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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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and a murder mystery is breaking right now to yakima county man found shot to death just after midnight deputies responded to a report of a man shot outside a home on raymond townsend lane that's off of fleming road in your t shirt in one town makes found twenty two year old robert b tops the fourth a token to peninsula regional medical center in salisbury maryland the top to dive in the hospital deputies haven't made any arrests if you know anything contact the aca may county sheriff's office. now we're also following breaking news out of virginia beach a woman has been seriously injured after police say that she was shot at an ocean lakes home and for the last few hours police have been searching for the shooter happen on the mall drive around seven thirty this morning makes rushed we're told she's been seriously injured and
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elise brown is live at the scene now we know elise area schools are still on lockdown as police search for the suspect the police just last year a few short minutes ago and they were here for a collecting evidence that we spoke to neighbors who say community and they are rocked by the shooting when everything is going to happen that's what goes through neighborhood on hajj after a shooting on kimmel drive virginia beach police say the call came in at just before seven thirty this morning. you know you you you hope for a safe neighborhood in new hope for just that things are positive things but it's it's life and it happens two years neighbor who happens to be a nurse told us that the camera showed up at her door bleeding from the head while helping the victim the nurse told us that the victim admitted she was shot by your own son. a neighbor called nine one one in trying to help the victim until medics arrived they don't want to dig too much into people's
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wanna be there for them and hope that everything gets resolved police say the victim's injuries are serious they can just hope and pray that you know she's okay i stole the victim's husband he said his wife should be okay now police are still searching for the suspect they're looking for twenty fourteen red toyota four door with it and prosper p r o as a pr if you've seen this card please want to know so they ask that you call the crime line live in virginia beach at least brown thirteen years now at least have much more on a story as soon as we learn about this for gin beach police tell us that he could be in the car with that tag once again she just said that p r o s p e r is a virginia license plate a personalized plate. they are custom and if you see that car call the police in new hampton police say a second suspect is in custody following a
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us twenty one year old to college of art of eating and another man were shot by a store clerk after they allegedly tried to rob boulevard that other man eighteen year old timothy johnson died from his injuries. vinny was struck but survived police said the clerk who shot the two police are looking for a man accused of shooting a woman over the weekend take a look at your screen this thirty investigators say it happened friday night at town center way police ellis the king got in a car with three other people and demanded property from them when they refused king allegedly fired one single shot hitting a forty four forty four year old canton woman that she was taken to the hospital where she is supposed to be okay but if you know alexander king is give the crime line a caw turning now to the weather very wet and getting colder and yet in addition to the umbrella that you'll need to they'll also need a jacket craig is here to explain
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were very mild but they are really falling now find an echo there working the area we've had periods of heavy rain on sale right now some of the moderate to heavy cells across parts of isle of wight northern something back across the james river up to the pencil you can see parts of newport news and hampton also seeing some of that moderate to heavy rain. if you have your cells across the south and it's been this kind of a steady light to moderate rain for many areas that you are talking about the gloomy conditions out there right now it's also becoming increasingly windy as the winds are shifting around in the north and that's going to keep those temperatures cooler through the afternoon. right now at the airport forty eight degrees we were in the sixties all morning you could see down to the south northeast north carolina still in the sixties but the temps really falling is that cold front is settling farther south the temperature change in the last twenty four hours we are down twenty six degrees since this time yesterday noon yesterday was very mild and now the cooler air settles in the afternoon temperatures settle in the mid forties when
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showers overnight and that is existence is some of the models not this one so much that some of the models kind of hit it on the backside of the system there may be a little bit of a changeover to snow the ground is going to be warm so the pavement sense. she pretty much melt on contact with the grassy areas eastern shore over the northern neck maybe parts of the peninsula. you might see a little bit of snow on the back sides who will be watching for that i will show you all that going to talk about more changes coming up for the weekend and look ahead to a colder next week state an art critic is so much before heading out the door check in with the thirteen years now whether caster app you can find it for free in the app store on google play. also this noon right now the man accused of throwing a child over fences getting ready to go before a judge to dante johnson is accused of doing exactly that while running from state troopers. his preliminary hearing is expected to get underway in less than an hour a judge
