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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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collapsed on a cruise ship the new start now. and we begin with breaking news out of the eastern shore right now classes have been canceled for the northampton county public school system students were released at eleven forty five this morning i get that includes stints at kemp elementary north canton high north canton elementary and alcoholic elementary the superintendent confirm someone phoned in a bomb threat now the color did not mention a specific school the sheriff's office is waiting on bomb sniffing dogs from chesapeake to come over and search those buildings with course are following this story will bring you more information as it comes in and the construction alert that could cause major delays to your daily commute right now a busy section of the main parkway in virginia beach is closed and drivers are already seen delays the closure begins right here at albright drive in it and that dalrymple st. now that area. it's not going to open again anytime soon. our lease brown she's got more on the changes that you can see
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about them. neighbors seem to have a really mixed emotions about this construction. some saying they think it'll improve the area while others call it a headache the news is that me a headache. what is going on a bigger head was completed before we know some interruption dead some inconvenience but we know overall it's a workout than virginia beach public works is embarking on a lengthy construction project from now until september starting at nine am when even parkway between albright driving dalrymple street will be closed the two lane road will eventually before i greased round has lived in the area since the eighties and isn't pleased with the road expansion of an eye on this point i would have a fatality that espn and several accidents have happened right here on this one and only know how i'm going to get my driveway. crews are
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teacher in storm sewers and sidewalks. detour signs are up allowing residents to get home. george evans says since he built his home in nineteen eighty. he's known construction was inevitable in early bird he enjoys his quiet time and morning coffee and a good eye for some time to add at this phase that out he feels the finished project will bring benefits once we get a bride to come play with baby to leave revenue would go straight out to queen valley mall and abby will that force stroud who ever says construction shakes her home she can't wait till it's done and the noise of the year and as you know what you get to that one can tell evryone of you know what to expect is that in virginia beach police brown thirteen years now. alright so this guy's overhead the road to take yet sign up for a live look from our sky view over the virginia beach oceanfront you see right there beautiful
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checking a there's a nip in those temperatures and racks of shoes down a lot from yesterday yes they were so spoiled now up seventy four degrees it was incredibly warm today we have the sunshine with temperatures much closer to normal let's take a look right now we should at the oceanfront this is over hampton on the peninsula beautiful weather skies are sunny and we do have the cooler conditions for a check the temperatures for you and as we take a look the temps are going to be as saying about a good fifteen to twenty degrees down from where we were yesterday across entire region right now forty nine at the airport and receive the stamps is obviously a little bit warmer which get away from the coach and temperatures in the mid fifties mid to upper fifties look into twenty four hour temperature change right now north down seventeen degrees from this time yesterday eighteen degrees cooler in petersburg were down eleven degrees in virginia beach ave c cooler day i'd just get through the day today. judges will top up pretty close to
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obviously it is warmer and we are enjoying the sunshine and will continue to do that but i'm also eyeing the next storm system as it's rolling through this entry us lots of snow from kansas or nebraska the dakota south dakota there into minnesota iowa and wisconsin that systems moving before we're going to see a chance for showers. i think a few thunderstorms tomorrow i'll say about that. the warm up for tomorrow and another cool down as we had weakened state. thank you so much new development in the deadly crash in norfolk one child died another suffered serious injuries when a minivan and a pickup truck collided last night i will today we have an update on the survivor seven year old can with twenty hits and kd and may be released soon reporter christine is rebecca is my the hospital christine you spoke with counts pamela qian sister tells me that he is still here in the icu department at c h katie she has a long road to recovery but he is
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finish his recovery as soon as tomorrow and of course the news were not as good for his best friend then nine year old boy that was also in the car we are told the family is absolutely devastated after the boy was pronounced dead here at the hospital and the qian sister tells me can actually still and doesn't know that his best friend is dead this the family is waiting to tell him just until he is feeling just a little bit better much more on this story of course will continue to update you throughout the day in more on the investigation from the police side of things live as soon as four p m tonight reporting live in norfolk or sears or j co thirteen years now. christina thank you for that update police released the name of the man killed in pedestrian vehicle accident last night they say thirty nine year old gilbert sanders from newport news died at the scene when a car hit him on west mercury blvd towards langley square shopping center. the driver was not heard the crash is
