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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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from five p m brian carroll is at children's hospital of the king's daughters were medics took the nine year old andrew seven year old and regina both boys came here with serious injuries doctors were not able to see the nine year old people who are out in the neighborhood described became a very chaotic and very sad scene the man to one minute you're reading and history and makes me your baby is laying out in the street and you don't even know whether that be at aloha monday afternoon would be ms parker what most people would consider unimaginable was the reality in park place to police thrown from the mini van after it collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of west twenty seventh street in the wellman avenue when i was moving day was a place for cpr own one of the low falls to the other line he was laying on of sad looking just a bang baptists and a
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didn't look good. parker and others heard the screams in the minivan driver in the moments that followed the crash later watching is norfolk officers tried to calm her down. medics took the nine year old and seven year old boys to the hospital with a nine year old died by early evening. summit park place including parker overwhelmed trying to process what happened the impact the way to be in look. oh my that sadly the kids were taking the keys had been rejected out of a i just hate to think you know the driver the minivan was her she should be alright medics treated to people who were in the truck at the scene police to that crash in order brian carroll thirteen years now under investigation tonight this one happened just before six thirty on last mercury boulevard in hampton police tell us the man was pronounced dead at the scene
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was crossing west mockery toward langley square shopping center when he was hit by a car officers found the driver of the scene he was not injured. the accident is still under investigation well after those unusually warm weather we had showers and cooler temperatures are moving in tonight let's check in now with evan try regina we are looking at the showers and then rolling for a little bit of a break here across parts of the south side across the eastern shore town in north carolina we see no showers rolled through continuing to push her off towards these two we have seen with a moderate up the eastern shore as we zoom in across the eastern shore right near the county line between economic a northampton around x more snow showers pushing through south and martin citing little bit farther to the south some spotty showers across parts of the peninsula in the south side is more moderate rain through southern parts of suffolk down here to party gates county in hartford county so this is the cold from the sliding through the other store the cooler temperatures highs today up into the seventies right now we're
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and often fifty two williams for forty seven west point forty eight in hampton forty six in august on the fifties and sixties across north carolina that cold front continues to slide southward highs tomorrow about twenty to twenty five degrees cooler than we were today but we backed up near seventy on wednesday and a chance for some showers and possibly a few thunderstorms as well details on that in the seventy forecasts coming up in a few minutes friday seventeen tonight a reported shooting investigation and norfolk police tell us the call came in just before eight o'clock tonight officers responded to east virginia beach boulevard near church street were told one victim was taken to the hospital it is believed the injuries are not life threatening. no word yet on whether police are looking for a suspect a man is man at knife point in virginia beach and sexually assaulting him police released this composite sketch of the suspects were told this happened last week in the parking lot of the wah
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were told the suspect also dropped the victim police believe the same man also try to force a woman into her car about a week earlier from a nearby parking lot she got away. anyone who can help identify this man to call the crime line a final farewell tonight for family killed in one of the most violent crimes in recent hampton roads history. a memorial service was held this evening for former chesapeake police officer tom dooley and his entire family three generations were wiped out in one week. hundreds gathered at deep creek baptist church to bid farewell to eat on his mother doris his wife laurie his daughter broke his son landon and his son who killed them all before killing himself twenty six year old cameron to the extent of the tragedy began to unfold tuesday when top filter is still up for
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for school a welfare check of the dooley family home wednesday produced the first sign of a horrible ending landon was dead shot in the head when police went to the nearby home of doris dooley they connected with a distraught cameron negotiations lasted for hours but when police stormed the home they found the entire family dead members of the extended only family are trying to piece together the story of a camera too. he is described as a young man who is troubled for many years but never displayed violent behavior or do not have the words to express the depth of our sorrows we're encouraged by the outpouring of love and support of our family friends the community questions about why and how may never be fully answered but what remains clear is that the deep creek community of chesapeake will carry scars from this tragedy for years to come to church the neighborhood. deep creek high school and the entire
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community offered prayers this a long and sorrowful goodbye to the delays may be the first step toward c csure one thing all of our friends and family in our community her church and everyone for ur kindness and love during this most difficult on the community has contributed thousands of dollars toward funeral expenses. other areas to virginia tech freshman engineering majors are facing charges and the death of a thirteen year old girl. david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and murder and a cold medicine levels down natalie keepers is accused of hiding the girl's body nicole apparently climbed out of her bedroom window her body was found days later and with carolina police have not said how she was killed but they say a gun was not used both suspects had a court date scheduled for march they appeared in court today
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for the person who started court and the drive by shooting happened yesterday along with in road and the bullets had a thirteen year old boy a sixteen year old boy and a young man. all were treated for non life threatening injuries thirteen years now spoke with witnesses and classmates of the teen victims of something on the ground right in their cars on my return to the police are still investigating tonight we are told they are looking for a blue suv a possible sexting scandal and low ocean lakes high school in virginia beach according to court documents nude pictures of female students were being circulated through a phone app the app looks like a calculator but it's really a secret vault and high photos and videos. the school became
