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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to remember a nine year old killed in a car crash. i'm hoping they hadn't considered armed and dangerous beach police still looking for a man accused of shooting his own mother on the local effort to keep terrorists off the turn at the news starts now. rain still hanging over parts of hampton roads tonight but the story overnight will be the dropping temperatures for the weather could be a little nothing during the morning commute and geoff lawson is tracking this system and the tents for some winter weather yet it's interesting we talk about the falling temperatures it's not going to fall as much at the ground as it is a loft and that's really where we need to get colder if you want to see some snow and i still think there's a pretty significant chance of that happening right now as you can see we still a lot of this moisture streaming up all the way into central virginia still so
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in the morning question be how much cold air gets in here so far mom with an inch or more yesterday and a lot of locations just in the evening hours. now we're talking about another one tt i almost two inches in some spots since midnight and we're looking at another potential inch toward morning but this is what i find most interesting this is the future cast that i was not showing earlier because it did not have the snow over us. i chose one that did well now this one is joining the chorus is well and is now showing what we've been saying for several days that we would see a changeover at least a good chance of it in some spots the summer that wintertime precipitation so it'll be above freezing and the ground is wet the ground is still warm so it's not going to be a huge accumulation but especially on some of the real relevant lee elevated surfaces that type of thing. the grassy areas we can look at some
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especially to the north and the west more on that and what that leads to for a weekend forecast coming up for a new tonight restrictions in the thimble shoals channel the coast guard says there's a missing boy at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel that we secret old in the channel after a boat it so only boats with a twenty four draft or last or allowed to travel through the channel. the virginia beach police department is helping out by using sonar to try and find the buoy several agencies are working to re open the channel right now you cannot use their landline in canton what's that isn't a current of north carolina officials say anyone with an emergency should call nine one one on a cell phone. they are also encouraging people to report the issue directly to century link repairs and this is going to be something that is going to take a lot
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this community has done a nine year old lucas ballard was being remembered tonight and a vigil by family at the malian community. he was killed earlier this week after police say a pickup truck collided with his mother's minivan in norfolk lucas and his seven year old friend kiana claim they were both thrown from the van she knew her has more on tonight's vigil for lucas the cafeteria here in moore elementary school was packed with people to remember lucas ballard his family says although he was taken too soon. he impacted so many lives in a short amount of time that he was the sweetest most loving this child songs and prayers. here's the day we filled the room that mourdock elementary school as dozens gather to remember nine year old lucas ballot he was killed monday afternoon in a crash in norfolk. his best friend's seven year old kiana clowney
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multiple injuries. my daughter is broken and i don't know she will ever repair his grandmother minnie ballad miller and the rest of his family shed tears at the vigil as they remember lucas with their community was amazing little boy he will be forever in our heart the store for this family to find words to describe what they're going through god must have a reason for taking talking about the good memories comes a bit easier i was in the operating room with my daughter and a hint of him timmy me says there's no timeline for healing but when that time comes we're survivors and will keep going don't know who starts the process i can for when or
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somehow our hearts. as for chris's friend kiana clingy a few of his family members were also at tonight's vigil told us qian has been released from the hospital and he is now recovering at home. the manhunt continues for a twenty year old yvonne tay williams is accused of shooting his mother and a head to my family members held thirteen is not the woman is home and doing well. horny lobo has more on how neighbors are coming together to support this family and their time of need they were semi this is a close knit neighborhood mostly of military families and all day they've been posting on a camel facebook page about what they can do to support his family who just want to be there for them to facebook posts that's exactly what people who live along kimmel drive in virginia beach are doing coming together to do something special for family struck by tragedy. family members save on teh williams shot his mother in the head
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identified the woman but someone who answered the door at the home tells me she's home and doing okay meanwhile police are still looking for williams who they say is extremely dangerous he was last seen leaving the area in his mother's red toyota camry. i'm hoping they catch him soon. i'm terrified for my children in virginia beach i'm hearing you are both thirteen years now thirteen years now as laurie williams has been convicted of selling marijuana and numerous traffic offenses police say he may be driving that read twenty fourteen four door camry and has once again those license plates that say prosper if you see williams or the calling card call police right away. final goodbye from the co level today was the funeral for the thirteen year old virginia girl who was stabbed to death last month several hundred people went to the foreign service in blacksburg this afternoon at least a dozen police cars
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virginia tech's tunes or tartan her death a prosecutor says david eisenhower and natalie keepers plotted to kill the teen and then hide her body. parents of natalee keepers gave emotional testimony today during their daughter's bail hearing the nineteen year old engineering student is charged with improperly disposing of the bar keepers parents said that if their daughter was released she would be under constant supervision but bail was denied. ivan is a sad day in the news it was a mar race white founder of earth wind and fire died today. his brother said weiss died peacefully in his sleep at his home in los angeles one in fire bryan big heads like september and boogie wonderland. they sold more than ninety million albums all over the world since the nineteen sixties the group won six grammys and was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in the year two thousand maurice white's was seventeen for a recall effort in office city treasurer
