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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a fatal crane collapse one person is dead three others injured after a construction crane comes crashing down into the streets of manhattan and charge the second time for the same murder navy sailor back in court this afternoon but first winter weather returns to hampton roads many of us walk up to a blast of cold air with snow and sleet in some parts that system while it since moved out the craggy is in the weather lab now with what we can expect for the rest of our day latter rain this morning that we solve the mix with the sleeping in the snow coming years. really pretty much done as a little bit off to the north shore year in a moment right now the sun actually trying to break through the clouds and shine a little light down on town point park in the elizabeth river as we take a look off to the north from our tower this is the sky view looking across kent to the north he see some breaks in the air show this is a trend that will continue through the afternoon it will become
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noon temperature forty degrees in the windsor north northwest ten i will tell you we have seen some higher gusts from the north northwest and we're going to continue to watch those winds gusting thirty to thirty five maybe even forty mph. it is not out of the question that we see those peak gas a little bit later this we've been tracking a little more wet weather again the widespread rain that we hadn't in the transition to the wintry mix and that's little bit whether trying to wrap around a few sprinkles for parts of middle peninsula from saloon approaching lost or possibly reaching that these eye to see that the stevensville and tap handle a little bit of make up that way but nothing significant to additionally to worry about there. as you gusting we had some gusts in excess of thirty mph right here on cape charles augustus thirty two at virginia beach again we could see a gust or two up to about forty here's the way the rest of the day plays out temperatures in the lower forties with skies clearing is going to be
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the weekend of the back talk about that in another storm system for next week. stay tune and all restrictions on the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel are now lifted earlier the bay bridge tunnel was actually operating under level three wind restrictions limiting travel to just cars and trucks crews lifted the restrictions as the winds died down. high winds forced the cancellation of the new run of the skirt of knott's island ferry and this morning three trips were called off meanwhile ferry service along the outer banks between hatteras no cobra still suspended and cdot says heavy rain high winds forced them to halt service at this morning's weather cause problems on the roads take a look at this picture was sent to us by a viewer because they're caught the school bus right here they're trying to navigate the flood waters unless the city check that out. don't forget you can get your pictures to thirteen years now despite e mailing it to us to send it to share it at wbc dot com and you know we're bringing you your forecasts on air online and on your smartphone with a thirteen years now whether caster app you can take
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authority with you wherever you go download for free in the app store or on google play. you know investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in virginia beach fire crews were called to mendelssohn course just before eight this morning. that's an ocean lakes when firefighters got there they found a fire burning on the second floor of that house. crews are able to quickly extinguish the fire. we also have a crime alert this new now to virginia beach police just released new surveillance video of a robbery that happened last monday. take a look at her right now it shows the suspect walking into the skinny dip in the providence square shopping center police say the suspect walked up to the cashier and ask for change once the till was open the suspect implied that to the clerk he had a gun and demanded cash the clerk handed over the money and the suspect ran away. nobody was hurt and handed police a customer scared off a would be robber police say happened after eleven last night at the seven eleven on east
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little back river road according to investigators the suspect walked into the store told the clerk she had a gun and demanded money you see the one right there before the clerk hand over the cash another customer walked into the store causing the suspect take of running if you have any information about either incident the chronicle right now man who pleaded guilty to an awful cold case is getting ready to be sentenced shawn greer pleaded to second degree murder charges in that two thousand three case pacific rim shot and killed maria christopher and then burned her body in the trunk of a car there was not cleared until our not charged until last year that is when detectives actually we examined that old case file and is back to court today for a navy sailor he served time for the murder of a friend but now he's going to try for second time. austin green is due in military court this afternoon of cleaning serve six months in jail for shooting and killing his friend and fellow sailor petty officer third class class christopher colbert back in two thousand three
