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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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campaign. the news we are breaking right now means more than two thousand case will be tested. that's two thousand women whose cases could be one step closer to being solved two thousand women who will be one step closer to getting justice and closure after months of counting the rape kits sitting on shelves collecting dust in police departments and months of questioning officials about why they never send the kids for dna testing. today's exclusive interview means action will be taken. we are absolutely committed to seeing it through and getting it done right getting it done right because these kids could hold the keys to solving crimes like rape and sexual assault in that backlog we uncovered our kids dating back to nineteen eighty eight. that's almost thirty years a victim has been waiting for answers and living in fear. this can
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our communities safer to help victims of sexual violence know that their perpetrator is brought to justice attorney general mark herring tells thirty news now bodie sell more forensics in northern virginia will be testing the more than two thousand sexual assault evidence kits and the first kits to be tested are coming from right here in hampton roads from the virginia beach police department. those kids should begin to arrive at the lab in the next couple weeks with results on the way in about six to eight weeks it's really important this be done thoughtfully and carefully because this could be used as evidence in criminal cases the testing is funded through the one point four million dollar grant to the a g's office ignored in september just a couple months after our initial investigation. i think the stories about the untested kits and public awareness helped really bring this issue to the forefront
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program started to provide the resources the use of those resources now sending a message to the victims whose search for justice has gone on for far too long. they know that their commonwealth understands how serious this this and that we stand without and we're going to work and do everything we can to bring the perpetrators to justice to get him behind bars and that we stand with them and are helping them get onto a path of healing and recovery in case you're wondering whether or not bodie forensics has the right credentials for this massive undertaking it is the same lab that helped clear the backlog of rape kits for the city of detroit in just that city alone bodie helped process more than four thousand kits. laura geller thirteen years now we have new information in that murder suicide in chesapeake court documents reveal new details into the deaths of the six dooley family members police a camera and duly shot
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father and grandmother to death then killed himself we've learned on january twenty seven police went to check on a person at wildwood drive who hadn't been seen for two days the paperwork states officers arrived in seoul and unduly spotty through a window. they then went to check on family members at a home on george washington high. police say cameron dooley was inside with the gun and refusing to come out according to court documents he admitted to killing his grandmother in the home. there's no mention of the other family members in the paperwork investigator removed several items including guns bullets and casings up bass and clothing from that home an emotional day in court believes a former murder is broke down in tears as she
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prosecutors dropped a voluntary manslaughter charges for the death of her boyfriend she was accused of killing talents covington last year. christina's version ago has more on what to the withdrawal of the charges. well months of investigation scene interviews came down to today and the commonwealth's attorney's office decided that making day he says was defending herself when she stabbed and killed her boyfriend her murder and he didn't deserve to be free friends and family of terence covington upset and speaking out to thirteen years now after the charges against his alleged killer were dropped by to throw down like that when there's so much evidence limiting covington was allegedly killed by his girlfriend megan day hey seuss in september of last year but after looking at all the evidence the commonwealth's attorney's office decided day is su's was defending herself when she stabbed covington on wednesday morning as she
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silent surrounded by her loved ones we love coming to his family's calling the situation on just saying today hey suz had a history of being abusive. he's had bite marks on his face he said black eyes busted lips my mother has had to pick him up because she's beat em up she told him he's all mine and she gets to go about with her life her she gets the lake in virginia beach are seen as rodrigo thirteen years now massive layoffs in newport news shipbuilding thirteen is now talk to the people impacted by the cuts and we'll show you how the community is helping out. plus a mission to recall a local city treasurer how some people plan to push anthony barr foot out of office to lead the gusty winds the heavy rain italian little more lightning starting to show up big drop in temperatures chance of some snow couple of different systems will discuss a lot when i come back and now to the latest on i sixty four in chesapeake the crash has
