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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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just so funny that we have to watch farmers and traders all over these cows anyway right now and keep in mind to the radar and our sky views in right now we look really good forty six degrees north winds ten mph that's going to keep temperatures down today we're in the forties right now mid to upper forties for most series low fifties for some it has been taken to the day you will enjoy having a decent amount of sunshine later this afternoon we had the showers move through you can really feel that front if you are outside the front came through the wind started to pick up from the north northwest and that has kept temperatures down a little bit. here's a look at our day starting off with partly cloudy skies again partly sunny meeting partly mostly sunny this afternoon the high close to fifty one. i'll be back full forecast in just a bit it gets warm again tomorrow but you know what there's also going to be a chance for thunderstorms will talk about that she that future cason just a little bit time right now to take a look at naval station norfolk in ashley's been watching r
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and are already seeing some brake lights around the basin would give me the details now let's head to our cameras you can see for yourself and a shot of five sixty four west past the one way tunnel want you to notice here if you're headed toward him to boulevard the other base case may be made new in the way of the exchange here. traffic is still trying to move pretty well here past the gate three a but if you are headed to the three a you can see those delays and these two lanes here headed toward the gates we are starting to seem that back up. other than that five sixty four west does look good so if we really start to see things can just through the runway tunnel i will let you now but back in the traffic network maps the rest of the area moving pretty well still do it overnight road work and when to give you the latest on that and watch a track record to sixty four in virginia beach and breaking overnight a democratic caucus winner in taiwan it was close hillary clinton though takes it with just a are you ready for this point three percent of the lead over bernie sanders
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success as they spoke to voters. i will have some very profound message to the political establishment i will keep doing what i've done my entire life i would be standing up for you i will keep fighting for you and it won't be her when will be as decisive as her campaign had favored in new hampshire that's the next state to caucus now ask the republicans. i was well they can't fire donald trump but they also been given the job either. ted cruz won the republican caucus with twenty seven percent of the vote came in second barely edging out marco rubio tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great day. tonight we have taken the first step but an important step towards
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go on to easily beat hillary or burning or will ever the hell they throw up their lessons but means that increase will get eight delegates donald trump will get seven a marker will be a law so get seven those delegates going to nominate other delegates to the state party meetings that final count is set in july no caucus attendance last night it was record breaking more than one hundred eighty thousand people showed up for republicans and democrats were still tallying those numbers right now and despite those record breaking numbers are some candidates they are calling it quits. mike huckabee and martin o'malley suspended their campaigns last night after lowe caucus numbers and low polling numbers. be sure to watch gma they can have a full breakdown of all those numbers and of course what's next for the candidates as they all head to new hampshire that is coming up at seven o'clock right after daybreak. these lists every time those five o four new this morning we're learning of an incident where deer county deputies used a k nine helped take down a burglary suspect daniel weaver is in jail right now deputies responded to a call about a break and saturday at stony
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the home with the canine they say they found weaver trying to climb out of a window after a short chase. deputy scott weaver and no one was her new information this morning an eastern shore woman faces criminal charges after dog attack. edna parker is due in court tomorrow investigators say the parkers to pickles attacked two girls at their bus stop last month in mackinac county. one child needed surgery. the dogs were both euthanized. court records show parker was convicted of letting her dogs run loose in the past five o five your time and hit the road local om some of our service members this week the u s leroy grumman will return to naval station norfolk tomorrow the crew is wrapping up a five month deployment the ship provided millions of gallons of fuel in critical supplies to a navy ships in the mediterranean sea there are life saving tools on your smartphone that you may not even know about you will tell you about the button that
