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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the minivan in the crash today we're learning more about the circumstances of the accident christina's vertigo joins us now in the studio and chrissy may you learn the nine year old who died was wearing a seat at three investigators with norfolk police department ellis they are certain that lucas ballard the nine year old boy who died yesterday was wearing his seatbelt before he was injected out of his mom's car. those who know ballard tell if they are devastated. this includes the family of his best friend kiana climbing the climbing is the seven year old boy who was sitting right next to lucas in the car when the crash happened can separate from bruised lungs but is expected to fully recover. qian sisters spoke to me earlier today she was visiting her brother she tells me they're going to wait until he is at the hospital to break the devastating news to his best friend died yesterday from their room or from
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known for he was playing with going away into the right on the helpless though the italians who wants no part because ballard's friends and family are mourning their loss of course and we are learning more about the child will have more for you in about an hour christine's for taiko thirteen years now. all right plenty of sunshine today throughout hampton roads right now we have a terrific view from the chamberlain in hampton. not quite as warm as yesterday but was still had a temperatures right now running twenty three degrees colder than yesterday because it wasn't too bad considering the essay was so warm tomorrow we go right back the other way will add another twenty maybe twenty three back on to get up close to what we were looking at yesterday. this is another view from hampton the last was the chamberlain this one is a little closer to the downtown area and as you can see lot of sunshine on that one as well the forecast as we go through is going to continue to really call for more the same. there's nothing on radar right now so that's
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the case as we get to the evening hours you can see putting emotion. there has been nothing out there throughout the day either little bit maybe a sprinkle activity there you go way off shore over the gulfstream avenue pointed out yesterday how we get that occasionally this time of year i said i was running twenty three colder it was as a five minutes ago when i checked right now are down twenty five degrees officially in norfolk twenty two in newport news twenty in chesapeake there's a twenty three though in virginia beach. but again that just turns right around and goes the other direction. so tonight chilly temperatures dropping down a little ways early and then actually rising toward morning and look at the difference is seven o'clock in the morning you're out there even early heading off to work or school fifties verses earlier tonight it's going to be in the forties and we just continue to go up up up from their approach seventy will that bring rain
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heavier thunderstorms well when i come back. ice after classes were dismissed early today for students on benton county public schools officials released the stains the superintendent says someone phoned in a bomb threat a threat didn't mention a specific school bomb sniffing dogs from chesapeake. tuck the buildings this afternoon the dawson find anything and the schools will reopen tomorrow and the normal time seven police arrested a man in connection to a rite aid armed robbery of eighteen forty seven year old lawrence claire in the custody faces armed robbery and felony gun charges police say claire walked into the rite aid on north main street near west constance wrote last month and told the pharmacy technician to hand over drugs no one was hurt in the robbery and right now claire's held without bond at the western tidewater regional jail will learn new details in the dock and a thirteen year old girl and
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in this case look all levels mother and blacksburg officials held a news conference today the commonwealth's attorney revealed a preliminary cause of death as stabbing she said the thirteen year old girl died on january twenty seventh the same day her mother reported her missing virginia tech students david eisenhower and natalie keepers are tarzan novels taft eisenhower faces a first degree murder charge authorities changed and charges against natalie keepers to accessory before the fact the cole's mother talked about her daughter nicole was very lovable person. nicole has many people throughout her short life is heartbroken mom also talked about her daughter's struggles in life but also talked about her past to thorpe and does and music authorities did not give a
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nicole's body in surry county north carolina on saturday with a construction project could cause major delays for your daily commute right now a busy section of lynn haven parkway in virginia beach is closed and drivers are already seeing delays the closure begins at albright drive and ends that dalrymple street and as elise brown reports is area will open again anytime soon neighbors seem to have really mixed emotions about this construction. some saying they think it'll improve the area while others call it a headache news is that me a headache when is going on in his view bigger headache has completed before we know some interruption dead some inconvenience but we know. overall it's a workout than virginia beach public works is embarking on a lane. the construction project from now until september starting at nine am when even parkway between
