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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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moving out with a big improvements later today but we gotta get through the morning and we just mentioned gloucester in the middle peninsula there yakima county up on the eastern shore but those here is opting to delay a little bit of bad call against the mix precipitation there and you go up on the northern neck until ten o'clock this morning of winter weather advisory temperatures have been so warm the ground is very warm so what's falling in many many places as some kind of melting on contact but some of the elevated surfaces and i do have some concern for bridges and overpasses middle peninsula northern neck of the eastern shore. we could have some issues there i'm sure that's why the school divisions or just say hey you're going to take it easy and delay things. here's what we have right now rain in or fake thirty eight degrees or could be some sleet starting to mix in spots captures mid thirties hampton newport news thirty six of williamsburg still above freezing at thirty three there at west point but the air aloft is so cold that it's allowing for
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are seeing that you can see how we've seen some of that mixture kind of back and forth before you jump into this a sickness a little bit closer look now zoom into a couple areas where we're starting to get some reports of sleet we've seen some of that up on the peninsula around fort eustis back over toward seafood we're getting some wet snowflakes here. now we may start seeing some mixing across the south side as well to mention the middle peninsula northern neck getting some of that is what killed the rain in the next moves out a little later this morning i'd say by maybe ten o'clock or so eleven o'clock should be out and again not a lot of snow accumulation this is what the euro projects may the north. i do see that stuff is going to move out quickly as we head through ten eleven o'clock it's gone skies cleared this afternoon with highs in the low forties it will be windy on top more about that weekend coming up here's ashley. all right craig is the beginning of the morning rush hour and this morning traffic conditions not the highlight of the ride in the focus is
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this morning because the roads as we've been mentioning all morning long our very wet and slick in several spots to live with a lot of wind especially around the bridges this morning i went to collect the west north bridge in portsmouth on the western freeway to be the make up the camera kind of shifting back and forth here so be cautious as you cross the bridge piers are eastbound traffic rounding the corner headed to the midtown tunnel and they're scrappy they're making its way toward cedar lane up and eventually out to walk six sixty four right now traffic has not yet picked up but you can see the roads are certainly slick so take your time that we do have a big traffic issue working right now on the peninsula as we head for a second camera newport news sixty four eastbound just before you get to lee hall an accident involving a couple of semi trucks right now is blocking the right lane and traffic is quickly building behind the scene. stay tune to have the very latest on the back up as an approach to see coming up next. and we've got breaking news out of florida that is where a missouri couple wanted for state crime spree was shot by authorities
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hours ago u s marshals say blake fitzgerald was killed and brittany harper wounded after the so called modern day bonnie and clyde couple led police in awe of florida on a chase. medics rushed her to a hospital her condition remains unclear. the two are wanted for armed robbery and kidnapping charges in missouri alabama georgia and florida we're going to monitor the story will bring you updates as we get the freezer time hillary clinton went on the offensive against bernie sanders in a crucial one on one debate five days before the new hampshire primary a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows clinton twenty points behind the vermont senator in new hampshire sanders again tiptoed around the criticism of clinton as the handpicked candidate for wall street responded sharply saying of center is meant to say she could be bought. he says cannot say. secretary clinton does represent the establishment directors and i hope ordinary american
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person who i think would characterize me by a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplified the establishment and just like in the cnn town hall about progressivism and progressive ideals they did close though and a friendly note clinton said of awe for the nomination. sanders the first call to talk about the democratic party's direction center said either candidate would be better than the republican contenders new information on that scrap the gop loyalty oath for the virginia primary in march an official says the department election spent more than sixty two thousand dollars on that affiliation statement that covered printing and mailing three million forms. state republicans won voters to sign a pledge to vote for the gop presidential nominee if they participated in the republican primary the party voted last weekend to not implement that statement following backlash this week and a concert to
