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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:57pm EST

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student who allegedly helped to plan the murder of thirteen year old local level for this weekend we take the plunge for special olympics athletes will take one program to salute the volunteers who help them shine. the news for stocks right now. a gloomy day and half the world's temperatures to drop throughout the afternoon today and of course you need to keep those umbrellas handy and just take a look at some of the flooding in norfolk so jeff the rain is here to stay for the night right after the most part i mean it hasn't rained all day but it rained almost all day in most locations and more in store and believe it or not we may see a little bit of snow later tonight as well. look at the gloom just hanging over the area with the low clouds the rain continuing across the region the latest color green indicating very
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dark green gets a little but steady and definitely under these yellow areas. it's coming down at least moderately and you can see as we go through time just the last three hours there were times where we had a bit of a break and even right now it's not doing much if anything across most of the eastern shore that'll be feeling back in shortly so we're going to continue to watch this rain spreading across the region during the evening hours. some of the heaviest right now back here cross bells melon continuing up towards essex meadows and then right over here near volvo parkway stepping stone road centrist airfield road getting this more moderate precipitation to the north around big bethel he can see around middle ground road some moderate areas of rain there just since midnight one point four inches in norfolk an inch in virginia beach a little last only two thirds are tease me about little less than one third of an inch in newport news remember yesterday just before midnight we already checked in with an inch and a
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lot of spots so we are really starting to add it up as for tonight to mention the possibility of some snow now that would not stick most of that and this takes us through tuesday that's a separate system so again some possible winter weather moving in with that later tonight i'll have a lot more on that coming up our day south once again a case of family violence cops or headlines this while and has an entire neighborhood on the police are searching for twenty year old yvonne tay williams who allegedly shot his own mother in virginia beach the shooting happened this morning on the mall drive not far from ocean lakes high school which was under lockdown all day the mother is now back home from the hospital and marcel robertson joins us live from virginia beach and marcel you spoke to williams his brother says he's absolutely shocked now as you mentioned the good news here is that williams the mother is out of the hospital at this point she is back inside the home here recovering and i did
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brother he says that he once asked his brother why he would shoot their mother i use these you can probably imagine this is really really difficult for the family at this point he says that they're just trying to digest all of this and figure out exactly what happened this morning and why it happens now police first responded here around seven thirty this morning. that's where they took the victim now william's mother to the hospital again she suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. she has since been released from the hospital again as i mentioned but police are still looking for divine t williams at this point and the fact that he's still out there just has a lot of people really an easy here in this neighborhood very terrified that the i'm hoping they catch him soon as i don't think anybody else should get her to witness our neighbor that told me about what happened he said that on for twenty years and his left ear. nothing like this ever happen again police still looking for williams at this
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may be in a red toyota camry with at a virginia tag that read prosper again if they say that if you come across williams or seen that car you should automatically just call police because they are considering him armed and dangerous at this point coming up tonight on thirteen years now at five o'clock you'll hear how one neighbor here on this street help the victim before help arrived this morning now reporting live in virginia beach marcella robertson thirteen years now and i got an acolyte county after an early morning sitting just after midnight deputies responded to a report of a man shot outside a home in raymond townsend lane that's near dc church in horn town meetings then took twenty two year old robert j tops the fourth to the peninsula regional medical center in salisbury maryland state house died in the hospital there are no suspects in this case contacted the aca mind county sheriff's office and you have any information a man considered armed and dangerous is on the run and police need your help finding
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him thirty year old alexander came from suffolk allegedly shot a woman in hampton shooting happened last friday night on town center way off big bethel road police tele skiing got in a car with three other people and told them to hand over their belongings when they refused he allegedly shot the woman she is expected to recover if you know anything about king's whereabouts contact the crime line someone could be watching you inside your own home right now with a device you think is making your family safer. nowadays security cameras web cameras and crappy cameras are part of everyday life but what our investigation uncovered might have you thinking twice we found the security cameras are anything but secure broadcasting live on line for all the world to see and when we say all the world we mean that anyone can view these camera sees find out who's watching you and our special