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street will be closed the two lane road will eventually be for roger east round has lived in the area since the eighties and isn't pleased with the road expansion on the highway crews are installing a water line is sanitary and storm sewers and sidewalks. detour signs are up allowing residents to get home. george evans says since he built his home in nineteen eighty. he's known construction was inevitable in early bird he enjoys his quiet time and morning coffee and a good eye for some time to add at this phase that out he feels the finished project will bring benefits once we get a bride to come play with baby to leave revenue would go straight out the green bow mall and out the robot force stroud however says construction shakes her home she can't wait till it's done the yen was on the year and as you know what you get to that one can tell evryone of
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that in virginia beach police brown thirteen years now and now let's talk about more traffic trouble not necessarily related to construction now this is going to be a problem on the peninsula if you're headed from hampton newport news we got big trap the trouble and will l ad for thirteen years now traffic camera you can see here six sixty four south just past palette in parkway or you can see a multi vehicle crash right now blocking the two left lanes of the right shoulder is blocked as well tracking down one lane at this point and we're already dealing with the half mile back up that will continue to grow. keep an eye to this and let you know how it shapes up throughout the afternoon rush for now we head back to the traffic network maps. you also see the lace six sixty four north headed to sixty four west and that is due to construction out there both sides of the hr bt and a breakdown in newport news seventeen south of the jr be as you head to isle of wight county right now the right lane is blocked so we got issues but all of our medium between the south side of
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in just a few minutes as a thank you helen is you can't wait for the super bowl were about to say is something special will be peyton manning in the denver broncos or candles and the carolina panthers who become football's new champion. well if you are big football fan or someone in your houses chances are you or they can only dream of being at the big game this sunday check out what's happening to one lucky fan her story is getting a lot of buzz on social media and elisa is here to pass along the details get married now for this girl i just eleven years old margot mosley is a rising star wide receiver and a die hard san francisco forty niners fan with a huge super bowl dreams listener getting a chance to fill efforts to fulfill some of her dreams trying to be a great quarterback is like trying to be great in the knitting of the batam on the menu was in uk run a lot so that was marla mostly just her and she's the winner of the nfl play sixty super bowl
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to play for sixty minutes a day an effort to tackle childhood obesity. so as a super kit marlowe she gets to go out to the game run the game ball out before the super bowl kickoff and she's getting a role of a lifetime as a good morning america special super bowl corresponding got pretty pretty amazing package and amazing to only be eleven years old and already heading to the super bowl so we will keep you updated on my lo's journey throughout the weekend back to you thanks lisa i have major round of shipyard layoffs are on the horizon for hundreds of newport news ship building workers losing their jobs what this means for the industry and for the many people who took offense to their careers the votes already we have a caucus
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. by now it s a big there's a meeting
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the field of interest residents who live near the field were invited to attend navy officials are discussing verified to the sample drinking water from private wells close to the facility testing revealed firefighting foam the navy used in past training activities tainted the water adventurous now the navy provided bottled water for people working at centers but now officials plan to test drinking water off base to see it if it is also a fact artists official hillary clinton and ted cruz won the iowa caucuses it was an especially tight race between clinton and bernie sanders so where we stand now in the race for the white house i spoke with abc political analysts cookie roberts about rob sanders rubio cruz and a relieved. hillary clinton i think that she and her campaign is today saying look bernie sanders said that if
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with anna it was a big turnout. she was the enthusiasm he said would make a big difference there was enthusiasm and she still won. so even though she only won by a hair she didn't win under those circumstances what would you say was last night's big a surprise but ted cruz best in donald trump in the end was certainly a surprise and one that day he did pretty handily and then marco rubio almost making it to second place over trump also is a big surprise and one that will serve rubio in good stead going forward how much would this second place finish for donald trump houses that deflate him going in to new hampshire with some of it is is you know as psychological and i would not pretend to handle fox said donald trump at first he did
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the air this morning has been tweeting away in his usual style and are taking on the press and say no we didn't we didn't give sufficient attention to his strong showing in the fact that he was a self financed campaign and he's got a big rally tonight new hampshire where you can expect to hear those same so he sounds like he's pumping himself up again all right well thank you so much we appreciate your analysis is always i'd check your outlets microsoft is recalling more than two million power chords the recall includes courts for the surfers part of the surface pro two and surface pro three computers officials in the cords can overheat and potentially sparking fires are shocking users the less the consumer products safety commission says users reported fifty six incident so far. if you bought your corner before