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enough evidence to taken to trial. johnson faces several charges including reckless driving and child endangerment. it stems from an october incident in which johnson allegedly led state police on a big chase that chase came to an end with johnson hitting a town house in virginia beach when the trooper told johnson to show his hands. investigators say that he grabbed his girlfriend's three year old son out of his car ran through the child over the fence. the child suffered minor injuries. well later today a community group is meeting about a petition to recall norfolk city treasurer anthony burr for the citizens recall committee re file the petition to recall her foot yesterday they still need to raise more than four thousand signatures last month the feds charge for foot with eight counts of public corruption is accused of accepting gifts and money in exchange for the use of his power that community meeting is at five o'clock
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glow anchor branch library on ocean view avenue candidates for president taking aim at marco rubio is a first term united states senator and has had no experience at all ever managing anything. all eyes are on the gop contender after iowa but will he be able to pull off another win in new hampshire demanding getting what you ordered on amazon within an hour it will soon become reality in some tell you where that's coming up in our second half hour hearing from the former teammates of one of the people accused of killing thirteen year old nicole
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. the countdown to the new hampshire primaries is on the focus shifting to a gop candidate and it's all thanks to a strong showing in
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are attacking marco rubio ahead of the primaries all while trying to get their own messages across. abc's more seconds alice is in manchester new hampshire with on gates of the political process today marco rubio the latest showing the florida senator now in second place behind donald trump and other candidates are taking a first term united states senator and has had no experience at all for managing anything he will trump is still going after ted cruz accusing him of fraud in iowa the billionaire businessman also running into some unexpected drama on the trail the sound of his plane forced to make an emergency landing yesterday in nashville because of mechanical problems trump eventually making it to his campaign stop in little rock something like i said that's okay we can go back to new yorkers to time will come into the desert there's no
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the frontrunner and other candidates are campaigning across new hampshire the democrats after taking on voters' questions in last night's cnn town hall hillary clinton defending being paid big money for giving speeches to have to be paid six hundred twenty five thousand dollars why don't know that's what they offered plan to raise taxes to pay for universal health care yes a little bit more with your health premiums will disappear and the democrats will face off in a debate tonight just two days before the big republican debate right here on abc. marci gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire. well she is the virginia woman fighting the z virus will this noon we're hearing from her and how she thinks she contracted it coming and the raindrops on our live sky view camera
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. tonight there will be a vigil for the nine year old boy who was killed in a car crash we told you yesterday at a candlelight vigil for lucas ballard a cancer survivor was planned for last night's rain forced the family to postpone that plan that will gather tonight at six o'clock at whack elementary school ballard died monday when police say the truck hit his mom's van in norfolk. his seven year old best friend kiana clowney also suffered serious injuries in the crash he is still at the hospital so far no charges have been filed loved ones will gather and mourn today as thirteen year old nicole level is laid to rest the blacksburg team beat cancer only to have her life taken from or michael's mother stood in front of
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complete her statement she mourns her daughter's death her favorite color was blue she loved dancing and panda bears. she wanted to perform on american idol someday police have two virginia tech students in custody accused of murdering her. you'll hear more about them and reaction from one of their teammates coming up in our second half hour of news. well the very first confirms that a patient here in the commonwealth is now speaking out. heather baker of harrisonburg says that she received a letter from the cdc on monday confirming that she in fact had been infected with disease the virus now baker believes she contracted it in november when she went to guatemala on a mission trip now she's trying to manage her symptoms and learn much more about this virus there a lot of unknowns right now and we are just doing the best we can with what we have been my hope is that there's someone out there somewhere who has studied this a student at the college of william and
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the virus there is currently no vaccine for the z virus which has been linked to birth defects like micro and subtly in newborns. it's normally spread through mosquito bites. amazon is expanding its prime now one hour delivery service to parts of hampton roads the services offered exclusively to amazon prime members in virginia beach chesapeake and norfolk. it offers a one hour delivery for tens of thousands of items through mobile app to our delivery is free and one hour delivery will cost prime members. eight bucks. it's overcast it's wet it's increasingly windy and it's turning colder. sounds lovely doesn't it. i know no it doesn't pay you know what captures finally getting back to normal after that freakish day that we had yesterday and one talked about some of the weather headlines what you can expect more rain to the afternoon the temps will continue to fall right now we
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forties at the airport after being in the sixties pretty much all morning showers tonight there may be now stress and may be a little mixing on the tail end of this song chance for some very minor accumulation maybe some of the grassy surfaces are elevated services to the north eastern shore maybe over to say the northern neck or the middle peninsula again the ground is very warm so anything that fall should be very light is if it does makes it the end little bit in the ground the payment service is very warm so most of the stuff and melt on contact but it is something worth a watch for cool and windy here friday and then a little bit warmer over the weekend so those are some of those headlines mention the temperature has dropped significantly weird forty eight in norfolk at the same time the temperature was taken it was just a little bit before the noon hour about ten till that same point celtic which isn't very far away all still in sixty two. you see sixty six and was in the city contacts can get that from lowry pushing