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word yet if the driver's seat the driver rather faces any charges and danger on the job for pizza delivery driver in portsmouth he was shot and this new endeavor the search underway to find those who pull the trigger police say the two armed individuals took cash and pizza for marshmallows delivery driver happened just before one thirty this morning on avondale road and beech daly road. this is just south of where i to sixty four crosses over victory boulevard were told the driver is ok if you have any information about the robbery call the crime line a new video this none of the coast guard in action watch as a crew rescues a sixty one year old woman from the cruise ship now this happened monday off the coast of cape hatteras that woman was unconscious helicopter crew rushed or six in terra nova general hospital she is still there this afternoon on the campaign trail all eyes are now on new hampshire ahead how the candidates are looking to carve out
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both are and ted cruz came out victorious in last night's caucuses that's right but on the democratic side it was a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and now all eyes were shifting to new hampshire abc's martha gonzalez has the latest hours after thoho first the room that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner the defeat in iowa we finished second and i want to tell you something i'm just honored its now all about new hampshire. this is now the center completely and shared with anyone else the center of the political universe. donald trump here trying to reclaim his frontrunner status following last night's loss to ted cruz and marco new vo working to maintain momentum after
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coming in a close third tommy the chance because my hair with gray enough in my boots were too high another iowa surprise result in the democratic race the closest ever in some precincts. it came down to the point all i see and hear tonight reading a big sigh of relief the hillary clinton only ahead of bernie sanders bio section of the coin will be gone tonight is a political revolution the law the eye could be a martin o'malley dropping out with weights but the rest of the candidates' campaigns now in full throttle in the granite state and some of them are ramping up here even before the caucuses were over bush casey can christie spent much of the weekend not in iowa but campaigning here in new hampshire hoping to get a head start on their opponents
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manchester new hampshire last night caucus was just the beginning of the race the white house february is a busy month for candidates next week new hampshire's can host its primaries in south carolina will hold its primaries on the twentieth and twenty seven. of course we'll be following all these important events and bring you full coverage right here in thirteen years now we know there's a push for compromise between two powerful politicians president obama
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information on that terrific murder of a thirteen year old virginia tech students are behind bars right now to texas a new details are
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may have known her alleged killers abc's of the program has later from luxor to virginia tech students behind bars held without bond in connection to the death of a thirteen year old girl from blacksburg virginia. she's a typical little girl talkative friendly look out for a lot of the younger kids that came in on the bus just sweet eighteen year old david eisenhower charged with kidnapping and premeditated murder police say he knew the victim as now use this relationship did manage to put in the killer o levels mom telling the washington post the police believe the thirteen year old man eisenhower online authorities believe level active on kick a messaging app which offers users anonymity and the ability to send photos eisenhower and engineering major and track star his high school principal remembering him as goal driven and focused and just very difficult to hear
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to speculate because again this allegation at this point it's very concerned the second student natalie keepers an engineering student who once interned at nasa accused of helping eisenhower get rid of the girl's body of the suspects in the most convincing her first appearance state level push the edge restaurant begins her bedroom door before climbing out of her window thousand joining the search for her but on saturday police discovered her body about eighty miles away in north carolina but was a pilgrim reporting officials are now searching a lake in blacksburg looking for any clues in this case president obama and house speaker paul ryan are set to meet one on one for the first time officials say the two are going to have lunch in the oval office after meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and men are expected to discuss the president's fiscal budget requests and areas of common legislative interest in
