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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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this would be if only on thirteen is now a mother opening up after her grandson killed her daughter an only child. gop candidates pull no punches as the clock counts down to the new hampshire primary. tressel i respect what to just sit. but if you noticed even answer the question. plus the party is just getting started we're kicking off super bowl sunday morning thank you for joining daybreak on joe flanagan will have those stories in a the weather going to be like on the super bowl sunday slowly but surely the sun's trying to break through those clouds on the eastern horizon to brighten things meteorologist asia scott is tracking a chance for showers in some parts of our viewing area the morning asian good morning towel good morning everybody i am tracking some priests of already into northeastern north carolina around as well so that's a
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let's take a look at satellite and radar and you joining us from the south side the peninsula middle peninsula in the eastern shore your mainly dry manuals than the drive for most of the day but most of the moisture right now is confined to north carolina hospital reporting some mixed precipitation or snow showers ending tenure singer makes the same mainly rain stretching from kill devil hills down to watch easy road and the and then eating tenure also picking up on some mix precipitation outlook could take a look at these temperatures thirty nine degrees right now an orphan were thirty nine as well in chesapeake pretty mild for this time of the year were down to freezing though emporia you'll notice her for a thirty eight were saying forties along the outer banks in me until right now as well as co devil hills and elizabeth city. so it's hard for any of that comes down at any of the freezer that's falling and that's why we're seeing the rain closer to the coast so here's a look at what we can expect over the next twelve hours will climb into the mid forties by lunch time and that's really what will top out was a pretty steady as we head into
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have chances for re election who will see the rain and when everything moves out of coming up in just a few minutes with my full forecasts show. all right thanks a show while you were s seping officials from south korea agreed to begin talks with washington on the possible deployment of u s missile defense system. now this comes just one day after a controversial missile launch by north korea north korea insisted the rocket was carrying a satellite the critics think the launch was an attempt to test band technology designed to strike america us and japan for an emergency meeting of the un security council today to discuss north korea's action only on thirty news now the grandmother of an accused murder opens up police say sean hunter shot his mother inside her home in norfolk a week ago since then his grandmother has been trying to balance sadness and anger with the need to forgive and
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interview she told she knew her. the tragedy left a hole in her family and she still wants answers. louise conyers never has held these pictures so close i can look at them or grips them so tightly i think what they're all she has left of the person she cared about the most in life my door to mind is that but i love my chow collier says her grandson twenty two year old shawn hunter shot and killed her daughter's pony a hunter. the shooting happened last weekend in sets of o'neill's home on west cliff drive in or fic she's busy in him or allow the skill to what's now at the time three children also were in
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life and you miss one shot and when she was begun in the chair more than you. well the polo clothes and set my alarm that the killing even conyers empty yet filled with questions if you ever get the chance to speak to hand these days. would you want to say what'd you do you'd know you love to sit and snap your intention was to care much up in the midst of the pain anger and confusion. conyers find one other thing we have to forgive but we don't happen for years she knew her thirteen news now or working to learn more about a bad two car wreck in hand. it seriously hurt a person. it was breaking news last night at eleven police say the crash happened around nine thirty last night at the intersection of these mercury boulevard and fox
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was critically hurt in the crash no word yet on what caused it or the condition of the injured person. hampton police shut down eastbound traffic on mercury boulevard for a while while they investigated but it is now back open. the owners of a bakery in virginia beach are facing federal money laundering and drug charges sharon johnson and vernon oval own g's cake shop. court documents claim they use personal and business bank accounts to hide more than seven hundred thousand dollars in income prosecutors also say normal ran a large scale drug operation in an affidavit d e a agent said normally sold cocaine to confidential source is five ca news sports and much more ahead plus a weather update yet ready some precipitation this morning but most of the viewing area actually sitting nice and dry but will it last a latino
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i am welcome back time for showers sunday we have a cute little pup with his hair with one older than most twelve years
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offered spca absolutely tell us when did say become the new guys and old pop the case was recently she's been with us for couple of months but she is the shepherd mix. we don't need to hide love. she's very sweet girl seek idols alive she's pretty good with other dogs and kids course mike chandler can cement reader with some respects but she has a tick borne disease called lime something that a lot of people are probably familiar with the humans don't be shy love ambulance to get at and it comes with a deer tick and what happens is the host that it attaches to the hose for about forty eight hours transfers the bacteria that causes the line but she's already received her antibiotic treatment. okay now she's always been a test positive on a blood test but that doesn't mean that she has