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the military charged with murder for the same shooting on federal charges it will be a happy homecoming today the uss montpelier set to return to naval station norfolk this afternoon while deployed the fast attack submarine traveled more than thirty thousand nautical miles. the montpelier visited a number of places including ports in greece and france the crew has fifteen offices in one hundred and twenty nine enlisted personnel this week in a concert to help the deep creek family heal from the murder suicide of the dooley family. yeah chesapeake police say that cameron julie fatally shot his brother sister mother father and grandmother and then killed himself. that concert mostly tomorrow is going on from two until four p m at deep creek baptist church the event is free but they will be accepting donations to help that family the fund will go to the door still we find at towne bank and this comes as the search continues for the man accused of shooting his mother then taking off. we told about this yesterday at noon that search underway right now in
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jamal williams is considered armed and dangerous around eight yesterday morning police say williams shot his mother in the head on canal street in the ocean lakes neighborhood. the injury is considered non life threatening. the search led to two schools on lockdown he said to be driving a two thousand fourteen right a camry with a personalized tag that says prosper democrat on the defense and enough is enough he got something to the clash between two presidential candidates could cause a change in the polls and rescuers are combing through the rubble as the crane collapses in manhattan killing at least one person then coming over second half hour. it's not funny mrs rowley people are dying and getting sicker and sicker he is the executive who hikes the price of a life
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developing right now in new york city. one person is dead two others seriously hurt when a crane collapses on bush street manhattan. yeah check out we just got these pictures into the newsroom officials say the construction crane was positioned as high as twenty stories that now stretches across several blocks in the tri deck a neighborhood where medics pronounced one person dead at the scene two others had to be rescued from cars before being rushed to the hospital. the force of the collapse was so strong because the water main break and a possible gas main break yes several of the buildings were hit when the buildings that crane came down officials they're actually right now going through buildings to try and check and see if they are still structurally sound restarting their state with thirty news now thirteen is now the calm as we continue to learn more
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now to another developing story out of richmond where a man accused of plotting to attack a synagogue and a black churches is due in federal court the thirty four year old robert doyle is going to go before judge today nudge oil think doyle faces robbery conspiracy and firearms charges thirty three year old robert cheney faces the same charges as doyle another man charged charles called him and he pleaded guilty to robbery conspiracy last month fbi officials say that doyle cheney and whites are white supremacists who tried to buy weapons from undercover agents that they are accused of planning to rob a richmond area silver and coin dealers to finance a race war. we know what things are starting to clear up a little bit outside here's a live look from our sky view camera overlooking virginia beach you can see the ocean from right there was a pretty heavy. no sons out right now meteorologist greg will have an update on the weather forty forecasts plus this hillary clinton and bernie sanders was some heated moments during last night's
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. we are practicing with the latest on the race for the white house and last night's tense them democratic showdown earlier latest poll show barry sanders leading hillary clinton by twenty points in new hampshire to table last night in the final debate before voters go to polls strategy says martha gonzales has the highlights for us lo today back on ththtrail after a fiery night on the debate see the last three democratic presidential candidates facing off for
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hampshire primaries hillary clinton trying to overcome bernie sanders fifteen point lead in the latest poll with another poll also showing sanders closing in on clinton nationally. secretary clinton does represent the establishment directors and i hope ordinary american center saturday is the only person who i think would characterize me by a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplified the establishment on the republican side marco rubio on the rise in second place behind donald trump do you think donald trump is ready to be the president is the same as being a real estate developer and on national security. he hasn't shown to date and the level of depth on those issues trump still holds a commanding lead. this is really crunch time ready to take his place at center stage in tomorrow night's also looking ahead to the next big boat after new hampshire he canceled an event here today because of