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when someone complained to a teacher a search warrant revealed that the teacher confronted a seventeen year old student who admitted he received nude photos of at least eight female students then spread some of the pictures without their consent. if any of my friends had that happen to them i would just feel so horrible and it's not even happen to myself that would be so embarrassing the commonwealth's attorney's office says no one has been charged in this case yet but police are still investigating today the world health organization declared the ziegler outbreak and international emergency we're also learning more about the college of ordinary student who contracted the virus during winter break while traveling in central america a school spokeswoman told us no school trips into central america have been counseled and there's no risk to the campus community very important to us that
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that we have been in contact with both our health and wellness team and the cdc and that there was no health risk to campus physical virus is linked to a rare birth defect that causes brain damage in babies health experts over mc recommending that visitors in affected areas especially pregnant women take measures to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes a dangerous day on the job for a tv crew they were badly hurt while getting ready for a live report we'll tell you what happen to them plus some consider it a big upside will tell you about the results from the iowa
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. breaking news right now in portsmouth where detectives are investigating an armed robbery and happen to be getting martin george washington highway near bainbridge avenue police said the call came and just before ten o'clock we have a crew at the scene and police left and just moments ago. detectives have not released a suspect description. we are told that no one was hurt during this robbery last restored church in williamsburg raining today to start off black history month first baptist church welcomed
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jefferson and sally hemming sport a special ceremony jesse jackson and singers dionne warwick and valerie simpson were also on hand for the event the colonial williamsburg foundation helped restore the bell which had been silent for the last fifty years. well the results are coming in right now from the iowa caucuses on the republican side. ted cruz came out on top with a win over donald trump and marco rubio. there is a tight battle right now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders with only one percentage point separating the two martin o'malley and mike huckabee and the sea they are dropping out of the race. abc's brent e hicks has more high turnout making for high drama in my life and huge win for the senate gop frontrunner donald trump and marco rubio running strong on the democratic side the race
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bernie sanders is too close to call. i think what we have shown his her home with the american people are very dishonest light on the news tonight the presidential hopefuls gave one final pitch of coffee sites before the votes were cast in this election will turn things around will do to get as many as four hundred thousand iowans expected to show up at some two thousand locations because this is really bus change the past eight years this clock is even held in gary and mary weavers living room. we're really doing almost as a convenience for ourselves and our neighbors for the republicans even a third place finish here is keith getting that candidate momentum moving into new hampshire. this is shaken the establishment and right now we don't know if the earthquake to the establishment is a category one category five and all eyes now shift to new hampshire both jeb bush chris christie are even here for tonight's result they're
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campaigning for next week's primary. brady at abc news to moines iowa. ok intake area of the mall of america in minnesota has a taster your way of keeping an unofficial tally of the presidential race. the bakery is called cupcake and they call it their cupcake aka us they have a cupcake for each of the candidates there is the coconut topped bernie sanders plain cream cheese jeb bush and donald trump's icing has a comb over or maybe a little bit of burnout on all of the debates and everything like that they're you know talking about serious issues and bombing isis in the fam the other. so this puts a little bit of a mom or find a tastier spent on the election as of this afternoon at the bakery hillary clinton is the cupcake leader with sanders in second on the republican side. marco
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bush close behind. well the new district maps that dramatically change the makeup of the third and fourth districts in virginia will stay in place for this year's congressional elections. today the u s supreme court denied a request by virginia's republican lawmakers to delay enacting the new boundaries federal judge has approved the new maps after rolling the general assembly unconstitutionally packed and too many black voters into democrat bobby scott third district. the new map could help democrats win the fourth district which is currently represented by republican randy forbes virginia republicans are reversing course on a loyalty pledge for voters last fall the state's gop ask voters to sign a document promising to vote for the republican presidential candidate if they participated in the republican primary but there were fears this would disurage independent voters now the board of elections is
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the flags the state board of elections is trying to figure out what to do so since absentee voters have already signed the pledge fortunately the state central committee listen to reason and voted overwhelming to get rid of the pledge the state board of elections says it plans to meet with the attorney general to figure all this out before voters head to the polls and that will take place in one month one or two by the coast guard rescued a sixty one year old woman from a cruise ship today off the coast of cape hatteras the call came in around one o'clock this afternoon aboard the woman was found unconscious while the ship was off cape hatteras helicopter crew from coast guard air station elizabeth city brought the woman to center a norfolk general hospital. good news here we're told she's in stable condition tonight. a tv crew and california suffered serious injuries after the tree fell on them. this happened this morning as
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from the abc station k d tv were getting ready for life or port the crew was covering the high winds and a scene in san diego. both were knocked down by a eucalyptus tree were told that the photographer suffered a compound fracture to the light. the reporter will also need surgery and has a long recovery period i had a far. well the cold front sliding through the area right now that's bringing in cooler temperatures and a few scattered showers not a lot of rain out there but we have been tracking and showers as we've gone to the evening hours right up across the eastern shore north carolina live radar showing the rain out there and some gaps across parts of the southside setting everything in motion once again moving off towards the east and these will exit off the coastline in the next couple of hours or so earlier the top the show we went north to south so let's go south to north across north carolina hartford county to gates county northern parts
