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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i come back in a few minutes and then the weekend looking pretty chilly all have those details as well try then here's a live picture from our mobile weather lab of the rain starting to fall in hampton. you can track the showers right from your phone just download the thirteen years now and people who live in western branch in chesapeake say something must be done to revitalize the area with macy's recently pulling out of chesapeake square mall they're worried about the future but a proposal for new sports complex is giving them hope. jimmy lee has details on the plane in just about an hour from now community leaders are really hoping that this building will be jam packed with people who really want to see western branch grow and develop into an area that draws people from other cities and towns and even other states western branches of the downside because there's been a lack of resources and a lack of emphasis from city leadership in this area that concerned citizens like john arthur are
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this will ignite a fire. this is the virginia beach field house. it's an indoor sports complex with turf fields hard core areas for volleyball and basketball and party rooms to host events. it's been a great driver in virginia beach to bring in about one million visitors a year after macy's announced its leaving chesapeake square mall councilman ruling davis decided the time is now to build a fieldhouse that would draw people from north takes up the fort smith and even other state. summer brings traffic if you will to to our area people people shopping our stores and restaurants the actual building itself will cost about seven million dollars. another one point six million would be needed for the interior design before the pick a location and decide how big the facility will be city council first needs to ok the funding for the project in its capital improvement
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were at a crossroads that we can make a difference and start to turn up and started to really gain some successes with this excitement out here in chesapeake. jenny be thirteen years now and they say they know who pulled the trigger and now hampton police just need to find the man who shot a woman in a shopping center parking lot alexander band king is accused of holding a woman and two man at gunpoint on town center way last friday police taking tried to rob the group when the woman said no king apparently shot or allegedly ever told ting is from something but he's known to hang out at bridgeport cove apartments in hampton yesterday on thirteen is now at five we showed you a picture of an arm purse snatching suspect well today we can show you the surveillance video just released from norfolk police you can see the suspect pointed a gun at the victim on grandview street then grabbed her bag and run away if you think you might know who this guy is call the crime line after some
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bataan is c ready again to repair started it be a shipyard last february the navy tested the ship this week and determine the baton is ready for deployment but so far no date for that has been set of buildings help stop drug makers from price gouging is on the backburner in richmond. the measure would force drug makers to reveal how much they spend marketing high priced drugs the senate says is an issue worth reviewing but not right now. review of the bill was pushed to next year. drug makers say the bill unfairly singles out pharmaceutical companies for rising healthcare costs. well the man notoriously known for hiking up the costs of a life saving drug by five thousand percent face congress today but market rally didn't have much to say lawmakers grilled him about why the jacked up the price and it really at the answer each question
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who might have aids. no income she needs their prime in order to survive what would you say to her when she has to make that choice with his seder on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment. well while he was silent before congress he was on twitter after today's hearing he tweeted hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government is still can file your taxes online the irs is blaming a hardware failure for problems with the e filing system and the where's my refund that. however the irs votes the e filing system will be up and running again tomorrow. a woman attacked by a fox is speaking out tonight and says this great and it's been ages. yes just for the skin and i'm here now she was able to get away. plus the z virus is impacting blood drives where the red cross says who the red cross rather says
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and again a tricky forecast for later tonight and a clearing forecasts for the weekend that you might want to hear and that's what happened on the big traffic trouble i told about a little while ago be not just reporting the crash has cleared six sixty four southbound at the monitor merrimack in newport news at the traffic was stopped for forty minutes. i'm still waiting to see traffic actually moves to the tunnel right now you can see this
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in new jersey a person is dead and another four injured after a school bus carrying special needs children hit an suv the bus was taking children to school in fairfield township about thirty miles outside of philadelphia police say the driver of the suv was pronounced dead at the scene the students on the bus got bumps and bruises. the bus driver and an aide were taken to the hospital to be checked authorities in northern virginia are warning residents to be on the lookout for rabid fox the fox apparently been a mclean woman in fairfax
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the woman was in our yard when the fox saw her and she says it came running straight out or turned around to look at me and i looked at and it just came back at me and says this great and it's been ages yet it just broke the skin of the fox then ran off and right now fairfax county animal control continues to search for the enemy. amazon is expanding its prime now one hour delivery service to parts of hampton roads the service is offered exclusively to amazon prime members in virginia beach chesapeake and often the service offers one hour delivery for thousands of items through a mobile app to our delivery is free one hour delivery will cost prime members a box. well today is frank beamer day. governor mcauliffe sent out this tweet making the official proclamation beamer led the virginia tech hokies for twenty nine years as head coach until he retired this past season justin fuente is the new coach and he is from the university of memphis new and disturbing details about
