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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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still in the seventies out in front of a fifties behind it it's that clash of air masses that is causing the head the heavy showers and storms will continue to track these to the region this evening and then they will move offshore. i'll be talking about a huge drop in temperatures and a chance for some snowflakes when i come back. all right jeff. there you have some rain a picture from our mobile weather lab that's a live picture right there that rain starting to fall in newport news. you can track that storm right now in your phone just download the thirty news now whether apps and will continue to update you throughout the newscast is that major storm that jeff is talking about moves our way right now to a major update of the story we covered since last july thirteen news now has learned exclusively the first round of thousands of rape kits which police did not send the lab for dna testing will finally get examined or keller joins us now with the store you'll see only on thirty news now. well after months and counting
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shelves collecting dust and police departments months of me questioning officials about why they never sent the kids for dna testing and months of thirty news now lobbying lawmakers to take action with our hashtag test the kids campaign. we've just learned the attorney general has finalized a contract to get the more than two thousand kits tested. finally they could hold the keys to solving crimes like rape and sexual assault and now they will no longer sit on the shelves and local police departments without any sort of examination. some of the kits we discovered that have not been tested for dna date back to nineteen eighty eight. that's almost thirty years a victim has been waiting for answers waiting for a dna profile on the suspect who changed her
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out there again. attorney general mark herring told thirteen news now exclusively he has contracted bodie sell mark forensics in northern virginia to test the more than two thousand sexual assault evidence kits and the first kids to be tested are coming from right here in hampton roads from the virginia beach police department. this can be used as evidence based testing is funded through the one point four million dollar grant. we told you the a g's office ignored in september just a couple months after our initial investigation. we also talked to the attorney general about how exactly this testing process will work and what happens if a kit that lab test match is a rapist in the database you want to miss that part of our story. new at six. laura
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stabbed her boyfriend to death but she won't serve any time for murder. today a judge dropped the charges against megan basis the commonwealth's attorney says the virginia beach woman acted in self defense when she killed terrance covington back in september. covington family talk to christine of christine's for j co outside the courthouse and they're furious about the ruling friends and family of tears coming can talk to me for a very long time after making day he sues walked out of free woman out of this courthouse behind me. they tell me there's no other way to put it they believe she simply got away with murder the week into his shoes emotional but silent as she walked out of the virginia beach courthouse surrounded by loved ones on wednesday morning the voluntary manslaughter charge against her dropped just moments prior day he sues was accused of stabbing and killing her
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it happened in september of last year after a thorough investigation the commonwealth attorney's office said they had overwhelming evidence that she was defending herself or murder and he didn't deserve to be free. those who are close to covington are continuing to mourn their loss today his family spoke out to thirteen years now seeing justice wasn't served he's had bite marks on his face he said black eyes busted lips my mother has had to pick him up because she's pm alr you throw down like that when there's so much evidence in the day when our system has failed us so the lighting in this county in virginia beach christie's for j co thirteen years now arrested a deadly shooting in virginia beach police say the cases unsolved though at this particular point christopher mitchell is accused of killing thirty nine year old robert atwood early sunday morning police found at which shot at the mayflower apartments on newtown arch. investigators say witnesses saw three people leaving the scene and a dark older model four door car. detectives are trying to
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those people there's a new push down to remove nor floods the city treasurer from office but as a neighborhood says he's not stepping down. we first told you last month the feds charge per foot with several counts of public corruption eric payne spoke with the group trying to kick her foot out of office. yet the group doesn't like the idea of having a suspected corrupt politician handling the city's tax is the perfect attorney says they shouldn't be so quick to judge. he is innocent until proven guilty wednesday morning a group name citizens recall committee re filed this petition to paul anthony barfed from the city treasurer's office barefoot attorney pointed out the original petition stated a federal court had banned the treasure from speaking to possible witnesses in his corruption trial. but burke but can actually speak to witnesses through e mail and his attorney says the new documents still quote fails to qualify as a legally sufficient recall petition in
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of absence were barclay wayne is one of several council members listed as a possible witness he wants perfect to step aside but says the recall could be pointless i don't know the wall that recall but i think in the middle of the judges can order an election. the feds have charged per foot with a public corruption charges accusing him of wielding his influence as a city council member to help a private developer in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks i understand people saying with tax season around the corner when says people need to be able to trust their governments with their money and we for his sake and for the people say that we do an audit said that this him cope with the group says they're waiting for the court to certify the petition before they circulated they say they need to raise more than four thousand signatures for this to happen. we asked the mayor what he thought about the perfect recall will