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heal from the murder suicide of the dooley family chesapeake police a camera dooley shot his brother sister mother father and grandmother to death then killed himself. that concert is tomorrow from two to four p m at deep creek baptist church. the event is free but they will be accepting donations to help the family the phone will go to the doors to leaf on a town that the subject of the podcast the cereal is trying to get a judge trying to tell a judge that he is innocent the evidence he says approves just ahead and a health scare for thousands in colorado why they are all getting tested for hiv as daybreak continues. and it is a busy morning here on daybreak especially when it comes to whether we got a live look at our thirteen years now traffic cameras for you right there in the mobile weather lab as well right now
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or i would take a look right now i saw some flashing lights and then maybe it was a car the hum ramble tonight it's actually a flashing sign the roads are what their long bramble tin so we are watching very very closely i'd been having
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already get into that just a couple reports talking right now on facebook messaging back and forth and it's been awesome to get the reports up around williamsburg right now we have a merry and she's saying hey you know what we're getting some snow here in williamsburg as his ally heavier whatever she said not so heavy but a little sticking and more like a mix was a big flakes. so please make it go away you know what ryan gagnon there it will be exiting but it's so nice to get those reports. i also got another update from around the newport news that there was a little bit of sly starting to accumulate on the windshields and that could be a little bit of maybe a little bit of ice and some pants year is the prawn oyster point in areas just to the north that's going to continue to watch temperatures are above freezing in the ground is very warm but it's the automobiles and some of the grassy surfaces bush's we may start to see some of that sticking a little bit better chances farther north for
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this morning by ten o'clock or so things should be moving out into the bus stop what and snow mixing it will wind down and by midday temperatures close to forty one degrees forty will see low forties through the afternoon and over the weekend we will see temperatures warming back in the mid to upper forties on saturday and upper forties sunday so not a bad looker weekend but we gotta get morning. there's an accident out there with the update here's ashley acker eight speaking of nasa has been a busy morning on the road whether it's accidental wind issue with standing water i've been trying to track it all for you right now we're headed to newport news taking another look at the accident sixty four eastbound just before you get to lee hall at this point the scene is clearing up a little bit but it does look like the right lane is still blocked as you pass that scene a quick look at our second camera just to show you that the lay behind it you can see traffic kind of slowing down a little bit as it approaches the scene
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to boundary road in yorktown which is right near the naval weapons station sell at the bottom mile back up and i expect that to grow until the accident clears out. stay with us all have the latest they are and were checking traffic at the downtown tunnel coming up next right ashleigh thank you it is the last day of pizza we can crack spend a lot of time researching this restaurant a lot of time at six thirty all the work comes together to the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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later today the podcast cereal will continue playing out in a baltimore courtroom on wednesday admin side lawyers started presenting their case for a new trial last year he was granted a request to introduce evidence related to his alibi that evidence includes cell phone records it also includes a witness who said that she was with sy at the library when his ex girlfriend he mainly was killed. sigh and was sentenced in two thousand for her murder at six fourteen nearly three thousand hospital patients in colorado need to be tested for hiv hepatitis b hepatitis c the denver hospital believes one of its former employees put them at risk of getting those viruses rocky allen the guy see there in this photo accused of removing a syringe from a work space and replacing it. hospital authorities think alan was dealing drugs with those
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evidence anyone had been exposed but want to test everyone as a precaution asian stocks pretty much stayed stuck in neutral this morning investors are waiting new job numbers here in the us to see if they might tone down the fed's plans to raise interest rates higher this year. also today the commerce department releases international trade data for december and the federal reserve releases consumer credit data the dow nasdaq all closed up yesterday. i'll if you thought you were grabbing the healthy option with mcdonald's kale salad and think again. oh yes the chicken version of mac salad has more calories more fats and sodium the big mac got here. heartbreak city with their equal to keep kong caesar on salads is seven hundred and thirty calories if you have to heat you would actually be three of mcdonald's traditional hamburgers to goodness are more food facts here for you