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call microsoft for a replacement. all right we have generally fair conditions out there right now nothing really to track on raider we should do that or let's let's move right on the current conditions it is forty eight degrees right now it will be warmer than that when you get up in the morning at least a lot of spots anyway when's at least northeast that's been keeping us cool cooler today much cooler than yesterday. they will swing around to southerly and be very brisk by morning and that's why we're going to see those readings climbing during the overnight the fall little bit this evening and then the rise pretty distinctly again little bit later on tonight right now thirty point thirty one inches of mercury is the current their metric pressure reading time lapse back to this morning shows couple high thin clouds early. lots and lots of sunshine as we went to the afternoon hours and really now in the evening as well. we're just seeing more the saint is clear skies abundant sunshine for
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around five thirty ish give or take a few minutes i believe newport news capture right now fifty one forty eight as we said in norfolk wind off the water keeping it slightly cooler there. what's a czech couple of other locations that we bring hampton up there a little bit cooler and there they are forty eight again because that wind off the water sinking up and watch a pre when she got a handle and less effect obviously of the bay or the ocean or any of the bodies of water and so it's actually way up in the fifties right now almost pushing six the far interior sections there are viewing area in north carolina so here's what i was talking about with the wind notice it coming in out of the east this evening the temperatures begin to drop and then a little bit later we shift more to a southerly wind here is south easterly at six fifteen i believe it'll even be on the south south east and as a result temperatures will rise a little bit and then quickly rise tomorrow we're going to go right back to readings that are fairly similar to what we saw yesterday pushing seventy. so
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warmer than what we saw today here comes the line of showers a few very isolated showers and head of the main batch but then during the evening tomorrow will see some of the showers and even heavier thunderstorms potentially move through some of that rain will linger into early in the day on thursday and temperatures will continue to fall thursday so it all upside down to my temperatures go up or even tonight just go up overnight and then they go down during the day couple of days from now lot of severe weather expected out in areas the deep south after the temptress to mark twenty degrees warmer that sore spot on forecast for today it was that after the temperatures would be at least twenty degrees cooler and we are twenty three degrees colder as of three p m sat make seven in a row forecasts them for a night fifty with temperatures rising to that number breezy and milder than the seven day forecast calls for seventy one tomorrow some late afternoon or more like evening especially showers and storms little
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thursday and temperatures falling to forty seven and then a chance of showers after that morning showers still possible the second week system on friday and then picture stay fairly close to where they should be as we head into the weekend i thank you it makes a salute to all of you adults who are positive influences on children and we know there are great teachers and
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. i welcome back everybody. isn't it great when our kids dive right in and set goals usually they get the strength they need from adults in their lives to serve as mentors positive influence. well the bond between a j west and a swim coach leslie paul is pure gold. aj thirteen want to be the next big olympic star from hampton roads. he could end up making his mark sunday
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dedication and support. take a look it's no easy thank you mark would get to know his name now that's the uh because aging west plans to make a big splash. i want to be in the bedroom i would want to do it for his number one fan he says here mom screaming the one who'll even in the water the night through the night and the boy had a bio lists the aj is also lucky to have someone else on inside pitches in one butterfly have to do a great time to time to every teacher every two steps to the top
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mostly paul brings tough love to see everything at the two together to the men and the wife and venerated to get a compliment for something for a nice job. thank you not remember the day that each and every time they did a great fight and they get a leg another mother to me they met three years ago when we get lovely runs he went for a week and just resurfaced last september one to learn to swim competitively with the awesomeness. he has a natural feel for the water he strongly feels he can achieve a strange thing to support them whole and about torre makes or mars outside and that is a great bond i went to swim meets on saturdays and also supporting a j the tense front one canals they were there about a half dozen of them cheering him along he told me that means alot to have to do. he did a great job saving a lot of time off of has a different competition that i'd like to add leslie paul
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years ago so she's a great role model for a lot of people young and old fats all sick at the young age is thirteen years old eagles the lansdowne middle school and leslie swim camp is called rats and that's really awesome people swimming really awesome people swimming thousand animation point now is good and high five s goes with it haha when taking a stand fighting for the very air we breathe families will converge on richmond tomorrow to call for lawmakers to take action on