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at six era came thirteen years now. tomorrow night loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy killed in a crash the candlelight vigil for lupus ballard was set for tonight but because of the rain moving in the family postponed the vigil until tomorrow at six and nyack elementary school ballard died monday when a truck his mother's van in norfolk seven year old tiana claimed he was also hurt in the crash is still in hospital and so far authorities have not filed charges of her snatched at gunpoint now norfolk police officers need your help a woman said a man with a gun ran up to her while she unloaded her car and ran the street last week she did get her to the men got away with her purse. witnesses say he left the area in an acura in dx the riverdale shopping center in hampton is getting a make over sixty million dollar make over. that's thanks to southeastern development associates a shopping center will be renamed river pointe kroger marketplace is one of the key
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behind the new looks as you will see changes almost immediately. massive layoffs at newport news shipbuilding thirteen is now talk to the people affected by the cuts and will show you how the community is helping plus a virginia college student charged in the death of a thirteen year old girl the next steps for nineteen year old natalie keepers and caught on camera trying to break and what norfolk business. police say this guy targeted to be talking about a line a really heavy rain and very gusty winds it's almost in the metro areas right now and a huge drop in temperature behind and in chesapeake as we head to our camera always still block sixty four west found a great bridge boulevard into a crash involving a bay and into tractor trailers as you can see here. eastbound traffic still a mess were backed up to south hill boulevard and our second camera westbound
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. today's the day eight hundred said newport news shipbuilding don't have a job anymore. the company laid off almost five hundred people last year and this may not be the end thirteen is our order my wedding is there now and mike had to be a pretty tough day out there today was absolutely was a very very sad day nobody but nobody wanted these layoffs not management not the workers yet get this there might be bracing for more well to lay off the ride for seven hundred thirty eight workers at newport news shipbuilding not a day everybody here was looking
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he's talking about his you know been around quite disappointed new year just came up was losing their jobs so i mean it's it's. sisters carol you want to never prepared for ever the culture result of the diminishing navy workload comes five months after the last workforce reduction four hundred eighty people lost their jobs then another two hundred plus still closed before the year's over ashley evans was one of the unfortunate employees today we know for a while and we started talking about seniority be a factor early on so i kinda figured there might be one of the people to get the letter she wore that same right as i would have been the one sober whining is that area food banks and their partners are planning an upcoming series of food distributions for laid off shipyard workers and their families. we are grateful to be a part of a solution the second since
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loses their job whether it be that they've been fired for the playoffs it's going to affect the family which is really glad we can be your home and the general assembly is starting a way to help lawmakers right now are looking at a bill from suffolk delegate chris jones that would allocate forty six billion dollars in new grants to newport news shipbuilding to help them win contracts to build a replacement for the navy's ohio class submarines reporting on the board is my kitten thirteen years now. home depot is making way for more than five hundred new employees in hampton roads the big box retailer is prepping for what it sees as a busy spring season are looking for everyone from college students to retirees and veterans. if you apply we have all of that information for you with thirteen is now dot com home depot announced their hiring eighty thousand people nationwide that on the wealth could be close to the end of the use of lethal injection drugs for executions right now there is a shortage of the drugs
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the general assembly that would bring back the electric chair if it passes it will go into effect in time for convicted killer ricky gray's execution he killed the richmond family in the execution is scheduled for march sixteen today a court canceled the bail hearing for nineteen year old natalie keeper she's the virginia tech student charged as an accessory in the stabbing death of thirteen year old nicole of love. police say the teen's body was found saturday in north carolina keepers classmate attack david eisenhower is charged with murder in the case keepers is set to appear in court tomorrow morning. a ruling is expected soon in a hearing over whether a judge will dismiss comedian bill cosby is sexual assault case. today the district attorney in montgomery county county pennsylvania said cause me cannot buy his way out of a criminal case but a former da testified he promise cause me that he would be in the clear of criminal charges after a
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causeway is charged with drugging and violating former temple university employee andrea cons than in two thousand for. the clouds continuing the thick and we had sunny intervals at times and that really pushed temperatures we thought we'd be in the seventies but we pushed way up there into the seventies as you can see looking off to these clouds are definitely starting to thicken boy looking to the west there's a lot of moisture in fact most of you on the peninsula at this point it's either seen the rain where you will within mere moments back here across the south side just starting to get here to the downtown area and north carolina still have a little ways to go yet lor mee put on a couple of things for you to highlight some areas of rotation yesterday the storm produced tornadoes does not look like that is likely at all in fact it's very unlikely but i can't completely rule it out as we are still getting some broad
