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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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project meant to improve the city the city installed a new sewer line in cable front yard about a month ago. o line in the backyard had to be sealed with concrete. now everytime it rains. he's left with the mess might think it is the answer is all this loss its absorption with the rainwater now know this is going nowhere standing in my arms jiggle rented a pump pushing thousands of gallons out of his yard. the water line was already up to the house everytime it rains is i can't expect to come home to this the first time homeowner says the city told him this was his responsibility but he still hopeful a solution is coming soon to hire a subcontractor costs thousands of dollars i don't have and i don't know enough to do in norfolk marcella roberts in thirteen years now. now thirteen is now reached out to the city for answers a spokesperson tells us. city officials are where the problem and they're
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former commanding officer of uss and ceo could get kicked out of the navy captain brian sorenson is accused of demanding sacks to hand out promotions according to our partners at the virginian pilot the navy released more than one hundred pages of documents about the allegations against captain sorenson the investigation showed that the former ceo was drunk in public and alcohol when personal items on the ship and sexually harassed female officers he was relieved of his duties last september they say a picture's worth a thousand words will this one might be worth up to ten criminal charges chesapeake police say this man the one scott and another man forced their way inside someone's house on rue st last month the pair armed with weapons got away with cash and jewelry that is until the victim recognized the man from his twenty fourteen western branch high school yearbook. now scott is behind bars facing robbery burglary and abduction charges. it's hard enough being a college student but having your
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now fairfax county police are looking for this woman she allegedly stole an eighteen year olds college money cash along with the teen teens mother's purse. it happened at a dunkin donuts in falls church in the mom said she didn't realize the money was gone until they laughed surveillance video caught the suspect leaving in a dark colored suv twist on that old saying crime doesn't pay the dc council has voted to approve a measure that would pay residents for not committing crimes for about two hundred at risk people in one program if they go to their therapy if they stay out of trouble. well they get paid the district says it might cut down on repeat offenders. now to a warning about a social security scam that could be sitting in your mailbox right now some olympic women's county north carolina received this mailer claims to be a letter explaining how to keep your social security and ask for a small donation and for a
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the notice is not affiliated with the county average a b school lunch program is changing starting tuesday students with overdrive accounts will get a bad breakfast or lunch instead of a hot plate meal. school leaders say this will help cut down on school that students will switch to bag lunches until their account is twenty dollars over drawn the bag meal option includes a sandwich a piece of fruit and vegetable and milk. you can now use your house phone in the gibbs woods area of her talk. north carolina we told you on thirteen is now eleven the community had no service last night. people have to rely on cell phones to even call nine one one of the service came back on this morning. a richmond man was in court today for allegedly plotting to shoot up and bomb synagogues in black churches thirty four year old robert doyle faces robbery conspiracy and firearms charges he pleaded guilty to one conspiracy count to commit robbery and one firearms charge thirty three
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looking at those same charges another man charged charles alderman pleaded guilty to robbery conspiracy last month they're accused of planning to rob the richmond area silver and coin dealer and use the money to pay for a race war an off duty richmond police officer arrested for shooting and killing the teen police say david cobb shot eighteen year old patterson brown at a carwash last october. brown was accused of getting into the officer's car and driving it out of the wash bay cobb confronted him in the dispute ended in gunfire. the teen died at the hospital the richmond police chief said cobb worked with youth as a resource officer and cobbs bond was set at twenty five thousand dollars unarmed a couple in missouri when a crime spree that some compare to a modern day bonnie and clyde weird hearing
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blake fitzgerald and ended that's brianna florida shootout police linked him and his partner brittany harper to a long list of abductions in robberies in missouri alabama georgia and florida. the pair allegedly took a hotel clerk hostage and tried to car jack a restaurant manager in alabama and sauna get them out of the hotels was possible. i'm glad i could have made a purse in the hospital and she's looking at a number of charges including home invasion and auto theft off three hundred ton crane watch right there falls from skyscraper crushing cars and killing at least one person tonight what caused that deadly accident and virginia senators are joining the fight against the z virus what they say washington needs to do to stop the spread and we had snow spreading into the area earlier this what the radar looked like at seven thirty lots of snow over the region that is long gone on talking
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for the weekend and i'm talking about tracking trouble on the peninsula with a craft in the media and sixty four westbound just before you get to busch gardens in your county is also reported car fire a half mile up that's causing a six mile backup as we head to our second camera that backup
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. frightening scene in manhattan today one person is dead and three others were injured when a construction crane collapsed officials say the crane was positioned as high as twenty stories now stretches across several blocks in the tribeca neighborhood mayor bill de blas deal told reporters the crane was being moved to a more secure position because of high winds along the lanes of the crane. you can see how powerful the damage was but you can also see again that it was something of a miracle that there wasn't more impact the collapse cause water and gas main to rupture crews are still working to make repairs