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be struggling to gather steam today both supporters and critics of the idea showed up in a meeting to discuss the recall the citizens recall committee wants to throw for four out of office due to his public corruption charges the group still needs about four thousand signatures and only got twenty today for fritz trial is scheduled for may. people who live in the western branch area of chesapeake are hoping a sports complex can bring some life back to the community. tonight community leaders introduced plans today for a field house something that would draw people from other cities and even other states residents wants to drum residents want to drum up more business in the area especially since macy's is pulling out of chesapeake square mall before the idea moves forward the city council needs to approve funding for the project and its budget that is next tuesday. not a possible murder suicide in chicago this afternoon police found the bodies of six people inside a home on the city's south side. please
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were called to check on the welfare of those inside they found the bodies of four men one woman and a child relative says the family members were from mexico and the father worked at a factory. she also said everyone seemed happy. it is not known tonight exactly how that family doc to new york city police officers were shot tonight in the bronx and happen when the officers were on routine patrol they encountered two suspects one pulled out a gun and shot of the officers one officer was shot and we had the other in the torso the nypd says both officers are expected to survive their injuries. they also say one suspect shot and killed himself and the other is in custody being questioned. also new tonight more troubles for cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel al his ex girlfriend now says menzel hit her during an argument last weekend in texas and that he appeared to be on drugs fort worth police released the details today about
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sal and calling probably tell is being investigated for possible assault the cleveland browns released a statement earlier this week saying they were troubled by the news the team plans to release in march and a year all those arrested for stealing a gun and robbing a store police say the child run his bike to a store in palm beach florida he walked in wearing a helmet and demanded the money. store employees didn't know if the gun was real or fake but they didn't waste any time soon as i move i reach over to him to his race to the gun away the mother said she wished she had locked up the gun instead of leaving it in her parts attackers and terrorists may be just a computer screen a way that i bought a local effort to fight cyber terrorism and what you can do to protect your family. plus new details on that irs problem that may have kept you from filing your taxes with the irises telling taxpayers tonight
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. cyber warfare and cyber terrorism there is no end to what a criminal can do online and when it comes to potential targets hampton roads and all of its military infrastructure is vulnerable thirteen news now anchor
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group wants to fight cybercrime as the region is becoming terrorists favorite playground the internet with all the social media toll ways to recruit inspire and attack. it's a significant tool for the tears norfolk fbi special agent in charge john adams as the challenge for law enforcement is to keep pace with the technology the believe that the paris attackers use popular apps to communicate. take for example telegram sent a text and the messages can be programmed to self destruct automatically leaving them un traceable and after the attacks in san bernardino fbi director james comey said this there's no doubt that the use of encryption is part of terrorist re craft now encrypted data making it almost impossible for authorities to recover details from the attackers digital devices is more morally challenged these days with the increasing number of
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that are on the internet to provide encryption technology and encrypted messages online chat rooms on what's considered the dark where an underground digital city buzzing with illegal activity including cyber terrorism that has the attention of cyber protection resources executive director scott feel pa this is the number one military industrial complex in on the planet we are a huge target for every nation that wants any kind of advantage on intellectual property on technology like cyber attacks that's why intel on military deployment schedules financial records and government contracts yet feel but says the hampton roads doesn't have the mechanisms in place for adequate security. he's working to change the court systems to commerce to everything we do it's a constant daily attack them brand new cyber protection resources will be a regional effort to get the public and
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on securing virginia is a cyber ecosystems from criminals. we've created a nonprofit that gathers community to help educate everybody and how to better secure hampton roads and ultimately the state of virginia there is pressure for social media companies to create algorithms that can spot suspicious terrorist behavior but that's a touchy subject for those who are concerned about privacy issues. one thing everyone agrees on is more help from you is needed. reporting what you say many investigations began when a tweet or post is flagged by a family or friend jenna roach thirty news now new information about the irs computer system outage we yesterday at eleven the irs says it has fixed the problem and is accepting electronically filed tax returns again. the irs as taxpayers should not see any major impact on the returns or refunds. yesterday a hardware failure forced
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processing systems including the e file system guns in the hands of abuse victims but without a permanent bill would allow victims under protective orders to carry concealed handguns without a permit. attorney general mark herring doesn't support this he released a statement saying removing guns from the abuser is the way to go he also said allowing dangerous or irresponsible people carrying handguns and virginia would be a mistake right now a state of emergency in five florida counties due to the seek of iris residents of the state are bracing themselves today the governor asked the cdc for a thousand seek a virus tests for pregnant women new moms the virus can especially impact newborns right now there is no vaccine or treatment for the virus officials there are warning people to dump any standing water where mosquitoes can lay a snatching a snake and losing it at a home improvement store twenty year