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the ri temperatures currently in the forties and low fifties right now virginia beach and fifty degrees north winds nine mph there the pressure is rising out of william byrd forty eight degrees air and the winds northeast and six are the ones on all that great but they have shifted to the north and that's going to keep our temperatures cool today across the region certainly much cooler than it was and still with highs around fifty or fifty one degrees that's close to but a little bit above normal begin expanding the year shady chef the country are next storm system back in the central us lots of snow from northern kansas into nebraska and that snow spreading in to iowa so this was one of the concerns that the caucuses was that
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bearing down on iowa and now the snows really movie in turn allow the candidates wanting to get out of iowa before that comes settling in the rain also pushing farther south through kansas into missouri and this system is going to drag the front to our area ahead of the front temperatures will really warm up again tomorrow in the better chances for showers and storms tomorrow here as well. today the storm is from st louis rain and snow in chicago snow from minneapolis. beautiful if you travel to the northeast. what can run you all and for the southwest us sunshine for our labors whether around sam francisco will focus on our region in temperatures today again staying much closer to normal generate low fifties maybe mid fifties for seventy one area skies will be partly sunny to mostly sunny for awhile this afternoon but we will see increasing clouds tomorrow and chances for showers and storms hit reality this cooler today warmer tomorrow cooler
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on that moment right now ashley has more on virginia beach and is taking a look at the right onto sixty four craig nothing as that kind of up and down as we see kind of in the forecast here but we did pretty good calm conditions would like to see that traffic south to sixty four westbound at rosemont an eastbound moving well on the traffic network map just a few delays working right now by sixty four west showing up on the masses for the delay with heavy traffic way down here near gate three a other than that five sixty four westbound is clear eastbound is alright as well i do give you a heads up our road work in chesapeake has cleared sixty four westbound at george washington. i'm still watching roadwork newport news the suffolk six sixty four south at the eminem right now the left lane is blocked in the coming of a few minutes we'll have a seventeen foot traffic at the g or be all right ashleigh thank you all to a restaurant that's been around for what sixty years. yes close to six years now fifty nine this month as daybreak continues we take a look at
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i new this morning a tragic nine one call coming out of tennessee where police
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shine right in front of him and his dad as well that five year old called the police the boy stayed on the phone with dispatchers and watched tv until police arrived officers got there in minutes finding both of his parents dead. as for the boy he was physically ok. police are still looking for the shooter here this morning we're getting details about a possible case of sexting at ocean lakes high school in virginia beach according to court documents a seventeen year old student admitted to a teacher that he circulated nude pictures of female students through phone at the apple looks like a calculator actually a secret vault that hides photos and videos that no one has been charged yet but police are investigating right now in a similar issue in a colorado high school recently made national headlines after investigators found hundreds of students involved in a sexting scandal there kubiak university recently did a survey on the dangers of sexting according to the poll forty two percent see sexting is a very serious problem
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expelling a student for sexting is too hard. seven ten of those polled say minors who sex should not face criminal charges officials say you can save a life saving information on your phone that medics were police can access a few unresponsive on i found it in the bottom left hand corner of the locked screen you can see the word emergency it's actually a standard app on my phones where you can save your information including name emergency contact all your medical conditions certain android phones come with similar apps or there are plenty online to choose from by sixteen no this morning an apology from delta airlines for a fistfight between two flight attendants got so out of control the pilot made an unscheduled landing the flight attendants started arguing over who had to do walk during a flight last month the boxing match erupted a thirty seven thousand feet on the flight from los angeles to minneapolis and at that point the captain decided to land at us in salt lake city
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minutes then finished the trip to minneapolis last guys mess up between people you expect them to hold her all right well beautiful daisies just the crazy roller coaster the no trouble in the skies here today as far as weather was beautiful but tomorrow story yet with the warmer weather and then a chance for showers and storms especially later that day so we'll be busy watching that right now we're going to watch skies very bleak cloudy this morning then becoming partly to maybe even mostly sunny this afternoon. note those temperatures though staying a lot cooler yesterday's highs seventy four degrees was so nice today while back close to normal really you hear me complaining about this it's just going to be a lot cooler and still folks come on it's early february so you expect these cooler conditions back in this entry us we have our next storm system and this was a pretty big weather maker kansas nebraska iowa parts of colorado still
