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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at the severe weather outlook for today this is a map that we show a lot this spring over the summer when the severe weather threat is up you'll notice we have a marginal threat of severe weather later today this afternoon evening for hampton roads abc thirteen viewing area down through north carolina just the general afternoon type thunderstorms popping up up on the eastern shore northern neck but i'd say with the little pencil a pencil a south side in north carolina will be watching for some potentially stronger storms there and you could even see one or two a little stronger to the north still plenty to watch as we go through the day temperatures up in the low seventies it's gonna be a warm day but you want to keep the umbrellas and keep an eye that radar i'll say about the big cool down coming up over the next couple days which i catch a weekend in just a bit my knowledge check chesapeake all right craig right now we're into the morning rush hour just a minute or two into it and behind me. no major issues report or resealable of slow traffic
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the keyboard here on five sixty four but check the cameras. it might just be traffic moving a tad bit slow but nothing major right now so as we take a look at traffic and in chesapeake on sixty four years trapping passing greenbrier parkway on making its way westbound and eastbound traffic they're headed for battlefield certainly the volume is picking up out there but things are flowing very nicely on both sides as we head to our second camera the same story for traffic around the base actually looks a little bit better than the traffic and seventy five sixty four west just past eight three a headed to hampton blvd year's exchange on the left hand side nothing major to report for you right into the base if you're taking five sixty four west and other traffic network map to get the rest of the area doing pretty well coming up at six ten will head back to fifty eight. i'm getting word that rather around the midtown tunnel i'll give you a live look in just eight minutes. all right ashleigh thank you later today loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy who was killed in a crash in norfolk. lucas ballard a
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put people police say that a truck hit his mother's van monday the twenty seventh street and llewellyn avenue the crash ejected ballard even though he was wearing his seatbelt and his seven year old friend that seven year old can make lenny is still in the hospital with serious injuries so far no charges have been filed once again he did have his seatbelt on. that vigil is tonight at walk elementary school at six o'clock a suspected drunk driver accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist is scheduled to appear in court today for hearing amber davidson is charged with dui and manslaughter see are there any screens now back in november. state police found thirty two year old jonathan berger and his motorcycle on the side of i sixty four mercury boulevard. he later died. hampton police later found and arrested davidson after someone witnessed the crash overnight norfolk fire fighters put out a fire at a home on monroe avenue
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dispatchers tell us the fire started around two o'clock this morning. fortunately there are no injuries investigators are still working to figure out what started the fire. new this morning a group of people in norfolk just filed paperwork to recall city treasurer anthony bar fight. following his public corruption charges now this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot's the newly formed group called citizens recall committee is behind the push bar fixed moyer raise questions about the accuracy of this petition last month buffet pled not guilty to the corruption charges he's accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from a developer. the jury trial is set to start in may you this morning the superintendent of virginia beach public schools is optimistic about next year's budget he says that the division will replace nearly two dozen outdated busses expand full day kindergarten and give teachers a raise. this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot dr erin spence says that all of this
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state funding and tax revenue those numbers are not official yet though the actual school budget pitch happens in april the u s army corps of engineers and the city of norfolk are partnering for new flooding study today will include new recommendations for dealing with the city's flooding the corps released a new report addressing flood risk for the entire north atlantic region that study area included the entire coastline of virginia and the eastern shore identified norfolk is a focus area for further study appears in virginia what lawmakers in richmond to allow cannabis oil to be made right here in the commonwealth. they can legally give it to their children in the state but they are breaking federal law by bringing the oil across state lines. that's incredibly stressful on all of us sometimes we are certainly going to be able to get her way of pass this bill so that we can no longer be criminals. last year lawmakers approved a law that allows people with epilepsy
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new warning for women and not on the pill why the cdc is telling them to avoid alcohol altogether as daybreak continues. and sandra parker