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the murder of a virginia team as family and friends say goodbye to the co level we're learning more about the suspects mental state emergency declarations in the us because of the z virus and that six of thirteen years now investigation on security cameras in your home exposing you to the world in
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right now family goodbye to a murdered virginia team. the funeral for thirteen year old michael lovell is underway and blacks for one of the virginia tech students charged in her death faced a judge today to mobley is here with more on the disturbing court appearance natalie k versus starts as an accessory to nicole's murder in court keepers were built new details about those horrific crime and her self a judge denied bond today during a hearing keepers reportedly admitting to having a troubled past including a suicide attempt keepers was also taking prozac an antidepressant and other prescription drugs prosecutors also offered a timeline of nicole's murder they say david eisenhower and
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the murder only last month and allegedly made the decision to staff the girl to death together now according to prosecutors keepers told police she was quoting here are excited to be apart of something secret investigators are now working to learn more about eisenhower's relationship with local police say the two had formed an inappropriate relationship before eisenhower killed the girl those of the virus has led to some emergency declarations florida governor rick scott made emergency declarations in four counties in the state today. all those counties have people diagnosed with a virus florida has seen nine cases and experts think all of them originated outside of america governor scott says he wants the state to prepare for the possibility the virus spreads the virus contains some people from donating blood. the american red cross
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the epidemic and issued a statement today the organization is asking anyone who has traveled to mexico the caribbean or central or south america in the last four weeks to hold off on donating blood and people who donate blood and later developed the cold like symptoms they need to notify the red cross immediately an energy bill has been blocked in congress because of the flint water crisis senate democrats voted against the bill after republicans rejected millions of dollars in emergency federal aid to flip the bipartisan energy bill among many things would upgrade the nation's power grid. republicans say they blocked the aid because michigan officials still are assessing that situation in flint the cleanup is underway after several tornadoes touched down in parts of the southeast in crockett county tennessee look at a local high school camera shows the moment an ef one tornado came crashing through some classrooms. fortunately the day was over when that
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a number of houses were damaged lee of cosmetic to my house shingles tough luck yet but my shop is pretty much completely destroyed its the roof go home and order grown in all content is added just for much destroyed so good with at fort stewart georgia twister came through the base the military had to move fifty people to new homes. well that same storm system dumped a lot of rain on hampton roads last night and we got even more today our saying much cooler temperatures. jeff has more on that cool down and the big question is will we get enough cold air tonight about two three four five thousand feet above us to change this leftover rain over snow i think there's a good chance that been talking about that for days. evan first started talking about impact over the weekend as you can see a lot of moisture out there there are starting to become a few breaks out across northeast north carolina some
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raining as heavily but in general lots of rain across the region continues to be very damp this evening. right now are calling for temps are slowly fall. not much pretty much already in the mid forties slowly falling in the mid forties and staying there periods of rain then this evening quite breezy chilly northerly winds at twenty five gusting occasionally hire them at the highs today mid sixties a norfolk it was still well into the sixties. if you're watching craig this morning i think still even at noon and then those readings just boom the bottom fell out so going through the evening we're going to continue see these areas of rain occasionally a few heavy pockets and then late tonight i've chosen one of two there are couple of different future cast we have access to this is one of the ones that shows that little bit of a changeover. that's the one i think has the best chance of being right. a little bit later tonight or tomorrow but with temperatures upper thirty s to near forty and with the wet ground and
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have a hard time sticking on the roadways but if its foes hard enough especially some of the northern areas i wouldn't doubt we get a little bit of an accumulation and certainly if it happens even here on the southside some of the raised surfaces in the grassy areas could see that so keep that in my make up a little early to watch craig in the morning and see if anything is indeed forming as we think there's a good chance that by afternoon clearing skies chilly temperatures and then overnight mainly clear and cold before we see saturday's readings finally bumping up a little better i think it'll be by afternoon more like the mid to upper forties and then by later evening here like six o'clock start to cool off again lot of moisture still to come to the region from areas of the tar heel state solos tonight thirty six degrees rain rain ending is a snow mix in some spots and accumulation is possible especially north and west