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and these temperatures will the afternoon detailing the winds are picking up in now are seeing some gusts of around twenty five mph so it will be breezy and twins get even stronger tomorrow and tomorrow as we go through the day you're born in seguin very cool conditions with highs only in the low forties i think the winds to market just thirty five maybe even forty mph near the water so very windy there so when shifting to the north now at the airport again that is proof that in the rising pressure that that cold front has passed through so we're in the sixties this morning norfolk international while there we saw a filling and we have some more rain across for rain still really good this evening is a lot of moisture streaming up across the southeast us from the gulf of mexico there's that front is pushing through the area and still a focus for additional rain chances later today and tonight you'll notice as we go
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we still those north winds will continue the wind strong tomorrow still rain early in the morning. the set better chance for the mixing much farther to the north but i have to mention together is that chance that we could see a little bit here. matter fact european now hinting at a very minor amounts on grassy surfaces off to the north may be traced to say a quarter inch maybe a heavy dusting and some of the grassy areas to the north and that's if that model is correct. the rain will move out skies going to clear out and we will welcome. what should be a very nice weekend looking forward to that here's what we had to look forward to the afternoon forty six. generally speaking right now to mention forty eight so we're still warmer or to see the temperatures falling more periods of rain most of the new thirty six could see that next on the tail end of that and then any lingering showers or mix and early tomorrow it will be windy and stay in chile here's the rest of the seven day temperatures back in the upper forties for saturday and sunday and next week giving tuesday night into wednesday. we could be
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more wintry precipitation player to watch of the coming different jackets in my car yet know what you never know when you'll need one so you pick the stuff going on here greg. now sure dave hollis on daybreak then you know this week is pizza week it's been so much fun all week we've been checking out some of the best pizza places in history and early this week lucy took you to tony's in virginia beach tactic and azalea in a nice little creek in norfolk and now are going to suffolk where the pies getting a lot of us can be found at al for new pizzeria restaurant and we saying that simple is really the new delicious. ashley smith takes us there if i like it myself i give it to be the key that's the standard for every pizza made it out for new pizzeria and suffolk and the owner is a pro at making that perfect pie. the parable of the corner of the new
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that yes delicious. don't forget we're giving you a chance to win free pizza for a year. just watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak for the keyword to enter on thirty news now dot com we have one more chance to win tomorrow and we're going to chesapeake tomorrow it's a newer restaurant and tell eu guys will love it it's a different style pizza that is unbelievable and it was started by a guy that just retired from the native south kerry military tie their slot
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so failing. it says katie's cancer and blood disorder center has a very important in a very tough job but one person there has the wonderful task of making kids feel like kids while undergoing treatment that person the chp the child life specialist brian sledding right thing so much for joining us again and we spoke of several months ago so welcome back we did great work over there and keep your site specifically to cover the cancer and blood disorder center tells my role there so my role as a child life specialists is to basically make sure that the kids are prepared for what's going on the hospital we all know the kids get scared when they're in a new atmosphere new people meeting new faces so it's my job to make sure that they understand what's coming up whether it's going for surgery or having an iv placed lobsters providing that you know that support for the kids while they're i was up on that second for a peaceful area than the work
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smiling all day when they come in with the goal for all these steps and so forth that actually work for them parents of children with cancer often find it hard to talk frankly to family friends were telling us about when they're discussing how you help them cope with that so there's there's all different things that we do and we have all different disciplines that work together as a team from the physicians to the nurses all the way down to social workers child life specialists chaplains is basically everybody come together to form a health care team to really provide support to all members of listening right now what could you tell a parent you know who may be going through this right now how would you help them cope that they're not alone. they're not alone in this journey there's all different people out there who are ready to take action help the child to the treatments we really encourage parents to talk to other parents in the clinic because they the other parents know firsthand what the other parents going through. we as professionals we can provide support but we're not walking in their
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support that way we have a a moms helping moms group that we run once a month for social workers and is an opportunity for parents to get together and just talk amongst each other in a very relaxed atmosphere we served lunch. so there's all different things that we do to really help them to the jury were talking one of the parents that bring their children here that we live in the area do you guys have a way to help his peers as well even though the canned beers often yeah. our social workers really do have a fabulous job of really helping the families in webster transportation if they need help too that you notes. it's providing all the different resources to make sure that they know is going on and that they get here safely and we get that out the treatment presley thank you so much for the work they do over there with those kids appreciated thank you so much for joining us we'll see again. so likewise thank you does the press and thirteen is now