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percent of the american workforce calls in sick the monday after the super bowl and get this and asset sales may rise twenty two percent the day after all those big game parties. oh my god will fill in. alright so its national weather persons day should show the public the right greg we have a little surprise for we are actually missing up along all the newness of the persons we have so the guys the cry or get snow tires we have to be a
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the eye of god we have all the and the ooh the way the hell were the outage i know my dad usually gets older ones that you won the match was really the nose a nose in all seriousness you like your plan when the she went totally out of trouble i may attain to get the one who owns a lot of what went through some hard work on occasion and i believe i have been those who may need have honestly if you're so dedicated in distress in over the weather in my day yesterday while i don't even know what to say i've never seen anything like the well known as the rightful decision that went high when
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buried in beginning of the time. i have had time to change regardless of the annual get the eye glasses and winter weather advisory for the new depeche there is in the north is going to whine of white heels with how far does that is going to go but i'm in a year about this for awhile i often joked with them you know up over maryland and delaware very appropriate attire this morning to let you know ok we're going to get serious about this. we had reports of mixed precipitation some sleet down for parts of the south side portsmouth just heard from one of my friends on facebook a gettin' some mix right now in great bridges while so we are getting that next and it's going to move out later this morning bite and say eleven o'clock a lot of it will be winding down. you can see the skies mostly cloudy the early afternoon clearing later on so it's really going to be one of those days for later today. not looking too bad but it's gonna be windy
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with temps are staying in the lower forties i it's hard for me to take myself seriously but then everybody's pop and paste the today show it was going on i get a little bit of mix up around williamsburg it's been going back and force a their little bit more up to the north but again the ground very very warm so a lot of what falls will melt and go away. off to the norse mix precipitation and a way it goes later today sunshine but winds could gust thirty to forty mph. hi little bit of snow minor accumulations kress year is maybe a heavy dusting up from the northern neck the middle peninsula i think the farther south you go the more that will just deal with the next and then it'll go away. that's a look at the european model and the gs model captures still above freezing so not too bad i will take a look at the forecast here and over the next seven days temperatures that will be going up forty six on saturday forty eight on sunday and as we get into early next week another dip in the temperatures may need
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chances for a little rain snow mix tuesday night into early wednesday and the temperatures here in the lower forties. ashley smith come on over here i hope this lady i've ever seen. he is the passion these so what if hot guys but i am blown away tuesday oven up the hard working man we've been talking about this for a long time trying to keep a secret like we don't blow it or anything like that i'm so glad we made it through without reservations but we love you we love you love your art a quick look at the traffic conditions beginning of a few things to talk about what had first to our purse camera and take a look at the berkeley bridge to sixty four east and west will suffer the good news some spots are moving well again at the bridges near the tunnels are the downtown tunnel be very careful because again the roads are still very wet that were moving well at this point with no issues right now reported around the downtown taiwan to sixty four newport news. keeping a very close
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there because there's a camera sixty four eastbound near lee hall. he still had that accident working there on the shoulder now it looks like both of our lanes just opened or maybe slightly might be partially blocked will be closer to the accident scene. we do have a pretty substantial one mile delay at this point that will continue to grow until these flashing lights clear out if you're headed to newport news the extra extra cautious quickly back on the traffic network maps just got word in north carolina the current top notch island ferry has canceled the six a will it get to pass exams with a six fifty ryan has been canceled at the curse of not filing ferry to the few other things working across the region other accident still working standing water report in several spots in high wind advisories are bridges have the latest in just a few minutes they foolishly tile re are wrapping up each week and a
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. and welcome back this week is pizza week here on daybreak the very last they were highlighting some of the best spots in hampton roads and ready to give you a chance to win free pizza for a whole year we have not done the giveaway just yet so keep watching for that keyword all right greg we'll talk about that first the things