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good morning right now the bustop weather looks really good for him to receptors in the fifties with a cousin of forties and one so a little bit cooler but still mild even for those in locations here we are february third you think will normally we should be around forty nine for i will be close to sixteen am by lunch and low seventies this afternoon. now we may not see what weather for the afternoon recess having some of the schools farther inland toward i ninety five have a shot that's why i've got that symbol on their areas near the coast should remain dry through the afternoon recess but later during the afternoon evening that's was the better chances for the wet weather kept as i mentioned very mild this morning as we started out will expand and you talk about cooler weather over the central and western us you can see there's this for a very powerful front that is going to push eastward through our area tonight and the cooler air set to move in the weather pattern really flips later today so we're
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do have just a marginal risk of strong or severe storms i do expect a little something to develop certainly thunderstorms but there is at least a marginal chance for a few severe storms late afternoon or evening so we'll be monitoring that carefully there's a lot of storms as we check out highs today chile in minneapolis and chicago forty in st louis beautiful down in dallas fifty three and sunny sixty six in all and look for wind and rain for boston in new york things quieter but cool and around denver as we focus on our region temperatures today very warm look for the showers and storms late afternoon evening after that get ready cooler weather tomorrow still pretty good chances for rain especially eastern north carolina and across parts of hampton roads will see pretty good chance of showers friday will be cooler and drier temps will rebound a bit for the weekend but i must keep you on a potential coastal low stay tune for more on that here's ashley are a crate we head now back to fifty eight the midtown tunnel which
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i want to head back here now because traffic is starting to pick up just a little button or maybe a little bit challenging to see with this camera the lights are certainly come reflecting off of that but you can make out especially right there traff starting to slow as it rounds the corner heads down to the midtown tunnel coming from portsmouth making its way into norfolk so right now the delays are relatively minor but it's something to watch out for her taking the midtown tunnel this morning. maybe leave home a couple minutes early should be in decent shape on the traffic network maps we head now to the coleman bridge on route seventeen between yorktown in gloucester moving well i'll give you all some real time speed out there as we zoom out. also check traffic in virginia beach coming up next right ashleigh thank you we're following more breaking news this morning here on daybreak the results
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. if reagan ever investigators now say they found trace elements of dna from last month helicopter crashed because of y that killed twelve marines two helicopters crashed or night time training the crews found the traces of dna during search and rescue operations that ended back in january nineteen and the families of the identified marines have now been notified authorities never found any wreckage or remain initially the coast guard reported that the choppers have collided but now the not so sure the cause of that crash remains under investigation and also breaking overnight
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inmate last night after the supreme court denied a last minute appeal a court convicted seven e t o brennan pastor jones of killing a convenience store manager during a robbery back in the nineteen seventies give montreal the breaking news for you and keep you updated right here on daybreak all right sanjay thank you the race for the white house is now focused on new hampshire that state's primary is next week all the candidates hit the ground running yesterday ted cruz riding high after his big win in iowa. marco rubio is positioning himself as the best candidate after an hour early finishing just behind donald trump and hillary clinton faces an uphill battle on the democratic side bernie sanders leading by nine points. those two candidates will face off in a cnn town hall tonight. gma is breaking down both sides of the race at seven o'clock a new warning about fetal alcohol syndrome from the centers for disease control and prevention the cdc says more than three million women in
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babies to alcohol during development because they do not know that they are pregnant. officials are now urging women of childbearing age to avoid alcohol unless they are using a contraceptive. new this morning aaa is reporting its first ever sales decline following an eco last outbreak investigation the restaurant said its fourth quarter net income plummeted forty four percent marking its worst quarter as a publicly traded company this after nicole outbreak and other health safety issues drove customers away and the ohio for legal marijuana sales could hit six point seven billion dollars in this year that's according to data released by the marketing group which tracks the cannabis market again is fueled largely by the explosive growth in consumer sales after washington and oregon approved recreational use and food for thought and mcdonald's for the next two weeks mickey d's is serving up books in its happy meals the paperbacks feature four titles including the classic
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with valentine's day themes mcdonald's expects to distribute more than seventy million. it's the third year that the fast food giant has served up books to kids instead of plastic canvas you just gave them an affirming magic of the mom with children i ask you that i'm in africa opening like with the bed but you know good on a survey on aidan's cannot say what isn't fun when you go into the new high paying your coffee cups little e is no secret we pound them out when i go in there like a full pots good scott cash make some of the best coffee around to find anyone except seven hours ago i filled the children of this work and if i had a really bad morning breath right now. sandra parker assures me she got on a fresh pot so it's in the theater in between covering breaking news. well we have three right now temperatures headed back up low seventies today i expect