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office. another dose of wild weather sent a wall of the country in just ten days after severe winter storms hit the mid south and northeast another wave of severe weather could sweep across large areas of the country this is video of preparations and video of the last storm that hit us in fact right now it's a nebraska severe storms and tornadoes are possible for southern illinois indiana to louisiana mississippi and even alabama. the snow is the north central u s and parts of the great plains for our area is seeing over my shoulder sunshine beautiful when you look outside to really air temperatures aren't bad either when the fifties for most areas to forty nine at the airport i still think the official highs going to be pretty close to about fifty one degrees or so at the airport temperatures will fall off later this afternoon to keep this in mind in what areas are warmer right now looking at the mid fifties in several locations even upper fifties
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down sides as mainly clear becoming partly cloudy late and then clouds will increase tomorrow temperatures are also going to increase as we get south winds cranking up that's going to push temperatures back up in the lower seventies yesterday was so awesome with those temps in the mid seventies is obviously cooler today it will warm tomorrow and then cooler is going to settle in and stay with us for a while through the weekend right now so those warmer readings around something in williamsburg but those spots and fifty seven fifty eight in ten still breezy especially after a wall of tile and a twenty five mph gusts up there. augusta twenty three mph watch him are finding the winds ten to fifteen mph at the airport we give forty nine degrees as winds now north northeast at about ten the pressure is rising to take a look at these rare for the country things very quiet here were enjoying the sunshine out across the piedmont we did some cloud cover out that way but you keep going west across the mountains get into
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picking up some showers there you go farther north and was indiana illinois parts of missouri rain showers look at the snow on the backside of the system basically what we're looking at an area of low pressure spinning here it's trying colder air in behind and there's a front that extends down. this is gonna be a hot zone arkansas into louisiana parts of mississippi tennessee alabama that's where we're going to look for stronger possibly severe storms later as that system continues to creep eastward for our area today enjoy the sunshine again temperatures pretty pleasant for you to get into the future cassie saw the clouds earlier and kind of thin out now look for a little more cloud cover mainly out to the west to the late afternoon in and tomorrow we start to watch or showers continue to collect envelop out to the last heavy rain potentially in spots as we go past noon i think we're still drive for the most part
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new year is coming up in the south but through the afternoon scattered showers become more likely and with this front coming through and the warmth and humidity ahead of it. it may be setting up to produce a few stray storm that is a possibility. by early evening tomorrow night so you can bet jeff be watching this very carefully evan stewart will be alongside him to keep a close i do that and then as we get into thursday. most of the year in much the area in northwest rapid still chances for showers for coastal sections of north carolina maybe a couple showers of tort and the roads is why see that this flu that is we get into friday in the weekend drier conditions prevail. it is going to be cooler friday highs staying in the mid forties today fifty one mostly sunny temperatures a little warmer and one as i mentioned last night you're forty seven from our back up to seventy one mostly cloudy and warmer showers and storms likely during the afternoon and tomorrow night showers like the isolated storms may linger as we look over the next seven days adventures will be cooler
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forty four on friday that kevin jumps off the screen at you there and back in the upper forties to low fifties over the weekend that today's very big day take a look at a little bargain out there punxsutawney phil came out in the question was did he or did he not see shana learning as we learned how to answer in early spring. bravo you would know that's a prediction from the famous ground. meteorologists today that's right members of pocket on the phils top hat wearing inner circle turn to phil for his protection this happened just before seven thirty this morning we're all watching this. guess what he did not see a shadow like rex and that means the prediction is for an early spring with her. legend has it next time if phil sees a shadow on february second winter will last an additional six weeks and six and didn't notice a look at the satellite images it was pretty clear over punter. i don't know if they get the tv lights on when he
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off whenever an early spring i think a lot of folks will be happy and does he tell you he sees as a whole but also the year he got a degree from the van only urology groundhog day which secularists they don't think we know what it may not feel like winter out there but swimmers are still taking the chilly water for the polar prime lunch and coming up and tell you how you can do it don't help raise money for the special mom! baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh, i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff?