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and i'm continuing to watch the roads this afternoon we do have a few delays working across hampton roads you can see them on here behind me mainly around the bridges and tunnels i do a focus on what you can expect first at the monitor merrimack this is newport news traffic headed to south of the tunnel just off there in the distance we can see there as you approach the out tunnels here you are going to get a pretty substantial slowdown regular joe with about a mile or so of really stop and go traffic and you get to that the tone of this outside contractor network maps we head up to six sixty four northbound the other side of the sixty four at the sixty four west heavy traffic there due to ongoing road work and i'm watching very heavy traffic as well sixty four westbound to the hr btn out to hampton and the rest of the area doing ok but certainly very cautious on the road as they are what keep an eye on things now give you an update in just a few minutes audacity than the superbowl is this sunday and part of hit the roads will be able to see us during the game wasn't
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bowl commercials will feature colonial williamsburg if the first time the colonial is burke foundation is making a run at the super bowl joe flanagan is live for us in colonial america in the region the absolute self you tune and then you can see here in hampton roads. this is why original by is for markets that they chose new washington d c those in the markets a few are the strongest said they really cater to visitors who come here to colonia when they did send us a little freeze frame and it's a picture of the wood jima and sort of sets the stage of what this little thirty second commercial is all about great moments in american history but the footage is running backwards yes in reverse it's on like the commercials we watched for forty nine years on the super bowl like these. this one's going to attract a whole lot of attention and everything culminates with the bottom line of it all started here they even have tom brokaw is
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volunteered his services which has three markets that we know our great feeder markets for our taurus so new york philadelphia and dc are the largest feeder markets for tourism into actually the entire area now that embargo they'll release it tomorrow on social media you all get a chance to see at colonial williamsburg dot com or on their youtube channel for darren nichols i'll get a chance to watch it today and it really is a good one we are impressed very different for claudia windsor to get into super bowl advertisers are going to talk more about that at five and six for now reporting live in windsor joe flanagan thirty news now i don't think buddy now if you want to go to the super bowl you have to scramble to find some money ticket prices are steep. elise abraham's is here to so yeah low sticker prices have ballooned since super bowl won yet it's no
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surprise tickets to super bowl fifty are hitting record high levels right now the average price for tickets to sunday's game versus our guys are about five thousand dollars according to ticket tracking sites e g let me show you just how far we've come over the years so this is really gonna set you back here the first super bowl ever in nineteen sixty seven tickets were going for twelve dollars each. he retired nineteen seventy six are super bowl ten twenty dollars for the pittsburgh raise doubts came and then the buffalo vs the giants game in nineteen ninety one guys may remember this is when we he isn't saying a star spangled banner hundred and fifty dollars but here we are today almost five thousand dollars for just one ticket now that's more than four thousand six hundred and seventy two average ticket prices for the may two thousand fifty mayweather pacquiao fight which is currently the most expensive sporting to get on record. so this is how doing that by far is also more than the average ticket price for last year's
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for the beginning of the most expensive tickets sold for sunday's game so far were a pair of seats near the fifty yard line. good seats which went for about twenty thousand dollars each and they were sold to san jose resident think my friends jim and regina for my super bowl ticket and the wind got to cover with super bowl coverage and it won't cost you a thing had thirteen is now dot com to find another quick links on thirteen years now dot com check out the best superbowl ads online updates on the panthers in the broncos and much much more suitable guys i was the world's most controversial figures makes an appearance on capitol hill former form pharmaceuticals ceo martin squarely faces the news and put his response draws widespread criticism a