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two militaries a little bit warmer and gently with reflected here. i do want you to know what we start off with partly sunny skies are very oblique lighting conditions were ever a chance for thunderstorms this afternoon into the evening some of those storms producing locally heavy rain possibly some stronger storms maybe even an isolated severe storm not out of the question the better chances for that will be a little farther inland. right now on tracking this system out to the west the front is out there really extends from an area of low pressure that is up around the northern great lakes and into canada the front will push through later tonight right now as we take a look the heaviest rain still well out to the last census data the cold front we have a warm front lifting through our area. south winds will pick up and we're going to see those south winds pushing those temperatures up in the low seventies and that sets the stage for the stronger downpours and storms late afternoon evening it's easier for thirty five o'clock you're most the weather still at the west
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showers may develop ahead of that main push but that's going to come in later this evening and then good chances for rain overnight and into early tomorrow morning we shift the focus from the general area down to the south and along the coast this would be for thursday still good chances for a man expecting rain across parts of the southside through eastern north carolina and as we look ahead to friday we should try it out. most of friday and saturday really looking pretty good for us but i want to shave the extended future cason this is largely based up g fs pa to hear how it does develop a coastal low now the center that will pressure stays offshore the worst in wins and have your activity should stay offshore but it could person washer back at us. sunday into monday it's something we're watching and we will keep you updated the euro the european model also tries to produce eco philosophy is farther offshore to no big deal for us the knowledge is partly sunny with a little closer
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watch that. temperatures right now forty zealand fifties near the coasts highs today close to seventy two degrees when i see the chances for storms this afternoon evening after that rain chance is still tomorrow south side near the coast and is a look at a friday cooler weather settles in below normal there in your normal over the weekend are to actually watch at virginia beach keeping an eye on to sixty four traffic right now credit are headed toward norfolk are making a way toward the ocean front right now the ride does look pretty good you can see it here behind me on the map says we give you a live look at to sixty four traffic around rosemont. here's the eastbound traffic they're headed in the direction of lynn haven parkway moving very well. westbound traffic this morning little bit more volume on that side as you head to ward off independence which duck new town but you can see traffic still moving very well for nothing major to be concerned about on the traffic network maps we head back to the coleman bridge just to give you some real time speed in the area if you're headed toward yorktown crossing the bridge had a very nice forty five miles an hour and you're at
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toward last thurs we don't have any issues over the coleman bridge still watching the live soundtrack and fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel which is poured into norfolk into the yellow strip right there traffic at the western freeway split drops down to twenty one miles an hour that's about fifty miles an hour less than he should be i headed to the midtown tulsa just the plan for that this morning as you start the commute coming up next we'll head over to route seventeen yet again this time which in traffic at the jr be all right thanks so much we're giving away free pizza four year on daybreak this
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. new this morning on new york city chef is taking his love of pizza to a whole a new level. so he says that he lost nearly a hundred pounds eating pizza every single day to catch the course is the catcher was a bit cheesy greasy peanut sat here thinking of what we've been talking about hope that it is as a bed neapolitan style pizza so the doll doesn't have any butter in it. the toppings are fresh and light to use fresh tomatoes a thin layer of cheese and bagel he says that the daily pizza hell can curb this craving for all we are halfway through the weekend a break and we're highlighting some of the best spots in hampton roads according to you and we're
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win free pizza for an entire year so just watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak for the keyword to enter their teen years now. don't come in or talk with greg last hour that he's lost us of that pizza way to gain from going into the story that you'll see on friday we all do such a great job of sending us your pizza suggestions using the hashtag thirty pizza week let's take a look at some of the latest here. yolanda she says. rico's pizza in hampton is hands down the biggest and best and we'll have another one here. this is a joy since she says heavens pizza and tap house in the locker room she said that the ego we all said jennifer her suggests is marcos pizza in virginia beach. best pizza ever melissa jennifer what she said there's a couple of suggestions for you. i think lucy story that we have to hit this week i like and i'll go to our facebook page post comment tweet at us. be sure use the hashtag though