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your child's school have an automated external defibrillator or aed the parents of a high school senior and george are certainly glad their daughter's school had one claire crawford collapse to the floor in cardiac arrest during a volleyball match her father had for the terrifying moments on his video camera school staff rushed over to her and their quick action shape precious minutes of the time it took to get help for clear the family says that there had not been an aed at the school claire may have died. now she's back at school i felt like i was waking up from passing out so i'm just why all these people around you eyes the eighties telling everybody to do cpr me and find the video of players collapses on viral and is helping spread the importance of making sure schools or aed accessible super bowl one of the biggest sporting events of the year will also have one of the largest security operations federal state and local law enforcement agents
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fifty plus the pentagon's new policy to protect military families from the sink a virus and coming up at six of portsmouth city councilman
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news now has video of . we are just two days from super bowl
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full swing in santa clara california as the carolina panthers and the denver broncos get ready to take the field there's a massive effort behind the scenes to keep everyone safe. the fbi homeland security and the nfl are working together to make sure there's no opportunity for an attack at the game abc's redhead has more a massive security presence is now in place for superbowl sunday trained swat teams on the ground. the coast guard in the san francisco bay and eight aircraft watching from above this intense operation involving the fbi and homeland security took two years to plan we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl fifty or related events. still they're not taking any chances especially following the recent deadly terror attacks in paris and san bernardino think the achilles heel for us is either an active shooter or a lone wolf
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machines are now scanning every truck delivery for explosives and radioactive materials. it's an x ray machine that lets us look right sides you a car goes inside the containers radiation sensors are also posted at train stops by to welcome the security anything to make us more safe with bomb sniffing dogs and undercover police everywhere they're so much going on behind the scenes that nobody's going to see brady at abc news los angeles kauai governor pat mccrory is hoping some of the excitement the panthers are generating will transfer to his campaign korea's first tv ad of his reelection campaign tries to connect the panthers super bowl run with his time in office the commercial closes with mccrory throwing a football to a child and saying keep pounding panthers chorus campaign website is also decked out with the panthers team colors michigan governor rick snyder went back to flat today as the push to bring safe water to the city
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dealing with the city's water crisis. one of the committee's top goals is to find better ways to communicate with citizens about what's happening to fix the problems and today in newport news the sheriff's office collected more water to santa flat. this is a look at some of the cases of water that were collected were told local churches and sheriffs and other cities have all donated and there's another collection plan for tomorrow if you want to help head to the new beech grove baptist church in the sun tabs light in newport news from nine until five the virginia beach man charged with sexual assault and robbery faced a judge today sixty three year old raymond ellis was arraigned this afternoon investigators say last month ellis approached a woman with a knife on rosemont road but he ran off when she started screaming than a week or so later police say ellis robbed and sexually assaulted a man in the same area also in virginia beach the search continues for dante williams police say he shot his mother in the ocean lakes
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told the woman is now out of the hospital police say williams may be driving a red twenty fourteen camry with custom virginia plates that say prosper police say williams is considered armed and dangerous. tomorrow the weekly community will come together to remember the dooley family. police say cameron dooley shot and killed five members of his family and a murder suicide last month a concert has been planned to help the community try and heal and that concert is tomorrow from two to four at deep creek baptist church the event is free but organizers will accept donations for the door instantly find and tell me bill is a city police department is sharing its planned put body cameras on officers the department held several public meetings in december about the best ways to use the body cameras next week they'll release details about the rules for body cameras and plans to buy them that meeting is wednesday at the pass with king county public safety building. some
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snow this morning at the mac counter there was enough of the white stuff for school officials to cancel classes for today so are we now in the clear. jeff is in the weather lab watching all of that. well we're definitely in the clear for most of the weekend and probably the entire weekend until we get to maybe sunday night and then it's a little bit iffy there's nothing out there right now as you can see on with elaborate are sweeping clear obviously was not the case this morning you'll see that again in just a minute but for this evening just clear cold temperatures dropping back into the upper thirties when shells however will be near thirty degrees when you factor in the combination of the air temperature and that brisk breeze. i say meanwhile surprising but we did make it up into the mid forties i mean that's expected. i'm say surprising because you don't often get snow on a day where you have highs in the mid forties but we certainly did today. in fact it was around forty much of the time it was snowing
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freezing only a few thousand feet up doesn't have to be freezing down at the ground meanwhile captures this evening dropping back as we said into the thirties and i'm continuing to drop back through the thirties will talk about twenties eventually by morning for a lot of locations mid to upper twenties for the inland or even very rural areas here in the seven cities right near the beaches that might be mid to lower to mid thirties but we're going to say officially around thirty degrees and then rising up to the thirties by about nine pm still a lot of sunshine same thing in the afternoon maybe a few high thin clouds but reading is very similar to today. the difference is tomorrow there won't be much wind especially in the morning but even in the afternoon so tomorrow should feel warmer than what we felt and experienced out there today by tomorrow night will see temperatures dropping back from forty into the thirty c only to bundle up if you're heading to any of the events they're going on and noticed that little