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our rights but not this will soon hit the ocean this weekend you know hundreds of people are going to be doing it. it's all for good causes the polar plunge festival and it's benefiting the special olympics virginia here to tell us more about their involvement in the event i've attended chris haskell and deputy jeremiah herald from chesapeake shares with us for being so welcoming family alright so first off we need to tell folks you have a big commitment and just pictures of su casa been very involved especially due to the torch run all of dr o'sullivan allows the platform to partake in special effects you around but the unique thing about the polar plunge is he actually does just say hey guys it's the republicans he loses into the waters for the south texas into the water fowl as hell didn't you know where you hold the baby seat on november seventeen shirts. well okay and it is going to be a little chilly out there but it does offer good cause and issue its actually a different location in the new location is the hilton
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year they've added a four mile run and have the little dash out there and with the opportunity to all of this you know we this helps the funds we raise from all the planters we help provide training for twenty over twenty thousand of which you're around so that you know cause it takes an entire world build a championship team so you know it's this beautiful event and i mean i know we're talking at all given the water in the cold but it honestly is i haven't done and i have to admit i haven't done it but watching the video i mean i know we've got to do it just says it it's like camaraderie everybody out there because it's all for such a great cause it is in situ haven't done and still time you come join us today though still time to start on the register of the website is www dot polar plunge dot com forward slash virginia beach and there's still time to register start on the joint and if there were people like me who doesn't want to get what i can still come out help support the causes while you can stomach and hands was on saturdays ten a m to two p m that a winter festival they
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do and what times the actual plunge. usually around two pm was the son gets up with catie least that way little bit right about is not their bodies and energize you know we got all athletes around as they are ready to go home which i make sure the entire team together. also if any the similar pre plunge the economy which are in the slot is really cold really cold but i know it's gonna warm your heart the mouth didn't seem that the libyans out there are also eleven that an incredible organization is to get a lot of our athletes loved one because we appear asking us about it so much that you are sure he he he loves it so much that was really easy for the entire farm to get behind them and it inspires everybody up special it is also definitely a great cause i write is going on this weekend so
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. and thank you for joining us for thirteen years now and then cindy parker lucy is on assignment at the monterey senior we begin this half hour with bill cosby in court right now cause the first and crucial hearing in a sexual assault case in pennsylvania is underway. defense lawyers are hoping to convince a judge to dismiss the case yet they claim that the charges filed against the comedian are illegal he says it was the car is in norristown pennsylvania with the details the bill cause be back in court this morning and by the end of the day he could learn it the criminal case against him will proceed or if you can avoid prosecution attorneys are fighting to have the case thrown out arguing cause we had a deal that he would never be charged last december just days before the statute of limitations was set to expire the embattled comedian was
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sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea cost and at his pennsylvania home in two thousand four of the dozens of women accusing caused the of sexual assault. this is the only criminal case filed against him cause he has denied all the allegations and in an interview with abc news last may cause be reacted to the allegations pouring in to have true in this business fifty two years and i will i've never seen anything like this. the defense is now asking the judge to dismiss the case saying the seventy eight year old struck a deal would benefit district attorney bruce castor in exchange for cobb's testimony in cost and civil suit no criminal charges could result from that testimony against cars be in his deposition cause the leader admitted he had a number of a fear is getting quite used to give to women he wanted to have sex with and econ stand pills at his home which he said were benadryl that testimony
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led to the criminal charges the new district attorney said the deal is not binding as it was never put in writing but today castor the former da is expected to confirm that agreement existed well coffee is yet to enter a plea has said his encounter with cost and it was consensual. it's currently out on one million dollars bail. it was before abc news north now to be an update now a uva students lawsuit against the state's department of alcohol beverage control video of marty's johnson being pinned to the sidewalk by abc agents went viral on social media last year. yesterday johnson's attorneys filed an amended complaint in the lawsuit attorneys added to the suit why they believe one of the special agents is liable for johnson's arrest and the emphasize that johnson did not know that the men were abc agents on you at noon in north carolina man is facing charges for his alleged connection to isis