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we can find you when you do to make a list of all please please i must visit happened we are in for a very warm and wet day across camp crook is watching temperatures that could reach into the seventies and we could see some storms to you what he has forecast that in the news the z virus continues to spread around the world but there could be some hope and identifying it faster we can tell you about this test coming up plus our day for workers at newport news shipbuilding the company laying off hundreds of people the clock in today but they
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looming layoffs hit a major employer today how the community is stepping up to help those employees watch your speed a big change on i sixty four could impact your commute everyday to make though everyday to make sauce that every day for jackie. today's pizza hot spot takes us to
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now. good wednesday morning to you and lucy bustamante am under a senior at six thirty we're talking about a weather whiplash will see big swings in temperatures over the next few days later on as greg muller is here to breakdown the changes that are coming crack. hey guys it was warm a couple days ago you remember monday and tuesday cooler today will warm again and it's gonna be cool again tomorrow and into friday so it's been up and down up down up down up down and we're going to go back up his image today but with the warmer weather it's a springtime weather pattern we're going to see a chance for some spring like thunderstorms later this afternoon in this evening. right now with the some of the clouds out there disabilities not too bad it's really pretty good start today fifty four degrees. we are dry right now in the wings or south southeast of just seven mph but those winds are going to increase from the south today more like ten to fifteen or ten to twenty mph and i think wanna see some wind gusts
6:25 am
even thirty five mph so naturally in a pusher temperatures up right now storming this out to the westward to see some showers rolling in the western parts of virginia later this afternoon and tonight there is a potential at least a marginal risk for a few severe storms so we're going to be watching the best chances of the little pencil pencil a south side in eastern north carolina off to the southwest we will watch the radar carefully later today as we take it through the day the temperatures topping out close to seventy two degrees so it does warm up cool air returns tomorrow into friday will talk about some more changes potentially through your weekend. stay tuned for that here's asher the look of j r b reich rate we have not yet checked traffic at the james river bridge will give you a live picture right out there as we head to seventeen. you can see traffic headed northbound toward newport news moving pretty well mine a pickup in volume but nothing that can slow you down and you can see southbound traffic while i was white county as did say
6:26 am
morning so we do look at the jr be as we head over to our photo journalists would bellow he's on to sixty four this morning in norfolk leaving norfolk i should say headed towards virginia beach he should be approaching virginia beach here in the next few minutes is giving you a live picture right from norfolk to virginia beach on to sixty four which also looks very good to both the laser on the midtown tunnel bt to watch those you can see traffic picking up at the downtown tunnel and some heavy traffic now at the hr bt and updated the spots coming up next are a dash of pink you later today a move that will affect hundreds of people here in hampton roads newport news shipbuilding is expected to lay off more than seven hundred employees this morning elise brown joins us live from the shipyard with the reason behind the cuts and how will impact the community leagues. andre lucy as you can imagine it'll be a tough day for more than seven hundred workers here it's a building that will be getting laid off today we're
6:27 am
time cuts been made here back in september more than four hundred employees lost their jobs. cmu professor tom hall says and this impacts the economy. paul says the long term effect of layoffs is that people might leave the area looking for other work that means. also they won't be spending money here now to help people while they are out of the job a series of food drives are planned on february twenty fourth one is scheduled from ten a m to three p m at u s and w eight eight eight on huntington avenue in newport news hampton there's one march nineteen from ten to three at the virginia peninsula food bank on aluminum have over norfolk on the eighteenth from one thirty to three thirty there's one at higher workers' union on east virginia beach boulevard in norfolk. there's also want that same location and time on march seventeen now if you missed those dates and want more information on this
6:28 am
live in newport news police brown thirteen years now thank you elise. ten o six thirty four later today after months assisting its e the us as lee or grumman returns to naval station norfolk at nine o'clock this morning the ship and crew provided millions of gallons of fuel in critical supplies to navy ships in the mediterranean sea and here thirteen years now we welcome those men and women home and thank them for their service now onto a major construction alert drive slowly and with caution if you're heading up peninsula the dot crews will uncover new speed limit signs today in the area of sixty four widening project the limit will drop to fifty five mph during construction. the goal the widening project is to lower traffic on congested section of i sixty four and new this morning a person is in custody after a seven eleven got robbed overnight dispatcher cell as it happened about one thirty this morning at the store on holland road not far from south rosemont road. we're
6:29 am