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i can i do think that whomever thinks muscles only on abc thirteen then made off miniseries airs tonight at eight o'clock and after that made off after the fall premier is tonight at seven abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross will dive into the inner circles of bernie madoff's life thirteen years nine acre on three senior had a chance to speak to ross today about one of the most notorious con artists in history. he was uncle bernie. he was mr nice guy and no one believes that he was a creek that was richard dreyfus was the lead character is made up of abc mini series which continues tonight right here on abc thirty was inspired by abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross reporting from his book the madoff chronicles and a bright rusty so much for joining us and even today i got to tell you you still making news here you have some details about an fbi
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agent who said the male plan to destroy evidence. he was the middle of shredding all kinds of documents his shredded fifty boxes at the time is arrested he wanted a week more but didn't get it but the fbi durand the case keith kelly says if he had shredded more documents key documents he might've been able to avoid the most serious charges he would have gone to prison for sometime but not the one hundred and fifty years that he ended up getting is there anything still legally happening with the madoff case right now that the people who are the bankruptcy lawyers have been trying to recover the stolen money they've got so far about eleven billion of the seventeen billion still invested and they're looking for more brie lawsuits against people who may have been benefiting more than the average customer arm and taken on more than they should have here two thousand i'm looking kind of detail what made us life is like behind bars right now at the time back in two thousand ninety know what is life is like behind bars right now right now he works in the commissary as a delivery boy. the guy who once had
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in the bank now has paid a dollar an hour or less. he's in the six by twelve cell his former roommate was a bank robber who talk to us for our report and says very was a very good in may because he didn't wash his underwear in the cell washed outside the cell and help keep the self clean. well thank you so much for joining us thank you very much having the car i knew details emerged today about a virginia tech student accused of helping in the murder of thirteen year old nicole level. today natalie keepers was denied bond. she taught she starts with being an accessory before and after the fact of murder and improper disposal of the body during today's hearing commonwealth's attorney mary pettit says keepers and classmate david eisenhower began planning the murder in early january he was allegedly told investigators she was excited to be part of something secretive and special. we learn to psychologists previously
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prescribed keepers depression and anti anxiety medication for merck pharmaceuticals ceo mark and scraggly appearance smog on capitol hill today he pointed the fence before the house oversight committee in hearing about raising drug prices would you say to that single pregnant woman who might have aids. no income she needs their prime in order to survive what would you say to her when she has to make that choice would you say to err on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendments lawmakers criticize him for raising the price of gallon from five thousand percent. the drunk treat infections in people with illnesses such as aids squarely step down as ceo of touring pharmaceuticals after his arrest on unrelated
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first it's wet and then could it be white. i think there's a decent chance we've been talking about this for days. so let's discuss first of all how long everything is going to stick around how much cold air comes in. what a difference in the temperature for morning in the afternoon one that a second but the rain has been again pretty steady across the region. occasionally some gaps just like right now on the eastern shore that is starting to fill back in as well. you have a few others every so often the rain will either let up or ease off a little bit before it starts up again. we have a current condition right now a forty five degrees this morning it was well up into the sixties craig was talking about that at noon. northerly winds set and just like that we dropped about twenty degrees pressure holding steady right now is that front just sits very close to us. time lapse going back to this morning a lot of clouds rain again at times moderate even occasionally sort of heavy as we got that
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one point four inches that has been reported just since midnight and yesterday it was one point i think you are one point three before midnight so really start to add up in terms of the amount of rain a lot of clouds out there right now slightly lighter precipitation to look at these temperatures everywhere in the forties and take it down here to her words fifteen ne is still sixty fifty seven kill devil hills sixty three ducks so right near the water we still have that front but everywhere behind in readings have really dropped so initially this future cast does not as high resolution of the other one but i like what it's doing overnight more than the other one that i typically use so again temperatures on both of them are fairly similar but you can see the rain come through at times and then lori and am pretty confident at least in the northern western areas and there's a decent shot around here as well that we're going to get enough cold air and to change over to a little bit of a wintry mix some sleeves are a little bit of snow and i wouldn't
