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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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started we're kicking off super bowl sunday. good sunday morning everybody thanks for joining us on thirteen is now a break on joe fleming would have all those stories in a moment but first let's get your day started with your wakeup weather forecast it may be that hard to see in the dark right now but the skies are cloudy but dry over downtown norfolk get to use to it me or all the stations caught tracking a chance for showers in parts of our viewing area good superbowl sunday morning i have is above our sundays allen sings everybody joining us out there you know what we are starting off with some precipitation on satellite and radar this morning if you are with us yesterday we talked about is the possibility of some mix preceptor snow showers down across northeastern north carolina and that's what we've got so let's take a look at satellite we are right now because we do have the clouds across the bulk of our area especially as you
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in to north carolina that's where we're seeing the mix preset the rain also the snow shower so husky right now you're seeing some light to moderate snow showers over the city or so of riding on that line of rain and snow and then down into eating tenure sings a mix precipitation as well mainly rain along the outer banks so we had throughout the day to day that's really going to be what we see most of them leashed or confined to northeastern north carolina temperatures though are a bit chile where thirty nine right now in norfolk with the wins at the north coming off of the bay down to freezing in korea were up into the upper thirties and hartford thirty six right now the husky were in the low forties from virginia beach stretching down to elizabeth city. now the winds not too bad this morning but they will be picking up as we head throughout the day but they will continue at the north and northeast and so that means another cold day in store with a lot of clouds will see those winds picking up as we head into the afternoon we'll talk about the seven day forecast coming up and was one of those rain chances just for
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in just a few minutes john r i thanks asia. well while you were sleeping. officials from south korea agreed to begin talks with washington on the possible deployment of u s missile defense system this comes just one day after a controversial missile launch by north korea north korea insisted the rocket was carrying a satellite that critics think the launch was an attempt to test ban technology designed to strike america the us and japan as for an emergency meeting of the un security council today to discuss north korea's action only on thirty news now the grandmother of an accused murder opens up police say sean hunter shot his mother inside her home in norfolk a week ago since then his grandmother has been trying to balance sadness and anger with the need to forgive and heal in an
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she knew her. the tragedy left a hole in her family and she still wants answers louise conyers never has held these pictures so close look at them or grips them so tightly i think what they're all she has left of the person she cared about the most in life my door to mind is that i love my chow conyers says her grandson twenty two year old shawn hunter shot and killed her daughter's pony a hunter shooting happened last weekend in sets of o'neill's home on west cliff drive in or fic she's busy in him or allow the skill to watch powell at the time three children also were in the house warm up big in her
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and when she was big and the chairmen are you. well the polo clothes and set my alarm that the killing even conyers empty yet filled with questions if you ever get the chance to speak to hand these days. would you want to say what do you know you love to sit and snap your intention was to care much up in the midst of the pain anger and confusion. conyers find one other thing we have the gear but we don't happen for she knew her thirteen news now or working to learn more about and two car wreck in hampton that seriously her one person was breaking news last night eleven police say the crash happened around nine thirty last night at the intersection of these mercury boulevard and fox hill road at least one person
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the crash. no word yet on what caused the crash or the condition of the injured person. hampton police shut down eastbound traffic on mercury boulevard for a while while they investigated it is now back open. the owners of a bakery in virginia beach are facing federal money laundering and drug charges ron johnson and mountain vernon oval own. geez cake shop. court documents claim they use personal and business bank accounts to hide more than seven hundred thousand dollars in income prosecutors also say no for an all large scale drug operation in an affidavit d e a d a's official said normal sold cocaine to confidential sources five times the decision of three federal judges could mean some big problems for primary elections in north carolina the panel struck down two congressional districts in which the majority of the voting age population is
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race was the predominant factor. state lawmakers used to redraw the lines for the first and twelveth districts they found the state's reason for doing it didn't hold up and that north carolina violated the constitution's equal protection provision the panel ordered the state's general assembly to come up with new boundaries within two weeks depending on how the process goes it could affect the primaries scheduled for next month. well the final countdown. republicans and democrats make one final push to earn your vote before the new hampshire primary as the clock ticks down to two days with the latest from