and nobody got hurt. no word yet on what the person is accused of taking work and update you as we learn more on the docket today the case of the portsmouth city council and the criminal charges against him. trial is scheduled today for councilman danny meeks charged with improperly displaying license plates and impeding traffic. meeks was pulled over in the pen tip purchased a neighborhood park neighborhood in december the city's police launched an investigation after meeks approached the chief saying he didn't appreciate the office's demeanor during a traffic stop will be sure to update you after we learn more about that rob also on the docket to the case of a domestic incident turned deadly in virginia beach may convey his seuss is set for a motions hearing today she is charged with voluntary manslaughter in terence covington death. police arrested at his shoes after officers found covington stabbed to death on said recorded in september a judge released on bond in october but ordered her to comply
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . i good morning it's wednesday hump day we made it here and say it is a beautiful start to the day one of things i love to do a post a lot of our sky views at on twitter if you follow me twitter dot com slash thirteen craig polio get weather updates during the day and i'd take different sky views and different things and pass along a pretty shot here you can also follow information on facebook to post a lot of extra stuff out there. one the other things are really stressing the chances for showers and storms later today temperatures are mild right now fifties near the coast we have forties and
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this entry us there is a front that is going to push through tonight and that's going to give us a pretty good chance for some showers and storms to develop later this afternoon some of the storms by late afternoon evening could be strong possibly severe this area shaded in this darker green marginal risk of severe storms and this is from the storm prediction center out in norman oklahoma said the s p c put that out they say this is the area most likely to see the heavy storms today he'd see this as the rolling along temperatures again much colder out in the western us we're going to see this marching through our area with our chance for storms here locally. highs today around seventy two and as we go tomorrow much cooler still some rain chances tomorrow especially near the coast and into eastern north carolina friday will be drier and much cooler. the czech teacher bt has actually occurred after a pretty calm traffic morning of the six thirty half hour has started to see traffic be
6:34 am
terms of those delays until one of the bigger ones. if hampton to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt a new single delays here in part due to earlier stoppage at the hr bt as u can see traffic is now moving we do have a one and a half mile back up to the hampton river bridge alternate routes are cleared this morning on the track with no accidents and camera bag that i get the rather downtown told to norfolk in to portsmouth to sixty four westbound right at the two we do have some heavy traffic there as well as you head into portsmouth. now we have a few spots were starting to see that flowed out of the latest delays coming up next are the issue they get so much it's day daybreak we told you that earlier ahead we'll show you
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. i new details about the shocking murder of a thirteen year old in blacksburg a pair of virginia tech students are charged with stabbing the co level too daft the night she disappeared the call reportedly showed a friend messages that she got from a man she met on messaging app peak now. authorities found
6:37 am
north carolina david eisenhower's now charged with murder. natalie keepers is charged with helping get rid of her body keepers is due in court tomorrow. authorities say that acts like it can be used by predators look for much more on this developing case had on good morning america. six forty five your time and through sexual contact that sell health officials say one patient came down with this eco virus expert in dallas say they received confirmation from the cdc. it's rare but possible the person had sexual contact with someone who became infected while in south america. meanwhile the cdc also announced that six new travel related cases of zeke had been real reported in florida the virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns. new this morning a german based company says it has developed a quick dna test to detect the virus researchers say that s can return results
6:38 am
there's currently no vaccine the company's ceo says the world health organisation expressed interest in the test in germany alone there are five cases of the z virus and new this morning parents check your cabinets seventy thousand glass baby food storage cubes are being recalled. experts say that i play sprouts glass storage cubes can break unexpectedly posing a risk of injury the containers come in four colors with rubber plastic lids they were sold at whole foods and on amazon. new this morning the internet retail giant opened its first brick and mortar store last year and now there's word from operating firm that amazon is looking to open as many as four hundred stores right now there's a store in seattle amazon has not commented on any such plan to take over the world i guess it was also the retail release the popular messaging service what's that has hit one billion users facebook purchased the app for twenty two billion dollars back in
6:39 am
there's a problem. what's app has not yet figured out how to plan to make money or a plan to make money the service tried and ninety nine cents subscription but dropped it after users complained and finally facebook's android app is now being blamed for eating up more than just your time the show on installing the app on your device saves up to twenty percent of your past life or the zeal they are doing so also speed up your handsets overall performance figure you know it speeds up my perform i know is reading right now we'll all know she's tracking breaking news she does all this up here even drink coffee i see the light hits it some cool people off the new local charities to hold her and she loves the smell of coffee and i'm telling you she's an angel she knew i was drinking all nasty stuff on why she doesn't have the center but the thought of it said her