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and then showers and some heavier rain across parts of missouri extending down across the south central u s there's a front there and you see that area of low pressure out extending from the area of low we have five one for you the kind of connects with the tail end of the cold for the push to our area last night so when to watch is again as we go the next day or so this low will track east it's going to lift this front back to our area opening the door for a warm surge of air tomorrow we're back in the low seventies but were awesome to see is that cold front that next front comes back through later wednesday good chances for showers and i think a few stronger storms as well. to date north and northeast winds that's going to keep our temperatures down we should enjoy the summer sunshine later this afternoon when shifting to the east tonight and then eventually overnight will see a shift back to the south seas see that shift with dark clouds the future cast and then the wind streams became the south flow tomorrow
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temperatures up we have the approaching cold front from the last showers and storms out ahead of it and you can see as it marches through what is going to be warm tomorrow that set the stage is set for those heavier downpours and a few of those isolated stronger storms that will come through tomorrow evening and as we go through the overnight into early thursday noah still some showers for eastern north carolina maybe a couple showers across hampton roads into thursday by the weekend friday saturday sunday things looking much better for us but temperatures will stay cooler after tomorrow's warm so today we're starting off in the forties for mostly of fifty two inch sp fifty in virginia beach at the airport the winds are north of ten mph. hais todae stay close to fifty one degrees with partly sunny to maybe even mostly sunny skies this afternoon partly cloudy tonight staying mild lows near forty seven item on your seventy one. look for the showers and thunderstorms are likely
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possible tomorrow night his arrest that seven day forecast for temperatures to fall off thursday with his north carolina showers look for attempts to stay cooler friday in the upper forties low fifties this weekend pretty close to normal i guess you are watching the jr be right now anything going on there now is the simple answer other than a little bit of traffic volume at this point in the morning for coming up on five thirty so things just now starting to pick up a little bit at the g or b what do you live what he can see for yourself and it's really very minor at this point the traffic there headed northbound toward important is moving very well southbound traffic you might see a few more cars than you used to seeing at isle of wight county but nothing major nothing that will slow you down so let's head back to the maps now and talk about the spot some continuing to watch here by sixty four westbound into naval station norfolk actually looks very good you will see some heavy traffic around eight three a but other than that it's a smooth ride to the base still watching an overnight road
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southbound at the eminem right now the left lane is blocked and other than that traffic began flowing pretty well but coming up here in the next few minutes with traffic on the south norfolk and at the jordan bridge troubles folks headed over to open in a shipyard in portsmouth will make sure that ride is smooth for you hopefully the restaurant a pizza that's made of gold and the sounds crazy right well it's true we come back we're
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posting comment or tweet us be sure to use the hashtag thirteen pizza week when you do show you some more of your comments are in the six o'clock hour of daybreak move still and then the pizzeria i told i don't know the sound that any do something with my favorite just started but it does not feel like it around him to try checking temperatures in the fifties today and you'll want to hear what's in store for tomorrow to plaster the virus causing concern on the peninsula and the latest on the william and mary student confirmed to have the gut as daybreak continues
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. a major construction project is in the works in virginia beach i had how it could impact your commute to work and home for months and we're staying at the breaking news now the search is on for two armed men who robbed a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint overnight is tuesday morning is coming up on five thirty right now this is thirteen years now at the break i'm on tracy and alyssa bustamante thank you for joining us
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temperatures the roads crumble are joins us now with your outdoor forecasts morning greg good morning guys and mention this a little earlier in the show i was out last night walking with my wife what to do that take a nice evening stroll and that front came through and you could feel it we laughed and i was in shorts and short sleeve shirt and coming back i was wishing i had a jacket the front came through last night we did get some showers less than all of that has cleared the coast but it is going to remain cooler today with north winds right now. norfolk looks great temperature forty six degrees north winds ten mph thing is temperatures just aren't going to warm a lot today. yesterday seventy four today. i think closer to fifty maybe fifty one degree something like that you see the weather again that's what came through last night drew little damp early this morning but it's really dry out pretty quickly and it will remain dry now for today with partly cloudy skies town point park looks good then as we take it to the day it's generally going to be partly cloudy partly sunny then even
