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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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slapped with two citations the limit and no one is eating and just a few minutes ago we spoke with councilmen meeks after our five o'clock area he told me the man he was talking to was just relaying concerns about crime activity in the area he says the confrontation with the officer took a turn when he says the officer interrupted him and was the aggressive one we get irritated. and meets trial has been pushed back until april. david there's a new top cop for the city of portsmouth the city announced just hours ago that tanya chapman is the new chief of police. she is currently the state's deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security. she also served as deputy chief of police with the richmond police department. her first official date leading the portsmouth police force is monday february twenty
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harkins who retired from portsmouth last year. well a few hours made a big difference in the weather today this picture from williamsburg shows the dusting we got early this morning but by the afternoon the skies were clear and those clear skies will stick around for friday night jeff has more there were certainly done with the precipitation at least for about forty eight hours and probably a little bit more than that now think this through obviously most of the weekend as you can see again there's nothing out there right now most of that disappeared at around ten o'clock or so while of silence ended up with an inch west point in sch mate's happen and about a quarter of an inch here in north a little over ten to mention smithfield i saw about a tenth of an inch if that from chesapeake enters tonight then near the beach is dropping from forty one into the thirties ending up in the mid to low to mid thirties and then tomorrow a chilly forty five or mid forties for highs now inlet area should get a little
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league entered and especially the windchill need to bundle up tomorrow as i mentioned it'll be sunny but a little below normal than what we're going to look at is by sunday another system coming close to the coastline more of a chance for it to affect north carolina than us but by sunday night that could change all have more on that outlook coming up. i doubt today's weather created problems on the road and elizabeth city a viewer share this picture of the school bus trying to get through a flooded street. don't forget you can get your senior pictures to us by mailing it to us to send it to share at wbc top of a firefighter say the weather slowed them down a bit as they responded to a house fire were told the flames started in a bedroom at home on mendelssohn court in ocean lakes fire fighters got the residents and their pets out safely be exact cause of that fire still under investigation were told but investigators think it was accidental. the reunion of a
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vet and his long lost love is almost here. it's a reunion many of you how to make happen through the go fund me campaign we told you about norwood thomas is set to leave for australia this weekend he said somewhat large gallery before taking off as a pretty incredible story here in norwood thomas courted oyster end and fell in love before the parachute into normandy as part of the d day invasion. they've been separated by decades and oceans only see each other for the first time recently over skype for all you romantics out there the re union is seventy years in the making comes with a valentine's day date. it's like first date jitters all over again. more than seventy years after their actual first date. i know that as time gets shorter again a little more anticipatory and when i eventually get to
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i really don't know what my feeling will be the us and butterflies in your stomach problem with building a racing heart problem. we've told you of their fairytale whirlwind romance which ended in heartbreak. norwood was an american paratrooper serving in the one hundred first airborne in war torn england he fell in love with joyce the seventeen year old soon to be nursing student the two were forced to park when norwood left for france even so the now ninety three year old closes his eyes and can still picture his young love you beautiful girl. they can knock you out with a smile but as norwood prepares for his journey across the globe to australia where joyce eventually settled he wonders if the chemistry of first love could have survived the separate lives
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almost a lifetime. i really don't know going to be when a meter in order for seventy years and i don't know where to park there or if there's not but maybe this will reignite that spark. well first thing i'm going to do it humorously and if not norwood has some smooth moves for the valentine's day date card and if he can find a flower shop some roses to do considers romantic know this is a pretty teacher will issue two of the pope bigger moral moral mandate the new remember romantic though we live life as it came as for those other folks to virginia beach that knows this trip wouldn't be possible without their help. air new zealand saw the story and is flying norwood and his son to
