psyched that i would even happen in there should be at least it shows for kids that are able to hide some of the commonwealth attorney's office says no one has been charged in this case yet as police are still investigating the school district declined to comment but said that the distribution of inappropriate photos or materials on school property would be a violation of the code of student conduct actions have to be taking that has been accepted in virginia beach jenny be thirteen years now. hope you enjoy today because this nice warm weather is about to change that rain is pushing into the area this evening and you can see the showers on the radar in the northwest and has more on that track the primary thing is you're pushing off towards the soviet union plans to grab the umbrella as you're heading out because we're looking at those scattered showers is a loop of the past
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the movement here off towards the east and as we zoom in across portions of the peninsula around williamsburg a few light sprinkles picks up over towards me grew during your county across the river over to gloucester county we got the populace more moderate rain right now for and gotten some showers moving into western parts there mathews county continues up the middlesex county everything pushing off towards the east and a few showers over towards the eastern shores of the malaysia heading out because we're looking at some showers as we had here through the evening hours temperatures around sixty degrees by seven o'clock eventually with a cold front moving through those winds will switch around the north now to bring in some cooler weather as we head into the day on tuesday. high temperatures about twenty to twenty five degrees cooler than we were today. details on that another one up on wednesday all coming up in a few minutes and just into the newsroom the source for a dangerous man in virginia beach police just released this composite sketch of the suspect he is accused of abducting a man at knife
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the wah wah and south of rosemont road were told the suspect also robbed and sexually assaulted the victim police believe the same man also tried to force a woman into a car about a week earlier from a parking lot nearby she got away. anyone who can help police identify this man should call the crime line children playing in an open park when shots ring out the bullets had a thirteen year old boy a sixteen year old and a young man. witness eight kids scrambled for cover after someone drove by and started shooting at a basketball court and with two road and parks and streets that is in the northern section of the city as police search for the gunman thirteen years now a reporter to newhart has more on the victims of the game and the kids all love that brings
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competition just good fun most days i so know i saw but around three thirty sunday evening. yes it was home home home from filing ended the game. pleasee those on this basketball court became targets of a drive by shooting the gun fire out of the blue suv striking three victims ages thirteen sixteen and twenty sixteen year old classmate of trey johnson who reside until they saw each other at northview high school the day after payment owed a nap zone even though all three victims suffered non life threatening injuries these teenagers no afterlife no problem for him i know you're sick and tired of people getting hurt because they say violence is not again i'm not a problem with us to talk about that and get out of somebody's life unfortunately it happens all the feel like it'll never go away or i never stop. that's
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pursuing a sense of peace and putting out a plea. just because of violence and a one game early to really do try to be the best movies of our lives immersed in me but there are family friends and neighbors are making their way to decrease baptist church in chesapeake. right now and about an hour a memorial service for the dooley family will began last week the community was shocked when twenty six year old cameron billy killed five relatives and himself. now this is a live look at the church in chesapeake where people are gathering right now. shuttles are bringing people from deep creek high school to the church because of the large turnout expected and the service begins at seven o'clock the man accused of killing his mother this weekend in norfolk is due in court next month. the rain made for twenty two year old shawn hunter was continued today. police say shot and
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hunter saturday morning officers found her shot outside a home on west cliff drive off of little creek road. shawn hunter was reportedly in the house so far police have not released any possible motives in the shooting doing what they can to keep the troops and their bases say it's an annual and roll called solid car incident on the field. it kicked off today at little creek and other navy bases in the mid atlantic region the idea is to test how military force protection personnel would react in the event of an actual attack and how well they coordinate with civilian first responders the navy warns there could be traffic problems and other delays getting in and out of area bases as a result of solid curtain citadel shield exercises it is time for a longer look for debtors to pay up and a conviction that's a first of its kind the locally based company is
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dollar fine details on the case i think that was a mistaken idea of trying to make sure that only republicans that is a baby in our nominating process getting rid of a loyalty pledge for a virginia