5:27 am
afternoon to look for that heidi stay close to fifty one warm again tomorrow but there's a catch. i look for showers and some heavier storms tomorrow afternoon evening i say that with our future cast talk about your upcoming weekend in just a bit i'd use ethical jr be alright as we take a look now at traffic around the james river bridge you can see here that things are moving pretty well between isle of wight county newport news. a lot of deep green beer and take the camera we head now to the jordan bridge in portsmouth are headed to portsmouth i should say leaving just be here to westbound traffic there are approaching portsmouth. so this is a heads up for all the folks headed to portsmouth maybe the shipyard workers there a little teeny bit of a delay there as you approach the portsmouth and zoomed in right on time think either be that. ok so we have a little bit of foot traffic there on the board inside the rest of the jordan bridge is moving well on the traffic network maps we had mounted to the base where i am seeing a little more traffic around at that sign up because you will still see heavy traffic
5:28 am
the upbeat when your delays and give you a live look there are the next time that we check traffic but to let you know newport news to soften our road work has cleared sixty four south at the eminem so we don't have to worry about that at this point the focus will be on that base traffic and coming up as well as give you a live look at to sixty four traffic around the downtown tunnel laura ashley they we have a major traffic alert to tell you about construction that you need to know bout today virginia beach public works crews will close a portion of lynn haven park away and they will remain closed for several months the closure begins at albright drive in it and jack dalrymple streets are elise brown joins us there live with one the changes that you'll see after construction is done elise good morning was an entree right now i'm at the midpoint of where the streets will be closer on leaving parkway right now the road is open cones are up but people will not be affected in till nine am that's when the city will shut down the road between albright in dalrymple there
5:29 am
specific route because construction will change and be in different spots of or this is a big residential area lots of homes out here but we're told where it will be able to get home and doing lots of things out here in crude including installing a water line working on curbs and sidewalks plus working on the payment as well and we spoke with dan day with public works on why this city is starting to start decided to start construction now i know it so where tommy year to be actually paving out here but what the weather that we've been experiencing we decided to go and take the risk again the road will be close here in lynn haven park abt albright and dalrymple so if you're going to be in the area this morning you really want to pay attention to the di torre signs live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen years now. breaking overnight a pizza delivery driver is robbed at gunpoint in right now portsmouth officers
5:30 am
suspects they say that the two armed individuals took cash and pizza from a two dollars delivery driver it happened just before one thirty this morning on avondale road and beech daly road just south of where i to sixty four actually crosses over victory boulevard were told that the driver is ok so that's the good news we are working right now to gather more details for you the police right now asking for anyone with any information at all about this robbery to contact the crime line at number one eight lock u up artist tough week for workers at newport news shipbuilding more than seven hundred employees are scheduled to be laid off tomorrow. all but a handful of them are hourly workers this move follows the layoff of four hundred and eighty salaried workers last fall shipyard officials say a dip in the workload is responsible for this cuts the company says it hopes to begin re hiring again two thousand seventeen were told the shipyard is providing benefits in helping affected workers find new jobs investigators are looking into what caused the crash
5:31 am
critically injured another norfolk police say the boys were in a minivan that collided with a pickup truck yesterday at wet west twenty seventh street and llewellyn avenue now the seven year old and a nine year old were both thrown from their van the older child die officer say that the woman driving the band did get hurt but she supposed to recover. medics treated two people from the truck at five thirty five new this morning new information about the people who attacked a man in norfolk and shot him in the arm police now say all attackers are between the ages of fifteen twenty years old. it happened around eight o'clock last night as the eighteen year old victim walked down east virginia beach boulevard near church street right now all of the people police are looking for me on the run the victim taken to the hospital is expected to survive if you know anything about this call the crime line now on to a crime alert in portsmouth where police are investigating an armed robbery that happened at the getty mart on george washington highway near bainbridge avenue around ten o'clock last night while