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couple of different places but for the most part it looks like just straight line winds will be the highest potential for us in terms of the elements of risk that we're going to see output flooding sack and and tornadoes would be last on the list a very very low possibility as you can see the storm just now over the hampton roads bridge tunnel and back to the monitor merrimack pushing here toward portions of south side now through the coasts and back river all the way over to the coastline there in hampton on the beach and moving over toward the bay bridge tunnel as you can see for southside live in a light rain starting to spread her up long before sixty quarter but the main leading edge with this system again not severe but we want to let you know when you're really going to see sort of bleeding edge the bulk of that system coming through around five thirty nine jolly norfolk five forty eight bayside five fifty five little haven at around six o seven right now
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twenty three dusting last time i looked anyway the thirty seven mph. temps are now down to seventy one spot on forecasts for tomorrow it will atleast be thirty degrees colder tomorrow afternoon then we saw for a high temperature this afternoon and let all the seventy seventy one there's a seventy four if entrance couple of sixty nines but everybody really well still up in the seventies you get to the north and you start to see more of these sixties even some low sixties up there in life but a bunch of fifties here across the northern neck part of the middle peninsula sixty s with a few fifties there for the eastern shore. so definitely quite a bit cooler north and west a few sixties here across northeast north carolina but also still number of very warm seventies twenty three twenty two twenty four twenty five degrees warmer than your exact city right now compared to yesterday. here comes that front through the area again over the next several hours and then it sorta stalls out
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will form along it and that is going to bring us a chance for more rain again tomorrow i think there'll be a little more rain even that is being shown on this depiction an attempt or in the morning well up into the sixties fall into the forties by afternoon a huge drop from the morning rush to the afternoon rush hour so remember that the seven day forecast as the precipitation moves al were going to see temperatures potentially cole well i know it'll be cold enough to produce some snow tomorrow night if we still have some moisture left over i think there's a chance of that i wouldn't even rule out taking a couple of the computer models one of the prince of three inches a while and i think that's well over the way overdone. haha i'm just showing you even though that's an outlier it's not a crazy thought they will see a dusting that will melt and not accumulate would be my guess at this early juncture to watch that stuff you all a three million dollar flooding study is underway in norfolk why
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investment that will pay off and hooper drivers are still banned from norfolk international why the airport
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. check out this attempted break in caught on camera and often come and try to get into old bay seafood on lafayette boulevard last week this is surveillance video you're watching right here the police sent to us today. they need help identifying this man investigators say the man never got into the restaurant but he cause major damage to the back door. a quick arrest after a robbery this morning at a seven eleven in virginia beach twenty six will gregory jones is accused of robbing a convenience store on holland road just after midnight officers arrested jones a flew blocks from the store he's behind bars without bond. tonight norfolk international is close to sealing the deal with over virginia law requires agreements between ride
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airports lift agree to the airport's terms were not the negotiation process started in november the airport authority tells us they thought everything was set in stone but then over came back yesterday with one more change right now nerf interests field in chesapeake collecting water samples that maybe want to know if there are any contaminants in the water we month and we attended a meeting about the testing last night. officials are specifically looking for a chemical found in firefighting foam the navy used in training for years recent test showed large amounts of the contaminants in the well water at the landing field. the water sample collection started today and goes through next saturday. a mother and daughter confessed to stealing more than a half million dollars in federal funding that money was supposed to help low income children find out how long
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the new details in a fraud case involving a mother
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out of billions of dollars to bernie made off victims lives here in hampton wrote sees news now the same system that brought snow to the midwest and tornadoes to the south the is headed our way there we start with the latest track on that massive storm system that system is bringing rain and possibly thunderstorms tonight and jeff has his eye on it right now jeff where is it right now right over top of the metro area northern western spot you've already seen it come rumbling through sort of a curved line at this point was fairly straight pop band has been moving just a little bit quicker than it was earlier just about to hit portions of eastern shore fact it already is with some of the rain as you can see mainly across areas of aca mac little bit in the northern a northampton county here but the heavier part of the storm now getting ready to move up here from cape charles martin's signing
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then write down here just passing through hampton now over areas there around the little creek and short drive back to the naval base continuing south and west from there. some of the heavier spots have now moved just barely to the east of buck row beach raleigh tears i'm sure it's still raining pretty heavily but not as heavily as it is out over the hampton roads harbor there and then to write here along the bay bridge are the keys me the hr bt he can see some very heavy downpours as well. lighter rain now the leading edge of everything in to nor fact right around del valle and bruno around the six sixty four interchange really heavy rain stretching back into north carolina taking a little longer and some of the stuff out from this main area is going to tend to sap the energy a little bit from this main line so i don't expect it to have maybe as much of a threat of severe weather as that line comes through northeast north carolina will certainly keep an eye on that tempers out
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lower sixties behind his
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