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where we did a great job sending us your pizza suggested using the hashtag thirty pizza we pull any suggestions out there sick a look at some of the latest suggestion coming from you guys. diane says gee nose on general booth is in virginia beach we also have diana says cells in gloucester. we'll have shared this as bella napoli in suffolk is one of her favorites of their egos investors keep on coming about the best place to grab pizza crust and ten rose bowl next week is in love we do here on daybreak so starting tomorrow you can submit a picture of you and your significant other to enter to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery e mail us those pictures to share its wbc dot com and you can also put it on social media just use the hashtag thirteen love week so we can find you want to see an unveiling a bundle of everybody we've got a cold and wet start to the date he and greg has the good news though for your weekend plans in its forecasts and elise
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weather outside force in the mobile weather lab pretty bad pounding in certain areas this is a live look at jefferson avenue. org and see how it's going out there right after this break. also are just a couple of days away from the super bowl and people are already getting prepped for the big party how much food were expected
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. it is. they are aides to a restart to the day our team is here in the studio and out in the elements with everything you need to know before you walk outside and he walked out of prison a free man will tell you why a navy sailor already convicted of murder is facing new charges in the same case too much about right for what it's like an art form that you can see it's going to take it to a pizza joint in chesapeake that gives new meaning to fresh ingredients daybreak starts right now good friday morning to you in a six thirty on the dot monterey senior and lucy bustamante we are in for a wet start to the day some wintry weather
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tell you about this morning at the mac in gloucester county schools are both on a two hour delay. meteorologist greg muller is tracking all the issues we're having across very good morning greg good morning guys forward have an old very interesting morning today i and if you're watching last half hour the gang ambushed me with a full snowsuit celebrating national weather man say i will put that on the full deal i ended the show state to go see it again so much fun but what's not fun travel right now as you go north of the northern neck and up into merely a winter weather advisories from the northern neck and adjust with mackinac on northward so we are watching the snow and i really mean this guys and appreciate all of the reports all the interaction through facebook and twitter he has been amazing giving us updates on what's going on out there this is not going to be a terrible terrible morning but we are getting reports of sleet and snow mixing in even across
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bridgeport it down to north carolina sing a little bit of that and the roads are certainly going to be wet keep in mind though temperatures are above freezing and it has been so warm the mix precipitation is falling has been melting on contact a lot of that butt off to the north some minor accumulations middle peninsula northern actor possible we could see a dusting on some of the grass here is and also bridges and overpasses were little concerned with that. also over the eastern shore so plenty to watch here in north carolina mainly rain the good news is that the stuff will be moving out partly sunny later today is going to be windy winds this afternoon could cost thirty to forty mph has a low forties i'll talk more about this wishy the future casting a couple minutes here's ashley are a crazy head over now to norfolk where i do see some flashing lights on the roads on sixty four let's head to our camera four seven monitoring traffic issues all morning long with the wet conditions. i just saw the flashing lights sixty four eastbound right at the exit where you can either have left a grammy street or
6:28 am
sixty four so it's off to the shoulder look like our lanes are open at this point i'm gonna check to see if that's the breakdown or an accident or what that might be working out there just to keep you more informed this morning just watch out for that as you head in that direction. the second camera we still have trouble and sixty four but this in newport news sixty four eastbound. i just before you get to lee hall now as you can see here it looks like both of our lanes have reopened following an accident this morning we still have activity on the right shoulder and the one and a half mile back up to busch gardens in williamsburg to watch out for that as you make your way out about this morning i went with the part of the interstate if uk and that we have several other issues working with advisory standing water. i just watched a lot of traffic trouble this morning. now the latest for you coming up at six forty. all right thank you ashley will have team coverage for you as we track the wintry pictures here we go again the presentation this morning i had my new york beverly brown is live in the mobile weather lab right
6:29 am
conditions and the right in the mornings and the normally where see how high up in the window and there. she went around the year into the house the trio wants to see no reason on one networking any weather related accident in june that someone had to play on the next few more wouldn't