5:32 am
description from police but we're told that no one was hurt anyone with information is asked to call the crime line a washington d c police officer shoots and kills a suspect who was allegedly reaching for a guy who turns out that weapon was unreal what the officer did not have that may affect the investigation and still to come how the pentagon is working to help at risk family members of
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. good morning skies are starting off very bleak cloudy with temperatures generally in the mid to upper forties across region couple areas like chesapeake and virginia beach been a little bit warmer than that we've been up around fifty or so just a rule i started the day the centuries are quite mild for this time of year we get through the morning ten thousand tickets renewed notice a midday temperatures not really warming a lot of these temperatures are actually pretty close to the way they shouldn't be this time of year and the afternoon high will see around fifty one. this is much much cooler than it was yesterday when we reach that high of seventy four but still very nice for this time here so we'll take a fifty one we can do with that is emerging right now we do a forty six at the airport upper forties from many areas right now fifty in virginia beach and chesapeake we have some changes coming up to the weather i want to know
5:35 am
pressure tracking across the central us. this is going to bring chances for showers and storms to our area tomorrow especially during the afternoon or evening. you see the temperatures tomorrow surging back up to seventy one so very warm they're cool again thursday chances for showers mainly in north carolina on thursday and then into the weekend more sunshine but it's going to stay cooler. oshie that the next update. let's check the downtown tunnel right now ashleigh will be watching their practice keeping an eye on traffic near the downtown tunnel making sure we don't have any major delays a pop up. here's a live look at to sixty four around the berkeley bridge and you can see although the volume is slightly heavier force that was earlier this morning we botch a trip downtown to the earlier you can see here westbound building wealth for the title and he spelled headed toward city hall in tidewater. also in fine shape so no issues to report there on the traffic network maps we head now to the base where traffic is really not that bad but you will see delays
5:36 am
height of twenty three a and making its way toward him to boulevard to watch out for that coming up in the next few minutes with over sixty four chesapeake will check traffic around the high rise bridge needed r and ashley thank you all day break is highlighting some hot spots as part of our pizza week ahead will take you to norfolk a staple there that could be considered a one stop shop in town so when you're both of the road like that. plus how you can enter to win free pizza there's no one i'd rather... share with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your best friend... everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for your best friend ... one for your true love.
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new this morning we're learning that washington d c police officer who shot and killed a man holding a bb gun was not wearing a body camera d c police chief cathy lanier says that the officer tried to stop a man who was acting suspiciously. early yesterday that she says the man reached for a dine and that's when the officer shot and killed him. he has been placed on administrative leave pending investigation by forty four to time new information now about a uva students lawsuit against the state's department of alcoholic beverage control video bart's johnson being pinned to the sidewalk by abc agents went viral on social media laughter we showed it to you what happened. and yesterday johnson's attorneys filed an
5:39 am
the lawsuit attorneys added to the suit why they believe one of the special agents is liable for johnson's arrest and they emphasize that johnson did not know that the men were abc agents and we're learning new information about two virginia tech student linked to the murder of a thirteen year old girl. david eisenhower's charged with kidnapping and murder in the co levels that natalie keeper who is pictured next to han is accused of hiding her body police have not said how love will die but that a gun was not used levels mother says her daughter met eisenhower online coverage of the case continues on good morning america this week a outbreak is officially an international emergency it's made its way to our neck of the woods we told you that a student at the college of william and mary became infected while traveling in central america and this morning we're hearing from a university spokesperson very important to us the campus community be aware that we have been in contact with both our health and wellness
5:40 am
there was no helpers to canvass the spokesperson also told the school trips to central america will go on as planned and our partners at the military times report the defense department is now offering voluntary relocation to pregnant family members of active duty personnel and doj employees assigned to areas affected by disease the virus the virus is linked to a rare birth defect that causes brain damage in babies health experts recommend visitors in affected areas especially pregnant women take measures to avoid getting bitten getting bitten by mosquitoes and new this morning out the bats ghosts parent company is now the most valuable company in the world yet estimated to be worth five hundred and seventy billion dollars at best apple's current value which center around five hundred and thirty five billion while this isn't the first time the companies have traded spots it may be the most significant alphabet past apple in two thousand ten but that was before the tech giant released the eye patch
