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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that we get water that sap from the well and not from the pipes. it's the start of a process that will take place at dozens of properties around features field crews are on well water samples to check for high levels of pf in firefighting foam the needy used in training for years. recent testing showed large amounts of pf the landing. it was used to treat things like rappers for fast food it was used in styrofoam containers it's been used for floor wax with johnson with the environmental protection agency says exposure to pf sees is common and not necessarily unsafe consuming especially through water could be some studies involving lab animals like the compound her problems including elevated cholesterol and low birth weight my son owns an ngo in a brand that is sure to head the little ones over a month ago and they haven't had any yet. i don't know whether got anything to do without attending carter has owned his farm in chesapeake for
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because of the well water smell and taste the only thing it brings in my places of horses and the kids even adults don't get a drink. dr nancy wells with the health department says the potential health risks to people are clear neither is the amount of contamination via sea levels retreating adventurous was done were high levels farther out on the strut significantly encouraging indicator. i'm very optimistic that in this ring will look in a half now that we're going to see an even greater reduction in water sampling begins wednesday and will run through thirty two this month results are due back in march and then another public meeting will be scheduled for sometime after that in chesapeake brian farrell thirty news now new tonight a shooting victim in newport news makes it to a nearby house for help. it happened just before seven o'clock tonight a police officer on patrol heard several gunshots. seconds later a call came in about a shooting in the area of thirty first street and oak avenue told officers found a
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suffering from gunshot wounds and injuries may be life threatening but we know he was conscious at the time police had no information yet on a suspect. also new tonight a family home severely damaged by a fire in chesapeake a viewer sent this picture showing large flames coming from the house. this happened just after nine o'clock tonight on laurel avenue off of indian river road were told everyone got out safely. two people were displaced. no word on how the fire started. there will be school tomorrow on the eastern shore classes were dismissed before noon public schools the superintendent says someone phoned in a bomb threat but that threat did not mention a specific school bomb sniffing dogs from the buildings this afternoon and did not find anything we're told. students should report at their normal time tomorrow take a look at this video is of a bird rescue from the giant net at top golf in virginia beach. top
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and entertainment venue just love abide to sixty four are usually people at the facility are trying to see how far they can hit some golf balls but tonight there was something else catching people's eyes she couldn't there for days singing before she eventually died. we have been the driving range a top golf in virginia beach was and female lead in the grounds that the kind of fur but this time instead of flying it was trapped in nets at the silly surrounded by more than one hundred feet of black netting can robert says that can be hard for birds to see she's a volunteer with the virginia spca looks like c came flying in and headed for the water and i see that black netting they don't see they don't see that very well so we rescue re ten is black netting along with the fire department top coffee and animal control. roberts came out to see what she could do
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nothing seemed to work and to be called a tree service company to head up in a bucket truck and unhooked the bird people watch with their cellphones in hand and from the driving range that was until the bird was set free note the three service was awesome the bear was eventually taken away to be checked out the seeds in good spirits and tom goff says he'll be working to install noise boxes around the area to help the birds out of the netting and the spca will check the bird out for a bruising and dehydration and talk of nothings broken then release it closed until september drivers on a stretch of lynn haven parkway in virginia beach will be deep or for a while this action from albright drive to dalrymple street is now close it started this morning the drivers could see delays
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both sides of the street is on a bigger head with the lead in the void we know some interruption dead some inconvenience but we know overall it's a workout than the work crews will widen the road from two lanes to four the project also includes work on sewers and saks that sol health officials say one patient came down with physique a virus experts in dallas texas say they received confirmation from the cdc said to be rare but it is possible the person had sexual contact with someone who became infected while in south america. mosquitoes are normally the culprit but health officials and analysts say there are no reports of sick of being locally transmitted by mosquitoes that the virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns and board employees are hoping a robbery suspect sweatshirt or maybe a dead giveaway. thirteen is now rightly there's breaking news
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released this surveillance video today. they say the man in this video rob the getty mart on george washington highway near bainbridge avenue police say the design on his honey may stand out and call police if you can help them identify the robber or learning more about the nine year old killed in that terrible crash in norfolk. tonight we learn from family members that lucas ballard was a cancer survivor he and his seven year old best friend were both thrown from a minivan that happened yesterday after a truck crashed into them and twenty seven tree and the well an avenue that seven year old kiana clooney is still in the hospital fighting serious injuries his sister spoke with us today outside of c h a t still in shock them about a rematch with the seven years old. this will be very very hard to find out that his best line only for he was playing with dolls. no charges as of yet. police are still trying to piece
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happened but they told us the nine year old victim was wearing his seatbelt. a prosecutor says a thirteen year old virginia girl was stabbed to death the same day she disappeared from her room to virginia tech engineering students are charged in connection with the murder of local level. police still haven't released details about a motive for the killing or a connection between the suspects and the victim the seventh graders body was found saturday just across the state line in north carolina a benefit concert is planned in honor of the dooley family six family members were killed in a tragic murder suicide last week in chesapeake the praise hope and peace benefit for the julie's will be held this saturday a deep creek baptist church from two until four o'clock event is free and open to the public donations will be accepted for the families fund the town back i hearing is set to resume tomorrow and bill cosby sexual assault case the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute cause me more than a decade ago was in court