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. if i ever see on top of that situation out of virginia beach where there's a manhunt continues right now for the person who shot a woman in a virginia beach home ec the house right there said according to police it happened on cam all drive around seven thirty this morning one was taken to the hospital police still searching for the alleged shooter and neighbor tells thirty news now that the victim came to her for help and told her that the suspect was actually her son and right now police are looking for twenty fourteen red four door toyota with a virginian custom tag prosper on it. we're told ocean lake high school will stay on lockdown all day because of the shooting the students will still get out on time
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after a man was found shot to death and mackinac county just after midnight deputies responded to a report of a man shot outside a home on raymond townsend lane off of fleming road near d church and were in town. medics found twenty two year old robert b tops the fourth we took them to the peninsula regional medical center in salisbury maryland tops died in the hospital but deputies have not made in a rest. if you know anything contact the yakima county sheriff's office and turning now to severe weather pounding parts of the southeast the other cleanup is underway right now after several tornadoes touched down there. abc's megan hughes has more for the second day in a row tornadoes hit parts of the south in crockett county tennessee the surveillance camera at a local high school shows the moment an ef one classrooms. fortunately the school day was over when the twister hit. nobody was there and everybody was no hole in the area around
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with visible damage like the vancouver home mostly of cosmetic to my house shingles of luck yet but my shop is pretty much completely destroyed its the roof down the doors are grown in all content is added just for much destroyed so can win despite the obvious destruction than diverse as there's a silver lining is a great day family website so all this money will rebuild and at fort stewart georgia twister came through the base of frightened parents and children couldn't believe their eyes. omg i painted the house and the military aid to fifty people to new homes dozens of vehicles were destroyed and in thomasville north carolina jeff locke considers himself lucky mom called to tell me that she thought a tornado come through in the fraud was known of the port of wilma the buildings were golden but the houses by today the national weather service will be out to assess the storm damage and determine if it was caused by
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winds mega news abc news washington today congress talks about the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs and among those set to testify. martin skelly is a former ceo who was hike the price of an hiv drug more than five thousand percent curley also known as farmer oberoi will likely say much is expected to plead the fifth after his lawyer told him to zip it. he's facing security fraud charges in new york a second anti abortion activists indicted after making undercover videos about planned parenthood is expected to turn himself into texas authorities today the attorney for this man says he is scheduled to appear in a houston courtroom for a bond hearing. the other indicted activists and from eric turned herself in on wednesday. both were charged with tampering with a governmental record the videos alleged health plan parenthood illegally sold fetus tissue the researchers for profit. a
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planned parenthood but concluded it did nothing wrong. a sexual assault case against bill cosby will move forward a sexual assault case that is after pennsylvania judge ruled cause b was not granted immunity in exchange for testifying in a civil suit filed by an accuser the decision allows the case to move to a preliminary hearing on march eighth cause he was arrested in december he is charged with drugging and violating a former temple department employee at a suburban philadelphia home cause his lawyers plan to appeal they are confused and they are furious assume we're hearing from the former teammates of the man accused of killing a thirteen year old girl. their message to the accused killer still ahead and neighbors in a virginia neighborhood say it's more than just last
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. we are following developments in the murder mystery on the western side of the state as family and friends mourn thirteen year old nicole level the past hour a judge in blacksburg denied bail for natalie keepers one of two people charged in the young girls that are also hearing from david eisenhower's former teammates many of them stoned confused by the accusations of a pilgrim pics of the story from here overnight mourners loved ones and former teachers paying tribute to thirteen year old local level. her funeral just hours away. everybody's gonna
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or smile because she had some kind of in a magic i will miss her potential to virginia tech students david eisenhower and i we keepers behind bars facing charges for her death one in five people don't have this video on youtube belonging to a student named natalie keepers be giving us a glimpse at the now nineteen year old more than a year before the alleged murder authorities say eisenhower a former member of the hokey track team was abusing his relationship with the seventh grade girl he chatted with on a message again kick his teammates stunned by the charges one writing none of this had to happen yet i'm left here wondering why did kate kern feller distance runner on the team posting this open letter on facebook to his friend. i hate what you dine. but i don't hate you. three lives are now waste it. the columbus family say she vanished last tuesday night authorities say she was murdered. the next day saturday her body was found more than eighty miles away