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then sunday morning everybody we're going to start off with a live look outside overlooking downtown norfolk we've got cloudy skies out there but we are rising that some good news if you do have to have early church services or anything that you may have planned what to look it may take a look as if they add these numbers i was pretty chilly but still not too bad especially compared to yesterday morning thirty nine degrees right now in norfolk where the low thirties in newport news where forty right now elizabeth city and were coming in at twenty eight degrees right now in matheson satellite and radar showing winter that we have to our south node is virginia to the south side the peninsula middle peninsula even the eastern shore. you actually drive this morning so the bulk of them oysters down across northeastern north carolina for joining us from a high c you're seeing some light to moderate snowfall and definitely let me know what you're saying because the ground reports really help us with telling the story either joining us from elizabeth city. i worked the reporting station was the city's actually dry but
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stations were saying that rain snow line and as we stretch down to eating tumor since the mix precipitation but all rain as we head over to the outer banks so for today this is mainly for norfolk forty five degrees that's where we keep the reports and forecasts are temperatures cloudy and breezy the rain today mainly in north carolina and at the coast and i should say the rain or snow showers after seeing this morning mainly at the outposts and northeastern north carolina it will be breezy today with winds fifteen to twenty miles gusting up to thirty will time out everything for you with future has in just a few minutes and will take a look at the extended forecast that's next. joe rei show are you ready for some football whether on the couch or in the stadium. millions will
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new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. because it's never just a cough. . his unit was built up a lot of times you'll have you'll have and it doesn't work very well up top is the ams property or an elderly woman the top quiet the debate in the granite state. the republican candidates for president square off for the last time
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primary. it was game on in manchester last night was a high stakes contest with just two days before the new hampshire primary. abc's reporter as a more on the last minute push for votes. good morning forty eight hours away from the first in the nation primary votes and the governors are feeling good this morning after their performances on this debate stage the final gop debate before the new hampshire primary with a good night for the governors about what to write in candidate marco rubio or chris christie's governorship of new jersey they've been downgraded nine times in the credit rating that's what washington d c does that drive by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorize twenty five second speech that is exactly what bush gop partner donald trump when its support of eminent domain what trouble did was use
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the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city that is not the baby was sweet enough to be a tough not to tear the wrapper in the iowa caucus winner ted with an apology move them saw cruz accused of playing dirty tricks the steel caucus voters from doctor ben carson last week washington ethics basically says if it's legal you do what you need to do while the republicans that they did that's the route would hope that you that you have to rally and democratic why bernie sanders brought on saturday night live during the fight and it inspires the one percent getting this preferential trade face painters will be back in the state where he is leaving big wall clinton will be in flint michigan community meeting on the water crisis
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here hosting town halls rallies football watch parties to move abc news manchester new hampshire the world want to chance jokes made last night but here are the four key points you should take away from the debate number one it was a big night for the governor's ohio governor john k sick. former governor jeb bush in new jersey governor chris christie all came across very well during their debate highlighting their experience especially christy took several jabs rival senator marco rubio take a listen one who defeated the united states when you're governor to state that the memory of thirty second speech we talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person you know it was a rough night for rubio and it's a start of the debate strong but he left batter third foreign policy will be a key point in
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all of the gop candidates advocated aggressive military action overseas. and lastly a priceless moment right off the top of the debate somehow trump and carson missed their cues and ended up standing around backstage on camera as other candidates walk pass them to the podium for much more on the debate check out our website thirteen news now dot com and other local news local emergency workers helped save a life this weekend. police say cruz pulled the driver from the hampton river after he wrecked a car ran from officers and then jumped into the water. investigators say he was driving on east parker boulevard near kings point drive yesterday when he lost control of the car it hit a parked car and then a tree as police try to make contact with him. they say he ran towards the river and then
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salt was there and recorded the rescue efforts the big day. well police say cold at life threatening levels a matter of fact when rescuers pulled into the water they do expecting to be ok officers have not said what charges he could face one that sunday morning everybody we are tracking is a mixed precipitation even some rain and a few snow showers across portions of north carolina's let's zoom in here we are mainly dry though pretty much for the bulk of our viewing areas are from the eastern shore to the ice outside the fence and the middle peninsula were just saying cloudy skies but really have to head farther south across north carolina mets were picking up on some snow showers from ohio state also was the city the reporting station