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holding a rally tonight in south carolina. martha gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire and as martin mentioned on the republican side they are gearing up for the new hampshire debate tomorrow night sunday airing right here on abc thirteen overnight a first for jeb bush's campaign former first lady barbara bush making an appearance in new hampshire also in new hampshire this morning donald trump stepped up pace is message only an outsider can fix america's problems. no politician is going to solve it. no politician. these people i'd like to use really foul language. i won't do it i was going to say that falling off but i won't say that note i'm still taking aim at ted cruz accusing the cruz campaign of spreading misleading information and suggested that ben carson was dropping out of the race after the iowa caucuses. we now know the cost of that scrap the gop loyalty oath from the virginia primary in march an official says the department of elections
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thousand dollars on that affiliation statement that cover printing and mailing of three million forms say republicans want voters to sign a pledge to vote for the gop presidential nominee if they participated in the republican primary the party voted last week and to not implement the statement following backlash a controversial bill has cleared a house subcommittee here in the commonwealth. it would require students to use bathrooms based on their biological sex and not the gender with which they identify supporters of the bill say that addresses concerns from parents while transgender advocates who oppose the bill say they just want children to use the restroom of their choice what this one for the first time elementary school students in virginia will be required to engage in physical activity every day the state house of delegates passed new legislation yesterday it requires students in kindergarten through fifth grade to get at least twenty minutes of physical activity per day or an average of one hundred minutes per week that new requirement will take effect
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nineteen school year right now things are looking a lot brighter across the area we had the rain we had the mixed precipitation series of light snow this morning but the ground was just so warm we knew what was going to be real big deal we just had to get through that morning we did so now looking at skies are going to become increasingly sunny especially later this afternoon. it's gonna rain chilly though and it's going to remain quite breezy out there we'll take a look at the forecasts of the next twelve hours you see skies later this afternoon and then into the evening sky as we mainly clear earlier top out around forty to maybe forty three degrees and then the temperatures cool back down to the thirties overnight with the skies clearing out right now at forty in norfolk is warmer in their forty three inch sp up in williamsburg forty three attempts in the thirties on the eastern shore so that's what's going on right now on the twenty four hour
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lot cooler than yesterday remember we started out very warm yesterday morning we had a high of sixty five that was at about ten fifteen in the morning and the temperatures fell off through the afternoon so we are heading back down and again it will stay chilly through this afternoon and windy the wind is gusting up around twenty five to thirty mph walton alpha we've seen some gusts up around thirty mph near ago she and also at the airport in norfolk. right now we're discussing right around twenty nine to thirty eight dock and also virginia beach but we could see a few stronger gusts. even through the early to mid afternoon things will ease up later this evening. right now cross town point park things are quiet we do have. skies mostly cloudy to variously clottey were starting to see the clouds and i was eight year put the pressure is rising thirty point two five inches. you see all the wet weather that was across syria right now to last the sprinkles off to the north kind of winding
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this here but i want to know all this rain that we had run into some colder air up along the northeast coastline is producing snow to the north so was she that moment future travel plans at that we may have some interest right now just a few sprinkles for the middle peninsula and this activity is going out as we speak. taking a little closer look right on this bill may be a wet snow flake or two this activity very very light so this probably not even making a democrat but a couple sprinkles for white marsh and i down towards the common cohen you can see gloucester obvious who the few light sprinkles and not mention off to the northeast we are still tracking snow were talking with new hampshire ag get ready for the primary there you know the snow could be a little bit of an impact on some of the campaigning going on up in the northeast so we'll keep an eye that roster to see drier conditions prevail as high pressure builds for the weekend later today clearing skies and north winds will see clear skies tonight in mostly sunny skies tomorrow things are
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beginning this sunday though i do think we'll see increasing clouds and i have to mention the chances for somewhat weathered down into north carolina on sunday through saturday watson john things looking good. high pressure in control but the clouds kind of creeping back in sunday in chances for showers mainly down over north carolina later sunday into sunday evenings will be watching that could see couples showers pressing a little farther north are right so we had the rain in the next early this morning the skies become partly sunny temperatures low forties thirty two tonight clear and cold are not as windy that'll be nice. forty six to mild temperatures closer to but a little bit below normal and then tomorrow night. thirty four and that is very close to normal for this time of year will see temperatures getting back up upper forties for sunday we love to watch for those north carolina showers late sunday or maybe a stray shower on monday i think the better chances for maybe some more wintry