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speaking with i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . . i'm glad friday is at hand for more than seven hundred workers at new party shipbuilding tomorrow they will get laid off is a big impact of course
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and the shipyard itself and certainly not good news for the local economy by cutting joins us with details. jenna regina sadly this is not the first round is the second round of cuts for newport news the company already eliminated four hundred eighty jobs back in september now this and there could still be more there are the world's only maker of nuclear powered aircraft carriers despite that distinction seven hundred thirty eight workers will be gone wednesday from newport news shipbuilding laid off as feared. well in the summer when they first gave us the newsroom we're anticipating that it was well below the fold so it would be aces. maybe it's never good for people lose their jobs there's a short term costs which is all the money that these people would have been spending the economy in grocery stores and barber shops and other businesses christopher newport university associate professor of finance and economics dr tom hall says the long term impact could be
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elsewhere to find work and never come back they may be leaving maybe leaving newport news and hampton roads area and that's a long term effect if we lose that human capital unfortunately this might not be the end of the pain and a letter to workers back in december shipyard president matt mohair and wrote. we still anticipate additional layoffs but it's too early to know how many people will be impacted and precisely when it will happen. steelworkers union vice president charles bybee is worried we'll hope for this but with us. o insert is still up in the shipyard has said the total number of layoffs could reach fifteen hundred meaning if that number held the math is that another two hundred eighty two people could be let go. now a series of food drives for the laid off workers has already been planned the first one on the southside is thursday february eighteen from one thirty p m until three thirty p m at the iron workers union hall at fifty three o seven
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in norfolk. the first one on the peninsula is wednesday february twenty four from ten a m to three p m at the steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight at four three o six huntington avenue in newport news reporting live mike and thirteen is now stands at a middle school in blacksburg are uniting to pay tribute to their classmate nicole level the thirteen year old girl disappeared last week and police found her body in north carolina virginia tech students david eisenhower and natalie keepers are charged in her death the young girl's classmates left notes and messages and drawings for nicole and her family throughout the school building. the principal is asking students to wear blue throughout the week to honor nicole as it was her favorite color and additional counselors are at the school for the students well above normal temperatures for the second day in a row this week and the groundhog did not see his shadow a live look from the sky view bbq
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cooler than yesterday. take a look of the sun shining on those waves they're a tough day yesterday absolutely right it was warmer than normal today but only by a few degrees yesterday twenty five degrees or more above normal cell lot of sunshine today again not nearly as warm as yesterday but not bad especially if you are sort of protected from a little bit of that ne breeze. we didn't have as much of a wind chill there's nothing on radar right now nor do we expect there to be tonight or the first half of tomorrow by later tomorrow that's going to begin to change. meanwhile temperatures will drop this evening from where they are now back down into and through the forties will get down into the mid forties in most locations by late evening and then once we get past midnight they're going to start to go up. at first it'll just sort of stabilize and grow up slowly but then what more significantly i think we're going to close to fifty degrees and a lot of spots by morning when you're waiting out there de busstop are heading off for rush hour so again me the jacket but
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during the course of the afternoon hours tomorrow so with that work there will come some showers and maybe even heavier thunderstorm have all those details coming up aren't they said ashley is tracking some problems on the peninsula and hampton headed to newport news was that sixty four south big accident that really has improved since last time we checked it was kind of mess then the backup to kyle getting worse and his points on one help folks out if you are headed in that area to try to avoid if you can maybe use the jr be if you're headed from newport news to the south side but i do want to dig into what still working out there in case you just have to go that way when i show you what you can expect the couple live looks at it white or purse camera now and we see at this point he made a slight improvement of the last time i saw the camera is six sixty four south n hampton just past palette and parkway multi vehicle crash right now looks like it may just be blocking the left lane. i still see some eye issues here on the right shoulder as well as that starts to clear up but