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just south of that reporting stations were saying that rain snow line along the outer banks are mainly just seeing rain and then as we had a little bit farther inland to eating said you're actually dealing with some mixed precipitation since in rain sleet and even some snow here look at what we've got going on we had an area of low pressure develop just off the florida coast as it continues to head off to the northeast it will continue to strengthen so you may be wondering why all the priests and just in north carolina. well we've got an area of high pressure to our north and the area of high pressure was over our area yesterday that actually kept as dry yesterday and so as it continues to push off farther to the north and east it will allow the area of low pressure to track off to the north so we will start to see rain chances increase especially for the south side i do think of us on north of the southside you're likely to stay mainly dry today we had with the morning hours will start to see that snow fog transition over to rain as temperatures climb but again notice mainly by this afternoon as we head right round right around lunch time
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of the priests of still dance in northeastern north carolina by later on this afternoon into the evening will start to see the precipitation had a little bit farther to our north we could see some expressive especially right along the virginia north carolina border. so by later on tonight notice what happens as the system starts to pull off to the north and east. if we have enough moisture laugh as it pulls off and enough cold air wrapping around it we could see a transition to some mixed precipitation maybe a few snow showers is definitely something that we're going to have to keep an eye on as we headed to the overnight hours with a good thing is by early tomorrow morning heading back to work actually going to see dry conditions so temperatures right now are pretty mild thirty nine degrees and norfolk were down to freezing emporia forty right now is the city were coming in at forty two and current at now the winds not too bad right now they will be picking up as we head throughout the day so here's a look at what we can expect today. plenty of clouds
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the peninsula to the eastern shore. the precipitation mainly down into north carolina n c have a look at the seven day forecast forty five today we are tracking chances for showers and snow showers as we head into early next week joe. all right thanks aishah coming up in sports by one of brunswick coming up later and sports what else but super bowl
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i alright time for sports news busy weekend of college hoops around the commonwealth and it is time for the big game sport anchor brian smith has a preview of super bowl fifty in your sports weekend gets underway tonight that when the broncos and panthers a class of quarterbacks as a veteran peyton manning of
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carolina and cam newton with me. chas be as professional as possible but the human in this awesome technology can be extremely emotional for them being overwhelming. you gotta be careful to also buy how to feel that they have to make it natural knowledge it's not like virginia on the road to pittsburgh who's off to a good start that's not the bride been going strong with iraq. uva in front by one baby kept kicking the ball back out that means london for anticipatory the lead thirty one twenty nine at halftime trent is adding fourteen second effort is trying to pull a problem with one three that's good but there were twenty one dave grohl from there on the break. anthony gill with this lamp cavs cruised to sixty four fifteen when it's their six in iran legendary virginia tech head football coach frank beamer now retired during the whole peas game with lines of text are to pull away in his second ab challenge what's in with a slam to his thirteen
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for the tigers rallied to the one point lead before the full fees down facts actually dey carry last year for two virginia tech was a ploy from there the day with a team high nineteen as a whole piece edge the tigers sixty to fifty seven the old dominion marks on the road in charlotte they were in control of the first half three pointer with nineteen first half points to the twenty seven seventeen lead to forty nine ers took a late lead when doty rally bred instead in cyber tool was fourteen to go ten boards they forced overtime therefore a man before callum night with a career high thirty eight points they hold on for the seventy four sixty nine overtime win tony chevron is traveling to mary hosted elsewhere on the watch ted kaplan arena travel to that story therefore it will take a plane for not done this comet foreigner three clones when tennessee meets a woman inside the tribe of seventeen
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second and more to the same carrots are people with a jumper to make it forty three twenty four rp then finishing things off with great defenses to steal that leads to the john women married with their fourth straight win. they will pass the fight and men's ninety to sixty four the lady monarchs host in charlotte was the fourteenth annual hoops for the cure you off to good start norfolk native john a smith with a nice baseline drive for two over ten points they were done he didn't end with a plaque inside she had a double double fifteen points thirteen boards joining her in that category with this than the dog looked wonderfully is going she had fourteen to go with ten rebounds. they were led by jennie simms his game high thirty five points as equal weight with the forty niners ninety four eighty five and in high school we packed as agreement high school the stallions taking on norfolk collegiate the oaks at two early lead. adam brand inside the smashed town who
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the lead by three have to work theory rerun try to keep it close to show one way to top that with nineteen converts on the three the oaks with counter at the other end towns the only baseball pass to streaking grant led with nineteen with nine boards. green run it is that the other in sterling carry to work and part inside to get within one with the pope said the plan and say great wall this town said the port tack fifteen points for him and the sound so for their first loss of the season fifty eight fifty five thirty four are brian thanks so much why you might need your umbrella if you head out this morning nations tracking showers in parts of our viewing area plus a single baby is finally here is brady get outside be by stadium where excitement is building security is tight and the pressure is [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better.