5:41 am
in the hard rock chain of restaurants and hotels to a new level. the plan to build a thirty four story high guitar shaped hotel tower in hollywood florida rock'n'roll habitable the tribe says that he could have just build something boxy for the expansion but wanted to create something truly spend just a slit down the street where and in the neighborhood has gotten were congested since the build it and now they just keep adding adding adding it keeps growing out of control the traffic just getting word on why the rifle for one other receptive to her than lot of resistance can sometimes i get a car to see that the locals like to get out here you know well i think it's kind of brought the value that particular part of the area so that is theirs as well the trophies and what their neighbor to the fold is a bit of coverage your airline rant i will tell you guys of the weather story here are some fun now today the rollercoaster not knowing
5:42 am
her on cd a good decade sixty seven or seventy two in mostly sunny every single day right now we're in and the roads yesterday we made up a seventy four are spot on street was calling for spots yesterday several spots hitting at least seventy and boy did we hit that's on the spot on st. now six spot on forecasts in a row and i feel great about today's as well because we're looking for afternoon temperatures today to be at least twenty degrees colder than yesterday so the matter up to seventy four today it makes sense staying in the low fifties unofficially at the airport expect temperatures to be around fifty one by the even the inland areas will be generally low to mid fifties you see that more sunshine coming up this afternoon just a really really nice day temperatures closer to normal as they should be this time of year. guess what that tomorrow he gets interesting again we want to back up into the low seventies so another surge of warmer air today will be cooler and the reason
5:43 am
northeast winds out here the last we got an area of low pressure just north of wichita that is going to move along there's a front that extends out from that right now the cold front pushed through last evening this will lift back through the area allowing a warm southerly flow for tomorrow with this cold for here comes through and that's going to happen tomorrow evening when that passes that opens the door for much colder air in the back side of the system let me see the future cason this really tells the story the northeast and east winds today shifting to the east tonight you'll see that and the skies again partly cloudy to maybe even mostly sunny for a little while this afternoon overnight tonight though we're going to see the winds eventually shifting back to the south with the south when you see those when stream shaded in red there you go we start to get that warm up this is tomorrow seven a m skies increasing with clouds and here comes the line of showers and storms associated with that front still out to the west initially to one
5:44 am
commute and i expect through the evening hours. showers and some heavier thunderstorms as well that'll move through the way of leftover showers into thursday mainly down from north carolina will all try out in clear out as we head into the weekend things are looking good for us. temps are staying closer to normal so right now with temperatures in the mid to upper forties for the most part it in virginia b fifty two in chesapeake. we will see temperatures warming again tomorrow and then cooler and staying cooler through the weekend was a pretty good. let's check in a high rise bridge and see where she's watching their work right things look pretty good at the high rise bridges well actually most of the area moving pretty well even in the spots where you might see some delays behind me will talk about further detail in just a moment first that live look at the high rise bridge traffic says sixty four eastbound heading toward george washington top military and here's your westbound lanes are headed toward four sixty four battlefield and greenbrier all flowing very freely at the high rise brain
5:45 am
now of course i know you might be focusing on the spot of red here at naval station norfolk. it is not as bad as it looks very attractive network map delays beginning kind of down here past the runway tunnel more that traffic had to gate three a that's what you're seeing the slowdown has won him the boulevard and the rest of the base gates are actually moving pretty well so i just a few little delays to know their roundtable station norfolk in the coming of the six o'clock six o'clock ish that they will have the portsmouth with a troubled one sixty four on the western freeway are ashley they so much for day to pizza we hear thirteen is now at the break we visited the hot spot has been around for nearly six decades this place has so much history that will have to do two stories to tell you about what happens here. customers rave about the pizza there we found out that the people who make it the reason why after fifty nine years customers will tell you the sign over the entrance of azalea in on little creek road speak volumes of the pizza here to
5:46 am