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know for sure but is going to be fun to come through late tuesday that looks like with the temperatures getting down a little bit below freezing maybe we have some wintry weather late tuesday into early wednesday it will keep yet but we have noticed that three of us wearing red that's right there's a reason behind it that's because today is national wear red day of the american heart association is encouraging everyone to wear red today as part of the go red for women movement heart disease and stroke cause one each year killing approximately one woman every eighty seconds. fortunately we can change that because eighty percent of cardiac and stroke events may be provided with education ananwhich there are new tiger cubs at the virginia zoo in norfolk the cats were born one month ago and are ready for visitors. the zoo's website says every friday starting today visitors will be able to watch the cubs after feedings and this is actually a live picture from the top
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now you can see them in the quarter their fans can check out the indy to come anytime love on our website thirteen years now dot com there you will find this story and a link to watch my computer name is dana r i feel good she said she did it for the thrill of this new guess what we're hearing more about what one of the suspects in the co levels murder told prosecutors and what one a levels friends told police before she was
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here are a stunning new developments in them murder of thirteen year old nicole level prosecutor say that one of the students facing charges is confessing she told investigators that she did it for the thrill latest twist in an already gruesome case. also this new one of the victim's friends is claiming she tried to warn police that something was terribly wrong abt the program is in blacksburg with the latest chilling details about the murder of thirteen year old michael buble for family filing into the courtroom thursday wearing blue clothes and grits. prosecutors allege virginia tech students that beekeepers and david eisenhower planned the murder of a middle school student for weeks scouting out locations even buying tools when police showed up to talk to keep or she immediately try to warn eisenhower texting him. police say was that he told fbi investigators at eisenhower killed nicole and put her body is alexis reportedly
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the body in the car to walmart where they bought supplies to clean up the crime telling authorities where to locate the murder weapon and nicole's body keepers allegedly saying she was quote excited to be apart of something secretive and special in those childhood friend terry cooke said she noticed months ago the cold posting pictures on facebook claiming to be dating an older guy i went to off stare at my school and read and his name one piece paper name and add to the blacksburg police department responding saying if the student had reached out the officer would have acted on it to the appropriate channels to make this up now. i think he would have done something then he was seen all the guys on her facebook and he could've stopped us. it's been nearly two weeks since nicole went missing investigators tracked the last messages from her phone to eisenhower the former track star admitting to police he communicated with the thirteen year old saying he saw her the night she
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left and went to a close friend's door that close friend natalie keepers here in video posted on youtube in two thousand and fourteen one in five people don't have to keepers father an aerospace engineer broke down in tears at the hearing her family stein was a pilgrim reporting their concerns in the fight against a sikh a virus that's right officials confirmed yet another method of contracting the virus what that is and what us
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. well guess what we've made it to friday suspending part of it with take a look of this is a live look from the sky view
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of gray skies over downtown norfolk meteorologists great bowlers putting together an update was forecast will hear from him in just a bit but first here's a look at our top stories this afternoon investigators are looking into what sparked a house fire in ocean lakes this morning it happened on mendelssohn cord around eight o'clock when firefighters got there they found a fire burning on the second floor of the house. crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire the bottoms are often greeting is doing military court this afternoon the sailor serve six months in jail for shooting and killing his friend and fellow sailor petty officer third class christopher colbert back in two thousand three yet now that was on state charges once released the military charged him with murder for the same shooting on federal charges and guess what today is homecoming day for the crew of uss montpelier tax audits to determine if a station of it this afternoon the montpelier visited a number of places including ports in greece and france. let's get over your