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maybe an inch or so an inch or two even some that are far northern areas that comes through at rush hour even though most of it's going to tend to stick on the grass and some the surfaces that are more elevated can't rule it out on some roads especially get a little bit more to the north so watch that in one crib keep you updated on and ashley both on any updated road conditions by afternoon and in the evening skies beginning to clear so here's the forecast tonight some rain or six was changing to some snow a little bit of a max and anna temperatures in the afternoon forty three forty seven on saturday forty eight sunday and then another storm possibly could be a little iffy come next monday night into tuesday cause i took this weekend thousands will brave the elements to take the polar plunge and today and tomorrow janet will
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. welcome back everybody they always try their best they always display positive attitude have you ever seen special effects athletes excel is just great this weekend hundreds of people maybe even some of you will take the polar plunge at the oceanfront it raises a ton of money to support special olympics programs. we thought we'd take out a one to show you just how special olympics volunteers are making their mark look how much joy there is that the chesapeake special olympics and i'm not just talking about the kids the pain in the morning of the james farm runs the test take special note that the oven for ten years he's been king of the court but he's quick to pass phrase two other teammates here volunteers who give up their time and so much of themselves like billy
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crawford. we knew that we have so much fun the game of basketball coach just because dogs have a good time together. his game plan is to allow them to feel something very well likely include the pardon saying that the these kids are part of the chesapeake apple eaters the eye. chelsea willis is their coach. she's a new volunteer the day so we can do anything that you believe their minds they maybe wanted me to come out here and succeed every week and it is incredibly inspiring none of these volunteers gets paid monetarily their rewards might be sweet if a new qb issues can see from the sweat it out filled up to help the with no bottom of the well they can be dead in my book priceless. it's fantastic. i mean those adults are out there trying
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are and it's great to see the polar plunge raised seventeen thousand dollars just for the chesapeake special effects alone and james says they couldn't keep going without the plans tomorrow here on making him are going to see the impact of the pull the plug and the kids will tell you just how much all of this means to them so where are all out some wacky highlights and we will run in the ocean catching up with her story while you may remember how hampton roads could stand to help with the flint water crisis were following up on one effort from
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four. great to see that the days are longer the weather is isn't running the veer the rain continues to fall in half the roads along with the temperatures this is a live look from our
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norfolk skyview virginia beach as does a parent. lots of fun rolling and just how long with this miserable weather stick around to last into tomorrow morning and it could get even more miserable as in go from wet to white talk and sleep and or snow a definite possibility not a guarantee it'll happen but a very significant possibility especially the farther north you get ie have a feeling it's probably more likely than not that at least will see some around here the question is will be able to stick on the wet the surface is that we have out there but clearly we've seen temperatures plummet with the rain continuing to fall from trees compared to yesterday. down twenty to almost thirty degrees and compared the highs they are down thirty degrees i showed you earlier the european model and it's no potential and had a generally lower amount slightly above these but relatively minor amounts overnight this a different model the north american model and it also shows light precipitation later tonight
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into tomorrow so i'm pretty confident in saying is i have been for the past three days or so that we are going to see the rain late late tonight early tomorrow at least getting some sleet or snow mic stand and probably been transitioning for a little while and then we'll just have to see with the ground is wet as it isn't as warm as it is how much of that will stick anywhere the best chance of some accumulations will be areas off to the north or west but rush hour could be a little tricky around here so keep that in mind make sure you tune in the morning guys are right on the sidelines a little i dream of just the thought that without the goofball sometimes are making faces at each other i love all the while i did i do anything for a way to do anything about it so i was like a little bit about traffic in the last time that i saw the interstates and having accidents and highway accident free or not delay free and the rose on the bed today i am now and hopefully we get to the rush hour