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to juan county held a heavier shower there ne or se a min zone north of hartford a few light showers moving through southern parts of chesapeake and suffolk along the dismal swamp a few spotty showers here i to the park to deep creek and adjoining up with western branch over towards the ocean front parts of hampton right now seeing a few light showers a few sprinkles and some heavy rain is pushing off the coastline so you can see this is all of the coal from the sliding through the area right now now bring in some the cooler temperatures as we head to the day tomorrow and will warm right back up on wednesday able watch this massive storm system the same one that did all the damage of california brought snow to nevada near the four corners will move up into canada by the trailing cold front will bring showers and thunderstorms as we enter the afternoon evening hours on wednesday some time all of that out for you with future cast those at midnight so if you are the scattered showers temperatures falling so by six o'clock more morning mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the mid forties in the northeast winds will keep coastal areas
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fifty two tomorrow will be in the upper forties to the coastal areas mid fifties in one spot as we look for partly sunny skies by the afternoon tomorrow night when switch around towards the south and southwest and a woman's back up on wednesday this is way into the midday hours around seventy degrees but here's the cold front we watching this closely as will likely be some embedded thunderstorms with this line as it moves through central virginia four o'clock on wednesday afternoon moving right along the interstate ninety five core door by six o'clock moving to hampton roads notice temperatures behind that will start to drop will be watching this closely not expecting severe weather but certainly the chance for a few stronger thunderstorms as we head to the afternoon and evening hours. mostly cloudy skies a few sprinkles and showers out there right now forty six degrees was coming on the north and ten mph look for an overnight low of forty three degrees scattered showers ending here the next hour to fifty two degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy early partly sunny by afternoon
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wednesday mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and thunderstorms. behind the cooler temps fifty on thursday possibly lingering shower forty three on friday backup closer to normal saturday and sunday highs around fifty degrees the whole day tomorrow. yes and if they pull out early in the sea which i can i not see a shadow nineties and early spring. it takes to do and i coming up later in sports of all fifty has a different west. this evening with his version of opening night (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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road. winning goal in the day for the denver broncos ahead of super bowl fifty thirteen boss their buses were involved in eight minor accident a day after their practice in stanford stadium a team spokesman says no one was heard to outside linebacker demarcus ware tweeted a photo of the players standing alongside their boss saying there was a small ride
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the carolina panthers the big game on sunday wet soaking it all and math and enjoying the view when we talk about super bowl fifty normally media day at super bowl is full of splendor happens on tuesday this year super bowl fifty in the nfl decided to switch things up a bit players and coaches from both sides doing their first ever night session on a monday super bowl might come in our opening night in san jose in the first time for a lot of players but for peyton manning he's been the key attraction here. potentially this could be his last was trying to go after his second ever super bowl title. ice t makes one a go at a super bowl champion. i'm truly honored to be here once again others whose team is honored every year i feel like i have a good understanding of the significance of playing in the fiftieth super bowl
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its unique and special opportunity and obviously want to take advantage of the possible noise is a lot of guys that we you know paid a whole entire time she just had a space of just trying to stay here stay in the moment is opportune now on the other side the field carolina panthers were soaking it all in themselves this opening night there kanna newcomers to this event. it's their first appearance in the big game since two thousand and three but the guy challenging pain would be this year's likely mvp cam newton i think of this is the changing of the garden bring many tools for the position of quarterback and it's really been on display during these playoffs is hoping to cap things off with his first ever super bowl title he was asked was this journey what he thought it would be tom's know but i think you have to go to bed and i and i would change a thing from it and i just thank god for the pinnacle that he's gaming and a hopefully i do i read i see his growth and i've been able
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you really saw been in the twenty fourteen season when he came back after the car accident you could see him take his game to the next level going into this season watching the way he's handled it. you can see he's really made those big strides we come back we turn
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all half-price after 8pm. [click, whoosh] the second ranked north carolina in a tough stretch run of their acc schedule tonight they were on the road to number nineteen louisville cardinals trying to recover from that blowout loss at
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to the bluegrass state and roy williams in the acc last fifteen years. eight no start for carolina thirteen point difference but damien delaney was a transfer from drexel going for the slam car doors up to midway first avenue n c up to as a hick spin move draws contact finishes and they were business caroline up five on as a mom moved in on the brake overhaul behind the pack to leave for the later in the first half lee intercepts the pass and you see marcus paige. you see here is going to intercept the pass had the other way pull up with a three level down want caroline to try to keep this game close. marcus paige off the block shot were going the other way to find bryce johnson but they would lose seventy one to sixty five christopher newport
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than mine thanks much brian we are looking much cooler temperatures tomorrow high of fifty two back of the seminal wednesday in coolers and
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kate winslet. from "madoff," richard dreyfuss. and music from old dominion. with cleto and the cletones. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice.
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i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.
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