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u1& good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen is now daybreak on joe flanagan and advices to all the talk is superbowl sunday everywhere you look i am just saying there's no way i would pay those prices are up to go to that game right. i don't like football that much about what it was like five thousand dollars delivered via unbelievable that's crazy and the first game was what's while but about twelve bucks back in nineteen sixty seven our buddy roger a brown was there he's going to be at his place that you ought to go and visit i was thinking about that you have a great tan ha well faking out there and that maybe you know about this weather is not shaping up to bat especially this morning. objects have quite a bit of clouds across the area here's a look at ballots had been this is in williamsburg the morning. if you are joining us from the peninsula we've got dry conditions it is a bit chilly but still not
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right now the winds are calm that's going to change big time as we head throughout the day today because we have a system developing just offshore. it's already producing worcester into north carolina's you notice the southside the peninsula the middle peninsula. even the eastern shore where mainly dry just cloudy but we are picking up on some snow showers stretching from the hosp even just south of elizabeth city riding right along that rain snow line all rain for the outer banks and then for units and were saying that mix of snow and rain so definitely if you're just tuning in now from north carolina let me know what you're saying oh they're really helps our reports on the wins haven't been gusting too badly but we are noticing some wind gusts over twenty mph in places like manziel also duck a twenty six in kill devil hills right now and seventeen the winds will be picking up as we had throughout the day today as the system continues to intensify. so here's a look at your super bowl forecast not looking too bad that we do have some showers in the forecast really depending
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north of the south side you will likely drive along the south side a few showers are likely minutes in northeastern north carolina will have the chance for rain as well the temperatures down into the low forties not that bad kickoff starts at six thirty we'll take a look at the seven day forecast and we've got some chances for snow. talk about that a little bit more coming up jannah reit asia's guacamole is ready the chicken wings season than the big game super bowl fifty just hours away millions will be watching the game at home but those sitting in the stadium paid a pretty penny for the honors were looking at a live view of the stadium abc's ready yet as more good morning super bowl sunday is finally here and we're starting our tailgate a little early here outside the bi stadium know after week of practices and press both teams say they are fast and ready to face saw
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the excitement building for the ultimate football showdown between the denver broncos and carolina panthers the thirty nineteen eighty was one of the best quarterbacks of all time super bowl champ. i'm certain that tonight's game will be his last catch myself a little more emotional at times many in the test on thursday since become a nearly undefeated panthers led by twenty six year old canyon man known as being the marquee win that we needed to print off the field organizer of the massive security presence on the ground and in the air the fbi is unaware of any significant credible threat specifically targeting super bowl fifty and with an estimated one hundred eighty nine million americans expected to tune in. i spent alone i am the snow as the super bowl ads are also competing for attention richard you're looking for these alone with coldplay and special guests be on sale and
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the halftime show all the provisions of the latin soul to save feeling the players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowls fifty and he can be here to see all the action a person who may be one of the more than seventy million americans expected to attend a super bowl party today and consume some one point three billion chicken wings according to the national chicken council. brady at abc news santa clara california ri brandy wish we were there if you plan to drink while watching the superbowl at a bar restaurant and don't have a designated driver local law firm is offering to get you home safely. allison ackerman safe ride home program will cover the cost of your ride if you find you've had too much to drink if you're at a restaurant or bar in or virginia beach chesapeake hampton or new for news all you have to do is call black and white cans before
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four four four four mention countless enactments safe ride home program. if you are sober enough to do that the offers good ole from a business to our home the program isn't meant to be used as a shuttle service for the night. well if you're craving more super bowl fifty thirty news now about karma you'll find a quick link on the left hand side of the page are super bowl coverage includes a look back at the fifty greatest players in super bowl history and look at more commercials set to air tonight don't like football. there's another competition you might want to check out puppy bowl kicks off in just about eight hours that's right all here in the studio will show you the cuddly competition next
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. was starting up the class clown forecast is for saturday's next a forecast of forty five degrees and the actual high was forty four and norfolk international but we did have a lot of sunshine with some of those high clouds that puts our street at a lot at eleventh street forecasts. so bored today forty six degrees and put this together last night under cloudy skies is