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fund me campaign raised more than seven thousand dollars which will go to the hotel costs and travel around australia while he is hesitant to accept the kindness of strangers norwood hopes their generosity leads to the next chapter in a love story. it has amazed me the interest that people have taken them to work that they have been on thomas' say any leftover funds will go to bringing joys and her son to the states for a visit. nor would the sunday morning and of course we will be at the airport to see him off laura geller thirteen years now. great story not looking back on the super bowl with the former nfl player who watched the first championship from the stands superman fifteen. how about a gentleman who was at super more number one roger brown important that story coming up plus a local sailor is in
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a nurse at the hampton veterans affairs hospital is headed to prison he is convicted of sexually assaulting a patient the verdict for fifty two year old juan lopez came down today in federal court according to court records lopez was treating a woman and twenty fourteen pp drugged her with morphine then assaulted her. lopez could face life in prison when he's sentenced in may can that be tried twice for the same crime. well if the levy may be petty officer austin grinning already did this time after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in civilian court our baby was to put on trial again this time for murder by cutting was the only local tv reporter to attend today's article thirty two preliminary hearing
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through this and i think the navy is wrong with what to do it to this young man you believe justice has already been served in this case yes sir. operations specialist third class austin greening could go on trial for murdering his best friend and uss carter hall ship mate christopher clobbered at his off base apartment in march twenty thirteen at an article thirty two hearing today at naval station norfolk the government stated the greening shot clobbered in the face following an argument over a video game grinning previously served six months after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter but now the navy is trying to try him again the constitutional prohibition against double because the first charges were in state court and the new ones are in federal and then to the navy to wait until the day that he's being released to advise him that there's a worn out than to score him from the civilian jail for the native break seems unseemly thirteen use often says though the justice as a matter of perspective
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feels that he got off easy and so justice was never served in so the fact that the museum j the military court proceedings are going for that gives them some sense of justice if you're the family of the accused this seems patently unfair if this case does go to trial and if he's convicted payoffs are grinning faces a maximum possibility of life in prison without parole. the presiding officers expected to rule if the case will go forward in a week or two by getting thirteen years now i days before super bowl fifty a former nfl star is sharing stories about super bowl one here as roger brown takes us down memory lane and jeff is
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. one super bowl fifty kicks off sunday it will bring back alot of memories for portsmouth man roger brown was at the very found out today the former nfl player was there fifty years ago to play in the pro bowl in january nineteen sixty seven this is how super bowl one looked the nfl green bay packers led by bart chiefs from the upstart afl in the stands was roger brown a seven time pro bowler from the detroit lions in l a rams many people roger was pulling for the nfl not so much the lowly afl t bar of soap or more in my estimation to mixed emotion should help after playing against him coliseum was even packed for the first super bowl. roger was practicing for the pro bowl in the same stadium
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later the coaches had some tickets and they said we could go so we had a day of no practice of just war and terror to the pro bowl game of the super bowl game that was great. so fifty years later brown will watch this super bowl is portsmouth restaurant and he says cam newton the panthers need to win and prove something i think he will do i wish i was on the danes are to get a paycheck. now i may not have been to the first super bowl but i sure remember watching it i was in high school and i'm dating myself people my age can proudly proclaim we have seen all forty nine games. can't wait till sunday. the important job planning and thirteen news now a saying here joe today we have a look at the super bowl ad featuring colonial williamsburg tom brokaw narrates as some of the biggest moments in us history are the themes in the production the ad will air in philadelphia new york
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one hundred and forty sailors returned home to naval station norfolk after six months at sea the mighty monkey resurfaced here in hampton roads just a few hours ago that's the nickname for the submarine uss montpelier families and friends rushed onto the pier when the gates opened we had flowers and balloons and signs to greet their loved ones to newborns were there today to meet their dad's for the very first time and tonight we welcome them home and right now you can get free help filing your taxes virginia beach is offering the servers for people and households that make less than sixty two thousand dollars a year volunteers trained by the irs will help people fill out forms and human services building for the next two weeks. the dates and times are on your screen and on thirteen years now tough call. well just a little while ago you could see some hint of blue sky still out there but now that