are the face of a shame the flat out consistent ingredients together the sauce for the nine is a good system employees like allen who's been here almost twenty years or we mixture and cheese we cut to different type of cheese with mixed together down the line a heaping helping of toppings is a feast for the eyes but it must serve on an zero for the fall to do one then it's off to the oven before piping hot circle of delicious this emerges from the other side of it there in thirty two year old keaton jeff and cook ethel herald just retired but she came back to work here and this is what is the best was only sixteen years old when i first spotted and forty seven years later diane shaw is still baking pizzas perfecting her recipes and greens that i move up or whatever that expression before. there is no substitute for experience and the mentor and a zillion says it's critical and valued
5:47 am
you and it's fun to come to work then that yes their job they go coming up later on daybreak we'll hear from customers and why they see a zillion pizza is so great and you'll see only what a close guarded secrets there that's the secret ingredient that makes pizza so good with bangs and detail about those a ha a curious thank you and honor of feet so week one lucky viewer will win free pizza for a year so here's how you can enter watched a break during the six o'clock hour to learn the special key word being over thirteen years now. com click on the features tab enter the word that you see on our screen for a chance to win you can also find the official contest rules on our set was never too early to learn that's little solace loans motto. ok so listen to
5:48 am
. another prediction for super bowl fifteen get the video game madden nfl is calling a victory for the carolina panthers but they think it's going to be close simulation of the pro football video believes the score will be twenty four twenty eight which invests in vegas they say cam newton is going to score the game winning touchdown with under a minute left in the game. this all may be fun and games but the makers of madden have a pretty good track record they have correctly guessed it nine winners in the last twelve years is pretty good
5:49 am
with super bowl spirit made good use of the snow they build adapting cam newton snowman is not that guy to get this the family wasn't in north carolina direction pennsylvania and even though they are steelers fans they may be best because that way the way to increase the clearance for like the way he treats the kids we say we live we go we like to dab we like how he treats kids during games and get some football. ok now you're wondering it took five hours and fifteen bucks to build its no cam. hopefully he'll stick around long enough to carolina play in the super bowl will see the show well as the voice of late actor alan rickman disease new teaser for alice through the looking glass we can voices the blue caterpillar the sequel picks up three years after alice in wonderland features alice on
5:50 am
hatter played by johnny depp several cast members are returning the disney movie is set to hit theaters in late may. it's official the gilmore girls are coming back. netflix says it will rekindle the series that ended two thousand and seven it will be four ninety minute episodes with the original stars. no word from netflix when the war world that take a look at this adorable video fourteen month old sloan is tearing up the slopes by lottery for learning how to walk or dad took or snowboarding and park city utah as fire and all he says he bought the smallest the world market. yeah i still had two big modification so she could probably read on the slopes he has now raised the bar for one year olds everywhere on this and that is twenty months old on the sand will see that everything flows parents katie and zach had to say it will be live on good
5:51 am
their fourteen month old snowboarder that's coming up seven o'clock means we're actively looking over and over and that sure you have just about an inch to fall the day and like the ranks of the mall is to read he's a bundle of the downtrend i agree with their stories are trending right now the with the so for news weather traffic right note six. history has been made as i was cast the first votes in the presidential primary republicans upset the predictions. iowa has made clear to america and the world morning is coming morning is coming and the democratic race took us to the early morning hours the final precincts just reported their numbers it was
5:52 am
biting their nails over night this is thirteen years now and april is coming up at six o'clock. ashley's watching the road for trouble spot greg is here the check of your forecast before you head out the door somehow we must address today cracked know what you better jacket with you it is going to be cooler today yesterday was no jacket required like phil collins album. we had very warm conditions seventy four degrees the high yesterday today much cooler things are starting up pretty nice round town center downtown norfolk beautiful right now forty five and north winds ten mph it'll be the north and northeast winds to keep the temperatures down today we're going to see highs staying in the low fifties for most of us with part because guys this morning the rain we had last night is through the area as we take a look at the conditions through the afternoon. this is town point park. things are looking great we will see skies becoming partly sunny to maybe even mostly sunny for awhile this afternoon officially that high around fifty one of the posse captures a little bit warmer
5:53 am
of this much closer to normal
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