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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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lower sixties behind his seventies out in front of it so a lot to watch as the system moves through will have the timing for it and talk about a big drop in temperatures mean a chance of snow believe it or not coming up a few minutes. all right jeff it seems like anytime it rains and offered part of the city is guaranteed to fly today the city lost a complete flood risk management study once the study is done the city will have a list of recommendations for addressing flooding problems in norfolk mayor paul frame says the study should help the city locked down federal funding for projects i've talked to our senators about then you needing to do some heavy lifting actually paper some of these projects the study will take three years to complete and comes with a three million dollar price tag were told the city and the army corps of engineers will split the cost a mother and daughter duo admit to taking advantage of a program designed to feed low income children today in federal courts in the hall and the daughter pleaded guilty to fraud. hall and her
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accused of lying about the number of children said through their suffering nonprofits in the community outreach. prosecutors say the pair got away with more than five hundred and seventy four thousand dollars marcella robertson talked to all men's attorney after the hearing ms holiday decorated military veteran she's served her country she served her community spent many underprivileged kids to this program. city hall's attorney says her client is an upstanding citizen. aside from this mistake a mistake that could land her in prison for thirty years. she's accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from the government hold admitted her role in this scheme today she walked out of court with one of her attorneys by her side. miss how when entering commands in an apartment her life. investigators say hall along with her mother stephanie arm and ran the suffolk based non profit send the community outreach
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hundred and seventy four thousand dollars from the summer food service program a program that gives low income students the chance to have free healthy meals even when school isn't in session they received the five hundred thousand dollar reimbursement in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen. investigators say the women claim they serve more than two hundred thousand meals during that time the pair was indicted back in october. now four months later they're admitting they're wrong. she was here today to ten percent ability make amends. we hope that the judge will take that into consideration when passing of a great sentence hall's mother stephanie aman pled guilty last week. both are set to be sentenced on the fourth in norfolk marcella robertson thirty news now new information on a shooting in newport news police tell us the twenty five year old man shot on thirty first street and oak avenue last night is still in the hospital his injuries are life threatening investigators did not release his name they're
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who shot the man and why. but here's what police say they do know the victim was shot outside and made his way to a nearby house a fire at a mobile home park leaves a family looking for new place to stay. this is a look at the scene this afternoon along south military highway in chesapeake. we've learned the fire displaced three adults and two kids one adult suffered a burn to the hand are also told the family is looking for cat missing in the fire and there's no word right now on the costs the gop presidential field has lost two candidates according to a number of news outlets rick santorum will make it official tonight that he's dropping out of the race santorum tweeted this afternoon he will make two big announcements tonight and kentucky senator rand paul also threw in the towel today poll says he's turning his full attention to his senate reelection campaign a racy scene as expected to win that leaves nine gop presidential
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the race are not on the radar heading into the new hampshire primary john gilmore chris christie didn't pick up any delegates in the iowa caucuses. most of the votes and delegates went to ted cruz donald trump and marco rubio in that order cruz came away with the win but donald trump now accusing crews of fraud and is calling for a new election. president obama tackling anti muslim bias head on his plan and a big welcome back to the crew of the u s and s leroy grumman thirty news now is pierced side for today's hugs and kisses a lot of rain right on top or station we can hear it here and many other areas here across the metro. if you haven't seen it yet. bbq's and big drop in temperatures some snow perhaps a lot to discuss when i return and enter the rain not helping the trap of trouble on i sixty four in chesapeake as we head to our camera. all westbound lanes still block sixty four great bridge boulevard due to a crash involving a van into tractor trailers that happened nearly three hours
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backed up past for sixty four and on our second camera westbound traffic still d toward two miles from the high rise at george washington highw selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles
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where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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. president obama made his first visit to a u s mosque as president today where he delivered a message against bigotry president stopped at the islamic society of baltimore muslim americans say they are dealing with increasing levels of overt bias especially in the wake of terror attacks in paris and california as wasn't really stand up for the future that you believe in that you exhibit in your daily lives as you teach your children. america will be a part president obama listed political rhetoric and media portrayal and extremists actions as big reasons for bias against muslims. he also thanked muslim americans for their contributions to society. chrysler is recalling more than a half
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can slip off a jack with the tires are being changed due to a deformity in the door that appears over time so far three people got injured by this problem the recall impacts model years twenty eleven through twenty sixteen. fiat chrysler will provide chocs for people to use while changing tires marcia crawley as being most of these the controversial pharmaceutical ceo who raise prices on a life saving drug five thousand percent to bradley's new attorney told reporters his client would stop speaking out in a zone defense until the charges against him are resolved the thirty two year old became the tories last year for hiking the price of the drug dare print. police arrested the outspoken ceo in december he's charged with fraud in connection with another pharmaceutical company he once ran. time is ticking better act fast. one person could lose sixty three billion dollars will explain coming up plus everyone in