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the grayson county sheriff saying eisenhower choosing that location because he's familiar with the area about two miles from home owned by his extended family michael's death robbing her middle school friends of their small town innocence. there's still a lot of sadness going on still some of her best friends. still i just kind of scarred by it either program abc news. blacksburg virginia was a really big problems at the irs mean that you may
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neighbors and michael neighborhood say they just can't rely on getting mail in fact some say they only receive mail once since last month's snowstorms that hit that area affected but that might be the only problem there. a small army of male friends made it through three neighborhoods in glen allen earlier this week catching up
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blame their mail carrier all of a kind of had a run in with her with either swearing matches when we try to ask her to deliver packages on the stats versus the driveway and the reigning mean there's there's always an issue one such incident involved a package thrown into a wooded area near her neighborhood that package addressed to someone just down the road. a spokesperson says the postmaster is aware of this. no word yet on if any action will be taken by the usps of this town there are some really big problems at the irs that could stop you from filing your return online affiliate hardware failure is to blame the outage could affect or refunds but the agency is hopeful. most taxpayers will get their refunds within three weeks the irs that gov website is up and running but several services are not working. the irs says that if you have already filed just that i don't need to do anything else. well he's really cute he's cuddly things he knows who's going
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after the break. lei lei the giant panda says who will
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thinking of bringing a drone to the super bowl think again the faa created a thirty two mile wide no drone zone around levi stadium made the announcement via twitter in its eight a psa saying bring your face a believer drone at home anyone caught in the no fly zone may be detained and analyze and are still undecided on which team to root for this i may be able to help light the giant panda kept anxious crowds waiting on him to make his pay and after about twenty minutes some and some trees. the bear pick the panthers to go mail
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toys because he wrapped itself up and very ego our rights and now we know do you need to play a guessing one to five years that we have the skies are going to be overcast or the afternoon we had more rain across the region the temperatures are falling it was really interesting has put out on facebook and twitter can you spot the cold front and put out the temperatures right next to the wind and you can very clearly see with that front is pushing south to the area right now check map yourself fouls on twitter dot com slash thirteen craig miller you'll find it there you can also follow on facebook right now to focus on the spot on forecasts the street up to eight or on a roll and temperatures are calling for to be at least twenty degrees warmer yesterday it was and today guess what will convert to be about thirty degrees colder to the afternoon. let me show you the temperatures and talk about the temperature difference right now from this time we were yesterday right now at forty eight
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hampton newport news fifty nl for temperature still warmer down to the south that front coming through right here last half hour suffolk was in the low sixties now they're down to fifty so that cooler air settling in down to the south will continue to press southward here's a temperature change right now we are twenty six degrees cooler than yesterday the temperature difference will be even greater through the afternoon as again we reached a high yesterday of seventy seven so i think we're in good shape at that spot on streak will see through the afternoon winds are picking up we had gusts around twenty five mph few locations you can see will be even when the air tomorrow right now with the overcast and the rain reported at the airport where the winds have shifted to the north and seventeen that's why he could see the rain that is out there across serious impact of heavy rain right now three something back to the south into north carolina were also looking for some pretty heavy rain to approach the outer banks who were
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continues to lift to the northeastern area of low pressure that will spread this rain up along the northeast us cuz we're going to see the chances for rain overnight and then tomorrow i think we start to see improvements probably early in the morning but on the backside of this as temperatures fall tomorrow morning. some models indicated there could be a little bit of snow trying to mix in our future cast we build off the rpm model one of the models that we use and rely heavily on it does not show that in this is what we're looking at right here you can see the moisture really set to largely move out tomorrow morning early as two thirty he go seven thirty in the mornings and snow showers from maryland delaware up through new jersey in new york while here it looks like it and his reign again this is one model i will show you a couple other models as we will see clearing windy and cool the g f s model again you don't see much of anything as far as mix precipitation
12:39 pm
stays rain as it moves out as we check out the euro though that's a little different situation here tries to produce a little bit of a changeover to snow before dan's and again this would be on grassy areas the pavement very warm so not his pain the widespread issues i think most of what falls will melt on contact but it is something that we're going to watch and we look at a number of different models most likely we may see a few wet snowflakes for the northern part of the area as the system exits to mark the date of his fall in the mid forties will see mid thirties tonight so above freezing but a little bit about mixing may develop at the end as it moves out early tomorrow morning. forty three tomorrow and thirty three tomorrow night clear and chilly temperatures moderate a bit over the weekend up to forty saturday and sunday and then it gets cooler again next week when my points the warm weather we saw yesterday is gone for pretty long the new attorney fancy
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everything you need to know about life,
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