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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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aware that you need to watch thirteen news now in the morning to make sure we don't have any trouble spots on the roads guys are jeff right now beach police are searching for a suspect considered armed and dangerous twenty year old yvonne tay williams is accused of shooting a woman inside a home on cattle drive this morning mass near ocean lakes park williams family tells us the victim in this case is the man's own mother marcella robertson is live outside the scene of that crime will family members tell me that at this point williams mother is at the hospital she is back here at home recovering after being shot in the head this morning i did speak with the williams' older brother again the suspect older brother who says a disappointed families just trying to digest everything he says he has no idea why his brother which his own mother this morning kendall road was far from the usual quiet street was really crazy or something like this to happen on our street i saw
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sight family member say around seven thirty this morning dante williams shot his mom in the head. we only can just hope and pray that you know she's okay and that all this gets resolved in the best way possible. a neighbor who was a nurse tells us the victim ran to her house after she was shot she took care of her until medics arrived. williams' mother was taken to the hospital according to family members she is already back home doing well reese we'll hope that she makes a full recovery. police say after the shooting williams took his mom's red toyota camry and drove away williams is still on the run police say he is armed and dangerous that has a lot of neighbors here concerned very terrified that the i'm hoping to catch him soon as i don't think anybody else should get hurt and again police are still looking for williams at this hour and a motive in this case is really unclear at this point again williams' brother older
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idea why something like this would happen he says at this point we're just waiting for williams to be found and hopefully they'll be able to get some answers at that point live in virginia beach marcella robertson thirteen years now but there's more virginia beach police tell us williams took off in a car they're looking for a twenty fourteen red toyota camry with virginia plates their custom plates that have the word you see it right there. prosper if you see that car call police right away. the woman arrested in connection to a crash in portsmouth that killed two young girls is out of jail tonight our partners at the virginian pilot reported special prosecutor dropped all charges against a key role as white were talking about some serious charges including felony homicide and child neglect charges were filed after a crash that happened back in september during a high speed chase on interstate two sixty four suffix commonwealth's attorney says his staff needed more time to prepare since being appointed as the special prosecutor for this case prosecutors cannot
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lewis white and will let you now if that happens tonight loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy killed in a crash and this is a story we've been following very closely look as ballard died monday when a truck in his mother's van in norfolk seven year old kiana clinton was also hurt in the crash but is on the road to recovery so far authorities have not filed charges the candlelight vigil for ballard starts at six o'clock and we asked elementary school in thirteen years now will be at the vigil and be sure to watch thirteen years now and eleven to hear from both love and miss power right now the group is meeting to plan to recall the norfolk city treasurer at the deeper foot is accused of taking almost a half million dollars in bribes the meeting started just a little while ago eric caine is there he also spoke with her for its attorney this afternoon injures sachs attorney for indicted norfolk city treasurer hitting back
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pull in the buffet from office. these people are not truly interested in the welfare of the city and often they are interested in bringing anthony buffet down and they're using this recall petition to do that the group name citizens recall committee re filed the petition in circuit court wednesday. the document essentially summarizes the eight count federal indictment against her but that accused him of using his influence as a city council member to help a private developer in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks he's innocent of these charges and sex is because the petition is largely based on allegations of cortland like leopold a recall effort ahead of buffett's trial in may i don't think the court is going to recognize an effort to recall a public official based on nothing more than an indictment. the petition taxes if the indictment is true. three judges and neighborhood rushes to judgment finds him guilty of offenses that he's never been
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court is going to take cognizant of that since his indictment last month for fed has kept quiet and ignoring calls from local leaders to step aside and takes the position that he's been politically targeted by enemies and he's not going to dignified these accusations are giving any appearance that there may be some legitimacy by stepping aside reporting in norfolk. eric came thirteen years now the recall process in virginia as a little different than other states there's no voting involved the first step is to collect signatures in this case are thirteen is now legal analysts as the required number of signatures is at least ten percent of the voter turnout for the last city treasurer election. the recall group needs to be able to prove every name on the list is a real person who lives in office. once the signatures are collected the group can petition the circuit court that court will make the final decision. a disturbing discovery outside in mackinac county home deputies say they found twenty two year old robert