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. i well other morning and welcome back everybody it is sunday morning and were off to a chilly start but not too bad it is mild for this time of the year and some spots let's take a look outside world were looking handsome this morning we've got plenty of clouds across the area and if you're joining us from northeastern north carolina you're experiencing something different that will take a look at satellite radar second years hanson a beautiful view there although we do have the clouds temperatures near forty right now in norfolk where thirty three in newport news and just above freezing or forty also analyze this city ever coming and just below freezing on the eastern shore and now that the satellite but i wouldn't have
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but notice were dry from the south side of the peninsula in the middle peninsula and the eastern shores of the bulk of the moisture that were dealing with this morning is down into north carolina so haas be dealing with the mix priests and also few snow showers. i live in a city mainly dry at this point we're dealing with all rain from kill devil hills striking down to wine cheese and then or even ten all the way down to williamson were doing was in its preset also a few snow showers as well as they zoom out of you here's a look at what we've got going on this area of high pressure was actually over our area yesterday that kept us nice and dry as now to the north but we've got an area of low pressure forming i just off the southeast coast it will intensify as it heads off to the north and east and this high pressure is really what's blocking a lot of this moisture from moving into virginia and crossing over the state line so it doesn't take it to feature casual talk about it we will hold on to the clouds and i don't think we'll start to see the preset inch over the state line until about
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the concert to see some of that precipitation from virginia beach down to chesapeake still transitioning over to all rain across northeastern north carolina and as we head into the evening hours heading to the super bowl parties in the solo games that are going to eye this evening will see mostly dry conditions especially for the pennant for the middle peninsula and the eastern shore so mami if you live along the south side. north carolina you have better chances for rain today points north where it will stay mainly dry. the good news is all that muscles are to pull off shore as we head into the seven eight o'clock hour but some colder air moves in behind this system any moisture that leftover early tomorrow morning could transition to some mixed precipitation are may or may be some snow showers will be keeping an eye on that as we headed to the early morning hours on monday and then by monday afternoon monday will be mainly dry but i am tracking chances for the mix preset and even the possibility of some snow showers late monday into tuesday. now the winds have
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reporting thirteen miles in virginia beach also norfolk as the area of low pressure continues to shrink then we'll see those windy conditions today as well so mainly drive for the peninsula the eastern shore showers and even some mixed precipitation across north carolina and southern portions of the south sides of forty five today forty seven on monday watching chances for rain or snow showers into tuesday. jun ri things asian. the decision of three federal judges could mean some big problems for primary elections in north carolina. the panel struck down two congressional districts in which the majority of the voting age population is black the judges ruled that race was the predominant factor state lawmakers used to redraw the lines for the first and the twelve districts they found the state's reason for doing it didn't hold up and that north carolina violated the constitution's equal protection provision the panel ordered
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boundaries within two weeks depending on how the process goes it could affect the primary scheduled for next month it's been a lot of times you'll have you'll have and it doesn't work very well as tough as the times property or email the woman the top. why yes while there they go at it again the debate in the granite state the republican candidates for president square off for the last time before the new hampshire primary. it was game on in manchester last night was a high stakes contest with just two days before the new hampshire primary. abc's kind of moat has more on the last minute push for votes. good morning forty eight hours away from the first in the nation primary votes and the governors are feeling good this morning after their performances on this debate
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before the new hampshire primary with a good night for the governors about what to write in candidate marco rubio or chris christie's governorship of new jersey they've been downgraded nine times in the credit rating that's what washington d c does that drive by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorize twenty five second speech that is exactly what bush gop partner donald trump when its support of eminent domain what trouble did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city that is not us we have shared a bit tough to tear the wrapper in the iowa caucus winner ted with an apology move them saw cruz accused of playing dirty tricks the steel caucus voters from doctor ben carson last week washington ethics
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you do what you need to do while the republicans debated by the fact the route would hope that you that you have to rally and democratic why would bernie sanders brought on saturday night live during the fight and it inspires the one percent getting this preferential trade face painters will be back in the state where he is leading big wall clinton will be in flint michigan community meeting on the water crisis all of the republicans are here hosting town halls rallies football watch parties to move abc news manchester new hampshire i were a lot of jabs and jokes made last night but here are the four key points that you should take away from the debate number one it was a big night for the governor's ohio governor john casey former governor jeb bush and new jersey governor chris christie all came across very well during their debate highlighting