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conditions our marines actually stand on the ground the early sick so much time no six thirty four it's back to court today for navy sailor who served time for the murder of a friend but now he'll be tried a second time. austin greeting is doing military court this afternoon greeting service six months month rather in jail for shooting killing his friend and fellow sailor petty officer third class christopher coburn this was back in two thousand and three that was on state charges oh and once released the military charged him with murder for the same shooting on the federal level. well as homecoming day the uss montpelier is set to return to naval station norfolk this morning while deployed the fast attack sub traveled more than thirty eight thousand nautical miles montpelier visited a number of places including ports in greece and france. the crew has fifteen officers and one hundred and twenty nine enlisted personnel six thirty five now for the first time elementary school students in virginia will be required to engage in physical activity every day. the state house of
6:31 am
legislation yesterday to require students in kindergarten through fifth grade to get at least twenty minutes of physical activity per day or an average of one hundred minutes per week the new requirement will take effect the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen school year. oh yes morning a controversial bill has cleared a house subcommittee here in the commonwealth. it would require students to use bathrooms based on their biological sex is not the gender with which they identify supporters of the bill say that addresses concerns from parents of transgender advocates who oppose the bill say they just want children to use their restroom of choice was the panthers in the broncos hit the field this sunday a lot of fans will be hitting the buffet line that had exactly how much food will be
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oh that's a look right now brandon ave it is what we're getting reports it's a mix precipitation here we're also looking at the mix precipitation up much of the peninsula seeing some of that was even down into north carolina now the ground is still very wet so what's happening is we're getting the wet weather in the snow mixing in with a lot of it most is melting on contact but some of the grassy areas especially to the north may
6:33 am
sticking and you may also see a little bit of slush accumulating and some of the cars parked outside the others when she was a little bit cooler air temperatures for the most part of and above freezing but with the cooler air aloft we are getting the mix precipitation williamsburg and to mention phil we've got rain kind of going back in for some sleet reported and we are getting the mix across the south side roads are certainly wet but it could get a little slushy in spots especially bridges and overpasses off to the north that we've been mentioning a couple the delays out there gloucester not over the aca mac they've had some delays to allow some of the snow and mixed a kind of move on through the northern neck and marilyn north there of mackinac under a winter weather advisory through ten a m the wet and wintry weather we have this worry it's not gonna last that long by ten o'clock and thirty most of it will be gone after starting off still above freezing in mid thirties for most areas. we do have that mixing taking place. going to look for this to move out by say ten or ten thirty or so certainly by eleven we see
6:34 am
sunshine coming up later through the afternoon but it's gonna be windy northwest winds will crank up gas could be thirty to forty mph right now it's very windy again we are getting that mix precipitation be careful on the roads with an update right now. here's ashley. all right craig and speaking of the roads we do have a few trouble spots this morning i just got the update from state police on what's exactly happening here this is an accident in norfolk sixty four eastbound as you're headed toward either grammy streak or five sixty four vacancy or lanes are open it's off to the right shoulder but something to watch out for if you are headed five sixty four west the police also say there is a breakdown five sixty four westbound at the railway tunnel. i checked the cameras out there the delays are not major but it will slow you down as you head to the base the second camera we had to newport news wanted to head back here sixty four eastbound before lee hall because it does appear or accident have had either cleared or is in the last stages because i'm not seeing major flashing lights right
6:35 am
delays of up in your delays in just a little bit also have an update for you at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel coming up next. all right thank you so much a major development in a tense standoff in rural oregon the leaders of of militia are now officially charged
6:36 am
knew this morning a federal grand jury has indicted sixteen people in connection with armed standoff in oregon the group's leader aim on bundy and fifteen others are charged with felony conspiracy for them remain at the federal wildlife refuge and refuse to surrender to fbi agents the standoff started weeks ago over what the group called the ranchers rights all sixteen of those charged face up to six years in prison and potential fines six forty four now know a crime alert new this morning police need your help to find the man accused of shooting his mother and taking off in virginia beach to bondi jamal williams is considered armed and dangerous around eight yesterday morning police say williams shot his mother in the head on kimball street in the ocean lakes neighborhood the injury is considered non
6:37 am