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i a big fight in years of probation for longer liquidate her surgeon is now broke the news when the facts and died at the local company and when they reached a plea deal and we were in court today for the sentencing thirteen is now reporter marcella robertson found out prosecutors use this case to set a precedent pick happy to put it behind and thirty million dollars that's how much lumber liquid haters will have to dish out in fines. a federal judge also ordered the company to probation for the next five years were moving forward where we got lots of wood to sell and having all the customers will come back to atlanta based company is convicted of illegally trafficking timber. it's the first felony conviction of its kind. the company pled guilty to the charges last october. prosecutors say the logging of timber out of eastern russia hurt endangered species like the remaining siberian tigers this case really shows that
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companies that profit from the illegal exploitation of protected resources and endangered species the thirty million dollar fine is the largest fine ever. under the lacey act the company will also have to develop an environmental compliance plan within three months checking the word it's more conflict in that but the check in with assists coming over to make sure it's legal or else they don't get to bring over that massive thirty million dollars fine will be distributed among several environmental groups. it's important that being payments along with creditors may go back to help the harm that was caused and i think that the two service payments that were made will go a long way towards that endorsed marcella robertson thirty news now but the republicans say voters won't have to pledge their loyalty to the party to vote in the primary but making that change may prove complicated
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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and update the breaking news out of norfolk police are investigating an accident involving two children
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year old boys leave for the boys have serious injuries this is a live picture from the scene this crash happened at the intersection of twenty seven street and llewellyn avenue and involved a minivan or pickup truck there is no word tonight on the cause of this cross check thirteen is now the com for updates on this breaking news story well virginia republicans are reversing course on a loyalty pledge for voters last fall the state gop ask voters to sign a document promising to vote for a republican presidential candidate but there are fears this would discourage independent voters now the board of elections is working to get rid of the pledge and eric caine has a look at that process. janet just a board of elections is still trying to figure out what to do changing the rules now will be tricky because of absentee voting people have already signed the pledge the republican party of virginia unanimously voting to pull the plug on the loyalty pledge. it's a
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september when gop leaders approve the controversial rule requiring those participating in the republican primary to promise to vote for the republican nominee in the fall. i've always the pledges were bad idea republican activists carried tyler says without the pledge more independence will be inclined to vote in their primary. fortunately the state central committee listen to reason and voted overwhelming to get rid of the pledge i came to explain exactly what went on between the state body in the state board of elections in a statement over the weekend the gop blamed it all and governor mcauliffe and attorney general herring after the quote had purposely created a situation designed to confuse voters. a spokesman for the governor called their argument laughable even in northern virginia gop leader used bathroom humor to call out his own party. i think that was a mistaken idea of trying to make sure that only republicans that is a baby
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and republican frontrunner donald trump even took to twitter to bash the pledge calling it bad and suicidal for the gop the state board of elections says it plans to meet with the attorney general to figure out how to officially get rid of the pledge before voters head to the polls one month from today. eric came thirteen years now. after high temperatures today well up into the seventies changes on the way you can see those changes showing up on the radar. scattered showers rolling through the region so if you are heading out of umbrella to walk out the door because you likely needed as the showers continue to push off towards the east slowly moving their way off towards the east right now. he sprinkles a few showers in northern parts of newport news and you have pushed james city county parks around williamsburg over toward your county crossing the river there by the coleman bridge in too much gloucester county looking at some showers and that extends eastward here over the parts of mathews county as well some scattered showers moving through as we
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all part of a much larger system cold front sliding to a little bit later on tonight and that's what will usher in the cooler temperatures to mark upon all that out you a future cast some o'clock still some showers rolling through nine o'clock moving through parts of hampton road and heading towards the coastline by eleven o'clock to also look for that wet weather we had to the evening hours things will clear out later tonight oliver north easterly winds tomorrow fairly cloudy as we start the day tomorrow's northeast winds will keep a much cooler look for the sunshine trying to break through the clouds to the afternoon i noticed temperatures tomorrow only the upper forties to lower fifties about twenty to twenty five degrees cooler tomorrow and we were this afternoon in ohio's forty nine so tomorrow is pretty much right on target we should be this time of year now tuesday night into wednesday when switch back around towards the south and southwest outside chance of a morning shower on wednesday but a better chances we had to the afternoon evening by midday hours on wednesday temperatures around seventy degrees or so and here's the next storm system is