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he or she has enough confidence law in just a moment with our art teacher today from pizza with temperatures today up in the low seventies again very warm today be prepared for that i also want to be prepared for showers and storms this afternoon into the evening some of the storms could become strong possibly possibly severe there's a marginal risk. we've been talking about that right now just a few sprinkles showing up west of richmond were in great shape this morning but you see the line of showers out to the west. this stems from an area of low pressure actually up here around lake huron so that's going to continue to move off to the east it's going to drag this front through our area and again the chances for showers and storms will increase. we have a warm front lifting through the area right now the south winds will increase and that's going to push our temperatures up cc with the red twin streams here that's outflow the rain out to the west initially but by late afternoon into the evening we start seeing chances for showers going up most likely the stronger storms still a little bit out
6:41 am
thirty seven o'clock and i think is the evening wears on will see increasing chances for heavier downpours and maybe it's not a guarantee but maybe a couple of strong or even a severe storm is a possibility something we're watching nash chances will be farther west overnight into early tomorrow still rain across the area it'll push through and then i think for thursday will still see very good chances for rain over eastern north carolina some showers for nor thick as we get into friday we should see clearing skies and it will turn cooler so look for partly sunny skies temperatures friday staying in the mid forties be on that i just want to give you a heads up as we look at the medium range forecast models e g a person euro both of them try to produce a coastal low it looks like it's going to be far enough south that offshore that we don't have a lot of major impact here is something that will watch chances for showers maybe sunday or monday depending on where that will attract close to the coast better chance for
6:42 am
offshore. no worries at all will keep you updated right now if if these are the co's forties in when skies are very bleak cloudy is fifty four at the airport look for the winds pick up. highs today around seventy two with increasing clouds showers and storms this evening and then tomorrow still more rain mainly near the coast. it does turn a lot cooler over the coming days fifty three tomorrow forty four for friday and comes close to normal over the weekend i just got word of an accident out there and she's been following the developments there what's accurate this accident in hampton so heads up if you're traveling on six sixty four this morning to the warning symbol right up there and six sixty four north not too far from the interchange. you can see the activity right now the accident blocking the right lane right here at power team parkway now initially i didn't look like the exit ramp was blocked but at this point they may be blocking off that exit ramp to clear up the accident scene itself now as the source to back up maybe at this point. traffic is starting to kind of improve a little bit as the flame may open here in just a few
6:43 am
on it i'll give you an update here in just a bit stick with us for now back on the travel network massive not headed there with her head to the hr bt a two mile back up to king street and that's following an earlier total stoppage at the two to sixty four westbound traffic at the downtown tunnel is slow as well as eastbound traffic at the midtown tunnel you can see the speed dropped they are so few things to watch all four this morning and have the latest and with a live look at that crash scene coming up in five minutes the big race in a three piece a week on daybreak and we are highlighting some of the best pizza spots in hampton roads recommended by you. yes it's still going strong but this is p to say we got repeat until this morning we continue our pizza quest of some of the peninsula and parker already got to check out pete's and newport news and now you get double the size and wrong. luckily amanda hampton now i went to a very popular spot there that may have changed ownership throughout the decades but never change that famous pizza recipe of course we are talking about
6:44 am
it comes to pizza in hand in the nose has been selling pies for more than fifty years is one of the oldest restaurant in this city and the owner jamal is behind he says they make about three hundred pizzas a day he says the secret is the recipe the previous owner when he bought the restaurant some twenty years ago and i've not touched that recipe. i love that recipe i add the peas are almost twice a week and really good. something else that hasn't changed from previous owner is the name of the restaurant meal is of a popular name in italy everybody knows me knows like john joe david nail and those of you that this is not a franchise restaurant is not not at all and you can easily tell that by the ingredients they use to make their pizza the evidence fresh vegetables all freshener cans everyday to make though everyday to make sauce turning out some
6:45 am
new york style pizza in the process goes java and eight minutes later been delicious pizza. so what's the secret to veto success he just insists that a new product that is selling and the service and is thus a kid and is delicious as well you know there are so many spots that you told us about and have been many of you raved about heaven's peace on that and buck were beaten also anna's pizza on east avenue don't forget you can tell us what your favorite local pizza places on facebook and twitter just use the hashtag thirteen pizza week i have
6:46 am
light on the other h here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face.