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was shot here are some of the people looked up to a local professor and former colleague loses everything in a bernie made off ponzi scheme. why you didn't see it coming then coming up at six hundred sun shipbuilding
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. i they
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in a burn a madoff ponzi scheme now local college professor is speaking out about his interactions with the infamous wall street trader ages thousand judge sentence made off to a hundred and fifty years behind bars. investigators say a male friend a ponzi scheme as a front for a phony investment firm. one victim is an ode to you professor who also worked for made off joe flanagan has a story that's right jan and david andrew cohen teaches wall street finance jody you but from nineteen ninety three until two thousand and two he worked for bernie made off cohen work as a trader from a dog during that time he loved his job he tells everyone that people in the firm thought bernie was a great guy and they admired cohen was very successful now in the virginia pilot article in two thousand and fourteen he said he would earn in a month what he earns now in a year he was even allowed to invest in bernie madoff's hedge fund which he did cohen left the firm in two thousand to
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because his wife's from here in two thousand while working as a fitness instructor the great neck rec center he learned again according to the pilot article that bernie madoff had been arrested and colin had lost two million dollars. i was totally shocked. the irony was that i really trusted him and i was worried about when his sons when tickled his business because he was getting older and so when he was arrested again it took me totally totally shocked because i thought he was a great guy my trust in him as he teaches experience now telling its tunes the check and double checked fund managers he hopes the tv series tells the story of the victims to this new maid off series airs tonight at eight o'clock and tomorrow night at eight o'clock right here on abc thirteen live in the studio joe flanagan thirty news now fugitive real estate heir robert durst takes a plea deal and will spend seven years behind bars stores just pleaded guilty to a weapons charge in louisiana a judge provisionally
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agreed to make a final decision in two weeks the judge wants to wait for the pre sentencing report thursday's plea is in connection to a charge of illegally carrying a gun is a convicted felon. the deal is another step towards durst extradition to california where he is wanted in the death of a friend in two thousand police are still looking for them and seeing running with a rifle around virginia commonwealth university today. this morning police received a report of a person on roaming the monroe park campus in richmond. investigators say a man wearing all black tennis team kicked in the back door of a home then stole a rifle ammunition and a gaming station no one was hurt witnesses saw them and run through an alley campus and city police are increasing patrols on campus business is back to normal at a shopping center in hampton the bomb squad evacuated several businesses after someone found a suspicious package on town center way. this
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bethel road after two hours hampton police at the newport news bomb squad declared the package safe no one was hurt and police have not said what was in the package. new information on a push to bring light rail to virginia beach and twenty sixteen according to our partners at the virginian pilot city manager dave hansen plans to show city council at least one presentation a month on extending light rail to town center next month. hansen also plans to reintroduce the idea of buying rail cars that decision would come before the council votes on whether to extend the light rail line three miles. you may remember hrt canceled plans to buy cars last fall said the cars were incompatible with the current light rail system. another winter wallop hitting parts of the nation take a look at this video from burnsville minnesota winter whiteout conditions forced police to close all state highways today. anyone caught driving on closed roads face the one thousand dollars fine or
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minnesota state patrol responded to more than seven hundred crashes and disabled vehicles are right here in hampton roads we're dealing with above normal temperatures and a whole lotta rain coming down right now and jeff lawson is tracking the system and jeff we get some some thunder with this is well a little bit we haven't seen much in fact i haven't seen any strikes here lately in virginia that have reached the ground at all wouldn't completely rule out a couple cloud to cloud strikes but nothing down at the ground but we talked yesterday about how this would be a line of really heavy showers that would look like thunderstorms feel like thunderstorms just not probably have much lightning and thunder with them and that is they came rolling through we be talking about the same kind of wins with as some heavier thunderstorms and also again lot of the other things that go along with the severe storms including the very heavy rain right now but seeing as tight a gradient in terms of these bright colors so looks like
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bit hopefully is that comes through portions of northern virginia beach chair through a northern chesapeake downtown norfolk and then continues down into north carolina for this evening dropping to sixty seven windy and warm some scattered showers and maybe a rumble or two of thunder but the winds there gusting as high as forty mph. we've already been seen at high temperatures today made it into the mid seventies most spots only sixty three in hampton with a win coming in off the water out of the self same thing in my alpha sixty and wall of sound sixty four manny oh all those influenced by the cold water captures everybody else up there into the mid seventies here comes that line again continuing to work its way through this evening getting down across is a north carolina and stalling out in the big question tomorrow is what happens we know we're going to start off in the sixties we know we're going to fall to the fifties into the forties the question is where do we get this re forming of the rain and doesn't just affect north