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the rainbow boa constructor slipped away to lowe's in missouri after hiding in his jacket. police still haven't accounted for the animal were told surveillance caught him stealing the snake from a st louis exotic pet store parsons was charged yesterday stealing an animal in missouri by the way is a felony. still wandering around the area not nearly as heavy in as many areas earlier but we still do have some of these have your pockets here and there especially coming up from northeastern sections there of north carolina and we're going to continue to watch i think some pockets of the heavier stuff standing to stay here little closer to the coastline and then of course the big story later on more on that in the second countries right now forty two degrees they really haven't fallen all that much since afternoon we were in the sixties around lunchtime the bottom dropped out in the forties very quickly we've been slowly coming down
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right now the dew points at get a lot lower than that to get some snow. meanwhile instead of showing you the temperatures here in our immediate area i wanted to widen the perspective and show you the kind of cold air not so much sent to virginia but western parts of the state as low pressure moves offshore. the cold air is going to get pulled and on the backside the question is does he get here quickly enough to meet up with the lingering light moisture sore spot on forecasts that are picking something easy i decided i would try to go on a limb and say that in our immediate area on the punkin center virginia anything we would hit one of the reporting stations norfolk or newport news airport or something. airport somewhere is going to report sleet later tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow for today we said temperatures in the afternoon would be at least thirty degrees colder. they were actually thirty two degrees colder so we're at nine right now we make it and will we
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week or so ago in a row will find out a lot more rain tonight as well as obviously this evening some sleet and snow likely toward morning and some accumulation is possible especially north and west. this is the same. one of the future cast that i was showing earlier and whenever i would show what i would say but i don't like it because it doesn't show the snow so i would pick one that did well now this one is showing snow as well. temperatures will still be above freezing now again that's not a guarantee a couple of degrees can make all the difference but i think there's a good chance at least will see a brief mixing if not a little bit of a change over time the sun comes out tempers rise back up only into the chilly forties tomorrow they get down early in the day on saturday into the thirties with a few upper twenties really far in one and then during the afternoon saturday countries maybe not quite as cold as tomorrow but still upper forties at best and probably a lot of mid to upper forties for a high
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that moisture starting to spread out a little bit and here's the cold air meaning the moisture the first sign of the back edge starting to get some snow in it and will wait and see how quickly that heads to the east tonight so rain late late tonight early early in the morning and it probably is a little bit of a mix for some snow accumulation is possible especially north and west on some of the rays than elevated surfaces any morning precipitation quickly ending tomorrow. forty three for the high clear and cold thirty three tomorrow night and then there's the seven day forecast with another system coming in. looks like on monday night tuesday time frame and that one too could be a little bit iffy if it can take a trek across the carolinas which watch for art and they shut her up a sports presenter obama strikes a pose with the heisman trophy winner
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got it right there in
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i find are sixty three million that's what one and not so lucky winner is saying to my five o'clock today was the deadline for winner to claim the california lottery tickets. someone bought the tickets and augustana seven eleven in l a it is the largest unclaimed prize in the state's history but all that dough isn't going to waste it will benefit california schools. everyone wins with twenty different in his goals when our touch them i will even marry basketball they've been playing hoops for hunger ten years away and marry only once as the tribe won twenty games in the season three years in a row. it sure looks like that could happen again this season the tribe vs north eastern tonight. my goal at both teams have a lot of three point shooters. daniel dixon won the better accuracy three point shooters in the nation get to travel three to lead they would turn has been some kind of addition to this team to share his jersey's motor is very high. he scored a bucket
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tonight for william and mary including omar pro when a big night with the maryland by that point but in the second half they were trailing by eleven times in the comeback parent or pp. it's his first three pointer and almost a month then it's back to omar for which i mention the point in the pain he is one the best at backdoor through it and one he finished with a career high twenty eight points eighty six to seventy seven pro one more time sixteen wins on the season for william areas they won tonight tony stuart will miss the start a sprint cup season this year and that includes the daytona five hundred which is never one so it doesn't look like is going everywhere because it says last year he suffered a fractured back an injury sustained in the dune buggy accident i had the surgery yesterday no timetable for his return. president obama hosting the national champs and heisman trophy winner eric henry today at
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president that was very nice always wanted to do that. he also got to play host to the golden state warriors steve kerr and steph curry no word on whether to post up steph curry nine when we come back a it's our thursday
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. a welcome mat for our thursday night tradition we say sports pilot is the best and worst plays
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heavy on the best room the night stalker got another one this is gonna be a great don't come up here except that is not in the ball goes to the sick feed the other direction. nice nice played golf at georgia tech this part was a ninety four footer to win twenty five thousand dollars for student that way to host forums and reheat sectors that are entertaining this year watched what happens what in the world has gone on his likes and loves the alien frog but nobody else's and it didn't quite work right let's get to the winter x games in it that's kind of nice
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machinery just no man is born very nice and funny one more winter sport it's s indoors without or swimming you know we have all that snow we got to find something to do and apparently the gunman. we heard from the groundhog so much more that we have we heard from jeff to the right things to do that then stay a little of that tonight jack how to be able to recreate that kind of the scene and allow a little bit of an accumulation especially some northern areas so be very careful in the morning if it starts ticking is gonna smile like you did the ice and that break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy kimmel live is next if you need a few more laps followed
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight --
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