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pretty well we're doing ok right now but he's still on the back ups i do i talk about what you can expect as we head out the door you can see you're on the maps we do have a little bit of activity here and thereafter i headed to dinner or doing some shopping something like that do want to let you know what you will encounter me just trying to head home at this point after a long day of work i want to focus now on the hr beat easel had my camera now in between the raindrops here we can make out or have the backup this is at five sixty four which is about six or seven miles or so away from the hr bt on sixty four west l a sometimes we have those backups comic standing pretty far and this is one of those days so if you're normally head to the financial around this time i went to the monitor merrimack that's moving a little bit better and the jr be given over to isle of wight county in hampton newport news on the traffic network maps and speaking of newport news newport news to stop but was still a mess out there six sixty four south of the eminem and as we zoom out
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branch powers hill and leaving naval station norfolk so again we do have some delays and continuing to follow up to be posted right here on thirteen years now i actually think you will residents in western branch of drumming up support for proposed field house were talking about an indoor sports facility with turf fields and basketball and volleyball courts. the hope is that this will help draw more people to an area that is in need of development tonight councilman ronald davis just be councilman who proposed the fieldhouse will be at the elks lodge answering questions with macy's recently pulling out a chesapeake square mall residents decided that something has got to be done so they're hoping that the fieldhouse can attract people from all over hampton roads and the state can you imagine if we have a sports complex here and we have an indoor soccer indoor field hockey indoor flag football basketball volleyball and all of the people to come here stay here and fill it the motels and also spend money here. can you imagine
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and daily activities are the proposal meeting is tonight at six thirty at the elks lodge in western branch of course s in chesapeake. welfare is less about legislation that requires virginia public school students to get at least an average of twenty minutes of physical activity a day is advancing in the general assembly a house version of the bill received preliminary approval despite criticism from some lawmakers and it was an unfair imposition to the state putting it on teachers and local school districts the legislation applies to students in kindergarten through fifth grade the senate has already approved its version of the del some amazon prime members in hampton roads are about to get a really nice park and they're gonna love it all right amazon says that its prime now one and two hour delivery service has expanded the chesapeake and norfolk portsmouth and virginia beach only prime
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customers live access to the faster service to our delivery is free or for about eight blocks you can get your items in our this service is available right now from ten in the morning until ten at night seven days a week and social media is going crazy over this rate i'll take a look people are already taking advantage of the service. some say they are going grocery shopping anymore and hannah blame of everything they need comes the right to their doorstep especially those with little ones other people are saying it's the perfect late night craving answer when you can't leave the house and if you even said when you're sick and only the house. this is perfect it all comes right to you looking for a time while virginia is getting at least one million dollars in federal money to build a new oyster reefs on the eastern shore and oyster restoration project in maryland is delayed and not restart until it's over. that's according to the army corps of engineers as a result of this delay the corps plans to send a portion of its available
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oyster restoration funding and twenty sixty to the core is an orphan to start for bay restoration and virginia gop presidential candidate donald trump is drawing overflow crowds in new hampshire all this after his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in tennessee earlier and on the other side senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton prepare for a one on one debate tonight abc's marci gonzalez has the latest donald trump in his late twenty points in the latest new hampshire poll. ted cruz of on the trail with a new line of fire. jimmy carter endorsed donald trump i am not making that up talking about this video of the former president but cruz is now using a campaign ad i think i would use from reason is that romney has
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proven already that he's complaining about it. i don't think he has a fixed opinion said he would go to the white house and fight for trump brushing it off detector test and now with just five days before the primary he and other candidates are keeping jam packed for the schedules the butt dust and then carson is still taking time off his team confirming at least thirty campaign staff positions are being cut today and what they call a reorganization to help carson the finish line on the democratic side both campaigns in full force bernie sanders and hillary clinton both spending today prepping for tonight's debate and the republicans next that's on saturday night right here on abc at the motel sell during a toxic water crisis hundreds of miles away and it's given us a chance to see the heart of our community groups like