6:47 am
ok, we're going to need a napkin
6:48 am
. it's wednesday morning of next year on good morning america the race for president the candidates in new hampshire now all eyes on donald trump as he defends himself over his second place finish in iowa we are going to hear from him live this morning and we have full team coverage in new hampshire are next on cnn and your top story in the morning rush here likely be a very tough day for workers at newport news shipbuilding. that's because more than seven
6:49 am
scheduled with schedule to be laid off this morning all but a handful of them are hourly workers. this news follows the layoffs of four hundred and fifty salaried workers last fall shipyard officials say a dip in the workload is responsible for those cuts the company says it hopes to begin re hiring in two thousand seventeen and were told the shipyard is providing benefits in helping affected workers find new jobs later today people gathered to remember a nine year old orphan boy killed in a car crash. lucas ballard and his seven year old friend were thrown from the minivan on monday a truck hit their mothers than twenty seven street and llewellyn avenue the seven year old kiana clowney still in the hospital fighting serious injuries. no charges have been filed norfolk police are still trying to figure out what happened but they did tell us that lucas was wearing his seatbelt such a sad story he's a cancer survivor a vigil is being held at six o'clock tonight at moore elementary school. noah construction alerts watch
6:50 am
on the peninsula the dot crews will uncover new speed limit signs today in the area of i sixty four. there's a widening project there the limit will drop to fifty five mph during construction the goal of the widening project a slower traffic on congested section of i sixty four right speaking of congestion anything going on that in some spots improving some spots not so much the guy right into it started with that accident in hampton it still working as you can see here but it all to the right shoulder now six sixty four northbound and palate and parkway and note that the exit ramp is open and we don't have major delays at this point just be careful passing that scene on the traffic network maps we are still seeing pretty heavy traffic eastbound at the hr bt a two mile backup there will also see delays at the downtown tunnel headed to portsmouth at the midtown tunnel headed to norfolk and trumpet just started to pick up t t military and george washington on sixty four as you head west bound for
6:51 am
and it was not a bad trap morning until about six thirty things started to pick up and feel a warm up and simmering tensions going to be picking up and the winds as well we'll see the showers and i think thunderstorms later today but really things are looking good right now you're out the door no worries for your ride into work weather wise temperatures in the fifties now low sixties around chesapeake and down into lisbon city temperatures will continue to warm that what weather's going to roll in late afternoon and evening and i think the better chances for the stronger storms coming later this evening as we lot tomorrow still chances for rain big drop in times friday saturday and sunday comes close to normal and will be watching potentially coastal low it may be offshore farther which mean no problems at all but it's something we have to good morning, america. the battle for new hampshire.
6:52 am
>> bernie sanders drawing huge crowds as hillary clinton tries to close the gap and donald trump back on the stump after that second place finish in iowa. some calling new hampshire do or die for his campaign. >> we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much. >> trump talks to george live this morning right here on "gma." tens of millions in the path of dangerous tornadoes as twisters tear through the south. winds up to 70 miles an hour ripping apart homes and schools. a blinding blizzard wreaks havoc causing hundreds of wrecks. new warnings as the storm moves east. new fears about the zika virus. the first reported case in this outbreak spreading from person to person by sexual transmission, not mosquitoes right here in the u.s. our dr. richard besser at the center of the outbreak answering any questions this morning. super bowl showdown. amy schumer, seth rogen join forces in a new ad for the big game. >> today we celebrate our independence day. >> are you just quoting independence day?
6:53 am
>> really inspired.
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