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christy who took several jabs at rival senator marco rubio take a listen one who defeated the united states when you're governor to state that the memory of thirty second speech we talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person it was a rough night for rubio analysts say he started a bit strong but left batter third foreign policy will be a very key point in the twenty sixteen campaign. all of the gop candidates advocated aggressive military action overseas. and lastly a priceless moment right off the top of the debate somehow trump and carson missed their cues and ended up standing around backstage on camera as other candidates walk past them to the podium for much more on the debate check out our website thirty news now dot com. coming up are you ready for some football
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. welcome back we're not so gloomy start on the sunday morning overlooking downtown norfolk we've got plenty of clouds in place mostly cloudy skies that is a bit on the chilly side as well with high temperatures which is pretty mild for this time of the year but still chilly thirty nine degrees the north at rex at freezing right now in korea was in the forties on the map along the outer
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two and we've got thirty five right now and both norfolk are also a newport news i should say and hands and upper thirties and portsmouth we do have a system that we've been tracking off the southeast coast is continuing to intensify and bringing some mix preset even a few snow showers on the western edge of this survey joining us from the hosp we all also stretching down into eating ten are saying that mixed precipitation but most of the viewing area into virginia actually drive to have throughout the day today and this is mainly for the southside points north where it will stay mainly dry today. temperatures though in the mid forties with a slightly below where we should be for this time of the year to take amber allen did interview with a little bit north of the south side you will likely get to the day dries it will time out everything for you coming up it will take another look at the seven day forecasts show our thanks asia. police say cruz pulled a driver from the han river after he wrecked a car ran from officers and then jumped into the water. investigators say was driving a mercury
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drive yesterday when he lost control of the car. now it hit a parked car and then a tree as police tried to make contact with the guy say he ran towards the river and jump in hampton police chief terry salt was there and recorded the rescue efforts police say the driver's body temperature wasn't life threatening level when rescuers pulled him for the water expecting him to be alright officers have not said what charges he could face what you might need your umbrella if you head out this morning asia's tracking showers in parts of our viewing area plus the sumo baby is finally here is brady get outside the bi stadium where excitement is building
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thanks for joining us on thirteen years now daybreak on joe fleming and i just got to talk in super bowl for a couple days now say one thing if you're in north carolina yet rooting for the panthers the northeast section looks like it's going to be pretty wet down there. oh yes im a pretty wet day across northeastern north carolina if you join usa for the southside a few showers possible and then farther north you likely stage rise will talk about all of that coming up and enhance the fan we know that yet and i'm rooting for the panthers closer to home that let's take a look outside overlooking williamsburg has the riley tavern can. we are
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thirty six degrees right now the winds are calm that's going to change as he had throughout the day it's will turn breezy as we head into the afternoon hours temperatures are pretty mild and some size thirty nine degrees right now an orphan who actually got above freezing in newport news thirty five were just at thirty three degrees in newport news are coming in at forty right now is the city i were just below freezing and while a silent but everyone dealing with the clouds. now we were talking about the wins and it's all because of this area of low pressure that can continue to intensify as it east the units producing a lot of rain especially across northeastern north carolina even some snow and mixed precipitation mixing into some of that rain so from the hospital checking over just south of elizabeth city were sitting mainly rain all rain for kill devil hills stretching down to read and in hatteras and then williamson you're dealing with snow showers and i just read along the sound were saying mainly rain again with so as we had throughout
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chances for rain but if you live say north of the south side you'll likely get in the day dries a few showers are likely for the southside temperatures and the low forties by this evening game starts at six thirty and rejoin essay from northeastern north carolina you will deal with the precipitation just about all day or time out the rain for you and when everything pulls out and we'll talk about chances for snow in the seven day forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. jun ri tie his guacamole is ready and the chicken wings season and the big games super bowl fifty just hours away millions will be watching the game at home but those sitting in the stadium paid a pretty penny for the honor abc's brandy hit has more good morning super bowl sunday is finally here and work was turning our tailgate a little early here outside the bi stadium know after week of practices and press both teams say they are fast