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the ground on raymond on ice hanup
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the special connection he has with super bowl fifty plus a scary situation at northwest annex today but it's all a drill. see how the navy is preparing for a doomsday scenario really wet and windy out there most of the day now look and even colder air that could change over to a little bit of sleet or snow talk about that and have your weekend forecast coming up and down to a big traffic alert in newport news as we take a look at our camera traffic is stop six sixty four southbound at the mater to merrimack and do what we
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selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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. super bowl is known for having very expensive commercials that's why we were surprised to find out that one of the commercials this year is for colonial williamsburg can show you the ad until tomorrow but today joe flanagan talk to colonial williamsburg about what went into making the spot the committee the super bowl is all about the commercial that's why some new managers at the colonial williamsburg foundation found a way to produce an outstanding tv ad but not pay the high cost of airing it nationally. we're told it's best to run right before halftime. so we think that's a pretty good placement because there's a pretty exciting halftime shows that we think will be a great ah what is the call will be a great warmup act for four at halftime the commercialism barcode until friday. everyone will be able to see it online at
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or on their youtube site it's well done with segments of our history running in reverse so it culminates with it all started here in colonial williamsburg this area has been a challenge to attract visitors but there's new blood at the helm and they want to start doing things differently to as they say be a part of the conversation. it is actually we work very closely with chamber of commerce the alliance and the historic triangle in general and we all work together to try to bring as many people to this area. this will be a first for the not for profit foundation to enter into the super bowl arena new york philadelphia and washington are the largest feeder markets to williamsburg we actually want people to think about this to kind of sit back and mother having a lot of fun to actually sort of planted seed to really think about where we came from what we share collectively look for online friday the super bowl is only fifty years old while our country's two hundred forty years old. come
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colonial williamsburg one everyone understand it all started here in williamsburg joe flanagan thirty news now right everyone loves those super bowl ads in a number of them are online right now in the next half hour we'll show you which ones are going fine i how's this for a romantic one carolina panthers fan will spend his fiftieth wedding anniversary at super bowl fifty tom simmons calls himself a super fan as soon as the panthers made it to the playoffs this year simmons told his wife they were going to go to the super bowl even though the big game also fell on their fiftieth wedding anniversary an anniversary they plan to spend in italy but we both decided we would be there another thousand years super bowl may not come back around one of the twelve fifty i will have special super bowl fifty coverage for you in thirteen years now that calm is everything you need to know before sunday's big game including the halftime
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are preparing busted for robbery and abduction of sixty three year old virginia beach man is behind bars at this hour police say a few weeks ago raymond ellis approached a woman on rosemont road with an i got away which she screamed for help then ten days later on that same street he reportedly asked a man for a ride that's when he flashed a knife abducted them and robbed them police say the suspect sexually assaulted the man ellis is in jail no bond. a suspect in attempted robbery is out of the hospital and behind bars police say the guy you see right here and timothy johnson attempted to rob a store on west mercury boulevard in hampton last month the store employee who was legally carrying a firearm shot at the jewel johnson died at the scene and today was treated for his injuries the man accused of making those undercover videos about planned parenthood turned himself into police today after posting bond a delight and thanked a group of supporters outside a courthouse in
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with tampering with government records and could spend up to twenty years behind bars. the videos allege planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue to researchers for profit everyday that goes by that the texas authorities do not prosecute planned parenthood for their illegal trade in baby parts they are sending a message to the entire country that the state of texas right now is open for business in baby body parts. sandra marriage and other activists also charged in connection with the videos turned prosecutors have offered both suspects a chance to settle their felony charges by taking a sentence of probation. what a dreary day out there and temper started off really really warm and
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the front came through. it's not through all the area yet the north carolina some useful seeing that warm but not for the rest of us and again it has been also windy as well. you can see a little bit of a break starting to form here parts of northeast north carolina. that'll move up over the ice is not going to rain hard at all times we're looking at quite a bit of wet weather as we get to the evening still right now we have dropped a forty five degrees after yesterday being seventy five. northerly winds right now twelve mph pressure holding steady. one forecast for tomorrow i thought about going for something easy and i said now on to go out on limb try to really challenge ourselves. i think late tonight early tomorrow one of the reporting stations whether it's the peninsula south side so that whatever i think one of the actual airport observations in our viewing area will report at least a little bit of snow or sleet late tonight and early tomorrow we'll see if that holds true. meanwhile temperatures again lunchtime or in the sixties and then plunged down to the mid