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one degree down to forty five with a look at satellite and radar was sleeping mostly dry in virginia from the south side although it's the peninsula and also the eastern shore were mainly drive to the block of the moisture this morning as across northeastern north carolina reported the mix precipitation ending isn't snow showers around the husky just south of the love the city were sort of writing on that rain snow line and then innings and also reporting to mix preset and for the outer banks kill devil hills trucking down to one cheese and red and they were dealing mainly with brains as we had a rocky day today. this is mainly for the south side if you are joining us from north carolina. you'll likely see rain as we head out the day today and even some mixed precipitation or snow showers a little bit farther and went to for the southside plenty of clouds we will have chances for rain but that won't come until later on this afternoon's the same late morning early afternoon but temperatures will be a bit on the chilly side definitely below we should be by this time of the year
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forties by this action will take a look at the seven day forecast that's coming up in a few minutes ago. all right thanks aisha the super bowl ranks of millions of viewers each year but so does the puppy bowl. it is a miniature eyes football game played by approximately eighty puppies as asia screams in the background she watches it every year all of the cuddly critters i should come from shelters and rescue centers around the country is acute competition to promote adoption for families looking for a new puppy bowl airs on animal planet three this afternoon but if you don't wanna wait to find a new four legged family member stick around shoulder sunday coming up in about thirty minutes well if you thought it felt cold on land this weekend imagine how it felt in the atlantic. thousands of people didn't have to imagine that they were in the water raising money for special
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(burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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an italian air force f thirty five is the first of its kind across the atlantic are part of the navy times say the jet landed at naval air station the thompson river in maryland yesterday making of the transatlantic journey alongside the f thirty five were to see one thirty euro fighter typhoon and two italian bankers jet
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refueling during the trip large or sizing is coming the navy uniforms get this study shows that the physical dimensions of sailors have gotten bigger. during the past two decades. that means uniform sizes need to be adjusted. navy officials say a proper fit is critical to the effectiveness of protective gear including firefighting harnesses and chemical suits. a study by the army and twenty twelve showed similar results in the growth of soldiers. well whether we like are not tax season is here this morning experts are issuing a warning scammers are working the phones to get their hands on your money and those suspicious calls and threats cost americans millions here's abc's rock label i eye the eye the government
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high alert for a growing phone scam that is building taxpayers out of millions the chicago area woman got a call like that in december someone claiming to be from the irs demanding she pay thousands of dollars in back taxes and if we don't there's a warrant out for rest and scared she wired ten thousand dollars to an account in seattle. it was all a scam the irs says since october two thousand and thirteen five thousand victims losing more than twenty six million dollars to people pretending to be irs officials. so how do you protect yourself. for years the government had this simple message they often use a telephone number with us larry. they demand immediate payment. they may even threaten police arrest or deportation. starting next month a new law requires the irs to hire collection agencies to help collect taxes and those agencies make all taxpayers in the future when collectors are actually
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people will be more likely to fall for that scam paying taxes they don't. o ron claiborne abc news new york right now even get free help filing your taxes virginia beach is offering the service for people in households that make less than sixty two thousand dollars a year volunteers trained by the irs will help people fill out forms at the human services building for the next two weeks. the dates and times are right there on your screens and on thirty news now dot com. well i'm continuing to track some precipitation that's moving through north carolina all associated with a system that we've been waiting for her to develop as we head over this next twelve hours or so and then it will start to pull out to the north and east here's a look at satellite and radar are mainly dry from the south side of the peninsula to the middle peninsula also the eastern
6:42 am
were starting to see some of this precipitation. i'll try to push over the north carolina virginia borders and definitely let me know which are saying especially here in north carolina were picking up on some snow showers even some mixed precipitation from the haas case just south of elizabeth city were saying that rain snow line all rain for the outer banks and then printing tenor sings in this presentation as well. also for wood bills as we had throughout the day to be dealing with some pretty wet weather especially down into north carolina. we've got that area of low pressure spinning just off the coast it will intensify as it helps him as a heads up to the north and east but you may wonder why all the priests of the just across north carolina what we do have this area of high pressure that was parked over the area yesterday that kept us nice and dry it will start eventually pushed off the northeast as well and so that will allow that waster to spread into the south side and also portions of the eastern shores as we go throughout the day today notice what happens a lot of snow that we're seeing out there right now the mix