led to two schools going into lockdown he said to be driving a two thousand fourteen the rite aid a four door with personalized tags that read prosper i think a virus is now impacting the travel industry some cruise lines are waiving cancellation penalties for customers who book trips to the affected regions carnival will now allow pregnant women to switch their destination to an area not impacted by the outbreak they can also postpone their trip or cancel outright even receive credits norwegian will also allow pregnant women to postpone trips or switch itineraries royal caribbean will provide other options the idf al's biggest game is right around the corner. oh yeah maybe it relates to head for some people the super bowl is all about eating at one point three billion chicken wings will be consumed the sunday eight million pounds of guacamole will be eaten and of course more than fourteen thousand ships for all that black americans only three
6:38 am
popcorn four million people says plus three hundred and twenty five million gallons of beer in the carolina panthers will take on the denver broncos this sunday. good morning america has extensive coverage of the super bowl ahead starting at seven o'clock and you this morning apple music has announced a major update for android devices subscribers to the music service will now be able to save their downloaded music catalogs to an external sd card for offline listening and some interesting results from a massive survey of american singles by the online dating site match dot com the survey found ordering sushi on the first date nearly doubles the chance of a second dates. there you go cocktails nearly as good most internet buzz words work well but not the term on full week of the hour is it your prospects commutes and
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for android devices. it gives users instant access to the series of popular reaction gifts to suit every motion. there's no word yet on when we could see a wider release in the feature is now the final day of pizza week here on daybreak we've been highlighting some of the best boss in hampton roads as recommended by you and one lucky viewer will win free pizza for the tie your year today special keyword is doe as craig likes to spin the dough is fingers now take the keyword go to thirteen years now. com or click on the features tab and enter that work for a chance to win all that free pizza so i don't over talk about weather or pizza or what cause you to invoke today yeah we've got a lot of the mean things up in the air out of that and speaking of the year it's getting colder all right we're going to talk alot about some of the wintry precipitation out their new mansion on flea die i will tell you right now as we finish out the show those
6:40 am
national wear on casters day i have the most wonderfully atrocious god is and we had a seat you've ever seen you're going to see the end of the show last week. it's honestly the weather advisory in effect until ten o'clock in the northern neck and areas north into maryland serious that's actually why put back on the gracie award to keep everybody updated and we'll have more fun with that phrase you see in just a little bit but for today was pick up the forecast degrees cooler than the day before our spot on three twenty nine today we are calling for some mix or some snow and sleet and yes we've already seen some of that this morning so that moves out early around ten o'clock or so this morning and then we see improvements coming as we go to eleven twelve and into the early afternoon eventually it's going to clear up going to see that temperatures topping out in the low forties but it's also going to get really windy later today so we'll take a look right now satellite
6:41 am
the coast still getting the mix precipitation and looks pretty ominous here but keep in mind. yesterday we had temperatures in the mid sixties the day before that we're in the upper seventies it was very very warm the ground is warm so most of what falls is melting on contact now some of the elevated surfaces bush's grassy areas even your car the windshield like a little slushy especially if you're watching off to the north was so willing to watch yet we've had reports outside a little bit of that slushy precipitation on the cars but the ground generally has been in pretty good shape as we take a look off to the north snow continues and i will tell you one of my sons actually traveling right now by bus up through the jersey shore area is going up to new york use in a the snows not too bad up there that they've been dealing with snow all the way up to maryland and into delaware so off to the north that's where the wintry weather is i will tell you as we go through the late morning things clear out the winds pick up we will enjoy more sunshine over
6:42 am
the g f s no potential does the forecast model that we're looking at again maybe slushy dusting to half an inch or so inches from the northern neck but most serious lesson that it will move at temperatures above freezing but it is chilly and we will see that makes this warning be careful on the roads look forward to more sunshine over the weekend and maybe another round with some wintry weather tuesday night into wednesday. here's ashley. all right craig busy busy busy this morning and busy on the roads as well of course we have those treacherous weather conditions and big issues like that then we also had traffic trouble to report sell some spots have been doing okay some spots not so much. let's go to the hr bt right now one of the start they are sixty four eastbound traffic normally around six fifty we do have a lot more traffic making a plea from hampton to norfolk the shot is of mallory street half mile away from the tar bt u see things are moving actually pretty well. minor delays as we approach the bridge and the tunnel on our second camera speaking of
6:43 am