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boulevard see traffic moving here but eastbound traffic is still backed up to a half miles starting before you get to for sixty four and then take a look at those on the westbound side eat or have been lifted george
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now former city treasurer and the neighborhood says he is not stepping down so a new group is trying to push him out of office were first told you last month the feds charge for foot with several counts of public corruption from his time on norfolk city council. mccain spoke to a group organizing a recall that rain are just waiting on the court to certify every call before they can begin collecting signatures. we also caught up with the mayor at one of his public events today but he did not have any interest in talking about the recall against the city treasurer wednesday morning a group name citizens recall committee re filed this petition to paul anthony barr foot from the city treasurer's office benefits attorney pointed out the original petition stated a federal court had banned the treasurer from speaking to possible witnesses in his corruption trial but birth but can actually speak to witnesses through e mail and his attorney says this new document still quote fails to qualify as a legally
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this matter has taken leave of absence were barclay when is one of several council members listed as a possible witness he wants perfect to step aside but says the recall could be pointless don't know the wall that recall but i think in the middle of the judges can order an election that the feds have charged per foot with a public corruption charges accusing him of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks in exchange for using his role on council to help a private developer. we tried speaking to me or frame about the recall but he declined to comment on the news the recall effort under way the neo con in the know i'm not the share the well the recall group says it needs more than four thousand signatures for this to actually happen. some on council have called for there to be an audit of the treasurer's office we
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happen but we haven't heard back yet. erik ainge thirteen years now. a thunderstorm
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last day has arrived in newport news again more than seven hundred workers lost their
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the four hundred and eighty cuts last fall and there could still be more like reading tells us the region's largest private employer has shrunk but hopes to rebound in the years to come. they've known since last december that this day was coming but that knowledge did make things any easier today for the hundreds of workers who lost their jobs here today at newport news shipbuilding in the second round of layoffs newport news management blames the cuts on the mission work load from the navy a situation they hope improves by twenty seventeen in the meantime there still could be one more round of reductions after this one later this year ashley evans was one of the unfortunate seven hundred thirty eight today. she says she isn't sure he can hold out until conditions improve the way out of the plan is to go back to school and try to get into something more
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i think banks are pitching in to help their planning a series of their distributions for the displaced workers meantime in richmond the general assembly is considering a bill to allocate forty six million dollars in new grants to help the shipyard when contracts to build the replacement for the ohio class submarines for the navy in newport news by giving thirteen years now so del people while they're out of the job several food drives are planned in february on the twenty fourth one is scheduled from ten a m to three p m at the united steelworkers union office on huntington avenue in newport news and hampton there's one on march seventeen from ten to three on the virginia peninsula food bank on aluminum avenue in norfolk a food drive is planned for february eighteen from one thirty to three thirty of the iron workers union hall on virginia beach boulevard
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there on march seventeen. a lot of rain out there in most locations this one looks like from high atop our sky view camera here right above the station all lots of rain falling across the region what does it look like on radar well you've just joined us we've been tracking a lot of showers throughout the last couple of hours and right now notice again we were tracking much in the way of lightning but now we are starting to see some couple of areas i noticed right down here over parts of north carolina just out of viewing area and several strikes up your little closer to home this is the state line. this is gates county up in the suffix notice some of those lightning strikes there's another one right here in the last half hour seven strikes again not a big storm in terms of the electrical activity but it's acting as if it were a big storm in terms of the type of heavy rain that's occurring in some spots in the gusty winds that we've been seeing out ahead of it luckily nothing damaging at
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very strong in spots as the two jet streams just howling a few thousand feet up and anytime you get heavy rains thing it sort of sell it pulls it right down to the ground so zooming and you can see around deep creek martin johnson road. heavy rain there a little lighter to get back to forge olive round bale inshore sort of a mixture there are moderate and somewhat heavier rain not as much over little haven down toward gate was right there for twenty seven bay st little bit of a heavy pocket just to the west of you and then over hampden when she get a little farther north than up closer up the shoreline to close and it gets a little bit later still not light but light are and definitely light around pilot house drive here just to the west of big bethel on the big picture from lisa my steady rain right now across parts of the eastern shore the thing i want to show you a wider view though was even as this moves through notice