6:43 am
transition over to all rain and i do think we can start to see some of the shower the ride on the southside by this action into the evening hours and then once this system pulls off the north if enough moisture lingers we'll see that colder air riding on the backside of the system so we could see some mixed precipitation but all that will be long gone as we head into early monday morning here at seven o'clock and we should see some sunshine as well as drier air moves in behind that system but in another system will approach on monday so monday will be mostly dry but i am tracking the potential for some mixed precipitation monday night into tuesday as temperatures are pretty mild were thirty nine right now north of thirty five in newport news are coming in at forty degrees right now is the city's was a little too mild for any snow and in thirty one degrees right now and while of silence so i am saying that mainly cloudy skies across the area before today forty five degrees will call it cloudy and windy the rain in the present
6:44 am
north eastern north carolina tonight thirty seven degrees the precipitation will come to an end and so the best chance of seeing any presets day will be along the south side and into north carolina with temperatures near fifty by this afternoon's a forty five degrees today forty seven on monday again watching monday night into tuesday. another system could bring us a chance for some rain or snow showers joke alright asia thanks so much while thirty five hundred people hit the water at the oceanfront this weekend to raise money for special olympians in virginia including my good friend julie to andy mooney the water temperature was a mild mild forty some degrees for the twenty sixteen polar plunge winter festival who sounds chilling him a photojournalist that one and only alfonso herrera was there the whole week about
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ice cold water to make the deal who the on the twenty fourth year down here the beads we had more than thirty five hundred wonders and we raised one million dollars. i went light snow and not that the button could be making the move likely to be a groovy new at the very anniversary in the believe that their unsupported and it carries brothers instead of wedding guests we sat there and tell people that just don't eat and special effects made it mandatory to write means and three of them are guys with the tacky ones and restores and jumped in the ocean thank you all so much joy and pleasure. really if you have an incredible internship with umass safety police fire rescue all down here people for the event of faith into kernel or if understood in
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without them can do without the phone when the virginia beach are a good job bono well in all the folks who jump to the water a love story decades in the making will have a happy ending just in time for valentine's day
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. and welcome back the reunion of a virginia beach world war two vet and his long lost love is here. norwood thomas is set to leave for australia this morning to me his long lost love joy ride. they've been separated by decades and oceans only seeing each other for the first time recently for sky. he sat down with laura geller before taking
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jitters all over again. more than seventy years after their actual first date i know that as time gets shorter again a little more anticipatory and i eventually get to the point that i see her. i really don't know what my feeling will be awesome butterflies in your stomach probably build a racing heart problem. we've told you of their fairytale whirlwind romance which ended in heartbreak. norwood was an american paratrooper serving in the one hundred first airborne in war torn england he fell in love with joyce the seventeen year old soon to be nursing student the two were forced to park when norwood left for france even so the now ninety three year old closes his eyes and
6:49 am
love. he was a beautiful girl they can knock you out with a smile but as norwood prepares for his journey across the globe to australia where joyce eventually settled he wonders if the chemistry of first love could have survived the separate lives they've been living for almost a lifetime. i really don't know what's going to be homemade or home owner for seventy years and i don't know where to park there or not but maybe this will reignite that spark. well first thing i'm going to do it humorously and if not. norwood has some smooth moves for the valentine's day date a card and if he can find a flower shop some roses to it considers romantic know this
6:50 am
issue two of the boat bigger moral moral mandate to not do to remember romantic though we live life as it came as for those other folks in virginia beach that knows this trip wouldn't be possible without their help air new zealand saw the story and is flying norwood and his son to australia for free. the go fund me campaign raised more than seven thousand dollars which will go to the hotel costs and travel around australia while he is hesitant to accept the kindness of strangers norwood hopes their generosity leads to the next chapter in a love story. it has amazed me the interest that people have taken and the work that they have done laura geller thirteen years now. great story can't wait to hear how it all works out let's hope works out real
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u1& i think ooh
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this would be if only on thirteen is now a mother
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