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backup all the way to the sixty four interchange again to have this outside but when he is a g or b instead and i'll keep you posted on facebook twitter and right here on thirteen years now. smoking marijuana inside businesses are clubs might be banned in dc officially the push is coming from the dc council the law would only apply to facilities that charge a membership fee people advocating for relax marijuana laws want to carve out an exception that keeps pot smoking to people's homes possession of up to two ounces in the home has been legal in our nation's capital since early last year while clean air is on the top of the agenda for the month of the summit's in richmond tomorrow morning. families will call on lawmakers to protect virginians from air pollution and climate disruption to our pasts caruso for moms clean air force joins us now to talk more about the summit of you have a bunch of moms in richmond change is going to
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legislators will listen to their mothers that is for sure because of the risks that you're taking a look at here. so what we look at as we wanna make sure that we are combating climate change and air pollution to protect our children's health. so first and form as one of our largest campaigns that were working on the methane campaign we apply the epa for the work of aids and to limit police and the methane pollution from oil and gas industry for new and proposed plants but we want to urge them to do now is to take action on existing sources of oil and gas plants that are leaking methane we have a camping can plug the leaks hashtag plug the leaks and you can take action on our website on mon www dot moms clean air force tied a word and find all of our actions that you can participate and we expect to be in your corner when she retreats well we had some amazing delegates and representatives in virginia we've worked
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the wave on protecting our coast from sea level rise. so we will find their efforts and really look forward to eid said tipping those guys and giving them an applause we see them smile and we often think about children with asthma they are most at risk during the humid conditions when there's a lot of pollution in the air that state and so that's one of our number one priorities as our children's health. so at our cot press conference i will have dr sam and i do the will speak about pediatric asthma and the risks our children take which is why we want to reduce these methane pollution limits and i are so that our children can breathe cleaner air not tomorrow not in a couple of years but today let's make these differences for children at home moms air force can we find you on social media outlet you can you can find us and i clean out mom's on twitter moms clean air force's us on facebook and instagram so please follow us and again you can find this on www dot moms clean air force got a word with over six hundred thousand members
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alone we have over fourteen was now four thousand so join in the forests not smile at this time to legislators and tell them that they need to listen to their mothers said that right we're listening to chad thanks so much they kill myself thank you ladies on the attack against isis that's one of the headlines are watching for you right now on usa today dot com to us the strikes to start a radio station operated by isis it happened in afghanistan near the pakistan border. isis has emerged in afghanistan in the past year the radio station was broadcasting illegally spray the group's extremist message issuing threats to journalists and attempting to recruit young men to join them. reports are those airstrikes killed twenty one people isn't a cover for north korea to engage in banned long range missile tests. that's what the un and critics are saying about the north's plans to launch an earth observation rocket later this month. instead many think this is the way to further north korea's nuclear and missile programs and
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the smithsonian institution will open the national museum of african american history culture on september twenty fourth in washington if you want to make the three hour road trip to have a weeklong celebration including an outdoor festival on the national mall louisiana have a collection of exhibits to trace the history of slavery segregation civil rights and often americans achievements in the arts entertainment sports and the military. president obama will be there he'll attend the dedication and help be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. can we say yes to be nice and well the people who want president obama stops are making big news on social media right back up from that very tight race on the democratic side to ted cruz trumping donald trump on the republican side. elise is backtracking the campaign trail on line i said this before but i'll say it again the candidates are really taking to social media selection to really push their campaigns and communicate with supporters take a look at what i mean hillary clinton's campaign
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pledge your support with a crow congratulations text message bernie sanders said the political revolution is just starting to that right after the event last night and of course donald trump took this opportunity to recap his experience and i one says anything to get a nice job loss of others joining in on the conversation as well and judging by the amount of re tweets and favorites these are getting the closing scenes on social are just as important as opening ones are thanks elisa and in virginia the deadline to register to vote his summary eighth to vote in either of the presidential primary elections held next month residents must register to vote or submit any change of address no later than february eight mailed voter registration applicants must be postmarked on or before that date in person voter registration is available at voter registrars offices i coming of the methods behind the new trend of body sculpting but doctor say about the medical procedure
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fix to weight loss and