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still to go along with the seller the system back into central north carolina central virginia and that still has to come through here are running twenty five degrees warmer and a lot of spots just an hour or two ago still twenty six in virginia beach compared to yesterday but nineteen at the newport news norfolk as readings are starting to drop temperatures probably go up a degree or so here a little bit later tonight and then be very mild overnight as the showers and storms continue right now cooler fifty nine on the eastern shore but warmer sixty seven over the elizabeth city ia area here goes that system still bringing some areas of rain in the morning with temperatures near sixty or even a ball for the start of rush hour a look at the end of rush hour. temperatures falling during the day back to the fifties and then already into the forties late and am switching future cast because i like this one better for tomorrow few breaks and then another batch of moisture moves in tomorrow night and possibly a little bit of mixed precipitation are some snow on the backside
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watch for. see if that comes to fruition or not you can see that on my seven days to sixty in the morning falling to forty four in the afternoon tomorrow. forty four from high on friday quite chilly forty eight saturday is right about where we should be and then sunday another weak system brings rain to north carolina might just be cold enough here that we can get some that pre sip a little farther north and west we might have to deal with something that day as well. hi jeff. i did signing date we love this story the grandparents mom dad get to brag i feel like magellan explorer today we ventured across hampton roads for some choice nuggets this national signing day around hampton roads we begin in the beach as expected love on to taylor of ocean lakes the quarterback will be headed to florida state taylor five eleven hundred eighty pounds listed as the best corner in the country. overall a top fifteen recruits crazy when news of the most immediate
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here so the moment we did under the red lake taylor wayne davis made it official hill joined urban meyer in the house a potties day this will likely be a quarterback as well in columbus. he joins former titan jail in hanson's carly at osu campus about them nor the bees in the death star is a great academic program one hours across the water enhancer job on cohen is now virginia tech hope he'll join up with new head coach justin fuente the quarterback for travelers who like me going the other side of the best possibly as a free safety zone to plan no experience because i've known him this is where is the cousin clan tech also landing wideout philip patterson a bayside six two hundred and eighty pounds chose the keys over to wake
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state and tennessee that are inside and it causes the muscles in the vicissitudes of the israeli side we come back more high school football news for this from the coaching side this one at a chesapeake has asked the tigers looking for a new head coach longtime richard
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richard morgan let oscar smith back onto the scene as a football state power now after fourteen seasons he's leaving for head coaching job in marietta georgia high school wise morgan confirmed that with me this afternoon during a stop of the tigers' record won sixty four and twenty included a thirty one mark this past season he got an oscar schmidt to two state titles won in two thousand and eight the other two
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that now makes two prominent southside coach is leaving the other chris scott who last month left ocean lakes to be head coach at bishop sullivan catholic talk about a seismic shift coaching lighting on this outside one might think why in another thirteen years now at six o'clock you're up to date of this arvo forget you get the latest weather headlines breaking news website thirteen is now the com will be watching this weather is
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tonight, donald trump's new charge. arguing ted cruz stole iowa with dirty tricks. up will hear from trump right here. plus, ted cruz going off on
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>> he's losing it. >> all just three days before the big republican debate. plus, hillary clinton tonight, arguing she's now on bernie sanders' home turf, hoping new hampshire surprises her again. also breaking, a major storm hitting from florida to maine at this hour. at least six confirmed or the nay domes now. blizzard conditions and blinding rain. breaking news involving the zika outbreak. florida tonight declaring a health emergency. and in dallas, growing concern after person to person transmission after sex. the horror on board. the passenger pulled from a jet in midair after an explosion. the other passengers witnessing it all. and somewhere in the u.s., a winner tonight. with just hours left to claim their $63 million. good evening. and we begin tonight with the new battle just six days before the new hampshire primary. tonight, donald trump blasting
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