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the defense the former da said at the time he did not believe cause we should be prosecuted. cause these lawyers hope to use that testimony to have the sexual assault charges dismissed abc's elizabeth her is in norristown pennsylvania with more bill cosby entering court today without answering questions from reporters is hoping to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges filed against him testifying for the defense is former district attorney bruce castor explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the comedian back in two thousand for citing red flags in the case including the fact that the accuser in the case first contacted more years then waited a year after the alleged assault to go to police. soak after confirmed a deal was made an oral agreement that said cause we wouldn't be charged if he testified in a civil suit for the current da
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was not in writing and not approved by a judge that agreement is not binding lawyer cori all read in court in california for another civil case involving cars be called the defense's arguments nonsense. i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby who would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave way leads to women when that was his testimony does he want to exclude the truth. it was last december just days before the statue of limitations was set to expire the embattled comedian was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea cost and at his pennsylvania home the prosecutor saying the charges stem from cobb's own deposition cars be admitted he had a number of a fierce got what he loves to give to women he wanted to
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hills at his home on the dozens of women accusing com the official involved in the criminal case filed against him and cause me have denied the allegation here leaving first thing tomorrow morning was with her abc news north to be a tough day ahead for hundreds of families still be out of a job tomorrow more details about the ripple effect of the shipyard layoffs plus some help for families dealing with the flat water crisis the mayor says something needs to be done right away and am not in a carolina panthers that's larger than life how some fans are showing pride in their tea some rain a couple
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[both] you? [rumbling] [thump] new seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken in three delicious flavors, all half-price after 8pm. [click, whoosh] the mayor of flint michigan won a lead pipe sticking out of some households where karen weaver made the announcement today she said she was replaced with pipes in homes where pregnant women and kids younger than six years old live. we also learned today that the fbi is joining the investigation the flats water crisis the town switched its water source back in twenty fourteen to save money but the water wasn't treated properly and lead from pipes leaked into homes. i am morally obligated to use
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store it in my office has to make flint waters said the mayor says it will cost up to three thousand dollars per home to replace the pipe she said it would be paid for by using private and public funds. people in washington d c soon may be allowed to smoke marijuana and clubs in charge a membership fee the d c council voted unanimously today to establish a task force with which it would study how the city could allow pot smoking in places other than people's homes possession up to two ounces of pot for personal use has been legal in the nation's capital since early last year the district's mayor had pushed for a permanent ban on pot clubs but the council said his bill aside in favor of creating a task force the race for president moves from the hawkeye state to the granite state the battleground shifts pieces candidates try to reach more voters ahead of next week's primary. abc's martha gonzales is in new hampshire fresh off the iowa
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the trail fueled by taiwan inspired optimism. what an incredible incredible evening we had less the ted cruz celebrating a big win in the caucasus and beating donald trump had i known we could finish number two maybe i would spend more needed. skipping the last republican debate in iowa may have hurt him. i think it could have been the debate disappointed that i didn't go in the debate on trump's heels marco rubio talking with voters in new hampshire at the xl my the after his strong third place finish in iowa were largely written off we really came on strong campaign confidence from both democratic candidates despite the party's closest caucus finish ever just a fraction of a point clinton proudly declaring victory. i feel really great being back in
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in iowa and having a chance with a double digit lead in the polls here in his backyard. poland is no political revolution and refusing to concede political revolution continues next tuesday here in the one hand written on here in new hampshire ben carson who took a day off today ted cruz apologizing for mistakenly telling people that carson had dropped out of the race. martha gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire the medal of honor for a hero the nation's highest award for valor in action is going to and navy seals who rescued an american hostage from the taliban edward byers is a senior chief in the navy where he already has numerous bronze star and purple heart awards there are only ten living service members who have received the medal of honor buyers will be the eleventh they will be a tough day
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shipyard workers newport news shipbuilding a set to lay off seven hundred workers this is not the first time the company has cut its workforce the company made four hundred and eighty cuts back in september. experts say tomorrow's layoffs will impact families and the region's economy. it's never good for people lose their jobs there's a short term costs which is all the money that these people would have been spending the economy in grocery stores and barber shops and other businesses and economists also say the long term impact could be that displaced workers look for work elsewhere and never come back right now generally clear conditions out there nothing at all on radar that will certainly change by this time tomorrow fact it'll be sooner than that sometime by tomorrow afternoon watching craig during the noon show held the track and some stuff and western parts of the state moving toward us i doubt most of us are going to see something until very