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start to the day across hampton roads yet with a wintery mix causing some problems with the morning commute. although it also gave kids in mackinac county actually they got the day off to get this for him to take any chances that they did have some snow mixing in with the rest of us but the ground has been so warm that it's not really sticking around and we knew that wasn't going to be a major problem still for the district up to the north they said we're not mess with it so good right now are seeing the improvements cross year and that's what's going to be for the afternoon. more and more sunshine breaking through the clouds up and have that wide sky view showing the skies becoming partly cloudy right now just an augusta twenty five mph this is what i really want to key on for you. our winds are still going to be capable of besting thirty to maybe even forty mph near the water. now put that just thirty three duck with a gust to thirty two mph and still around oceanic gusts around twenty nine to thirty so it's still very breezy out there the air temperatures are in the lower forties to mid forties for many area septic and thirty
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freezing as you can see as we take it through the afternoon temperatures down from this time yesterday quite a bit it is obviously cooler out there and it's going to be breezy look for the sunshine or to talk about a nice looking we can force your ahead to the next developing storm system and we might see another round of wintry weather coming state. our thanks for the first case of blood transfusion is now authorities have a blood donor was infected with the virus which typically is spread through mosquito bites now the news as another concern to efforts to contain the quickly spreading disease abc's lauren lister has more florida feeling dizzy got anxiety declaring a public health emergency in five counties reporting at least twelve pieces all the cases in florida are travel related mosquito mosquito that causes the virus is common in
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million residents and over one hundred million tourists a year but they have less than the thousands the contest gets the governor requesting thousands more another obstacle only one in five individuals have been bitten and infected by mosquito actually show any signs or symptoms the symptoms that can show up to fever rash and joint being and content of ideas. this virginia woman battling some of those still after catching sega she believes it happened last fall in guatemala after i got home from a threat that i discovered the following wednesday on the five of my head when you're traveling you will avoid mosquito bites another worry in dallas this week the virus was transmitted sexually and is two million people flock to rio for the start of carnival all mosquitoes are the only z concert. brazil confirming the first case of infection from a blood transfusion also puerto rico reporting three more cases totaling twenty two the latest including a pregnant woman in her first
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trimester is the risky at the cdc is working with brazil on creating a study to answer that question and more a major concern of this week a virus of course being a suspected link to birth defects in babies of infected mothers mourn mr abc news los angeles lawmakers have a lot to say the ceo accused of faking drug prices yet but he didn't have a lot to say to them on the advice of counsel invoke my fifth amendment march really angering some on capitol hill this nude his lawyer is explaining all of those smiles and smirks and a local city tops the list of most romantic organ to tell
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do you think you've done anything wrong on the advice of counsel and of my fifth amendment privilege the face may not look familiar but his actions as ceo of the drug manufacturer may ring a bell martin skelly is the executive who hikes the price of a life saving medication by more than five thousand percent. oh yeah yesterday he appeared before congressional committee looking into drug prices but he didn't have much to say do you think you've done anything wrong on the advice of counsel. it really was ceo of turning pharmaceuticals
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drug given to aids patients to stop parasitic infections now. last year he jacked the price from thirteen dollars and fifty cents a tablet to seven hundred and fifty bucks per pill the house government oversight committee orders correctly to appear where lawmakers gave him an earful on no free market principles are the best way to provide quality affordable healthcare to the american people which turn here's different diverse business practices were a boy takes what a patient group trying to dig nothing more to extend their lives to really annoy lawmakers with the smirks and laughter but everytime they ask the question he refused to give them any answers scarily even refuse to admit he spent two million dollars to one of a kind of rap album by the wu tang clan. his lawyers later explained his client's smirks and laughter
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the music world mourning the loss of election the more
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bmx icon dave mayer has died the forty one year old rider was found in greenville north carolina with an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound near leaves behind a wife and two children he wants held the record for the most x games medals. there was also the host of mtv's real world road rules challenge six years ago mir was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis an inflammatory disease that can result in brain damage but he did make a full recovery the argument so long ago but many people still remember the music world in mourning a superstar from the seventies and eighties earth wind and fire founding member and leader maurice white. he co wrote and sang on most of