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causing all the snow on the four corners region and the nasty weather in california all the movies will oprah line of showers and a few embedded thunderstorms move through as we head into wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening and that will usher in cooler weather as we head towards the end of the week by skyview short partly cloudy skies outside right now who took over parts of downtown office and sixty four degrees was coming on the south southwest at six mph humidity of sixty percent giving us a new point of fifty degrees sixty four franklin sixty six in chesapeake sixty four in her crib i noticed the panic down to fifty three fifty five in richmond is that cooler air is working its way and with that rain fifty nine west point and sixty six of williamsburg sixty important sixty one million and sixty degrees and watch a free cup on the eastern shore to forty nine forty three for no milo mostly cloudy skies with those evening showers with which run to the north to fifteen mph gusting up to twenty four mostly cloudy skies early becoming partly sunny by the afternoon much cooler high temperature of
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north easterly when the ten to fifteen by forty seven when switch back around towards the south will pushes up to seventy degrees again on wednesday with mostly cloudy skies in those afternoon showers and thunderstorms rolling through also be pretty breezy winds gusting up to thirty mph behind the front wednesday night temperatures drop back to fifty degrees on thursday couple of lingering showers possible in only forty three on friday the coolest of the next seven but as we head into the weekend of his return back to near normal forty nine saturday fifty two on sunday fifty three on monday with another chance of a few scattered showers and check the seat pocket on the telethon qaeda. i put on the jury at the end tweets all the time the ground right into a riot is here so good for genetic connections with the pro bowl yesterday was pretty cool yeah the commonwealth. yeah the commonwealth of virginia well represented on both sides of the annual pro bowl from hawaii by games and team
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steamer and led by richmond native russell wilson of the seahawks down seven off the hook up with will jones nice get together take a second look this one. jones was very ballet like having photos in a tied game at seven apiece second quarter now wilson going over the middle to todd gurley was three touchdowns twenty one seven twenty fourteen at half wilson guy came in b to pee now we met on the other side team rice led by tyrone taylor hampton a former virginia tech okie i e is in the fourteen hundred and twenty yards of the free pics but there are a nice touch down here. the jarvis landry team rice however would lose forty nine twenty seven well we come back we turn to
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. the college of william and mary took care of business at home last night as they host in state rival james madison. they're loosening up a log jam for fourth place in ca the dukes out to a fast start doing this game that was due to impart to ron curry who convert on a three pointer tribe went down eight could not draw another for a game plus the fact that he complete a four point play jam you want it up as much as eighteen a one point second half trying not to come back terry top it dries bse can finger well two of his eleven points and got about three the little mark pruitt who added sixteen short jumper good try but fifty forty nine then won three tribe players in double figures daniel dixon led the way with seventeen they win sixty eight sixty two virginia tech on the road. it's her last
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campus with a pocket there by sheldon jeter played in first sc alum store to warm up converts on a straightaway three tied it twenty three all under four minutes tick down and our all to impress the trail by nine at the break and then more from allen who led them with twenty eight points tough shots in traffic with the panthers ran away with the big o on the post the nineteen seventy one win over the hokies and from nashville last night the twenty sixteen all star game john scott and john scott known as in force a play for the west. it gets stoned or passages have have else he will get stoned
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the showdown in iowa is here. the first votes cast in the race for president. after months of fiery attacks, neck and neck battles, it all comes down to this. >> get out of bed and caucus! hillary clinton with her final pitch. a razor thin lead in the latest poll. >> so excited! >> on both sides tonight, the polls so close, it all comes down to the ground game. >> we will win tonight, if the voter turnout is high. >> we're with the crowds as they head to caucus. many still undecided. and many watching the major storm now bearing down from the west, hitting iowa tonight. before heading east. the voters hoping to beat it, and the candidates hoping to beat each other.
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and good evening tonight
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