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i take a closer look at your screen and crews are at a house explosion in new york the town supervisor size of a car ran into local life and had a gas line then the house exploded in a worse as it was the owner of the house who hits the gas line that man and his wife got out of the house right next door and called nine one one. police say no one was injured and the explosion a washington d c to jacksonville florida was restrained after attacking another passenger into flight attendants the us attorney's office report said thirty six year old joseph michael sharkey is charged with assault or intimidation of a flight crew while in route to florida them and verbally assaulted another passenger
4:39 pm
in a headlock and thus according to a criminal complaint. he then fought with two flight attendants before he could be restrained and authorities suspect that sharkey was drunk. sharkey was arrested once the plane landed at united airlines is trying to bring back a bit of the friendly skies the airline will now allow families with young children to board early united previously forced families to board with everybody else since it revamped its boarding process four years ago unicef is asking for a nine million dollars to curb the spread of the cold virus and lessen its impact and babies in their families meanwhile swiss international airlines says female flight attendants and pilots one be required to fly to brazil that they don't want to because of the z virus outbreak. the swiss carrier says in a statement that it is advising any pilot or member of the cabin crew who was and the phase of family planning to speak with
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flying to brazil when dieting and working out are not getting the results you want some people are turning to a body sculpting but doesn't work. abc's martha gonzalez has more for millions this and yes and this just never seem to go lay no matter how much the diet or hit the gym but no doctors across the country saying losing stubborn fat specifically from those problem areas is as easy as this with some cool new technology is already one to the heating up the body sculpting industry some freezing others melting away fat cells with no surgery and no pain with procedures so fast they can be done over a lunch break go on with my daily activities right afterwards
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lost a pant size after one school church treatment and is back for another firm up even more. it's life changing and boost my confidence sculpture has only been available since september and since then dr lawrence bass as his patients both women and men have seen huge results that last week the fed up enough to make the fat cells miserable and kill and that fat than is removed from the body over a month that she was gone for good. those fat cells are john does and chad had similar results with another non surgical treatment called cool sculpting that destroys fat cells by freezing them and i notice i can fix the pants better that's really pretty amazing and this isn't just for the waistline. this is a really great way to improve the look of your profile pricing for these hot and cold treatments generally started around a thousand dollars abc news senior medical contributor dr jen
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fda approved treatments the risks are minimal but she stresses these treatments are for weight loss just body shaping and she urges some caution. take your time do your research and most of all have realistic expectations but patients utilise their expectations were met and already decreed winter coats for bathing suits with only one complaint it's like how this life in twenty years ago that we have to settle i want to know marci gonzalez abc news new york i as groundhog day he would do some body sculpting but earlier today pennsylvania's most famous groundhog punxsutawney phil failed to see his shadow when this means an early spring is on its way and the warmer temperatures are making it feel like spring and jeff has more on the forecast nose is running by to get my punxsutawney phil accuracy predictor and it's about
4:43 pm
look at long range like you'd expect with something silly like that. let's take a look at the actual forecast and as you can see we're talking about clear skies across the region right now and clear skies were pretty picture here you can see our sky looking down to the south there along the virginia beach area there's rudy inlet actually sew a little wave action down there with that win coming on shore for this evening temperatures dropping nearly as low as they're going to get all night down in the mid forty s under partly cloudy skies we are going to see breezy and chilly weather that ne win continuing to make it feel even colder than the actual air temperature when you factor that and it's called when schilling will be well down into that let's say upper thirties are near forty degrees here does that little bit of onshore wind keeping those temperatures dropping to the forties i said generally fair conditions this evening that's why called partly cloudy by later is that we will have a shift in the win more of the southeast and that
4:44 pm
brings in some of the clan is that well south of us and brings and not only some that moisture but some warmer air temperatures will be rising toward morning and be up already at least near fifty degrees by about seven o'clock maybe even slightly higher than that quickly up here sixty already by some of the pilots say the end of rush hour some the middle schools i know are still out going to school around nine nine thirty then you're going to notice tempers all wet near seventy by afternoon so that's quite a bit milder than today and here comes a line of showers and even a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow evening but i think we'll get another area of low pressure forming along and continue into thursday. not just in the morning the heaviest will be in the morning or anytime of day down across north carolina but those readings will fall during the day down into the forties so our highs tomorrow will be overnight lows the next day will be in the afternoon is just all turned upside down because of this very powerful storm will
4:45 pm