news. we did have some delay sixty four eastbound around newport news richmond earlier accident before lee hall those delays are clearing out as you can see around busch gardens that's where the backup was extending to you. we can see things are moving much better now quickly on the traffic network maps are showing you again the area the rest of the area some spots on to pick up some spots not so much i do have an update for you at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and i'll give you that update coming up in five minutes all right all this week we've been featuring our pizza hot spots run hitter as we've really thoroughly enjoy highlighting these wonderful pizza places today i'm highlighting a newer restaurant in chesapeake really offers a truly unique pizza experience of talking about pizzeria bella vista that some battlefield across from chess piece on earlier i talked about their amazing ingredients most of which are imported straight from naples italy but how to bring all this together to create a
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ellie says the simplicity of the process is part of what makes neapolitan pizza so great but don't think for a minute that there isn't a lot of skill involved. i wanted to see for myself right now our hands and that doubt can i ever listen to me this cool flower after han stretch and never use a rolling pin you never want to guess all the magic that happens during the fermentation process stretch the dough to about twelve inches making the diablo rosso we're going to start by topping it with some of the past month or os pacing about right there just getting in the analog and a gel together. next up bacon high quality ingredients are important but equally important is the order in which you layer those ingredients or nine degrees and protect that make it so doesn't permit summer of love ok you rule over the eyes of this blog are and that she said protection barrier over the internet is not exposed directly to that height and how we look at looking great next come the tomatoes are
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and finally hot pepper jam in and this sweet key to the diablo too much about right for so we built a good looking pizza but now the real facts the other the air for ten seconds the nights we watch for the crust a bubble and rotate the pizza watch and rotate again until the entire crust is just right and then the moment of true working at a and my mom is the alien not welcome at their now there are some fantastic places in jest i can personally attest because these other ones that were so highly recommended also my other favorites chesapeake pizza there a battlefield spaghetti eddie's they have won the greenbrier that out western branch everyone knows about that spaghetti eddie's and andre is also a great pizza. you know why not some of the other great pizza place
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and you know what my kids of all i wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to sample some of the. this mediterranean again the neapolitan style very very light though the flower so refined. we featured a guy that lost a hundred pounds by eating this style pizza no sugar no oil added to the cross are very light high
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. you and your top story in the morning rush is back to court today for a navy sailor he served time for the murder of his friend but now he'll be tried for a second time. austin greeting is doing military court this court this afternoon greeting served six months in jail for shooting and killing his friend and fellow sailor petty officer third class christopher called her back in two thousand three. that was on state charges though once released the military charged with murder for the same shooting on the federal level a man who pleaded guilty to a norfolk all cases said to be sentenced today sean greer pleaded to second degree murder charges in the two thousand and three case police say greer shot and killed maria christopher and burned her body in the trunk of car. greer was not charged until last year when
6:48 am
the old files are one to check in with ashen of trekking routes very wet this morning under alan ladd in love with can't imagine why all. the quickly want to head to norfolk we still have a crash working sixty four is a five sixty four watch off and on the right shoulder quickly on the traffic network maps are updated the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel on the one to give you a heads up are still under level three when restriction right now winds in excess of fifty five miles an hour the max a speedy just learned is thirty five miles an hour at the bridge and the tunnel so he just wanted to give you that has up his resume out several other things working cross him to roll the posted information online right now who need to get over for several reasons yet read you break into this to you whether a national legacy the yes on bananas peaches and i don't know how long you guys got me. we have
6:49 am
the ongoing they can rely on has a nice visit and you are doing is we're letting the o the fact that doesn't happen as good as the united states leaders reasoned that these you know there is really tantamount to what the doctors here at good morning america. we're going to see this rain snow mix without the removal of around ten o'clock or so we're not looking for any significant accumulation in the ground is so warm the road and melting on good morning, america. a major storm hitting the northeast, 11 states under advisories as schools close and millions get ready for a dangerous commute this morning. new warnings right now. fight night in new hillary clinton and bernie sanders come out swinging in
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