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nice and clear to go outside look up you'll see starlight in many locations live in a high thin clouds every once awhile nothing on radar though that'll stay that way tonight marked my night sunday start to change though during the day sunday and into sunday night meanwhile high temperatures today mid forties of course we solved when it was around forty upper thirty s to near forty that the snow almost all locations had snow and or sleet this morning light but for several hours mean alright now it's at forty two in uganda thirty seven or so under clear skies at nine o'clock clear and thirty five then around midnight slightly colder obviously in the outlying areas more rural spots forty two right now both south side and peninsula close to that number with forty one elizabeth city and wallets island is that thirty eight degrees so we dropped back as we said this evening into and through the thirties for places that are already there and then see only the jacket continuing to drop down by morning twenties for
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some mid twenties even this is four thirty by about six o'clock or so i think will be down in the mid twenties will stay lower to mid thirties right along the beaches and most of us are going to be about thirty bullets call it thirty two degrees so just at freezing or slightly below little bit high thin cloud and sometimes tomorrow but in general a fairly sunny day and temperatures a little bit below normal but not much wind that's one of the differences with sunday sunday we're going to be looking at an approaching storm it's really going to increase the winds out of the north during the day and also increase the clouds and increase our chances for rain late in the day as we look for some of this moisture starting to work its way out through areas of the outer banks and even though it looks like it's warm enough to just be all rain in the so called aloft that i would not rule out a little bit of winter weather across the region. i also think that maybe farther back toward hampton roads then offshore
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citation warning of course the storm system with the snow from earlier today have the cold to deal with the thirty two mid to upper twenties and one areas to my mostly sunny light winds so that forty five will not feel much colder than that because you really won't be much of a wind chill but then as we get into sunday that forty seven that chance of precipitation by late in the day but a better chance actually sunday night and then monday another system come sliding by the south that one has the potential to bring us a little bit of inclement weather depending on the exact temperatures and what time it falls would determine whether that's a little bit of rain or some snow and then another one later on tuesday and maybe in the wednesday you can see we're in the forties everyday which is a little below normal but not by much i did nothing so much right not the super bowl the super trucks on the menu today here
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regina bring your earplugs won the italian monster jams at the hampton coliseum this weekend if in an adrenaline fix this is a good way to go great endeavor will be there and sixteen season monster jam of course gave the hometown favorite and one of the best out there ever are by trying to pull the upset less the same never been to monster jam. they'd love to see your smiling face ok now you see being antsy loud motors see people going crazy in upon their lives i mean it's also making never seen. i mean we have the most action packed live entertainment on four wheels would come out here into the race scene and the wheel the ever think of the struts of the fat high in the air but with the head so that's what the fans can expect it's quite a rush for the drivers to their what you started up just like the rumbling engine it's just it's crazy it's hard to explain the game and getting a little is known and just come out here in the fans' help want to hear them screaming. it just gives
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out there integrate them once the competition starts there are a couple of keys to being successful. well i mean at the controls big thing and having a big power plant which we got that i got that big power plant shows tonight and tomorrow seven thirty and then there's a matinee tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. coming up after the break. the accolades keep on coming for a couple of
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. there are three defensive backs on the parade all american high school football team first team two of them are from hampton roads congratulations to wayne davison lamont a tailor. when davis adelaide taylor had seven interceptions this year five of them he returned for touchdowns. he's the gatorade player of the year for the state of virginia on wednesday made it official that is going to ohio state obviously got some offensive skills to sin can be said for lamontagne taylor adam ocean lakes number five all violence in our offense because they can do that too he forced ten turnovers this year on defense for the interceptions he announced wednesday minute officially going to florida
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hundred and ten football prospect in the country he's number five in the nation who dante taylor and wayne davis parade all americans last night william and mary beat northeastern eighty six to seventy seven. watch for more pro in piano career might be a twenty eight points that's a career high for him as the tribe moved into second place in the caa they live and play basketball there for a hundred ten years. okay and only once in that time have they won twenty games in the season three years in a row that was in the late forties are on track to do that this year so i will keep pace with the way america
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tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on ice.
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