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sullivan of morgantown was planning an islamic state inspired attack. he also charged with killing his neighbor prosecutor say sullivan admitted to taking a rifle from his dad to show that gun was used to kill his seventy four year old neighbor federal documents show sullivan was attempting to give material support to islamic state. learning of an incident where deer county deputies used a canine tell take down a burglary suspect daniel weaver is in jail right now. deputies responded to a call about a break and saturday in stopping point when deputies searched the home with a canine they say they found we were trying to climb out of a window after a short chase deputy scott weaver and no one was her they'll be a tough week for workers at newport news shipbuilding more than seven hundred employees are scheduled to be laid off tomorrow. all but a handful of them are hourly workers the move follows the layoffs of four hundred and eighty salaried workers last fall shipyard officials see a dip in the workload is possible
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it hopes to begin re hiring again in twenty seventeen were told the shipyard is providing benefits in helping affected workers find new jobs on you at noon after jamie staple is closing its doors this month our partners at the virginia power report charlie seafood restaurant the oldest restaurant in shore drive is closing down reports the restaurant known for it she crab soup opened its doors for the first time in nineteen forty six and on valentine's day this year it will close for good. under say business has been declining for several years they say there are not enough regular customers to sustain the business after closing the restaurant the family plans to rent out that building you are new to hampton police recruit is entering retirement after ten years of service. this is troy see where this train him to please tweeted this picture of the canine and his handler. no word yet on how the dog will spend his retirement a social media still buzzing about the iowa caucus results yet but it's
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that is coming back to bite him. we'll explain and you know what this guy in the background there is seen jumping up and down he's going to explain what this look is all about will find out more about sticking point
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. other winners in the iowa caucuses are not the only one it is trending this afternoon in a tram came in second in the republican iowa caucus
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consider it a victory but an old tweed shows he may not have always felt that way about second place chicken out from tweeted this message two years ago and said quote no one remembers who comes in second. that quote by the way from the lee professional golfer walter hagen and of the iowa caucus is taking over social media but one person in the background of a hillary clinton rally stole the spotlight last night check it out to the young person right there behind or will this video has gone viral online him out. eileen people to give him the moniker sticker kid right there in the back yes to political stickers on his face in the midst of really felt pretty funny. based on the weird expressions that he was looking through our national editor tracked him down and apparently he's eight drake university student and guess what undecided voters will
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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new at noon move over apple there's a new mega corporation making its way to number one alphabet google's parent company just surpass the current value of apple for that is said to be worth about five hundred seventy billion dollars that's about twenty five billion dollars more than apple tech giant has been losing revenue from there i pad and mac sales and officials say you can store to life saving information on you found that medics or police can actually access if you are unresponsive on your i phone. it's in the bottom left hand corner of the lock screen you can see the word emergency with the standard apple i phones we can save information include your name emergency contact in medical conditions and certain android phones actually come with similar apps for there are plenty online to choose from. well are you betting person a simulation of this year's super bowl predictions predicts the panthers will
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twenty four to twenty kg of the game predicts the panthers will pull up seventeen to nothing lead at halftime before the broncos scored twenty points to claim their first lead but with under a minute left. cam newton will drive into the endzone for a game winning touchdown. the makers of the game have a pretty solid track record when it comes to super bowl predictions they suggested nine out of the last twelve winners correctly. hopefully the numbers i end up with the money on gas and head supporting their favorite right coming up why a bunch of bo jingles workers are traveling across the country right now. plus if you're craving pizza or electric stay tuned we'll take you to
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i in a boat angles as going a bomb in a play on to make sure that