out and these are tornado watches in effect from just west of birmingham all the way up into parts of kentucky and a couple states' westward from there. so tonight breezy and milder temperatures rising to near fifty later tonight from the forties easterly winds it and becoming southerly or south easterly and twenty and then the most ugly wins a fifteen to twenty five gusting to thirty five windy and warm up near seventy. a few showers or couple of thunderstorms late in the day and then during the evening in the seven day forecast calls for forty cents a letter that rising to fifty overnight and then you're seventy one but then falling from the fifties to forty seven during the day on thursday with the heaviest rain in the morning or down in north carolina anytime today forty four friday and we get a pretty typical weekend terms the temperatures on local life just like very much elise is actually flipping a coin to see was the one to
4:46 pm
a question ask you guys we all know college is expensive so did you have any jobs when you are in college i love cardmaking and my niece and then the hats on an am radio station was a dj with i knew i was one of the recruitment coordinators for the school as are making a stipend for the science that from the okay to live the uninteresting story one student at emerson college decided to think outside the box to make a little bit of money. he listed his dorm room on air b and b in january or so people could explore boston. that's right seems harmless but not so fast. err bmt made him take the kids down i didn't find him a hundred and fifty dollars and are now saying the university saying he could face disciplinary action from the school the students as he did this because lots of people travel in his neighborhood because of its central location. he also says it wasn't just
4:47 pm
to help people out as well so there's a change dot org petition and now has two hundred and seventy eight supporters as of tuesday in the petition said that the school is leaving several charges of misconduct against him which could result in disciplinary action as extreme as his dismissal from the school know others have taken to social media in reaction to the situation using the hashtag jack work free jack works a lot of difference of different opinions on this head over to our visa page to let us know to think about that great for this the last story you really need to stop we are doing and take a look at this video. yes this is a one year old snowboarding on the state got in for a second high school president and no big deal so so la henderson's parents started teaching this one year old how to snowboard as soon as she could walk literally just one month ago and it's fitting since the two of them are snowboarders themselves so that now looks like shaun white has some competition on
4:48 pm
of videos on youtube saying even see her progress in other business not crying or freaking out like we know the sun i can even sew it so that is due at any pace you at next months after its major website hack putting forty million users at risk online dating service. ashley madison pushes and the website feature that story ahead. then on thirteen years now and five a nine year old boy is dead and a seven year old is in the hospital after a deadly crash a norfolk hear from the surviving victims family
4:49 pm
. the it's a dating website hack to last summer exposing millions of people cheating on their spouses is rolling out a new feature the ashley madison website would now like to add a mask to your profile picture but still uses face
4:50 pm
determine where to place the mask on your photo after the hack the company assured its members that it has worked hard to tighten its security protocols and that's all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now with more on contaminated water concerns but still in shock them about him as a christ centered seven year old boy to the hospital and kills his nine year old friend the big question tonight were the boys buckled and we're going to norfolk police for answers is a four year old unsolved murder case in elizabeth city for the first time we're hearing new details about who police are looking at and what may have happened inside this home mother overwhelmed by grief with very little for her thirteen year old girl
4:51 pm
just came out in the murder investigation. tonight a seven year old boys in the hospital with brooms long's a concussion and swelling on his brain chemically a nine year old lucas ballard were riding in a van that crashed in office yesterday. ballard was thrown from the van and did not survive. christina's for j co talk with mcclain his family she joins us live outside say shady with new details on the grass look ancestor tells me that family is extremely thankful that he is expected to be okay she might even be released from the hospital here as early as tomorrow meanwhile police are working hard to figure out what caused this crash. a heartbreaking facebook posts from other dad just lost her son she and ballard posted this picture of nine year old son luke is writing rest in peace my son. mommy loves that has died after a truck crashed into his mother's car in or fake. on monday evening
4:52 pm
collision the ballard family minivan crashed into a pole lucas and his friend were ejected from the backseat of suicide bombers out of him as the seven or the sheer look twenty seven year old brother qian was sitting right next to lucas at the time of the crash although qian was also ejected he survived a hip bruise long and they had a breathing treatment for his longest of the help people better and he had a concussion and yes some of the swelling in his brain but the swelling going down it seems now is looking pretty good. dionne might have a long road to recovery but his family is just thankful he's alive. police were unable to determine whether he was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash while on the other hand investigators say luke is definitely was buckled up to their records and found out that his best when only thing he was playing with our no
4:53 pm
case but i'm told that could
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