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partners with the community and experienced or to suffer well pleased to donate bottles of water some people in flint michigan can have safe water to drink and boy did hampton roads come through in a very big way our newsmaker guest knows that firsthand as pastor john moore he just got back from flint donating all that water from the experience church at some how or if i'm doing great weighs grams lighter got back home safely by the way. yeah what was it like being out there who was literally mind blowing to see people who wanted so much water sold the truck opened they were there to get the water it didn't take long for us to dish out the water so it was something to actually to be their scs. it takes on a whole nother dimension cases to take out that we gave forty seven thousand over forty seven thousand cases a walk in one big ol' truck that no it was so phenomenal to we have to get another eighteen wheeler to take up to philly. it was for now is awesome at how
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congregation all virginia showed up and an amazing way a philosopher said people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care and i must say that virginia we showed up in a humongous weight what folks personally are they there was coming to me saying thank you so much thank you so much i had a pastor on he is congregation i was so thrilled some of the seniors because we really want to test the seals they were the water. fantastic have did you see their water up the first and i showing how to describe it. it was fun to scramble it was it was sickening to see that water and the feel of that water it was something that you just have to see for yourself in knowing now that because of the water that you would so many people out from hampton roads donated they don't have to walk miles to get clean water has a few. it
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feels tremendous relief to know that we played a humongous part. virginia was one of the most one of the top five givers in giving water and so it was a blessing to see others bless you in on facebook and it delivered. yeah great job thank you right now at a time or as becky it's all coming up mosaic of virus continues to make headlines what the american red cross is saying about the virus and
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i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths.
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or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . i'd imagine saying this while driving on the interstate a rolling meth lab bust shut down all lanes of i seventy five outside of atlanta earlier today a car carrying hazardous materials crashed causing officials on the scene to wear hazmat suits. initially all lanes were shut down due to the presence of those
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recalling another two point two million honda and acura vehicles the automaker is recalling them because of driver's airbag inflated has made my take on those airbags can explode in whole shrapnel into the passenger compartment on this recall includes older model years dating back to two thousand and five but also has some newer vehicles from as recently as the twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen model years we have the full list of recalls on her website of the zig of viruses affecting the red cross the monthly right now in usa today dock on the red cross is working as quickly as possible to implement a self referral for blood donors who travel to mexico the caribbean or central or south america within twenty eight days to presenting to donate to show up to donate blood as a precaution will also ask the donor to notify them within two weeks that they develop symptoms so they
4:40 pm
donation event in washington this morning the sixty fourth annual national prayer breakfast president obama was there as you can see he says faith is the great q or a for the fear that sometimes leads people to do quote funny things the us is that faith also helps him deal with the unique elements of his job. he also spoke about the need for tolerance for different religions and a computer breach targeting thousands of social security numbers. someone hacked into the computer system at the university of central florida. it's affected sixty three thousand current and former students staff and faculty members and they discovered this couple weeks ago of trying to track down whoever did this i think i poisoned manhattan are investigating what could be another attack on the subways a woman says someone plunged a needle into a folder so far this year ten stabbing or slashing reports were made on subways that is double
4:41 pm
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tuesday another storm makes a run at us down across the carolinas that has the potential to me sort of flirt with a little bit of the precipitation of some various variety will have more on that and get a little chilly again late next week and are now in with his nasty weather is still a good day friends day on social media and elisa is with her friends to tell us what's true and yes i am ok said you know who's birthday is today i became less a sense that they pound you don't know a number that works yet get it they're making their twelveth it friends day mark zuckerberg has asked facebook users to share their stories of friendship and celebrate the friendships that have made a difference in your life nothing about this the correct prediction for how many users will use the network by two thousand thirty six five billion of the world's seven billion humans are going to be on that platform crazy to think about those numbers now since
4:43 pm