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bowl fifty is falling we hear the excitement building for the ultimate football showdown between the denver broncos and carolina panthers the thirty nineteen eighty was one of the best quarterbacks of all time super bowl champ. i'm certain that tonight's game will be his last catch myself a little more emotional at times many of the test on thursday since become a nearly undefeated panthers led by twenty six wrote can you hop plan known as being the marquee win that we needed to print off the field organizer of the massive security presence on the ground and in the air the fbi is unaware of any significant credible threat specifically targeting super bowl fifty and with an estimated one hundred eighty nine million americans expected to tune in. i spent alone i am the snow as the super bowl ads are also competing for expensive goods are you looking for these alone with coldplay and special guests be on sale and
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the halftime show all the privileges and so they put their life and soul to save the lives of the players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowls fifty and it can be here to see all the action a person who may be one of the more than seventy million americans expected to attend a super bowl party today and consume some one point three billion chicken wings. according to the national chicken council brady at abc news santa clara california well the venue for super bowl fifty is one of the most high tech eco friendly arenas in the country. levi stadium less than two years ago and serves as the home of the san francisco forty niners stadium has a robust why fi network and a mobile app that lets fans order food from their seats. watch replays and find the least crowded bathrooms the stadium's environmentally conscious
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thousand square feet of solar panel i absolutely love watching people experience the building for the first time exploring be excited the stadium includes brand new grass for super bowl fifty crews replace the field after the last forty niners game. so what would be in perfect shape for today. well if you plan to drink while watching the superbowl in a bar or restaurant and don't have a designated driver a local law firms offering to get home safely. calvin's enactments safe ride home program will cover the cost of your ride. if you find you've had too much to drink if you are at a restaurant or bar an overt virginia beach chesapeake hampton newport news all you have to do is call black and white cans before midnight. that number seven five seventy five five four four four four right there on your screen mention countless enactments safe ride home program. the offer is good only from a business
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not meant to be used as a shuttle service for the well if you're craving more super bowl fifty stories we gotcha covered thirteen news now dot com to find a quick link on the left hand side of the page are super bowl coverage includes a look back at the fifty greatest players in super bowl history and a look at more commercials set they don't like football there's another competition you might wanna catch puppy bowl kicks off in just about eight hours we're going to show you the cuddly
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i welcome that ended sunday morning if you just joining
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with a look at our spot on forecasts that so far sadder day. that's a forecast high of forty five the actual high temperature was forty four degrees out but the streak at eleven so for today were forecasting high temperatures as well so right about forty six degrees cloudy skies i just bump the temperature jumped down just one degree about forty five that will be a chilly day and breezy day as well. i do is talk about the warnings and advisories because we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect for virginia beach stretching down through the outer banks also with the outer banks we have a high wind warning is also proportions are areas of north carolina just south of the sounds are not only will you be doing with rain but also windy conditions as we continue to watch area of low pressure in that area of low pressure bringing precipitation to mainly north carolina the south side peninsula middle peninsula and the eastern shore your dry at the moment but down across north carolina with that mix precipitation from a husky checking down to intent mailing ranges south of
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being reported from kill devil hills stretching down through a day at the also in to hatteras and then we've got mainly snow as you head closer to the ninety five core doors as we had crappy day today. this is mainly for the southside will stay cloudy temperatures pretty chilly and we will start to notice that when picking up as well so will be breezy with highs in the mid forties by this action and will start to get a slightly better chance for rain as we head into the afternoon and evening hours time out look at the seven day that's coming up in a few minutes though. alright i shall well the super bowl ranks of millions of viewers each year but so does this one the puppy bowl nation's favorite. it's a miniature eyes football game played by approximately eighty puppies all of the cuddly critters come from shelters and rescue centers around the country its acute competition to promote adoption for families looking for a new pet puppy bowl airs on animal planet at three this afternoon and
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for at least how long haf i usually watch it for about fifteen fine and it's an act of terror but i usually watch it every day. the rules are get to the forty yard line or something i didn't understand yet but usually they don't they don't do that they just kind of wrestling for rest and be cute and make it exactly right. gotta watch the dough for five minutes ok ok well it's sunday morning. you know what that means around here waiting in the wings laura oliver to save you some money from a