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home in california as we speak. the fast food chain is making its way across the country in a bo jingles band to make sure that the team has carolina sweet tea on friday. jingles is doing the trick to using the hashtag be ready for this team for panther niche area it's lunch time and were highlighting the best pizza spots in hampton roads today its northeastern where viewers pointed us to a restaurant that's been around for a very long time. earlier we told you about the employee who'd been there for decades and now we hear from the customers fifty nine years at azalea in pizza on east little creek road in norfolk has to change the way they make pizza. i am very picky tastes like and what isn't about the pizza that keeps customers returning year after year. all right right here that's the secret sauce. they still won't tell me what city certainly tell
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love it. remember the days when the pizza maker throughout the dough with finger. no more they have a pizza roller allen needs it to repubs are hundreds of pieces every day but the lady back there again with the full range of food the game room greets the family atmosphere that people are also friendly will be a dull side the bar on to have an afternoon cocktail been mostly the food and so you might remember this face camille york is a teacher grady high school coastal virginia magazine named her a top teacher twenty four t and she is also a former employee now we don't technically work or the tummy was in the secret sauce. now the home team and everybody's loyal bill would reveal that secret sauce to which we also tasted a tiny one hour and all the pizza so there goes our rights we have a couple of places that tell you the dish into a zillion we
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street pizza and antonio's italian restaurant tea. now those are some of the disciplines will tell you about all of them are in the norfolk area a lot of people commented on our facebook page to tell us hey this pizza is great that pizza is great. everybody loves their pets at the spca there are very territorial and say there are many many great pizza places in the or just highlighting some of the side that were unique and fantastic highly rated all these different takes from our take is the pencil i am hampton and newport news to yes and let's get that we don't like it and they all were all pretty like you when you consider how nice the weather was yesterday it's beautiful out there today and it's a lot cooler but still above normal beautiful weather yesterday were saying our spot on forecasts is that some spots yesterday we hit seventy or warmer while yet we were that will work out beautifully. the forecast now stands six spot on forecasts in a row today for the afternoon we were say an
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about twenty degrees from where we were yesterday and for the year four were looking at an official high around fifty one maybe fifty two so we should be while below as we take a look at the after that should extend the streak to seven will see what tomorrow's high back up to seventy one so does one back of the chill notice showers and thunderstorms begin spring like weather but you know if you hear hampshire as you've been here for awhile we can get some pretty good storms having that could be the case tomorrow evening a chance for showers and some heavier downpours maybe a few rumbles of thunder in that next thursday will be cooler shower still likely for north carolina and i think a few showers perhaps for hampton roads as well especially early today sun shines out there right now forty nine degrees north northeast wind ten mph the pressure is rising. we had a cold front settled the area last night i was actually out walking with my wife last evening that front came across and you could feel the time. why do you feel the wind in
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took place last night i shot some showers all that's gone looking out to the west so different deal here we do have a system that is center right now the main area of low pressure actually back over kansas. but this eerie add had that accompanying from which extends down across the south central us this is the area that is likely to see some strong or possibly severe weather especially this area enhanced threat from kentucky down through tennessee into alabama and mississippi very good chances for strong or possibly severe weather so that's for this afternoon will keep a close i do that as that system moves eastward the chances for storms will come this way as well. so today were pretty good shape as i mentioned we will see the decent amounts of sunshine through the afternoon and evening mainly clear tomorrow clouds increase here comes the rain rolling in during the afternoon and evening initially at the last chance for showers and storms by thursday morning still
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those showers we should see the improvement so as we go thursday night into friday will look forward to that said m tuesday st closed fifty one of the airport warmer and when the sun is right now mid to upper fifties was a nineteen forty seven the showers and storms late tomorrow evening. cooler weather after
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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checkered tablecloth and get ready to mangia, because we're serving up our favorite italian recipes old-school-style. michael's putting his spin on a classic cocktail that tastes like a roman holiday in a glass. then, mario's frying up a crispy cheesy bite. and he's doing it with superstar kermit the frog. speaking of superstars, clinton kelly's back at the table and ready to chow down. plus, carla's whipping up a family favorite dessert packed with layer after layer of ooey-gooey sweetness. we're bringing a taste of little italy to you, right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] hello. welcome to "the chew." maybe i should say ciao, because today, we're channeling italian
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