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produce into the front of the group with his brothers in nineteen sixty nine in chicago has died in his sleep wednesday night. he fought a long battle with parkinson's he was seventy four an impact in music we did the wet weather is moving out but the wind is here to stay pregnant a final check of
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with eating raw fish apparently those who got out for sushi on the first date will increase your chances on a second date by one hundred and seven per cent while there yo. everything after a second date it turns out you may not have to go far for that romantic date night that's right that is because a local city one night here topped the list of romantic cities in virginia beach beat out every other city or country for the top spot on open table dot com's new list newport rhode island milwaukee atlantic city and santa fe rounded out the top five so how to open table come up to that and with that result will they said they calculated their romantic cities index by the percentage of restaurants rated romantic the percentage of tables for two and the percentage of those who died out. last valentine's day next week is love week on daybreak starting tomorrow you can
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your sweetheart to enter to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery center photo to share in a wbc dot com and be sure to use the hashtag thirty love week five winners will be chosen next friday. ri and speaking of love i have to come clean here alright thirteen news now has been showered in love our weather department has by several very nice gifts this is national weather persons day and you know it's funny i don't ever think about is coming up and things start showing up at the station and we love them. this came to us from providence place of depaul they sent these cookies and we got cookies from cookies by design that was sent to us we have these wonderful cupcakes and we make dolls can buy some stuff this morning provided some great food for the station and then my co workers is gorgeous. snow says not to put on. we had a long early
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coming that what i would say jeff and i shot him and started eating any of this stuff yet saving it for all of us but let's take a look right now the forecast because i think you're gonna love what happens over the weekend while we're in this love topic you can see the temperatures are going to be warming a bit we are staying cool today will be breezy. the nasty weather we saw this morning it's out of the picture now forty six for tomorrow forty eight on sunday somebody that will see a few more clouds and maybe a few showers especially the north carolina. it's cool out there certainly a lot cooler than it was yesterday and the day before that but you know with that big warm up we've been experiencing for the past few days the snow showers are we mixing in with the rain this morning. ever felt pretty much melted it context of the elevated surfaces bush is in a grassy areas even some of the cars that had been warmed up yet and maybe a little bit of slushy in spots on but generally it just kind of fell and melted as it came down and the temperatures continue to be above freezing now the afternoon second warm
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the temperatures are down quite a bit. a gust now up to thirty six mph i mention we could still see a couple got close to forty five thirty to forty miles friday afternoon right now are seeing those types of winds up from the eastern shore see you really want to be careful especially around the bridges and bridge tolls thirty two at dot that's the last gust reported there when a gust to twenty nine mph in virginia beach right now still very bleak cloudy but we're going to see more sunshine later today and the sustained winds at the airport our north northwest ten mph. the rain was widespread and i will tell you all that is left at this point just a few very light sprinkles winding down off to the northwest activities relief is laying out and we're going to enjoy more sunshine i mention that so these last three goals winding down the snow continues till off to the north we talk about that for new england. it's a messy afternoon more snow starting to push now just off to the east of long island city new york tennessee
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up through maine new hampshire and around boston the snow continues to go we're going to enjoy a couple nice days but there will be chances for some unsettled weather a little bit later in the weekend. i think sunday especially late afternoon and evening sunday diner on north carolina will see the chances for why the cia mainly offshore for saturday saturday looks great and i think sunday will see that trend with increasing clouds are as far as temperatures go today we're looking at that high and sear on forty to maybe forty three degrees tonight's low near thirty two and then tomorrow forty six so does one up forty eight for sunday and that will keep temperatures a little bit below normal as we go to the middle of next week with another front coming will be watching the preset maybe a little wintry precipitation late tuesday wrapping olive pierson saturday looks fantastic. go get outside enjoy art
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