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. reading about tax season is here this morning experts are issuing a warning scammers are working the phones to get their hands on your money and those suspicious calls and threats cost americans millions years abc's rock label i eye the eye the government is warning americans to be on high alert for a growing phone scam that is building taxpayers out of millions the chicago area woman got a call like that in december someone claiming to be from the irs demanding she pay thousands of dollars in back taxes and if we don't there's a warrant out for roasting scared she wired ten thousand dollars to an account in seattle. it was all a scam
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two thousand and thirteen five thousand victims losing more than twenty six million dollars to people pretending to be irs officials. so how do you protect yourself. for years the government had this simple message they often use a pay telephone number with us larry. they demand immediate payment. they may even threaten police arrest and deportation. starting next month a new law requires the irs to hire collection agencies to help collect taxes and those agencies make all taxpayers in the future when collectors are actually calling on behalf of the irs people will be more likely to fall for that scam paying taxes they don't. o ron claiborne abc news new york right now to get some free help filing your taxes in virginia beach is offering the service for people in households that make less than sixty two thousand a year volunteers trained by the irs will help people fill
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we're off to a chilly start this morning not quite as cold as yesterday we had a lot of numbers and the twenties let's take a look at the numbers of these in a little bit closer on the scene surely got mainly thirty seven not thirty three right now next more to come in at thirty two in mouth that got thirty two as well and blossoms are right at the freezing mark a little bit above freezing and my jacket and as we head over to the peninsula thirty a m to close to hitting your waking up to thirty nine or thirty three and newport news to just over freezing and then across the south side is a little bit warmer with some numbers in the forties were forty nine on thalia also can smell forty in crestwood forty one adventurous and then northeastern north carolina this is where you're dealing with a preset this morning a lot of forties on the map that's mainly where we're seeing the rain died down through the outer banks kill devil hills also be until the mid forties with a little bit farther and one were saying this now that's where we have temperatures and the low to mid thirties so here's a look at satellite and radar was sleeping mainly
7:42 am
clouds across the area but the southside peninsula middle peninsula in the eastern shore you are dry and will remain mostly dry as we had throughout the day the bulk of what we're saying this morning and down across northeastern north carolina even some snow showers as you start to approach ninety five but all ran from the lives of the city just south of elizabeth city. i down to the outer banks also eating ten starting to transition over to rain and then some mixed precipitation over to a husky. so this is all associated with an area of low pressure that we've been tracking it will continue to strengthen off the southeast coast and then head off to really this area of high pressure that sort of blocking that moisture for moving over and crossing the virginia north carolina virginia border as we head through the rest of the morning waxing is a lot of them leashed or confined to north carolina as we start to approach the afternoon we moisture crossing over the virginia north carolina border to the southside virginia beach chesapeake will start again and again on a few showers by this
7:43 am
hours again mainly for the sound side but the finance laws of the middle commence an eastern shore so mainly dry by that point and again if you live farther than one or even farther to the north you're less likely to see rain today so not everyone will be dealing with showers again the bulk of the rain will stay across northeastern north carolina as the system and says we'll get some cooler air on the backside of it if we have any lingering moisture we could pick up once a mixed precipitation was in brief snow showers and then by monday we're actually going to see mostly dry conditions with them tracking another system that could bring us a chance for rain and or snow showers as we head into late monday into tuesday. so for today again the southside better chances for seeing a few showers late on this afternoon and evening from chesapeake virginia beach down to south but as we had a little bit farther north for the peninsula and the middle peninsula mainly dry. also the eastern shore and northeastern north
7:44 am
. one final check of our seven day weather forecast yet not everyone will see rain today so of you live along the peninsula the middle tennessee in the eastern shore you'll likely get to the day dry and also farther and one but places like virginia beach chesapeake norfolk a pickup was a shower easy instructions to stop but the rain mainly confined to northeastern north carolina
7:45 am
for rain and snow showers as we head into late monday into tuesday it was pretty cold but in the week all right well we won a close eye on tonight this morning said no we lost a dear friend of abc thirteen and thirteen is now daybreak elizabeth brower passed away friday she was married harold brower junior one of the co founders of wabc tv. they had three sons who were care how bill and greg brower who is currently our production manager. she was a strong advocate for the city of hampton. she was always reminding us it's the oldest continuous english speaking settlement in america at st elizabeth's cuter brow art and ninety one years old my mother was next door neighbor sweet woman for
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good morning, america. it was fight night in new hampshire. the gloves came off in the latest debate. >> if you noticed, he didn't answer your question. >> candidates on the attack. the big target of the night, marco rubio. >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> rubio fighting back. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. >> but who pressed repeat? >> he knows exactly what he's doing. he knows what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized
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>> donald trump, shushing jeb
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