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windy and chilly winter morning precipitation ending and then saturday forty seven sunday forty eight monday or tuesday. that's when the next system approaches mainly late monday and again the sculptures are sort of borderline that if it's enough cold air in here or maybe this stuff comes when it's thirty five for example early tuesday that could possibly see a little bit of wet weather. gary sees me winter weather again that's going to another one that for all get a better chance little bit better look at it as we get to the next couple of days so that is the very latest from the thirteen years now whether authority prime or drivers have dangerous airbags in their vehicles honda has expanded its recall of airbags the company is still compiling a complete list of all of the affected models but more than two million late model honda center activities are expected to be part of that recall those vehicles have air bags from to kata told repair parts will be available until the summer and the race for the white house republican
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rubio is trying to win over rand paul supporters paul dropped out of the race yesterday in rubio told would be paul voters in new hampshire today that he shares the kentucky senator's views on how to prosecute drug crimes and address problems in the criminal justice system the big issue that rubio and paul don't agree on is national security alright that primary in new hampshire it's tuesday and gop presidential candidate john pace it he was on the campaign trail today they also trying to drum up support basic is said to be running stronger in new hampshire ben and i live today casey focused on creating a balanced budget so i would say that within the first hundred days i would want to have this done inside the congress just like i want to get a plan to balance the budget in the first hundred days and ship the power out and rebuild the military are as critical case it did well next week he all but skipped
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new hampshire. it's official virginia republicans will not have to sign a loyalty pledge to vote in the primary the state board of elections held a special meeting today to get rid of the requirements of republican leaders worried the loyalty pledge would discourage independence from participating. the republican party of virginia released a statement today saying the party is pleased that the state board of elections voted to rescind the statement of affiliation and we look forward to record turnout and tremendous enthusiasm for our candidates come super tuesday one of the most anticipated parts of he s the game is the commercials look at what you can expect from the million dollar ads the sunday and a thirteen years now investigation into a frightening problem with home security cameras. you're essentially letting the entire internet in your home. people on line watch to your family for your own security cameras and you won't believe how much access
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of those super bowl ads. abc's lauren lister has a preview of the commercials you can expect to seehe those are just a few of the celeste appearing in ads
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selling everything from candy bars to cars. budweiser in listed star power and i'm helen mirren with a message for drunk drivers you some people are short sighted utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution through movement on the apartment stock on hand just don't bloom scaling high rise building to bomb the more famous votes with george and queasy taco bell is taking a different tack using history to advertise something new commercial tunes to add star of green red and all the colors of mexico has aliens touring a museum every culture and this the white gold dress that costs of war. gma went behind the scenes for the making getting a glimpse of the gameday pressure out exact space we're sitting there like you watched
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ten seconds is what matters is good and in super bowl dollars just ten min or so and as nobody watched is worth about nine million dollars of airtime because the thirty second spot during the game will cost advertisers up to four and a half million bucks. loren lester abc news los angeles at a local group is getting its name out there with the super bowl ad this year will tell you who in ten minutes that's all we have for you on thirteen is now at five thirty thirteen is now at six begins with more on the rain drenching hampton roads the roads are wet the ground to soak in the rain is still coming down in some areas tonight everything even some minor flooding today in places like norfolk broad creek neighborhood. jeff is in the law whether lab test how much longer will this rain stick around. well definitely the overnight and then the question is even into tomorrow morning we're going for precipitation what form
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talking about this here in the thirteen years now whether lab for several days going back to sunday in fact that there be a possible change over some snow tonight obviously it's all rain out there right now it's a cold rain but it is all rain and even above us the temperatures are well a above freezing too warm to get any kind of frozen precipitation later tonight though the cold air comes in mainly aloft not so much of the ground so as this low pressure moves out and pulls that colder air and temperatures at the ground won't change a whole lot but they will change up high and that's what makes little tough to figure out how much of this wraparound will we get in terms of the wintertime precipitation to deftly lots more rain this evening and tonight but i think some sleet or snow is likely poured morning not a definite i put in about sixty percent or more especially the northern spot in some
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especially north and or west so will watch this quarter continuing to rush and let you know again about a very very wet evening and then that possible change over the improving conditions for the weekend i'll have more on that coming up and now to a final update in newport news six sixty four southbound at the monitor merrimack as we head to our camera. traffic will stop for over an hour at the eminem due to an accident involving a tractor trailer as we now know the good news about five forty five traffic started moving you can see the little bit of movement there are round the corner and headed to the totallu be to the south side. regina is actually a family size of a son attacked his own mother now virginia beach police are looking for this man right here twenty year old yvonne tay williams on
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of shooting his mother at a
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