we're talking about the smoke and friendship. it's hard to imagine a time without it seems like everyone is on while there something circulating on social media right now called hashtag before facebook i occasionally think about what facebook was like you know our our lives were like before facebook existed it all started from the comedy central show and now twitter is participating so check out some of these tweets before facebook. i had no idea how many of my friends were models. um it's pretty accurate. okay before facebook. i didn't have a job so it's like this is a facebook employee got another one that says before facebook's people sent invitations to parties that's also true that a lot of people participating in this and i'm ashamed to say i did two and nine fed actually had to remember family and friends birthdays and so sorry admit that my face with the wild exactly sell. i really wanna see i shared mine with you i really wanna see what you guys have to face it we would yourself with your responses and i'll share some of them
4:44 pm
gears here not only is today facebook's birthday it's also world cancer day every year on february four. people gather in person and online to educate about the deadly disease. so a lot of people are participating about those participating in this arena this is a live tweet map of all that conversation any tweets hashtag world cancer day and show that you support and that you're pledging your support to further the conversation and further further the education for cancer awareness so deftly wanna get involve with that which we did everything expected so share share your thoughts with us is the government and our former anchor jane garner she has been battling ovarian cancer she is doing great she's in remission. you can follow her story on facebook that asset that our father and to the story right before a thirty zone for him on his little boy five year old has leukemia and he loves his little man and one half is
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doing on monday. now many people reacted yet to spot everybody can afford to that story will sound that makes a popular fast food chain makes changes was replacing those toys and kids happy meals the thirteen is now at five there's a push to get the norfolk city treasurer kicked out of office but it's not an easy process will break down what it takes to recall an elected official in virginia and right now virginia beach police are searching for a man accused
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five i checked into or a burger fries and a book on the side mcdonald's is offering children's books instead of the typical happy meal prizes through february fifteen. one of four books will be available in the meals mcdonald's game hundred thousand books from this year's happy meals program to reading is fundamental and non profit literacy organization and that's all we have for you
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in five starts now a manhunt in virginia beach police say this guy shot a woman then ran away his family tells us the victim is the gunman zone mother the start of a long process. the group is meeting right now to try and kick the norfolk city treasurer out of office the boardman driver accused of crashing and killing two young girls is walking free tonight why a special prosecutor dropped the charges. a rainy night in napa rose the clouds have been hanging around all day and the radars covering grain right now let's get right to jeff was tracking showers and for right now that is all we're tracking is rain but we're also talking about falling temperatures most of you have noticed a huge drop over the last several hours as we went from sixties this morning down to forties as it
4:48 pm
tonight. this back edge is going to start a turnover no doubt about it to some snow or sleet. the question is will that just be in areas closer to center virginia and north of us or will we see some that as well have that for you in just a second meanwhile a lotta rain across the region today and in just over an inch on the southside little lower amounts on the pencil that's just since midnight again we were talking about around an inch before midnight in a lot of spots as well. here's what i think i think a lot of us tonight late tonight pre dawn hours through even maybe rush hour are going to see a changeover or a mix with a little bit of light precipitation imagine if we just get it and the mention of frozen precipitation that would have absolutely no chance of sticking those amounts might be a little low especially in some of these northern areas in which case we have to watch for some possible accumulations will be back a little later to track more more information on this but right now just be
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aware that you need to watch thirteen news now in the morning to make sure we don't have any trouble spots on the roads guys are jeff right now beach police are searching for a suspect considered armed and dangerous twenty year old yvonne tay williams is accused of shooting a woman inside a home on cattle drive this morning mass near ocean lakes park williams family tells us the victim in this case is the man's own mother marcella robertson is live outside the scene of that crime will family members tell me that at this point williams mother is at the hospital she is back here at home recovering after being shot in the head this morning i did speak with the williams' older brother again the suspect older brother who says a disappointed families just trying to digest everything he says he has no idea why his brother which his own mother this morning kendall road was far from the usual quiet street was really crazy or something like this to happen on our street i saw jess and mike our hearts at
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