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evening so i get nothing out there right now we can get right on to the forecast temperatures have dropped down to the mid forties and now are holding steady the winds are gone from northeast to east are going to get a south easterly by morning and very late tonight we're going to see as temperatures rising back up right now mid forties most places newport news smithfield chesapeake almost within a degree or so of norfolk forty three slightly slightly cooler and slightly milder in virginia beach fifty down there and even ten so this spot forecast for tomorrow is that temperatures will be warmer in the afternoon by twenty degrees or so compared to what we saw today the spot on forecast for today was just the opposite haven't talked about. afternoon temperatures degrees colder than what we saw the previous day we were actually twenty three degrees colder at three pm so we got that one right to make it seven in a row now we're just
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side there of that roller coaster and hit temperatures tomorrow again up near seventy degrees twenty degrees warmer. talk about those ratings rising overnight mid forties now to notice that by six am. we're going to be talking about lower fifties even a few mid fifties slight though certainly some clouds slight slight chance of a stray shower or sprinkle but really the big news will be that brisk wind setting up tomorrow will be strong enough that the ground there but it'll really be strong aloft especially at the head of this line of storms and showers. so as that comes in and he even doesn't take a thunderstorm or heavy rain shower compulsive the strong winds down we can see some significant wind gusts tomorrow if that line is really cooking as it comes through so we'll watch those readings to get up near seventy degrees start to drop back during the evening into the mid sixties and then we'll see things generally moving offshore with the exception maybe the outer
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hours and then another area of low pressure forms along that front gets offshore stalls out and new area of low pressure rides up along it and temperatures during the day thursday fall from way up into the fifties back down in the forties they keep falling then overnight into the thirties and i have a feeling there could be enough moisture still this could be off by thirty forty fifty sixty miles and if that precipitation is back closer to parts of hampton roads i wouldn't rule out some snow i have that on my seven day forecast in fact as you'll see here just a second so rather chilly as we go into the end of the week so let's take a look that forecast for you overnight temperatures rising to near fifty seventy percent chance of seeing that rain late in the day tomorrow as we had a high of seventy one tomorrow night dropped and only fifty six and then keep falling to forty seven during the afternoon thursday and then there's the thursday night where we could say it's
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this point of seeing a changeover to maybe a little bit of snow or sleet or something and that temptress continue to be chilly on friday before more normal readings move in saturday sunday i did coming up later in sports it's tuesday and that means the f n b athlete of the week brian smith talks with a standout for
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the show a pampers pride is popped up in north carolina neighborhood it's a twenty by twenty foot painting of the team's logo bearing grease and says her husband painted the logo free hand over the weekend and a wrap the line or to prop the line she mowed the grass while it was covered with snow pretty good reason to think of an artwork a woodstock high school are its tuesday that means our fn be aptly the week in texas to the beach and girls basketball princes and cavaliers fall into that territory of programs that don't rebuild they reload
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in school history this season no different as they're led by senior guard the diva hubbard number thirty four eyes she's there go to player leads in scoring just over eighteen points a game is p a score to sixteen in to record includes his recent win over maury my final seventy two thirty one which is still mindful of spreading the wealth the team is involved in the depression he is the enemy when i leave it to be on the legacy of the night to get everybody involved greater visibility throughout the world about it the other down build a tall stool know she'll do what they respect her but i will have to put the gophers next season. for now there's a matter of going after a third straight state title be a win
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were quite a bright deep with me daily to work with and that wasn't available but i did the best they could do to know a lot of kids come out to play basketball again we don't really have the some of the people's house policy fifty two of everything of me in a lab where we come back return to college hoops and half the parts they've been
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. in the bx no one has been harder recently been the hampton pirates eight she was rolled off seven of eight wins that included a big one over four for first place rather
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state last saturday. tonight they host and watch a news event is out of the vision to naia but joyner won the wooden thrilled they were had four first half turnovers trailed by two back they come reggie johnson the circus shot that goes. i cut the forty two thirty seven letter of mani miller drives the lane feeds good job on presley for the slam. he had seven points miller providing a spark defensively the outlet to a key mitchell to his twelve points and were tied at fifty six next possession johnson the lead with a game high forty cans the jumper so they take the two point lead fifty eight fifty six the shock may delay drawn large cooks adding twelve points they went sixty nine to sixty seven in the carrier dome certain smokies one control the entire game exactly day with the flies yet thirteen at halftime second half they were topped by just a big hit
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the ball down three with just under thirty seconds left michael damaged a date friday the overtime time in thirty six cookies never recovered. then a j had a game high seventeen tackles the sixty eight to sixty in overtime and news at a nascar three time sprint cup champ tony stewart in the hospital after suffering a back injury while driving an all terrain vehicle. it was a non racing abetted happened on the west coast. no word on where it exactly happened with a forty four year old was in scottsdale arizona over the weekend. he is awake alert able to move his arms and legs. that's according to stewart haas racing officials to denounce this will be his final season as a sprint cup drivers. congratulations syracuse our ego are in the spring returns to makan temperatures will be mild in the morning then really warm in the afternoon and it looks like some showers maybe a
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy that you dressed. groundhog day.
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