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starts to pick up and during the day on sunday it is going to be windy and it will be chilly a little below normal but when you factor in the wins. it's definitely gonna feel quite a bit below normal. and here's what i was talking about lately day on sunday. notice how this was a close call. same thing happens again sunday night and i think there's a chance at least that part of the outer banks or maybe even here in the southeast virginia could see a little bit of something or going to keep an eye on in case it tries to get enough cold air to become a little bit of wintertime precipitation that would exit early in the day on monday five thirty two then clear and cold mid to upper twenties in one two mile forty five lot of sunshine a little bit below normal and then as i mentioned it's going to be forty seven sunday which is still little below normal typically were forty nine but it's also going to be windy and there's that twenty percent chance of precipitation by late in the day and then the chances actually go up sunday night
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thirty seven can't rule out a little bit of snow or sleet and then left over into monday that should clear out and another weak system comes as tuesday into wednesday that's latest from the thirteen is now whether story has a versatile bathroom bill is moving forward in the general assembly the law would require students to use bathrooms based on their biological sex not the gender they identify house of delegates subcommittee approved a measure yesterday supporters say the bill addresses concerns from parents but transgender advocates say it could allow for discrimination. right now of gloucester transgender student is in the middle of a lawsuit over a similar issue how long are you protected after a vaccination new research shows one important immunization may wear off more quickly than you think we're talking about the team that shot protects against tetanus. did theory and whooping cough. researchers found that when teens get a booster shot. it loses most of its effectiveness after
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think this may be contributing to outbreaks of the disease they say you should talk to your doctor about the timing of vaccinations a love story decades in the making will have a happy ending just in time for valentine's day. say hello world war two that will get to reconnect with the one who got away of portsmouth city councilman pulled over in the middle of the road thirteen news now has a police officer's body camera video at the background. okay i told you you're stuck in traffic. now we're hearing from councilman denny meets about just what happened and a sailor tried and convicted and sentenced for murder. now
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who gosh. the defense department is responding to the z virus outbreak the pentagon says pregnant women tied to active duty personnel in areas affected by secret can relocate if they want the policy also applies to civilian defense department employees are partners at military time say one woman has relocated already has been linked to severe birth defects in newborns and paralysis and adults. senators mark warner tim kaine are calling for more efforts to fight this eco virus with zeke a case reported in virginia both warner and kaine said i want to make sure the federal government works with local and state agencies to protect virginians in a joint letter to president obama the senators ask for more funding for zeke a response and research they said investing in the effort to combat the z virus abroad is one of the most important things we can do to prevent widespread transmission of
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the national unemployment rate dropped in january but analysts say employers added fewer jobs than expected the unemployment rate is now four point nine percent that's the lowest rate since february of twenty o eight one hundred and fifty one thousand new jobs were added but economists expected one hundred and ninety thousand experts say the slow growth may be due to troubles in the global economy tomorrow portsmouth residents have one last chance to weigh in on the city's budget plans for next year the city will host its final budget community engagement meeting city manager and the school superintendent will talk with residents about priorities for twenty seventeen tomorrow's meeting starts at nine am church when high school that's it for thirteen years now at five thirty we begin with new information about trouble for a
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have the backing of the day i told you you're stopped in traffic. it's a confrontation caught on camera portsmouth city councilman denny meets being pulled over in the middle of the street martinez now is first to obtain the body camera video of the traffic stop reporter eric caine has been digging into the story joins us now with more on exactly what happened here. yet david please release this video too esp on the outcome of an internal investigation they didn't tell us though what the results were. you'll notice please learn much of the video to hide identifying information at the beginning of that video you see portsmouth councilman danny meek stopped in the street his window rolled down talking to an unidentified man officer nelson seen here in ct is wearing the body camera. the traffic stop happened back in december near the corner of duke street in april after police say audio was not recording as nelson motions for the man to back away before meek
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walks up to the officer can enable her to stop the pain the car. the councilman returns to his suv and nelson tries to keep the other man from leaving the dock meets again steps out of his car to ask some questions at the menu bar day i told you you're stopped in traffic you're impeding traffic the heater core to the delight and the registration of the source is still thirteen years now meeks complain to the police chief about how nelson handled the situation soon. other officers arrived in their body cameras captured his black mercedes driving by. if it looks familiar it's because it's the car mayor wright drove last month while leading the sheriff on a slow speed chase. mayor wright seen walking up here tells thirteen years now he was just on his way to work and he stopped to see if meeks needed help before continuing
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