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into parts of virginia i think it's probably going to at least bring some rain here across portions of the metro area take umbrella just in case the best chance of not seeing the rain and to be obviously a little more north and west and then tomorrow night is also an interesting scenario by the time we get into the late night early morning friday it will be cold enough aloft a snow if any of this moisture is still back over us we could see a brief period of snow at the very end and that is a definite possibility. so we're going to look again ahead to that. meanwhile you can see this line continuing to rumble through as we go through time. so for this evening calling for showers maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow rain at times heaviest near the coast in the best chance coastline and down into north carolina tomorrow night i think we can see a brief period of snow on the backside look at it enters the sixteen of twenty forty for the afternoon thirty five early friday only forty four for the high
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normal by saturday with a couple other systems of threatening as later next week that's the latest card thank you very much well when jackpots get the big money more people become interested in the lottery but in california one person may want to check their tickets one last time if they don't check so they can lose big to lottery officials say the winner bought the sixty three million dollar ticket in chatsworth in august but they never claimed the winner has just one day to collect the prize or lose it all. did you buy one of the tickets for this particular lottery this is a dead from this store is serving a chance to check check check twice to persons in same course when you buy a ticket a lot of people don't anticipate them winning date by just to buy it and then they throw it away maybe all it hurts
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the third big is on plane ticket in us history. still ahead home at last a civilian crew aboard a hampton roads spaceship will sleep in their own beds for the first time in months. how they kept the navy's fleet moving while the pool and coming up and six the new results to a thirty news in our investigation. this is a big undertaking these kids are coming from all over the state in the loss. she told him he's all mine and
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. in the dozens of civilian mariners will sleep in their own beds tonight for the first time in months the u s and s leroy grumman return to naval station norfolk this morning the sailors spent the past five months playing a critical role for the u s navy and coalition forces police brown tells the fleet oilers have us war fighters moving overseas the u s and as leroy grumman is finally back in its home port william anders something they're excited to see family friends and have a good home cooked meal like pasta the crew aboard the u s and as leroy grumman had nothing but smiles waves in peace signs as they waited to walk on land. first officer hugo blanco says the ship has been at sea for five months
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the ocean destroying parts of the party was dropped off days before and what about students they would have to hours the night. we always have people on walks. if there's any kind of special operations not only did the crew replenish items for the navy but for other countries as well the grants with that would really like that their nato allies robbery in the mediterranean in total the meade forty three and c replenishment that includes transferring to six point eight million gallons of fuel with the mission completed the civilian mariners can't wait to see loved ones and catch up on all the messed very happy to see them go on for the missing as well not all of the civilian mariners call norfolk home jeter supply officer teachers he has a special message for family in minnesota. love you
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police brown thirteen years now. families are also preparing to welcome the crew of the uss montpelier los angeles class fast attack sub set to return to naval station norfolk friday while deployed fifteen officers and one hundred and twenty nine enlisted personnel traveled more than thirty eight thousand nautical miles. navy officials say the submarine crew supported national security interests overseas including ports in greece and france that's all we have for you on thirteen years now at five thirty. the news at six begins right now with that storm system the latest update on that moving in right now and six snowstorm is moving over hampton roads take a look at the live radar you can see the system hovering over parts of the region. this is a picture of the rain pouring over the peninsula right now meteorologist geoff lawson tracking the very latest on that system and i don't know
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that one showed a call for lightning strikes you're out with this sl near franklin putting it all into motion here again just a couple strikes now being reported there. the leading edge of the system bringing a wind gust well up into the forties and as you can see it's starting to over spread northeast north carolina much of the southside now getting rain with the exception with light rain north of north carolina in shas be great in the north carolina border especially in the one to get out into virginia beach still south of about two sixty four no rain but that'll and very very shortly the heaviest rain is through most of the peninsula at this point are still some pockets of fairly heavy precipitation especially when it down into southern newport news down here near the monitor merrimack river toward the hr bt but overall that leading edge now through the peninsula temperatures have dropped compared what they were but we're still talking twenty twenty one
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degrees warmer right now than yesterday. tomorrow's numbers work numbers will have a minus sign in front of. we'll see about that much or even war actually of a drop in sea we have finally cooled off the last few minutes with that heavy rain band in the sixties and we're going see this country's continuing to drop for tomorrow again falling temperatures look at the sixty eight degree reading at six o'clock and then we just fall fall fall warm in the morning and then surely in the afternoon. why might that mean some snow tomorrow night wallet know coming up only around thirteen years now a major update it were investigation into on campus and rape kits in an exclusive interview virginia's attorney general tells us an independent lab is about to start testing the thousands of rape kits police never sent for dna analysis investigative reporter laura geller joins us now with those details well we've been investigating this issue for months now even giving you the power to push lawmakers to take action with
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campaign. the news we are
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