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forties here on the peninsula looking at the northern neck man let's call it lower to mid forties but still almost mid forties really not much of a range and north carolina it's more like mid to upper forties with a couple spots near fifty. many of you are a lot warmer and that just at the top of the four o'clock hour when i showed the reading so the front has now sagged to that area as well compared yes they were down again. twenty six twenty seven degrees and compared the highs yes they were down thirty to thirty two. this is the future cast that i like in terms of the forecast for later tonight and tomorrow the rain continues at times fairly heavy at times this evening and then late tonight early tomorrow enough cold air comes in to bring us a little bit of a mixer i wouldn't rule out some snow even some accumulating snow especially on the grassy areas may be here but probably a little bit more to the north just be aware of that in the morning make sure you get up early enough to tune and thirteen used a
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indeed is going on out there actually keep you updated craig as well. forty one in norfolk. right now thirty seven of those the forecast overnight into tomorrow and then notice we get some sunshine returning and saturday i'll be fairly nice as well with temperatures back up least it'll be sunny it'll still be a little chilly in the forties here is that back edge of the rain continuing to move to the north rain ending then at least possibly as a snow slash mix in a few areas later tonight. best kan chance of accumulation would be north or west mile forty three and the next morning precipitation ending and then becoming only windy and chilly but increasingly sunny in the afternoon forty seven saturday forty eight on sunday and then late monday night into tuesday another system slides by across the carolinas that one probable lee's going to be a close call as well as to whether we a get precipitation and if we do
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be cold enough to change that it's somewhat of an inner eye whatever happens will melt quickly. yes we will get things like that. thank you jeff. well he held his tongue in front of congress but former guru martin shook really didn't hold back on line the insulting tweets he posted right after refusing to answer lawmakers' questions plus an active shooter drill at the navy's northwest river annex of my getting a chesapeake that
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. it's a doomsday scenario dealing with an active shooter that's what navy and civilian first responders trained for today in chesapeake. they explored how they would react if it happened for real bike that he was there unfortunately it is the kind of scenario that
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in the real world an active shooter creating mayhem that was all fake of course but participants took it deadly seriously it's excellent in regards to getting our personnel prepare to something real world does come up were prepared to be able to respond in this case it was an actor playing an upset patient distress because he couldn't get the pain medications he was seeking at the medical clinic at naval support activity northwest annex. within minutes chesapeake city police had arrived to join in with navy anti terrorism and naval security forces the moments after that the suspect was neutralized and the crisis ended it was pretty good excellent perfect execution is what i saw we had some lessons learned to take away from it to be better but as overall i feel is an excellent room. sadly the navy did go through such a thing for rail and september twenty thirteen
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the washington navy yard and fatally shot twelve people and injured three others in a mass shooting at the headquarters of the naval sea systems command nothingness and send sponsor but something that we today's drill was part of the annual exercise solid curtain citadel shield twenty sixteen held at navy installations throughout the us through february twelve. mike getting thirteen years now there's a push to bring a new indoor sports facility to chesapeake the ideas in the very beginning stages how you can get involved in the process
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i am a wife he's got the price of admission. a look at the super bowl commercials going viral days before the big game you use them to keep a close eye on your kids but thirteen years now investigation shows that you may not be the only one watching the live feed to call security cameras and some just aren't secure a slow moving system is still sitting over hampton roads and is bringing lots of rain with leather authority is
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cool down so let's go to jeff for an update yet even more of a cool down we saw a huge drop in temperatures from around the lunch hour in the afternoon depending on your location some areas it was late morning. other spots it's only been the past couple of hours like down in north carolina two different pockets of heavier rain out there right now with a little bit lighter precipitation starting to show up in parts of northeast north carolina that will not last but if you want to make a quick run for it and you don't have the umbrella he might be able to do it as this little pocket that is down across north carolina gets a little bit closer to the metro here within about an hour but for the most part definitely take the umbrella if you have one because you will need a little bit later tonight look how much more rain could still fall across the region and this is the route tomorrow morning it'll taper off tomorrow layer morning but ther is a pretty good chance that as it does taper off some areas especially in will see a brief changeover some snow and or sleet next we'll show you more
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i come back in a few minutes
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